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File: 1537707591930.png (333 KB, 401x349)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
I've always been pretty flamboyant, but lately I've been noticing that my friends tend to get a little bit more flamboyant around me too (pitch, mannerisms, inflection, etc...). I've noticed that this also extends a bit to my coworkers as well. Is this normal and I've never noticed this before?
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File: 1549989045174.png (876 KB, 731x611)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
I was a bit more straight-acting before, but I'm still not like flaming or something. Is it just that maybe they feel like they can be more fem around me without getting judged or something? Also I've never really formally come out to them cause they've never really asked.

But this involves my coworkers too like what
maybe they're trying to lure you into formally coming out to them
File: 1523287818131.jpg (10 KB, 191x255)
10 KB
If they wanted to know they would just ask

Have you not noticed this from people around you at all?
has it ever come up before, like they ask you about some girl?

i'm kind of in the same situation with my friends, i've known them for forever but every time something comes up that would nail me down as gay or straight i just kind of evade the subject
File: 1523195483504.jpg (413 KB, 1000x1440)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
I've been in a relationship for a while, we look straight from the outside but we're both currently just starting to go opposite ways ifyaknowhatImeen :^)

So, I can get a little ...obsessive... from time to time.

How much time do you spend on 4chan?
This board?
The internet?

What app is that?
It’s built into iOS.
Settings>Screen Time

yo ftm here, is ezra a trans name? is it the typical uwu trans dude name like jayden or elliott? would using the name ezra out me as a trans dude???
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dont fucking call yourself elliot. there are too many ftms named elliot. and jayden is such a typical tranny name too.
I'd name my son Ezra desu
haha i was gonna say, every ftm is named elliot

Its a surname you dumb dummy.
The only person I can think of named Ezra is Ezra Levant from The Rebel Media. He's definitely not trans.

File: 1550271355835.png (58 KB, 599x474)
58 KB
yo was the woman who won jeopardy last night mtf

i had a hunch
cmon i know i'm not the only honey nut queerio here who watches jeopardy

File: 1501338595844.png (437 KB, 500x574)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
How do you distinguish meta-attraction from genuine attraction? What are the telltale signs?
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Please describe AGP as clearly as you can and how it fits cis women's sexuality, in general as well as in that specific quote.
i feel like that doesnt describe me though idk, my sexuality has no part in why i want to transition
Describe your dysphoria and trans signs as a child?
Arousal at the thought of being a woman, either physically or socially. One form of this arousal is arousal at the thought of being a woman in a relationship. The quote above seems to suggest that cis women also get turned on by imagining themselves as attractive women in relationships, focusing on themselves rather on their partners.
as a child i never embraced my own masculinity, i thought that every body just thought they lost the coin flip and just had to live their life as a guy, it wasnt until puberty that i realized that guys actually embraced being masculine and such. i remember having dysphoric feelings when i was rly young but i was too dumb to actually realize what they meant, i remember thinking that i wanted to be a girl but such a thing was impossible, as for my dysphoria, i just hate every part of my body i guess, i dont rlt care much about my penis though, id want a vagina but im too scared of surgery to actually get one idk, im fine with my penis just sitting there as long as i dont have to use it on someone else sexually

File: IMG_2051.jpg (23 KB, 340x368)
23 KB
has anyone else here wrestled with detransitioning?
I've been off hormones for about 2 months now, after 4 years of transitioning (mtf) and passing... I'm caught in the middle of feeling like my whole female "gender identity" was never real and dealing with anxiety about passing/social treatment/having a future in general, and like I'm terrified by the prospect of living as male again, watching my body change back, and dealing with the mental changes
I barely feel like a real person anymore and there's just no way to proceed from here. Can't be male, can't be trans.
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How old are you
Not them, but you still are. If you're living your entire life with the sole purpose of trying to evade mental landmines, it's controlling your life whether you think it is or not. You're denying yourself so much just because you're trans. Things arent impossible, you're making them impossible for yourself.
Afab here
I also went through a similar experience.
When I was reconsidering transition I spent some time here making threads about it. Anons would always tell me that it’s normal to doubt and I should still go though with transition. Basically >shut up and take your pills Aidan
For me, I had so much more anxiety when I was out.
I also began to feel like my life was fake. My supportive peers and family would refer to me as male. But sometimes they would refer to me as male infront of normies and they’d always get this confused look on their face bc it was obvious that I wasn’t male. That always made my feel like dying on the inside.

