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Best programme for natties? (Hint: it’s UPPER/LOWER)
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Based, frequency is king for the natty.

File: Dr8s51XVsAAspSe.jpg (40 KB, 528x509)
40 KB
How long does it take to lose a gut usually? I'm in my awkward strong yet slightly fat stage.
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How little are you willing to eat? Could be very quick or very slow depending on your answer
Yikes my gut reduced heavily in a month I guess I can somewhat fast
give it to me straight doc
>fat accumulates at love handles
>the last place to burn off
>it doesn't burn off
This is hell lads.
That's long enough in the fire, I'd say

File: 1542488998099.jpg (240 KB, 1080x1350)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
How much is your guys' gym membership?
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File: 1538815034941.gif (41 KB, 645x773)
41 KB
Like 85 usd for half a year
>1600 sq ft
Good luck raising a family in there.
File: Spinning Center.jpg (264 KB, 1488x716)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Colombia here.

I workout at a shitty and very small second floor gym in a working class neighbourhood in Bogota. It is small, but most equipment is in alright shape and its completely empty during the weekends so that's good.
52 USD for three months.

I'm considering upgrading to one of the biggest chains in the country for 150 USD for 6 months.

File: MTA5NjgzMTE5Nzk_zh_4.webm (1.11 MB, 720x1280)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB WEBM
>hey anon, do you think this diet is working? I'm eating more vegetables like you said.
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I think pregnancy fetish and fat fetish are definitely linked together.

abso-fucking-lutely not. Do not even think of conflating them. Preggo fetish is literally god tier. Fat fetish is hedonism tier.

Learn the difference, it could save your child from a poor life.
I have both fetishes. They are linked, for me at least. I want a fat wife to feed and fill with babies. Keep her at home, constantly fed and pregnant.

Summer is almost here. Anybody else take the CHADpill?

>mostly train shoulders, biceps, forearms abs, some lats, some chest
>no autistic fatiguing compounds
>blast volume for show muscles
>regular cardio/sports outdoors to make friends + tan
>never go above 13% bf
>no autism cutting/bulking. Hit 100g protein and eat what you want
>minimal training for gymcel muscles (traps, triceps, TREX LEGS)
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Get a new watchhhhh
Yeah for now grow the beard and work on upper chest. I also wants gonna day anything because I figured it was the lighting and filter in the other pic, but for fucks sake get that gyno fixed before I milk you and make my own human whey
100g protein......
pizza has a good amount of protein
Only way now is surgery gonna let a doc cut that shit out for good completely with glands

File: images (1).jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
Why are you here on Easter?
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Too busy on a major cut so I can try and fuck one of my sister's roommates when I go down to see her in June
Easter? That's next week
i went to church today with my wife and then we went to my dad to have lunch

now i'm kicking back in the sofa
File: happy baybay.jpg (24 KB, 500x332)
24 KB
>tfw based Jesus helped me hit lmao2pl8 bench for the first time, for 3 clean reps even
where else would i go?

File: 85670566.jpg (70 KB, 700x696)
70 KB
how much money u make a day /fit/ ? is it enough to support your life style?
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~150k/year including bonuses and all that
This is guerilla marketing. It's a shill thread. /fit/ should've known better.
That picture also shows jon snows sword off to the left. Cersie will obviously die. I really wonder who ends up on the chair though. I think if it was the hound that would be a cool twist
I work in construction and make 118k a year. Everyone in oil and gas could very well be on /pol/. Not many are fit though.
Is that before or after tax?

How do i make hair gains, i want that black metal look
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File: My sweet summer child..gif (659 KB, 160x220)
659 KB
659 KB GIF
planning on that. ned stark had the same hairstyle on the show, but I really can't find a good picture of it online for whatever reason
It's wet from the rain, genius.

