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File: 1525415198786.jpg (72 KB, 750x903)
72 KB
Just one of those super dysphoric nights. How do you deal with dysphoria? ftm and mtf both welcome
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File: 1436869358037.png (240 KB, 470x312)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Stare at myself in the mirror until I think I look okay
don't have the actual text saved since my hard drive died. but the gist of one is basically-

anon is a mercenary and a bit of a lowlife. as a young man he made a deal with a certain infamous alchemist, who brewed him a draught that masculinized him as much hrt, top surgery, and hysto would in a realistic setting. the potion doesn't fix his genitals, which he's incredibly bitter about, as he still suffers intense dysphoria and sexual frustration.

anon has a contract to escort a nobleman's daughter on the customary pilgrimage the bride undertakes before her arranged marriage. circumstance fucks up the rest of their caravan, but the girl wants to continue on with just the two of them travelling low-key because she's enjoying being out in the world and wants to stall.

she's very clever and charming, and manages to get anon talking and thaw his icy personality a bit. they're both naturally attracted to each other. anon pushes that shit down because 1) you do not fuck the virgin bride you're supposed to protect and 2) it will be a cold day in hel before any woman reacts to him and his 'curse' with anything other than disgust and pity, as far as his previous attempts at sex/romance have convinced him.

the girl stubbornly tries to seduce anon. she holds his hand at a festival. she kisses him when they're both drunk. she kisses him again, when they're sober. finally, they're at the springs at some remote, snowy lodge in the mountains. anon is hanging out, still mostly dressed, just dipping his feet in.

girl shows up. she's wearing one of his shirts that he gave her to wear after her clothing got damaged on the road. that's all. she slowly unbuttons it as she approaches. she sits down with him and presses her full body against him, tries to kiss him. he's afraid that she'll touch him because she's so close, that she'll find out about the 'curse'. he can't resist and kisses her, but tells her what he keeps telling her, that they can't. it isn't proper. 1/2
the girl's sexual frustration bubbles over, turns to petty anger. she shoves him, yells at him. "what's wrong with you? you've a nude girl in front of you, practically throwing herself at you, and all you can say is how it isn't becoming of her status? as if a man like you knows anything of propriety! gods, are you even a man at all?"

is anon even a man at all? his head feels like it's in a vise.

he grabs the girl, wrestles her to the ground, under him, being brusque but taking care not to actually hurt her. he roughly squeezes her breasts, puts his hand between her legs, kisses her and forces his tongue into her mouth. she's startled by his sudden change of mood, his crass demeanor. she tries to push him off, tells him to stop, but he's far too strong. for all her protesting, she yields easily to his fingers inside. "what's the matter? isn't this what you were begging for only moments ago? isn't this what you'd expect a man to do? you're already wet."
>a certain infamous alchemist, who brewed him a draught that masculinized him as much hrt, top surgery, and hysto would in a realistic setting. the potion doesn't fix his genitals
That's interesting, anon is ftm. I'm never mtf in my fantasies, only ever a cis girl or a male unwillingly genderbent.

>after her clothing got damaged on the road.
Why does this always happen to female NPCs?!

>gods, are you even a man at all?"
>is anon even a man at all? his head feels like it's in a vise.
I like this moment, it has emotion and intensity.

>"what's the matter? isn't this what you were begging for only moments ago? isn't this what you'd expect a man to do? you're already wet."
>and I'll never get to be what I wanted to be since I was a kid
I feel this. Child me never knew how bad it was going to get.

File: 584368.jpg (96 KB, 650x450)
96 KB
How do trans men bond with cis men?
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>female privilege

>Leaders of the Australian public service will today be told to "hit pause" on blind recruitment trials, which many believed would increase the number of women in senior positions.

>Professor Michael Hiscox, a Harvard academic who oversaw the trial, said he was shocked by the results and has urged caution.

>"We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist," he said. "We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist."

Dont act like a faggot. Just behave like like a normal person
I always thought it would be easy for a trans man to bond unless everyone was getting brojobs and they had to sit out.
Jesus your doing it wrong. Male bonding is based on a mutual respect that manifests itself as competition.

