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Why do FtMs have the speech mannerisms and typing habits of comic book supervillains?
their perceptions of what a man is and how they act is largely formed inside of the overdramatic, estrogen laden mind of the teenage girl.
they don't really understand men beyond their made-for-girls tv/movies, so it takes them a while to adapt to normal male behavior
I have a better question. Why do YOU type like a comic book supervillain? Or am I just autistic and not understanding the meme here?
>Why do YOU type like a comic book supervillain?
Does she? How so?

File: 1508075270861.jpg (149 KB, 536x480)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
If yes it just proves, one more time, than passing is a myth. Maybe you can trump the eyes, but the nose will know you are a tranny born with a huge hairy dick.
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trannies do smell different, not like men
but they also do not smell like women
nobody was arguing against that? as a matter of fact i was arguing in favor of that

yeah i have firsthand experience with that, i know

i can tell. "girls don't poop" to the extreme lol
>A “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” type.
A close relative to the “Adam gave a rib to help make Eve” type btw.
You do realize the Jacobsen’s organ was dropped throughout homo lineage evolution, right?
Shh. Let them believe their little fairytales.

File: 245(1).png (623 KB, 576x712)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Be honest, do I pass?
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you look like the kind of person that would hang out in a dollar tree parking lot

you pass for a super gross woman, but you definitely pass
Sometimes this board spoils you, and you forget that there's a world of trannies out there far more disgusting than twinkhons and boymoders. These people dont even feel like the same species as us.
this. lol
File: 1535049246726.jpg (38 KB, 405x343)
38 KB

>you look like the kind of person that would hang out in a dollar tree parking lot
This is actually the cruelest insult I've seen since this board was created, congrats.

File: size0.jpg (80 KB, 580x435)
80 KB
Alright so the ban on trannies is finally super official and i think this is a perfect opportunity for me to repress. I have no diagnosis but i have pretty bad gender dysphoria. This will probably be a lot of emotional pain for me but i need to do something to stop myself from going down the tranny path. Is there some way I could stop the dysphoria that doesn't involve me transitioning?

I think me serving will be good for me. Hopefully I can live a normal life as a dude when i am done.
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don't let people tell you repression is a bad idea. you will forget about it for awhile before it comes back. there are a lot of other things that are far more important than sexual identity. if you focus on those things, you don't really notice the rest.
I separated in February. I would have been able to continue transitioning technically, but when i see things like this or that cadet who lost their scholarship its just so funny. transitioning was mandatory for me, that's why I did it starting in tech school right after basic. so was surviving, so i never brought my care into my military records.you think its avoidable but eventually youll be doing it with reservations and all. there comes a point where you just cant not do it. but yeah. you think military careerists have normal lives? at best its a trashy wreck. its overrated. Wal-Mart and Starbucks at this point have similar college packages. with better insurance that youre not penalized for using.
Don't join the marines. Go into a trade that you'll get something out of and can use towards a civilian job, unless a combat arms role is your thing.
>sex doesnt matter
>were biologically made to fck
what do you do when ur not thinking of sex? make kids?

Repression works and the military is a great, if not one of the best ways to help repress.

It’s seriously so annoying how people i know irl think I’m gay. They think going on this board makes me gay!! I am not gay. How many times do I have to go over this? I would, hypothetically, enjoy intercourse with a female. The breasts and vagina would be a source of interest for me, not the dick, I hate dick. I do not want dick in my ass nor have I ever wanted dick in my ass; likewise, I do not want to put my dick in an ass unless of course it is the ass of a female. The reason for this is that I would much rather have sex with the ass of a female than the ass of a male or the dick of the male. I hate dicks. I would never even thinking about touching or looking at a dick- even my own. It is gay. Whenever I’m trying to piss and i accidentally look down and catch a glimpse of my dick, it sends me into a fit of rage where I forcibly mutilate myself for looking at dick. This is because I am not gay and do not want to look at a dick. I have considered cutting off my dick and replacing it with a vagina, because I much prefer those to dicks, because I am 100% straight.
File: girls stretch.jpg (255 KB, 1000x1313)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
If you say so anon, then again writing paragraphs is quite gay

