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File: 1472044439532.jpg (200 KB, 849x554)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
hrt for 7 years, boymode all the time because i can't pass

i have some tits. i refuse to wear bras. i don't want these tits. never wanted in fact, i wanted to feminise without growing these things.

im considering a surgery to remove them, but im afraid im going to regret that. im not ashamed of my androgynous face nor voice nor hair, but tits are no no. but in that case, if im going to cut off the tits and never present female, what did i do all this for?

what was hrt for, what were suicide attempts for, and all the drugs, and all the feelings of hate and loss towards world?

im feeling conflicted and i dunno where to go from now on. im thinking that maybe i should try present as woman for the first time in years and last time in my life if it fails ill cut them off and forget everything
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Just look into detransitioner stories, there's a bunch of them on tumblr, YouTube, etc.
Usually it's just idiots who managed to convince themselves that life would be easy mode if they were men, so they LARPed too hard and started HRT.
Turns out that doesn't end well when you don't actually have body dysphoria. Now they spew crap about how HRT is evil and "being trans is a cult".
You have extraneous hormone induced breasts, but no female reproductive system. Only a facade.

Congratulations, you've been conned by multiple institutions in a tavistock-esc social experiment. Think for yourself. Non-binaries were right.

You want to know a secret? Pre-pubertal hormone levels can alleviate dysphoria. They'll never tell you because WPATH is full of privileged white older transwomen who finance becoming a proper lady without all the gatekeeping. Why do you think FtM SRS is so poor? Other then medical studies on females are laking also. Try your own drug trial since they won't let you and would rather you spend 50 grand on surgeries.
what the fuck are you even talking about lmao
yea but i wanted to know how my face and cetera will look after estrogen

for first over a year i used to take anti androgens only, and it didn't satisfy me
>anti androgens only

Which one? Spironolactone?

> i wanted to know how my face and cetera will look after estrogen

The same except with slightly less muscle and slightly more fat. That's why FFs exists, but FFS can't change the size of your skull. Males have expanded facial planes even at young ages.

Is it true that if you play with a soft skin boobie boys breast for 15 minutes and she pops a boner its another year of boymodding for her?
the boner only makes it hotter
File: 1542088045282.gif (22 KB, 220x287)
22 KB
Where is my boy modding dyke aesthetic gf(male)?
i dont know, does anyone want to find out by groping me for 15 minutes?
Yes but only for scientific research

File: 4L_UnmT3AjB.jpg (49 KB, 540x480)
49 KB
How did it end or is it still ongoing? What is it like and where did you meet? M-mine is three and a half months so far.
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You mean in terms of LGBT stuff? I'm a bi trans woman, he's a straight cis man.
That's ultra cute.
Goddamn if this doesn't make me fearful about myself. I'm basically a more humorous Rust from True Detective.
1 year. He was the most childish person I've met. He was clingy and always cried about the little things I've done. He constantly wanted attention, every five minutes or so he would get upset because he wanted attention. He manipulated my feelings to make me feel bad about him. He talked about me in front of his friends which back fired because those friends went against him and tried to get him to break up with me. (They failed). We got into constant arguments because of little-trivial things I've done. He got everything a single child got, he was spoiled, had friends, had a bunch of relationships in the past, and was a talented person but grew up to be a pathetic child. Im glad I ended the relationship. Im in a new relationship now, 4 months strong and we have no arguments, no issues, we treat each other so well. My previous relationship messed my mind up but this new one is helping and makes me feel relieved.
>Did she have BPD?

I honestly dont know. I tried asking her things about herself but she kinda just shut it down. She didnt want anyone know we were "dating". She would slip up and tell me things while we were cuddling but other than that, nothing.

File: 1555546273898.jpg (239 KB, 1000x1000)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Is anyone else transgender as an extension of their transhumanist interests?

File: BadLuckBryan.jpg (44 KB, 800x450)
44 KB
Is it a sign of mental illness to go NYAA~ when you cum? Should I seek therapy?
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File: D4GjXjAU8AAPz5t.jpg (357 KB, 1414x2000)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Sounds adorable, I'd love yo make you NYAA

There are 0 genders and the feminists are the ones who don't want boyfiends
your all fucking gay
It's a sign of being a filthy weeb but I'd think it's cute.
no that's normal, everyone does that
Are you HSTS or AGP?

