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>be me, 6 months on T ftm
>inspired by that other thread to jerk off while thinking about being a girl
>decide to penetrate myself too, havent put anything in my pussy since my periods stopped 4 months ago
>finish up, it was good, came hard
>take glue stick outta my puss (i dont have any fucking dildos leave me alone, yeah i cleaned it first)
>its covered in blood
>it was pretty tough to get in and i used to be able to fit way bigger shit into my puss much easier
I knew that having T makes your pussy tighter but wow, just knowing I have such a tight little bussy turns me the fuck on.
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It makes sense, anime posters are always boys
And do what? But your clit in my ass? Lamo
>Mine is 3 inches
that's decent growth
>doesn't get hard
how 2 erect clitdick
1. buy vacuum pump for your size and pump up dick
2. get cock ring or rubber band to restrain blood flow to maintain erection
>I don't like using it and plan to get srs
noice, since you don't like what you have I assume you mean phallo and not meta. Don't forget to get tattoo/micropigmentation after the surgeries to correct skin colouration of neophallus.
That’s a hon not a ftm
Oh, I'm an idiot. Didn't pay attention to where the posts were linking.

File: 1566370721946.jpg (45 KB, 480x480)
45 KB
ITT: Gay bottoms with hot gfs
File: Cloud_with_Tifa.jpg (67 KB, 640x417)
67 KB

File: 20190626_220558.jpg (2.84 MB, 4032x3024)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
Looking for bbc escorts in Utah

File: agp_3.jpg (123 KB, 1200x800)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Reminder that everyone here is AGP

The cringey mtfs here? AGP
The likeable mtfs here? AGP
Boymoders just trying to get by? AGP
The Repressors drinking themsleves into an early grave because of their dysphoria? AGP
Those handsome ftms? AGP AAP or AHP

AGPs are often stereotyped as autisitc rapehons who watched one too many porn videos and have fake/no dysphoria, and whilst this is too often the case it should be noted that this isn't true by default and that the agps that blanchard describes (Dysphoric, doesn't gain agp but is probably born with it, etc etc) do exist and these people shouldn't be lumped with the pure fetishists if they're not like them (see: boymoders, usually perfectly normal people)
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File: 1549589241724.jpg (22 KB, 273x500)
22 KB
Boymoders really are the crux to the stereotype since
>everyone likes them
>they’re not autistic
>they’re self aware
>usually young and transitioned during late teens/early 20
... am i agp if i prefer to watch gay porn? i mean. there's two dicks in it and guys are so hot. mateo and leo? :Q__
i didn't read your post but i just want to tell you that you are absolutely 100% legitimately transgendered, a real woman, and you need to chop your balls off as soon as humanly possible, like i'm talking in the next fifteen minutes if you can just to reduce the risk of going throuh male puberty. some people might say "those are all symptoms of other mental illnesses as well" or "it could be anything, it's not necessarily gender dysphoria" or maybe even "gender transition is a serious life-changing decision that requires certainty to undertake" but that's just them gatekeeping, even if you're not trans you're probably better off as a real woman anyway so don't let them stop you. just go on inhouse pharmacy or whatever people use these days, order titty skittles, and never spend another moment thinking about it because normal people are boring and cis people are scum so there is literally no legitimate reason NOT to be transgendered. did i also tell you cisgendered people are naturally oppressive to transpeople? their very existence emanates cishet-normalcy which helps prop up the kyriarchy, a network of structurally interconnected oppressive social structures. you wouldn't want to oppress people, would you? so yeah there's basically no reason not to transition, you can thank me later
The cis gays? AGP
Trenders? AGP
Blanchard? AGP
/pol/tards? AGP

Why are traps almost always trap obsessed? tfw knew this transgirl irl who I was getting pretty close with and started to catch the feels for and she ends up dating some other transgirl. I'm not even really a chaser honestly, she was just someone I knew who I happened to like a lot.
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File: 1538565674006.jpg (34 KB, 520x469)
34 KB
Ouch anon
Trans girls arent traps you fucking transphobic dick
File: 1514409527639.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
60 KB
I would never call her a trap irl, but I was under the impression that the two terms are interchangeable on 4chan. She's pretty cute and even though she's kinda visibly trans I still crushed on her hard.
it is interchangeable
is an idiot
it's generally accepted here that traps are male identifying crossdressers (passers only, otherwise it's not a trap and just a cd). trans girls aren't male identifying and thus they are not traps.
I stick to girl(male), but I'm still not a trap as I don't identify as a male even though I acknowledge I am born as one (transgirl with self hatred).

