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File: maxresdefault(6).jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
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Muscular man legs are blocky, rigid and toned
Women legs will always be bubbly and smooth (and fat)

are you trying to hypnotized a group of people into achieving t rex mode? like wtf haha
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bamp for answers
If ur diet is on point and/or ur on HRT, you'll likely have higher bf% and so you wont have that solid muscle definition
I'm a cis guy and if i had a slightly higher bf% and a smaller upper body, I could pass way better than the vast majority of trans girls, all thanks to squats
you seem like a squat expert, can you tell me what advantage squats have over weighted hip thrusts? i tried hip thrusts out and i never go back to squats again.
Yea sure ok. I squat because I'm a powerlifting wannabe. If you dont want to improve your squat, you dont have to squat. If you're trying to improve your physique, then keep doing your hip thrusts, just find some way to train the legs too
The reality is that most people aren't gonna get "too muscular" from squatting. Also, if you have high bf but no muscle your ass and legs will look like shit

File: C9uah_ZXcAEvlp2.jpg (70 KB, 1200x799)
70 KB
whats the ideal body for a manlet?
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Why aren’t you becoming Logan, manlets?
File: wolverine.png (131 KB, 858x320)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
because the Wolverine cutoff is now 6'3
a dead body
ultra thin twink, makes the perfect handleable cock sleeve
Thanks to god im 5'8'' can i still go human mode?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
/fit/spiration thread
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yeah, at some cushy ivy league school
she did, but she's not terribly fat at least, and her tits are massive
File: 1559689554594.jpg (188 KB, 1060x562)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

The strongest man in human history. PERIOD.
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Is there an example of a less aesthetically pleasing strong man?
This guy has lots of sex and knows what's he's talking about.
What about that canadian guy that could pull horses with his fingers?
Larp never confirmed on film

File: nothing works.jpg (20 KB, 369x467)
20 KB
I'm looking for ways to get rid of belly fat. I'm not looking for muscle at all. Was really skinny at one point and wanna go back to that. I'm trying to run at least once a day and see no improvements. Tips?
Just do intermittent and alternate day fasting combined if you're not looking for muscles.

Give it a month atleast.
Eat less. That's all you have to do.
So drinking a lot of water/drinks with electrolytes would help during days of fasting right?
Jesus Christ you retard. You can’t spot reduce. Do your bullshit no lifting routine and be in caloric deficit.
IF : Eat your veggies and get your protein , NO SUGAR/CARBS.

ADF : Don't eat anything, take a apple cider vinegar shot every morning, start drinking green tea or coffe for better focus/fat loss and yes lots of water.

That's it.

File: IMG_3020.jpg (320 KB, 818x1707)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
Hello /fit/ bros.

I am a novice in weightlifting.

Currently i have been doing various exercises especially compound exercises.

I also do a little cardio including boxing training.

I was wondering if you guys know any good resources for beginners in building muscle and developing more strength/ better physique etc.

if you have info-graphs and exercise pics that would be appreciated.

im 6'2 168 lbs

last I checked my body fat was 6-8%

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Read the fucking sticky
File: IMG_3021.jpg (1.27 MB, 2316x3088)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
my hair is back in these pics taken today.

i stopped going to the gym for a lil bit or at least cut back unfortunately due to finances and trying to pay debts etc bs, first pic with my hair down was from last month
>Post a Reply

I understand but im seeking opinion and human advice.
bumping for help and advice :)
Read the sticky finch kdgi. Nvdh. Nugget heat. Ifshhvk iohff ikvcb gfdsrr

File: 1557493033892.jpg (84 KB, 995x876)
84 KB
>day 4 of only lifting 3x/week
>i have lifted fucking once in the last 4 days
>i am constantly full of pent up energy, and when I'm left alone with my thoughts the suicidal idiations come back
what a strange hell this is
You'll get used to it newbie.
Lift heavier.
?? ive een lifting for 8 months lol
eat shit faggot
post body
Focus on getting the best prep before the gym and go as hard as you can. Then you'll be grateful for off days
Lift heavierX2

File: 1556520191834.png (34 KB, 644x194)
34 KB
Just got my T levels checked bros. How bad is it?
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It says normal right there, you idiot
I'm sorry to say it but you're ngmi dude..
but what about dat FSH?
>not gonna make it

File: téléchargement.png (5 KB, 193x261)
5 KB
If Im a weak skinny fat ( more fat than skinny ) without muscles can I get muscles ? Even in calories deficit ?
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File: 1566329491830s.jpg (6 KB, 250x191)
6 KB
Okok thanks for your advice anon, and how much time can it takes ? Im gonna be in 500 calories deficit
I eat less than 2000 cal and am still getting improvement so yeah you can
That’s where I started and I’m at about 14-15bf now. I gained some muscle and strength over the course of 3 months. I’ve been eating at maintenance for the past month and barely making progress now. So glad I didn’t bulk at 20+bf. I feel lean and great right now
Congrats man I hope get progress like you
Around 3 months if your estimates and numbers are to be trusted.