Also in the summer I couldn’t just wear a swimsuit and have fun. I also couldn’t just use a public restroom when I had to piss so I would avoid drinking anything when I went out. I also used to really buy into the whole “if you identify as a (wo)man you are a (wo)man” thing but now I’m starting to doubt that

Now that I’m back to living as female that anxiety is gone, but I still have other issues and I’m no completely comfortable in my own skin
>I also began to feel like my life was fake. My supportive peers and family would refer to me as male. But sometimes they would refer to me as male infront of normies and they’d always get this confused look on their face bc it was obvious that I wasn’t male. That always made my feel like dying on the inside.
Why didn't you girlmode for the ~2 months it would take for T to make you pass you dumb roastie? inb4 never took T
Just stay on hormones and boymode.
You shouldn't stop medical treatment just because of social reasonings, this way you don't permanently change your body over a possibly passing feeling.
(yeah I know this is usually the argument used *against* transitioning, but testosterone has permanent affects, estrogen doesn't, so its actually a reasonable argument to be used here)

File: 1550242060577.jpg (43 KB, 1030x840)
43 KB
>is currently getting harassed for having long hair, wearing makeup, and wanting to shave my man legs when all i want to do is just make myself feel more comfortable in my own prison of a body
why couldn't i have just been born a fucking girl?
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my own friends, anon. I just wanna be me.
(coincidentally I also have an emo boy aesthetic).

Get new friends yours are broken
he's a masc fag comfortable with being a man and being masculine (and to make matters worse, he's a bottom).
why can't i just be a BOY
You can be a real boy, Pinocchio. You just can't let anyone punk you out like that even if you do want to be a feminine emo boy. Just grow a spine and tell him to fuck off or stop being his friend. It's that simple.
File: 346.png (607 KB, 900x900)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
Not OP but yeah I realize that, it's just not something I can help much. At best I can think of myself as something inbetween man and woman but that doesnt help if I'm still trying to look like what people are going to perceive as a woman or feminine man and treat me poorly due to that..

File: images (5).jpg (14 KB, 500x281)
14 KB
Really even with my bf helping me, dysphoria is getting worse than ever.
Got into college, theres a trans girl here, she is super passable cute and small. I only clocked her because I saw her ID.
How can I stop being so jealous.
I want to pass so bad.I would kill for it. But as there's no magic the only thing for me is being ugly and unpassable
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I have long hair, and have some feminine mannerisms.
19 here too and seeing pretty or young transitioners fucking kills me
19 is young shit tho
This, we're all a young trans for someone else. You have to accept it. Also learn to deal with your uglyness it's not the end of the world. There are a shitton of happy or talented ugly people in this planet who live a fulfilling life.
>There are a shitton of happy or talented ugly people in this planet who live a fulfilling life.
And even more that don't. Most people are just scraping by on what little meaning they can muster.

>plan to take HRT to see if I’m truly trans or not
What are the permanent effects? How long till sperm goes away?
>pic unrel
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Breast growth can be permanent. You can minimize it by taking cabergoline in addition to HRT. Spermatogenesis stops in matter of weeks to months; it is highly variable. Spermatogenesis returns if you discontinue HRT after some months. See[1] for some data. There are some more references in http://17beta.top/en/mtf_pharmacology . If you are on HRT for years, it COULD (but this is not assured) make spermatogenesis stop premanently.

Erections never go away IF you do not want them to go away and exercise proper maintenance of your penis (masturbate or have sex once every 2 days).