File: 1537509942242m.jpg (52 KB, 547x640)
52 KB
I have a mtf friend and I found out that she is lactating. Would it be completely autismo of me to ask her if I can try her milk?
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Just get each other drunk and ask. Still weird but more acceptable because alcohol is involved.
It can mean EITHER a prolactinoma, or that you're just taking cypro. One doesn't cause the other, they're both just reasons it can happen.
Me too.
But I wouldn't be able to stop myself from humoring the guy, that takes some guts.
Are you asking to....Suck the milk out of them? Milk her? Get her to fill a glass for you?

I'm not sure which is the least weird here.

I thought i passed but it was my delusion. I look slightly cute and unnusual at most.

I don't understand why the fuck my friends help me with my delusion. They act as if it was natural, so does everyone that i get introduced to, but it simply makes no sense in my head. I don't pass. The people i hang out with are far from progressive and certainly wouldn't want to be seen with a tranny. I don't know why they treat me as a "she" or introduce me to their families and stuff as a girl. I don't know why their girlfriends talk about nail stuff or contraceptive cicles with me. Eventually one or another person simply treats me as a "he" and it gets obvious i don't pass and am a ocurring joke. I get it they like me and i must sound nice but it feels so forced in my head.

The only one that knew i was trans beforehand was one person of the group but still i feel heavily fucking fake. I leaved them early today to come home and sedate myself with lots of anxiety meds. It is still fun but why do i care so much about being seen as cis?? Back in the day i'd just go with being treated as a girl and didn't mind. Now i want unrealistic retarded standards, even if people are accepting, even if even random people are nice and few go about "misgendering" me.
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Define what a 'female' looks like? Its so fuckin varied that there is no standard definition. There are cis dudes out here looking like damn females.

Fuck off with your idea of what a woman is. The idea that trans women MUST to get surgeries to look like women, makes cis women who have those features feel like fucking shit, and puts trans women in a bad position of feeling like they need to get the surgeries.

I mean, go out and have the surgeries if you WANT them, if it helps YOU. But don't act like its suddenly going to make you more womanly, considering most women I know don't actually share the features trans women are seeking
>define what a female looks like
You stupid subhuman ape, its the uncountable number of differences in body and appearance that are so strong that when you look at someone you instantly recognize them as male or female.

You don't need to carve your face or head up just to try and have a feminine looking head. Maybe some makeup at a worst.

You don't have to fantasize about chopping your legs off because you're within the typical average height for a woman. You don't have to pay a hundred thousand dollars for a surgery that cripples you just to make your shoulders less broad.

Fuck off with your holier than thou attitude. Yes, you're a cis woman and have it better than us, we get it, you've gotten your satisfaction in gloating about it, why bother kicking people who are already down?

You're an awful person holy hell
I'm going to edit this pic for trolling Ksenia, thanks anon
>You stupid subhuman ape
Says the buttblasted tranny.
This is the first quality thread I've seen in this shithole in a long while, thank you realist fem posters!

I’ll never be like a girl so long as I have these issues with my body and unrealistic beauty standards...
unrealistic beauty standards like
women don't have:
huge shoulders
big hands and feet
big skulls and male faces
"At least you guys can wear halters. I have man shoulders." Mean Girls, Regina George

Is there any reason to keep living if I'm always going to be very ugly and masculine and I started hrt at a late age? It doesn't help that I ruined all my chances with education and a career from being clinically depressed so I don't even have the money that older trans would have got.

File: 2MstAzl.gif (49 KB, 983x622)
49 KB
If you have severe AGP-induced dysphoria that causes distress, is it still oaky to transition then?

I'm definitely a gynephile, and girls are so cute that it would be fun to be one. I can't stand males, they are stupid-looking and act stupid. I think males are so stupid-looking that I feel very ashamed to be one and I can't introduce myself to humans or make friends

family forced me to detransition in march 2018...
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or maybe it's because women put more effort into their appearance
or maybe it's because guys will fuck anything that moves, and women can afford to be selective
You know the best effort you could put into your appearance, anon? Block testosterone and take estradiol.

You see, girls have to get lucky with their appearance once and then after the onset of puberty it doesn't change that much. But for boys, on the other hand, androgens and growth hormone synergistically increase the rate of bone modeling while the lack of estrogens prevents epiphyseal closure.

Had a slightly asymmetrical jaw as a kid? It's not that bad, huh? Whoops you hit 24 years old as a man and now need jaw surgery. GG.

