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>tfw bi but only romantically attracted to men
Anyone else know this feel?
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>Anyone else know this feel?
yes, sometimes I think the only reason I like women is because I have a raging impreg fetish
I feel that, women have the shittiest personalities and they're all about as interesting as rocks. Guys have stories, tend to be funnier, and will go out of their way for you. The attractiveness tends to be secondary if they aren't a sperg
>tfw bi woman but top and men are weird about it
I think that's just called being a sadboy OP.
It's probably for the better.

I feel sorry for straight guys, they can never bare their soul to their partner without the woman thinking they are weak.

Who/what lured you into the trans world?
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Your mother
found out about estrogen and imagined how the changes would make me feel, went on r/traa and r/egg_irl and everything clicked in to place.
Dysphoria at the start of puberty, my parents had it coming, was one of those cross dressing kids.
/b/ few years ago and i still hate them, been fapping to trans porn ever since :(

File: COuAUaO.png (16 KB, 633x758)
16 KB
tfw lesbian but unbearably attracted to the idea of being in a normal traditional het partnership with kids and social approval etc.

how can i make myself be attracted to men and get over my fear of penetration
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shit, do you think I have trauma?
watch porn until you inevitably end up craving cock
>wants het relationship
>fear of penetration preventing that
i'm also just not attracted to men, it's only in theory i like the idea of a trad het relationship. it seems like the thing i should be doing, but i think that is mostly a lifetime of conditioning telling me marriage and kids and a straight partner is the only way to happiness
maybe you're bi or demisexual? i'm not really attracted to men per se but the closeness of my husband is something else entirely. a lot of other women i know are a lot more visibly attracted to women even if they're straight-leaning so i'm not sure how common this is...

File: 1488911232169.png (61 KB, 240x320)
61 KB
What do you do if you show up to your boy's house for some booty but he didn't bother cleaning his butthole and expects you to pack fudge all night?
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>Vers top
Wtf Does that mean nigga? That you’re only a bitch sometimes?
>only doing one thing with your genitals
Why do you hate variety? I get genuinely turned on by getting fucked, but I slightly prefer topping so most of the time when I have sex I'm smashing bussy.

There's a game I play with other vers guys sometimes when hooking up where neither of us shows a pic of our dick, and whoever has the bigger cock gets to top. It's pretty hot and a no lose situation cause I'm never gunna have to bottom for a little dick guy.
>my thyroid gland is completely dead, so my immune system is fucked
The thymus is the immune gland.
Based. A little urinary tract infection never hurt anyone.
Very unlikely. Unless it's caked with shit it's not getting forced up your urethra. And if he so much as uses the toilet first you aren't going to be full on fetish shitfucking.

>What's the most stereotypically masculine thing you do?
>What's the most stereotypically feminine thing you do?
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Is there a good plan for working out so I can look more feminine? Trying to lose weight as well.
>working out so I can look more feminine
yoga, pilates
do you know any women in real life?
do what they do.
The ones I know don't work out. Yoga is a good idea.
Do only butt exercises and cardio
>What's the most stereotypically masculine thing you do?
Curse a lot, focus in hard science stuff in school, fap a lot
>What's the most stereotypically feminine thing you do?
Long hair, dress somewhat effeminately. Wanted to play Maria in the Sound of Music when I was younger, used to get mistaken for a girl on my walks home from school and would be angry/embarassed on the outside about it but weirdly happy as well in a way

Has any of you tranners tried using magick?

i had a small success growing an inch taller recently, going to try to keep the momentum
You don’t use magic to transform, magic comes from the transformation it’s self. Try looking more into ‘Magical girl’ type anime such as Mahou Shoujo ikusei keikaku, the things we are capable of once transformation takes place are exceedingly greater than our normal un-optimized form
File: qb.jpg (61 KB, 1280x720)
61 KB
File: 1569228530129.png (560 KB, 391x507)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
I regularly do meditation, body scan, breathing and visualization exercises which serve a number of purposes. Principally it is to release tension held and the body and to increase cognitive performance (but this is a simplification).

I believe that its possible to gain control over the body's autonomous nervous system to an extent. You might know Wim Hof who under scientific scrutiny was shown to be able to maintain his body temperature while submerged in ice water. He gained this ability through rigorous practice, breathing exercises, and meditation.

I feel like if this is possible, its not too much of a stretch to say it might be possible to consciously take over the subconscious, autonomous process of the binding and inhibition of hormone receptors in order to activate latent gene expression.
I trapped a demon in my basement but now it wants half my estrogen share or it'll kill my family

File: r55dqiw5y1t31.png (314 KB, 477x677)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Even amongst humans. Some have xx, others xy, also xxx, xxy ey c.
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Marginal cases like these are still placed under the binary where it’s most practical depending on physical traits.
We have sexes for reproduction

A male inseminates a female
A female is inseminated by a male

Mutations are not different sex categories. You have different sexual characteristics but it ultimately boils down to what gametes you produce

Learn to live with facts
The number of limbs people have is a spectrum, to say humans have 4 limbs is wrong, because sometimes people are born missing a leg, or two, or even both arms and both legs.

