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File: JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP.jpg (19 KB, 217x320)
19 KB
I wish I had a girlfriend. I have had sex with about 7? women in my life, but I just want a girlfriend now. I am in my 20s and just want someone to hang with that likes what I like. I hate this stupid society I've been forced to live in. I just feel so alone. I have a few irl frens but I haven't seen them in months because o0f work schedules and them living an hour away and that niggerfaggot Biden is fucking over gas.
>finally get first house
>all alone at night on weekday
>decide to walk a mile to the nearest bar in town
>bartender says its closed when I walk in even tho theres people
>walk to another bar a mile and a half away
>its closed too
>walk home total of 4 miles
>I drink an hour on the porch all alone listening to music as noone even drives by
I just wish I had someone to tell me they love me and to hold me and kiss me. Feels bad. But I feel confident I will soon get a girlfriend if I keep trying. Tonight is just a sad night.
> I just wish I had someone to tell me they love me and to hold me and kiss me.
Get a dog

File: 1635910623610.png (285 KB, 753x693)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.
somebody posted a /vg/ general in /vip/ for some reason so i guess that's unusual
That's quite usual over here. People really love to shill their generals over here for some reason.
people keep posting these baby macaque abuse videos on /gif/ and I'm kind of fascinated by them. the monkeys freak me out, I don't really feel much pity for them. I know it's wrong but I've seen lots of wrong yet fascinating stuff on the internet.

File: 1647230178676.png (12 KB, 485x181)
12 KB
I recently got a 1 week ban for a small shitpost, but it was over something so minor and that would otherwise have gotten just a 1-day ban or AT MOST 3-days. By the way if you check the recent bans everyone only gets 3-days, you need to fuck up immensely to get 1 week.

So I appealed the ban and my appeal was denied, but the ban's justification was changed to this: "46 bans extends your current ban". Those were all for posting off-topic on /v/ which I would do like once a month.

Basically they seem to be keeping track of all my bans from ever since I purchased a pass (which was 4 years ago), and are using this to extend ban durations. How is this fair? We are being punished for paying for a pass. Even more than this, mods are making passes not viable for users with a lot of bans. A renewal is due next month and am planning to not renew it unless staff can clarify that they won't use a user's history of minor bans to make ludicrous bans in the future (what's next? 1 month for making an off-topic reply? permanent?)

This naturally wouldn't be possible without a pass, because most people's IP changes weekly.

Pic related is the ban justification. What are your thoughts?
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It's true also if you have the same opinion as the person who was ban your ban for 'ban evading'
File: brown sauce ban.png (183 KB, 1920x1080)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
It's not a pass thing. This happened to me prior to getting a pass
That means you need to buy more passes.
True mods follow you across boards

No this the last time I renew my pass let this site die. A new will replace it.
File: bushido blade.jpg (111 KB, 854x480)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>its been there since 2020
Yes. 2020 is new to me.

The Satanic terrorist organization that is the U.S. government answers only to their master, Lucifer, whom they worship.
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RIP US gov 1776-2001
Evolutionarily mal-adaptive forces of self-pleasure and greed and power.
The USA leadership is a big snake?
You learn something new everyday.
I always thought they were Reptilians.
The end is near!

any letov bros out there?

File: 1621492551296.jpg (50 KB, 856x1030)
50 KB
one day i will be happy
not yet
but one day
how about now
give it some more time
next week if i'm lucky

File: 1627521700323.jpg (159 KB, 805x984)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
How are my /vip/ friends doing though?
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I say that
File: Screenshot_23.png (161 KB, 758x553)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
File: 1647699862752.jpg (879 KB, 1560x878)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
empty thread....
empty board....
File: friday night 2hu.jpg (1.1 MB, 2000x1500)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
File: 1648989750755.png (604 KB, 690x800)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
Kogasa wants to be on page 1...

File: america-nazi.jpg (73 KB, 730x418)
73 KB
It has become more and more obvious that the U. S. Government, or large parts of it, are attempting to reestablish the psychopathic Nazi regime.
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Provide more details.
Is that what they are doing then, very tricky.
Wtf I love amerifats now?!
Burn it with fire.
Is that all?

File: 1547118223665.png (137 KB, 645x729)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
/s4s/ does not belong on /vip/

Your fortune: Average Luck
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File: jp gf.png (480 KB, 740x751)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
>tfw /jp/ gf
Jus bee urself! ;)

File: 1507426379113.png (433 KB, 736x736)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
what if no one thinks we're very important?
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File: 4chan_mascots.jpg (154 KB, 1024x768)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
but im a vip
it says right here

File: 1603733645107.jpg (284 KB, 1440x1080)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
/vip/ is rightful Asukachad clay!
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This is his year
File: 1624840440628.png (252 KB, 449x767)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Asuka is cool
File: 1630924185479.png (795 KB, 663x767)
795 KB
795 KB PNG

File: 1607682838751.jpg (329 KB, 1136x852)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
rupert update
thanks for viewing this rupert update
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do not kick the rupert
kick the rupert
nose so boopable
punch him

I am.
You too

The satanic terrorist U.S. government is an organization of corrupt, deranged psychopaths who live only to serve their Lord and master the Devil.
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Too serious for the VIP section?
Yes that's probably true,
but some other countries kinda bad also.
Down with the Devil worshippers.
The circle continues...
I agree with OP, I think 'terrorists' is the right word to use here.

File: 1590532155040.png (265 KB, 306x473)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Vtuber discussion thread
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File: 1644924984994.png (75 KB, 477x462)
75 KB
File: 1644928110616.png (1.36 MB, 955x1350)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
The faces of Hololive
File: 1645122340691.png (88 KB, 400x400)
88 KB
File: 1645954019821.gif (2.22 MB, 480x480)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB GIF
File: 1652542993039.png (465 KB, 535x717)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
Michael the cat

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