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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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File: 1559697036745.jpg (117 KB, 920x1280)
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117 KB JPG
Is it possible to take hormones for like 3 months to try it out and not see any permanent damage?
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You probably wouldn't see anything totally irreversible in 3 months desu
File: yey.jpg (325 KB, 986x1188)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
What if I just wanna be a super cute boy? I want the soft skin and hips of an AA, but is it worth the risk of breast growth?
Not really, by that time your hips will have began widening and your growth plates fusing, so you're talking some pretty serious changes
Why not grow up and be an adult?
File: thumb.gif (1.36 MB, 498x354)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB GIF
I am, I'm a successful programmer :>>

File: 5.jpg (70 KB, 350x516)
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Is it easier being a passing tranner or a femboy in society? Which do more boys prefer?
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Gays like femboys.
Straights like trannies but will leave you for an actual woman he can have children with.
I'm an absolute homosexual and I love femboys, what are you on about ?
Passing as a girl will get you treated much better than a femboy in society. Boys prefer femboys though and you won't have to deal with straight guys.
i want a femman
like, smooth, clean shaven, long silky hair
but really defined, beefy and big uncut penis
We all want that anon.

File: 125545-004-BB8F48B2.jpg (16 KB, 300x227)
16 KB
Coyotes will attack women but not men. If the coyote walks away from you and appears scared, it believes you are a male. If it is "playing around" with you - if it gets close, circles you, and is "playfully" trying to touch your legs - it believes you are a female and it will try to kill you and eat you.
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Huh, really? I am FtM and last winter there was a coyote in our town and at night I actually saw him on the sidewalk I was walking on. He started walking away from me up the sidewalk the entire way and kept shyly looking back. Are you sure coyotes don't just attack small weak women?
>you can increase your breast size by sticking a carcinogen on your chest
>playing with dangerous wild animals is a handy way to check your pass rate

Someone really IS trying to kill trannies here today, aren’t they?
I'd imagine a 16-35 years old trans woman would be able to fend off a coyote.
coyote attacks are rarely fatal
Yup, I'd send that coyote home in an ambulance!

File: r.jpg (30 KB, 720x708)
30 KB
Leaving aside social issues and politics, let's discuss in purely biological terms what is the purpose of homosexuality and bisexuality.
>Is it different in animals and humans?
>Is it just a coincidence, an accident with your genes?
>Or is there some sort of natural pattern?
I have heard that if you have multiple children, every next male has a higher chance of being gay. And if you are gay, your sister has a higher chance of being straight. Tbh, I'm not really sure how legit these are.
What do you think /lgbt/friends?
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but not every gay has gay kids
>if they were the version created by nature
>They also eat their young.
Gays are cannibals confirmed.
The truth is in here
That's something life does, not a purpose.

File: gfd.jpg (100 KB, 387x580)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Why are psychologists opposed to boymoding?

I recently ran across a paper that found that undergoing HRT reverses some of the brain abnormalities found in trans people. It might mean that just taking pills can alleviate dysphoria. Isn't boymoding a sensible thing to attempt if you can't pass at all? Don't psychologists understand how painful it is to go about looking like a man in a dress?
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My psychologist told me to boymode (albeit in more manipulative, subtle terms).
Honestly I don't think I can forgive her.
Can you please share your story?
In Croatia, no one expects you to do RLE pre-HRT because you'd probably just get beaten up on the street or something. Boymoding is pretty much accepted and considered normal, at least for a while. But they do still expect you to transition socially at some point I think.
>The US has probably the most trans-friendly medical system in the world if you can pay your way through it. The option to "pay your way" does not exist outside the US though, except in limited amounts.
things like HRT are much cheaper and more accessible in countries like Brazil

I normally try not to judge but I just saw a rather large mtf with noticeable stubble and hair nearly exactly like pic related going in for a job interview. She was wearing a short dress that rode up multiple times so everyone could see her butt and underwear but either didn’t care or didn’t notice.

I believe most mtfs are sane women who behave and dress appropriately in public but why does there seem to be a subset that sticks out like a sore thumb and is completely oblivious to how they appear?
Next time you go to a job interview, avoid looking in any mirrors you might encounter, anon.
>most mtfs are sane women who behave and dress appropriately in public

That's like saying most niggers don't steal and rape anon.

File: file.png (956 KB, 667x878)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
Finally starting to feel myself, today is 1 year HRT.

