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File: image0-53.jpg (45 KB, 500x708)
45 KB
A general for people who started medically transitioning at 22 or later to share feelings, stories, and problems.

>Why 22?
Because your bones are fused by 22-23, so your development is essentially over.

>Can I still post if I transitioned before 22 if...
No. You have every other thread to do so.

>Is this a hon general?
No. Late transitioners are less likely to pass, but it doesn't mean they can't. Some pass, some don't. For many of us it's all about lost opportunities in our youth.

Remember to be nice to fellow late transitioners, drop any drama, and ignore youngshits.

Previously on /ltg/: >>14658909
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Your approach is probably the healthier one. Also, nice phrasing it that way.
File: face_shapes.png (852 KB, 785x785)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
Just found out I have oval face shape. Very happy to have a decent chance to leave honhood behind. Finally some good news.
>pretty much everyone genders me female irl despite boymode
>phone software genders me mostly male with my hair tied up and 40% with it down
Who should I trust even?
Sometimes I want to transition more than anything else
Other time, I'm unsure if I should do it
When it gets real meaning it's more than just me thinking about it, lets say somebody close to me ask me if I plan on getting on hormones, I get nervous and scared

I don't know what I should do, anybody here was scared to get started?
My makeup queen cis GF would like to have a word with you. Unless you're trying to look like that girl in middle school that didn't have a good mom to stop her, don't do this. It WILL affect how you pass.

Old >>14721659
>Am I bi if I like women and femboys/traps?
Yes, sexual attraction to both sexes is bisexuality.
>Am I bi if there's this one member of the same-sex I'm crushing on, but normally I like the opposite sex?
Yes, see answer above.
>Am I bi if I sexually like both sexes, but only interested in romance with one of them?
See first answer.
>Am I bi or pan if I like trans people?
Both are able to be attracted to trans people.
>What's the difference between bisexual and pansexual?
Little to none. Pansexual is a label often used for "trans inclusive" bisexuals since some bi's aren't attracted to them. However, others are but see it as needless to give it a whole new label.

Resource for Bisexuals:

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Stealing is taking something wrongfully, Extortion is utilization of threats to people or property in order to take said things wrongfully. A type if Stealing.
I assume the only difference between romantic and non romantic passion/love is the presence of sexual desire, and since the sexual desire is not at issue here you’d isolate the problem to the nonromantic domain, and that phenomenon is usually compromised by lack of faith in the persistability of the relationship or by an opportunity-cost/conflicting-interest type concern. You may have internal obligations pulling you away from homosexuality, for example a duty to be socially acceptable or to produce children, which would fall under the conflicting interest category, or you may have an uncertainty about romantic sustainability, maybe, resulting from correctible opinions. (Propaganda about the sustainability of relationships with the other sex rarely transmits a belief in sustainability of relationships with people of your own sex, and both rely on powerful delusion or personal experience.) I derive my info from experience, if that helps, because I noticed how I stopped feeling that sort of “spark” categorically over the course of my life for all humans and discovered the root of the issues there: I have something more pressing/better to do, or it won’t work/last.
>I assume the only difference between romantic and non romantic passion/love is the presence of sexual desire, and since the sexual desire is not at issue here you’d isolate the problem to the nonromantic domain
Right so fucking a whore is romantic?
Wouldn’t that include sexual desire and not the shared domain of romantic and nonromantic passion, given what I said? Shared domain is A, romantic passion/love includes component B, sexual desire, so you’d have this: romantic passion/love as (A + B), nonromantic passion/love as A, and fucking a whore as B
How is A unromantic?

Do you have a "gay voice?" That lispy accent/way of speaking that some queers have
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sometimes. depends on the context.
I swear you’re me
I have a "boyish" voice if anything.
If that makes sense at all.
You sound like a homo, sorry dude

A place for straight trans girls and men to meet and socialize.
Transbian gen is up with a discord invite, so should this be able to be up as well.
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honestly who doesn't drink onions? they're delicious.
you pass? you switch?
no lmao, majority are bi and lesbian, most bi seem to be 90% into women buy could date a guy who looks like a girl.
Straight trans girls are a minority.
Tall, intelligent enough that he can tell me about stuff I don't know, In ok shape (not fat, not skinny, nice with some muscle even if no definition), in his 30's or late 20's.

