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Taking a transgirl to here on a date. Your thoughts?
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i loled, gj
I chatted with a FtM for like five minutes on Tinder who messaged me after he realized he was getting stood up on a date to Applebees. I didn't chat with him very long.
it's a pretty big part!
Take her to a local pizza place with greasy salty pizza to appease the Spironalactone pulsing through her.

She will appreciate it more! I know that's what I like!

File: agony.jpg (1.04 MB, 1442x1614)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Someone please force me to transition
Force me to leave boymode, give me permission to transition and be free, I just want to be allowed happiness

I don't want to kill myself

I want to wear a dress and someone tell me I look nice and not tell me that I'm disgusting, worthless, a pervert, a threat to others or that I should be murdered or kill myself
I want to be called ma'am and not sir by people at the store. I don't want to yell and demand to be called ma'am, I don't want to make people uncomfortable, I dont' want to be a hated tranny freak, I just it to be natural. I don't want to be told every day by every person I meet hello sir or hey man or whats up bro every single person in every interaction just tells me every time we talk that essentially I'm not a woman and I'll never be one, I can't take it anymore

I'm sorry I was born but I'm here and I don't want to die and I don't want to live in torture every moment either
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File: download.jpeg.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Yeah I also own only guy clothes really.
I only wear like sweatpants and t shirts, gender neutral stuff
So you are araid to not pass? Then you never will. The magic pills will not turn you into a girl. Live your lige as the person you see yourself as and fuck everyone else. Own your existence. We can't make you not be a coward. Frankly, your ego rules you. Let it go and do what you want because the reality is, no one really gives a fuck what anyon else does. And the few that do? Fuk'm. Learn to own your existence and get brave.

If you keep doing what you have been doing you'll keep getting what you've been gettin'.
This picture was really cool until I saw the anime faces
Maybe OP won't pass but she's missing out on getting ma'amd, compliments and passing tips from friends and decent people who're ok with trans. Every boymoder is missing out on that.

File: transrights.png (489 KB, 611x1200)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
Stay strong girlfriends, you're up against heavy odds, and I believe in you.
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What hoops am I jumping through? These are the current scientific definitions. Biological sex is about how an organism reproduces, gender is about how a person is perceived by society, and gender identity is how the person perceives themselves. Gender nonconformity refers to behaviour outside the male/female gender dichotomy, and has nothing to do with biological sex (hence the name). If you're retarded and aren't aware what these extremely common terms mean, that's not my problem. Astolfo is cis and gender conforming.
bruh wearing a skirt =/= "gender conforming female" lmao
he's non-conforming because he is male and cannot "conform female"
None of you will make it that hang out in this dumpster of a Board. When you are in a garbage can all you can see is garbage and you end up stinking of it. I can't believe anyone would want to be on here. I'm leaving after I post this. For the record, I worked my ass off for four years and got every surgery and took my HT religiously. I live my life in stealth and no one I don't want to know has a clue. You can do it too. Or you can listen to the trolls and haters here and drink and drug yourselves to death. It's your choice. No, really...it's your choice.
a 40% chance is still less than 50/50
Okay let's assume for sake of argument that that's how the term is generally used — which I don't concede — and that I made a mistake in how I used it.

Still doesn't make Astolfo a tranny just for conforming to female-coded clothing which is the point — that all these trannies should stop claiming crossdressing characters as trannies.

File: EBsaGelVAAEZ29l.jpg (155 KB, 2048x1518)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I just purged for the first time ever. Maybe I'll pass when I'm skinny...
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ED is a bitch, and I just relapsed recently. I have cavities from too much purging. Don't be like me and seek real help, Anon
Relateable. I got 20 and want to go down to 18. I would go for less but I'm scared being underweight would fuck up my transition so I'll wait with that
Enjoy dying at 33 after your teeth fall out.
Good luck with those chompers dude
Hi friends, OP here. Just wanted to say that I purged again today and it was a lot easier than yesterday...

File: Tranny clothes.jpg (592 KB, 1744x1544)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
Why do tranners dress in such a way?