File: TaxFundedFaceSurgery.png (308 KB, 1842x902)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Um, guys? Have we gotten too powerful?
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Why blame trannies for the joke that is the US healthcare system?
>She doesnt know MtF are da jooz escapegoat for terfs.
If we don't treat trans women identical to cis women it is discrimination.
It's always enjoyable to see people fuck themselves into a corner.
Yes it is, read the thread. The only parasites are the cis females like OP picture. She even admits it implicitly.
Did people used to say this about LGB too? Legitimately curious. I'm too young to know (I'm 20).

File: honk.jpg (47 KB, 800x450)
47 KB
Women want to befriend us but only the faggot flamers can tolerate them

FtM trannies want to be us

MtF trannies are jelly we are getting cock and not caring about the stigma of a male cocksucker

Straights are jelly of are statistically higher IQ

It's not our fault that we're in demand this much... Sorry not sorry. We're humans too so please treat us as such. We're the nicest group of people there is but we get so much unwarranted hate.
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>We're the nicest group of people there is
Every gay faggot that I've ever met in life has done nothing but project their sexuality on everything because they were just so convinced that person they were hitting was "gay" like them.
Don't make fun of those with Alzheimer's. It's a serious issue
>tries to make everything about him

File: 203212.gif (369 KB, 500x281)
369 KB
369 KB GIF
We all try to make everything about ourselves. Remember what board your on
Are you a newfag who just started using 4chan today? Literally everyone does that here. Everyone's a selfish entitled fag here.

File: 1523004512457.png (72 KB, 439x452)
72 KB
>cis lesbian
>will never get a cute transbian gf
>just wanna cuddle with and be eaten out or fingered and use my vibator wand in return

why's life so hard bros, if you want it you're a chaser but if you hate dick you're a TERF
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>If you're a "Lesbian" who's attracted to a Transgirl then technically you aren't a Lesbian.
What am I then, a bi girl? Straight?
>if you want it you're a chaser but if you hate dick you're a TERF

pretty much
"guys can have vaginas"
"cool cool i'm with you. can I fuck your vagina?"
"fuck no chaser I have dysmorphia how dare you RREEEEEE"

just go die alone already.
You can fuck my neovag, but my dick can rest in it’s repurposed pieces to be honest
stop fapping start transitioning
I would be ok with being a gf to a cis girl and never using my penis. I don't want to use it, myself.

File: Illustration85.png (338 KB, 1400x1600)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
Is 5'6" average or tall for a girl?
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small to average for germanic standards
ur gonna be fine ur pretty short
Mega ogre beast tier
Depends on country you dingus
Hurr hurr

All trannies under 6ft shouldn't have to bring up their height ever. Fucking hell.

File: IMG_20190415_212656.jpg (37 KB, 507x507)
37 KB
What's the best way to asses whether my face is cute or not? I don't think it is, but I'm a small town gay so I can't and don't want to do anything to out myself, and I don't have gayface. I'm scared of getting doxxee or having my picture saved so I won't try out Grindr or 4chan.
Someone recommended me the site https://unsee.cc since that allows you to set a limit on how long or when your pic is deleted
Yeah but there's no guarantee they won't be saved or reposted
Hmm, fairpoint. I mean there's an option for deletion after one viewing or ten minutes and I don't think there's an ability to save the actual imagined.

But if you're uncomfortable with those I'd ask a friend in Ernest
webcam with strangers omegle?