File: a31.png (205 KB, 510x405)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Boys (male) > boys (female) > girls (male) > girls (female)
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boys (female) > boys (male) > girls (female) > girls (male)
everyone except straight girls > straight girls
Inshallah brother
Girls (female) > Girls (male) >
Everything else is a hard no

File: ohshit.png (68 KB, 231x218)
68 KB
Need advice from faggots
I need to hide my boners from a particular dude
He's in my congregation and i always noticed how nice and fat his ass was
But this week, we'll be doing a circle group presentation and he'll be sitting directly in front of me and we're all wearing standard issued suit pants that are just barely thick enough to cover our....emotions
I am from a conservative household and i seriously cannot boner in that group
I am freaking out rn b/c the meeting is in 3 days and nothings worked, masturbation makes it even worse
What do? I'm not a faggot but I need this to stop
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Don’t look
Flip boner into hem of pants and wear long shirt
wear a cock cage
no boner ez
What are they going to do, drag you there? Just don’t go you queer
Tape it down and wear several layers of
underwear. Watch some porn to test it. If it still doesn’t work then try something else
Call them faggots for noticing your erection.

File: 1539960286853.png (284 KB, 984x1400)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Today the area's lurker intercepted my gf and started to ask her a bunch of annoying questions. One of them was apparently somebody in my neighborhood apparently saw me wearing a dress. No fucking idea how it happened im always careful to not be seen. She ended up kind of forced to admit it and now that he knows, the whole area will know im a fucking tranny. That guy is the biggest loudmouth alive its certain even my landlord will know. Thing is I dont pass I only recently started transitioning im not even on hormones yet

I dont even want to go outside anymore
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>She ended up kind of forced to admit it
lol bullcrap
>She ended up kind of forced to admit it and now that he knows
its not a larp

she didnt ''Admitted'' to it but was kind of shocked by his accusation. Her silence was all he needed. he just said it outright and havent denied and now he knows. there is still room for denial I could say he interpreted this wrong but it would just sound obviously fake

File: 1569382702400.jpg (5 KB, 229x229)
5 KB
When will the tranny trend finally die down? I just fucking want to feel special again. Not something you come across online every 5 minutes being randomly mentioned, fetishised, joked about.
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>the chick from SNL is trans?
? fk r u on bout
Did you take the express from twitter.com?
That the korean all mtfs band that was shut down by the korean government because they were trans?
my bad. kate mckinnon.
you guys are talking about the man whos shamelessly smashing girls at athletics.
you're special to me op

File: belinski.jpg (6 KB, 218x231)
6 KB
Repressor General
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i'm not sure if i even feel anything anymore.
When did you all find out you had the big GD and how long before that did you know something was up, even if you didn’t have a name for it
My dysphoria “started” at 12 pretty mildly and ramped up as time went out, and I found out I was dysphoric at 15 from googling my issues
Since i can remember
i only ever mentioned it to retards online who didnt know anything about it
eventually some random incidental shit made everything flash through my mind like one of those brainfuck moments and i decided to research everything and then i was like
"it's over."
so Im right. you have a keyser soze moment.
File: sfgyde5wv0i11.png (54 KB, 171x158)
54 KB
>When did you all find out you had the big GD
about 2 years ago
>how long before that did you know something was up
about 15 years ago

File: 1574969356361.jpg (150 KB, 1280x2000)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
You. Yes you. Say something good about your body! We always talk about imperfections but what makes you feel good to remember you have?
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yeah as long as they are not like significantly shorter than me. otherwise it would probtrigger my dysphoria
The only reason I'm unapproachable is the aura I give off, people can tell exactly the kind of person I am by the way I walk, sit, look around the room, dress and generally interact with an environment. That I'm fat or than I have bad acne is irrelevant. If my soul/brain wasn't one of a creepy, silent, mumbling, delirious weirdo, I could have easily lead a good, proper life.
I like my big shoulders and it’s easy for me to gain muscle. I like my abnormally large cock tip. I have a somewhat good height at 5’11. I like my strong legs.
Cis, OP didn’t specify who this was for even if it’s implied it’s for the poor souls in MTF threads that get nitpicked over small imperfections.

