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File: Notpopularcover.jpg (154 KB, 265x376)
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154 KB JPG
Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of Watamote.
What went wrong?
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If season 2 happens they are likely going to skip over all the funny and interesting stuff before the class trip. It would be complete pandering to the harem watching demographic, since that brings in the money, especially in Japan.
That Mom portrait pic on her phone is cute.
based optimismposter keeping the flame alive
File: Class_Rep_Ogino.png (25 KB, 205x243)
25 KB
Ogino is actually class rep from the future. She averted the worst timeline by giving Tomoko friends before the typhoon happened.
No she's just a creepy mojo with no social understanding or sense of boundries at all. She asked to see her brother's dick for christ's sake.

Best girls only ITT
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Ui sucks
File: Spoiler Image (1.31 MB, 1179x1200)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
File: 1626938906604.jpg (1024 KB, 1638x2323)
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But the frog continues to grow.
File: Tr.jpg (328 KB, 1037x1500)
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328 KB JPG
Not even close, she never got Megami art.
File: workshop winry.jpg (221 KB, 580x820)
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221 KB JPG

File: 01.png (458 KB, 1115x1600)
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What if the Dusters got their own set of rangers?
What killed the hype? Even niche idol series like oshi no ko can successful nowdays..

Sentai audiences still exist out there right??
File: flee.png (49 KB, 813x340)
49 KB
>Sentai audiences still exist out there right??
Personally I think they look lame. Also I can't believe Negi is writing this manga.
What the fuck is this garbage? Why are we still on this stupid exam instead of shit hitting the fan with the executive appearing last chapter?

File: 07_.jpg (514 KB, 1080x1535)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Cleaning the room spotlessly to prevent the spread of disease is a relatively recent thing in the medical field despite what retards say otherwise and the isekai world is catching on.
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Sure bro just give me a hyperbolic time chamber so I can finish my preg isekai first.
>my preg isekai
i'm listening...
I remember reading an isekai where MC gets summoned as a hero, defeats the demon lord (mostly through trickery) and then tries to go back home only to end up in a mech world.
>have an isekai that has an item production skill
>literally builds snowpiercer
File: 1621917726485.png (29 KB, 618x549)
29 KB
I assume you only got that bottom result?

File: Honeyview_v05_p001.jpg (247 KB, 900x1291)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
That "New Life" Feeling

Chapter 1
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File: Honeyview_v05_p028.jpg (285 KB, 900x1291)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Chapter 4
File: Honeyview_v05_p029.jpg (379 KB, 900x1291)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
File: Honeyview_v05_p030.jpg (382 KB, 900x1291)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
File: Honeyview_v05_p031.jpg (345 KB, 900x1291)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
File: Honeyview_v05_p032.jpg (335 KB, 900x1291)
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335 KB JPG

What did /a/ think of Darling in the Franxx?
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The manga was nice.
Because that means there is no romancing each other.
Z.T. starts the plot madly in love with Hiro's dick.
Aotbuta did it so well; they do not start lusting after each other but they organically grow closer together until they're lying in bed together and they basically have an open understanding between each other that they're attracted to one another.
Or Number 6.
Manga was better but less popular since the anime killed the series.
how does the manga differ from the anime specifically?
There’s a lot of differences, all for the better like Hiro keeping the promise he made as a child. But notably would be the ending. They don’t die and the ayy lmaos never happen.

File: Characters.png (1.37 MB, 930x1080)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
I just found and finished this anime from 2012. I thought it was interesting, could have been better. Comically bad in some parts but redeems itself.
(Blast of Tempest)

>Post unique bargain bin anime thread
Nah. "Bargain bin" is a vile term, implying that anime isn't worth watching if MAL or Reddit don't worship it.
You guys really have to get over your insecurities with MAL.
OP didn't even mention it.
File: 1418351752073(2).jpg (461 KB, 848x1249)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
This hidden gem.

File: 423515.jpg (90 KB, 826x465)
90 KB
Meeting is long
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What can he do? He tells him minions not to do it, but it doesn't work. What should he do, beat them? That's not something he'd resort to.
This is the best part of the show for me.
He doesn't dislike their attitude, just their extreme ways of expressing it is where he draws the line.
The one who is iffed by the fanaticism itself is Shuna, probably because treating Rimuru like that would make her feel like she has no "chance" with him or something, so it's basically just her cope.
File: walpurgis - Copy - Copy.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
that room appears a few more times too, if you watch the OP it tells the story of Rimuru saying goodbye to Veldora, and him traveling/walking into walpurgis with his 2 body guards at his side, while subordinates fight in their own battles. Basically everything this episode covered is the story the Op tells. It's obvious foreshadowing, which was only revealed to be foreshadowing in this episode. I'm guessing it's legit, but yeah, wait and see.
Shuna doesn't worship Rimuru. Most don't, in fact. The only ones properly worshiping him are Adalman and maybe Diablo.

