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File: 1566403538061s[1].jpg (12 KB, 249x249)
12 KB
I've been reading that 12-15 is the optimum range for hypertrophy, but then read anecdotal experiences that 8-10 rep range is better.

Is there a consensus on the best range for hypertrophy or is it subjective? or to failure every time?
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You’ll gain strength better at lower (~3-5) reps because neuromuscular efficiency
no they aren't
thanks for that retarded comment with no proof, insight or reasoning

there's a reason why different rep ranges train different things, why powerlifters lift more and can be way smaller than bodybuilders
these things are facts and exist

by your logic a powerlifter should be able to do 15 reps and gain just as much strength as his 5x5 which isnt true

you know that already, or you don't cause you're a dyel

do your research
Kek, that reddit spacing breh. And I didn’t say anything about a powerlifter gaining strength at high reps, I just said >>52093206
You can only increase neuromuscular efficiency to a point, you have to gain size as well
Strength is a specific thing. You can gain strength through hypertrophy but if you want to maximize it, do low reps with 82.5% or over of your 1RM. You can in fact get strong while looking like dyel. Also, I forgot to write that minimum of 10 sets per body part are required weekly for hypertrophy.

File: 1566245890796.jpg (52 KB, 526x568)
52 KB
>proceed to make 1 step forward towards the gymnasium

cringe what kind of faggot listens to this shit, get some fucking taste good god

I see a lot of negativity and bullshit on this board. So let’s shed some positive light.

You’re going to make it anon. No matter what life throws at you or how bad you feel on a given day. Get your ass in the gym. Just trying will get you a lot further than you think. And also, just trying is better than most people can muster up.

>we’re all gonna make it
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Fasting is for lazy fatfucks who think that they can change a lifetime of being useless slobs by almost starving themselves to death for a month and then end up with gastrointestinal problems and an even mode fucked up metabolism.

Kys fastfags
To all the, just like me, fat fucks out there that just lurks around /fit/.. I hope you all get to what you are dreaming about. And you find the strength not to give up when it starts getting boring and stale.

I hope you'll be making it
File: stone_bukowski_12bd.jpg (37 KB, 792x1008)
37 KB
How many girls do i have to have sex with till i feel worthy and desirable? Ive fucked 8 and im gonna be 23 next month and still feel low self esteem
I never even kissed a girl and I feel worthy and desirable.
Thank you anon
This is what fit should be but it isnt, and the fact that you are telling everyone this is a sign that YOU of all people will make it. Get it bro, take life by the balls!

File: tabata.jpg (83 KB, 1300x799)
83 KB
Anyone doing this? Is this a meme?
Ive been doing it for a quite long time once a week but recently ive started everyday for weight loss. My routine is squat+OHP with ~25 kg bar.
Any thoughts, advices?
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File: 20190821_170304.png (141 KB, 861x626)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Are you a girl btw?

25kg (55lb) is pretty small weight.
Using a bar is also robbing yourself of cardio and metabolism/strength gainz.

Do this instead....

Get 2x12.5kg dumbbells.

Hold them in OHP start position and start squatting.
When you cant hold up anymore, rest on shoulders.
When you start losing ability to do that, hold behind back as if doing a behind back tricep extension.
Switch between positions until you cant hold up anymore.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Look up the original protocol on bike ergs. That is just about the only way to do legitimate Tabata. I tried it and it's brutal, I was quite fit at the time doing regular 10k rows and lifting weights and so on. It was like doing too much when you're out of shape, I felt nauseous and my muscles wanted to kill me. Good fun though.
Ok mom
Idiot. That ain’t Tabata
Everything you just said is completely wronf
Is this a joke?

File: download.jpg (20 KB, 493x335)
20 KB
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Grow a brain and go back to /v/ and reddit where you belong
they're still fitter than you /pol/tard
yo what the fuck im fron /v/
Based and cringepilled
There are no "natural" pro strength/stamina athletes. At that level it's cheat or lose, so they're all on the same level again.
red meat is unironically bad for you because it's full of tmao

File: 1564226679725.png (934 KB, 640x1136)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
>gain a tiny amount of weight
>my face(which is already wide and hideous) immediately becomes rounder
why am I such a subhuman?
k y s
Fixable with a haircut that slims and elongates your face
you're probably eating the shittiest food for your body and increasing your blood pressure
maybe its bloating and water retention. Stay away from gluten and milk or veggies and eggs to see if you have allergy. I used to have bloated face problems too, thought it was just being fat
>Just eat meat for every meal bro

>running is for women and fa-
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File: 1565623184802.jpg (79 KB, 1024x768)
79 KB
kryptonite grenades and 40yo redhead reporters.
Henry ran a marathon?
I disagree. Although the intensity can matter.

Low intensity cardio can be great for a strong cut.

