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What's good stuff to add to these motherfuckers?
Not talking veggies or meat, I'm talking added spices.

I heard honey, worchestershire sauce and ketchup's good, what else?
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raisins are good if apples are too sweet, always do a combination of curry rouxs too. java/vermont/golden.
a bit of demi glace is amazing too.
pajeets can't afford computers and internet so nobody can hear their bitching
They all have mobile smartphones tho. That's why people like Mark Wiens have millions of views and subs
they usually dont add anything, except maybe a dash of soy sauce or worchestershire.
there's probably recommendations on the back, assuming you can read moonrunes.

File: maple shortbreaad.png (193 KB, 362x469)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>looking at recipes for desserts
>every one has a long ass story attached
>why the fuck do I want to read about that?

why do faggots do this?
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Just quickly skim the article until you see the recipe. Recipes have a very distinctive and unique appearance vs. a blog. Are you autistic or illiterate (both?) and can't tell the difference?
what if all i wanted was a fucking dessert recipe?
i don't read recipes for entertainment or information unrelated to food preparation
Since cooking is a long gone and forgotten trade for them, they get their kicks in baking because it requires no effort beyond mixing shit in a bowl and throwing it in the oven and leaving it alone for awhile. So every “recipe” they create is some roastie fishing for attention by making up some long winded story for how they came up with it or how granny taught it to her when she was still a young innocent girl who hadn’t been plowed by every man in the neighborhood
Search Engine Optimization Optimization.
This. Just scroll down you whiny fucking bitches.

File: cUk.png (531 KB, 1004x586)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
finally watched his videos, and i gotta say, i dont understand the hate. he just jumps right into the science of the topic at hand and explains it for laypeople, and doesnt try to do anything cringe worthy for views. It's certainly much better than Babish, who's basically the human equivalent of the ";p" emoji
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File: adamraguseapornhub.png (677 KB, 1011x974)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
File: 1564678182538.jpg (36 KB, 570x500)
36 KB
Adam makes you feel like you're being lectured by some annoying pussy as to how to cook. It just comes off as condescending or as if he's wagging his finger at me. Just rubs some of us the wrong way I suppose.
>An anecdote of one trial means nothing.
Then treat it as that
One trial doesn't mean that the science is bad, it just means that we have one more trial to point us in the right direction

If you do what he did and you aren't getting the same result, then you can talk about it, make your own videos

It doesn't seem like he's trying to be the end all most of the time, just another step towards a simple and easy recipe that makes sense
I finally understood why he tends to irritate, he's a bit like Huey from MGS5.
I don't like him because he seems like a turbo cuck
>literally "yaasss"ed in a video, it was the first time I've ever heard anyone say that shit out loud, it was retarded and he sounded like a faggot
>responded to a comment saying didn't want to do an enchilada video because it was cultural appropriation to make food from other cultures, haha OK you dago faggot but you're ok with making fries which is a Belgian/French dish; you've seem to have no problem appropriating other European cuisine
>his wife is extremely ugly and you can tell she's fat based on her body composition/the clothes she wears, she also has a dyke haircut and she didn't even take his fucking last name lmao, complete cuck, and ugly children as a result
>his face just screams soyboy, with his faggot beard and perpetually open mouth

For these reasons I don't like him at all. Fuck this faggot

File: raw.png (1020 KB, 1000x531)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
ITT: Foods that are delicious when raw, yet absolutely fucking disgusting when cooked.

I'll start.
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Wrong about all of those except cucumbers
Hell raw cucumbers are fucking gross
I’m just posting this to see if I’m banned
haven't had cajun food huh? or a fajita
I love raw spinach so much but can't eat it once it's cooked. The texture is very off-putting.
No such thing

File: IMG_20190820_124153.jpg (119 KB, 1080x1290)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Who the fuck enjoys Celery? Seriously it's the worst vegetable. It's anti Caloric, tastes like shit and spread it's taste through every dish.

seriously fuck celery.
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File: w.jpg (10 KB, 183x275)
10 KB
I like peanut butter and celery every once in a blue moon.
Shit tastes like soap, it's gross
Haha yeah, thatd be weird if someone ate stivks of butter huh
Raw celery tastes like a watered down yellow onion, in dishes cooked i dont even notice it though.
File: trinity.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
Carrots? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

File: Pizza-Wheel.jpg (13 KB, 600x450)
13 KB
What's the best pizza cutter money can buy?
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File: 609611.png (173 KB, 600x600)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
A cheap cleaver, santoku, something that has knuckle offset. Using a roller controller is for weekend warriors. This is a pizza cutter.
That's what I used at pizza hut when I worked there on weekends while at uni. You'd be amazed how fast you can nail a pizza with that thing after doing a few thousand during weekend rushes. It would look like a blur of motion to an observer, yet pizza ends up cut in perfectly equal size pieces.
Why? Scissors are the best method, by far. Only fucking idiots use a pizza cutter
File: 31G44S018CL[1].jpg (16 KB, 457x500)
16 KB
just get this

its what we use at pizza places and it cuts a pizza very fast
For some reason i really like it. Would be a bitch to clean though.

do fast food mascots add or subtract from the experience?
also why don't any new chains have mascots?
File: 19287.jpg (51 KB, 478x720)
51 KB
>also why don't any new chains have mascots?

because getting one costs millions in marketing research.
Horrifying proportions.
Anyway I'd love to make a mascot if I owned a restaurant; in fact, a lot of local/small chains do still make mascots when they open. It's just that the new big chains tend not to.
who are the middle two supposed to be?