File: Jinbe.jpg (207 KB, 900x923)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
[Part 1 of 3]
The parallels between the African American experience and that of Fishman are striking. Right off the bat; the entire subplot of the story involving them having to navigate racism, being slaves to the Celestial Dragons and just general discrimination from humans mirrors the experience of blacks in American society starting with slavery. Other more obvious comparisons include the different approaches to Civil Rights, Otohime being MLK and Fisher Tiger being Malcolm X, and the fact that it was illegal for Fishmen/Merfolk and humans to undergo blood transfusions. In American history, African American's were not allowed to donate blood to white Americans.
[Part 2 of 3]
Fishmen have a reputation of being loud, boisterous and prone to crime as is the general view of the black community especially since rap music dominated the culture beginning in the nineties .Former Shichibukai Crocodile makes an off hand comment to this effect after meeting Jinbei during the escape from Impel Down.
Next, it is said that Fishmen are better physical specimens compared to the average human, possessing far greater strength and agility. In real life blacks are likewise said to be more athletic and physically gifted than whites. Compare that to Oda's view of blacks from the Davy Back fight in pic related.
File: blackmanreveal-619887.jpg (89 KB, 590x350)
89 KB
[Part 3 of 3]
We know how Oda, and mangakas in general, do massive research for their stories. Drawing inspiration, ideas, concepts, philosophy, themes etc., from other works of fiction and incorporating it into their own. So what parallel is there from another fictional work that makes me believe that Fishmen & Merfolk in One Piece are a stand-in for blacks? It comes from DC comics.

One of the major seven headliners of the Justice League is Aquaman, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, and his main adversary is Black Manta. The early depictions of Black Manta happened in the height of the Civil Rights movements. Up until this big reveal in the comics, Black Manta had never been seen without his helmet. It was finally removed and, in a rare occurrence, a white superhero now had a black arch-nemesis. The story of Black Manta has been bounced around and retconned several times since then, but, in the original run of the character, he went on to reveal his grand scheme to take over Atlantis and have black people inhabit the oceans and live in it as a sanctuary from the racism above. While the comic was in the political context of the Black Panther movement, this origin story was soon abandoned. Fishman Island is essentially the stand-in for Atlantis in the One Piece world and is the haven for Fishmen and Merfolk who fled there to escape the tyranny of humans and Celestial Dragons on the surface.
This may come as a surprise to you but not everyone in the world is american and most people don't give two fucking shits about the history of blacks in that country.

File: 1619235999961.jpg (2.41 MB, 1920x2791)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
This is Anna kyoyama, the main heroine of shaman king. Her series is currently ongoing but you're not watching it. Explain yourself.
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I'm waiting for it to deviate from the earlier anime. Saw some chapters here and there, the old anime did it way better.
I liked it when I was a kid, but not anymore.
Same reason I never watched the original as a teenager: it doesn´t look interesting in the slightest.
I think this is an instant new favorite seiyuu.
This is bestgirlnoises.png
I never watched the old series. I watched the first like 6 episodes of this new one and found it boring

File: vol19.png (879 KB, 703x1000)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
Chapter 149 - Operation Homework Repulsion Is A Go!
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File: 1609314802053.jpg (180 KB, 1024x664)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
File: 1628026117837.jpg (163 KB, 1084x1612)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
It's probably the name for some Japanese general education curriculum, so pretty much untranslatable.
File: 1604372650804.jpg (116 KB, 1080x1350)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
File: 1628030825215.png (193 KB, 954x1573)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Gonna miss these

>you will never have a nagatoro GF
why live?
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[laughs in peruvian]
a handsome twink like senpai would never be bullied in school even if he was the most autistic person on earth
Oh, he would be, trust me.
File: santa.jpg (40 KB, 600x600)
40 KB
still looking for the bleached full anime
kek, my peruvian relatives are panicing

File: Wife.jpg (459 KB, 1920x1080)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Why is there no Idaten thread? Why is Rin the best girl? Why do demons suck?
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i picked this up due to a webm dump thread because i love me some bright colors and i'm having a lot of fun with it
there's just so many trash threads up at any given time, holy shit
In the manga they are just chatting normaly, I get that they resolved to cut paula questions and make megane-kun explain everything in fastfoward to save time but, they just made it way more boring this way
Apparently this anime is seinen.

Feels more like shonen if you ask me.
I know it's not shounen because it's good.

What changes
Washizu dies earlier because Baku won't throw his blood away and give him a second chance,
Baku becomes the new Washizu and secretly rules over Japan
Akagi dies at labyrinth game, Baku jumps to Washizu after the initial game of mahjong. Finds other cool dudes to gamble after he wins instead of just playing mahjong.
I haven't read all of Usogui but I think Akagi obliterates Lalo in Air Poker
Tissue game could go either way

File: 20210626_151128.jpg (108 KB, 933x1336)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Shirou is best boy
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She figures out he's Shirou in HF, doesn't she?
Yes, but they never interact directly
He's trying to push her away because there's a chance he'll have to kill her, but you can see it in UBW in particular when they're fighting.
Does anyone not hate alarm clocks
He laments that he wasnt able to save her but he's not in love with her. He's in love with Illya

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