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File: rwSFwvD.png (84 KB, 702x731)
84 KB
Here's a masculinity/femininity test that I think it would be fun to compare results for. My results.

I made it by using the Eugene-Springfield Community Sample to find a list of personality items with sufficienty large gender differences (|d|>0.6). I somewhat-arbitrarily labelled a number of "subfactors" (though a later factor analysis found a similar albeit not identical set of factors). Some of the "factors" might be counterintuitive; e.g. emotionality contains both tendency to cry and tendency to get upset by the pain of animals and strangers; and style contains not just questions of how stylish one is, but also questions about liking dance performances. There should be a semi-readable list of which "factor" each item corresponds to from line 20 and onwards in the source code if you're curious.

This test should not be understood to be claiming anything fundamental about what the innate differences between men and women are. It's just a collection of questions that men and women (in the sample I normed this on) tend to give different responses to for whatever reasons.

This test can be contrasted with the Bem Sex Role Inventory. The BSRI is meant to measure gender roles, not gender differences, so it's meant to measure what the ideal man and ideal woman is like. Meanwhile, my test is just supposed to give some indication of whether one has traits that men tend to have, or traits that women tend to have. These traits may very well include gender roles, of course, but they don't necessarily include all gender roles (some items in the BSRI have little to no gender difference), and it's not necessarily everything in the list that's a gender role.
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t. AGP
above feminine but ower than masculine, excepto in systematizing and libido , those are very above from masculine...

alas i only liked the androginous look.
It's ok to be AGP! <3

Don't bully AGPs please.
Wow anon I'm going to have such a hard time fooling people I'm a cis girl, what with how masculine I apparently am on top of not passing!

I know that you fuck!

At least stop your stupid test telling me I'm masculine then!
try not being masculine :*)

How can you not know you're trans? Isn't this what Blanchard spoke about? Autogenophylic transbians developing a lesbian fetish due to porn and anime? While real trans women are straight women who always knew?
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You're banned again, kek.

>I still have never been truly banned, they were false bans so I don't count them.
Convenient excuse for lying to pretend you're not a confirmed spammer.

Your dishonesty and twisting of the truth reaches everything you say.

>Also, my accidental non-evades were also overturned as being false.
You're lying again.

>Mobile data IPs constantly change, anon.
I know how IPs work curehon, that's how I know your private tabs cookies excuse doesn't add up

I bet you're lying about all the banned curespam being yours. Got banned? Just claim it was a different curespammer! That's why you can't use a tripcode, because it would expose you.
It's an FtM thing.
>I didnt realize that 'passing' was an actual thing it was possible to do.
You've been memed
>It's an FtM thing.
Not correct, it's a CIA psyop that backfired
Original purpose was to sedate and weaken Japanese culture so they'd never become a threat again

File: couple-1.jpg (50 KB, 480x397)
50 KB
why don't you have a boyfriend yet?
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because i'm unattractive and have no dick.
because i’m unattractive and have a dick
I'm too ugly and boring.
because coming out to my friends would be legit cringe

File: tenor.png (264 KB, 500x396)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
MtF / Crossdressers, how do you feel about black guys? Would you let one lewd you?
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File: 1445735197643.gif (218 KB, 340x324)
218 KB
218 KB GIF
>how do you feel about black guys?
Truthfully, I used to be kinda scared of most black people when I was younger. Now Im just generally indifferent/depends on the person.

>Would you let one lewd you?
Black femboys. Regular dudes? Nope.
I'm not Jewish. Why would you even assume that?
I would let any race
File: 67480.png (274 KB, 575x526)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Dont kink shame me frogposter hon

File: 6jzgspqehbs21.png (39 KB, 477x506)
39 KB
How are things different for egg/repressor/closet/pre-transition transwomen, compared to cis men?

Likewise for transguys, how are things different for them while living as girls, compared to cis girls?
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The OP pic is about pre-transition transwomen.
Two or three times
If it were cultural when did it start and how did it spread? And don't say the internet because this was going on long before that was a thing.
>If it were cultural when did it start and how did it spread?
as long men have been stronger and women have carried babies
Speg/10 analogy, and it doesn't even make sense since rapiers are super hard to wield and basically, the most masculine weapon in the sense of requiring strength to use

Have you considered that maybe the reason people don’t hate ftms the way they hate mtfs is because the majority of ftms don’t push themselves on people the way mtfs?
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Wanting me to get raped? Jesus you people need to talk to actual human beings
wouldn't that be misandrist, assuming you're a tranny?
So the logic is I’m a black man to them, and less than a “good trans women”, thus I deserved to be raped by a black man?

Makes more sense to me that I’m a black Woman that deserves to get raped by a black men in this insult.
tbhon she was probably upset about you defending black transphobes regardless of your sex. so not really misogynistic unless she wouldn't have been angry at a cis black guy saying it
Those are DUB-DUB-TRIPS, if you please!

