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File: IMG_20190820_010853.png (53 KB, 400x400)
53 KB
"Why ARe TrANs PeoPLe so LeFtiST??¿?¿?"
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go bernie
Based as fuck OP
White evangelicals and rednecks are more of a threat to me than the tiny inkling of Muslims immigrating to the US.
He got assassinated just like many more personalities. He was the greatest Romanian though.
We shall see about that. I will gladly serve the top 0.00001% until my demise. The superior have to survive and the inferior have to Parrish. We will win this war because we shall own the guns and the military,we shall control the resources and when this ends all the poor plebeians shall have a nasty fate. We will not even touch their inferior women and daughters ,but we will strip them of whatever resource they still have. We shall be the only humans then and they shall become animals. Glory to the elite! Glory to our army and empire. Glory to the godlike emperors

File: 1566308331470.jpg (42 KB, 282x425)
42 KB
Is it true that there are men who demand to be called women?
Yes,and it's hilarious
Hahahahahah,men can not be women and you need to be delusional to think so,but hey,they can be slaves at least. I'd love to have a tranny cleaning my sink and kitchen

File: chart8.jpg (59 KB, 900x506)
59 KB
Convince me that being transgender isn't a result of a androgynous society that encourages men to be weak and woman to take power.
Besides that all the chemicals in our environment and hormones in our food supply completely mess up our endocrine system so bad, the average male has less than 50% of the testosterone compared to 50 years ago and half of male children develop gyno (breast tissue) during puberty. Furthermore a vast majority of woman suffer from infertility.
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youre segwaying into a completely different debate, lets stick to op
File: unamused.png (11 KB, 645x773)
11 KB
>You would collapse in 10 years
Did you see "as long as we have advanced technology" or no?
I would argue that transgenderism is 100% caused by the estrogen in water and plastic affecting the brains of fetuses, society doesnt really play a role, just chemicals.
I thought being male sucked so much that transitioning would be much better.
I think the only problem is masculinity isn't considered something cool by the society anymore. Lawless and cynical Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s, violent crime films of the 70s, roided action heroes of the 80s, jingoistic high adrenaline action cinema of the 90s, those aren't the center of our male culture anymore. All was replaced by cartoon network family friendly shows and animes. For whatever reason, our entertainment culture shifted towards a more feminine side. You can argue that we still have action and violent films, but those aren't the center of our culture anymore.

Trannies are the symptoms of the disease but not the root of the cause.

File: 1566303973821.jpg (129 KB, 693x693)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
How can you tell if you're a bi bottom or just gay if you only feel attracted to girls when you're around them in person and 100% of the time when you're by yourself you fantasise about bottoming for men?
They're also always feelings in your chest for girls compared to feelings in your dick, don't these feelings nearly disappear after your teens?
pretty much me in my teens
I'm bi still but things aren't confusing.

File: comic2.png (2.88 MB, 2000x4016)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB PNG
Have you ever noticed that the two 'clusters' of transwomen endure different kinds of transphobia? My recent comic attempts to illustrate this phenomenon.
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Reminder that anyone who identifies as "HSTS" is willing to degrade themselves and literally call themselves homosexual men, all to grind their boots on others and show their dominance. Literally all they care about is social superiority and power. They draw comics and caricatures like the one in OP and snicker. And then have the nerve to draw their side as some innocent girl.
I don't receive transphobia, just misogyny lol. Only non passers and passing hetero transgirls who go after men without telling them they're trans do
Poor trannies...
File: tttt.jpg (792 KB, 1094x947)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
The cluster meme is so funny btw please keep drawing about it
someone post the comic about the old hon being jealous of a passing younger mtf

File: ECcKfieWkAAzCuY.jpg (61 KB, 680x511)
61 KB
This person is trans

how on earth does one get a body like this
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I think that's the least effort I've ever heard someone put into their voice
In what part of that video do we see the voice coming from her face? You know she’s most likely got male orbiters willing to give her an audio recording for videos, right? Or a close male friend?

