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File: 12123.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
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I have consciously thought i am a girl literally my entire life, as soon as i learned about god i would pray and cry for him to fix me, used to have a girlfriend that i lived vicariously through but she left me to move away for her career

i have literally zero interest in cross dressing, or "passing" but i want to alter my psyche with hrt, i already live a life with zero socializing and dont care about tricking people
i wouldnt shave my beard, as chad > women > betas in society and im a chad
for reasons unrelated i will be alone for the rest of my life so that isnt a factor, honestly i feel like i could be happy with a girlfriend to love and cherish, but this will not happen. if i could be directly a conduit for feminine energy that would make me really happy i think

Im schizo, 130 iq

What would the first step be?

Im a long time 4chan user, my life has been 100% atomized, i just want to actually enable myself to have feminine thought processes because i feel i would be happier

I constantly watch females, understanding i want to be like them but that my brain is literally different, that is genuinely the aspect i am interested in

im struggling for a long term goal in life, is this a just cause? Are there even mental changes? Ive only ever hung out with a trans person once, it was at a music festival, they seemed alright

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How do you find a good therapist? Not op but the ones I've had through my life have been awful.
i am op and every therapist ive been with keeps trying to say im bipolar when i have autism, my parents 100% fabricated to the police that i was suicidal because they hate me and want to ruin my life

psychiatrists are entirely full of shit, if i talked to one i would literally just say REEE GIVE ME WHAT I WANT REE once i know what i want to do
File: Lily.jpg (173 KB, 800x571)
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File: francinegarret.jpg (202 KB, 945x674)
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202 KB JPG
post new vegas hons
Hello fellow schizo anon. Transitioning really helped with dysphoria, which reduced the number of paranoia episodes I get. Would def recommend.

File: 1571060330653.jpg (406 KB, 1280x720)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Straight tranners with boyfriends, how did you meet them and how did he feel about you being trans?
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>tfw too ugly for bf
>tfw too ugly for gf
i play an mmorpg and met him in a guild i was in and slowly going into discord voice chat, he appearently lived 2 hours away and he wanted to get to know me better after a few months.

told him i was trans beforehand and he didn't mind at all, he said he didn't really care, had 3 dates with him so on and so on.
Now happily together 1 and a half year :)
yeah, uh, that usually doesn't happen.
this does.
I met my gf here actually, posted my details in a thread and responded to a few replies, she was interested and we swapped contact info.

I don't mind at all that she's trans since I'm heteroflexible I guess, and she's cute as fuck. I've never clicked with anyone as much as I have with her, and she loves me more than anyone has before.

She’s very expensive, but does she really do good work?
Bumper to bumper
File: tenor.gif (1.29 MB, 498x359)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
>Posters: 1

File: 1571278481737.jpg (513 KB, 1079x1101)
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513 KB JPG
Will all femboys and transbians die of liver failure?
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HSTS are too fucking dumb to go through the process of acquiring injections, they just coast by on their natural genetics rather than being AGPhons trying to salvage their hideous manbodies.
It's because they're men and men don't want to cut their balls off.
What are the infos on the effects of injections on the liver? How does it compare to pills?

And no, I will die of suicide long before an organ failure
Injections bypass the liver so you're good!
sweett. Thanks. I got Lena juice

File: 1571145550846.jpg (119 KB, 1125x1087)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
tfw you wake up and you're still stuck inside that same gross ugly mutilated corpse as last time
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gincel is underage
awww they got banned

honestly why like who is actually offended by that shit it's not that bad
banning just enforces hugboxing
Because he's a ban evader you fucking moron
Why should you get banned in the first place just for posting weak trulls

What the fuck does "validation" even mean? I hear it said so often by trannies, especially the reddit ones.
I'm a tranny myself and I don't understand what it's supposed to be. What does feeling "valid" mean?
Isn't "validating" someone just reassuring them that they made the right decision about their life?
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File: 1570938763581.jpg (170 KB, 850x1202)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
We all have an internal picture of who we are. Life constantly despoils it. Feeling validated is when a curator enters your life. Brushes off all the dust and fixes the damage to let that person you want to be shine through.
I don't really have an internal picture of who I am.
I have no idea what I am, even.
It's what cis girls need every couple of minutes in order to keep their crippling anxiety under control
You were using those pictures earlier to whore yourself out on /v/.
Feeling valid or validated in the context of trans issues typically refers to feeling like you are who you are and that it's okay. I feel validated when other people read me as female for example because I'm a woman and that's something I havent always gotten.

File: primal.jpg (28 KB, 336x280)
28 KB
>be horrifically beta-esque male
>women avoid you like the plague
>take hrt and love yourself and become attractive tgirl
>women want to love you and protect you
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File: 1571227567719.png (373 KB, 1687x1078)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Female privilege is far more prevalent than male privilege.
It's the same reason many women are sympathetic towards children or the mentally disabled or the homeless. They want to protect that which is more feeble than they are, and are constantly on the attack against anything they perceive as stronger than them
They don't want to fuck children (I hope) or the mentally disabled or homeless

Do you carry a self-defense weapon?
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File: IMG_20191017_143244.jpg (667 KB, 2276x1684)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
I'm a stranger with a medium iron on my hip anon.
I am a self-defense weapon. I've been fantasizing about a moment for me to test my powers for years now. If anyone starts a fight with me, I'll foam at the mouth and gargle while speaking in tongues and forcing myself to vomit, shit, and piss all over them while rapping my body around theirs biting at their neck and digging my nails into their face and throat. I will fucking eat them alive, in self-defense.
> Do you carry a self-defense weapon?

