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File: MoYa.jpg (93 KB, 426x498)
93 KB
canon couple

the sex will be amazing
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the vivre card for Kiku is the first one to clearly state that she is a tranny.
Yamato's vivre card calls her female.
File: FKjjb7sXsAEtHFb.jpg (89 KB, 1009x600)
89 KB
with my mouth, yes
Don't bother with the Sanjifag/admiralcuck
He's retarded
Vivre Card considers Kiku “female at heart”, but just calls Yamato “female”.
In the past, Yamato’s wiki page just avoided pronouns altogether.

Order 45: Solider of Fortune(Part 1)
>>237742435(Ord. 44)
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This shot was so great in the anime, when they run through the field and just create black lines behind them. The mine shots were kinda silly though, I remember just a line of them running forward and exploding one after the other
Germany can read this comics ?
They're all gonna die.
Yes, since comics are considered an artform(correct me if I'm wrong)
>Holy shit he planted landmines

File: 1621936231368.jpg (38 KB, 919x791)
38 KB
How do you deal with her?
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Pretty sure it's the other way round.
Male rape is serious business, yo
Mara is practically immune to with her <Crying Winds> spam, lunge also does good damage + piercing

File: 1049-012.jpg (67 KB, 579x288)
67 KB
Is he done?

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What does it fucking matter what mode he was in? Why the hell would you even want this fight to stretch on further?
Just let this weeb trash heap of an arc be over with and get back to some villains with actual charisma like Blackbeard.
Kaido called Joy Boy out directly as the man who would defeat him. It would look dumb as shit if hundreds of fodder crawl out of their holes and now help Luffy take the piss out of Kaido.
movies aren't canon tho. But yeah Mihawk is stronger than admirals since he's Zoro's last ennemy.
It was Oda who pushed the strongest creature meme and then made Kaido's defeat laughable compared to Whitebeard's.

File: 1644893060125.jpg (14 KB, 183x232)
14 KB
Where did the Murata version fail where the Webcomic succeeded?
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He would erupt like 3 pages in and have no energy left to continue.
You don't say.
>they should be allowed to express that feeling
Yes to a degree, but stop insulting others like elementary Schoolers.
>stop insulting others like elementary Schoolers.
It's fun though
That's the point of you fucking dingus. You fail to see that this story only becomes a parody of a shounen series when Saitama's on-screen. Which is why Saitama's consistently absent in the Manga, making the whole thing read like generic shounenshit. But this went on for too long. Garou was supposed to be menacing, before and during Saitama putting him in his place, just to contrast between his generic shounenshit villain agenda that Saitama's now denying him of. But instead in the manga we have him act as a clown from the onset, like Murata's being extra tongue on cheek going "Look he's goofy now, he's a complete joke" when instead him being intimidating and still getting completely blown the fuck out gets across the same point with far greater impact unless you're a mouthbreathing retard
You sound like you hate your dad. Do you?[sub][/sub]

File: images (1) (19).jpg (45 KB, 460x666)
45 KB
Vampire in the Garden is actually pretty good bros
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Bad ending, it's not worth it.
Learn to use the spoiler function dumbass, I'm not even planning on watching but this is fag behavior
>katana that can only kill vampiros
lol, you fuckers call this good?
Director Makihara Ryoutaro is also credited for series composition and the script

File: 1545519077979.png (756 KB, 1080x1080)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
When will VN adaptations come back in vogue?
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Says who? No, /jp/ doesn't count.
Right after disco does.
>QUALITY Abridged fest
Damn, the absolute state.
It never left.

What was Vividred Operation missing to be as successful as Strike Witches?
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an original idea
File: vivid butts.jpg (339 KB, 2400x2000)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
best ass ever
File: vivid push buttonb.gif (1.56 MB, 400x225)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB GIF
I-I'm gonna push it !!!

