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File: p0a1wpdjyrg21.png (1.34 MB, 1034x1033)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Are there any lgbt planeswalker?
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No, its gender is just specifically kept secret or "unimportant".
>shilling Arena
Try Cockatrice anon.

Cock' is great and doesn't cost anything.
>reeeeeeee shills get out
Fuck, not here too. I can't go to /co/ anymore because the entire board is just people shouting "shill" over and over.
What's your nik on Cockatrice?
Well, at least Ashiok is some kind of genderless thing.

My dad called me princess not that long ago. Do you think he knows I'm trans? I haven't come out yet
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File: 1553460493845.jpg (15 KB, 465x288)
15 KB
transition has the proven benefit of making me cute af. you're not changing anyone's mind it's just spam.
Are you a fellow pollack?
Curehon has been less spammy and active than usual, I think curehon's dysphoria is getting to her and we should all be especially kind to her today
Maybe it's just a joke thing, calling your son "Princess" like calling your daughter "dude"?
>Do you think he knows I'm trans? I haven't come out yet
Then how could he know? DUmbass

File: IMG_0125.jpg (50 KB, 500x502)
50 KB
How much of a bad idea is it to drop out of college ditch my family and move in with an older guy and be his housewife
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It's one of the worst decisions you could make.
How would you feel if someone you hated had complete and total control of your life? Do you just not believe you can grow to hate someone that you once loved? Do you think absolute power over another person would never, ever corrupt a person, even if they had up to that point been seemingly ethical? Do you think people just stay in abusive relationships because they're dumb, or do you think it might be a bit more complex than that?
You should listen to the people around you instead of following your libido straight into the gutter.
Ditch your family? Why would you do that?
Like clockwork
File: 1536712281515.jpg (426 KB, 1280x1157)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
100% this

You need to finish your schooling and develop independence from both your family and from any potential partner.

People, especially people who pursue sexual partners who are younger or less experienced than them, often press their partners to cut themselves off from social support networks: family, friends, school mates, professors etc to control them - they make themselves your sole person, leaving you less able to get advice or help when shit hits the fan.

Couple that with moving in with them, and they'll pressure you to stop working, and suddenly leaving them when things become abusive becomes less and less possible:

No one to ask for help to move your stuff or to stay with.

No money to get a place of your own.

You would just be trapping yourself. It will, I'm certain, turn sour within a year. They will hurt you: emotionally, and probably physically. Do not do it.
Please don't. Been there, done that, extremely bad idea. Best case scenario you'll end up becoming a mindless drone with no ambitions, worst case you end up homeless/dead.

File: Tanya_in_LN_2.jpg (251 KB, 400x500)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
I'm planning to join it as a boymoder for job and benefits. Would things like showering in basic training cause a problem because I have breasts. I'm thin at 130 and 5'7 so idk if gyno excuse work.
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How would I own it then? They're the most unmanly thing ever.
Oh god why would you do this to yourself?
>Would things like showering in basic training cause a problem because I have breasts.
Yes. It will be weird at absolute best.
>130 and 5'7
And you're not even big enough for people to not fuck with you.

You better be competent, enjoy the suck, and prepared for the amount of hazing you're going to get during basic.
You're enlisting as a male and not a transwoman right?

>it'll just be a very obvious button to press no matter what you do
Yeah enlist as a man for infantry reserves

first see if you can do this >>12299224 in gym, or other such relatively safe environment
maybe transition fully and then join as a woman if that's even possible

File: 1555459484346.jpg (177 KB, 1200x1200)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
I told one of my lifelong friends that I'm trans and he said that if he even sees me again he's going to shoot me on sight.
Guess this is my life now
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This is why society is worthless.
trap him


ambush, then beat the fuck out of him. take a weapon if you have to. then ask him to shoot you now as he lies broken before you

he will never disrespect you again

make sure there aren't any witnesses
But transitioning is a choice. Telling people you're trans is a choice.
drinking water is a choice. breathing is a choice
breathing isnt because even if you hold your breath long enough to pass out, you start again as soon as your unconscious brain takes over

acting like this is a choice too but you keep doing it

File: D3mOFBTXsAA_Yjo.jpg (107 KB, 567x1200)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I'm able to find good looking MtFs (pic related) and plenty of hot FtMs, but I've yet to see a single TERF who didn't look like a hag.

