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File: doubtfire.jpg (19 KB, 259x384)
19 KB
ITT: /lgbt/ cinema
floating (1998) is a kino drama/coming of age film. despite the gay guy dying at the end the setting and characters are good.
amorous (2014) starts off as two couples partner swapping who eventually learn to love eachother. it's kind of an ideal polyamorous relationship where no one is left out. direction and setting are interesting, can't really remember much about the characters themselves except that they were well acted.
the king's man (2005) is a korean film set in the 15 century that's based on a stage play so i'm not sure if it would be interesting to foreigners or not. it's centered around a jester turned concubine that curries favor with a king to avoid getting scalped. music and acting are good, though I can't say anything about the pacing or tired tropes.

File: Tranny pepe.jpg (12 KB, 204x247)
12 KB
Do I kidnap my ex gf?
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Why kidnap a used gf, when you can get yourself a whole brand new one?
File: wee.gif (1.88 MB, 288x288)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
OP please explain
File: images (3).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
OP plez I'm interested in this. I'm also really hi, but sober me woulda been interested too :>
I fully encourage you to commit this crime and many others

File: 1391.jpg (23 KB, 400x479)
23 KB
So I've always been turned on by the idea of being a woman (AGP) and basically have always used it to fap, ever since I've been sexual (around 13 yo). However, once I reached puberty, I started getting distant from my body and generally disliking it. I didn't really mind having blond hair on my legs for instance, but it did feel weird, I suppose. Same when i started to have some facial hair, I didn't hate it but generally disliked it and it felt distant. I thought (and still think) it was due to my acne that started around that age. I don't think I really can explain how I felt, I don't think it was very noticeable, it was sub conscious, but i lost any interest in it, pretty much, except for very broad stuff like "I should gain weight" etc. It's not like i really hated it, I just didn't like it, didn't want to see myself in the mirror and generally wasn't interested in it at all. I also couldn't see myself having a bf or gf at all, I really wasn't (and still am not) interested in it, all I like is to self insert as girls, whether it's with guys or girls. I also started to suffer major lack of motivation and social anxiety/ disinterest around that age, I went from fairly social to completely asocial. Finally, at the beginning of high school, I started really depersonalizing, and self inserting as female characters in video games etc all the time. Even in my everyday life, I created another me for myself, basically the female version of myself, and when I was self inserting as her I was motivated, while when myself I felt no motivation at all. But I didn't think I was trans or anything, for me it was just my taste. It became really unhealthy and I started feeling like a stranger in my life. I shut myself completely and didn't really leave my room at all, I had no interest in the outside world, in fact it actively disgusted me, bored me, and scared me. Even with my friends, I felt like a stranger. 1/2
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Rally vincent, from the gunsmith cats anime.
16 to 20, that is.
I'm never going to remotely look female, so why bother. I am on HRT, but I'll probably kill myself before I turn 30. That's the option I long for.
What do you think was the big change from 2010 to 2014 in public perception and awareness?

You can be as female as you can be. You'll have the effects of HRT, you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend who treats you as a girl, and good friends. Your life might not even be the same as a cis girl's (it wouldn't be even for passing trannies) but it can be better than just living as a male. So please don't give up.
>tfw repressive NEET
It doesn't get better
then I should just kill myself now?

File: accidentally.gif (301 KB, 350x464)
301 KB
301 KB GIF
I did it again /lgbt/, I accidentally sucked a dick but I am not gay. Why does this keep happening and how do I avoid it?
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could you green text the story how this happened.
Also the time before as well please
thank you
Either start wearing a Hannibal Lector mask so the dicks can't get in or stop wearing bowling shoes outside of the bowling alley so you won't trip and land on dicks all the time
How do you accidentally suck a dick?

File: banana.jpg (8 KB, 474x327)
8 KB
I propose a new gender divide
People with vagina and people with penis
People with penis go with people with penis
People with vagina go with people with vagina
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Women don't have penises
You like men
go back to your echochamber
go where
Go away terf.
>I propose a new gender divide
>People with vagina and people with penis
>People with penis go with people with penis
>People with vagina go with people with vagina
That's great, anon. You do you.

Meanwhile I'll just go for whomever I fancy that fancies me back. Works for me.

File: 1502660818225.jpg (21 KB, 620x470)
21 KB
I think I'm a Bi guy. Still check women and love baby making body but penis also gets me hard.
Bi men how did/do you deal with it? I don't really want to come out because I still would like a family one day and the stigma. Did coming out as bi make people just assume you're gay? How do I be bisexual and still have children?
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I'm not effeminate at all, a sub but neanderthal gorilla nigga genetics :'(
>they will go after you
I've only dated one woman in my life who was like this, what's the secret?