You’ve got much to learn. Some cis women will do anything for attention, and being a ftm transtrender isn’t enough nowadays because they don’t receive male gaze as much as mtfs do.
File: 1566248873199.jpg (20 KB, 640x360)
20 KB
I follow her on Twizzler, she's goals to me really. I can only hope to be so hot.
>tfw Poison will never let you rest your head on her thighs
File: 1563907305780.jpg (176 KB, 1500x1802)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
good luck anon !

File: tenorwer.gif (419 KB, 268x270)
419 KB
419 KB GIF
Please help.

I met a transgirl from here several months ago, maybe almost a year. We hit it off really well and I really like her. Fast forward a couple of months and she is kicked out of her house because of her parents not accepting who she is. So I offer her a place to stay, she had to move almost two whole states but we got it to work. The first week or so went great but she commented that their were no Del Taco's, which I thought was pretty innocuous but she seemed particularly annoyed. Fast forward to about a week ago and her skin started to turn pale and she complained about a headache. She said she needed Del Taco and wasn't making any sense other than that. I figured I would go to Taco Bell but when I gave her a Five Layer Burrito she just started to vomit profusely. Her head than spinned around her neck and she began speaking in tongues. She yelled "i'll kill that faggot dog" and then kept writing "Del Taco" in lip stick on the walls. I was able to overpower her and handcuff her to the bed but I don't know what to do.
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My house-a-tran-fren was actually kind of comfy, she was staying with me after the arguing with her parents got really bad, we agreed I'd let her stay until she could find a job to pay for her own place. Since she had a lot of free time she took care of the house, did groceries etc whilst I was at uni.
Coming home to a clean, tidy house and warm meal on the table was comfy af and we just watched tv and played vidya during the evening. We still couldn't agree on who was sleeping on the couch, I insisted I should be the one since she was a girl, she didn't want to impose and insisted I sleep in my own bed, so eventually we settled for switching at the end of every week.
there are none
This is definitely fake it would be on fox news channel
Thank you for making me smile :)
You should have slept together. She used you .

File: jacket.png (60 KB, 888x888)
60 KB
I'm on hormones. What else am I supposed to do to become passable?
Get rid of facial hair. Maybe get FFS. Work on your voice. Even with all of that you may not pass.
also you can diet or gain weight depending on your body, also work on your posture, have decent skin/hair care, learn about fashion and which clothes work for you, and also calm the heck down because it's really hard to do all of that at once so just take it one step at a time
I think I know you, judging by that pic

File: IMG_20190628_202420.jpg (255 KB, 414x852)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
How do I stop larping as a fag?
start larping as a tomboy
>mfw always told people I was gay
>fuck dudes from age 13-25
>get super drunk with one of my longtime female friends super close emotionally already
>we fuck for 12 hours straight
>sober up and keep going
>now becoming a regular thing
I'm not really sure what happened but I guess I fuck girls now.

Try doing that OP.
>>mfw always told people I was gay
>>fuck dudes from age 13-25
>>get super drunk with one of my longtime female friends super close emotionally already
>>we fuck for 12 hours straight
>>sober up and keep going
>>now becoming a regular thing
>I'm not really sure what happened but I guess I fuck girls now.
This happened to me the other way around except without any sex
Seems like the other way round is more common than early homosexuality and latent intense heterosexuality

File: 4989_kms_but_its_a_gif.gif (155 KB, 128x128)
155 KB
155 KB GIF
I fugged up lads, femboy on hrt here im in starting to get boobs, they are small so far but im worried they will get bigger. how do I stop them from growing/reduce em
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File deleted.
10/10 would cut off balls again if I could.
Absolutely based
>if you don't want them don't take estrogen get castrated or use only anti androgen
Wish I did that at the right time.
You do realize the standard spiel about developing secondary sex characteristics is "you cannot choose which features are feminized. It's all or nothing."