Sleeping in your thigh highs? #Justgirlthings
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more cushion for the snugglin.
I've got a better tight tum than both
the fat you eat is the fat you wear
File: DJk-VOMW4AA3h1r.jpg (109 KB, 675x1200)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
she looks like a 4/10 girl

AGPs have weird clothing fixations

HSTS wear their BF's / dad's oversized t shirt if it's comfortable

File: 1508510134608.gif (652 KB, 480x270)
652 KB
652 KB GIF
If a cross dressing dude passes as a girl, and a guy is attracted to him, is he gay or straight?
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if you're attracted it thinking it's a woman, straight. if you're attracted to the thought of a man looking like that, gay.
st8 if he doesn't know the girl is a boy, even st8er if he discovers the girl is a boy, but still wants to fuck him in the ass
Sexuality is entirely dependent on star signs so find out if hes a capricorn then yeah hes a huge fag

File: Image (1).jpg (57 KB, 431x997)
57 KB
If I took you off of Estrogen, would you die?
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>based thread
This thread is fucking boring
is that an offer
yeah. probably.
Your mother was pretty boring too

File deleted.
prev: >>13169538
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humans are the most vile creatures on earth, I agree with you
not talking about "why homosexuality developed" just why its condemned by religion and almost every society in history.
I still don't see what your point is
>b-but in muh ancient times!
>m-muh tribes and evolution
In ancient times and among some tribes it was more than okay to fuck 12 year olds, have kids with your cousins, be a cannibal, sacrifice people to appease the sun or abduct women from other tribe to marry them, now they're not since moral standards are actually pretty flexible. There's no obligation to appease the moral sensibilities of corpses.
Lol, sorry. I was just having some fun with that kids earlier posts. Last part is fake, obv. But earlier posts weren't mine.

File: 1545765609191.jpg (24 KB, 491x271)
24 KB
So my gf and me (we're both trans :3) were having sex for the first time last night and she was fucking me and then like 3 minutes in she pulled out to change positions and there was poop all over her pickle and a lot came out onto the bed as well, it smelt really bad and I was up all night cleaning up, she didn't say anything and had a shower and left without saying bye.

She hasn't spoken to me since, did I ruin it by pooping on her pickle? How can I make this better?
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Terrible bait anon
I'm done
I'm fucking done
they got their (You)'s
I'm not sure if it was even a bait, looks more like a shitpost (literally).
itt big yikes
and people will still try to argue that sodomites aren't degenerate deviants.

File: unknown4.png (755 KB, 855x747)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
What should be done about this?
98 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Alright, here's the solution:
>Straight dude/girl matches with tran
>No interest in dating them
>Thank them for their attention, but say this won't work out because you're actually gay and not straight
>They can't complain about a straight guy/girl not dating them
>Percentage of straight people willing to date trans increases

>Start a petition to officially count chasers as straight
>Percentage of straight people willing to date trans rises even further

>Make a lot of posters to promote trans x trans relationships
>Fewer trans interested in dating straights meaning less complaints
>% of straight people now at acceptable levels
File: 1521155370764.jpg (104 KB, 540x569)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>trans x trans relationships
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 500x502)
46 KB
We straights are overrated anyway, we don't understand dysphoria, have shallow sexualities, always opress you, aren't into trans relationships to begin with etc.

Why would you want a relationship with us so badly that you'd make posters to raise awareness, and not date people that know exactly what you're going through or bisexuals who are far more open-minded and actually want to date you?

You get better partners and the amount of reports of us not wanting do date you will drop too, a win-win!
File: 28.png (824 KB, 711x904)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
I get that cislesbians arent interested in transgirls, genuinely, like they very much do not want to interact with a penis and I get it.

Post-SRS vagina is also a true horror-show.

But I do feel bad for transbians. They really are fucked, since no ciswomen will date them and they're stuck to dating other transbians they cant get any sort of legitimacy and end up stuck in the gutter of society.

It's just a shitty situation, because the reverse is easy- if you pass dudes will fuck you.
If you don't pass, straight dudes will still probably fuck you and just lie about it.


I recently made the leap to be a sissy slut and order a buttplug but it’s way too large for me it says for intermediate or advanced users which I didn’t see before . I was using extra virgin coconut oil as lube but I don’t know what else to use
Coconut oil is fine lube. Just get a smaller plug.
your bf's cum
Be my bf and lemme use ur cum as lube uwu

File: picasso.png (1.82 MB, 1465x670)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Why are you repressing?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What broke you? What's made you happier about transition?
>What broke you?
Extreme depression. The thought of living male for the remainder of my life made me suicidal.
>What's made you happier about transition?
My life is finally going somewhere, I am productive again. I finally have peace with my own identity which is also very soothing.
That sounds nice...
I got this pretty well paying job but I know my bosses are transphobic and I would absolutely get booted for noticibly transitioning.
I hope to work a bit longer to save up enough that I can go to school and do something else. Kinda bummed knowing that nothing I do will pay as well with my shit amount of schooling and experience in a field that doesn't really transfer. Just trying to survive and repress until I finally can transition. I repressed for 10 years since this company picked me up. What's a bit more.
I'm a ftm and cannot transition undetected.
I’m working at a place where I’d get fired for being too openly gay, but started T anyway out of desperation. I’ve had a ~75Hz voice drop and am starting to pass to strangers when not in a wig/makeup/etc. You’d be amazed at the amount of changes people that see you every day don’t notice or care about as long as you don’t point it out. Granted I’ve been mistaken for mtf before T; I’m ugly as shit.