File: b70f8e3.jpg (36 KB, 672x412)
36 KB
How's the name Arya? I kinda want a more normal name, but I like it because my name is Ryan and it's the same letters.
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I can't relate my ancestry to my name because I'm Asian American. What do?
been thinking either Rochelle or Agnes but idk
is kate hon tier?
File: 4L_Ca890PBh.jpg (24 KB, 264x246)
24 KB
>old lady name
Gee wonder what kind of mom chose that name!
my list:

gf likes Colette and clara since they're close to my boy name (collin)

I like all the short 4 letter ones+clara

File: 73942338_p0.jpg (481 KB, 1524x1736)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
What's the point of transitioning if you're going to boymode forever because, unlike other hons, you have self-awareness?

At least as a repressor you can enjoy sexual life as a man and not look like an estrogenized (but still obviously male) freak of nature in public.

Don't get me wrong, if you have a real potential to pass, you should do it. However, transitioning to a hon will have no benefit - if anything it can make your dysphoria worse.
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iT's NoT tHe CoRReCt WaY tO dO NoFaP ThO
Wearing female clothes that just makes me look like a dude in a dress-up, really kicks in my dysphoria into another notch. Even worse than just boymoding.
Before pretty much every day.
Now maybe once every couple of weeks.
That’s why I plan to kill my self in another year.
I don't want to be 35 and be a tranny. Feels like transitioning should just be a phase you grow out of

File: 102 - s5HoDfR.jpg (33 KB, 440x406)
33 KB
Why are HSTSs considered more trutrans than AGPs?

Also if I'm bi but prefer men does that make me HSTS?
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Hi curehon
Where do transbians fit into this? Like if you're mtf but you want to date women who are lesbian, that's still a thing right?
this lmao. AGPs are so easy to spot by how selfish and cruel they are. They behave and type like men.
Just mental disease.
>selfish and cruel

>They behave and type like men.
You just said AGPs were selfish and cruel.

File: sugar.jpg (145 KB, 794x1221)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Not sure where to ask this but here goes. I am 19, I made Grindr last year and met this older guy around 50 multiple times to give him blowjobs in public bathrooms he started giving me money after a few weeks just to say thanks, I never asked for it and always told him to keep it but he insisted. He invited me over to his house one day and made me food and we had more sex. He gave me a pair of designer jeans and dropped me home in his car. Met him frequently, fully aware of what I was doing and he frequently bought me stuff just to say thanks. One time he said he would buy me a new phone if I dressed up for him, he had new clothes that looked like they were for an old granny but I put them on seeing as I was getting a phone. He took pictures of me dressed up and this is where the trouble starts. It has been about a year and a half, he started taking pictures after that day and now I want to break it off but I am worried, I got a lot of gifts off him and he has leverage on me. Anybody experience getting out of something like this without getting exposed or blackmailed back into it?

File: dylanhafertepen.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Okay so I enjoyed this dude's content and then I fell off the loop, come back, trying to see whats new, and I hear he killed two guys?! WTF?!

whatever happened to noodles and beef?
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>injecting too much silicone in his balls
Any amount of silicone is too much.
he looks RETARDED

>injecting silicone into your balls
I'm glad I'm not cursed with insane fetishes
flips with delusions, i tell you what
>noodles and beef
KWF is on it


fucking dude is a little monster
>enslaves and kills gay men
Based. R Kelly of faggots, makes Mr. Kelly look like a joke.

File: thonk.jpg (48 KB, 425x600)
48 KB
As a 6'+ transwoman is there any way to actually feel like a woman in public instead of just being someone to eye from a distance in fear and awe?