File: 5ftzq374ytg31.jpg (41 KB, 603x958)
41 KB
>Get a PB&J
>Its grape jelly
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I live in the dystopian hellhole of the US and even here, where everything is for sale including Cletus's sister, 'cause muh gapitalism, I've never seen a pb&j sandwich for sale anywhere.
>Get a PB&J
>Its peanut butter
at least our trash food tastes good. i just saw a brit make a tomato cake
slices of tomato on a pound cake with tomato paste theres definitely more than just a screw loose with you people
do americans really do this?

File: 1566322758867.png (908 KB, 846x935)
908 KB
908 KB PNG
Why do they shill bug eating so much?
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You're telling me that the more I eat bugs the % of the earth I save raises? How many % points per maggot sausage? or one of those delicious looking patties? #IAMBETTERTHENYOU
serious answer: its newsworthy, because they get more clicks and ad revenue. What are they going to report on, new restaurant opening which serves beef?
Tofu is good. You should eat meat instead because tofu is empty calories.
Mixing the mealworms into ground beef kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it

File deleted.
Coffee time general.
No filter no problem edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.
>coffee hacks
>what ya drinking
>where is it from
>getting any more?
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add a tiny bit of water to the bean hopper when you put the beans in. baratza encore if north america, wilfa svart if europe.
Yeah I've read up on those two. I guess the Baratza are that good then, huh? I've read up on those and people seem to like them. However, any chance for a cheaper rec like the Capresso 560.01?
File: 1557371802056.png (200 KB, 1000x563)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
I did it today fags

I stopped being retarded enough to grind almost as fine as possible, and actually did a semi fine grind for my espresso and tamped it correctly. I could actually taste the sugary peaches in my ethiopian coffee, shit was tasty fags i need to be less retarded about espresso more often
Better than an ek43 and some shit coffee. I've had good tasting coffee from a blade grinder. I've had shit coffee from my ek43. Equipment is cool, but it's not as important as it is made out to be.
The baratza's are actually fairly overrated as far as grind quality goes. They do have excellent customer service though, and their higher end grinders are great. I would recommend the breville smart grinder pro over the encore. The capresso will have roughly the same grind quality as the encore.

File: IMG_20191019_154501.jpg (1.38 MB, 2880x2160)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Show us your kitchen, /ck/.
202 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, I have one too.
You know what works well for drying them? Putting them in a box just below a incandescent lamp.
Yeah, but what if you're over harvesting and have like 50 lbs of mushrooms?
cozy. every other kitchen ITT looks like a fucking messy hospital
File: BU8wB7CCEAAickX.jpg (31 KB, 498x608)
31 KB

Rice and beans?
I like
Beans and rice?
That too. Any recipes you like

File: electric-chair.jpg (599 KB, 1500x2305)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
What would you have before they pull that switch?

>mountain dew baja blast
>deep dish pizza
>jolly ranchers
>apple pie
>complete showing of Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist(2003)
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Did you ever fuck your dad? You both sound like faggots.
If the rope breaks or you otherwise survive the hanging I think you should be set free btw.
I think that's still a law in some states. It's moot because they don't execute by hanging anymore, but still.
Liver/onions with a baked potato.
I find it weird that all the fancy (and much more expensive) execution methods they've come up with over the years to be more "humane" always seem to make it worse. Electrocution, gas chamber, lethal injection. All have turned out to be slower and more painful than what they replaced. Unless I'm mistaken, a bullet to the head or a good high drop hanging will kill you and snuff your consciousness almost instantly. And yet they spend thousands more to make your death longer, more drawn out, and by all accounts more excruriating. The rational person in me thinks it must just be that guns and ropes seem crude to the masses and technology seems clean, despite the results, so they go with whatever looks the most modern and sophisticated. But the conspiracy theorist thinks they're almost deliberately making it worse to get one last fuck you in a world where public humiliation and torture is forbidden, despite what vengence calls for.

File: file.png (538 KB, 625x415)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
Cashiers of /ck/. Do you ever judge customers on their purchases? Say if they were buying two bottles of Steel Reserve every day, would you think much of it? Or would you simply be on autopilot and not give a fuck? Asking for a friend.
163 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Cashiers of /ck/. Do you ever judge customers on their purchases?
I used to work night shift at a gas station counter, and no I couldn't give a shit what you bought. There was one guy though that I could tell was pretty self conscious about how often he came to buy beers. We shot the shit regularly and he even introduced me to a radio station that I listen to every day on the way to and from work. He was a nice fellow.

Alternatively, when I see niggers walking in with their food stamp card and buying even $20 of snacks, I would add my own items in the middle of the purchase because I know you aren't checking that shit. I used to get "free" lunch almost every day because these people would buy a SHITload of food. The highest bill I saw was $80 and I ate well that day. Always check your receipts even if you pay cash.
Anon, dont shame cashiers. If everyone went to college to be a doctor, you wouldn’t have grocery store employees, trashmen, electricians, truck drivers, or any other job. You should appreciate them. Without them, society crumbles.
What? You’re a fatass judging other fatasses? Lmao you fuckin hypocrite. You didn’t just magically get fat, you did the same thing they did. They just haven’t hit the tipping point like you did.
if you spit it out after it loses flavor you could go through a whole pack during one episode of storage wars
I have a feeling that everything in the bottom half of the screen could be bought at Aldi's for 5 dollars. I bet the hipster piece of leaf in the top right costed $20 alone. Shop smart, sacrifice on luxuries and choose cheap spinach over the overpriced hipster-leaf of the month, or starve.

File: swiss_cheese.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
I used to not like swiss cheese but now I like it for some reason.
formerly cheddar

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