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File: D6_8aSEV4AEc0b6.jpg (326 KB, 839x1191)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
So basically my girlfriend (male) is thinking about investing herself with hookworms. She has really bad allergies, which apparently you can treat them by having low levels of parasites. I guess it works because your immune system is too busy attacking parasites to lose its shit about cat dander. Anyway, my main concern is that I'm going to catch hook worms from boipussy. Is this a legitimate worry? I really don't want worms in my dick you guys.
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My pussy was totally gaped wide open. I'd never seen it like that before. It reminded me of a mouth in a sick, gagging expression. My inner lips were swollen and dark purple, almost black, while my outer lips were cherry red and I was losing a layer of dead skin, like a sunburn. A stream of the light brown slime was oozing from inside my vagina and down my butt crack onto the shitty mattress. Although I could still feel a large mass of maggots and rotten meat inside me, there were maggots everywhere between my legs. Hundreds of them.

And then I saw my fingers on my pussy. They plunged deep into my vagina and dragged out a wad of slime and maggots, which I pressed hard against my clit. I remember having a huge orgasm right then, and I must have passed out. I think I was sobbing too, but I'm not sure.

That's all I remember until I woke up in the hospital.
excellent ancient copypasta. very appropriate.
Jesus, I’d never seen that before. I wish I knew what happened next. Did filthchan need to get her womb scooper out of her body like rotten ice cream?
File: 155813.png (1.55 MB, 987x1057)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
No, I'm not the woman referred to in the OP. I'm only allergic to peanuts.

I do have to say, OP, your gf's idea is quite bad. I understand the need to treat allergies but infesting herself with hookworms is the wrong way to go about it. You can let it be a deal breaker if it hurts you but I really suggest you have a genuine talk to her to work this out.

If it helps you could try something like bedroom roleplay as a compromise. You can roleplay as a bunch of hookworms and you can keep the room nice and clean so she can pretend you've helped her with her allergies. I personally roleplay as Sakura Matou from Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel I Presage Flower and Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel II Lost Butterfly while my boyfriend pretends to be a mass of crest worms. It's very comforting to me and avoids a lot of the risks that real life crest worms would cause. Of course, I personally wouldn't care about the risks of crest worms...god I'd let myself be raped by crest worms for 25+ years if I could be half as cute as Sakura Matou from Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel I Presage Flower and Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel II Lost Butterfly...

Say what class you play as (healer, DPS, tank) and guess what letter everyone else is.
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dps/support if this is a mmo or solo game. Means I can contribute a bunch, need skill to stay alive, but have a bit of leeway in mistakes. Insta-kills suck.

If it's a MOBA then tank all the way though. I just hate the grind of levelling pure tanks in anything else.

For ttrpgs; tank or control support. All the way. No-one else does it and it gives you so many fun options and really rewards tactics and creative thinking.
Cis, obviously bi. Wants a bit of everything. Gonna go M.

cis F L.
usually dps
Healer main, going to take DRK tank after I cap the Healer
File: sketch-1560150096265.png (207 KB, 1440x2560)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
rifle entry

File: qt girl.webm (534 KB, 720x812)
534 KB
How do I find a "girl" like this? (for relationship purposes)
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will somebody kill that retard already
is this retard ching chong agp or something? they'r3 breathing pretty retardedly while wearing girls cosplay.
she/he/xi just orgasmed
but they're like 3 years old that is disgusting

File: Greg.jpg (11 KB, 139x180)
11 KB
Non-English tranners, how did you make contact with the seedy underbelly of your local trans community?
I want to acquire some skittles but I have no idea where to get them here and customs are strictly enough that ordering from international sites is out of the question. None of the locals seem to post on the well-known English sites. The local sites I've found are all Susan-tier when it comes to this stuff and so are of no help at all.
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I don't want to go through RLE
I might run into some religious nutjob gatekeeper
Oh no, we don't actually do that here because doctors realize it would be too dangerous.
I just had to do some tests, talk to a psychiatrist a few times, and they gave me the diagnosis.
And I'm even a transbian with mostly "male" hobbies.
The thing is, we actually only have like 3 doctors in the entire country that deal with trannies, but those 3 are pretty chill.

> Israel
Ohohohoh fuck, I think you should just emigrate like everyone else.
Wish I could. The alternative is Russia.
Which Balkan shithole are you talking about exactly?
I'm in my house rn.