File: b.png (46 KB, 256x256)
46 KB
The meme about women being more bisexual than men seems like bullshit.
Most men who say they are bi are actually bi.
Most women who say they are bi are just straight sluts.
Also a lot of bisexual men stay closeted because it is socially disadvantageous to be be bisexual as a man.
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No it's more than I'm just more romantically attracted to women. I wish I was into men in a romantic way, it'd make things a lot easier.
Hmmmm I wonder WHY that could be?
Sounds like a conscious choice - do you like women because you like the idea of a romantic attraction to one, or do you like the idea of a romantic attraction to one because you like women?
I just find women cute and I like them as people. I've always preferred to spend my time with them than other guys mostly. But yeah I do see attractive women and feel a romantic attraction, but men it's more sexual.
have you ever considered that you're not psychic or more enlightened than other people?

Dave Rubin: gets a rightwing religious retard to commit to treat himself and his gay husband with civility. Shapiro concedes ground without completely losing face.

Hontrapoints: why didn't you insult him & burn bridges to earn sanctimony points.
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Is this really surprising? Hontra is a narcissist and a retard.
Ben Shapiro: wants to invade numerous countries to establish an American empire run by (((his people))). Total psychopath and Jew. Give money pl0x!

Dave Rubin: free speech guise!!!! Jew. Give money pl0x!

Contrapointz: Why yes I am a real girl and I know all about the right wing, despite literally knowing nothing about the right wing! Gentile, but a tool of the Jews. Give money pl0x!
Based curehon poster
She literally knows everything about the right wing, and 4chan.
File: 658656e.jpg (37 KB, 578x732)
37 KB

File: DbBhuVPVwAAEFT-.jpg (141 KB, 1109x1200)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I went to the store today and saw a really twink dyke/ftm and I think I found the type of partner I'v been missing in my life

t. mtf

File: 1555668777552.webm (1 MB, 480x480)
1 MB
Does she pass?
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Better than I'm ever going to.
that's a cis woman you idiots
Her philtrum is fine. Blaire White is more of a philtrumhon

t. Philtrumhon who spends an unnecessary amount of time analyzing philtrums.
still uncanny valley though
It's literally because OP claimed she was trans so you automatically start picking out things about her appearance.

File: 1549851701539.png (907 KB, 1280x720)
907 KB
907 KB PNG
>tfw you just realized that "bisexuals" are just cis people who want to fit in with the LGBT community and more than likely don't even date their own gender
B needs to be destroyed.
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Excuse me, I just got done pounding a boy's butt like an hour ago.
>tfw when you realize OP is mentally retarded, and ignorant to where they think they know every person on earth that's bi and assumes what they all like.
Why would anyone want to identify as a degenerate? I have sex with both genders but don't identify as bi because it's shameful to be associated with LGBT
You do realize that being bisexual just doesn't pertain to gender, right? If I'm sexually attracted to femboys (who're biologically male), trans-girls (who're biologically sexually male - they still have a penis), and cis-women. I'm still Bi. Get over it you monosexual gatekeeping crybaby. lol
Muh secret club

Does the hatred of mtfs stem from the view that we are men trying to escape our disposability while lacking the reproductive capacity of a woman?

28 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ah, you're that racist transphobe who wants non-passers banned from transitioning?
Who could have thought that feminists are transphobes! It's like they hate AMABs or something!
We? You and your feminist friends who laugh behind your back?
It mostly stems from how creepy and predatory they are.
Care to explain why feminine women are valued and protected then?
Feminists are liars. They can't answer questions.

>they have surgery for that

Are boymoders who motorbikes agp?
How could Harley make such an ugly bike? There other's aren't to hot but there at least passable compared to that thing.

Anything got you down lately , or frustrated in relation to being LGBT ?

Put it down here my frenanons. Can't always pent up your anger can you.
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I'm trying to link it but the chan is showing it as spam, so I'll just leave it. I'm sure some people saw it
File: DqYxEolWsAEEQ52.jpg (57 KB, 782x768)
57 KB
I'd like to think that I'm not that arrogant but thank you anon :)
yeah not to be thirsty on main but you are really cute. your positive attitude shows through your face
Here's a thread I made on how to get a longer look at the pic, had to do it like this to get past the spam filter >>12302253

>>12302250 and thanks :D
File: 1553200824980.jpg (110 KB, 839x610)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Be boymode in the house
>One roomie confronted me one time about it since he'd heard something from someone about "my medication"
>Asked me one time if he should refer me to another name
>I like my birth name as its androgynous so no
>"Because I have a trans little brother"
Oh fuck he knows he knows.
>Fast forward to today
>I forget to take my washing out
>Remember it 5 hours later
>Someone took all my clothes out of the wash and put them in a basket
>It was the same roomie who's been here since I was
>All my pink underwear and girly clothing that he never sees because I go straight out the door with it everytime
>Confront him about it as I'm walking back to my room with it all
>"Oh sorry I thought it was <female roommate's> clothing"

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