>Did coming out as bi make people just assume you're gay?

Yes. Good news is you can just never come out and do your own thing in private until you find someone to settle down with. By the time you're out of your 20's you'll literally stop worrying about it.
Can confirm. They may be rare, but they're out there.
Part luck, part attracting compatible partners? Like love in general
>By the time you're out of your 20's you'll literally stop worrying about it.
Yup. Worrying about stuff like this is a very teens/twenties thing. It'll pass

>All over the place; doesn't know what it wants to be
>Overrated; some people treat it like it's something special and specifically request it when there's better options out there
>Passes a lot of the time but it's hardly perfect and can still get clocked rather often
>Military passed it up for a slut that doesn't even work only to beg for it to come back years later, just like my dyke ex who dumped me for another woman. Well guess who's the other woman now, Alexa? Fuck you.
>You will get charged you an arm and a leg because you're a Multicamer
>Is THE massive slut; guaranteed to be in the locker room with countless men, does so in nearly every country's military AND civilian population
>Multicamers either have their faces hidden or are massive attention whores who want to be seen
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Multicam is supposed to help break up signatures for heat, and other forms of detection.
And yet the fabric it's printed on does nothing for heat dispersal.
Jöö, perfekt zum sändele
Failed transition.

My goal is to have softer and clearer skin, more body fat in feminine areas, and I wouldn't mind a little chest enlargement and nipple sensitivity. I do not want real HRT as my goal is androgyny. Anyone have experience with phytoestrogens? Results and side effects?
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was as strong as hrt for me before i started real hrt

i also suspect it might do something else because it felt kinda high on like 3g a day and comes with tons of junk stuff/no way to tell if it's pure

i got genital pain and buds in about a week so i can believe >>12720679 but there was no telling what it was doing to my kidneys

it also made for soft skin etc but no changes to the face etc which hrt did do

i used it for 3 months
I did it for a few years, its strange when i first started it my tits grew and my sex drive went way up, i stopped for a few months went back and my tits grew bigger but my sex drive died and dick started to hurt, after going off and on and started to get vomiting side effects ftom such high dosages nearly every moring when i drank water.

I had my kidneys checked out were fine but then again I never drank and got drunk neither.
Puerarin has benzodiazepine like effects at high dosages. It's been used for alcohol withdrawals in studies. PM is high in puerarin.
w-what's your HRT regimen??
50g of Trenbolone a week

File: 1536631225478.gif (242 KB, 512x384)
242 KB
242 KB GIF
>think maybe I'm not gay after all because not horny recently
>go to gym
>see built buy working out, butthole feels "empty" and have to stop rep to wait for boner to go down

>still fantasize about cooking for another guy

>see guy with overhanging belly
>dick pricks up

I know this isn't who I am. I'm pretty sure I'm prison gay. How do I undo this?
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File: 1468272377136.jpg (110 KB, 572x380)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Misato best girl btw
ur gay
Nah, you're gay and a faggot. Deal with it.
you might be bi, unless you don't feel similar things with girls, then you're just gay. its 2019 is it really that big of a fucking deal still?
Sodomy is the worst sin one can commit and arguably unforgivable, so it is a big deal to me.

I don't feel similar things with girls. Meta attraction is the closest and even then it's not common.

File: woman.jpg (284 KB, 960x1200)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
I'm only attracted to cis women and trans women who pass as cis women. Don't have any interest in dicks.
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not the replyer, but just one parent dna child doesnt count and its gay, might as well adopt a child.
Only counts if it has both parents dna
Yo I fucking loved pussy since I was 9 bro
>doesn't understand how surrogacy works
>because of their wimens looks
>am I gay
no you're not gay then you fucking faggot
Oh, it's this week's version of this thread. Greaaaat.

File: D9SIMPMXkAErjRS.jpg (28 KB, 600x584)
28 KB
am i a "real" girl?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
uhhhhh answer the questions pls
I don't know what you're asking. Two different people could utter the same string of words and mean two completely different things. In order to answer your question I need to know what you're asking, not what words you're using to ask me what you're asking.
If you go by biology then it's someone with xx chromosomes but then what about the girls who were born with xy? and if it's not about chromosomes then is it just about being afab? because what about intersex people?

and if we go by a more conceptual meaning then maybe it's about femininity, but then what about all the cis girls who are masculine? Or maybe it's about self identification but then a big burly man with a beard could say he's a women. The point is it's impossible to make one set definition
I don't know what makes a girl real, mkay
Alright. So, what exactly is it that you're asking? What parameters of material reality are you checking the state of?

