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File: Jasmine tea-800x800.jpg (95 KB, 800x800)
95 KB
Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea?
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everything gives you prostate cancer.
my man
Yes. What about it?
what is the synergy between l-theanine and caffeine aka "tea drunk"?
busy drinkan oolong

File: IMG_20190820_114618_5.jpg (3.25 MB, 3504x4672)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
screw you /ck/

You told me not to break my spagghetti, now look what happened
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It’s always Pasta this and wine that. No pride in anything else because food is all they think they have on the world. Their healthcare is atrocious, they don’t stop for emergency vehicles and often run them off the road, they’re all wifebeaters and shitty poor people. The one thing I liked when I went there was a topless beach. Some pastawhore showed off her jibblies and we shagged behind a dumpster
I hate this piece of shit anime so god damn much
>The more salt you add, the longer it takes for the water to boil.
We're talking seconds. If you wait for the water to boil first, and salt the water before adding the pasta, the water will boil again in like 15-20 seconds.
I don't know why the hell it would boil faster and that guy is stupid, but arguing about the 15 second difference of water raising one degree Fahrenheit is autistic.
Fucking Kek.

File: unnamed.jpg (102 KB, 900x900)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
What's your favorite food related YouTuber, /ck/? Mine's KBDProductionsTV.
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>first bookmark is quickbooks
Uncut&Raw has a different meaning where I'm from.
what fucking kind of loser has tantrums over pickles?
File: mark.jpg (37 KB, 700x467)
37 KB
Tax scum

How does everyone feel about Rueben pizza?
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File: 1515147680333.jpg (16 KB, 326x326)
16 KB
I made one once and it was fucking delicious.
>mfw I went to get a picture and realized I never took one

I used thousand island as the sauce and swiss as the cheese, and topped it with chunks of real corned beef (not lunch meat) and saurkraut. Caraway would have been a good touch, I'll do that next time.

You're an insufferable and small-minded faggot.

Nonsense. There are plenty more things to put on pizza if you aren't an insufferable, small-minded faggot.
I just discovered a local place with a huge crazy pizza menu. Never heard of Reuben pizza before but they got it and a lot of other weird shit.
Fuck you kike I’ll eat what I want
And what was the intended concept of pizza supposed to be? Did you know concepts can evolve over time and incorporate new ideas spurring innovation?
Fuck off rat faced puke

File: 91ulHV5HeVL._SL1500_.jpg (257 KB, 1500x1500)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
peak oreo
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>245 lbs.
bro those are twink stats lmao.
Can we all atleast agree that doublestuff is flavorless garbage tier?
A weapon to surpass metal gear
those taste like a fucking yankee candle

File: 1566277229922.jpg (84 KB, 626x689)
84 KB
Have you ever eaten two corn dogs at the same time? I've heard that it's a lot of fun.
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Peel your lips back and snip it like a horse. I do that with bananas. You really don't need to create a seal with your lips. That accomplishes absolutely nothing.
Tenshi a shit
I shove the whole thing in my mouth and let the breading with the sauce on top hit the back of my throat. sometimes i gag a little. I pull the corndog back out the where the sauce was, I call this the tip of the corndog, then I bite into the battered goodness and feel the hot dog juice spurt against the back of my throat.
get a hobby

File: downloadfile.jpg (1.28 MB, 1600x900)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Who has the best fast food chicken sandwich?
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Also frequented by niggers. Turns out niggers love cheap fast food, just like all the rest of the poor people.
it's not even cheap, all fast food is expensive, and all chikcen sandwiches are shit.

what you meant to say is that niggers love fast food, just like the rest of the low iq people.
Arbys with the honey mustard and its not even fucking close
ironically, borguh kangz n sheeyit
for me its the mcchicken tge bedt fast food sandgjksmxålcnvgæ

I once ate an entire bag of chicken in 1 day.
are those any good?
gotta up that depression OP
yea theyre not bad

File: castiron.jpg (8 KB, 425x238)
8 KB
Alright guys, what kind of oil do you use when using these things?
How do you get a good steak crust without overcooking it? Sous Vide works for me but takes time/ you have to sear the fat cap and that gets smoky as fuuuuuuuuck.
How do you use these without getting an INSANE housefull of smoke? I live somewhere very hot and opening windows is a real pain, and even then visibility is absolute shit.
>t. somehow got gifted an 8",a 10.5", AND a 12" for the same occasion. Some stuff has turned out alright, but I really don't want these pans to go to waste.
>seasoning with canola oil currently
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It was a gift.
I do, but it is affecting the crust that I develop.
I'm not dumb enough to use EVOO, hah. But I hear you loud and clear, I will look for some regular.
Won't that burn up like fuck?
I think I actually have either grapeseed or rapeseed oil somewhere. I'll take a look.
I've been making chicken pretty routinely and it isn't bad at all since poultry has to get up to such a high temp.
It's really nailing a 122-125 degree steak that I care about.
>wouldnt cook a chicken breast in it
Why not?
It's perfect for it
>sear chicken breast
>throw it in oven to cook through all the way
>Won't that burn up like fuck?
no. cook tops have adjustable knobs for a reason
Canola. I don't care if it smokes. The only time that ever happens is when I make a steak anyway and the high heat causes a strong smell regardless.