>Got plenty of hair,
Post hair.
File: 1555760018732.png (14 KB, 639x701)
14 KB
I grew my hair out for about a year and it was getting pretty long but then i got insecure and cut it off. Fuck i regret that
File: 1555248490401.jpg (43 KB, 491x491)
43 KB
>Marty's jewmetal hair
lmbo based

File: n45n4n4.jpg (25 KB, 306x401)
25 KB
ITT: things that DYELs say

>Woah, he's huge!
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>Dude, Beast mode!
>Beastmode bro
>Get it bro get it
>Bout to crush this workout, brb
>Killin it on Legs day, No BREAKS
File: 1536085619092.jpg (26 KB, 480x621)
26 KB
Every time. This kind of people literally can't stop talking about religion. All the damn time.
No matter how unrelated a certain subject is, they will always find a mental-gymnastic routine that allows them to either reinforce their retarded tribalistic mentality or virtue signal to their peers, by talking about their god.
I'm not even mad, I'm amazed.
This is all you need to make girls wet. The only thing you get from your heavy squats and oats is osteoarthritis
religious people truly are the worlds biggest autists
don't talk shit about the goose, nigger.

File: Thechadformatio.jpg (94 KB, 960x960)
94 KB
Has anyone here made it out of depression and self loathing through lifting?
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This. It does keep the depression at bay tho
I have found my motivation is through the trifecta of evil.
1. Anger
2. Hate
3. Revenge
This is the kind of anti pragmatic intelectual masturbation that doesn't make your life any better and that likely results in you lashing out on other individuals for your own failures and shortcomings in life
More like the trifecta of BASED
goddamnit leandoer that’s fucked up i wish you only the best

File: clarence0.jpg (107 KB, 1241x664)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>Vegans can't get b-
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This is the power of /fraud/
File: 1551546989867.jpg (36 KB, 500x441)
36 KB
99% of vegans who lift won't get big because of malnutrition
Get off my board faggot
ig without gear
Jewish Harry Potter looking nigger in the middle

>tfw did Muay Thai sparring for the first time

what the fuck? How is boxing still a thing? It's like easy mode compared to this shit.
86 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
catch and boxing is the ultimate combo but not everyone can carry enough weight to be a proficient catch wrestler and boxer at the same time, and catch wrestling schools are insanely rare compared to BJJ
And who did train you in wrestling? Its a shame that wrestling is nearly non existent i nEurope
>A tip for anybody that carries is don't about anything to the police. Don't admit it's your gun, don't admit you shot and killed someone out of self-defense, don't admit that you feared for your life, just shut up, comply, and ask for your lawyer.
isn't this seen as suspicious afterward? I thought you were supposed to say the feared for you life thing
I agree with you, but he's greentexting a scenario where you're just some schmuck and you're trying to use your boxing lessons from Crunch Fitness to box a nak muay
You can always go to a no gi BJJ school and train under catch rules while utilizing catch techniques from the internet. It's obviously not as good as going to an authentic cacc gym but it's the closest. Reset if you're on your back for more than a few seconds


Isn't it amazing how he went form being a total chad to being a fat cunt that nobody likes? Instead of progression it should be called

Is this the true spirit of /fit/ ? Same shit happened with Martins Licis, you can check his ig for that
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Retard not everyone is obsessed with fucking as much girls as he can, he actually did something which went down in history you fucking monogoloid girls bring nothing useful
man I wish I could "regress" into being the world's strongest man
From being interplanetary strongest man? Nah
Incels shouldnt be allowed to post here
>This happened to me
He became the strongest fucking man in the world on purpose retard, he didn't just turn into a fat cunt.

File: DXBif0dW4AAjReE.jpg (34 KB, 500x333)
34 KB
What lifts would Jesus have had? Bear in mind he had to roll away a 1/2 - 2 ton stone to get out of his man cave
The ones without graven images
he didn't roll the stone, he passed through it

File: 1555189284549.jpg (52 KB, 720x709)
52 KB
Anyone else lift because its one of the few hobbies you can have without having friends?
Don't even care about looking good I just cover up everywhere I go and have no friends, family or gf at 20 in college.
Please leave. You need >>>/r9k/ not /fit/.
File: 73882883_p1.jpg (369 KB, 1778x1378)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
I lift for mai Lancia.
I'm about to head to the gym right now.

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