No transman will be accepted.
I wasn’t expecting such wholesome activity suggestions on 4chan....

File: 1523841622898.jpg (794 KB, 968x1200)
794 KB
794 KB JPG
God I want a bf.
Sounds gay desu
God I wish that were me.

Anyone here Christian? How do you reconcile your faith with being LGBT? I’m trans and not religious but questioning a bit.
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File: jesus.jpg (55 KB, 402x604)
55 KB
Take. Eat. This is my body!
Why do you believe that something can come from nothing?

Evidently I need to do more bible research

Kronk! Pull the lever!
Yikes. He needs a hug
UwU what's this? Another in the fold!

Can i still consider myself to be bisexual if i can see myself dating the same gender but not smashing the same gender?
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The information about their sexuality is not because of their partner, its because they're open about it. And like I said, monosexuals hear bisexual and think "faggot/breeder"
So what if they are closeted or only fuck the same sex in secret?
If these people are being dishonest about their sexuality then you just answered your own questions. Your jewish circular logic is not convincing anybody that bisexuals don't exist.
pretty sure the regular gays prefer to see this than to see bisluts who only date opposite gen
It's kinda weird for me. Male, but 100% okay with dating both, and sex with both, but once I have a cock in my face, I kinda freak out. I just get really nervous, my experience with guys hasn't been the best.

File: 0.jpg (1.09 MB, 1394x2681)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Why don't they get it?
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Tranners don't demonize males at all, and only punch down, huge ogre horns physically attacking much smaller female targets.
She does not pass that well without makeup
neither do most cis girls
>"Tranners are totally valid and normal people, yo. My heart goes out to those who have experienced struggle beyond words."
Life really is pot luck, isn't it?
Sucks that I don't look even half as good.

File: 1539175859606.jpg (78 KB, 765x916)
78 KB
>be straight
>never really thought about guys sexually
>never even saw a cock in real life other than mine
>have gf
>dating for 2 years
>she wants to spice things up
>okay, i'll listen to her
>wants to suck my cock along with her friend
>sweet, a threesome, my lucky day
>ok, which friend
>Randall - her gay black guy friend
>no thanks
>she begs me and says she'll do whatever my fantasy is
>fast forward to last night

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He did said he was drunk. Being drunk unironically makes it easy to take it up the ass because that state relaxes all muscles, including the spincter.
Holy fucking kek
I think you left out the part where his dick was covered in shit.
Hey. I think you might be bi, but it's okay. Just be honest with you ed woman.
File: cool story.jpg (52 KB, 571x570)
52 KB
8/10 would read again
overall good LARP but you lost points for your BLACKED fetish, but it gave me a boner anyways, so...

Where do I find a boyfriend who looks like this?
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shut the fuck up ksenia
shut the hell up
Shut the stfu up, cancerous tripfag. (Jelly btw.)
but this one is cis, right?
The eastern slavic region

File: 1544445064667-222604517.jpg (210 KB, 2560x1440)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Whats the best way for a male at birth grow breasts without reduce in lubido and complications?
HRT with progesterone or implants

File: 1544009861449[1].jpg (209 KB, 1280x1108)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
State your letter and why you consider mandatory gender reassignment an appropriate or inappropriate punishment for certain crimes.
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>Becoming a woman isn't getting raped or crippled.
that's for you because you suffer from gd and being a woman is what you want, but for a person without gd it's about as it would be for you if you were forced to take testosterone shots
It is a punishment after all.
hot, fetishy, agp

We should forcefem all male prisoners until they are compliant sissies
Should be a punishment for the crime of repressing

File: 1541705096847.jpg (59 KB, 474x649)
59 KB
>use vaseline as lube
>have extra smooth anal passage after

who here /lifehack/
I don't get that meme. Mind explaining the pic, kind anon?
The picture on the OP. Why is the Nintendo logo superimposed on a portrait of a native american person?
>be vegetarian as a lifestyle choice
>enjoy the lifehack everyday
try it lad, were signing up new conscripts. Join today!
Vaseline makes your dick numb, stupid.