File: 1560756646940.png (307 KB, 415x541)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
As a cis male but incel, what's stopping me from identifying as trans just to get free facial surgery and hair removal? Y'all get that shit covered by insurance right?
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You only don't get it for free if you aren't motivated enough to set up your insurance correctly. I am very motivated, as I am a chinlet incel who's been rejected by girls all my life, and know that being a Chad via surgery would fix my problems.

I can't tell if you're serious but there is no way to detect this as fraud, given that being trans relies entirely on self-IDing as such, and there is no legal recourse they can take even if I detransition instantly afterward, since gender identity can be constantly changed with no questions asked.
File: Blondeyy.jpg (31 KB, 640x882)
31 KB
Pic related the type of girl who will suck my dick after I ascend into Chaddom with my covered surgeries.
pic related is what you will look like in a year after your ffs surgeries you mean
>What is medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria
>What is FMS not being FFS
>What is insurance fraud
Shit larp, fuck off back to your containment board
Good question, Sven. What *is* medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria? Oh, it's relying entirely on the word of someone. So you can literally just insist that you feel like a trueeee girllll inside and they'll hand over everything you need.
As for insurance fraud, HAHAHA. If Gamestop Ma'am and Mouncey the 7' woman tackler, or BruceBoy the sniffer of his daughter's panties, can run around and still claim they're authentic women without issue then I don't see why they'd target me out.
I don't need "FMS" since the results I see for FFS literally include jaw and chin ADVANCEMENT.

What does /lgbt/ think about this picture?
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Run away!
Braver than anyone on this board
File: everybody.gif (1.88 MB, 500x370)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
the golden age of faggotry. cis fags have really lost their way

File: 1559032627689.jpg (66 KB, 651x651)
66 KB
gayanon here
How do you justify all the sex and nudity in front of children at pride parades? I get we're gay but does it really have to be so sexual? Couldn't it be more about love and forming a alternative families?

pic unrelated
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Why can't you just keep to yourselves?

Most of us do. it's called being DL/closetted

>Why do you have to have pride parades?
We don't. The special interest groups that have co-opted our movement need this to "infect media, and worst of all, push it down everyone's throat including children"

Much like how you have successful blacks who will be called "uncle Toms" or self haters for being fucking normal you have the same thing in the gay community. When we speak out our reputations are dragged through the dirt and pushed down as another self hating bigot.
Do I have to, though? I honestly think I'd do a better job of it by just chilling the fuck out and getting on with my life, rather than being an anti-activist to combat the other activists. I think the solution to all of this is less hysteria, not more. lead by example, and all that
If there's a conspiracy, what's the goal? I think the reality is simultaneously less exciting and harder to solve - nobody is in control of this, the dialogue over these issues is controlled by a bunch of loudmouth idiots shrieking at each other from both sides, while the rest of us just get on with our lives quietly because we're too busy with our careers, relationships, families and social lives to participate visibly in politics
I'm sure desmond is amazing dancing in gay strip clubs for money at like 9 years old is totally conservatard gaslighting as well, sure thing sissy faggot, we'll see how long this shit lasts.
>being this much of a puritan
we're all born naked btw

This is the same TERF that harrased kalvin garrah Do you think she'sserious or just a troll?
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She's gotten mistaken for being a tranny hasn't she
>Soulless, dead eyes
>Grating, unpleasant voice with nothing positive to say, literally like an antagonist from a sitcom
>Tacky, depressingly boring taste
>Tries to be a snarky troll in her videos but ends up just getting angrier and angrier
>Channel is almost entirely videos about trannies

She's a garden variety TERF alright
She said she escaped the trans cult. Maybe he is an ex FTM.
TERFs are just repressed trannies? makes sense desu

yea it looks like he got his tits chopped off

File: worry steenee.png (118 KB, 483x444)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
I feel like I resent myself for being trans because im a minority now. I hate that I face discrimination based solely on my gender identity. This is fuel for me to detransition to be honest. I really hate and resent this. Should i just repress and be gay? At least if I am just gay bottom i can fill a feminine social role at home at the least. fuck. can i just be cis already?
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>i dont want to be a woman but i cant be a man

unironic enby?
no such thing
I had nothing to be afraid of as a cishet white male. Now I actually have to worry about my rights and safety as well as how I'm treated.
this. honestly i feel like such a burden on everyone, my mom has said this is gonna rip apart her marriage and my dad is even more disappointed in me. almost all my friends have left me and im pretty sure i look like some weird gay kid in jeggings. i constantly ask myself if i should really go through all the pain or just end it now.

i know it can get hard to overthink things and be ashamed of urself sometimes, but just know that u are unique and a beautiful soul, even if u dont believe in souls. it gets better. i love u guys. (not the rude people that let others down).
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A friend took a picture of me sleeping and my arms are above my head. My chest is strapping. I literaly just looked like a man laying on the floor. I wish I could blow my brains out.
File: Hoodie.jpg (33 KB, 417x545)
33 KB
This place can always use more positivity. You're very kind, OP!
I love you too OP :3
thanks op, love yuo too :DD :D
i agree, we all have love in us.