Is there a connection?
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>who I personally think looks more like a man than your average trans woman.
Eh, her face might be kinda masculine but her body and voice are obviously cis, unlike the majority of mtfs who most of the time are built like scrawny boys and talk like effeminate gay men at best. Plus androgynous girls are hot as fuck, so no one but buttmad trannies have anything bad to say about her face.
>Pic related
>the "trannies have camp gay voice" stereotype
Why do cis people not understand how effective voice training is? Like, for fuck's sake, you have voice actors in cartoons like the Simpsons who are able to do voices that sound nothing like their own, some even doing voices for characters of the other gender, yet you can't fathom that if someone worked hard enough they'd be able to do a convincingly feminine voice?
Like, maybe you've only heard of three trans YouTubers or something, but the majority of trannies I personally speak to having passing voices. When you get voice training professionally it works fuckin wonders. Really sad that you're so out of the loop on this fact due to your aversion to trans people.

>Plus androgynous girls are hot as fuck, so no one but buttmad trannies have anything bad to say about her face.
Androgyny is cute. That sunken eyed, long nose, thin-lipped, crimson-chin lookin' chick who can't even take care of her hair? Nah, she's fucking ugly.
>Androgyny is cute. That sunken eyed, long nose, thin-lipped, crimson-chin lookin' chick who can't even take care of her hair? Nah, she's fucking ugly.
Nice cope, seething hon. You’re only trashing on her looks because you’re assmad. I’m not even cis and even I can admit Magdalen is cute, and her unkempt appearance just makes her even more so.
TERFs are unattractive because they're feminists. While they have the correct idea in hating trannies and knowing they're not really the other gender, they're still retarded themselves for being feminists.

File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Do you think the occasional Christ-anons we get (besides cure anon) are real boomers ? Or just good trolls
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Probably a mix of the two, but also people who are young converts. If you recently got saved you're more like to be "inspired" to try and save more.
I suspect >>12303941 is probably in that category.
they're late transitioners that don't want you to compete.
Get some friends you annoying fuck, stop spamming this board with your nonsense
Don't have that many so I'll stay put for now cutie

File: 4.jpg (411 KB, 1071x1500)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
What are some tactics to get more money from men as a waitress?
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if you want actual advice and not degrading borderline fet shit like >>12303444

make sure your customer never has an empty glass. walk past tables frequently and just glance at the drinks, rather than stopping to ask. if they're below halfway full, just get them a refill rather than asking. it shows the customer that you're attentive

if your restaurant does courses, try to pace the meal so that they're never without something to eat. waiting on food is poison for your tips

if they're open and talkative, joke around and try to make them laugh. if they're not, don't bother them too much. this will net you higher pay from extroverts and introverts respectively

learn your regulars' names and drink orders, or at the very least their faces. people like to be recognized

and finally, if your restaurant does birthday desserts/celebrations that aren't obtrusive and obnoxious (hacienda and texas roadhouse come to mind), keep your ears open for talk of birthdays. i bring my customers ice cream whenever i hear one of them say it's someone's birthday and it's an easy way to increase your tip from 15% to 20% or more
Avoid non-white patrons.
Openly flirt, if the place allows for it. I'm a regular at an old school restaurant serving food and you'd think the waitress there is my gf.
>waitress and prostitute have some overlap, especially in all-nite truck-stop diners
okay this is a hot mental image
ass is a good trip and helpful

File: 1483523588036.png (62 KB, 275x417)
62 KB
What's the actual disadvantage to mtfs in not being allowed in womens-only spaces.

They don't have female reproductive organs, or have to deal with most of the issues those spaces are set up to address.