Stop creating prosthetics for these people, youre just normalizing that what they have is some sort of disability, and you want them to conform to cisheterointactlimbs society. Theyre completely normal and natural
this is stupid.
really stupid

if you want to use your comparison properly:

most spaces in society are constructed to value fully able-bodied people. this includes having 4 limbs.

this makes large parts of society inacessible to people with less limbs.
we then choose to consider this as something important to correct for, instead of saying "haha cripples".
We build accomodations for those people, and pursue research into prostetics and transplants, and cover their necessities of these things with appropriate insurance of social programs.
when a person without all limbs uses a facility for fully-able persons, we dont freak out.

if a person without all limbs works a job to the fully capacity expected, we say its wrong to fire them on the basis of not having 4 limbs.
when we teach about considering disabilitites in school, we dont freak out and say our children shouldnt have to know about them or shouldnt be taught to be considerate of them, because of some religious objection, or fear of some disability indoctrination.

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Ain't nobody got the time to learn 720 fucking genders. Is that fucking thing a man or a woman

So the status quo ((?) as of recently) is that chasers like their tgirl to have her bio female girldick and her external ovaries still attached, but are the Balls important enough to justify taking aa’s for the rest of your life?

>“I think you’ve got to be sensitive to how difficult this is,” Hillary went on to say. “There are women who’d say [to a trans woman], ‘You know what, you’ve never had the kind of life experiences that I’ve had. So I respect who you are, but don’t tell me you’re the same as me.’ I hear that conversation all the time.”
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How rich do you have to be to get yourself out of race/sex based discrimination?
Lol nice LARP. It is pretty oppressive growing up under radfem teachers as a male though
Any society with a egg hut would kill tranners on sight
pls add:
Wow were your teachers terfs? : (

File: i want to kill myself.jpg (69 KB, 800x800)
69 KB
How do I train my voice when I share a bedroom with someone and have nowhere to go where no one can hear me?
Take up voice acting
You don't.

You get VFS like a non-autist.
Just train it anyways and let them assume you're having a mental breakdown.
a) play death metal super loud to drown out any sound you make
b) Go outside on a walk or something?
c) in the car?
d) at your local transbien society?
e) at church?
f) in your mothers closet
g) in an aquarium?
h) in the woods

File: 86dbe7a.jpg (449 KB, 1600x1200)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
Anyone else here forced to go through a therapist who has no training in dealing with trans patients in order to get hrt?

The therapist i got assigned to keeps probing my childhood trying to find any reason as to why I'm "Not Actually Trans" and telling me I have to "Socially Transition" before he can make any judgements.

I live in Wyoming for those wondering
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after 3 years of therpy they diagnosed me non-binary and said i need to socially transition first, i said enough is enough i tried my best todo it there way and started self medding they stole years from me and thats not even including when they diagnosed me schizophrenic 5+ years before that when i had a breakdown due to dysphoria back then they wouldn't even let me talk about it.
my therapist stalks me on social media and gets paid by my insurance.
that's literally all she does.
she's crazier than me and needs a therapist herself to be honest.
Generally speaking you can fill prescriptions from a doctor in one state in any other state.
It can get tricky with controlled substances though because of all the restrictions and laws varying from state to state. This isn't a problem for mtf hrt but ftms might have issues with T prescriptions. Though T isn't a narcotic so it's not as bad as it could be.
Insurance coverage is also an issue.
>my therapist stalks me on social media
wtf that's creepy
>she's crazier than me and needs a therapist herself to be honest.
Therapists needing therapists is pretty common. That's often why people get into the field in the first place, and getting therapy is part of the training and can be an ongoing thing.
My therapist is a trans man. He's cool af. He offered to write me my hrt letter after my second visit.

File: 4142.jpg (268 KB, 1916x1630)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
>boyfriend wants me to deepthroat his 8.3 inch monster cock
How do I do this without throwing up uncontrollably?
The short answer is practice. You don't throw up when you're swallowing food, it's the same principle.

I really want a ftm boyfriend. One of those cute ones. So I can watch them grow into a 100% dude bro.
How do I get one to fall in love with me?
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File: boyfriendboy 2.jpg (478 KB, 1280x1600)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
>tfw there was an absolutely ftm guy who posted vids on pornhub and tumblr but took all his shit down, and I only have a few dozen images nd webm saved

kill me
*absolutely gorgous

post pics and i'll objectify the shit outta you
I went with Luke
At least three and I know them very well
I'd definitely be a sub for a man, sans pregnancy.

I have this idea of an novel, a dystopic sci fi where . A cabal of transbians have used science and technology to take over the world. All without firing a single weapon. Using tools such as Artifical Intelligence ans so on. The new society is a hierarchy based on your gender identity and looks. At the top are the hardcore transbian late transitioner, the old cabal. The master engineer class like with an old priest class. With all the other trans girls being a second. Cis women are the breeding stock and servant class. And at the bottom are cis male that are beasts of burden.

The engineering class transbians also have hierarchies of their own. Shown with their striped programmer socks and matching panties. The stripes, what color and order they are matters. As do your age and ability to code. The protagonist is part of the next generation of engineer class. Born after the takeover. She is an early transitioner. And she is in love with a cis guy. But this love is forbidden. If someone finds out, the cis guy will be hanged. And the trans girl will be shamed and forced in to chastity for life. Condemned to a life of low level administration.

Thoughts? Would you read it?
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most trans males can't even breed dumbass

Then make them servants. Maids, cleaning ladies or something.
imagine basing this much of your lief around some fragile perverted and weak sexual identity of circumventing rejecting. transbians bad
what about crippled ones

Who cares. Trans men are irrelevant.

File: 1547019964082.gif (1.83 MB, 389x413)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Are trans people the most oppressed minority in the world right now? If not who is it
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because they kill themselves, no other reason
Indigenous people world wide
Because those three things you mention are usually the result of cis bullying, shunning, shaming, and other forms of mental and societal oppression and exclusion.

Why are white people afraid of being replaced when they're the ones not having kids?

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