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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
10/04/16New board for 4chan Pass users: /vip/ - Very Important Posts
06/20/16New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! See the contest page for details.
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File: b&r.jpg (40 KB, 409x409)
40 KB
>tfw NEET

can we
can we get some textboards here?
like the good old days.
thanks devs, appreciate your work.
bring back text-only /vip/
File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB

File: 1483062024045.png (258 KB, 563x542)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
When do we get our own VIP only discord to discuss the potential of this board and how much better we are than everyone else?
We use irc.
File: 1510455357040.png (268 KB, 800x800)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
File: 1556858362192.jpg (108 KB, 500x500)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Fuck off, zoomer.
you could make a /vip/-only irc channel
a bot would be able to verify that you have a pass by making you post a unique secret code in a /vip/ thread

File: hideyoshi meido.jpg (152 KB, 984x1440)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
I wish i could be someone's live-in meido so I wouldn't have to work in soulcrushing webdev or pay rent, I could just do housework, live with my master and get rewarded with fugs.
nigga u gay
just get a mtf and get someone really drunk you'll be all god faget millennial

File: 1336552194305.jpg (84 KB, 600x600)
84 KB
i don't know man I'm just making this thread because I know it'll here for several years. a feeling so complicated
Whoever made that did a really good job
Where did you find this photo of me?
If nobody shows any interest in your thread, it can be history in as little as a month after the last post!
damn I made a typo in my one and only /vip/ thread that'll be here long enough for my grandkids to marvel at
>I know it'll here
fuck my entire life and genetic lineage
almost forgot about this thread. keeping this thing alive still. aiming for 2030

File: bored.png (120 KB, 399x400)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
How does it feel to be the most boring board on 4chan?
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No way, /x/ is the most boring.
File: 1546325423167m.jpg (174 KB, 1024x768)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Forgot pic.
I'm always scared going to /x/
File: YrXbtSE.jpg (388 KB, 1803x1351)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
i just realized i could post here

File: 1541762887217.png (592 KB, 694x753)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
I think I might get someone a 4chan pass for Christmas. What does /vip/ think of this idea?
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You should've renewed mine for Valentine's Day.
Christmas is /vip/ board culture?
Christmas is /vip/ board culture!
you're responding to two different anons
Christmas thread must survive to Christmas.

File: Better Red.jpg (893 KB, 927x1200)
893 KB
893 KB JPG
>Sexy main RED edition: thread #2
This is a /vip/ thread for all things iDOLM@STER. Go ahead, post an im@s idol, and try out that shiny new 4chan pass before entering /@/.

>Previous VIP thread: >>73151
Archive of >>73151 : http://archive.today/ANV9A

>iDOLM@STER track of the year (IMPORTANT):
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File: 60910294_p0.png (2.76 MB, 1840x2544)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
File: 1548009666085.png (173 KB, 665x659)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Happy birthday, Ranko. Thank you for being the envoy of darkness that we all know and love. I hope you stay by me until the last light in the sky fades.
File: 1527371116712.png (187 KB, 582x569)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
File: DzBlec8VAAAdr0J.jpg (310 KB, 1371x1800)
310 KB
310 KB JPG

I apologize if this isn't the right place but I couldn't think of any other place to ask.
European Elections are going on and today is the results day.
Here's a good candidate for a sticky
Again if this isn't a good place I sincerely apologize but I have no idea where to ask.

File: tegaki.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB

File: 1549829530247[1].jpg (47 KB, 313x445)
47 KB
Thanks mootbama.

File: 1550076959958.gif (818 KB, 815x815)
818 KB
818 KB GIF
Reminder that mods specifically ban Pass users more, do NOT renew your pass or suggest others to get one
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How can you tell what happens to other pass users?
Be honest, your only data is what you yourself experienced.
Could have been just a chance in the moderation of your main board. At any rate it just makes no sense that mods can see who is a pass user and who can't.
It definitely factors in, but the basis of increased mod erraticity over that time spam is from the number of claims and discussion on /qa/, I don't know why you're claiming it's singular experience
File: 1540928339524.png (90 KB, 212x236)
90 KB
>I don't know why you're claiming it's singular experience
It's just logical: you have no access to data of how many pass users are banned in proportional comparison to ordinary users. You only have your own personal experience, and that is highly dangerous to trust, because you will always be using a pass, so any ban you suffer will be attributed by your biased mind as being because of your pass.
Of course, you could make reliable experiments by creating a shitpost with a pass until you got a ban, and then, at around the same time, and under the same circumstances, posting the same shitpost without the pass, and preferably from a new device with new IP. But I doubt you did that.
The number of claims and discussion on /qa/ and /vip/ is biased because once again, only users with a 4chan pass will complain they are being banned for having a pass. It's of course obvious and couldn't be any other way -- there's no way for regular users to complain since they have no pass. But pass users will always attribute bans to their pass.
Now, I am not asking for any scientific method to prove your claims because this is a dumb image board. I'm just saying that your claims smell like they are wrong, and these are my reasons for thinking that way
>there's no way for regular users to complain since they have no pass.
brainlet post

Maybe you should shitpost less?

File: 1558539775-min.gif (1.6 MB, 250x285)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
nobody likes you.
I like me and that's all that matters.

File: HelpfulHandler.png (153 KB, 935x953)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Does /vip/ play Monster Hunter?
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File: i shaggy maggy.png (365 KB, 783x739)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
>not enjoying every MH
Started with MHTri, then MH3U. MH4U Afterwards. Just got MHWorld recently, but it felt like an information overload at first. Gunlance best weapon btw
I always preferred heavy bowgun. Are gunners considered a meme class? I was never really gud at MH, just played because frens.
File: Image00204.jpg (546 KB, 1738x1226)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
Pre-MHW games, Gunners at least need more bare minimum knowledge to get into since they're not very accessible to new players, especially since they had their own armor type you can't mix and match with Blademaster stuff outside of helmets. Bowguns especially come to mind, but Bows could also have different shot types for each charge level and it's another thing to think about.

In MHW though? LBG is safe as houses, but it in earnest deals dick for damage outside of something like Kulve Taroth. HBG is actually good if you can use it properly (read: Cluster spam or Spread), and Bow in this game does a retarded amount of damage with Critical Element sets. Either way, playing more like a third-person shooter helps accessibility but they're mechanically a lot less interesting than they were. The abolishing of Gunner armor also comes at the cost of unique armor designs.
File: dung.png (6 KB, 112x112)
6 KB

File: birthday cake.png (89 KB, 600x585)
89 KB
It's my birthday today and I thought maybe we should have a thread for birthdays around the year since /vip/ is so slow. When it's your birthday just post in this thread and I will personally wish you well on your special day.
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>>90999 ok
File: that old boomer.jpg (17 KB, 250x229)
17 KB
Happy birthday. I hope it's a wonderful day for you.
Thank you both, I honestly didn't think anybody would come through. True vippers
Taurus is over. Now onto Gemini.

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