I'm not saying anything pro or against mtf being actual women or anything, but is there really any reason for mtf to be in women's spaces besides just "feeling included" or whatever nonsense?

Can't you just not go? You already weren't using female-only spaces for most of your male life.
48 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Doesn't count if I hate the victim lol
>unironically ever expecting good faith from feminists
You people are delusional if you believe lesbians creep on women more than men or that men creep on trans women nearly as much. Create trans safe spaces, don’t let disillusioned perverts go to yoga classes and saunas because you personally don’t believe it’s politically correct.
[citation needed] you lesbian creep
TERFs never have evidence

File: 1519994846926.png (151 KB, 449x442)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Who are the best AGP posters on the board? Who are the best HSTS posters?
60 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 6615880i.jpg (37 KB, 428x600)
37 KB
I don't even know who you are but I want you to die from the obnoxious way you type
Natalie, please forgive me! You're my goddess (male) and I think you are the only poster that's not afraid of telling the truth!
And I'm IN NO WAY obnoxious, I'm but your humble fan.
No one here is HSTS

all AGP larpers
I like Nat Nat because of her adorable misogyny!

File: 740full-kiernan-shipka.jpg (150 KB, 740x740)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
How do you cure ""manhands""?
You shall not pass without feminine hands.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>file your nails
>wear nail polish
>use hand creams
I always had veiny hands and never did much of that stuff. My mom has them too while my dad doesn't, it's not really a gendered feature
i grew up getting into fistfights constantly, if that was what caused veiny hands i would have them already
>tfw delicate girly hands
>tfw recently acquired the money for hobbies involving sawing, sanding etc
W-will wearing gloves help?
Start smoking.
My mom and grandmother who've smoked all their lives have hands that are veiny as fuck. Everyone else in my family doesn't smoke and their hands are smooth with no veins.

File: south.jpg (487 KB, 3028x1855)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
>tfw born MtF
>tfw stuck in the US south
Any other dixie trannies here? How do you cope?
Friends mainly, because my entire family would most likely want me dead
By going to college and socializing in bigger cities and making friends with people who aren't bigots
I was in south carolina
it sucked and I'm glad I went north
hey at least you arent a tranny in the UK or in a 3rd world country i guess

Why do FtMs have the speech mannerisms and typing habits of comic book supervillains?
their perceptions of what a man is and how they act is largely formed inside of the overdramatic, estrogen laden mind of the teenage girl.
they don't really understand men beyond their made-for-girls tv/movies, so it takes them a while to adapt to normal male behavior
I have a better question. Why do YOU type like a comic book supervillain? Or am I just autistic and not understanding the meme here?
>Why do YOU type like a comic book supervillain?
Does she? How so?

File: 1508075270861.jpg (149 KB, 536x480)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
If yes it just proves, one more time, than passing is a myth. Maybe you can trump the eyes, but the nose will know you are a tranny born with a huge hairy dick.
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trannies do smell different, not like men
but they also do not smell like women
nobody was arguing against that? as a matter of fact i was arguing in favor of that

yeah i have firsthand experience with that, i know

i can tell. "girls don't poop" to the extreme lol
>A “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” type.
A close relative to the “Adam gave a rib to help make Eve” type btw.
You do realize the Jacobsen’s organ was dropped throughout homo lineage evolution, right?
Shh. Let them believe their little fairytales.

File: 245(1).png (623 KB, 576x712)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Be honest, do I pass?
26 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
you look like the kind of person that would hang out in a dollar tree parking lot

you pass for a super gross woman, but you definitely pass
Sometimes this board spoils you, and you forget that there's a world of trannies out there far more disgusting than twinkhons and boymoders. These people dont even feel like the same species as us.
this. lol
File: 1535049246726.jpg (38 KB, 405x343)
38 KB

>you look like the kind of person that would hang out in a dollar tree parking lot
This is actually the cruelest insult I've seen since this board was created, congrats.

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