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File: 20190620_150227.jpg (3.22 MB, 4032x2268)
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3.22 MB JPG
Rate my delicious breakfast meal.

Its deactivated oats and honey

Summer thread general

Are you ready to bang thots with your fit physique?
File: .jpg (41 KB, 1280x720)
41 KB
Who the fuck even lifts during winter?
You should life from new year to summer, then after summer you just chill
I always break plateaus in the winter.

File: Mike Mentzer.jpg (112 KB, 590x754)
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112 KB JPG
What is the consensus about Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty routine? It seems to worked well for him and the people he trained.
Did it in the 90s, was good for strength and shit for mass.

t. oldfag
I thought strength = size?

What’s a good routine for mass? I’ve been lifting casually for three years and I’m looking for a routine that I can ideally run 3x a week to maintain my size in perpetuity, that has minimal impact on joints (eg no heavy diddlies), and that I can complement with yoga one day a week and cycling one day a week to stay healthy and limber.

For maintaining for aesthetic purposes, is a full body better, or a three day split?
>I thought strength = size?
How American are you?

>What’s a good routine for mass
Volume. But it takes a load of time and really much food. Nowadays, people are doing low volume and steroids for mass.
Good to know. Thank you very much.

Can you maintain without getting fat? Could I expect some modest gain if I eat slightly above maintenance without adding body fat, or given that I am at roughly intermediate lifts, will I expect to only maintain?
As already stated - I didn't get swell with it. It was a nice experiment though.
I read his books and it was pretty fascinating but there was little usability embedded within his paradigm for me. The body adapts and its ability to do so was not as miniscule as he made it out to be.
High volume workouts brought muscle mass to nearly every trainee I have talked to.

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The studies aren't the problem, your misinterpretation of them is. Example: "Weed Worsens Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder"
>CUD-SAD was related to greater impairment and psychiatric comorbidity than either disorder alone.
This isn't exactly a surprise, people who have a severe addiction and have social anxiety have worse impairment than people who have just one of those disorders.
In no way, shape or form does this prove that cannabis worsens symptoms of social anxiety disorder. Only that having both disorders at once is worse than having only one (no shit).
Another example...
>Although SAD is related to CUD, it has a stronger association with cannabis dependence than abuse.
Association isn't causation, it could easily be that people who have social anxiety turn to cannabis for relief.

>Nice >>>/r/eddit tier correlation causation memeing though
I don't smoke weed either, nice >>>/r/eddit tier ad hominem though

>t. Someone who didn't read the studies and is trying to protect their fragile mind from admitting that they wasted several hours on nonsense

Good looking clever guy. Shame that his manlet status absolutely destroys my respect for the fella
I have no respect for people who happened to have the right parents.
Respect is reserved for people who accomplish great things, bonus points if they had to overcome disadvantageous genes.
tldr: weed make you gay
it's great if you need DUDE SCIENCE LMAO studies to to tell you that bicep curls work your biceps and that the bench press works your chest. that's basically all his videos are, and gay vlogs

File: 1522081632249.png (219 KB, 783x615)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Cardio bores me so fucking much. There is absolutely no difficulty whatsoever in running for 15 minutes and I end wanting to kill myself due to how brainless it is. Just staring into the abyss and trying to make my mind think away from the supreme boredom that is automitizing my legs till I start to feel tired is enough to make me wonder how the fuck are people who run for hours on those treadmills not fucking insane.

How the fuck would there ever be a way to make cardio not the biggest bore in the world?
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you do realize cardio is just a mind game right? Your head will come up with a million ways for why you should stop.

Youre weak minded and getting wrecked.
File: 72623q3.png (124 KB, 554x611)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>not carrying lots of cash and telling homeless people they can have it if they chase and catch you
It is what it is. Just do it, there is no roundabout way to do cardio, it is boring and you have to think about your life and failures when running. Use the time to think and actually be with yourself don't numb yourself with music and try to escape boredom. I like to think about how shitty my life is and use it as fuel for my empty existence.

File: Pizza.jpg (210 KB, 642x538)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
I'll start us off with BBQ Chicken Pizza:

150g diced chicken breast
2 large eggs (scrambled)
1 cup grilled onions/green pepper mix
1 cup cooked spinach
1/4th tube of premade pizza dough
1/4th cup of mozzarella cheese
2tbsp BBQ sauce

Roll out pizza dough to preferred size and bake at 400°F for 6 minutes

Remove from oven and add sauce and toppings, cook for another 6-8 minutes until done to your liking.

66g protein, 60g carbs, 27g fat
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File: ZomboDroid 02052019211753.jpg (518 KB, 2265x1363)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
These are my high protein mini pizzas
What do you guys think about onions sauce? Is it a healthier alternative to salt to put in salad/scrambled eggs?
>premise pizza dough

Just lol @ bloatmaxx fags

Reminder pic related is average power lifter bod
fuck off im so drunk my iq is probably 40

File: vacation.jpg (13 KB, 235x445)
13 KB
alright /fit/ give me workouts for when I am on vacation, I have
>resistance bands
>2 sets of dumbells
Day pass to whichever gym you come across.
Your workout is to enjoy your vacation. Do this to failure.
I've already looked at the gyms where I am going to be, only like 2 and one doesn't offer a day pass

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the one and only king
>low-fi shit
Why the fuck would y-
:D that make it cool!
Best song on the album
The Danny Elfman Spider-Man title theme from the first movie on repeat. Mfw the green goblin bit happens mid set.
listen to this /fit/tards

