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File: 1571290761655.jpg (288 KB, 923x1253)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
>me, above-average looking white dude, closeted bisexual. My friend, pubescent-boy-cute half asian, claims to be straight.
>2nd year of college, friend broke up with gf over summer
>friend is in post break up whore fucking mode
>talks about wanting to tag team girls and devils 3somes
It should help to mention we're in a frat where tag teaming whores and the like is considered cool.
>we get drunk and invite a whore over and double team her
>next day tell everyone, everyone thinks its sick
>friend says he wants to do it again, I say to not tell anyone so people dont think we're gay and he agrees

>in the next few weeks we talk about having 3somes more frequently than normal people.
>when sober he's not too sure if he'd want to do it again ever
>extremely enthusiastic when drunk, said he was down for DP when drunk but not when sober "[I'm drunk, so] I'm down for whatever"
>have another threesome, this time both of us fucking her at the same time the whole time
>he fuckes her pussy after i came in her
>next day says we shouldnt have more 3somes cause then it would be wierd

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>girl changes her mind, friend is down
>second girl joins
>have 4some
>one of the girls says my friend and I should fuck while the girls fuck. Moment of silence before my friend says he's not gay
Should also help to mention that either of us being outed as gay would be pretty awful for out social situation.
>after 3some one of the girls texts asking about next time. friend says he doesnt know how many next times he wants, "what is going on here"
>few days later, friend brings up the girl thinking we're gay. We agree that 3somes are fairly gay
>couple days later, get drunk, try to arrange another 3some

Thats all i got does he like penis or no? Will be active in thread for a while.
>morning after first 3some says "yeah but its chill cause neither of us are bi lowkey like if one of us was it'd be different" and tells the story of a guy he knew who was in a 3some that turned gay(this struck me cause why would a straight person immediately start talking about gayness in 3somes right after being a part of one.

>in general mentions not being gay in conversation more than the average person

>I once mentioned "85%" of males are bisexual" to which he replied "nah its probably like 75%"

>he's into girls with flat chests and really small asses
Your friend is probably bi.

File: EGy4SwwXYAAniQs.jpg (117 KB, 527x960)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
if trangenders are just a jewish plot to destroy western culture why is there so much sectarianism about Zionism in jewish society?
Buber spent his entire life trying to convince the jews in Palestine to find some kind of compromise with the Arabs that would allow for the creation of a binational state, and butler has a whole book on embracing dispersion as a piece of the jewish identity in order to create a state that distributes sovereignty equally among people instead of giving it to state which uses that gift to dominate.
why would they spend time producing writings targeted at a jewish audience and geared toward the creation of equality and justice among people if their goal is just to make white kids ascendant faggots so they're to weak to resist being replaced by immigrants?
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Imagine being retarded enough to think democracy is anarchism
Imagine being retarded enough to think anarchism isn't a free market
>personally i prefer dictatorships to unions
Actually if the dictatorship enforces free markets, yes I absolutely support them over mob rule.
Singapore is essentially a dictatorship but workers there have some of the highest living standards in the world and are constantly rising due to their extremely high levels of economic freedom.
You brainlets didn't learn the lesson from the greeks. Democracy is authoritarian, it killed socrates.
Left anarchists are so dumb I swear.
Socrates is an idiot who chose not to escape an unjust verdict when he had the chance. Furthermore Athens was anything but a democracy, their slaves had no votes.
Democracy certainly can be authoritarian, but it is less authoritarian than a dictatorship because i atleast have an equal say to the other individuals. Furthermore a collectively owned venture acting in the market would be less authoritarian than a privately owned one, AND you wouldn't need government regulations to protect the environment or people because if you wouldn't choose yo poison your own air and water or exploit your neighbor because you can actually be held accountable for doing so
>Socrates is an idiot who chose not to escape an unjust verdict when he had the chance. Furthermore Athens was anything but a democracy, their slaves had no votes.
You're just nitpicking, the basic flaw in democracy was shown by the greeks and the death of socrates.
If you ignore the slaves, the problem of mob rule still applies.
Democracy is authoritarian.

>but it is less authoritarian than a dictatorship
What if the dictatorship is mostly benevolent like Singapore's?
I'm not in support of dictatorship, I'm a classical republican, I just want extreme limits on democracy.

>i atleast have an equal say to the other individuals.
You really don't lol, your vote usually doesn't matter, and a large portion of the time what you want won't win the election.
>Furthermore a collectively owned venture acting in the market would be less authoritarian than a privately owned one
What if I want to own a business an voluntarily hire people?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: stress.jpg (55 KB, 500x430)
55 KB
How do know if ur a tranner??
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File: 1571123287265.png (522 KB, 1080x852)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
Fukkin autocorrect

yeah tipsyGnostal#4988
>nicotine fucks with how estrogen interacts with your body
How? I've transitioned years ago and use nicotine, but HRT works fine. Then again I don't smoke cigarettes that have far more dangerous chemicals than nicotine.
not really at all no
well said

File: 1567497499102.jpg (694 KB, 929x1142)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
When he is getting sex change surgery? He is very wealthy - by all accounts in the top 1% (ironic for a Bernie Sanders supporter).

