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File: 1572364615102.jpg (158 KB, 827x2047)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Why so much hate for AGPs? I'm AGP and I don't try to force myself on anyone or act aggressive, I just want a cute boyfriend who will love me for who I am.
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AGP isn't homophobic, isn't transphobic and isn't harmful to know about. The opposite in fact.
>b-but TERFs
You think they only hated us after hearing about AGP?

If you think AGP doesn't describe you then you don't understand it. You're not a liar when you're simply ignorant.

>people that hate us (like blanchard and his horde of terf and conservative followers).
Blanchard doesn't hate us and TERFs and conservatives don't follow him, or they'd accept and support AGPs like he does.
he literally wrote for a terf website
Not that anon, but normalizing discussions regarding AGP is one of the most important things in western politics right now. If we just keep going the same way we are now we will, UNDOUBTEDLY, find ourselves in a position where MOST if not nearly ALL cis women have been raped at least once by an AGP transbian before turning 20. So go ahead, don't encourage healthy and open conversation, but be aware that amongst the victims will be your sister, your mother, your daughter and your female friend.
i dont think its gonna be like that but youre gonna have some traumatized women, lots of detransitioners, small pockets of abusive narcissists and probably more hypergamy.
>Much of the "agp" material you talk about is not made to represent the ideal womanhood experience, it's a bizarre mixture of sexual kinks catering for a pretty wide variety of people.
Some AGP material is broad and made for a wide audience part of which will ignore the AGP aspects. It usually shows a quick male-to-female transformation followed by lots of fucking and often BDSM, forced bi and humiliation. Sadists, masochists and gay closet cases can use it without being significantly AGP. Some AGP material is different. It is about a very particular thing that is front and center. How cis is somebody whose favorite porn is like this?

Make friends thread!

What is your
>Primary interest
>Other interests
>Looking for
>Not looking for
>Something you did today
>Discord tag

Be nice!
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Excuse me but what the fuck is gynephillic
I assume from my understanding of the English language it means he likes female aspects.
I thought you were friends with the other Irish boymoders? Weren't there like four?
He's a chaser.

File: 5784390@2x.png (31 KB, 320x320)
31 KB
Say something nice about trans girls please
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what's it smell like
Rotten tuna fish, stale perfume, and lube
I'm dating one and they are super cute
they are small and i can hold them super easy
Love them
They're so mentally ill that you can use and abuse them and they ask for more.
File: gunlaw.jpg (31 KB, 641x499)
31 KB
They know what it's like to be men. It's a good mile in understanding to have been in a man's shoes, compared to biological women who have little to no idea.

File: 1563919296295.png (841 KB, 1056x596)
841 KB
841 KB PNG
Would boys like receiving lots of affection from a tranner? I mean lots of it, in all sorts of ways: hugs, cuddles, kisses, yummy cooked food, constant I love yous, cute little loves notes written for you. I can't think of more but there's probably more. So, would boys like that?
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File: 1573319937866.png (559 KB, 961x719)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
As a touch starved dude I understand this sounds nice to you guys, but I had it and honestly it began to suck.

Maybe its because I'm an introvert but day in day out text messages and at home niceties it begins to feel like an arms race. Sometimes I want to be alone on my walks, sometimes I just want my attention to be focused on something.
I mean I guess I get it, guys just don't get it. My bf isn't a very emotional guy and one of the best things was when we were at a comedy show and he just put his arm around me and said "I love you, you know that?" And he said it so casually.
I guess guys just don't think about that stuff much but it's nice to hear.
File: looking_down.jpg (32 KB, 402x306)
32 KB
I wish bf appreciated all attention I try to give to him…
youre annoying and clingy
Imagine setting things aside to spend time with someone you love just to have them be dismissive and not pay much attention to you, or not plan alone time when they have a chance to meet up with you.
I feel like my bf is ungrateful trash, and that he doesn't do his part in our relationship.

File: contra_666.jpg (102 KB, 796x1024)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
What did Contrapoints mean by this?
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How i can get more?
>just spray some glitter all over me that will make me a girl
Hontra is creepy
0 breast development?
at this point, she'll do porn scenes in 2020 bc muh female empowerment & sex positivity [spoiler]I can't wait for that tbqfh[/spoiler]
Really? She's not even a cute hon

File: 278986558015201.png (212 KB, 354x511)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I was never really into diapers or ageplay or whatever really before, but all the recent threads did it. Now my dumb, awkward boymoder butt wants a mommy or big sister to take care of me while I where a cute onesie with little animals on it with a stuffie and stuff.

