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File: 1566335232115.jpg (142 KB, 1023x972)
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File: i12.jpg (57 KB, 594x590)
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yes, i did unironically post the picture of myself in this thread
How fast can you even run in those shoes?

Have you ever done that weird run with your legs straight and in front of you?

Yeah....pretty fast.

File: 1466780648031.jpg (95 KB, 612x612)
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How do you do it brehhhs? Once you are bigger and stronger then everybody then everybody else but you have autism how do talk to girls in the gym after you both made eye contact.
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File: image.png (58 KB, 1500x500)
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Show boobs or fuckoff
this sounds like it was written by a guy who wishes he was a girl
File: 1565538349988.jpg (42 KB, 700x528)
42 KB
Also OP I'll respond to you. I'm a single girl that works out and I can tell you if a girl thinks you're hot, she wants your attention. So you should really base this off of let's say tinder matches.

If you match with girls, are they messaging you first? Are you even getting matches? Do girls go bat shit crazy when you ignore them or see you with other girls? If so, you can talk to the hottest girl and she may even have a bf but she'll still add you on snapchat and maybe flirt with you when she fights with her bf.

If you aren't that caliber of hot but maybe a notch down or you got something extremely hindering like being short or bald or whatever.. Then play it safe and try to be friendly first. And by this, don't flirt or come on too strong too early. Just test the waters and let time do the talking.

Good luck :)
File: 1565638948701.jpg (19 KB, 467x439)
19 KB
Lol yea I get that a lot but if I type like a "typical e girl" then I get called a tranny so there's obviously no winning.

File: file.png (218 KB, 1712x834)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Unironically do you have to suffer some sort of trauma or legitimate brain damage to post shit like this?
>/fit/ isn’t /fit/ related.
The absolute state of this board.

Red pill me on gut Bacteria /fit/ my doctor says I have plenty of the bad ones (that’s why I am so fat) how can I get rid of them. Dry fast? Water fast?
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File: naming.jpg (22 KB, 566x566)
22 KB
Homemade sauerkraut. Homemade because you want it "live", i.e. fermented in salt, not preserved in vinegar. Contains the lactobacilli that you want, and the lactic acid is good for you too.
>Dry fast? Water fast?
If you fast I would start with something like the lemon-cayenne cleansing fast. Dry fast is hard mode, and has no particular advantage for gut bacteria.
>Take high dose B1 together with magnesium.
Also this.
File: knowing.jpg (64 KB, 382x597)
64 KB
Left something out. Fasting can help with flushing some of the bad bacteria, but won't get rid of it all, and won't reseed with good. So it's helpful if you follow it with live yogurt or live fermented vegetables, but if you make no other changes your gut flora will trend back to what you started with.
16g of fiber per each 1000kcal.
Moderate amount of saturated fats.
Cut to 14%bf, water fast to jump start or break diet plateaus.
Cut/remove junk/fast/snack food (for a while).
Drink 4-5l of water daily.
Lift or cardio every day.
Unironically kefir. There are two versions - milk kefir and water kefir - and from what I've seen they blow every other probiotic out of the water BY FAR, especially if you make it at home. Plus when you make it yourself it's insanely fucking cheap, I'm talking either a few cents for sugar to feed it or a gallon of milk in a week
Greek yogurt, fiber, and stop eating like crap.

File: barbell-hip-thrust.png (532 KB, 1320x1320)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
it's so cringe being a man and doing this exercise. I do it but I feel like a little bitch
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>forsaking gains because of embarrassment
You're not just never making it, you never even stood a chance.
Decent, but it becomes too light really quickly, plus you don’t work the stabilizers
i kekked

File: 1566331674708.jpg (157 KB, 720x960)
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157 KB JPG
What is something you wished you knew before starting on your /fit/ journey? Like, if you could go back in time to give your past self advice, what would you say?
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>Machines are useless, use free weights.
>If you can do more than ten reps, you're wrong
>Now that you figured out what a set is, work within your boundaries. Sure, you can hit 135 for ten reps, but you have 3 more sets and you already burnt yourself out. Maybe go for 115.
i don't even know what this means. acquire stamina
>Diet fuckwad. Figure out whether you need to bulk or cut, and keep going. PROTIP: you need to bulk. Sure abs were nice, but you also need strength.
just track your food and don't be a retard
>Nobody is going to support you, nobody wants to come with you, and everyone wants you to stay on their shit level. Leave them behind, now.
this is actually true, but it includes basically everyone who posts here... and if you haven't figured it out yet, the sticky is a troll.
Start wrestling at a young age.
>post body
As a former fattie: just cut out sugar and you're halfway there. Every diet from keto to vegetarian to chicken breast and rice has the common factor of cutting out sugar.
>Fix your posture early, focus on perfect form above everything else.