He could choose any surgeon in the world - and become a She.
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>transgender doctrine
>Sex are gender are independent from each other
>I'm a woman-gender, therefore I *need* to get major surgery that makes the stuff in my pants look superficially female-sex
How are these compatible
how is that doctrine?
You don't become a she by getting SRS
Shes 6 "3 and shes ffucking hot take me mommy

File: 20190807_104918.jpg (485 KB, 1944x2592)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
Transgender is a diluted label. It bring more harm in that it's boiling your existential crisis into one of culture and self limitation. "Oh you cant wear makeup, dresses, use the womens changing room/bathroom... etc?" Fuck off, who said you ever couldnt do those things? You were always capable and you're weak for imposing that limit on yourself.

The real crux of the problem lies in the transsexual struggle. You're born into a prison of flesh you didnt choose and dont want. You're imposed rules on what this meat cage can and cannot do and most choose to listen to those rules because sheep. A sane transsexual putting in effort is trying to evolve and become more than what was given, a transgender person wants validation into the perceived club mentality of womanhood and is typically unstable when they find humanity has more universal commonalities than pop culture would have you believe.

This isn't about gender expression it's about genetic expression and out of control woke culture is giving validation to the invalid.
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Well said.
File: 1569334873126.jpg (37 KB, 512x512)
37 KB
Robot bodies and synth flesh soon, Anon.
>Transgender is a diluted label.
More like DILATED label haha
Look up Susan’s place. Literally everyone who uses transsexual is a non passing hon

I would rather pick an non threatening tumblr ayden than a transsexual monster hon like you
eve u stupid hon stop abusing that child. she got raped becayse of u

How fucked are you if others find out your secret identity?

I eventually want to not have one.

File: 1571018131912.png (309 KB, 478x554)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Doesn't it make more sense that the brain, a complex organ known for having a list of issues such as mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, dysphoria's, and much more, would also include gender dysphoria? As opposed to someone in a perfectly normal, healthy male body just so happening to be in the wrong body?

The idea that a man doesn't feel like they fit the "male gender role" is complete nonsense, because there is no such thing. You don't need to have a "gender reassignment" surgery just to feel like you're okay with being more feminine, or vice versa. For example, a nick name for more masculine women is a tomboy, which is perfectly normal and okay. Instead a reassignment surgery seems like a major form of coping with that fact, like a man in denial of being a feminine man.

Instead, thinking that you need to "change" your gender in order to feel okay with filling the "women's role" only implies that they believe men have to act a certain way, have to fill a certain role, when nobody is saying that.

Sure, a lot of people may act different towards you for being a feminine man, but that's a hive mind behavior that goes along with the majority for anything. I like anime, and the majority of the people I went to high school with didn't and naturally saw it as weird because the majority didn't like it, just as the majority of men aren't feminine, but that doesn't mean they can't and don't exist.

It makes more sense that men have an issue with being feminine and seeking help in order to accept what they are as opposed to having surgery and taking hormonal treatments to be what they can never be, because gender roles don't exist and are a made up idea. The problem I see with it is that saying it's okay potentially enables a very costly, and very damaging (both mentally and physically) coping disorder.
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Just because society says pink is for girls doesn't mean pink is only a product for girls. Just because media and the majority of society portrays men as being the provider doesn't mean they have to be.

My point that I tried to make in my original argument is that just because the majority will go along with one thing, doesn't mean you have to follow. Your idea of gender roles exists only as an idea that a large part of society follows, but is not a concrete fact. Instead of conforming to this belief, why not challenge it since it means absolutely nothing?
Transitioning may seem like conformity to you, but it is the ultimate rejection of gender roles imo. Whether you pass or not, you are assuming a role and identity that many people say one of a certain sex simply cannot have. Stop acting like it’s easier or just ‘makes more sense’ to be a feminine male or masc woman. There is more to being trans anyway
Why do they crave such characteristics? You can change your figure, but it doesn't mean you will be what you want. You'll be a fake plastic replica of what you desire. Sure, people do this to enhance parts of their body, or to fix physical disabilities. But none of this gives the person the ability to completely artifically rearrange their anatomy as well as their hormonal system. Both of which can hinder a person's mentality and being.

And yes, gender roles did exist, but my point is that they don't today. In the modern day inside a first world country, it's no longer something people have to comply to. Feminism has allowed women to take up more dominant roles in society, as well allowing society to accept men taking a more submissive role.
Because those roles and identities are artificial. Feelings are complex, they tend to hide even the most simple answers behind walls of complexity. Allowing someone to rearrange their entire well being to become something completely artificial further pushes what could be a disorder.
Research has also shown the rate of suicide between transgenders who don't transition and those who do hardly change.

Anyone here believes in soulmates?

