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File: 1553357454223.jpg (181 KB, 816x612)
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>yfw the creatine finally hits
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I bought some but I haven't gone anywhere near it because i heard it causes hair loss. Is this true?
No, you get it naturally instead dumbass creatine has no negative side effects of you take the right amount with food, if you take a too much without food it’ll just give you diarrhea, hairlets just like to shift blame
in steak* not instead
File: 1569682734094.gif (246 KB, 645x377)
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246 KB GIF
>tfw you pour creatine into a Monster drink
It causes higher test that causes hairloss if you have the genes for it. And it's going to happen eventually unless you chemically castrate yourself. Might as well embrace it and have some mooscle to show for it
Something occuring naturally doesn't make it healthy. Also, there's fuck all in meat if you cook it and even if you do, you need to eat a kilo of beef to take the same amount.
Drop alanine in bang and you'll want to run through a fucking window. Then continue running through several more

Is there a way I can workout and build a network of friends at the same time? Do people go out and do sports (ie soccer, tennis, rubgy) for fun? Is that a thing that normal people do? like amatuer sporting events/teams for adults?
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And the grass by the dudes foot
Wrong. Their tushies are so thicc and joocy that they are bending spacetime
Obvious shop is fucking embarrassingly obvious
thanks for reading the thread first my dood
>You'll never get what you want.
Not with that attitude. You need to believe in yourself more anon, don't be a conformist.

File: 1571038632216.jpg (2.63 MB, 2255x3006)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
fastest way to lose weight?

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This is right. But I guess you want something more sustainable OP: go in caloric deficit, do intermittent fasting, workout, drink coffee or eat caffeine pills. There's no magic pill, no secret, the ins-and-out of weight loss are well known.
>Are you a tranny?
Did you even need to ask that question
Are you retarded? Cico read sticky etc
Who's the tranny?
"vamp trip from lgbt" from another thread here

File: zyzz-e1351214850175.jpg (75 KB, 650x469)
75 KB
Post your steroid transformation brahs for motivation!!
File: sauna.jpg (56 KB, 604x453)
56 KB

File: 55181940.jpg (35 KB, 800x450)
35 KB
if you ever went camping or watched on youtube people vlogging them camping youll notice that they sleep a couple hours at a time, wake up, do stuff, sleep some more hours, put some wood on the fire, sleep for some more hours

i call it caveman sleep. now for my question

are there any gains to this caveman sleep? is caveman sleep the authentic human form of sleep or should we get 6-8 uninterrupted hours?
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For any sleep related questions, read Why We Sleep. It's best to get 8 hours uninterrupted.
I always have more vivid dreams if I wake up and go back to sleep.

Maybe two sleep sessions is the way to get more REM.

I read a book many years ago, that suggested that this was the actual sleep cycle. Before the industrial revolution, before people had job type jobs, and to to get up early for a commute, they'd wake up for a short period in the middle night, do some small, non physically demanding indoor tasks like sewing or just fuck, and go back to sleep. I'm not arsed looking, but I bet there is a word in English or German that refers to this.
I believe it's called "polyphasic sleep cycle." I used to do this in the Army. I wasn't conscious of it at the time, but realized it only after I got out and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a full 8hrs of sleep a night.

File: Scooby2011.jpg (109 KB, 350x524)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

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How about another joke scooby?
oh fuck its true
the 2010s is the most tragic decade we've had in a while
File: oldtoph.png (154 KB, 636x299)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
I like scooby, but another will rise. The names change, but the street stays the same.
Heck, he has build a legacy and a name, I'm sure /fit/ will still love him 5 years from now.
Scoobys been posting vids for like 15 years now

File: 1558605432471.jpg (225 KB, 600x718)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Hey /fit/, just broke up with my girlfriend and I can finally get back to going to the gym. What're some good programs to do to get back to my routine and old lifts as fast as possible
anger and determination
>just broke up with my girlfriend
this is not your personal blog
>What're some good programs
get the fuck out
Cool beans, go for it.

File: download.png (7 KB, 263x192)
7 KB
>tfw some gigachad laughed at me for using microplates for OHP
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Oh so that was you haha
Thats not how it works
You need to add weight to get the proper training response.
People underestimate how far simple linear progression can take you. I got up to a 257x5 bench on SS simply by using microplates after 5 pound jumps became too much to handle 3 days per week for presses
Well yeah cause even the most Beta of Beta virgins would laugh at you for using microplates. Just keep lifting, loser.
this desu
How long did it take you to reach 257 bench?

