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File: angry.jpg (106 KB, 800x450)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Are boymoders invading safe spaces for cismales? Men already have to deal with females using their bathrooms, now boymoders do too? Are there any safe spaces for men? There is a boymoder in my ALL MALE dorms and he has fucking tits! The agp freak walks to and from the bathroom constanttly with his tits out and its so gross! I don't want to see that! I just want to piss or shower and I feel so awkward because there's basically a fucking girl right by me!!
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Neither do I, but I don't care. It makes him happy. And he's happy because he's gaping a tight hole, not because its anal sex.

I don't think your exclusion is well thought out.
>Boy removal procedure is known as sex reassignment surgery, a.k.a. vaginoplasty or bottom surgery
disgusting. anyone who does this makes a huge mistake.
Get a bathrobe. Say you wear it because you feel cold if anyone asks.
i tried to be nice so i peed in the mens at the airport and it freaked out everyone :/

File: bear flag.png (21 KB, 1200x720)
21 KB
First time stories?

>be me
>virgin fag
>be cub, 5ft9, white, beard, little chubby but muscular
>closet fag but very obvious
>occasionally download grinder but delete it after five minutes
>eventually get it for more than five minutes and have a look
>dude messages me
>bear, 6ft3 also a little chubby but handsome, clearly stronger than me
>sends dick pic, at least 8 inches
>talk for a bit and arrange to meet in a hotel not far from my place

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Fat people are so fucking disgusting
you mum must be grotesque then.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Thoughts on Blair White? Is she going to have a reckoning and turn more moderate/ iberal or was she just posing more clickbait?
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Abrahamic religiosity declined in the West, living standards rose people became less superstitious. Therefore gays were more accepted.

The law, gay marriage, had to catch up to society. Despite some loud malcontents, society had moved on. You can't enforce gay marriage in a uniformly regressive society.

All politicians can do is be ahead of the curve by 5 or 10 years, they're not Gods.
why does her face look so weird?
Plastic surgery + caked on make up + lack of expression
She's fine. People get mad at her because they disagree with her views. Either that or they can't stand to see a hot trans conservative woman.
Lmao nooooo actually the decline of christian ambiance in america had little impact because our ruling class remains nominally christian. And these are folks who to this day want to undo the gains made by the lgbt movement. They're already rolling back AIDs research, anti discrimination laws, military acceptance (not that I'm keen on dying for raytheon) and now they're even rallying against gay marriage again.

The solution to this is what won us our rights. Organization and mass visibility, education mixed with mobilization. Fierce resistance in the face of violent oppression. If gays lied down like dogs as you suggest we'd continue to be marginalized into oblivion with the only brief respites coming from war criminals like cheney shitting out a lesbian war criminal daughter.

Instead we bundled together like a mighty faggot and allied ourselves with communities whose needs intersected with our own. It's a strong alliance and it's brought home the goods.

File: 1554345847718.jpg (78 KB, 865x923)
78 KB
Why would you be gay when purrfect catgirls exist?
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File: Ss.gif (748 KB, 500x281)
748 KB
748 KB GIF
don't remind it to me.
Some people are allergic to cats.
File: 1364155492512.png (127 KB, 500x401)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
homestuck thread?
homestuck thread!
Catgirls are fine I just have more fun dominating boys.

File: 122xxcd.jpg (12 KB, 444x390)
12 KB
Transitioning is a meme. Instead of wasting your time with pills and surgeries, you should just pray to get reincarnated as the opposite sex in your next incel life you trannies.
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Yes but in the future we will be able to cure dysphoria. For now, transitioning is a meme.
I wouldn't want a cure that just changes my mind, I'd rather transition with the means that are currently available
It's your dysphoria who is talking.
Well sure, it's part of me so it influences my decisions. I just believe that altering the mind is far more invasive than altering the body so I'd rather do that even if in some hypothetical future it gives me inferior results
Curing mental illness is better than destroying one's body. But your dysphoria doesn't want you to know that : it wants you to suffer and to damage your body. Transitioning is a myth.

File: Gunwall1.jpg (265 KB, 1000x750)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
State your letter and if you like nice cars, guns, watches, and suits.

