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Does Grindr invite a toxic community?

Through the scores of messages from men over 50, "f offs" from guys who don't date black guys, and "need ," what is so special about Grindr anymore other than having your pictures sent to God knows what server Grindr was bought by in Asia? Is it even possible to find a good guy and at least have a friend with benefits unless they're already married or live hundreds of miles away? Are you surprised when you're blocked by the only guy you find attractive in a radius of 10 miles?
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if anything they’re more so than straights in my experience
it's no worse than deviantart or twitter or any other open community. you just have to have standards and willingness to be patient
I love how I live in a terribly homophobic uber Christian area and yet I frequently find the same people screaming about jesus asking for dick on Grindr.
That is the definition of Christian hypocrisy and suppressed sexual tension.
Stop posting

File: zcui3ol8rzl01.jpg (405 KB, 640x918)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
is there a way to know your potential breast size without hrt?
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lmao keep telling yourself that im already at tanner 3 or at least very close
>inb4 moobs
im 5'10" 135 lbs niggy
0/10 bad bait.

It's because they start after male puberty. Relative size is your max potential under perfect early transition conditions
i have bigger tits than me mum
started at 22 so not even early scum
just sauna everyday

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She looks fine, idk what you're talking about
She's cute.
>this thread for a 28yo starting tranner
Now I know what panic attacks feel like. Fuckin' genes better do something for me
i would but i don't have any pictures of (You)

File: 1_IzyJU2D_k-CgusSgRI4Dtg.jpg (176 KB, 1080x1080)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
A man who says "Sex is sex" and says it doesn't matter as long as he gets laid. What category of bisexual does this fall under?
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*aren't bi
My question is though what type of guy would become the bi type who says "Sex is sex" and says it doesn't matter as long as he gets laid?
Sexuality isn't dictated by your personality. He's just a man who happens to be KS 3 or is unaware of own bias.
Bump. Has anyone else ever encountered these types of bisexuals where they have the attitude "Sex is sex"?

How does one forget past traumatic experiences?
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you don't. You carry it forever and learn to manage the pain.
You don't.

You spend the rest of your life using them to force people to pay attention to you and to pretend to take you seriously. You turn your status as a Heroic Strong Survivor of Transphobic Violence and PTSD into your full-time identity.
Wrong answer

This is the right approach.
File: IMG_20191228_125659.jpg (26 KB, 282x282)
26 KB
Nigha go see a therapist, retards on 4chan can't help you here
you don't, you live with it until it becomes to much and you kill yourself at age 25

Bi bottoms seem mostly interested in women and dicks. But a lot of them aren't interested in MEN to the point of desiring them as a whole, and then topping them. Bi bottoms just want the occasional cock, that's why they are bottoms, not verse nor top. If they wanted to FUCK or TOP they would only choose a woman because that's what they are REALLY attracted to.

On the other side bi tops want to actually pound and penetrate other men. That's gayer than being a bottom because you need a full erection most of the time in order to top. If you CAN top a man (without drugs or viagra) you're REALLY interested in men. You can't fake it. Bi tops desire men's bodies more or less equally they desire women's bodies. Bi bottoms don't.
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counterpoint: bi tops want to fuck twinks, which is a type of WOMAN. bi tops are straight.
Bi vers are the truest bisexuals, wanting to fuck and be fucked by both man and woman. Just like genderfluids are the truest trans, being able to be both man and woman, like motherfucking Baphomet Lord and Lady of Hell.
What the fuck is the point of this thread?


>Bisexual tops are the only type of bi who really likes men.
That's fucking retarded. Imagine saying "you don't really like men" to someone with a cock in their throat and/or ass.
Topping is gayer than bottoming because you have to be sexually aroused in order to top.
Think about it logically you know I'm right.
And? The gayer the better.

