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Is my boymode voice to gay sounding?
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you sound like a dude trying to be a girl
nice LARP. If you are trying to boymode you can try way harder than that. You talk like a forced gay dude, not like a boymoding tranny.
File: IMG_58941.jpg (123 KB, 719x1280)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
If you do the lryanx shenanigans to raise your pitch you can sound like a child instead of an uncomfortable whispery gaylord who just sounds like they live in the corner of every room they walk into.
Heres my boi mode voice for reference:

Lack of self esteem; the great mystery has been cracked fellas. I got a question tho, why can I tell just from that voice clip you're a self righteous twink??
File: qwyxys4nguf31.jpg (109 KB, 750x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Sauce on the anime? Also nice trips

File: D_dxV6jW4AAayWe.jpg (66 KB, 1100x618)
66 KB
> be ftm
> jerk off to the thought of being fucked by multiple men, being eaten out, my tits being played with, and pussy spraying everywhere
> orgasm
> feel disgust, discomfort, and misery like I've never felt before
> cry "what have I done" for 5 minutes in a fetal position
> hover box cutter over my genital mound
> think that if I can't have a dick I don't want anything at all
> ponder using 1000+ degree ice cream spoon to scoop my flesh out
> settle for punching the wall instead

Is ftm AGP the most cursed of them all? I spent years of my life belittling my dysphoria because sometimes I self inserted as a kawaii japanese anime girl into fantasies of being fucked senseless, only to realize that after I stopped jerking off I was still in the fantasy, and came to the horror that this was my real life. I was still the kawaii japanese anime girl even after I jacked off.
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Is it okay to occasionally rape my ftm bro into multiple orgasm induced semiconsciousness
And if I do fuck his brains out and pumped enough cum into his tight milking sore hole fill a cup.
Will I have to cuddle with him till he gets over his bad feels or will he want me to get out so he can sleep it off.
>taking the piss
Why are TERFs always from England?! What is this cursed island.
have you ever fucked a trans guy?
>implying you could ever give anyone an orgasm other than yourself
I know imagine that all terfs have really cockney accents

File: cm.jpg (328 KB, 841x1024)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
you shall not pass!
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you aren't any better than that guaranteed
especially that lean body.
What a hon
I need to get my eyebrows done for sure....
I wanna get my entire body waxed cuz I hate body hair :/
File: 1535099806490.png (785 KB, 634x951)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
don't be sad, it's just a guy cross dressing
Would still date her.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 202x249)
8 KB
I came out as a tranny and most people reacted fine. However, I changed my mind about transition and now regret it. What should I do? How should I explain to them?
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Mostly arousal. But I like the look aswell.

I never took it so I dont know.
Nobody likes the idea of being old lmao
You’re gonna either be an old man or old woman, your choice both suck
Old dudes can at least be badass.
Anon stop, you're going to push them to suicide!

Old women can too.

File: 1548468580165.jpg (18 KB, 412x351)
18 KB
>come out to parents as gay when I'm 14
>"Oh, you're transgender? I will always love you"
>try to explain I like being a boy but am just gay
>they dont listen and tell me to stop the internalized transphobia
>force me to see a gender therapist who says the same thing, tells me over and over I am transgender no matter how much I protest
>forced on hrt against my will, parents take away pc/phone/tv if I don't take my hrt in front of them
>forced to present female and accept this because of homophobic parents
>when im 18 they force me to get SRS or else they won't pay for college
I had my life as a gay man stolen from me because homophobia and parents wanting a gender conforming child, now I'm just a stacy with a neovagina.
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they're right though. literally every fem gay male or masc les female is just a repressed tranny with internalized transphobia
an urban legend that never happened
That’s the hottest part
What a nice dream.
jeopardy clues have only come in intervals of 200 since 2001.

I want to be a woman, but I'm very ok with being a man. Can I still be trans or is it a fetish? I had this way before porn came into my life.
File: BlanchOnAGP.png (18 KB, 735x137)
18 KB
It's probably a fetish if the thought of being a woman arouses you, but even then I wouldn't care what choice you make.
I can't relate to wanting to being okay with being a man though. It may change as you age (I don't know how old you are) and start showing real symptoms of aging (increased facial hair, body hair, balding, etc).

Just do whatever you think will make you happy.

File: 1566307968363.jpg (1.24 MB, 2049x1536)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Couldn't someone just stealth for life if they transitioned aged 6, legally changed gender etc and had the best SRS possible? I mean aside from maintenance and family there isn't anything that could trip you up, you could just ghost a guy if he ever started to get really serious about conceiving
maybe in the future u can get an artificial uterus or something
You could maybe do that if you're a psycho and only want sex.
But if you're in an actual relationship and love the guy, ghosting him out of the blue when he wants children with you is fucked up.
A lot of people who were unsupported by their families and escaped and managed to pass live stealth for a while, but keeping a huge secret like that can make it hard to make truly close friends or partners and most end up cracking and coming out to at least the closest of the closest while remaining stealth to the rest. Some just go fuck it and let everyone know cause hiding parts of your life really sucks.
lmao it'd be funny doe

File: Untitled-11.jpg (476 KB, 800x800)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
Welcome back to another thread where I try to gather the LGBT community to talk about their
>goals and how they're going
>creative endeavors
>evolving relationships
also, check out my server
/rD3Gr2w - primarily LGBT community with everything from chatting to NSFW posting, give it a shot
Now let me go,
>recently i've been talking to this boy and he has been showing signs of clinginess, what do?
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I'm sorry. I only converse monogamously. Now give me my food.
>Tfw no one wants your 100% meat, homegrown sausage
It's healthy, biologically responsible and full of protein...
We don't have Del Taco nor Taco bell in Australia. I don't even like tacos at all anyway.