File: kai.jpg (97 KB, 1080x1350)
97 KB
Opinions on Kai Greene?
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Too based for this board. Real shit. If you cant function at all youre just a showroom car body with no engine
It's bodybuilding, not your pussy fantasy of "functional strength".
Is he natty?
all natural nut butter up in your cheeks

>dairy isn't natty
Fun fact, dairy is processed to the point that it not even the original product anymore. Unless you’re drinking milk straight from the tit your not natty
this is like 80% of the things we consume on a regular basis
sucking lacteal fluid from the roid cow sadly, isn't natty

File: Mel Gibson.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1350)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
A 63 yo dude mogs all of /fit/.
She looks upper 20’s max, retard
absolutely osama
>Miraculous Medal
The mad lad actually did it. The most based man in the entertainment industry.
I swear, Catholicism is either true or the best mass LARP in history and no one even comes close

File: Oh the ironing.jpg (37 KB, 324x472)
37 KB
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread thread
last one is gone

how fucking wide ma i supposed to bench? I bench at thumb's length away from the smooth part of the bar [I do bulldog grip so it extends out slightly more than this]
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What is harder to properly perform, a 2pl barbell benchpress or a 40kg (each hand) dbl benchpress?

And what weight would make it equally as hard?
Yeah, that's where I feel it. Isn't wide grip bad for the shoulders?
How come I can't maintain my weight/reps on certain exercises? Pulldowns, dumbbell benches, and leg curls off the top of my head. Most of my exercises if I'm doing 3x10 or whatever, I just do it with the same weight, but with these few exercises I can get to my goal weight, but I can't maintain as many reps on subsequent sets and I end up doing kind of half assed drop sets where I keep lowering the weight until I can get as many reps as I'm going for.
I 1rm 2 plates and do 3x15 rep sets of 30 kg dumbbells if that means anything. Dunno about what equals what though.
File: sassadads.png (1.04 MB, 1024x576)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Is it normal that I don't feel a burn anymore when doing exercises? I've been working out for almost exactly a year now and I've noticed that for the past few months I've stopped feeling that satisfying burn when I'm nearing failure. When I hit failure now, my muscles just feel fatigued / physically can't move the weight anymore but no burn.

File: ricardo.jpg (36 KB, 480x360)
36 KB
Im Currently running an Upper Lower split where compound movements are of high priority and when i get to the arm isolation movements im usually pretty fried. Would introducing 1 armday a week instead of rest help with my armsize? Or will it just put fatigue on me and therefore hinder my compounds from increasing and fuck over my progress.
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1 arm day a week will most likely put you at your MRV (max recoverable volume) from that one workout. However muscle protein synthesis occurs 24-48 hours after a workout. So if there are 168 hours a week, that means that you have 144-120 hours of downtime. Where muscle protein synthesis has stopped and thus waiting for next week for your second arm day is just literally pointless. As it will not contribute in anyway to muscle hypertrophy.
Theoretically the best idea would be to induce MRV onto a desired muscle the moment muscle protein synthesis has stopped. However MPS is very dependant on different factors. So much so, that the easiest way to gain progress is to just workout with 24-48h rest inbetween workouts. Eat sufficient protein, sleep a sufficient amount, get your vitamins and minerals, and just trust the process.
MSP does not occur 24-48 hours after a workout. The process stops 24-48hours after a workout.
post Body

I want to now if wisdom truly leads to gains.
But you're missing that compounds do work your arms too. It's not like his arm hypertrophy would come alone from that arm day.

The arm day would just give some extra volume for those muscles.
Okay, so i'm retarded and missread his post.
I thought his arms were only going to be getting work from that single arm day a week.

Share your worst, most gluttonous moments of dietary weakness during your /fit/ journey so we can laugh at each other for being fat pricks
>~4 weeks deep into fairly hard cut
>got high and watched a bunch of anime with my best friend the other night since I hadn’t seen him in months
>ended up eating almost a whole jar of natty peanut butter and 2 cups of steamed rice w/ söy sauce
>slaanesh is not satisfied
>got 5 deep fried oreos, 5 deep fried chocolate chip cookies, and 3 deep fried twinkies delivered to my place
>consumed them all in maybe 10 minutes
i conservatively estimate that whole “meal” to be roughly 5,100 calories, on top of the 1,550 i was already supposed to eat earlier that day
today’s tummy ache was quite underwhelming desu

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