Why do I trannies expect cishets to fuck them?
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
because people just keep responding to it
Jesus, this.
What if I prefer having the relationship before fucking? Are there even tranners like that who don't jump to every bed for validation?
Because it's an inverted penis of a mentally I'll man.
Why do trannies WANT us to fuck them?
Seriously, what's so special about us except for the usual "forbidden fruit" stuff?

File: 1557638067855.jpg (230 KB, 1280x909)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Do you think a transgender only imageboard could be good? Functionally the same as those female only imageboards, user is banned if they admit to being cis or is reasonably suspect(has 0 post history and comes onto /b/ and posts 40% thread, seems to only troll). User can be unbanned by proving they are trans to a mod just like on female only imageboards.

Selfies/Nudes/Do I pass/Rate me board. A board for venting, whining and support. A transition board, to discuss hrt and aspects of transition like surgery and voice or how to pass. Then /b/, an anything goes board(unless the thread falls under any of the previously mentioned boards). Talk about your relationship, videogames, politics, the ethics of suicide, bestiality, how you saw someone shit themselves in walmart, how to cook an omelette, the ottoman empire, japanese media or anything at all with a bunch of anonymous trannies whose goal is to share an imageboard with likeminded people where we aren't accused of dominating it or ruining it, because it's ours. Someone who is tired of trannies on their imageboard could simply avoid this one. But it still has that imageboard anonymity and culture that separates /tttt/ from every other trans space.

Free speech and loose moderation so long as your post isn't violating the law and you're trans or under a "don't ask, don't tell" policy are not outing yourself as cis. The support and transition boards will be more strict to keep them useful and on topic. Forced anonymous 420chan or lainchan style(comedic or fun randomly assigned names to any given poster in timed intervals, post ID to identify/prevent samefagging in a thread). Disruptive behavior such as spam or forum sliding moderated, use of signatures or avatars moderated(larping a persona permitted). More boards added if needed but realistically it won't be a high traffic website just like every other obscure imageboard.
sounds really fucking dumb and like the idea of someone who spends far too much time and mindpower on the internet
No /lgbt/ works cause for every tranny there's a person who hates tranny, every opinion on this board is challenged and arguements are a huge part of being a regular on this board

this place is as close to the opposite of an echochamber as I could find and I don't want anything to change that, a trans only board would mean no lgb to make fun of us
Other trans spaces become echochambers because moderators police opinion and language. /cd/ on 420chan was plenty cruel back in the day while still being an insular tranny community without many non trannies.
>the idea of someone who spends far too much time and mindpower on the internet
The website you're posting on right now came to exist because of someone who did exactly that.
tranchan . net
it exists as a board for genderbenders not exclusively trans, but it's something

File: 1543044146649.jpg (1.11 MB, 1085x1197)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
>be me
>23 year old boymoder
>graduated uni
>shut-in neet
>live in the middle of nowhere with parents
>have no irl friends
>no friends from uni stayed in contact
>socialisation now limited to online interactions
>cry very often about being a loner with no friends
>remember childhood when I was loner with no friends
>was bullied a lot for being a loner, effeminate and having an immigrant mother
>cry harder over these memories

What is there for me? What kinds of adults go out to make new friends? No adults, that's who. Plus, I'm a closeted boymoder. Who the hell wants to hang out with a tranny freak like me? No one. I spend my nights crying myself to sleep. My only friends are my cats, and they will eventually be gone some day.
What is there for me?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
i dont really know how to talk to people
sometimes im fine with it and happy being alone but sometimes it just feels bad. today I had to lay down and cry for a while.
Libraries are run by the library boards here. They're funded directly from central government, so all librarians are professional, and paid. Libraries even have pretty cool tech in them.
The other two are things here though.
We don't have that here. Animal charities are a weird mixed bag though. There are dog pounds and the like run by the local authorities, but idk if you can actually do stuff with them, and they seem more like a dog control thing. Idk about cats. I'd have a suspicion that most of what I'd do would be changing litter boxes for the cats... and I already do that at home for my cats. I could still give it some thought. But the idea of having to deal with animal deaths gives me a huge second thought.
Yeah. People think that. It's the concept that you'd hide being trans to people that means you've "internalised transphobia". Unless you're girlmoding 100% of the time, you just hate trans people.... or something. LGBT groups trend to be a bit cray-cray for my taste.
I guess I'm from the UK.
at least you got pussy my nigga
>just stop being beta
stop breathing
True. I guess I'll just become a crazy cat lady.

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