You dumbs posted some stuff that actually made me almost cry cause I want it really bad, but I'm awkward and nervous and skinny and weird so I'll never get it anyways

Thanks for making me this dumb awkward thing now with an embarrassing desire >.<
KYS freak us trutrans don’t want you
Well that's mean for no reason
I don't hurt anyone

File: 1574037506560.png (128 KB, 986x750)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>be me
>have two boyfriends
>when we fuck we all focus on pleasing eachother
>after sex we cuddle together and compliment one another
>we're all gamers, like to play games together and can talk for hours about games
>we like to get fast food as a group sometimes and listen to one of my boyfriends sing
>at night i get to be sandwiched between them as we sleep, all cozy together

Starting to think monogamos just envy polyams
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The larp sounds like a loving relationship, but it’s a larp
File: 38960ukjsad.jpg (43 KB, 400x263)
43 KB
>i enjoy my lifestyle, so clearly anyone who doesn't engage in the same lifestyle is just jealous
If it's just a larp that's sad.
Still sounds like a nice relationship
You can think what you like, if me not wanting the girl I love being fucked by strangers makes me a relic of the past, gets that's what I am. I will never understand how someone can love someone and be fine with watching them get fucked by other people. I guess I'm the weird one in the year of our lord 2019.

Femboys, transbians, crossdressers, traps are not merely gay, but incel coping mechanisms
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Except I fuck/get fucked rather regularly. Bi crossdresser.
To be fair I did become a femboy so people would find me attractive
>incel coping mechanisms
except I am a highly sexed extrovert...please explain.
Femboys are based, traps are femboys, crossdressers are on thin fucking line and mtfs are ok if they're genuinely sex dysphoric, but if they think they're female based on personality or different retardation they should do the nice thing and donate all their organs to charity right fucking now alongside every bit of blood.
Boris being based once again

File: downloadfile.jpg (10 KB, 474x237)
10 KB
Why does my son think he's a woman? I'm at my wit's end with this. Yesterday Tyler said that he wants to be called Bernice and that he wants to make a full gender transition. We had no idea about this because he showed no signs. What should I do? His father doesn't know yet, but I think that Tyler needs help. I'm so worried about him.
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>biological females on 4chin
>biological females with teenage children on 4chin
fat fucking chance
>he showed no signs when asking to have a female name

wew what a dumb parent, i hope you feel the loss of your child dying before the parent
Unironically have sex with him. He needs to feel desired by a woman to realize he doesnt need to become a girl
sounds like your conflating orientation with identity.
but i bet there are mothers dumb enough to believe you.

what culture was that, the mom would suck off the teen to put them to sleep?

Time for a post natal abortion

File: 1571002325105.jpg (110 KB, 839x610)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Please help. I'm in way too deep and I don't know how to course correct. (Please bare the greentext. I don't know how else to write this.)

>Be me
>19yo guy
>"Mostly" straight
>Meet another guy online
>We instantly click
>Our personalities are the exact same
>I love being able to talk to him
>We make each other really happy
>He vents about all of his emotional problems and how depressed he is
>Bullying has completely warped his own self-image
>My empathy stat is literally 100/100
>Literally tear up at the stuff he's telling me
>Comfort him and tell him everything's going to be alright

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm certainly no therapist nor one to diagnose him but in my completely uninformed opinion, I'd say that he simply needed affection and positive reinforcement to improve his self-esteem and general mode of thinking. I'll definitely consider asking him to get professional help if he seems to be getting any worse or if his behavior seems to indicate that he really might have some personality disorder. Until then, I think the best course of action would be to continue as I have been and bring up this discussion here as gently as possible over the course of some time.