Let's not forget how T causes acne and hair loss! (:

Women are rated as more attractive the more feminine they are, whereas men are rated the most attractive when they are moderately manly with a short mid face and a wide jaw. You know what causes elongation of the maxilla? Yuh, testosterone.

The other factor involved, of course, is the female phenotype being the typical rate limiting factor in human reproduction and the bodily investment of pregnancy (largely a moot point with modern contraceptives).
>AGP-induced dysphoria
How can fetish induce dysphoria? Are you kidding?
Just get back on HRT ASAP. Right now you look like a cute girl. If you let androgens activate on that facial structure you'll go through a short twink period and then fall into an incel-tier aesthetic.

You were extremely lucky to have taken estradiol while your bone plates were expanding. Trust me. Dysphoria won't go away. But right now, you have the hope to live a somewhat normal life as an attractive girl.

Let me break down life difficulty modes for you:
Attractive cis female: tutorial mode
Average/ugly cis female or attractive cis male: easy mode
Passing mtf: normal mode
Average trans/cis male: veteran mode
Ugly trans/cis male: hell mode
Ugly non-passing mtf: nightmare mode
you really are stupid, why didn't you go off for enough to give you a 5 o'clock and just secretly continue hrt knowing they won't fucking bother you if you just tell them you have leftover gyno from hrt or just got on back asap
i mean, i feel bad for you, but there's nothing to gain by not taking hrt and letting yourself masculinize further

File: 1557438624415.png (111 KB, 600x800)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
A girl at the gym approached me and said I was hot and gave me her number. I'm a nonpasing hon (twinkhon?) and no one, guy or girl, has ever done this to me before. Is this a prank?
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How soon am I supposed to text someone after they gave me their number?
while their phone is within earshot, then 1.5 days.
Show your face so we can judge
How much were you lifting?
People have different preferences. This is why "SMV" is bullshit, it's not a perfectly competitive market. A bunch might consider you a 3/10 on average, then one falls in love and would give up anyone to be with you.

File: original.gif (924 KB, 500x213)
924 KB
924 KB GIF
>be me, 3 months on T ftm
>voice has already dropped a bit which was the main thing holding me back from passing
>has been consistently gendered correctly by strangers for past month
>starts to think i must finally completely pass, even if i still look a bit young
>is at LGBT club at college, meets someone new
>its normal to introduce yourself by name and pronouns when meeting someone in the club room (yeah its gay as fuck i know)
>despite my outwardly masculine way of presenting and telling this bitch i use he/him she still fucks it up later and uses 'she'
>have been moping around in bed for 7 hours straight because this really hit me hard for some reason lads
Why wasn't I born a normal guy?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The out-and-proud LGBT people always misgender me or default to "they" pronouns. Maybe they think I'm just really butch? Meanwhile I always pass around everyone else, including rednecks, because most people don't really know FTMs exist and just see me as a young man.
LGBT people are more attuned to this than the average person. But 3 months isn't long, so even they won't be able to tell forever.
Strap-on dildo
You are a guy, and what's "normal" anyway. I'm not trans, so I cannot fully comprehend, but I empathise. But I do hope you feel better soon.
The more experience someone has around trans people, the easier it is to clock them. Kids who have been around trannies for like half of their life are going to be far harder to pass to than most people, especially hicks who haven’t heard of trans men at all.

File: geddy_lee.jpg (16 KB, 300x225)
16 KB
Was Geddy Lee trans?
That haircut and singing voice, especially in 2112 really does make you think
Don't be silly.
He is Just agp who picked up dominatrix on the tour.

>I've been on hrt for 9 months and had ffs, do I pass?
46 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>E X P O S E D
Anyone who's been here longer than a day could've used reverse search to figure it out. Kek.
That picture makes me wanna get my life together and be healthy.
Good attitude to have. Make it your wallpaper, and never forget that your forehead will store fat.
File: Grievoushead.jpg (206 KB, 1302x1650)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
general kenobi

File: 1554314755387.png (847 KB, 1260x1150)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
my bf just started T and he's horny a lot recently
meanwhile my sex drive is totally nuked from SSRIs and antiandrogens and im basically never horny
I feel like shit because I can't put out for him. I sometimes give oral / use hands / both, but usually i feel too shitty about not being in the mood that I can't even give him that
he swears up and down that it's not a big deal to him but i have a rly hard time believing that... I really dont know what to do
>rly hard time believing that
some dudes don't give a fuck unless you try to prevent them from masturbating
Sry... only gna bump once

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