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What is objectively the best way to cook a hotdog? What are the best toppings?
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>best way to cook
over a campfire
>Best topping
they're after an A's game
this is correct
hot dog water is more disgusting than bong water
I'm a weirdo. This is my style;
>fry beef/pork hot sausage
>let is cool
>roll in egg mix & flour/bread crumbs
>fry again
>have ciabatta (toasted on both sides) split in middle
>add crunchy sausage
>put in wasabi/habanero/mayo mix on it
>slather hot mustard
>add shavings of fresh carrots, cucumber and fine dice green tomato
>top it with halve black olives, thin sliced zucchini and onions
>lastly, literally, I'll lightly sprinkle brown sugar (this forces me to hold bite for ten seconds and really enjoy the dynamic of tastes)
I'll eat this with a homemade ice tea (no sugar/honey and I'll use some soda water with a shot of Gin).

Reminder that if you hate over 80% dark chocolate you actually hate chocolate (a.k.a cocoa) and just like the milk and sugar that comes with the low cocoa chocolate bars.
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Enjoy your globohomo Corp shit. I only buy co-op. I grow and harvest the rest myself. I bet you don't even hunt.
i just know every co-op brand product i buy tastes like shit
b a s e d
>not snacking on whole cocoa beans in between meals to get your pure cocoa fix

File: cavenders.jpg (29 KB, 450x450)
29 KB
What's your preferred, fellas? Cavenders has made itself a mainstay in my kitchen.
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Tony Shakers
File: anna frank2.jpg (1.04 MB, 2147x2997)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Where do you live motherfucker?
File: lemon and pepper.png (424 KB, 800x800)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
My wife cannot make a meal without drowning it in this shit.
File: vegeta.jpg (27 KB, 220x500)
27 KB
Nothing beats it for non-specific Balkan seasoning.

File: D9hSiCLXkAUOaBZ.jpg (119 KB, 852x1200)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>sit down at a restaurant you visit often, but you don't think THAT often
>waitress comes up
>"Will you be getting the usual?"
wat do?
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File: scared.jpg (153 KB, 604x613)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>tfw never order the same thing twice but the Greek cashier apparently read my card receipt and greets me by my first name
Suicide is the only honorable option
File: doin it wrong bitch.gif (516 KB, 250x155)
516 KB
516 KB GIF
they never do this. they push the specials. it's bartenders who ask if you want the usual, because most regular drinks want exactly that.
please go outside.
>always ordering the same shit whenever you go to a specific place
You faggots only have yourselves to blame for being predictable.
That shit should be ilegal.

File: vx5oav65uq321.jpg (939 KB, 1920x1360)
939 KB
939 KB JPG
Is it possible to make a career in cooking with zero professional experience and zero savings? I graduated a year ago with a computer science degree and have had shit luck trying to find a job. I'm really not that passionate about programming, so I have the hardest time trying to learn and stay competitive. I'm really passionate about cooking, however. I'm the best cook I know by far. Everyone genuinely loves my cooking and I do know a fair amount (no where near a culinary school graduate, I imagine, but I've done my research). I have no experience, though, and it feels shitty to go from college degree to minimum wage fry cook, but I don't know any job that would take me with zero experience. I think I'd have just as much luck trying for programming jobs which would pay assloads more. I also have about $500 to my name and couldn't afford to just blow money on a food truck or some shit.

I dunno, is this something worth thinking about? Or should I just keep going at CS? There's nothing saying I can't save up money, quit my programming job in 5-10 years, and try to open a food business of some sort. Advice?
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Yeah OP. ive been a chef for a few years, had to work my way there. Its less about the "art of cooking" and more multitasking and screaming. Look keep your passions a passion and they will remain enjoyable. Once you make it work and you aren't experiment with fun ingredients or pleasing your family and friends it just breaks down to repetitive actions under stress
Yes, just walk into a restaurant with a dish you made, find the manager, shake his hand, and let him taste your work.
CS as an industry is booming right now. You should have no trouble finding a job. Have you tried applying in another part of the country?

You may need to get someone to look over your resume and cover letter. Even if you get a shit helpdesk job, it'll be better than starting as a dishwasher in an applebees. With an IT job you'll make enough money to retire one day. Can't say the same about cooking.
how do chickens living it up on the 2nd and 3rd floor end up on the bottom?
Cooking is a dead end.