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If you want to eat like that either lift two hours a day six times a week with a morning run or only eat one meal a day
go to bed shane
>Also, abs are overrated. No one cares if you have abs.

thots do
Because you're a tween

Guys, im having trouble trying to get my girlfriend to slim down and lose some weight. I dont need her to be a crossfit freak or anything but just lose a few pounds. Ive been with her for a few years and i really like her, she might be the one. Just want her to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle like me. What should i do guys?

Pic related, my girlfriend

File: fitubers.png (963 B, 129x53)
963 B
963 B PNG
What are some /fit/ approved YouTuber's for anons getting into lifting?
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Been watching him, he's pretty good.
Def a bit clickbaity and comes off slightly shill. But seems informative and chill.
Will take a look
Jeff Nippard.
First post bro post
As great as Jeff is, I think he's more suited for intermediate or advanced lifters, as a lot of advice is around correcting or changing things people are doing wrong. Still, anyone who has a desire to get fit would absolutely benefit from him either way.

Scott's good, for sure. He's been on a kind of anti-instagram thing lately, but most of his content is quite informative.

File: 1462639519611.png (34 KB, 700x471)
34 KB
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Only /fit comic so far
File: 83p2l95emnq01.jpg (10 KB, 325x325)
10 KB
Got me off guard
File: 1537514821660.jpg (107 KB, 400x417)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Now this is nice
File: 1485668645270.jpg (203 KB, 536x1000)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

>married a vegan girl
>/fit/ told me id easily convert her to eating meat
>now im a vegan myself and look down upon anyone who eats animal products
How'd she do it
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You put that pussy on a pedestal and worshipped it
File: diecuck.gif (215 KB, 621x707)
215 KB
215 KB GIF
>supporting an industry that partakes in the inhumane harming and killing of defenseless animals on the basis of "it taste gud tho bro"
Watch "Dominion" and tell me you're OK with that shit, hypocrites.
There's nothing hypocritical about slaughter cute animals because they are tasty. Do you even know English?

File: pierce-brosnan-medium.jpg (53 KB, 360x450)
53 KB
>Reserve Engineering Thread, a variant of /fph
post em
and it was reverse
No. He meant what he said
And what did he say?
y'all niggas gay

File: Soldier_Transparent.png (160 KB, 320x589)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Does anybody know how soldiers during WWII physically trained? Would it be wise to train the same way?
with a ten pound rifle and beatings if you slacked off

File: g7oky.jpg (535 KB, 2000x1416)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
High volume or High intensity when cutting?
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High frequency

On a cut you can't build much from each workout so you need a lot of small workouts
File: 1565984145659.jpg (851 KB, 900x3850)
851 KB
851 KB JPG
Both you fat fuck. Break a sweat
File: 1565597877424.jpg (180 KB, 867x1200)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Larry Wheels says, in a Q&A video, injuries are much more common when cutting. Should one abstain from heavy weight (5 rep range) workouts until done with the cut?
Seconding this. Should I lower weight and start doing 3x8's?
Taper the volume the little as possible.
Remove assistance if the recovery issues persist.
Try to keep the intensity for as long as possible.

Is smolov jr any good?
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i just want to get a chance to shoot my ropes on a white girls toes while she spreads them wide
this is just incorrect. You cover her soles and she licks it off
i like webby toes and usually the cum will drop to the soles anyway. best if she scrunches while on her belly and you unload on arches and toes. then when theres a puddle at the toes ask her to do a big toe spread. god best visuals of my life
You're right. I should ask my girl to do that. She may not be flexible enough though
File: 20190820_222224.png (146 KB, 784x840)
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146 KB PNG

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