File: drf92mcc04a41.jpg (37 KB, 680x612)
37 KB
Jesus fucking christ if I hear one more person making major life decisions like transitioning or not transitioning based off of Blanchardite horseshit I will delete your penis
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where the fuck were you when this board started?
I cannot believe that this image is responded to favorably on even 4chan. The LGBT community is truly sick in the fucking head and I'm ashamed to be one of you
>if your political opinion isn't in line with MINE, you're sick in the head
It was a white country until 1960s, niggers weren't considered as equal human beings until then so they weren't even citizens at its core.
hurr burr muh white genocide

File: 1574023352917.gif (417 KB, 664x565)
417 KB
417 KB GIF
>be me, 21 year old fag
>want to be a pretty girl
>but also don't wanna do any hardcore transition bcs 8/10 slender body
>feel very confused
>have a very close friend that has helped me a lot
>suddenly she starts avoiding me
>she tells me she doesn't wanna be my friend anymore
>very homophobic and agressive dad
>failed entrance exam to uni
>start to whore my way around town because i don't wanna feel alone
>literally no friends to talk with
>start to take like 4 to 6 sleeping pills per day
>cut my arms and thighs with razors and post nudes bleeding on ig so people would talk to me but they didn't
>anxiety to being alone

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If you're lonely and have no friends find lonely people and make them your friends. Online doesn't hold a candle to irl, but it's certainly better then nothing. Add me, we can talk or vc sometime if you'd like, just don't turn to self harm.
Discord: Morgan.jpg#9073
You're beginning to realize the effects of your only personality trait being "sexually confused."

It's just not interesting to other people.

You're probably a narcissist. Now combine that with a single-dynamic personality that's even less funny than quoting "The Office" all day.
File: The Office quote.jpg (26 KB, 599x337)
26 KB
Bruh go see a therapist and get some professional help, no one on 4chan or instagram is going to magically solve all your deep rooted mental issues. As much as you wish they could. The few problems you've just spilled are going to take years to work on, so you should start as soon as possible

Hey, fellow AGP repressors, what do you do to get yourself in extra girly mood whenever you want to girl yourself up temporarily? Would be nice to think of other nice activities than just looking at mirror, but doing ”usual” stuff like watching some TV series or playing vidya feels redundant because it takes my focus away from myself.

File: Snakessss.png (586 KB, 433x569)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
Over the course of 7 years I crossdressed in my sister's clothes and some of my mother's nicer stuff. 1 year ago I realized I was trans. 3 months ago I came out as trans. In the entirety of my crossdressing career to the day I no longer do so because...It's just regular dressing now, I have never been caught.

So tell me, have you ever been caught anons? If so, how and how did the person who caught you react? (Not limited to crossdressing, could be proof of gay, proof of trans, etc.)
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>and threw it away.
I knew a few other trans people who have similar histories. The moment the accepted they were trans any arousal to dressing fem died, I assume it's because you're turned on more so by the shame of cross-dressing then the actual event of it.

Which makes sense considering they're all super into humiliation in the bedroom etc, I think a lot of trans people probably go through something similar, but if they ever admitted they were sexually turned on by cross-dressing pre transition it would be used against them or they'd be viewed as not-really-trans.
humiliation might be a part of it, but feeling like you *can* be sexy is an important aspect too, vanity is almost universally seen as negative so people don't really admit to how their vain tendencies overlap with their arousal but you can definitely get that same feeling from bodybuilding or just feeling like you're a cute twink
I got caught by my brother once. I had a bra on under my tshirt and he asked if i wanted to come with him to the gas station. Im dumb so I said yes.

We went there and he was going to get out of the car but he was like "shit i forgot a shirt let me borrow yours"

I'm like "uhh you'll be fine without one"
"just give it to me it'll be fine"
"okay but this is gonna be super weird"

So i take off the shirt and i'm wearing a bright red lacy bra underneath.

Think he was just like "hhaah okaaayyy" and we left lol
not by choice

when my dad first put me in school i kept having accidents, and the staff would have to give me new underwear a lot. so much in fact they ran out of boy’s underwear and tried to send me home in panties one day. my dad screamed and yelled for hours and complained to them with no end. i just stood there confused cause it was just underwear, it was all the same to me. its weird thinking about how that trauma has affected my life since.