File: 1558295393768.png (840 KB, 784x636)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
Have you ever "lost control", and done regrettable things while eating really tasty food?
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Sometimes I have a bit too much wine with supper and leave rude comments on youtube food videos.
No because I don't use food as a coping mechanism. Lose some weight.
i cant watch this its way too sad
he's obviously suicidal
File: 1565928690200 (1).jpg (46 KB, 400x404)
46 KB
>order the grande nacho box
>it was super skimp only 700 calories instead of the 1200 calorie feast i was promised

what's worse? the fact that i can correctly guess how much food or the fact i ordered from taco bell

File: IMG_0040.jpg (717 KB, 1920x1440)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
Why do vegans need to create fake meat? Can't they just eat vegetables?
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this thread idea never gets old. EVAR!!!!!
Because killing is reprehensible especially when its wholly unnecessary and destructive
>food is unnecessary?
Beta detected lol. Its not even acceotable to eat important animals like horses and dogs
>A diet that literally requires you finish getting your nutrients from non-food is whole
File: 1520935181290.gif (3.14 MB, 436x359)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB GIF
oh so in other words you aren't interested in having a productive conversation, you just want to fling shit at people who don't share your beliefs?

File: 1565889570556.png (422 KB, 640x637)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
I'm allergic to Shellfish (Clams, Lobster, Shrimp, Crabs, etc)

Am I missing out? What does it taste like, /ck/?
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tastes and feels like ocean butter

>those cracked, dry, overseared scallops
man this picture hurts, please delete, overcooking scallops is a cardinal sin and still extremely common. I would rather eat a raw scallop than an overcooked one every single day of the week.
In fact, regardless of anything else, I would love to eat raw scallop every day of the week. Find a place that does good hotate sashimi and go to town, my friends. No soy or wasabi and ask them not to put ginger on the plate so there's no contamination.
>Am I missing out?
they are just sea bugs, anon.
File: 0(1).jpg (8 KB, 367x304)
8 KB
Place your tongue on a penny. Now imagine somthing with the bite of a sausage, but with a slight stringy feel to it akin to a twizzler, though with a meaty texture. Now imagine that penny taste mixed in with a hint of egg yolk and a large amount of pork juice mixed with seawater. This is the closest way I can describe plain steamed lobster. Its a very unique taste so describing it properly is incredibly difficult.
Just eat one with an epipen.
i love it (and most people) but not everyone does. i would say you are anon

File: olive-garbage.jpg (116 KB, 599x430)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>The chain also had stopped the common practice of adding salt to the water in which it cooked its pasta in order to secure longer warranties on the pots
>stopped the common practice of adding salt to the water
>adding salt to the water
>longer warranties on the pots

What the precise fuck did they think was going to happen?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Did you steal that pot?
i believe chipotle is slang for mother in spanish
I thought it was chinga tu medre?
friend was a manager and gave it to me when they were gonna throw it out

File: s-l1000.jpg.cf.jpg (55 KB, 400x626)
55 KB
Name a better bagged snack.

>Protip. You can't
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This is a FOOD & cooking board. Cheetos are food no matter how mad it gets you soyboy
>t. 180kg land whale
They're an indulgence that I pick up every couple months and when I finish the bag I feel guilt and disgust since they're essentially hfcs mixed with various petroleum derived chemicals and "flavorings." Literally late stage capitalism.

i have a substantial quantity of top notch domestic (organic or w/e) tomato and chilies and i would appreciate suggestions on what to do with it.

i dont want to make tons of gazpacho nor tomato pure nor cooked tomato which i already have.

i would avoid some western ketchup based/bbq sauces.

im looking for something asian, like some sambal or sriracha or hot chili, garlicky, oily sauce which could last at least couple of months.

it would be nice if you have some OG recipes to link.
Sounds dope, but I like really acidic food. Sounds like people might find it sharp.
File: Canning-Feature.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
start canning
Forget the tomato, go chilis, lime, sugar and garlic. Pulse that shit and use lime/sugar to taste.
yeah i also have that. im specifically trying to find some tomato based sauce and with an asian flick.
I like enter the dragon myself, maybe shaolin soccer is lore your thing though

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