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Is it wrong that I am okay with FtMs, but I absolutely despise being around MtFs
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Go home terf
yeah, this
MtFs are insufferable attention whores.
They'll hypersexualize absolutely everything, and do anything that they can to have everyone's attention onto themselves.
I've never met one, IRL on online that doesn't deserve to be hanged
Says more about you than MtFs.
Isn’t gender dysphoria a mental illness? What is severely mentally ill?
nah that's typical female privilege

File: 1547714563359.jpg (171 KB, 1533x1080)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>girls I knew from high school that were transphobic/homophobic pieces of shit are virtue signaling about their support for the LGBT movement on Facebook
Should I call them out on their shit?
Yes, reveal to everyone how based they used to be
Lots of people are like this, they won't care. Gotta get approval for supporting something once everyone else does.
It's usually pretty hard to make people understand that they're bad persons

RenFaire Edition

This is a place for AGPs to hang out and talk about AGP things.

QOTT: What kind of RenFaire/D&D girl are you?

Rules: No harassing the AGPs. AGPs and AGP-questioning only, please. No debating the validity of Blanchard.

Last thread >>12691598 Last thread before that >>12639374
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>At least he had the power and money to get what he wanted
But science was crude in his time. Nowadays even a poorfag like me can buy pills that would trick my male body into growing hips/breasts
remove your testicles, you will stop wanting to have sex.
I wish I could have a feminine body without throwing thousands of dollars at it just to have a crude imitation of one.
Kinda, he'd dress like a girl, get makeup, female haircuts etc, and generally ask for his male lovers or even some politicians to use female honorifics and pronouns. He also clearly had genital dysmorphia since he asked physicians to remove his genitals and make a cavity like a vagina in it's place, which would have been the very first srs. He got assassinated by hys own pretorians before he could get tho, at the age of 18
E monotherapy is basically castration.

File: vertical-chart.png (13 KB, 293x390)
13 KB
How gem or masc are you?
t. 'casually masculine' whatever that means.
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Bi guy
33 mask
58 fem
bi non-binary
File: vertical-chart.png (13 KB, 293x390)
13 KB
I agree with my chart, cool.
File: Screen Shosdfsxvc.png (84 KB, 716x1018)
84 KB
(thought it would be more masculine, based on how i see my personality...)

File: 1487453108853.jpg (13 KB, 480x480)
13 KB
File: 1532925308715.gif (566 KB, 360x359)
566 KB
566 KB GIF
File: 1506828643788.jpg (32 KB, 545x362)
32 KB

I want a bf too, I'm not scared tho. Just a fat fem; fuckkit I'll wear makeup to the grave alone.
post discord and ill date you

t. nerdy fit cis male
i want a bf or gf but im too ugly lol

File: femaleinfanticide.jpg (34 KB, 474x359)
34 KB
Over 99% of criminals are men. women worldwide are majorly oppressed and even in first world countries people still act toxic towards women. The entirety of women's history is based on unfair cultural and societal standards for women. Homophobic and transphobia are nothing more than extensions of misogyny (you don't fit the stereotype of your gender, so you are bad). Just look at the internet. You have to be blind to not be an 'SJW' whatever that means.
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the third world is not relevant to me

women in the first world experience the exact same thing societally as men
>no, you can only be your gender, fucking freak, stay on the rails
>you should be, put on the right face
if you think it's different for men it's because you are yourself sexist and think maleness is superior, and therefore there is nothing wrong with men being encouraged to "man up" and being viciously shamed for failing or refusing to

only female genital mutilation is not encouraged because the bible is especially critical of wasting precious jewish jizz. aren't ya lucky?
Female infantacide in china is committed mostly by women though.
File: 699L97391cV39PM.png (265 KB, 336x369)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>100% of criminals are humans
>kill all humans
Imagine looking at that chart in op's picture and thinking worldwide. It's the same deceptive shit that happens when terrorists are described as being Asian.
It's impossible to be a feminist without ignoring reality.

File: 1522452293991.png (609 KB, 700x714)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
What video game should I autistically spend all my free time in while I spend the next 2 years losing weight, working on my voice, and waiting for hormones to make my tits bigger?

Right now tossup between wow and runescape, that's what all the trannies play right?
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File: 1559300641205.jpg (859 KB, 1437x1437)
859 KB
859 KB JPG
You could try playing Minecraft. When you load up a new world, set a construction project and get working on it. It's more fun in survival imo.
obviously OSRS. all the spergie trans girls do. if your lucky a boyfriend will buy you.
File: 1561448648069.png (351 KB, 1675x768)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
Nope, osrs is for newbies getting pulled back into the game cause of the recent hype about RuneScape, and rs3 is for the superior og players
Is it bothering anyone else that the door says "Out Keep"?
Ff14, Borderlands, Dark Souls series, possibly a few others in a similar vein.

Post your voice clips.
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Get a job u hippie.
marry me
I was happy browsing this board till i heard this, so sad, can i hug you :(

She became a SJW last year and since that day she really got toxic saying shit like "all men are trash" "ACAB" "white cis male are privileged".
For the information, Im a cis white gay dude, and "she" is a mtf but looks totally like a dude (short hair, beard, chest hair) so she also pass as a white cis male.

I got really bored of her bullshit attitude and toxicity so I finally blocked her on every social media without explanation.

