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File: kanngitheslut1.jpg (348 KB, 584x823)
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348 KB JPG
so what happened to this series?
Used good are bad
If you want used goods make it clear from the start of the series

File: 1628008241625.jpg (36 KB, 565x542)
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Why is he so selfish? Saving people just to feel good about himself. Thinking he needs to make things right with people who love him without any qualms whatsoever. I've never seen a more self indulgent character.
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Imagine how unpleasant it would be if you dated Oriana. Pissed her off? She's going to fuck a Twink who made a pass at her a moment ago and tell you about it just to get back at you.
But she's totally the best and everyone has terrible taste who doesn't like her.
She should really get breast reduction surgery.
They don't swing that way.
I'd fuck you to get back at her.

File: Kushina.jpg (636 KB, 2000x3322)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
What's /a/'s consensus on Kushina?
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File: 1082074977.png (1.14 MB, 1351x3042)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
What's Chino doing nowdays?
>Sakura wasn't dead in his nightmare.
He envisions repopulating the village using Sarada's mother as the go-to womb after Jigen destroys everything and kills everyone.
has he met Sakura?
I forgot
File: 20399.png (348 KB, 1920x540)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Doctor-nurse-patient threesome

Latest Chapter
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She will not attack him yet. Probably it’s hey another respectable teacher that cares about his students then starts lusting after him later on.
I thought it was just the nurse.
Nah the nurse as seen in >>226328852 keeps her hair in a ponytail and somehat shorter, also she either wears her nurse's coat or nothing at all compared to the tight leopard-print skirt of the mystery gyaru in >>226328800
>laugh regularly about Fakku being a bunch of kikes
>founder of fakku, jacob grady, has a well known history of stealing translations and trying to claim them as his own before the wani publication partnership
>after getting an illegitimate deal with wani he continues to steal by never paying out royalties and works regularly with other thieves to toe the line such as On Takahasi

the funny bit is Soryuu is a retarded nip monkey who's been warned about these guys and still signed contracts.
Poor soryuu, he/she is my personal favorite manga artist. Love the art of the women and Machimaho is decent story to read.

Becky dance!
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Pats for Becky
It must be mesousa's fault
File: mesousa nabe.jpg (109 KB, 1242x706)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

File: E7tyrM9VoAYtBA2.jpg (88 KB, 844x1200)
88 KB
What are you expecting /a/? It's confirmed to take place after the epilogue and that Ichigo is invited to a ceremony in SS.
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Mayuri: "You see, Ichigo, I've discovered part of the method of Inoue's restorative properties. It's truly fascinating, I am calling it the Spirit Regenerator. My first test subject was from the false Karakura Town, just a trace amount of spirit energy, no bigger than a strand of hair. Using the Spirit Regenerator on that piece of trace energy, I brought back the Espada Coyote Starrk and his fraccion. Captain Kyoraku was most pleased with this turn of events, he's having sake with the Espada right now."
Absolutely nothing. Sitcom tier reunion tier,
20 year anniversary party since Yhwach's defeat.
Hachigo Nemuri is hot. Ichika is a bit taller than Rukia. Orihime cut her hair. Ichigo has stubble like Isshin.
Kazui sparring with some shinigami. Ishida is mentioned to have a daughter who idolizes Kazui.
Isshin reunites with Toshiro and Rangiku, teases Toshiro for still being short.
Ichigo speaks to Aizen in Muken who tries to convince him to join his cause.
Both are aware that Yhwach is the soul king now and that the old soul king was Yhwach's father.
Ichigo declines, Aizen states that Ichigo won't be around forever and eventually they'll let him out. Ichigo replies that he'll be there to stop Aizen no matter how many years have to pass before he's released.
On the surface festivities continue. Shunsui and Ginjo have a drink before Ukitake's grave.
The end.
>Orihime cut her hair
NO kill yourself
The ToC hasn't even leaked yet. You should have waited until tomorrow night to post fake spoilers.

File: cuteboy.png (2.3 MB, 1435x1080)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
Why is he so cute bros?
I want to cum in his face so bad
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Slan, is that you?
I love it.
This. He has more muscular definition in 1997.
I want to rape this pretty faggot.