Why are all trans girls cute except for me ]:
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

This teebeehon
>Falling for sexist nonsense
File: 1554062741014.png (100 KB, 700x573)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>I'm not even on hrt yet
Theres an obv answer here
I just wanted to fish for compliments and call trans girls cute(which they are)

File: 1558741406389.png (595 KB, 734x708)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
>be me, 20 yo mtf, 5 months hrt
>come out to friend in april, he comes out to me as ftm
>neither of us are out socially, in private we refer to each other with preferred name and pronouns
>had feelings for him before coming out and was going to leave it alone
>since I'm not a /pol/cuck I respect people's identities
>see him only as a guy now, since we came out my feelings for him have developed for him as I see him now (as a guy)
>really nice and accepting, super chad, makes me feel like I'm not a worthless piece of shit
>was going to leave it alone until I pass, despite us respecting each other's identities
>think that he deserves a girl that passes
>we see a psychic earlier this week, the cunt tells me to follow my heart instead of following my mind because following my mind isn't making me happy
>inb4 lol psychic
>psychic also tells me there's someone around me who likes me
>immediate hope
>we leave and lol psychic ensues
>tell him the psychic left me shook and when he asks why i tell him I'll tell him when i pass

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: chinausa.jpg (73 KB, 511x703)
73 KB
As a caucasian, i find some japanese attractive because they tend to be taller and have longer faces (which i probably like because it seems familiar to me since my family has long faces).
But I have seen some super hot Chinese people, so I'd say don't set arbitrary limitations on yourself.
Everyone has insecurities but being insecure about things you can't change seems like a wasted effort.
>She also only did it after she told me to take her purse, which I did.
Then it was just about the purse, not the clothes? Then that was mean parenting but at least not targeting you for the trans signs.

>I'm using my epilator right now too, so thinking about the past too much would be a bit stressful.
Heh, don't worry. The epilator part is cute.

>a hon who can boymode in public
Don't worry anon, I'm aware of this. I don't count myself as a hon as long as I don't present female.

>If I understood my feelings ages ago I would probably pass right now.
Same. It's a bit painful but at the same time I'm kind of numb to it because it's just so far away from my life now. I think there's an element of wanting to live vicariously through other trannies by encouraging early transitions. It would be so nice to help someone with the same signs I had, perhaps not so strong or early as yours, understand and transition early.

I didn't feel jealous so much because it seems so impossible for me to be a girl. I'd fantasize about being characters like that, but I was too depersonalized for it to be jealousy about how I was male.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you, dears. Actually, I'm fully Chinese by blood.
>Then it was just about the purse, not the clothes? Then that was mean parenting but at least not targeting you for the trans signs.
Possibly, but I had been made fun of for other things such as crossing my legs when I sat.

>Heh, don't worry. The epilator part is cute.
It was a horrible experience and I'm glad that is the only time I'll have such a be time using one. I still hurt nearly 24 hours later.

>It would be so nice to help someone with the same signs I had, perhaps not so strong or early as yours, understand and transition early.
Just human decent imo! If you knew how bad cancer was and someone said they didn't want treatment, you'd try to convince them to get it!

>Now I've accepted I'm trans I identify with cis female characters more and I don't need trans/crossdressing characters to insert as really. I wonder why that is.
That's great! And who knows, the brain is literally the most complex object we know about in the universe!

>You've exposed me anon! I wouldn't be able to tell whether desktops like yours are trans to weeb. I get in awkward situations on other boards when I assume anyone posting an anime girl is a transgirl...
Kek, don't worry. Anime posters are usually in the closest fags/tranners anyway.
>same onenitis for 4 fucking years
>seek therapy and advice
>they all tell me the same bullshit: be social, be active, have hobbies
>do all this and even move to a new city, same fucking onenitis persists
It never ends, does it?

File: elephant-trunk-up.jpg (2.79 MB, 3264x2448)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
Do you prefer cut or uncut? Why?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
uncut. more fun to play with, more musk
File: elon-musk-trans-man.jpg (1.04 MB, 2705x2029)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>more musk
Looks much better
I like the look of cut ones better.
Uncut. It's so adorable when the peepee pokes its head out of its hoodie.

>you will never have mentally damaged bf, who will depend on you in order not to suicide, who will adopt all your interests, who will do everything you want in bed and ask for more, who will cry when you are absent for a several days, who will hold you tight every night, who will cook for you, who will listen the same music as you and be grateful for having you in his life
I am not even asking for much
55 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can literally get this by going on grindr and waiting for someone to tap you. All guys who tap are like this.
what's tap?
I've more or less said it before in the thread and I agree. Some of that obsessiveness is good, some isn't. Scale it back a bit and we've got a nice amount.
(I prefer you being on hormones >:3)
It give you the option to either send a devil emoji or a fire emoji. It's usually a desperate attempt for sex from people who can't interact well enough socially to send a message.

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