File: ben-stern-576106-unsplash.jpg (465 KB, 1500x1296)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
Potion seller, i am gonna go to the gym and want a drink to help me do good.
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my finest test e would kill you, traveller
Potion Seller, I said I'm going to the gym, and I need only your strongest pre-workout!
Take this creatine + LGD and mix with water. Drink 30 minutes before the gym.
Potion seller. I tell you. Give me your only your STRONGEST preworkout.
uh oh stinky haha

anyone go to planet fitness? why did you go or why did you stop going?
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I still go there, its cheap and always empty, Ill go to a better gym when I can bench the 75lb dumbbells and need heavier weight which probably isn't very far away. I squat with the shitty smith machine, use the leg press which is actually decent, and don't deadlift which I don't really care about. it has all you need to get starter fit
That's the only legit reason I guess.
This. Also, I'm in transition right now until I move into my new apartment that has an attached garage. Finally going to join the home gym master race.
I do because it's the closest walking distance gym from my house and my job, and I don't have a car at the moment. What gets to me is their barbell is only 60ibs on both sides so it stunts my deadlifts, overhead, bent rows, and squats.
Free pizza bro!

What steroids are you running, /fit/?
I’m taking EQ, Deca, Test, and just a little tren. I feel like a horse
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>liver/kidney toxicity(orals)
>balls shrink
>potential to never be able to recover natural production and need to pin for the rest of your life
>increased prostate cancer risk
>increasing in blood pressure(strain on heart)
>Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and heart failure
>Diasolic and Systolic heart failure(produced in studies)
>Endothelial disease(erosion of artery lining)

All so you can be a swole NEET or fuck more random 6/10s on tinder. Congrats m8
>some drug using junkie calling other people out about their gluttony

Lmao, hope you sober up soon.

You need serious help
Fuck yeah, sign me up boys
That sounds really dodgy ngl lad

Even Jeff’s help has gotten pretty good legs. What are some ways you’ve gotten your legs bigger when squats just weren’t doing the trick completely?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
prowler pushes after squats and diddies
Only took 15 years, but yeah
Jesse kind of prides himself on being the 'average fitness enthusiast' in contrast to Jeff, Jesse also has a form of epilepsy that means he can't do high weight training lest he suffers a seizure.
How long it actually take, like 3 years for him?
Jesse is living the life. Make clickbait videos for a living while being coached by one of the smartest fitness personalities. Also he is getting famous for these videos for additional thot summoning powers.

File: 1569155559367.png (293 KB, 580x548)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
>be at gym
>minding own business,lifting
>see some cute fit girl, eye contact
>smile, continue lifting
>turn around after set
>she is staring at me still

36 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
maybe a cute shy guy since she asked for your help
Well she didn’t say anything

>latina receptionist starts working at the gym in the last couple of weeks
>she says hi and smiles at me as i pass her
>whatever, she works here, probably means nothing
>start benching
>she moves over to the counter nearby, and leans over it so her giant latina ass is sticking out maybe ten feet away from me like she's assuming the position
>she's by the counter still as I go to leave
>looks up from her phone and smiles and says bye to me

it...it means nothing, right guys?
nah wouldn't look that far into it, she probably thinks you're gay and is comfortable around you
im average at BEST

Should I just fucking kill myself, fit? I'm 20. I have acne. I'm balding. I have dandruff. My teeth are yellow and chipped.

What's the point of gymmaxxing if the rest of me is fucking hideous? What's the point of living if I'm going bald at 20?
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's the thing man, I'm dedicated to lifting and eating a fuck load, I'm making great progress even though I'm still DYEL, it won't be long before I break out of DYEL mode. I do have a routine and everything, I'm just super cut down because my physique will never out balance the rest of my shit looks, no matter what.

The only good part of my genetics is my traps and delts, and T levels. Everything else is trash.
What did you even sign up for, if you would kill yourself over looks rather than complete your military service honorably?
File: 1561017873826.png (48 KB, 894x773)
48 KB
Having genetics take a shit on you at a young age is a load of garbage, absolutely. But as you get older, you will realize that people basically really don't care and everyone has their own problems. It might seem harder to find a girl or whatever but just walk into any walmart and you will see that anyone can get laid and you are just mentally beating yourself up over insignificant things.
I'd like you follow the reply chain a few times until you realize who you're talking to.

What's the longest you've spend in a sauna? I was in 200°F for half an hour yesterday and then took a freezing cold shower. Best post workout/immune system recovery that I can think of. Only thing bad about it is then beaners listen to their bug music extremely loud through their headphones. Makes it really hard to focus and enjoy
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Too soon
File: pure genes.jpg (42 KB, 400x425)
42 KB
Do you amerikans throw any water to the sauna stove? In Finland we throw water and it brings more heat and steam which is very hot. Usual sauna temp is 176 but it gets hotter when throwing water to the stone.
this. I honestly to hope op has a "congenital heart defect" after his next sauna.
I do 230 usually for 5 minutes then ice cold shower, in total about 4 sets.
Does that sound healthy to you?

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