Anyone recently had any achievements they want to share?
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I finally figured out how to get off after a year and a half on hrt and a year of my dick not working at all

It’s pretty awesome I’ve blacked out a few times
Oh I didn't even realize you were the same person. Well you look better in that pic, but now your eyebrows look too narrow. Try lengthening them.
Be nice Jane
>Oh no no no
Didn't in previous public photos

File: reflecting.jpg (77 KB, 736x1107)
77 KB
What if you learned that homosexuality isn't forbidden by God, but promiscuity is ?
I still wouldn't care, for buddha is the way
doesn't matter cause i don't believe in god. you do you tho.
Good then, I'd already be in the clear
Never have been happier to be an incel :)

File: thonk.jpg (48 KB, 425x600)
48 KB
Are monosexual gays and lesbians just trannies who know they can't pass, and choose to repress?
File: 1qo9jd.jpg (41 KB, 376x397)
41 KB
only a small minority of the bottoms
nope, testosterone makes pretty much anyone pass, even if as some bald manlet

butches look more masc than your average modern day soiboi, but they still identify as female
Yep. Everyone and everything is a tranny repressing.
>Are monosexual gays and lesbians just trannies who know they can't pass, and choose to repress?
The absolute state of trannies.

File: 1551434880646.jpg (50 KB, 750x711)
50 KB
My roommate told me the reason I didn't think ME! was a pride anthem is because I'm not gay so I don't get it. She's bi & doesn't know im lesbian cause i don't tell people I don't trust, eg her bc she's an irresponsible, narcissistic example of Dunning Kruger who whines for her mommy & has more fears than Kyle's cousin Kyle from South Park has health issues.

Everyday I hear her refer to lgbt people as The Gays and act like The Gays' spokesperson. She's a corporate shill with the most shallow politics who can't go a day without mentioning her Chick Fil-A boycott.

Plus, she defines herself by her brains, gayness, "daddy issues", politics, and psych studies while I'm the actually gay national merit scholar with the political career path and experience in family problems & the psych system. But I don't blast that 24/7 cause I've got a real personality.

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That sounds fucking hellish
Oh please. Saying pop artists are responsible for the direction of society is like saying the president controls gas prices. Popular music is a reflection of society, not a mover.
i didn't say they were responsible. but you're fucking retarded if you think media portrayals of minorities don't influence the general populace's perceptions of those minorities, particularly if they don't know/encounter those minorities.
>im lesbian
no alice you're a boy who is going to take his skittles NOW
>Panasonic PT-VMW60U Product review

How did I end up being a heterosexual (?) dude (?) who wants to be/fuck this?
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're a straight leaning bi guy, congratulations!!

You're heavily in demand with boymoding tranners, so put yourself out there and find a boymoder girlfriend!!
I hate the term heteroflexible. It was invented so guys who are bi wouldn't be told they caught the gay
what about MSM aka "men who have sex with men"?
Just accept kneel and accept the term bi. It's fine. You either like dick or you don't.
>tell fags whats attractive
anon introduced himself as a heterosexual dude and even if he's bi or heteroflexible it's clear he likes femininity

i don't frequent /pol/ and i didn't call him mentally ill or anything, i only mentioned a feminization fetish

he specifically mentioned that he wants to fuck and BE that character (surely including the lipstick, painted nails, thigh-high socks, panties, etc)

What about this one?

>sexual orientation
>sexual orientation
>sexual orientation
>gender/sex identity

One of these is not like the others
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Oh look, it's another divisive thread!
It's very funny how much all the letters hate each other. Really goes to show you that the whole thing was always more of a makeshift political alliance than a community.
Being gay doesn't mean you identify as a woman.
t. Gay
B is a sexual orientation, like L and G.
Sexual orientation is about which sex you want to fuck/get fucked by. It’s completely biological, whereas gender is mostly socially constructed
People transitioning across genders obviously automatically have vested interests in seeing acceptance for homosexuality, seeing as their own relationships could be considered gay by someone no matter which sex they're with.

There are two genders. Male and female. The males are attracted to females and the females are attracted to males. So for a male to be attracted to another male there has to be something very feminine in him. I then say that all homosexuals should make their appearances match their souls and strive to look like androgynous femboys. The world would be a more honest and truthful place as the appearance of things should match their inner, true substance.
48 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I guess I'm just always amazed at the literal mental illness people on this board have. Like talking to people on totally different planets.
Yeah this board is literal autism I'm seeing some dangerous levels of assburgers that has not yet been witnessed on other boards.
You seem confused, lol
>I think they are probably self-hating and that's why they don't dare to express their femininity.
You sound extremely trans lmao
Attraction to men and feminine gender identity/expression are tied together in your individual experience, but that’s not true for everyone else
like, I also don’t personally understand masc cis gays - and that’s because I’m not a masc cis gay. Maybe they wouldn’t exist if everyone shared my worldview and experiences, but they don’t.
I'm not trans I wouldn't want to be female, that sounds painful on so many levels, actually it's more a question of taste and aesthetics and how things ought to be presented.

Hey /tttt/, which features of your body you personally feel the most blessed / cursed with? Besides you genitals, of course.
Make a pro/con list.
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>thigh gap
>fat skips belly/arms and goes straight to lower bod

>wide shoulders + ribcage
>big blocky head, even by male standards
>size 12 feet
>unrelated to gender but one of my eyes is noticeably bigger than the other one
Wide hips
Thick hair
Female hair line
Passable face

Large shoe size
Bigger than average nose
I'll get my cleaver.
curly hair
Everything but recently I've noticed that my eyes are too small and too close together

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