I appreciate your input, but it simply seems far too rash and callous to be productive. Thank you nonetheless.
I'm sorry OP but you're gay
File: really.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
You think I couldn't tell?
maybe you don't just bring it up out of nowhere, but you shouldn't ERP with him or try to develop your relationship sexually anymore, that will just make it worse.
this seems like a really hard situation so i cant say much else just hope you keep yourself stable through it and come out happy
>you shouldn't ERP with him or try to develop your relationship sexually anymore, that will just make it worse.
I certainly agree now. He seems to be understanding that I'm not necessarily comfortable with doing a lot of things already, so I might use that as an avenue for explaining why I'd like to slow things down.

>hope you keep yourself stable through it and come out happy
Thank you very much, Anonymous. I'm fairly certain I'll be able to weather the storm, it's just a matter of things becoming too emotionally taxing on myself at the moment and I needed to vent a little. Now that I've had some time to go over the facts, I think everything will be alright. I was just feeling a little lost.


File: 1566070565569.jpg (96 KB, 960x960)
96 KB
Is there a sexuality term for a straight male who likes muscular women and fantasizes about being the little spoon in the relationship?

Asking for a friend
True Bi like me.
>Straight Male
You said it right there chief
straight, now leave and stop shoving your sexuality down our throats
Straight guy who likes being dominated?

File: gaygen meets.png (430 KB, 1300x450)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
gaygen appreciation edition
QOTT, why aren't you getting a bf from gaygen?
Old >>13744069
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>Didn't feel thrown in Netflix movie style either
I haven't been keeping up with some of the movies made by Netflix. What do you mean by "Netflix style"?
>after I worked on making myself look cuter
How'd you do that? I'd like to try to be cuter but have no idea what to do, really.
Its probably different from person to person, but here's some stuff I did.
>changed hair style to be parted, with the parting line being over one of the eyes
>more aggressive face scrubbing in the shower followed by alcohol pads to keep face clear
>shaved more often and more thoroughly
>wore brighter colors and better clothes overall
>worked on being more outgoing and talkative (also tried to be more sensitive to the feelings of others and accommodate that)
>stayed away from self-deprecating humor
I hope this helps. Part of it is probably just an overall improvement on self esteem. I hated myself a long time ago and worked hard to get over that and like myself. Which probably adds cuteness to some.

Good luck.
Little late but...That's really something you'll need to decide. What reason or reasons will make enduring the anguish of living worthwhile? Maybe it's the people around you, or something equally important. Figuring out the why makes the how more manageable.
Thank's I'll try to keep that in mind!
I've tried face scrubbing before, but never managed to keep it a regular habit, I'll try again. And I'll get alcohol pads as well.

File: 15605409199240.jpg (148 KB, 719x1280)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Why does the society expect me to be a far leftist retard just because I'm lgbt and people get shocked when finding out that I'm a fan of Franco and Pinochet? To any sane person, Lenin, Stalin, Guevara and Hitler are equally wicked.
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90% of bolsheviks during his time were jews. They considered communism to be an extension of their religion.
>merkel, who opened germany's border, sponsors antifa with taxpayer money and hunts down racists online is far-right
How do you get this crazy? Have you spent your entire life in gender studies classrooms?
Mental illness.
Also samefag.
File: 1573736787534.jpg (411 KB, 1059x1420)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
>mental illness
How is that image related in any way, retard?

/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Vidya Edition

Are you ready for the oncoming Steam sales, /clg/? What are you going to buy and why is it not Greecekino?

REMINDER: We have a constant influx of trolls here. Do not reply to them. They are only here because they want to watch you freak out. Ignore any bishits and males (inc. tranners) that try to shitpost here. Sage, report, call the cops, siege their castle, burn their lands.

Discord: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Recent News:
>ideal presents for moms are discussed
>the ass vs titties war continues
>"boobs are just a pale imitation of ass"
>someone still browses /u/ for some reason

Previously, on /clg/: >>13821600
195 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 6.jpg (4 KB, 145x130)
4 KB
>visit friends apartment
>make joke about how I'm going to explode her toilet
>proceed to clog her toilet
lesbians arent gay, silly homosexual.

and gays arent lesbian, silly homosexual

i can verify this by asking any gay man if he thinks he is a lesbian. the answer is always no.

stop appropriating male culture, silly dykes
ooga booga
oh hey gold star for you
great segregation, jew.
that was fun

in the future please stop all segregation, and dont call yourself gay unless i can call myself a lesbian.

cya around

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