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File: elephant-trunk-up.jpg (2.79 MB, 3264x2448)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
Do you prefer cut or uncut? Why?
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uncut. more fun to play with, more musk
File: elon-musk-trans-man.jpg (1.04 MB, 2705x2029)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>more musk
Looks much better
I like the look of cut ones better.
Uncut. It's so adorable when the peepee pokes its head out of its hoodie.

>you will never have mentally damaged bf, who will depend on you in order not to suicide, who will adopt all your interests, who will do everything you want in bed and ask for more, who will cry when you are absent for a several days, who will hold you tight every night, who will cook for you, who will listen the same music as you and be grateful for having you in his life
I am not even asking for much
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You can literally get this by going on grindr and waiting for someone to tap you. All guys who tap are like this.
what's tap?
I've more or less said it before in the thread and I agree. Some of that obsessiveness is good, some isn't. Scale it back a bit and we've got a nice amount.
(I prefer you being on hormones >:3)
It give you the option to either send a devil emoji or a fire emoji. It's usually a desperate attempt for sex from people who can't interact well enough socially to send a message.

Now I’m not gay myself but I figured I’d alert y’all about this. This group is a threat to the ROBLOX lgbt community. The owner: LingyueMeng doxxes people and leaks their IPs and threatens people.

ROBLOX refuses to do anything about this group so it’s up to you guys.
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File: image_8.jpg (314 KB, 676x466)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
roblox is shit. wtf are you still doing on there? it literally only exists to drain parents wallets
Trannies are threat to the lgbt community itself too, but you don't see us complaining, do you?
File: roboomer.png (528 KB, 1000x861)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
I bet you're a newfag late-zoomer, when'd you join? 2014? Ahahahaha
What's your Roblox username?

File: 1560290458239.jpg (182 KB, 1920x1080)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
How do you handle being trans and having a TERF sister that insults you all the time?
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>transwomen oppress ciswomen by taking away their spotlight
there is literally nothing special about being born with a pussy. men do it all the time and we don't expect a spotlight for it
That’ll show her for rubbing estrogen cream on my pp until >>12717842
Smart girl
Call her a Feminist Appropriating Reactionary Transphobe, and be done with her.
This is why we should have a big sister-little sister program where we match rapey transbians with no-nonsense terfs. Could help straighten them out.

File: 1517944827267s.jpg (8 KB, 249x228)
8 KB
>gruga pick berry
>other girl pick berry
>gruga like other girls?
>gruga n-n-not special? sob...
>hey gruga have great idea!
>gruga is now grug
>look at grug! me is grug!
>me kill mammoth
>me special
>me is not like other girls
>me good and relatable to boys

File: uality.png (448 KB, 1080x1421)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
I thought sexuality worked as something you we're just born with or develop. Why do I see people saying that they or someone else could change it on an instant?
Who says that
I tried to look it up but all my research has come down to multiple paragraphs saying "I don't know how this works"

MtFs and FtMs post here for advice / voice rates
MtF here, how am I doin
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Recite and vocaroo this, it'll make me smile and you calmer.
allāhu ʾakbar
al-mawt li-ʾamrīkā
al-mawt li-ʾisrāʾīl
al-laʿnah ʿalā 'l-yahūd
an-naṣr lil-ʾislām

I tried. Here's a song.
Makes me want to fantasize about sucking dicks

File deleted.
previous: >>12718951
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You think I don't already know that?

Same to you, fuck-head

What words would I even have to filter?
Yeah the tick that can cause a meat allergy is the kind I found near my bush. Thankfully I don't eat meat anyway
Lol why are you so hurt

File: FGM.jpg (99 KB, 777x500)
99 KB
SRS if female genital mutilation and should be illegal
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Taking hrt is not more natural than getting srs. You’re just in denial about what’s ok and what isn’t.
Yeah because of gender dysphoria and boobs?
She just needs to shut up. What she says doesn’t make any sense and it can’t be taken seriously.
>gender dysphoria
Isn't considered a mental disease anymore and thus doesn't justify a surgery anymore.
Again, if you’re so confident in your beliefs then why don’t you present them to your gender clinic and see how that goes?

I have this obsessive fantasy of becoming a cute twink through ftm hormones because I want a big brother-type guy to bend me over a table and fuck me, but I also want to stay a girl and have a big sister-type girl bend me over a table and fuck me with a strapon.

