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File: 1637634796924.png (7 KB, 250x250)
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this was the Ϫth last thread in the catalog until i made this post
this was the thremboth last thread in the catalog until i made this post

File: ukz3pdouqdc61.jpg (35 KB, 500x523)
35 KB
Just got the pass. How does one make an impact on board culture these days?

File: bee.jpg (22 KB, 200x131)
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buzz buzz
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it's hip to fuck bees
save the bees
a bzzzzz
File: file.png (121 KB, 242x255)
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121 KB PNG

File: 1362698493086.gif (1.82 MB, 320x240)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
watch this
File: harmony.gif (684 KB, 800x800)
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684 KB GIF

File: 1672518632331849.png (347 KB, 1024x937)
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347 KB PNG
This is my OC frog. Please distribute it all around this website as much as you can, and also on other websites too. Thank you.
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Please stop, you ruined it.
It's okay.
File: peek.png (29 KB, 299x116)
29 KB
Why is frog so happy?
for being alive

File: 1634393497901.png (290 KB, 866x878)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
This thread is to serve as a reposity counters to LEFT/CRYPO MARX/WOKE - ismi - ist etc bleats of npc

tldr reject the definial words - use your semiotic spade to dig out the meanings of works .. leave them with nothing

feel free to add to the thread good counters

How to deal with someone calling you racist or saying 'that's racist', and some tactics for general NPC bleats.

If someone accuses you of being racist and you respond to the accusation directly, you have already lost.
I am going to give you some tools to deal with such accusations or claims.

In any situation or conversation, whether it be a debate, submission, family table talk, or discussion with friends:

If you ever get asked anonymously, 'what do you think about X?' or 'do you think Y is good?'

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File: file.png (14 KB, 936x118)
14 KB
Point to the total lack of achievement of non whites.
no natural right to any land.

Point to the fact that there is no natural right to any land of land on the planet and all our ancestors have been on the planet as long as each other

land is onlu held by the ability to eject other of the land. even you home / flat now.

And the force to do that is either by you or the state, or in war. That force is a fucntion of the econmics and technical achievemnts of the peoples.
You're thinking is toxic is undoubtedly making you unhappy.
pejoratives is just more bleating from an NPC

you have no content to deal with reason.

but that I expect of an NPC, so I will get out the semiotic splade for you.

what do you thing you mean you mean when you say "toxic" in that context


Why would you thing happines would be something that even factors.

If soemthing makes me happy or unhappy. Plenty of happy people are deluded as well as unhappy people are deluded too. I am not subject to haveing a bundle of nebulous "happy" or unhappy dictate my actions.

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File: file.png (24 KB, 936x176)
24 KB
I do feel that the narritve of the leftists go unchallened, and right has does not that the language to deal with it.

The narrative of the leftists go unchallenged, and right has does not that the language to deal with it.

I just happen to the right person that can deal with all spheres of argument left and right because I stand aside of it all and say a plague on both your houses.

File: 1642288535283.png (292 KB, 630x500)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Girl's Lovecast
Girl's Lovecast

File: 1639024020618.png (474 KB, 893x732)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Why do you faggots have to spread your schizo shit to every fucking board? Keep it in one place. /vip/ isn't the place for any of that.
for as much as I understand this happens because of the absolute state our society is in, I'm also baffled by it. Why can't they leave any board alone? Why has their shit spilled all over the place for the last 7 years without any sign of stopping?
Everything is political these days.
I'm mainly here to just vent when my pass isn't working properly

File: yotsuu.png (42 KB, 168x176)
42 KB
let's make this thread live for 10 years!
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File: 1674683432007431.jpg (198 KB, 738x858)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
this board is slow as fuck
>nearly 50 posts
>already close to 10% of the bump limit
there's room for 7 more posts for the rest of this year to make it happen.
File: 1677078666462117.png (274 KB, 540x456)
274 KB
274 KB PNG

File: retard.png (49 KB, 600x800)
49 KB

File: flex.png (497 KB, 600x617)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Threads on /vip/ last for years! Post a goal in here that you want accomplished this time next year. If the thread is still active a year later, let us know how it went!

I'll start: I am gonna lose 20 pounds!
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I'm calling you out
this was the fourth last thread in the catalog until i made this post
it has been one year and five days did you lose 20 pounds
did OP an hero from all his weight loss where the hell is he?
For me I'm gonna actually be happy with where I'm at in life.
File: 1607900640035.jpg (38 KB, 144x144)
38 KB
I failed. Maybe I'll do better this year

File: 1675466130043797.jpg (12 KB, 236x320)
12 KB
>go on /v/
>Goyslop Legacy threads everywhere
>Trannies trannies trannies trannies
>Everyone talking about hating trannies
>Post a screenshot of a donation made to a trans right lobby to counteract money going to Joanne "Robert" Rowling
>Banned for off-topic posting

>Go on /lgbt/
>Threads about a black tranny hating whyte people everywhere
>Niggers niggers niggers niggers
>Everyone talking about hating niggers
>Post a thread about going on a date with a black man and how sweet and respectful he was
>Banned for off topic posting

I thought 4chan was about a culture of free speech. When did this website become a safe space for butthurt migapede incels?
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File: 060.jpg (98 KB, 945x960)
98 KB
I hate redditfags, polacks, every stripe of culture warrior infecting this fucking site. I just want to talk about cartoons and vidya!
I understand your feelings, but unless you turn to christ, you will also turn into a culture war fag
they're not meme arguments they're literally true

but also you misspelled argument
I don't care if they're true, they're off-topic. Your terminal political brain-poisoning has nothing to do with the media I'm trying to discuss.

File: ....jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
unfortunately (or luckily) i'm the newest newfag
Welcome... enjoy your stay!
Used have a old one
I have one from 2016, but I accidentally bought a new one when I was drunk instead of renewing the old one, so now it says 2022

File: 1621492551296.jpg (50 KB, 856x1030)
50 KB
one day i will be happy
not yet
but one day
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this was the third last thread in the catalog until i made this post
Oh fuck off. Buddhism’s whole “muh life is suffering” angle is such whiny bullshit
i did it again
I bump all the frogs

File: 1673119221117125.jpg (31 KB, 752x438)
31 KB
So why isn't this place like /b/ for rich people?
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>rich people
The pass is $20. I got it because my ISP is range banned
The pass is actually a detriment. With a pass, you get a ban history. If you're just some Joe Shmoe, you can't have a ban history
Don't post shit that will get you banned then.
File: 1636674740666.jpg (139 KB, 1200x537)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
The median income worldwide — the amount that is dead middle between the least and the highest amounts — is $850 US Dollars (USD). People who have incomes of $41,000 USD are in the top 3% in terms of the richest people in the world. If the trillion dollar worldwide economy were evenly split up between Earth's 6.7 billion people, the average income would be $7,000 USD.

Three billion people in the world live on less than $2 USD per day.
Because it's not a red board so you can't post porn (thankfully)
easier said than done on some boards

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