Short trans women appear to experience submissive feelings whenever there are men around because they're well, shorter than them; but that rarely happens for us tall girls.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OP here, yeah, it's not girls, lol. The one time a girl looked at me was to glare at my waist.
a lot of times I feel alright and then I notice that it seems like all the cis women are a foot shorter than me and I'm some sort of threatening monster
I can't stand feeling like people see me as a threat, I hated it before and I hate it now
I'm 6'2 btw
If you're 6+ you're being clocked.
get into a weird subculture so you can pretend they're staring at you because you're goth or furry or whatever
File: alaska-gif-all-stars-2.gif (947 KB, 500x279)
947 KB
947 KB GIF

File: 1555627403589.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
Is it normal for your dad to smack your butt a lot after transitioning?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 78qr9l-qtm6ea8nj1uz.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Yes it's completely normal, my dad started by smacking my butt a lot and then eventually one day he put his pp in my bussy, it's our bonding ritual
My molester used to play with and smack my ass so much, this thread isn't funny I want the brother threads back.
What did she do?

Just make your own brother threads.
Was he a 60 yr old druggie? Had something similar happen
>My molester used to play with and smack my ass so much

File: 1555642685248.jpg (654 KB, 1024x898)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
Is delusion healthy? Should it be encouraged?
93 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, saying "I get up at 6, go to work at 2, manage HR and flirt with Carol" isn't exactly identifying information.
Generally, no, delusion is not healthy and should not be encouraged. Sometimes it can't be helped, though. Sometimes it's harmless.
Did you just reduce success as a woman down to appearance?
File: 1507451927822.png (271 KB, 676x505)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
Literally me.
Did you just think that someone cares about your personality? You'll always be a cheap imitation of a girl anon. Don't kid yourself.

File: 800.jpg (59 KB, 800x562)
59 KB
It's funny when white people ask each other if having a racial preference is racist, and then other racist come crawling out of the woodwork and say no, conforming their bias.

I'm here to burst your bubble and tell you that you are, in fact, a racist. If you have a racial preference, you don't get to claim that you're not racist. You don't get to feel like you're a moral person. Own your racism. If you have friends of color, stop being friends with them for their sake because they don't deserve to have a racist as a friend.
77 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1555089686011.png (76 KB, 870x1174)
76 KB
pretty bait / 10, but I'm asian and i have a preference for white men... I guess i am racist, but it would be false causality to say that I'm raccist because of my racial preferences.
Personally speaking from a purely sexual point of view, I don't like asian men, and I don't like black men either. I don't like mexican men, but honestly mexicans are one of the comedic people I've ever met. They make great friends, but something about white men just top all the other men. I'm talking specifically about *men* though. People who are mature and got their shit together. I wish I could pinpoint why I like white guys by a huge margin, but I rly can't. Actually as I typed it out I realized it's because they're manlier than asian guys (tall strong) and more successful (at least as a race even if not the individual, which is why I kind of fetishize their race) than people of color.

funny how a lot of white guys have yellow fever for asian girls and a lot of asian girls have white fever for white guys...
also, based on what you said, apparently there are a lot of asian girls out there who are racist and should not hang out with people of color... You have to be 18 + to browse 4channel you know...
>[2] Barboza, R. A., Silva, E. A., Ruellas, T., & Damião, R. (2017). Anthropometric study of penile length in self-declared Brazilians regarding the color of the skin as white or black: The study of a Myth. International Journal of Impotence Research.
this study basically says they are the same shit, And many of these "studies" are self-reported. Whites and blacks have similar size, you niggerlover
>All physical traits can also be changed with enough effort
I can drop a lot of pounds by not eating but I'm never gonna look like chris hemsworth.
File: 1555639665737.jpg (884 KB, 1128x2486)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
lol seething
nothing will give you big pp

File: 1514043883925.jpg (198 KB, 1920x1080)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Do trans girls want their bf to be cut or uncut?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Quietly sneaking in to feel valid about my uncut pp
uncut because i dont support mutilation.
Uncut, mainly because it makes it so they can actually feel their own dick properly and actually receive pleasure
uncut is hotter to me
Uncut and big

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