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GOOD NEWS: Digimon Adventure: ends its hiatus next Sunday (6th June)!

BAD NEWS: They're re-airing the show from episode 1, so no new episodes until 27th June.
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Oh come on
>02 did need a better balance of old and new characters anyway.
Half of the elder cast in original 02 (Sora, Jou, Mimi) were all but written out immediately anyway.
>No need to add more when you'll already be stretching screen time.
Yeah, 8 was always too big anyway. You really could do the whole story with just the sibling pairs plus the tech guy. But I understand that as a reboot they want to keep all the characters. Perhaps they'll manage to integrate the rest more organically. The only stuff I recall the others doing that amounted to more than beating monster of the weak or something of similar rank was Etemon/Leomon story in that one episode, but even that was only tangentially related to the main conflict at that point.
Sora gets written out of everything. Someone really hated her. Though I seem to recall Mimi got a decent amount of screentime compared to those other two.

File: 001.jpg (556 KB, 887x1300)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Looks like the Fumino arc kickstarted some sleeper group into working on Bokuben

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I can 100% assure you it wasn't a joke. Was a legit butthurt faggot.
You now remember Rizu
I noticed it's always the batshit cunts that are attracted to the same piece of shit girls.
Or that did the same with Tsutsui but in reverse
File: Rizu's victory.png (265 KB, 591x403)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
it was a fun week




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File: 81921336_p0.jpg (187 KB, 500x500)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
He's going to kill her now, isn't he? I'm too cynical to expect anything but misery for Rem and Subaru. At least we'll get closure.
I thought we already knew this? Wasn't there a LN volume that had a cover with Rem awake being pushed by Ram in a wheelchair?
Is season 2 of the anime going to get that far? I don't feel like reading
why do i get an urge to wank every time i see rem?
File: 1587081796220.jpg (23 KB, 325x325)
23 KB
Too late. Who even fucking cares anymore.

File: 81oleDEH3TL._SL1066_.jpg (300 KB, 1052x1066)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Which Mermaid would you Melody?
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>I think the fanbase is hugely because it was the first thing that got people in the anime.
Beleive me, this one didn't get many people into anime. It is jsut well liked (among those who even know about it) because it's incredibly cute and charismatic. Not because it's great storytelling or something.
Looking back, Sunshine did have a lot of suggetive stuff

The only worse voice I could think of is Charon from Lady Jewelpet
File: kanon_dont_know.jpg (172 KB, 1280x720)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>The only worse voice I could think of is Charon from Lady Jewelpet
Waaaaaaa!?! That's what she said all the time right? I haven't seen it in a while.
Isn't there any actually good porn for this show? I want to know if I can have a fetish for mermaids and I used to watch this as a kid so I have a bit of a connection but I only found badly drawn stuff

File: 1590569595190.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
more practical uses

File: Preview 1.jpg (396 KB, 1920x1080)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Myne says total is a good day for a festival.
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Believe it or not, but you are not the first person to make that joke. The other posts were deleted, but those of us who have been in this thread from the beginning, we've already had our hearty laughs at that obscure reference. But good on you. You managed to find parallels to a movie from the 2012s, a time that many of us are too young to remember.
You are a true geek.
this is just begging for a sicp edit
Don't be such a hothead.
also a good day for a lynching

he created the battle shonen genre with Dragon Ball. But he doesn't seem to give two shits about the genre or the franchise he created.
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nope: >>203811860
Also, here's the link to the interview, although you could always just use the quotes on google.

no that's mecha
it's a battle series published in a shonen magazine
yeah I watched some of it on TV when I was a kid. But I was little so I don't remember much. I do remember the opening song though. Anyway that's called "mecha". When we say battle shonen we mean shit like this: >>203806754
the mecha genre is different

File: Kek.jpg (139 KB, 742x358)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
How are Yakuzafags coping with this?
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"Hey Deku, Ochako, and Bakugou. I know you guys don't actually work together too much on hero duty, but you're the main guy, rival, and girl. Go and join up as a trio to fight Shigaraki. If possible reflect on your bonds as friends, which you don't actually have."
Hawks was in a deep cover job and ended up killing Twice because he was too much of a threat after having fixed his psychological weakness.
Oh come on racebending a character for SJW points is one thing but if you're a black guy voicing a white guy having your profile be a black version of a white guy is fine.