Yes, my wits.

They're telling me not to reveal security plans online to cops, er, strangers.
h-hot but can you do that in like, bed please?
Hmm. I guess that is kind of hot despite being absolutely filthy. Sure.

File: master of seduction.png (1.24 MB, 789x1169)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Previous >>13464175

Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the Pastebin, but don't be lazy, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

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Just noticed if you go to browse comics on tapas.io like 90% of the content is lgbt, I don't think its specifically a gay site?
This guy knew about the baby and just skipped out cause he didn't want to deal with that shit
Rest of Java Bonds chapter 5 on the drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NuHJyWfqLbimwLL0WutSLmdZOMUi_NM4
I can't read Java Bonds. Great comic, but it's like watching the Titanic sinking

Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass.
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you want to graduate levels starting from 2mg a day to maybe 4mg or 6mg over time. do you have access to an endocrinologist who can help you understand your hormone levels? it's all bunk if you don't actually know your levels
File: BadTime.jpg (187 KB, 960x540)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
and yeah just go to /hrtgen/ this is a waste of time and i was shitposting for about half of it
>Although probably more fucked than a random 20 year old.
A lot more fucked or a little bit more fucked?

I'm not ready to go to a gender therapist to get on the whole system yet, I think I just need to get it started NOW before I go do this.
I dont want to get poisoned by t
Not instantly, tits grow better if you raise the amount of E more slowly, it actually stunts breast growth to chug a huge amount of E instantly
>A lot more fucked or a little bit more fucked?
Genetics mah nigga. Sometimes people are screwed as early as 18, sometimes people pass without much effort even if they start in their late 20s.

Misgenderd another trans person to their face by accident?
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>Misgenderd another trans person to their face by accident?

I have, and they're still upset at me years later.
There was a person I went to high school with who was female. We were quite friendly in high school. I saw this person at college and they told me they were a guy now. I asked if they wanted to go have lunch so we went and ate lunch together. I used his pronoun correctly like 10 times. Then a friend of his came up to us and asked how we knew each other. I blurted out "oh I know her from high school - oh shit sorry, him."

He was upset and didn't want to talk to me again. Fucking Christ get over yourself. Retraining the neurons in my brain to call you a different pronoun isn't something that's going to happen in a couple hours. Isn't it enough that I really made an effort?

t. cis gay
It's sad that people are having to retrain their natural instincts just to appease people who are mentally ill. What a burden on society.
Yes, because “she” has a fucking beard

File: mug guns.png (345 KB, 1024x1024)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
More legbutts should be progun. Better to be protected rather than getting your shit kicked in by a Somali or Hick
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File: 1491150160000.jpg (61 KB, 869x540)
61 KB
>i live my life according to what politicized and highly manipulated statistics tell me to do instead of common sense
What's the bullpup rifle second from top on the right?
Looks like a Tavor Fren.
Definitely a Tavor
IWI and FNH are my favorite

>tfw never misgendered at work because the only title it is acceptable to call me is 'chef' because im the fucking boss and I own every leaf of parsley in this joint
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Im a mtf cook in france.

Id LOVE to work under a mtf or ftm boss.

Im pretty good too !!

I-if you wanna talk add me on discord or something.
“Never play chess with a pigeon.
The pigeon just knocks all the pieces over.
Then shits all over the board.
Then struts around like it won.”
I'm sorry to inform you that this is all bait and it's just some random yokel bitch living in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. your station in France is probably her dream so don't denigrate yourself thinking this psycho is actually qualified.
Ahhhhh fuck I really want a trans friend who is also a cook damn it...
Imagine the kitchen banter..

Im sad now.
I disagree, I had a lovely time doing this even if I feel a bit ashamed I behaved so rudely towards OP. 4chan just brings out my worst qualities :(

File: 1570754286471.jpg (86 KB, 861x1170)
86 KB
>be male
>"Being male sucks, I want to be female!"
>transition to female
>"Wow, being female sucks too."

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me on the beach at the bottom.
being a human being is just terrible!
>be a human being
>have personal experiences that don't necessarily have broader implications about the nature of society
>unless it does
>society isn't made up of people with personal experiences, but some other thing that I can't identify or explain but it definitely isn't people

nice theory

My therapist recommended this book to me. Has anyone on here read it?
is it a therapist specoalizing in therapy for individials with gender dysphoria?
fuck reading
Books are much more useful than 4chan.

If you read 200 pages per week, even from mediocre authors, you’d live a much more fulfilling life than those who spam refresh here all day.
She is. She says she's not super familiar with this book in particular but that it's commonly recommended by other therapists

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