File: trans_in_popular_media.png (229 KB, 476x491)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Hello /lgbt/, /co/ here.

We got into a fierce debate over this and we figured it might be best to ask the experts here. Who is a better representation of transgender people?

Ida Quagmire from Family Guy.


Ms. Garrison from South Park

NOTE: Both of these series also have other characters who are one point claimed to be or might be in egg mode. They range from Heather Swanson, Eric Cartman, Caitlyn Jenner, Meg/Ron Griffin, and Stewie Griffin. This thread is specifically between the two confirmed trans characters.
28 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I learned what being trans was from that family guy episode and it made me stop questioning and actively start trying to repress. I was 11 at the time.
There was a moment of acceptance for Ms. Garrison at the end of that episode.
He's AGP of the more narcissistic BPD coomer variety
and yet he detransitioned
Neither. It’s Buffalo Bill from ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

Autogynephilia General
>is the caption the ultimate form of AGP erotica?



Men Trapped in Men's Bodies

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Usually what happens to me but I seem to always think after two weeks ‘huh maybe these thoughts will go away now’
I used to try that no fap stuff. Never could hold out that long, felt terrible and guilty after. finally gave up on that.

You can't fight your girly urges. Just accept them. Enjoyyyyyyyyy them.
Her machine worked.
Joe Six-pack stories are a dream come true for any agp pervert (with boomer hon tendencies that I admit I possess.)

>slow mental changes
>slow physical changes
>well written
>behavioral/interpersonal agp also covered

Good stuff.
Has anyone ever been afraid to exercise more because muscles would make them look less feminine?

File: blairheelinpool.png (1.27 MB, 899x899)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
aren't trannies just gay guys with extra steps?
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>just gay guys
3/4 of them are lesbians
Anything can be anything if your mind want it to be.
gay guys cant get it stuffed in the puss *blush*
who cares their cute buttholes can still be caved in

File: cuq74mh2wt741.png (545 KB, 836x809)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
Is /pol/ right bros?
are we all pedos?!!?!?!
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
davekat is absolute cancer, I fucking this is canon
pol thinks that jfk junior is still alive, so no
he's hot af, it wouldn't be too bad if true
>don't see FTMs posting coomer shit
where have you been?
Ftms are actually bigger coomers than the mtfs (atleast on this board), people ignore it because that view ftms as women

>mtfs make up less than 1% of the population
>involved in 50% of internet drama and shitflinging

Why the fuck are so many mtfs so retarded? Whether it’s spamming commie shit or acting like middle school girls when they’re grown adults. You ladies need to take some advice from the ftm lifestyle and try to not get involved when you don’t need to.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not sure, I imagine most MTF like me desire to be outspoken about issues, and while most do not take my approach, that is to succeed through attrition and with patience, one cannot really blame the more level headed MTF for wanting to say no to bullshit, but ah yes, many of the more batshit ones annoy me.

Take for example the Giga Hon, TransEthics on Twitter, she’s just a loudly screeching alcoholgrifter who should be euthanized, but who to do it? One hoped the alcohol will do the deed in good time!!
File: source.png (35 KB, 331x132)
35 KB
Imagine an 11-13 year old girl with all the power and knowledge of an adult and that's pretty much what an early-in-transition MTF is online. That's the reason for so much drama lol.
Also the body of a old man
they are NEETs scared to leave the house.
they have nothing better to do so they go around hunting for and creating drama.
just like women who are housewifes. they don't got shit to do so they start shit.
What does your body have to do with anything related to internet drama?

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