Did you know Naoto Shirogane's dub actress was black?
Black lives matter... not more than any else
Either the mansion team was informed privately for whatever reason but it didn't look like that, or the police didn't want to disclose the information altogether to the heroes but Endeavor told some trustworthy heroes to better prepare them or make them keep an eye open for Hawks (and it worked, albeit indirectly: if Fat Gum didn't know about Hawks, he wouldn't have told Tokoyami and Hawks would be dead by now)

File: Aikatsu Fitting Rooms.jpg (1.82 MB, 3625x1917)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
What's your favorite Aikatsu fitting room sequence, /ai/?

File: topwater.jpg (39 KB, 894x1032)
39 KB
Get in here ya'll, time to go fishin.
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File: 1590862977424.png (171 KB, 313x547)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
File: 1590319650850.png (98 KB, 424x196)
98 KB
Has the delay been a good or bad thing overall? I appreciate the show much more, but the wait is true suffering.
I should try the manga since the anime is on break, but I'm not sure I want to spoil myself in such a way.
It's not like there are major plot points to be spoiled.
Yeah, but there's a different kind of appreciation to manga or anime iyashikei, and I don't want to lessen my appreciation of the anime by reading the manga right in the middle of it.
I might just end up comparing the two all the time and ruin my fun.

File: 1590620146241.jpg (320 KB, 835x1200)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
What did you guys thought of the most recent issue of Baki Dou?
I thought it was pretty cool to see Doppo go with all his might against The Professor. I wonder what secrets of Sumo are we going to discover.
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File: x20.jpg (157 KB, 735x1200)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
This is basically Retsu's boxing arc but on a bigger scale. They will job with some wank as damage control
File: 1427894946001_2.jpg (263 KB, 937x1248)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
And that's how you know it's a good series.
Retsu's boxing arc was so good, a shame Itagaki just cut it short before the real showdown.
I miss /ourboi/ Retsu so fucking much goddamn ;_;
Retsu arc served as personal character purpose, while Sumo is about the values of a national sport.
He stands like a Dark Souls character lmao

File: yuno fallen.jpg (42 KB, 892x478)
42 KB
Yuno fell down
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Not as cute as her sister.
Reminds me of my military service.
File: 1588751107147.gif (2.47 MB, 582x582)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
File: Ume.jpg (25 KB, 225x248)
25 KB
Alright anons, what's your favorite season?

Season 5, I really love the way they handled Matsuri in the anime and the VA fits her perfectly.

File: 7fi.jpg (279 KB, 1920x1080)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
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File: ewag.jpg (219 KB, 1920x1080)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
dumbbest forced kissing scene ever
they were literally sitting
why is she flying?
and what is there to be carefull about on a soft mat?
File: 3etwag.jpg (286 KB, 1920x1080)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
and what the fuck is her problem?
When you wanna get the fuck away from politics, you act dumb.
She's retard
She's a daughter of politician

File: kuwa.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
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Best character
Too bad he gets written out.
>gets a sword that can cut through fucking dimensions
>Of course... The ultimate road block
>High School Entrance Exams
His woke up power scene was amazing. I wish they made an OVA about the makai tournament that he joins in.

File: C30-01.jpg (424 KB, 1180x1694)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Chapter 30 is out. Commencing dump of the raws
Now with 200% more yellling shadows
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I would not assume too much. He may be completely out of it and confused.
>True. Yuu is a very good boy who doesn't deserve any suffering.
He was born.
Is this some lewd pun?
Yeah but you can't really take that back can you?
the taste of sweet cherries and the softness of marshmallows with her sudden intake of breath

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