Am I a bad friend ? Honestly at this point I don't give a fuck.
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You dodged a bullet gayfriend
File: 1550684902584.png (356 KB, 573x720)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
sjws are insufferable and miserable people and will only drag the people around them into the abyss if you allow them too. cutting them off wasn't a bad move, but cutting them off without giving reason doesn't really allow them to grow, although we both know the inevitable result would just be you being insulted as a racist or having internalized homophobia or whatever.
progressives are just as pants-on-head retarded as any alt-right dumbass. the mental gymnastics they have to do to maintain their fragile world view on a daily basis would be so much better spent elsewhere. pic related.
its a fact youve been showcasing yourself, you are bigoted sjw trash
>but cutting them off without giving reason doesn't really allow them to grow

I already tried to confront her saying thing like "twitter is not the real world" "stop being a drama queen", there was just no point of giving more reason
I support what you're doing, op. If people get on that bullshit the best thing to do is socially ostracise them in hopes that they'll reflect on their behaviour and come to their senses.

File: 20190625_175533.jpg (196 KB, 541x492)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
People are starting to wake up. Forcing degeneracy down everyone's throats has gone too far and we're already seeing a backlash. Even the younger generation, Zoomers, are less accepting of LGBT people. You shouldn't have brought this upon yourselves, now the consequences will be devastating.
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lmao aaron clarey
>Forcing degeneracy down everyone's throats
Damn, if you go into Target you're forced to buy the rainbow clothes? That's pretty messed up, what the hell is wrong with america?
Based zoomers will push yall back into the closet and re-penalize homosexuality. I can't fucking wait for them to grow up its gonna be so good. You had a good run but lets face it, dudes are not supposed to fucking marry much less fuck each other up the ass. Later homos.
File: Film1213.png (511 KB, 1280x528)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
>this is you
>I can't fucking wait for them to grow up
We too. We too...

God i wish this was me
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File: pained.jpg (63 KB, 700x700)
63 KB
>you will never be cute and petite
>You will never be approached by cute guys and hit on
>You will never be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy
>You will always have a giant ribcage, feet, hands, head and dick

What the FUCK lads
File: 1536175468238.jpg (85 KB, 612x612)
85 KB
god I wish this was me
god I wish I could fuck that
it says in the filename

Fill this thread with nothing but vile opinions
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AGP isn't real
neither is homosexuality
masculinity is actually repression
all men are secretly MTF
So you believe mtfs should be attracted to men or women
*do you believe
Transmen are based because they want to be men, but transwomen are not women and should be exterminated
Only trans guys and boymoders shall live

File: 1561257829200.jpg (2 KB, 112x112)
2 KB
Ive been straight my whole life even if i doubted it sometimes i was a very lonely kid so i got lost in thoughts alot
I have a gf but ive been going down a rabbit hole of traps and femboys i never liked gay porn or wanted to get fucked by a dude im not even attracted to other guys unless its a femboy and its been bugging me for a while now does this make me bi?
First time here just wanted to open up and up for convo or questions
I’m been having some similar experiences of questioning myself. I don’t know any answers yet but you’re not alone anon.
Breeders are dumb, you're just gynephillic this isn't hard

File: 286976032042211.png (201 KB, 375x330)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
I hate the "trans" label. I feel like it takes away from the legitimacy of me as a man. If I say it, it's basically code word for "dude with female genitals" anways. Grosses me the fuck out. Do any other MtFs/FtMs feel this way? I think it just takes away from my gender and puts a huge spotlight on everything I don't want to be seen as.
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i went stealth when it became possible/i consistently passed, but even today i got accidentally outted to my intern coworker by my YouTube suggestions while he was looking at my phone. i don't completely hide the fact that im lgbt so it was bound to happen eventually and he was cool with it, i just didn't say anything and he still treats me the same. i honestly think its sort of inevitable unless you wanna rewrite your childhood/history so i dont mind being out to friends i trust. it was also quite relieving and i feel somewhat closer to him and i could sense he felt the same. being stealth takes a small toll on your mental health imo and is only necessary for safety/comfort reasons, otherwise i feel like im being slightly dishonest to those im growing a stronger bond with.

I guess it really is. I'll have to train myself to realize that. Like today I was talking to someone and brought up I was trans because I thought it was relevant. He immediately told me its not something i should bring up because no one is going to tell. But I thought it was obvious.
>But I thought it was obvious.
A sign you've been spending too much time on this board and the "no one passes" gaslighting is getting to you.
Sometimes it is obvious ;___;
I don't like the trans label, either. I prefer third gender, or eunuch.

Is it possible to have been agp, start transitioning, and no longer be agp?

> be me, 3 years ago
>jerk it to trap porn
>steal gfs panties and dresses to fap in
>fill my ass with big dildos
>boner whenever I wear girls clothes
>like to dom gf

>start transitioning 1 year ago
>no boners from girl clothes
>not turned on by transitioning at all
>nofap most of the time, only want to vanilla or guy on guy when I do.
>only attracted to men
>therapist says I have diagnosable dysphoria or whatever

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Okay you win, men and women are literally exactly the same in every single way, mentally, physically, and hormonally
If it goes away or not shows you who you are

AGP as repression = you have bodily dysphoria and can not imagine yourself as the wrong body. that's it. you may interpret this as a fetish to strengthen your repression of gender dysphoria.

AGP as a typology = AGP is the principle cause. You are a man with a erotic target location error. Your dysphoria does not arise from being a man but from failing as a man. In this case, AGP will persist after transition and may grow stronger. Transition is not necessary because the dysphoria is entirely psychological and there are multiple possible treatments. this is the exact same fetish as people who have fetishes for things like animal transformation in conjunction with zoophilia. Compared to AGP as repression, it is very rare, but when people have it their lives are pure hell and they have no way out.
Do you pass OP? I've heard similar accounts of AGP fading over time but I'm not sure if being accepted as a woman is a prerequisite for it to happen
I never said girls dont have a sex drive, stop making shit up.
A few times a week, mostly with my partner. Barely masturbate at all, tried it once to check if it still worked. But i derive pleasure from having sex with my partner now.

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