File: S2521f74.jpg (64 KB, 613x369)
64 KB
would you rather be
>chad top stuck in subby twink's 5'3 body
>subby twink stuck in chad top's 6'3 body
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File: tenor (1).gif (680 KB, 250x170)
680 KB
680 KB GIF
second one definitely
Third one definitely
2nd one because your life outside of the bedroom/relationships would be easier. Being tall/commonly handsome/etc makes your day to day interactions with random strangers easier.
z̢̠̦̥̳͔̉̾̓͆̒͝x̢̛͔͔̜̰͈̠̼̘̪̭̭͕͉͔͔̩͓̰̌̐͂̍̾̆͗̍͐̊̔̔̔̆̒̀̄͘͘ą̢̨͓̥͚̩̙̬̳͚̙͓̮͚̺̟͋̀̂̇̓̽̍͑̓͆͌͐̄̈́̏̀͗̔͜͟͝͡l̡̢̢̡͎̣̮̤̭̱̘͕͙͎̩͚̫̰̒̈́̀͂̑̓͒́͋͌̓̑̀͘̕͘̕͞g̡̨̢͍̺̳͚̦͖͚̳͍͔̰̤̪̍͆̋̍̃͌͆̂͛̎̄̔̔͋͌̀͘͠i̠̪̫̝̘͓͙̠͍͗̍̒͛͗̏̓̄̇͋͟͡ͅṫ̢̩̯͈̣͎̱̬̼̳̼̹͇̄͒̇̓͊̃̐͊͆̊͌̕ͅń̢̢̬͚̞͓͇͎̦͍͑̈̌̾͑̈́͌͂̐̿̄ͅá̧̨̨͚̳͇̠̙͚͉͈̱͖͖̙̫͚̰͉̹̬̍̂͑́̈̑͒̍̆̆̎́̃̏̒̃̀͗͘͞ṱ̢̦͎̭̣̝͚͍̪̜̯̈́́̀̽̈́͋̕͘͡͡͞͞ǫ̝̻̩͖̖͙̯͍͎͍̗̪͆̂̋́̌̀̈́̍́̈͡n̨̡̰̣͆̄̆̂͒͞ͅt͖̻̻͎̦͖͎͍͂́͋̓̋̽̒̑h̨̥͎̗̪̫̥̺͙̯͇̦͖̜͉͍̤͐̆̿̓̍͛̀͌̐́̾̓̈́͛̄̚͘͟͢͞ one definitely.

This happened about a month ago

>At airport
>Waiting in TSA line
>I’m at the front and waiting for the TSA lady to call me over
>TSA lady says "Step forward, ma’am"
>TSA lady realizes that I’m not a girl and we both have a laugh about it

I’m not sure why, but I loved it when I was called "ma’am", I don’t feel like a female nor do I even look like one but I loved it

What the fuck does this mean?
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Take your pills Alice
But I don’t feel like I’m a girl!
It means whatever you want it to mean. If you want it to be a sign that you're a trans girl, then cool, look into that a bit more. If you want it to be a sign that you might like presenting femininely, then try doing that more often. Be a femboy or something, idk. Just do whatever you think will make you happier in the long run.

I'm sure you'll make a pretty girl, though.
Do some introspection instead of asking other people what you think
>What the fuck does this mean?

did you pop a boner or at least a half-chub?

File: 1553305478180.gif (736 KB, 640x360)
736 KB
736 KB GIF
/big/ - Bisexual General
Old thread >>12260243
How's it going, everyone?
184 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm just on another level of confused
I don't even know if I like vaginas that much
what would that be? Not an actual threesome but some kind of cuckolding scenario where you're the 'bull' i guess
I turn out gay
File: 1533552506227.jpg (43 KB, 556x578)
43 KB
>not finding an open minded gf is down for threesomes and who gets off on seeing you with other guys
that shit is so weird

1 partner 1 love

File: 005.jpg (847 KB, 1133x1900)
847 KB
847 KB JPG
I've been dating a guy 20 years older than I am and after 9 months of dating, he asked me if I wanted to marry him. He presented to me a really nice ring and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I was so surprised because we haven't been together very long. After much thought I ultimately rejected him because it was too soon. He took it pretty fine but I could tell I really hurt her feelings. My friends say that was just stupid and I should have accepted the proposal.

Should I have said yes? Also how to make it up to my bf so he doesn't think I don't love him?
>9 months
That's not a short time in the eyes of someone older. He probably knows his time is short.
Yeah, you fucked up. Should have just had a long engagement.
Go suck his dick OP.
No, 9 months is pretty early on, it's not unreasonable to be unsure about getting married that early. Tell him you love him and offer to take him somewhere nice or something to show you still care. Cook him a nice dinner at home. I don't know, something like that. He should understand that this is really early even if he feels strongly for you.

>I’m not gay
>I’m bisexual
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sounds like you need to find a bro to fuck with before a woman turns you into a tranny
Uhh, I'm not a tranny, but I am~ taking anti androgens. Even if I get a bf, I would hope that he doesn't mind me wearing panties. I don't fully crossdress, but it turns me on to genderbend a little bit..

How did you come to this conclusion?
I've been crushing on a really hot and super cool girl in one of my classes. Got her number, developed a bit of a relationship and she just sees me as her "gay best friend". Im fucking sick of being the gay best friend.
File: tenor (2).gif (1.19 MB, 498x378)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
lmao I've been the straight gay best friend so many times

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