MTF. Lamborghinis are nice, of course, but I'd like a nice little mini cooper. Otherwise, I don't care for cars that much.

I like weapons, though I mostly choose them for aesthetic reasons. I prefer pretty knives over huge K-bars and traditional rifles over bullpups.

I prefer pocketwatches to big modern tech watches.
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I don't really care. Sports cars are an embarrassment to the driver. Most new "nice" cars are full of stupid shit.

I have no problem with guns. I'd like to go to a rifle range and maybe get one. I think "gun culture" is for lowbreed monkeys though.

Not really. If it's clean, simple, and does its job then that's fine. Spending 100,000 on a watch is retarded, especially if your entire lifestyle doesn't match that.

Sure, I like good quality clothing. Most guys go weird when they wear a suit. It's odd.
Hm. And not a single lesbian.
Mini Coops break down fast. Don't get one they're money pits. Also pocket watches are major cringe.
80s-90s vehicle aesthetics are sexy as fuckk. Wouldn't mind tinkering around with a project car if one comes my way.
Hell yea, planning on getting an AR once I find a decent range that is full of fudds to piss off.
Two types of watches, function and fashion. I hate seeing people wearing one of those waterproof G Shocks when they're in formal attire.
Custom all the way, but if you're getting custom don't get it from China. Can be cringu if worn incorrect or with poor style.
1968 Chevelle or 1967 Mustang fastback, my dream cars, although from a practical standpoint I'd much rather have a 2017 GT350.

I'd take a nice handgun. I'm a huge M1911 fan, so if money was no object I'd have Nighthawk make a really nice one for me. For a more versatile weapon I'd go with a saiga 12 with a 30 round drum.

Really not about suits at all, so jeans and a hoodie will work for me.

Mechanical watches with clear windowed mechanics are awesome, wish I had cash for one.

The eternal debate.
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Yes it fucking does. If the penis is feminine it is not gay.
>cocks look good
...on female bodies
How can, a penis, the most important symbol of MASCULINITY, be considered sort of "feminine"? LMAO
nigga u gay
File: 1555412117555.webm (773 KB, 600x338)
773 KB
besides "good" isn't probably the correct word, i find pic related's cock unattractive, but she looks really cute with her small bulge

> be me resting
> See that my mum sent me a video on messenger
> Open it
> Starts off with "To all Grandma's , do you all remember that precious moment when you all met your grandchildren"
> Afterwards she says, wouldn't it be fun to one day hug something that small (baby)

She never actually asked me if I went kids
Hurry up and smash her hopes up quick.
It'll probably be a while / forever til I got a bf so I can't imagine I can do that soon
honestly just get a hot masc bf and a puppy
that does the trick
I say this cause If I told her I don't want any or I don't want any for now she'd probably ignore me

>Implying that a hot masc would want me

Very bold of you

File: 43.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Nobody asked my trans sister to prom and she's really sad. How do I make her feel better?
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>stopping people from self-medicating
But DIY is the only way a lot of people can get HRT. It's the only reason I didn't kill myself when I saw how long the waitlist was.
Most people don't get asked out to prom.
File: butt.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x2448)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Uhhh... I have this picture of my butt, and I'm told it's a cute butt, because the skirt I was wearing was too short, does it count as a selfie if it's not your face?
Also I've got underwear on, it's just not visible, I promise.
File: 1516246172201.jpg (7 KB, 148x225)
7 KB
I feel like you probably meant this for >>12302639
and not me
Yes. Yes I did. The number I replied to and the number you're indicating are literally the same on my screen though so idk wtf is happening.

File: ripped heathen.jpg (49 KB, 640x640)
49 KB
Any other tranners torn between being a soft, sweet, beautiful girl and a ripped, jotun slaying viking? Is there a middle ground in shield maidens?
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This level of cope is unreal. Do you even pass?
I have not posted recent photos, but you can easily find my old ones in the archive. I pass to normies. This is no cope. it is a real alternative when one passes well. I do not pass well, because I do not pass to *myself*, which is the most important person to pass to, but the solution is to work on that –which I am doing–, not to resign.
What muscular mtf passes?
I guess RootyTooty. I can not be sure because I do not know her face. Whatever cis women can pull off appearance wise, passing MTFs can too (this is almost tautological).
File: maricon.jpg (63 KB, 720x720)
63 KB
>Do you even pass?