[1]: Meriggiola et al. (1996) “A Combined Regimen of Cyproterone Acetate and Testosterone Enanthate as a Potentially Highly Effective Male Contraceptive”. https://sci-hub
Oh. I see. Fuck it. I think I’ll take the pills when they arrive then.
You do not need to feel like a woman on the inside or anything like that to take female hormones. All you need is to want a female-like body. FWIW, I am 7 months into HRT and I do not even want to be a cis woman; I want to be a trans woman, embody my ideal of female beauty, and combine the best of both worlds. See https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/10435483/#10435952
atta girl
I see. Interesting.

File: bogerface.png (32 KB, 514x352)
32 KB
Transgenders are so out of touch. They follow outdated trends and subcultures. For example, an FtM will listen to rock music. MtFs will try to go for the goth style. They both also have some weirdly conservative views. Trannies seem to be stuck in the 20th century. Why is this?
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Tranners are conservative
What the fuck are you talking about lol trans AntiFa communist catgirl trans ladies are a meme for a reason. Are you assuming that this community represents anything?

>Tranners have no fashion sense
Okay, yeah. They had no chance to develop one.
Hey, indie mtf that keeps up with current trends here. Also goth girls are hot leave them alone!
>Conservative guys arent getting laid
>Liberal guys in contrast are
>listen to future funk
>wear mostly black
>raging egoist
pretty good callout op
File: i dont.jpg (104 KB, 1199x960)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Well, I mean true conservative men are waiting until they marry their girlfriend to get laid, so you're not TOOOOTAAALLLY wrong..

Dead cds: >>11801114
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I want jaw/chin fillers and a nose job haha
isn't filler just mush which dissolves away after 6 months? wouldn't implants be the better option?
yeah if you don't get it renewed it'll dissolve
Maybe it's better to see what you would look like with implants first before you actually get them?

File: Aladdin-Trailer.jpg (34 KB, 798x420)
34 KB
A genie appears in /lgbt to grant 3 wishes before departing to another board
76 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
1. I want a masculine chest.

2. I want to be taller and slimmer.

3. Financial stability.
1. Make all gender dysphoria go away
2. Make all homosexuality go away
3. $12 for a pastrami sub
File: giphy (2).gif (175 KB, 273x273)
175 KB
175 KB GIF
I wish they remove his nipples

I wish for my foreskin

I wish for eternal youth
1. Spaceship with warp drive
2. Never age
3. Never die
1) can stop and start time
2) unlimited supply of supersonic jets
3) get to be the dictator of a medium sized country in the developing world

> be me
> 22 year old college drop out mtf who gets her estrogen from inhousepharmacy
> shopping for cute leggings when I smell something awful
> turn behind me
> it’s a 4’11 manlet hambeast ftm roastie with dyed teal hair
> ayyden shoots disgusted glare at me as h(er)im and the other rosaries scoff Condescendingly.
> mfw they flaunt their female tits right in front of me
> mfw they just stand there menacingly, their female bodies mocking my male one.

Why are female privileged people like this? I don’t understand why they hate us so much.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Every time you deny the experiences of trans woman, you contribute to toxic femininity.
>actually shopping for female clothing in public as an mtf
So is making shit up and pushing it as reality
That's the bravest thing I heard all month

There, there, OP
Can't keep up with this Catholic zoomer slang

Why are most Blanchard deniers transbians?
52 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
but thats exactly what a transbian is
File: male.jpg (58 KB, 678x1024)
58 KB
>Transbians aren't real. It is a straight male roleplaying as a female

This is why the notion of a relationship with a transbian is so nightmarish. There's nothing there to begin with, it's an interaction with an actor.

If a HSTS detransitioned one would be left with a naturally girlish gay. For a bisexual who doesn't mind being judged, there would be no reason to end the relationship.

If a transbian does the same, all that's left is a sad straight man. So it would be two straight men keeping each other company.
AGPs are neither straight nor men.
Blanchard disagrees.
I don't like being called "homosexual transsexual" for having a bf.

File: b5b6e72.jpg (84 KB, 733x960)
84 KB
Cis women BTFO.
You meme but transitioning unironically affects your pay.
>give cis women a run or their money as a woman
What does this mean? It is an unironic question.
I can't believe this is real

I would watch this anime.

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