File: dia-lon-stu-febi.png (154 KB, 693x411)
154 KB
154 KB PNG

>Debates persist over whether bisexuality is a temporary stage of denial or transition, a stable “3rd type” of sexual orientation, or a heightened capacity for sexual fluidity. The present study uses 5 waves of longitudinal data collected from 79 lesbian, bisexual, and “unlabeled” women to evaluate these models

>Bisexual/unlabeled women had stable overall distributions of same-sex/other-sex attractions but greater absolute fluctuations in attractions from assessment to assessment than lesbians. All women reported declines in their ratio of same-sex to other-sex behavior over time.

>These findings demonstrate that the distinction between lesbianism and bisexuality is a matter of degree rather than kind.
22 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
But how does that affect OP? Are AGP/AAPs more or less likely to stay bi, to become straight, to become gay, etc?

>All women reported declines in their ratio of same-sex to other-sex behavior over time.
Does this happen, for example?
For AGP/AAPs they could end up more likely to be bi, but their orientation is around the same.
File: 1531592551017.jpg (47 KB, 540x540)
47 KB
Then I wonder: Could someone be attracted to themselves as the opposite sex but have general or exclusive same sex attraction, opposite to what they were before? Probably the only way I see this working is if the person passes as the opposite sex well enough.
>meta attraction and can be competitive with a person's gynephilic or androphilic attraction to other persons.
how to determine which side wins?
File: 1543934836968.jpg (153 KB, 516x1200)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
It's not about winning, it's about having fun.

But I guess the answer to that is dysphoria.

File: Fem15.jpg (212 KB, 609x749)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Any programs that feminize your voice as it's being recorded, in real time?
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>class A thot

I was a curvy bitch without hormones with wide hips so guys assumed I was on hormones for a year. Now I'm leaned down as hormones are kicking in soon, now I'm honestly aiming to to be one of those instagram ass girls level

>bf, and going from thinking people would be disgusted by me, to seeing lots of support and positivity, to discovering someone attracted to me and willing to go serious with me has changed my mindset a lot.

Yup thats how I met my boyfriend too, in weird polly thing were its mainly me and him then we have a few girls that we chat with/have 3 ways with. They all are into my nudes lol, its a weird fan club almost some days.

I'm intersex which helps with the explaining a bit as well.

When I said class A thot I mean more in how I act, I wasnt boasting being attractive or anything. Like I said I still hate myself, I just realize now not everyone else hates me as much as I do lol
dumb boomer
Yea I kinda ment to edit out the class A bit and felt like such a bitch lol

girl not everyone gets that attention like us we are a fine wine

Came back right before this thread dies YAY
Fuck! As your nemesis, I have to step my game up. I haven't even started voice training.
I also speak Spanish but I'm afriad to train my voice in Spanish. Do you think you could give a sample of what your girl voice sounds like in Spanish? Maybe the proverb "El leon cree que todos son de su condicion"?

File: pissoir.jpg (76 KB, 816x958)
76 KB
Transpeople, Is the women's bathroom better than the men's bathroom? I heard it tends to be cleaner..
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stop validating these retards
>no 'history of creeping' with any

There's like ten pages worth of text with him talking about how he wants to look at and touch little girls private parts.

He needs to be found and burned at the stake sooner rather than later
they’re about the same most of the time
t. bathroom expert
No I can't understand why somebody who makes a social contract to provide a service thinks it's okay to discriminate.

How would she like it if she was fired for her sex or refused service at stores for her race?

Entitled cis people like her are some of the worst bigots around. Thank god the law makes them criminals so they can be held accountable.
no its always dirty just like the mens room

Do gays ever hate straight people because they wish they were seen as just as normal. Do trans feel that about cis? Do women feel that way about men? Non whites and whites? Well?
T. Concerned Straight white boy
44 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nope. I'm not a collectivist. I'm trans and I want to date a straight guy so no bigotry from me.
I hate people who pass so much better or who are normal. I am a very bitter person who doesn't deserve a good life.
I don't hate anyone for the privileges they may or may not have.
I only get upset when people act like those privileges make them better than other people.
Like if cis people act like they're better than tranners like myself just because they're cis.
Cis non white lesbian here.
Not into feminist bullshit.
I tend not to hate people solely basing myself on their identity
I'm mtf and I hate females who are feminists.

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