File: 152036333958.png (209 KB, 604x613)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>start to do push up progressions and pull ups on my house
>just do one set but a couple times over the day
>get memed by fit that is useless
>do it every day fro 15 days
>wake up suddenly feeling sore and feel my arms with tears

wtf I though bodyweight was a meme, you lied to me.
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File: 1559490926616.png (375 KB, 650x750)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Dude your bodyweight doesn't count. You have to add external load to make the muscles grow...
Your arm muscles don't know the difference between body weight and external weight. They just know that it's taking effort to do a push action. Obviously, over time your body weight won't be enough if your strength is great enough but for a beginner push ups build muscle just fine.
Bodyweight works, I did it for a year at home. But once you hit the gym you realize that weights are the real deal
File: tenor (1).gif (1.69 MB, 498x278)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
It was a joke silly.
I bet he also counts the bar lmao

File: file.png (938 KB, 1000x913)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
BiStolfo edition.
Which one I do first? Bulk or lift weights?
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Quick question: should I take L-carnitine pills? I've taken them before and I did lose some fat, but I was also working out quite a lot at the time. Is it worth it, or just a waste of money?
How much cardio is optimal to lose fat, but the least amount of muscle?
it is not accurate, you can recomp - lift hard, eat at maintenance (calculate it) and you'll gain muscle while you lose that fat for 4-12 months. at when your STRENGTH gains start to slow down really seriously, re-assess your bodyfat and potentially start bulking/cutting till you reach your goal body
Cardio doesn't really kill gains, does it? I just do 30 minutes of MISS on rest days for stamina gains.
If you want to lose fat but not muscle just tilt your macros more toward protein

File: 1560235065251.webm (2.83 MB, 1336x748)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM
*** Olympic Weightlifting General ***

Hey lads, didn't see a thread so I made one.
I'm very interested in starting olympic weightlifting into my routine (I come from powerlifting)
I started doing doing cleans/power cleans into my routine already and I quite enjoy the usage of full body and full body power into a movement. It's very addicting. I'm passed 1/2/3/4 so I have a good base of strength.
I was wondering how stupid it is to be self-taught olympic lifts?
I was thinking of just trying to clean and jerk and snatch at the end of my usual workouts and then eventually learning the form slowly through trial and error. I don't really have the excess funds for a coach (not sure if they are expensive). Is this dangerous at all?, or kinda OK to do?
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How high do you guys catch your cleans?
Dude the bulgarian split squats are fucking based, do them at the end of your workout, 4 x 8 each leg with weight that you handle without being all wobbly.
like 10cm above parallel lol
File: ilya.jpg (65 KB, 570x570)
65 KB
I have no concept of timing and the bar crashes on me in the receiving position
try tempo squats with band above knees

Do gyms care if you have a buddy there teaching/coaching you? My cousin is a body builder and I'm sure is up for teaching my newbie ass proper form and lifts and basically show me the ropes. I really just want him to show me once or twice because I'm not about gym partners, I just wanna put on my music and zone out. I was wondering if cause he looks like a trainer (dude is real fucking swole) the gym would get pissy at us cause they don't like trainers giving lessons not through them. Anyone have any issues like this or should we be fine? For reference, the gym is LA Fitness.
Doubt they'd care, unless they're particularly faggoty over shilling their own PTs
just do it and see what happens
just say hes your cousin, not much they can do then, so long as you both pay membership

Every single man who lifts heavy will have back injuries in his life.

Don't let this con-man destroy your health
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nice samefag

also kys you fucking faggots
This. Rehabilitated my knee too, after 6 months of resting it made the pain worse. Remember, connective tissue grows stronger with proper exercise
File: 1559946006471.png (113 KB, 288x300)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>unironically following this bloke's program
Nice cope dyel
Post squat

File: 243r43.jpg (7 KB, 183x275)
7 KB
ITT: the most powerful athletes
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>90% of pros are cheating
So just like any other sport?
performance enhancing drugs and computer assistance are two completely different things

File: findleye.jpg (142 KB, 1080x1246)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
One theory says that we find symmetrical things more aesthetic because they're easier to process and recognize, see: www.cns.nyu.edu/~vessel/courses/NeuralAesthetics/Readings/10_Apr_5/reber-schwarz-winkielman-beauty-PSPR-2004.pdf.

Which lead me to think that the more intelligent you're, in addition to valuing the intellectual lifestyle and put it in priority in your search for partner (most of the time) you also far less affected by the way X look because at the core aesthetics is logic, the intelligent person is more capable at making logical connections/processing, thus find symmetry more easier in objects=need less "perfection" to find the thing aesthetic.

Going by this logic, every person vary in things he find beautiful, the intelligent person is more likely to find it in complex things like Math, and some kind of philosophy and art. To find beauty in math for example you should be able to understand it and it requires to be "intelligent" in a sense, that's why dumb people (not only but for this point) rarely find mathematical equations/proofs beautiful, they have hard time processing the "symmetry" of it(which is a subset of beauty).

Totally broscience but science doesn't really have anything on this subject so why not?
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I'm glad you decided to leave Reddit, buddy. You're very amusing. You're wife is definitely ugly, definitely stinky, definitely not even smart lol, and she definitely isn't and wasn't modest. You feel for the shy qt bookworm meme and it's hilarious to see you cope in here. Do you get good hubby points for defending your ugly slut point on 4chan? How many left until a handjob?
Based redpilled thread over cope over
>because at the core aesthetics is logic
Yeah gonna need more support for that. If you deny this unsupported premise your entire argument falls apart
op can u redpill me more with true aesthetics symmetry and beauty?
more studies or books
When people refer to intelligent people, they mean to say like-minded people. Only big brain boys can discern intelligence amd nobody listens to them because people with a 30IQ gap between them can't even effectively communicate.

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