Having so many wonderfull different girls was great

Ultimately though. Its where I found my waifu. Lynnette. Its almost as if she was made for me.
File: 1347010106909.png (228 KB, 600x634)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Go I love her like you wouldn't believe.

File: 215_WolfsRain_TT_Cover.png (1.28 MB, 890x501)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
this anime's ost is still unsurpassed to this day
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Wait it's not that one song? The others are also stolen?
Yes, a lot of the tracks from wolf's rain are just stolen from other artists, here are some examples:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYDox4mHx8Y (at the 1:10 mark)

The song OP posted is this:
If wolf's rain was made today she would be blacklisted from the industry, that's probably why you don't see her working recently, the internet has caught up with her and now she can't get away with it anymore.
I'm so upset this shitty hack's music was such a big part of my childhood, fuck her
it's not just wolf's rain, her entire career is a sham
Well I can't really be mad because I found one of my favorite songs thanks to her, but yeah it's shitty. I wonder if it's possible to make a list of every copied song from the anime to redirect people to the original.

Name of the song I was referring to is finding beauty by Craig Armstrong btw
This is sad

File: file.png (434 KB, 425x500)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
dont need to create some debate, let's share some of the stuff we love but not so much for people out there
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I forgot to mention, the OST was great, though, so that almost redeems it.
File: 37184811_p0.jpg (129 KB, 827x1169)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I almost want a season 3, but I don't know what it would even be about.
File: _029012_.png (182 KB, 966x1146)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>r07: No you can't have nice things. Suffer moar.
one day i'll watch this from start to finish, i kept dropping this because it was aired during the time of my life where my interest of watching anime was waning. i hope i can bear all the autism though... was a major turnoff when i watched this when it was aired
I only stuck around for the op

File: onepunchman.jpg (288 KB, 1280x1603)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Is Saitama really the strongest character to ever exist?
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And then the Kemono Friend fandom completely obliterated Mine, to the point that coward is still in the run.
In theory these kinds of discussions should be kinda sorta relaxed. Because ultimately, it's fun to think about how characters from different universes would interact with each other's philosophies and fundamental differences within the other's narratives.
The position of "strongest" is a moving target, and those who qualify for it are stuff like Suggsverse. But even that can't actually qualify, because one could just spend the time writing up something that could defeat the Suggsverse. And so the cycle continues. Strength on its own isn't really anything valuable, though at the same time one shouldn't think a character is bad because he or she can't lose in a fight. Saitama exemplifies this well: because he nullifies physical threats, conflict immediately becomes internal instead of external. Conflict becomes about the characters themselves rather than their superpowers.
Saitama can't even leave his own story. Popeye completely mogs him
actual retard

based aguhguhguhguhguhguhfriend

And what about when you see this image? What emotions do you feel?
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I love this ESL autist so much like you wouldn't believe
Would economical sanctions work on Arthur Gaz? Was it really necessary to send a band of misfits to kill him?
I really really like Chaika.

File: FS2QXRxVIAArESs.png (655 KB, 1287x1800)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
月曜日のたわわ その378 異世界たわわ「『実りし者』よ!お救い下さい!」
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Elf fashion rules!
>Property Class of Head

wtf I thought this bitch was supposed to be smart?
Can we be done with this isekai arc? It was funny for like 2 weeks
It'll go on until summer, gotta get in on that swimsuits and beach every year.

Gon should've kept his long hair
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That's how much the hair grow during the hiatus?
Imagine the messy hairjobs
So this is the hxh audience
We might as well just write a fanfic of what we think should happen, because I don't think its coming back. I think with enough autism (plenty in stock) and revisions we could get a script close to something Togashi would write

I love Eiko!
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I started watching this after I heard 69neko was doing the vocals for her songs. She was my favorite utaite from when I was a teen.
The show itself is absolutely great.
You seem to be knowledgeable on this, why does she sound so different? I looked up her other songs and her voice was very deep.
Eiko vtuber
is she of european descendant?
I'm guessing they asked her to match with the main seiyuu's voice more.

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