File: 20190626_173903.jpg (1.6 MB, 2420x1629)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
Nothing quite like a cup of cold brew on a hot day.
is that a chewed up wad of gum or a piece of "art"?
File: rita.gif (1.75 MB, 300x225)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
Looks like a ceramic >>>/mlp/

Salmon Part 2
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Why is your filename a screenshot?
So... what happened?
I hate salmon with skin left on, there's always bunch of grease spilling out under it, half way cooking it I peel skin off with fork and throw it out. Anyone else feel the same?
Nice antibiotics, bro

you can name national, regional, genre, whatever.

I name it: brazil. people are only afraid to say they're shite because they're afraid of saying bad things about the 3th world
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Italian for sure.
Only issue with Brazilian cuisine is that they smother the beef with salt then overcook it to shit.
File: faggot.jpg (44 KB, 400x400)
44 KB
>chilling slow-burn
italian rich people food is overrated
normal italian food is underrated
stop putting so much shit in your pasta
keep it simple
im not even italian

File: 41eNjLBCELL.jpg (20 KB, 141x500)
20 KB
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There used to be a big logo spray-painted on the big rock at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester MA.
Is this still around?
They taste so weird yet I keep buying and drinking them. An acquired taste I guess.
In the Boston area, yes
Gross pop. Just God awful.

File: Wensleydale_cheese.jpg (145 KB, 1024x768)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Wensleydale cheese
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What's wrong with wenslydale?
Give me the cheese Gromit
Get it yourself cunt

>I do love some wensleydale

Can't you read?
Fucking newfag

File: s182_10_005i.jpg (29 KB, 511x279)
29 KB
>there are people on this board who eat rice with a fork

Explain yourselves
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File: bird squawk.jpg (110 KB, 556x450)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
nooooo!!! i don't want my new world fauna to be brutally murdered by foreign animals noooo!!!
This is what you get for not only being a rat, but even worse, an American.
no u
So there's absolutely no reason to shun one or the other, because it's all down to personal preference. Also, OP is a faggot.
File: fork.png (790 KB, 792x792)
790 KB
790 KB PNG
fork's closer

File: turkey-bacon-club.jpg (49 KB, 428x450)
49 KB
Why aren't there more Jewish restaurants that serve Jewish cuisine?
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Every restaurant was founded by either a jew or ex servicemen.
Most Jews in America are secular and don't keep kosher. It's just an insular ethnic community who helps out their own kind, even more than other ethnic groups do. Business Jews have assimilated to American business culture so well that they've taken it to its logical extreme, and given us the shitshow that capitalism is today. Book Jews and comedy Jews are alright, though.
I said it was Jewish, not kosher. There's shekels to be had, silly goy. Jews own the pork industry.
Because trump
>an insular ethnic community who helps out their own kind

sounds racist. no thanks.

File: My dinner.jpg (81 KB, 576x768)
81 KB
My delicious dinner, /ck/. You?
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It looks like someone took a shit on your tortillas and topped it with feta
I mean, I've done similar, so I can't make fun.
>one would only add carrot shavings for protein not

It's because it tastes good. It's amazing you come to a cooking board with this shit
I fucking love green beans
aww mom... poop tacos for dinner AGAIN?! gee whiz...

This is the official voting thread for Round 1 (Breakfast) for the /CK/hopped /CK/hallenge.

Voting for Round 1 submissions will take place from now until 11:59 EST on Saturday, June 29th.

Out of a possible 25 Points:
__/5 for Challenge Theme
>a rating regarding Use of Basket Ingredients and Meeting Round Theme
__/5 for Originality
>a rating regarding Uniqueness and Creativity
__/5 for Technique
>a rating regarding Level of Skill used
__/5 for Appeal
>a rating regarding Taste (assumed) and Cohesiveness
__/5 for Plating

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You can just click on a post number and it will automatically link that post, sakeanon.
>The final biscuit on top of the gravy is a bit odd.
It's a biscuit split in a sort of a faux tourne fashion, with the gravy going through the middle. The first one I plated with the gravy all on top but it's not prudent for the challenge not to be able to see the biscuit in the final dish.
Yeah I know, I just typed that up quickly in notepad and fucked it all up.
Fair enough.
Jean Pierre Polnareff from JJBA
I figured enlisting the help of the French would benefit me
Is this still going on?

File: BINGING+WITH+BABISH.png (119 KB, 640x640)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
..y'all....binged today yet?...
He made a Japanese yam cake roll from Steven universe.
sweet beard bro, really compliments the dome
File: caveman2.jpg (108 KB, 727x695)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
dilating with babish
Youtube needs to cool it with their sponsored channels.

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