Now the McChicken on the other hand...

Eyyo gimme dat Baja Blast nigga
mmm, gimme that, i'd pay any price to experience that yummy taste

I’m so scared to transistion because I’m afraid I’ll end up like some ugly hon like pic related, I’d be okay with being average but I can’t get over how ugly most tranners are.
105 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
This girl is so pretty! I feel happy for her.
She has a long mid face. That's basically it. It's not so long that she's outside of cis female range though, just a very long female face.
People here find attractive a 13 year old boy with long hair.

The ABSOLUTE state of /lgbt/
So then, LeFort osteotomy of the upper maxilla?
why can't you people just realize that op is just the kid in the pic looking for attention to validate their sadposting

File: 1545803142407s.jpg (108 KB, 1287x1722)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Gender dysphoria can literally ruin your life. To progress in your career, you need to be confident and secure in your skin.

how will I ever find a job, internship, or research position? GPA 3.73, but doesn't matter. because of dysphoria, I don't speak to anyone because i'm too ashamed to introduce myself with my gross name. I can't make eye contact with my stupid-looking guy face. i hate myself too much to confidently shake hands with a job recruiter while staring him in the eyes. I'm not proud enough of my social presence to network in university clubs and apply for leadership. All I can do is silently go to classes while dad pays tuiition. since he pays tuition and i live with him, i can't transition. Last time i tried detransition, the family reaction was a 2 year nightmare, even though I was more socially confident among my peers.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Your life is literally on hold until it's resolved. If I actually listed the stuff I was supposed to be able to do, no one would even believe me. Instead I live in a ghetto with no money, no prospects, and no future.
Dad forced detransition cuz he thuoght being transgender dooms you to be homeless and a prostitute. Actually made things even worse.
You have two threads up now. Fuck off tard.
he's ain't wrong tho lol
Sounds like you fucked yourself.

is AGP curable? Does nofap work?
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Take your pills and eventually you will be nofap whether you like it or not
I hope there is eventually a cure so I can continue to be a suicidal, depressed man.
If an mtf is a gynephile but their attraction is outward is that still AGP? Where does the auto come in? If someone is not AGP do they have to be HSTS by default even if they don't like guys?
>is AGP curable?
Yes, by accepting it as a fetish
>Does nofap work?
HRT does not cure anything, the "cure" is the asexuality that comes with taking hormones of the opposite sex. which is not a cure at all, it's suppression of your sexuality.

File: 1540325805890.jpg (236 KB, 600x720)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Throughout my teen years, I was a trans boy. I had legit dysphoria, had some serious dick envy and would wear nothing but really tight sports bras to try and bind. But then suddenly I wasn't. I wanted to wear cute skirts and stuff, and these feelings were amplified when I lost my virginity to a cis boy, and I really felt like I didn't want to be that. Thankfully I hadn't gone on T, so I'm living as a cis girl now, but my feelings of wanting to be a boy were real. Was it just some phase from puberty?
god i hope so
Keep in mind women have a lot more flexibility with gender expression without taking HRT. men have to take estrogen or else T destroys them.

You'll just be a cuter boy if you have high estrogen.
I think a "trans brain" can't be changed but the way a person deals with it or the identity they adopt is malleable. You don't need to transition or adopt a certain socially-constructed gender just because you have a trans brain.

Some people are horrifically scared or maimed in accidents and they still find a way to power through life. Not having the body you want is a setback but it doesn't have to be something that destroys your life in every single way. It can be a lifelong obstacle that is dealt with while you pursue enriching things, transitioning or whatever isn't the only option.
>Was it just some phase from puberty?
>Was it just some phase from puberty?
Pretty much, it's possible to lose dysphoria as you become adult

File: 1566345161577.png (100 KB, 285x287)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
What do you do when you discovered that you're trans when you're 20 years old and your hairline looks like this?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: nigel03.jpg (19 KB, 297x198)
19 KB
science bitch
That sort of hairline can probably be fixed with a scalp advancement.
You're 20, chances are you might afford this later in life.
With HRT, minoxidil and microneedling there's a reasonable chance your hairline will recover but it's far from guaranteed. Other than that, get a wig.
this is the correct answer

>be me, 6 months on T ftm
>inspired by that other thread to jerk off while thinking about being a girl
>decide to penetrate myself too, havent put anything in my pussy since my periods stopped 4 months ago
>finish up, it was good, came hard
>take glue stick outta my puss (i dont have any fucking dildos leave me alone, yeah i cleaned it first)
>its covered in blood
>it was pretty tough to get in and i used to be able to fit way bigger shit into my puss much easier
I knew that having T makes your pussy tighter but wow, just knowing I have such a tight little bussy turns me the fuck on.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It makes sense, anime posters are always boys
And do what? But your clit in my ass? Lamo
>Mine is 3 inches
that's decent growth
>doesn't get hard
how 2 erect clitdick
1. buy vacuum pump for your size and pump up dick
2. get cock ring or rubber band to restrain blood flow to maintain erection
>I don't like using it and plan to get srs
noice, since you don't like what you have I assume you mean phallo and not meta. Don't forget to get tattoo/micropigmentation after the surgeries to correct skin colouration of neophallus.
That’s a hon not a ftm
Oh, I'm an idiot. Didn't pay attention to where the posts were linking.

File: 1566370721946.jpg (45 KB, 480x480)
45 KB
ITT: Gay bottoms with hot gfs
File: Cloud_with_Tifa.jpg (67 KB, 640x417)
67 KB

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