If you do, explain to someone that's heavily ignorant in this kind of thing: What do you think about your sexual orientation or transition status and the situation with a future possible soulmate/kindred spirit? Doesn't that makes it likely your gender preferences won't match, or you believe it can surpass even such a thing?
Do you instead believe there could be more of one person destined for each other in this world?
I believe in kindred spirits yeah. Think of it as... have you ever met someone you just immediately got along with? Like, beyond niceties and social conventions, you just felt like that's a person I can be myself around? Without needing to know a lot about them or having to have known them for a long time?
Now, these relationships can be sexual or romantic or platonic in nature. In essence, it's just about someone you feel inexplicably drawn to with this attraction being entirely removed from carnal or emotional desires. Just someone you want to be with. Sitting in silence out on a field or in a room for all that matters. Just someone you want to live alongside. That's what it means to me anyway. I don't necessarily believe in soul mates because that would imply personalities perfectly matching each other which I just dont believe can happen. Like, even with a kindred you may fight, fuck, break up, go your separate ways, but no matter what happens there will always be some part of you that is unrelentingly drawn to this person for no other reason than to want to co-exist with them on this bitch of an earth.
That's my take anyway. I've met one person like that in my life so far. I dont believe in destiny or anything like that, and I do believe that this can happen to you more than once. I dont believe it always happens for everyone.
It might also be a placebo thing where because I believe in it that's how it feels to me. But before I might this person, I didnt believe in it, so I'm not quite sure. I am pretty cynical about esoteric stuff as well so I guess I only have the boiler plate response of
>you'll believe in it when it happens to you
Which is how it was for me but doesnt really help you, I suppose.
Yes I just wish she'd reply to me but it's ok that she doesnt
I will love her just the same

My face when my gf locks me outside all night in a slutty dress by raping me with viagra and a bashing my head with a cinder block
What am I reading

I sure don’t miss my gf locking me outside though those days were nightmares
it's about getting raped by being force fed viagra and beaten, followed by being locked outside in women's clothing for embarrassment
owo big sexy owo

File: 1571074371089.jpg (94 KB, 750x770)
94 KB
>sorry anon, but I want a kid and a het spouse more than I want to be with you in a boring, unfulfilling and stale gay relationship
What is an acceptable reaction to this? Is giving yourself alcohol poisoning based or redpilled?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
also in this random hypothetical u did ask and they said they were just into ur gender and it turns out they lied and actually want to het it up now
Relationships end, anon. Clearly the two of you have incompatible life goals.

It sucks, but it's part of life. That scenario isn't one that deserves any more self pity than the average breakup scenario does.
File: 1447539038293.jpg (31 KB, 359x398)
31 KB
No anon, you must live on and spread the message about bishits and their disgusting ways
In majority of cases, bi guys will just choose the most comfortable path for them to walk on. That's why i prefer other gays.
File: cringe alert.jpg (100 KB, 630x630)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>still chooses to follow boring npc straight life script
yeah that's pretty cringe

File: 1571122789149.jpg (99 KB, 597x948)
99 KB
Why do cis women get to wear dresses while I have to chemically castrate myself to have a 0.00000001% chance of being allowed to do the same?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
oh ok must've been an illusion
There were laws against men wearing dresses like 50 years ago. It's still considered extremely lewd/unacceptable
of course, but that doesn't mean people aren't "allowed to", unless only things that all of society accepts are "allowed", in which case a lot of behaviors would be unacceptable, such as homosexuality
You can do that though, you will just look dumb
File: 1571307443856.jpg (31 KB, 540x720)
31 KB
god I wish this world would die sooner

File: cutie.jpg (143 KB, 640x854)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Why do no humans live in the DMV that use 4chan? Everyone here seems so computer illiterate to be honest with you. I had to explain to someone what 4chan was, and also what a message board was!
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.

It'd be cool to make friends with people who aren't a million miles away or total normies :(

Also Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky if you live near Cincinnati.

There are lots of tristate areas in the country.
Live close to DC in Maryland, am trans.

I'm not computer illiterate but I can't code or anything
Coolio. Can we be Discord friendos?

What is a queer ace aro?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A lot of asexual persons still perceive a taste and sexual orientation, you know.
>a lot of asexuals aren't asexual and just prescribe a minority label to themselves for attention
no shit
queer sometimes means genderqueer (nonbinary) but more commonly is short for lgbt
ace or ase is short for asexual, someone who doesn't have sexual attraction
aro is short for aromantic, someone who doesn't have romantic attraction

so all together it's an ascendant virgin
File: 1541718717612.jpg (152 KB, 900x904)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
a loner VolCel Chad

File: clear egg.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
post eggs
10 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Sam-hyde.jpg (15 KB, 233x267)
15 KB
File: chuck.png (1.22 MB, 1285x678)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
>not Charls
>possible rapist
>beats up the women around him
>wants to look feminine

Yeah. Definitely one of you fuckers.
Fucking blasted lmao

File: jp_my_n.jpg (386 KB, 1692x2374)
386 KB
386 KB JPG

He’s a boss. Own the fascists.

“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti fascists” - Winston Churchill
thats a fake quote worthless uneducated commie retard
Jazz's family is jewish... heh I wonder if /pol/ is right about the jews

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