File: darwins-game-1.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
What am I in for?

File: 20210626_151128.jpg (108 KB, 933x1336)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Shirou is best boy
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Does anyone not hate alarm clocks
He laments that he wasnt able to save her but he's not in love with her. He's in love with Illya
File: 1027571030985345.gif (1.95 MB, 540x304)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
There was that one amusing part in HF II I think, where Archer was carrying Shirou and Illya, and he just throws Shirou in the ground then gently sets Illya down.
Also, I think Archer says something to Shirou about how if he decides to protect Illya, he should never let go of her hand or something. So yeah, they never interact directly, but Archer definitely cares. Kinda heartwarming how he's the only servant that wasn't taken by Sakura and stayed with Illya instead.
File: 1472639818708.jpg (205 KB, 1000x1221)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>you will never pick up Illya
Neck yourself, disgusting whore.

While I'm studying artstyles
I've done a 30min eyes study (it's not that great)of a certain character /a/ loves
Can you guess it
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Yes , that's nanashi style
Why do you start with circles regardless of the eye shape? Beginner here just wondering

File: E74F2WQWUAIr0XV.jpg (523 KB, 1672x1200)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
Wild Police Story anime official. Call it fujo bucks I guess.
How big is Detective Conan in the west?
Not big at all.
File: 1584695938849.jpg (71 KB, 533x551)
71 KB
>THIS is part of the big 100 year anniversary of Shogakukan's founding celebration

Fact: Twintails are the best!

(Especially blonde ones!)
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File: Large.jpg (244 KB, 500x619)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Tsundere is love
Tsundere is life
Disagree a long ponytail with bangs on the front and glasses are the best espeically if they're flat chested and have big thighs and wide hips
File: 44741474.png (224 KB, 540x653)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Sure, you're not wrong.

File: nickelodeon_red_000.jpg (516 KB, 1380x1600)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
Scene 5: The Kaguya Paradigm
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Thanks OP. These scientists FUCK.
No wonder it took him so long to make Robo Catgirls. I hope that means he gets back with Nayotake in a couple of decades.
File: Smirk.png (30 KB, 203x297)
30 KB
'Guya grin
I love spindly legs.
Hot. 'If you could do [insert impossible feats] for me I'll marry you' is a pretty common folklore trope. Simps exist since the dawn of men.

File: Sakura.jpg (737 KB, 819x1024)
737 KB
737 KB JPG
Make and request /a/rt.
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File: hitomi blanco maid.png (1.2 MB, 1400x1400)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Doing more
File: rq.jpg (96 KB, 800x640)
96 KB
Requesting Elizabeth from persona doing Josuke's pose
File: Risty Hellhound.jpg (103 KB, 585x550)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Requesting Hellhound Risty

File: Jinbe.jpg (207 KB, 900x923)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
[Part 1 of 3]
The parallels between the African American experience and that of Fishman are striking. Right off the bat; the entire subplot of the story involving them having to navigate racism, being slaves to the Celestial Dragons and just general discrimination from humans mirrors the experience of blacks in American society starting with slavery. Other more obvious comparisons include the different approaches to Civil Rights, Otohime being MLK and Fisher Tiger being Malcolm X, and the fact that it was illegal for Fishmen/Merfolk and humans to undergo blood transfusions. In American history, African American's were not allowed to donate blood to white Americans.
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This may come as a surprise to you but not everyone in the world is american and most people don't give two fucking shits about the history of blacks in that country.
File: Shandia_Infobox.png (1.13 MB, 1279x592)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
To play Devil's Advocate to OP, there have been other examples of cultures in One Piece being parralel to real life cultures. Most obviously, the Shandians are a both a stand-in for Aztecs and various other Indigenous tribes of the Americas.
Oda says Fishmen are Indians.
Jesus Christ, take your medications. No everything is about nogs and your gay country.
This shit is delusional. The only people who really give a shit about black culture and history are blacks themselves. A japanese person is the last person who would care. Fishman racism is obviously based on real life discrimination, but in a much more generalized sense. Jesus christ, black people need to get over themselves. Everything doesn't revolve around you, even though Netflix are trying to make it seem so by making a million shitty shows empowering you.

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