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>plan to take HRT to see if I’m truly trans or not
What are the permanent effects? How long till sperm goes away?
>pic unrel
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Breast growth can be permanent. You can minimize it by taking cabergoline in addition to HRT. Spermatogenesis stops in matter of weeks to months; it is highly variable. Spermatogenesis returns if you discontinue HRT after some months. See[1] for some data. There are some more references in http://17beta.top/en/mtf_pharmacology . If you are on HRT for years, it COULD (but this is not assured) make spermatogenesis stop premanently.

Erections never go away IF you do not want them to go away and exercise proper maintenance of your penis (masturbate or have sex once every 2 days).

[1]: Meriggiola et al. (1996) “A Combined Regimen of Cyproterone Acetate and Testosterone Enanthate as a Potentially Highly Effective Male Contraceptive”. https://sci-hub
Oh. I see. Fuck it. I think I’ll take the pills when they arrive then.
You do not need to feel like a woman on the inside or anything like that to take female hormones. All you need is to want a female-like body. FWIW, I am 7 months into HRT and I do not even want to be a cis woman; I want to be a trans woman, embody my ideal of female beauty, and combine the best of both worlds. See https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/10435483/#10435952
atta girl
I see. Interesting.

File: bogerface.png (32 KB, 514x352)
32 KB
Transgenders are so out of touch. They follow outdated trends and subcultures. For example, an FtM will listen to rock music. MtFs will try to go for the goth style. They both also have some weirdly conservative views. Trannies seem to be stuck in the 20th century. Why is this?
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>Tranners are conservative
What the fuck are you talking about lol trans AntiFa communist catgirl trans ladies are a meme for a reason. Are you assuming that this community represents anything?

>Tranners have no fashion sense
Okay, yeah. They had no chance to develop one.
Hey, indie mtf that keeps up with current trends here. Also goth girls are hot leave them alone!
>Conservative guys arent getting laid
>Liberal guys in contrast are
>listen to future funk
>wear mostly black
>raging egoist
pretty good callout op
File: i dont.jpg (104 KB, 1199x960)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Well, I mean true conservative men are waiting until they marry their girlfriend to get laid, so you're not TOOOOTAAALLLY wrong..

Dead cds: >>11801114
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I want jaw/chin fillers and a nose job haha
isn't filler just mush which dissolves away after 6 months? wouldn't implants be the better option?
yeah if you don't get it renewed it'll dissolve
Maybe it's better to see what you would look like with implants first before you actually get them?

File: Aladdin-Trailer.jpg (34 KB, 798x420)
34 KB
A genie appears in /lgbt to grant 3 wishes before departing to another board
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1. I want a masculine chest.

2. I want to be taller and slimmer.

3. Financial stability.
1. Make all gender dysphoria go away
2. Make all homosexuality go away
3. $12 for a pastrami sub
File: giphy (2).gif (175 KB, 273x273)
175 KB
175 KB GIF
I wish they remove his nipples

I wish for my foreskin

I wish for eternal youth
1. Spaceship with warp drive
2. Never age
3. Never die
1) can stop and start time
2) unlimited supply of supersonic jets
3) get to be the dictator of a medium sized country in the developing world

> be me
> 22 year old college drop out mtf who gets her estrogen from inhousepharmacy
> shopping for cute leggings when I smell something awful
> turn behind me
> it’s a 4’11 manlet hambeast ftm roastie with dyed teal hair
> ayyden shoots disgusted glare at me as h(er)im and the other rosaries scoff Condescendingly.
> mfw they flaunt their female tits right in front of me
> mfw they just stand there menacingly, their female bodies mocking my male one.

Why are female privileged people like this? I don’t understand why they hate us so much.
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Every time you deny the experiences of trans woman, you contribute to toxic femininity.
>actually shopping for female clothing in public as an mtf
So is making shit up and pushing it as reality
That's the bravest thing I heard all month

There, there, OP
Can't keep up with this Catholic zoomer slang

Why are most Blanchard deniers transbians?
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but thats exactly what a transbian is
File: male.jpg (58 KB, 678x1024)
58 KB
>Transbians aren't real. It is a straight male roleplaying as a female

This is why the notion of a relationship with a transbian is so nightmarish. There's nothing there to begin with, it's an interaction with an actor.

If a HSTS detransitioned one would be left with a naturally girlish gay. For a bisexual who doesn't mind being judged, there would be no reason to end the relationship.

If a transbian does the same, all that's left is a sad straight man. So it would be two straight men keeping each other company.
AGPs are neither straight nor men.
Blanchard disagrees.
I don't like being called "homosexual transsexual" for having a bf.

File: b5b6e72.jpg (84 KB, 733x960)
84 KB
Cis women BTFO.
You meme but transitioning unironically affects your pay.
>give cis women a run or their money as a woman
What does this mean? It is an unironic question.
I can't believe this is real

I would watch this anime.

File: 1550147828111.jpg (101 KB, 900x1271)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
How genuine is all the blanchard/AGP hate on this board?

I'm a transgirl and I believe his theory and all the hate kinda scares me. I don't want to be a bad person or invalidate anybody else. I love transgirls and hate terfs. Do you really hate me?

I wish we could just all be happy together and accept each other.

I guess this is mainly aimed at the non blanchardians here but if anyone else gets hate or kyses from saying they're AGP you can post too.
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Sometimes I see some other transgirls as a spiteful evil creatures. Their black hearts are full of hate. They just believe that Blanchard are "bad guy" but they never can give a thorough explanation because they are as stupid as a majority of people on the Earth.
I'm not a Blanchtard at all. But calling AGP NPD is just as idiotic.
Typology is great because it allows a subset of tranners to throw the other under the bus to prop themselves up.
You don't have to take things literally. Some people literally get off to their own bodies and people colloquially call this narcissism. I get the feeling that this is what that poster was going on about.