File: __.png (31 KB, 1225x80)
31 KB
Why do gay men hate FTMs so much?
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they being me?

i don't care if men wanna look feminine and women wanna look masculine. i literally cross dress. i just think the animosity comes from invading eachothers personal spaces and forcing our selves on eachother.
this is a really good explanation.
Pardon my ignorance if it may seem, but where are all these “predatory” or “homophobic” ftms that you and the other gays keep shitposting about? I haven’t seen a single example of one other than “wehh some aidan on grindr tapped me”

Try being a cis dyke or bi chick for ONE day and maybe you’ll know what it really is like to live in fear of trannies.
I know you guys like to do the reverse terf argument subversion with le ~predatory ftms~ Schtick in an attempt to highlight how stupid it is to see mtfs as predatory males, but maybe consider that FtMs already get the same shit from cis gays unironically. It really does not need to be echoed AGPshits and Hons
Sure thing bud.
The truest form of a gay man is absolute hate for women because they are inferior in almost every way besides babies. Women literally ruin everything that men make. #abolish women

File: mMKPJzFo_400x400.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
If traps are straight, then fucking a chick like this would be gay?
Bullshit. Fucked a chick like this. They look this way only like 3 weeks before competitions and 3 weeks after. And they don't have sex at this time. In regular life there is no difference with other girls who visit gym regularly.
you basically fucked an FtM then, especially since he's likely pumping himself full of test
>then fucking a chick like this would be gay?

I would fuck her brains out.

Post name and address now.
>you basically fucked an FtM then,

I have fucked larger women than even your pic.
>you basically fucked an FtM then, especially since he's likely pumping himself full of test

If they are born biological females you can't be "fucking a man."

File: 834dbb0.jpg (31 KB, 720x728)
31 KB
What if I repress and I just come out as gay instead of trans?

I'd kill to be a girl, I can't express how much I'd like to be one, and I know at least my brother and my mom will eventually accept me as a girl and they would support me, but it would be easier just being gay, my family would be way more cool with me being gay than me being trans, and even then I'm 100% sure my extended family will make fun of me and I don't even want to imagine the humiliation they would make me pass if I came out as trans.

Pic unrelated but I wish I was as cute.
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
WOAAAH THANKS, it was that easy all this time.
I'm definetly not depressed anymore and all this feelings that I've had for 6 years are suddenly gone, thank you.
>being a cross dressing fag:

you get to have an active and healthy sex drive

you can reproduce

you don't have to take regular medical treatment to sustain a baseline of health and identity

its literally easier to find someone who is head over heels attracted to you

you aren't imitating a male who is attracted to males, its just who you are.

don't gotta dialate

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You forgot the part when their dysphoria becomes unbearable and they decide to transition at 40 when their body has been masculinized beyond salvation.
Do some fighting in boxing or MMA classes and get your ass kicked, stop obsessing about nonsense, you are a fucking man, be a man, do some fucking labour for once in your life as well.

This is the problem with you sissy idiots, you probably can't even pickup a 5lb dumbbell and wonder why you feel pathetic all the time.
your word salad of sound bites isn't really a counter argument.

i forgot to mention, but i'm literally someone who has gender dysphoria.

the dysphoria goes away when you dress up like a girl and get treated like a girl by someone you love, and when you put on girly clothes in the privacy and safety of your own home, and when you accomplish other things in life, and when you take care of your physical life.

you can have dysphoria and over come it. people over come getting their legs blown off. not having the genitals that you wish you did isn't the end of the world.

"boo hoo i'm forty and aging and i don't look like a young fuckable nymph" get over it niether do forty year old girls alot of the time.

iM a CeLeStIaL sPaCe ElF
File: 1556535038034.png (647 KB, 460x607)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
Are you a hon?
>molests you

File: Dr3-1xQVAAAdHaX.jpg (236 KB, 915x1200)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
It's my first pride month... or at least the first that includes me

I want to do a little something to celebrate but i dont know what to do, suggestions?
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
i hate this country
But how could you hate the sweet, diverse taste of Dr. Pepper??
What letter are you
why is everybody on that board so lame
ok retard

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