What the hell is wrong with me.
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You can be masculine and 'submissive'. Try being less passive and do some strength training.
It depends on what masculinity means to you. Try and follow that ideal for a bit and emulate it, as a woman you shouldn't be judged too harshly for it even if you try to go too masc which sounds doubtful. As for your family, whatever you do save to try and get independent from them asap, they sound cancerous.
Um, okay, though I doubt there are that many guys who are into tomboy-ish girls beyond a fetish...
My ideal? I guess passing for a boy, though I’m sure I’ll fail and still make it obvious I’m a girl if I’m not wearing baggy clothing.
And as for my family, I’m not sure if I can even get independent, they’ve already arranged my future to be connected to them.
Like, it’s really personal, but the most I can do is live alone or become a pariah.
I would suggest since you are unsure and not suffering from debilitating dysphoria, just try and make it work in the body you have. The hormones aren't going to make the issues you're having go away but will more likely just cause new issues.

The rest of what your issues are just sound like inner confusion and I can't really help settle that out for you. You can get out on your own and the idea that you're in distress over being bi I just find baffling, literally every girl I've dated has been bi just some do more than look and watch porn.

Talk to someone if you think it'll help, psychologist, school counselor, priest whatever but I think this is something someone cannot tell you or fix for you that you'll have to figure out on your own. Try not to dwell on it or it might just suck you into spiral of depression.... easier said than done I know. Cheers!

File: 1525663680225.jpg (24 KB, 600x480)
24 KB
ITT: things that make you know it's a tranner

>big shoe size
>male hobbies
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>Anime girl pfp
or a badly drawn self-OC in an anime style.
They can, but overall the shape of the knee is more rounded
> android phone
This but unironically
>no hips
>no ass

after starting hrt did you find that you didn't need to use deodorant anymore, because your sweat stopped smelling appalling?
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Women used perfume a lot in the 80s-early 90s where I live. Use dropped off drastically after that. Hardly anyone uses it now. Though you still have scented deodorant and soaps.
?? doesn't your body need to sweat so you can eject heat? isn't that dangerous
they didn't have all their sweat glands removed, obviously
it's because the androgen blockers do what they're supposed so you stop producing sweat, hence a woman with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome doesn't need to use deodorant. same concept. androgens = sweat. women sweat just as men do.
Everyone needs either deodorant/antiperspirant regardless of hrt. If you think you don't smell it's because you've gotten used to your putrid body odor.

hello everyone. so, i am wondering about my boyfriend. now, i know he is agp, i figured that out really quickly after we started having sex. this is fine, and im happy to participate in it because im autoandrophilic myself. however, sometimes i get a bit worried bc i know he used to have gender dysphoria (he said he hasnt had it in a long time) and sometimes he says things like how he wishes he had been born a girl sometimes and things like that. im worried hes repressing and may still have gender dysphoria. im scared to bring it up with him. what do yall think?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>although he didnt use the term agp and whenever i used it he seemed confused, so theres that.
That's pretty cute, an egg getting pinkpilled on AGP by her AAP girlfriend.
>he was on hrt for 6 months
(s)he's trans m8. This should probably be discussed or he's going to crack ten years from now.
>i have no desire to transition and only get off in the idea of being a man. outside of sex the idea makes me uncomfortable

Why do you like being a girl outside of sex?
>trappy twink
That's AGP you dumb slut.
FTM doesn't want to lose her female privilege

File: 1531443305684.png (648 KB, 635x1981)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
i made an account to see my test results and they sent me a marketing email
okay, thanks for the heads up.

File: devilish.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
>be bitter angry boymoder
>partnered up with cute tranny for a lab
>"accidentally" misgender her
>lean towards person sitting next to me and ask, "hey what gender is that person?"
>watch her slowly die inside as the lab progresses
Who else here /devilish/
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So if im understanding right, the only way to escape a future where I do bad things is by fixing myself in the present. But how do I do that?
By not doing bad things in the future
but something doesnt add up
that's the past
the way that you:
don't do bad things in the future is by realizing the magnitude of the punishment you're enduring and seeking to ensure someone else doesn't do have to endure it. basically, if you're 'capable' of growing as a person you can learn from your experiences and find a means to do good in the future. the idea being that you are unlucky because you're a shitty person, but if you try to be a good person you'll be rewarded in the future. the problem is that good and bad are arbitrary. so even if you try to do good it may result in someone else's punishment unbeknownst to you. that means even though you saw it as good, it was still a bad so you'll be punished. effectively there is no escape from punishment and it reinforces the idea that life is a perpetual ordeal that must be endured. no matter what you decide, all the choices are effectively bad. so what do you do? try to have the least impact. try to do nothing. except that's impossible. if you did nothing you wouldn't exist.

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