File: hrt.jpg (342 KB, 1094x2140)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Asian woman claims that estrogen makes her eyes blue and green? Is that a thing? Maybe melanin changes, men are darker than women?
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>Apparently she's white a

What about the "Hong Kong" hands?
Wdym? She lives in Hangzhou according to plebbit.
She also thinks her shoulders are shrinking.
I can't believe someone in their forties is so delusional.
its a lie. if it did it would be all over the news and every spic girl would dose on hrt to look white.

File: motivation.png (261 KB, 520x520)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
A few days ago I saw in the browsing history that my mom has an account on a forum for gender critical parents, and has made multiple posts about me

It hurts so much to see what she posts, and the replies made by people specifically to make sure I never can transition. Posts telling her to not pay for therapists for me who support trans people. Posts cheering her on when she's stolen my hormones away in the past

It hurts knowing its too late. I can try to move out and transition, but I will never have the support of my own mother
220 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think she might almost be trying to understand. I don't have any advice but I think there is potential to get through to her.
What's your mom's username? I wanna sign up and check out her profile and shit
heres a reply she made in a thread about someone talking about their mtf daughter

ive tried several times, it never gets anywhere. i consider it a lost cause at this point

i dont know, i dont think shes going to understand any time soon, even if it looks like it from the screenshot
File: 1578593397580.jpg (192 KB, 1212x923)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Tell her how much of a seething menopausal jelous woman she is because she cant be cute as her body is failing her

correct anon. im tripping as the embodiment of autism and hatred so idc. fuck redditors


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I was going to offer advice before I read the thread, but desu you sound like a weak willed whiny ass bitch who wants to be supported by mommy while still getting to do what you want. Not the way it works fucknut. If you want to have hrt on your own move the fuck out. Simple as that. I live literally alone. No room mates. Pay for all of my own bills, have my own car. No one is going to hand you a golden ticket where everything is happy fairy land.

TL;DR: you're a whiny ass neet who thinks they can get whatever they want. Get a fucking job. Move out. Quit being a bitch.

File: Malice Mizer Mana.jpg (73 KB, 625x640)
73 KB
They get to be so feminine in looks, and no one even balks there it seems.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You keep posting like, the ORIGINAL GNC visual kei star from 30 year old boomer era Japan, and applying it to Japan like it’s a majority.

I’ll agree that k-pop and j-pop stars are generally more feminine than western ones, but it’s not like every one of them is out dressed like Mana.

It just sounds like you’re a weeb.


My point is, could ANY Westerner get away with this level of casual femininity on a big stage?
Probably? Western girls go crazy over kpop stars that literally just look like women nowadays.
kurt cobain liked his dresses

I don't think we're at that point where it is acceptable for a westerner to casually cross-dress on a singing stage, and not immediately be banished to the gay bar backstage.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
I've seen 11 and 12 year olds on the internet claiming to be asexual and people who knew people around that age claiming to be ace. Is it too young to know this?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was 13 when I figured it out, but then convinced myself I was a repressed gay boy. Now I'm a MtF tranner who's Romantically attracted to men
I had wisdom teeth pubes and was jacking off at 12. Hallmarks of manhood without height or mass to back it up.
Well unless it is used to pressure or hurt somebody, I’m all for more asexual eleven year olds and more 11 year old blue haired, flanel wearing demisexual demiboys.
I don't really think it matters, but it's going to be subjective from individual to individual. I think it's fine for people who are starting puberty to question their identity and sexuality, even if the label they choose changes over time. People shouldn't be shamed for exploring themselves, being "wrong" about who/what they are, or for changing as they grow up and their life experiences/interests/etc shape who they are.
>Is it too young to know this?
No? If they don't want to have sex, they're asexual. Most children are asexual. Asexuality isn't some permanent neurological condition, it's just a sexuality.

File: 15312678123.png (355 KB, 500x500)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
If meta attraction isn't real then why do I (former straight incel) find boys so cute and hot and kissable!?!?
Internalized homophobia and associated repression if androphilia got jedi mind tricked when you accepted being girl. It made liking girls homo but two girls together ain't faggotry it is cute and impossilke ti deny to be attracted to them after years of being "straight".
File: Untitled.jpg (111 KB, 1665x247)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>anime picture
>nothing of value
>former straight incel
You were never straight.

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