File: IMG_20190418_223435.jpg (335 KB, 2048x1536)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Are you looking forward to the anti-tranny backlash in the next six or so years when all the children whose lives have been ruined forever by trendy woke moms hormone blocking their toddler son because he once said he thought pink was a pretty color start to grow up?
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I'm not the person who linked that study. If you look at the conclusion it specifically says that it applies to people on cross sex estrogen. It does not mention anything about AAs or diet in the limitations section. This suggests they controlled for at least AAs unless you believe they are utterly incompetent
Read it again.
>These results may indicate the need for long-term vigilance in identifying vascular side effects of cross-sex estrogen.
>vigilance in identifying vascular side effects of cross-sex estrogen.
>identifying vascular side effects of cross-sex estrogen
Literally "more research should be done into this", which suggests that they did not control for those things; they're saying someone should.
note that it also says cross-sex estrogen, not transgender hrt, which would indeed imply that AAs weren't ruled out. would be nice if someone could actually access the study so we can know for sure
Where does this idea of dooming somebody to impotence come from? The moment the AA's are postponed, male puberty will resume as normal if they decide that transitioning isn't something they're interested in. The effects of AA's can be mitigated, the effects of male puberty cannot.
i hate study fags
anyone with a brain knows the truth

File: fallon_fox.jpg (121 KB, 1200x800)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Risk-taking is a masculine behaviour. Only a man would be brave enough to subject himself to hormones and experimental surgery for a slim chance of becoming a pretty girl.
I'm ftm, so thanks bro
OP all of your premises are false
Isn't test a lot more harmful than E? So by that measure ftms are more masculine.
this, /pol/cucks are the most wholesome betas in the world they make multiple threads a day saying I'm a man and will never be a woman.
I love these fellas who are always giving me internet support during my transition.

File: big_1527174833_image.jpg (77 KB, 1280x715)
77 KB
I told my mom about my trans feelings and she told our doctor. So my doctor recommended that I get on Esterogen blockers after we did a blood test. I'm hoping that this will cure my feelings. :)
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Estrogen won't cure your mental illness.
learn to read retard
Congrats op! If you decide to transition being a hairy manlet isn't all bad.
now this is what i call mental illness
volume 69
did you cut your dick off yet?

File: 1552082759529.jpg (54 KB, 540x443)
54 KB
What is it called when you're only interested in a romantic relationship with a woman, but you have a submissive side that loves bottoming for hung older men?
being a bishit the bane of cis gays and cis les.
it's called being ""bi"" but we all know eventually you'll give in to Chad's dick and swear off women completely.
Heteroromantic and bisexual
if you were trans they'd call that agp meta attraction, but since you're cis, they don't call it anything, apparently

File: 4L_He5kQSlr.jpg (96 KB, 600x800)
96 KB
How many of you were incel before you transitioned? How has your life changed since? Asking for an incel btw.
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The invention of birth control does imply that eventually, evolution should select for actually trying to conceive. In olden times, it was sufficient that evolution would just make guys horny, because if you fuck enough women, you impregnate some. Tranners can exploit males' horniness with their insatiable cocklust, so an LTR with a tranner can make some guys happy, while still being evolutionary dead ends.

The only reproductive strategies that work with modern technology are being a tradcon who doesn't use birth control and being a whore who doesn't use birth control. As long as food and basic medicine are abundant, there's no serious penalty (dead kids, that is) for following either strategy. If the humans speciate in the distant future, it may be by the two incompatible mating strategies that are both relatively successful. Tradcons and whores, both with a creampie fetish.
I'm not a trancel but the facts are that all cels are fakecels. No one is literally unfuckable. They just see whatever degenerate troglodyte they'd have to get with and their (lady)boner shrivels up and dies.
and thats why liberal\atheists are going extinct and average intelligence been dropping too
For alphas, don't they leave them anyway pretty often even without transitioning?

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