It's your own fault, OP. Lose weight off hormones to reduce your breasts. If that doesn't help, surgery is the only way. There's no such thing as a femboy HRT regimen, it's all female, all male, or neither (early onset osteoporosis).

I just recently realized at 22 that I am bisexual. No one in my life is homophobic or anything, but I don't feel any urge to "come out" or tell anyone about this. I was wondering what makes people come out? I can understand trans, since you want to change how everyone addresses you. When it comes to sexuality though, why is it important to tell everyone else what makes your peepee hard? I am sincerely curious why one would do this.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>When it comes to sexuality though, why is it important to tell everyone else what makes your peepee hard? I am sincerely curious why one would do this.
So you can get off to everyone mercilessly bullying you
Damn the guy in the OP image is so cute he made me reply to this shitty thread.
You're exactly correct, don't do it. Sexuality is overrated. Just continue living your life.
>Just continue living your life.
doing what?
Being a special snowflake?

File: IMG_5318.jpg (102 KB, 960x958)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
last thread reached bump limit

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play with a dildo right before you meet up with the top. Absolutely helps in my experience
Am i bi if I get turned on reading stories about gay hookups and gay sex, especially when the writer is a virgin/inexperienced.
Very confusing feeling, but I want to know if i'll regret trying to explore.
Are you an intel if you could but don't fuck 50 year old men and fat women your age?
No, AMD.
What does that mean?

File: 1489941398029.jpg (376 KB, 900x800)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
>like women
>experience zero AGP feelings
Who else shares this comfy feel?
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That's literally the sidebar of r/gendercritical. If you're gonna post strawman transphobic nonsense, at least be original
If an M2F hooks up with a pansexual woman then it is a victory for everyone involved.

And a sex-negative prude like you has no right to get in the way.

Who cares what their genitals look like or used to look like? If they are happy then it is a win.
Theres no such thing as AGP you fucking morons.
You will never find it mentioned in legitimate psychological work, Blanchard is a kook.
All trannies are mentally ill
This board is so pathetic.

Taking a transgirl to here on a date. Your thoughts?
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i loled, gj
I chatted with a FtM for like five minutes on Tinder who messaged me after he realized he was getting stood up on a date to Applebees. I didn't chat with him very long.
it's a pretty big part!
Take her to a local pizza place with greasy salty pizza to appease the Spironalactone pulsing through her.

She will appreciate it more! I know that's what I like!

File: agony.jpg (1.04 MB, 1442x1614)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Someone please force me to transition
Force me to leave boymode, give me permission to transition and be free, I just want to be allowed happiness

I don't want to kill myself

I want to wear a dress and someone tell me I look nice and not tell me that I'm disgusting, worthless, a pervert, a threat to others or that I should be murdered or kill myself
I want to be called ma'am and not sir by people at the store. I don't want to yell and demand to be called ma'am, I don't want to make people uncomfortable, I dont' want to be a hated tranny freak, I just it to be natural. I don't want to be told every day by every person I meet hello sir or hey man or whats up bro every single person in every interaction just tells me every time we talk that essentially I'm not a woman and I'll never be one, I can't take it anymore

I'm sorry I was born but I'm here and I don't want to die and I don't want to live in torture every moment either
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File: download.jpeg.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Yeah I also own only guy clothes really.
I only wear like sweatpants and t shirts, gender neutral stuff
So you are araid to not pass? Then you never will. The magic pills will not turn you into a girl. Live your lige as the person you see yourself as and fuck everyone else. Own your existence. We can't make you not be a coward. Frankly, your ego rules you. Let it go and do what you want because the reality is, no one really gives a fuck what anyon else does. And the few that do? Fuk'm. Learn to own your existence and get brave.

If you keep doing what you have been doing you'll keep getting what you've been gettin'.
This picture was really cool until I saw the anime faces
Maybe OP won't pass but she's missing out on getting ma'amd, compliments and passing tips from friends and decent people who're ok with trans. Every boymoder is missing out on that.

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