>They just believe that Blanchard are "bad guy"
>they are as stupid as a majority of people on the Earth

Here's the explanation, but if you are who I think you are then you're already familiar with it and your response will be "this doesn't explain me", which is not a valid response to the argument at hand.
>Is it correct? Sadly yes.
What's sad about it?

File: Drake luvs troonz.jpg (324 KB, 1119x1252)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
closet gamps included.
keanu reeves
I feel like Kanye fucks dickgirls.
unironically? omo
Keanu got double teamed by the wachowskis on the set of the matrix revolutions. he hasn't been the same since

File: 009.jpg (81 KB, 609x884)
81 KB
Are cis brothers turned on by their trans sisters?
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PHEROMONE GIRL?! Is that you?!
wasn't she working out of the country or something? you can't just drop in and say "i'm marrying my sister bye" ya punk
Are you a feminist though?
I think you may be in the wrong thread, anon

Itt. Hot transgenders
This is just a hot guy

File: Amanda-dress3.jpg (19 KB, 297x443)
19 KB
Whelp, I'm never going to trust women in business again. We're in a Marketing meeting, all jabbering before the meeting, and someone says "I do both sales and marketing." I quipped, "oh, S & M, sadism and masochism, flog them if they don't meet their sales quotas."

It was supposed to be funny though its an old joke in the sales profession.

Some bitch at work took particular offense to that quip, commented to my boss, and I got a little talking to.

Naturally I said "sorry, I'll watch what I say in the future", etc. etc. (which makes you feel like shit because what I REALLY wanted to say was "fucking grow up, YOU are the cancer killing society" but of course I need my job.

Now I find out that she again bad-mouthed me about the same incident to my boss's boss, and he just called me on a Friday to remind me to be more careful, don't joke around about anything. Of course, he's right ...

... but THIS is why women cannot be trusted in the work environment. They will stick it in your back if they think it suits them or their career objectives.

My boss's boss was cool about it, and he clearly knows that this bitch is just looking to accumulate perceived slights, but still ... I am pretty pissed off ...

And women wonder why men do not confide in them nor trust them at work. They're fucking spoiled children-idiots with no senses of humor.
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>exact same frat house strawman greentext
OP acts like she's still in her fraternity days and I'm going to point it out.

>sales profession joke
It's a shitty joke.

>Boy do feminists
I'm not a feminist. Nobody should be saying shit like that in a professional environment and, from the way it was quoted, it seems like OP drew it out.
>>its an old joke
>Fuck, it isn't even your joke...
You're attacking OP for the joke? Talk about partiality...

>She just doesn't want you to talk about sex at work.
Except she went over OP's head to whine to the boss, to make it official and harm OP's employment chances. AND THEN, goes and does it to another higher up as well?

You're siding with her because out of ideology.

>and, from the way it was quoted, it seems like OP drew it out.
God forbid!

>Nobody should be saying shit like that in a professional environment

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

You made a shitty joke to a corporate robot. Of course they would try to take this above their head, seeing as how they lack the personality to confront you about it if it makes them uncomfortable.
Just don't try and interact with corporate robots beyond basic courtesies like a normal human being and you won't have any issues like this in the future.
Women are must fucking garbage.
>HSTS versus AGP

Blanchard retweeted this terrifying picture.
How does it make you feel?
100 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just because you can't rid yourself of your condition entirely doesn't mean that you can't find joy in life. Please stop thinking like this. If you strive and try you can end up roughly, if not exactly, where you want to be. You can forget about being trans on most days. Don't give up, now.

I'm going to talk to someone if the dysphoria doesn't go away at the end of the month. Sorry, a lifetime of this has made me a negative person about everything because I don't care what happens to me as a male. I have zero aspirations because I've never been living my life as who I really wish I was and feel I have always have been. It's all a cheap imitation of what people and society think I should be.
I don't know you or what your exact circumstances are but I can tell you, without guilt, that most people CAN find a way to be happy, despite everything. Chances are that you're one of those people. Please hold on to hope. Please do what you can to grasp for your birthright. You might just make it. I truly believe that.
Thanks. Despite all the /pol/ shit that does leak into this board it has been genuinely cathartic for someone like me that has never had an outlet to express these feelings I have had my entire life. It has been suffocating.
Wait what is so wrong with that pic? Looks like a guy to me. Weird how they got the mastectomy before the hormones though.

File: download.jpg (95 KB, 395x304)
95 KB
Do LGBT people like foreskin? I myself wish I weren't cut, and I'd like to play with an intact dick.
81 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>If you want to be autistic, it's like cutting off a piece of the head.
Which is what male circumcision is.
But the left is just scissors. He could be opening a letter with them for all we know.
I'm almost sure my parents being retarded and leaving me uncircumcised contributed to me being gay. Due to phimosis I never learned the pleasure to be had from touching the penis head and by the time I was 25 I just didnt like peeling it back.
Cut dicks are so weird, if I had a bf and he had a cut dick I would be disappointed and would feel like he has a mutilated dick
>my parents being retarded and leaving me uncircumcised

File: 20190101_175221.jpg (308 KB, 575x1022)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Hey! Does someone know who this beautiful Trans actress is?

Shes so beautiful and i want to see more of her.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Very masculine face.

Chloe Rebelle
File: chloe_alexhc.kd.082.jpg (66 KB, 534x800)
66 KB
That's quite hawt.
her ears are cute

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