HITT is excellent too but try that shit at a 1000+ish calorie deficit.
Worshipping sandniggers. No thanks.
Interesting. I’ll start trying this. Thanks lad. Would increasing the resistance help with the cut?

File: vg2.jpg (109 KB, 347x347)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Tranny jannies keep deleting them. Why?

>Keto hate thread still up >>52083217
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GIB SOURCES, no srsly meat was a luxury food through most of history, gib sources pls.

Not eating a omnivore style diet is a fad.
don't forget to post pro-Israel and anti-National Socialist material, as ancient Judaic cuisine prescribed meat-only diets and Hitler himself was a vegan in response to his eternal enemy.
File: 1565597877424.jpg (180 KB, 867x1200)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>lost a good bit of gains when transitioning to veganism
>hit a PR in a recent vid
Here we see the result of vegan brain damage dna.

File: Ob5Na0f.jpg (877 KB, 2048x1366)
877 KB
877 KB JPG
I have this plan to perform a final "cleanse" ritual to rid myself of the OCD/PTSD forever. I have now convinced myself that I need to perform this expensive and long ritual to truly destroy it.

I have two options and each have their own outcomes.

OPTION 1 - perform this "cleanse" ritual
>Outcome 1 - I reassured that I am controlled by my mental illness and it will follow me; I will feel the need to perform this "cleanse" ritual each time that I move somewhere and I will never truly rid myself of this mental illness because I have set the bar so high that I cannot ever escape. I am weak and dumb.
>Outcome 2 - I did it. I completed it and now I can let go of it forever. I am a new, better person. I had the willpower to finish what I had started. I cleansed myself of the mental illness forever. I am strong and intelligent.
OPTION 2 - do not perform this "cleanse" ritual
>Outcome 1 - I am ashamed that I was incapable of performing this final ritual. My mental illness will follow me forever. I did not have the willpower to complete this final ritual to destroy it and I will be a lazy loser for the rest of my life. If I couldn't do this, then I am not capable of being a great person as I am far too weak and lazy. I am weak and dumb.
>Outcome 2 - I overcame my mental illness. I did not let it control me. I was capable of seeing through the delusions. I conquered my minds delusions, so I am capable of anything. I can now move on and it will all become a distant memory. I am strong and intelligent.

I need help. I need to know which sounds the most reasonable, rational, and likely to people without my mental illness. Please help me. The "cleanse" ritual is a procedure that I would perform when I move to school. I can explain the ritual in detail in another post as it is too long to explain here. It is several hundred dollars and will require several hours to complete.
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I am moving for school, so this is a gigantic final ritual and it's purpose would be to "end everything". It is about $400 and would require 4.5-5 hours to complete.

This is how it would work out...
Flight ends, leave airport

$25 taxi to store

$200 for "cleanse clothing and phone"

$25 taxi to "cleanse airbnb"

arrive to $100 "cleanse airbnb", perform cleanse ritual

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This makes no fucking sense you really need to be more detailed about what happens at these airbnbs
The green text is what would occur.

The cleanse airbnb is solely to throw away old clothing/phone and shower. I leave immediately after as to not contaminate myself.

The laundry airbnb is to wash new clothing, and throw away the old clothing that could possibly have been contaminated. I shower and sleep for the night here.

The last airbnb is solely so i have a place to stay while i look for rooms to move into for school.

After moving in, i would then again throw everything away, to be sure, and purchase new clothing/phone etc

This is when it is complete.
Holy shit bro. Save the money and spend it on a therapist. This whole cleanse thing ain't going to do shit.
Also, the "non-cleanse" option is to purchase some new clothing and stay at an airbnb before the flight, and I would simply wash clothing, shower, and sleep. In the morning, I would have a taxi to the airport and after the flight ends, another taxi to the airbnb to look for rooms. It is simple in comparison to the above. It is $400 less and less stressful as I would have little to do.

I will see a therapist after moving in to my room. I appreciate your vote to not perform this big ritual.

How much total back volume do you do per week in sets?
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File: 1538817224848.png (419 KB, 602x602)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
It's been a while old frien
It's like Sneed but /fit/
No Sam said it
Chins every day along with hammering back 16-18 sets once a week

All you retards who lose weight with regular CICO are normies, I have been fat since I was a kid and I got steadily fatter until my late teens, now I'm in my late 20s and I'm sure the fat has solidified to the point where nothing will work short of fasting. Oh well, you reap what you sow.
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File: image0.jpg (574 KB, 1125x1085)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
Literally just gained muscle mass
Feeling real fat rn

But I look the same. Guess I gotta go longer to see it.
It’s called recomp hoss

File: o44hchf54ix01.jpg (42 KB, 600x462)
42 KB
What does /fit/ listen to when they work out? I could use some more music variety any suggestions?
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Start with gottwerk, first album I heard by them and also my favorite. Asgard is fantastic, ich bin ein gott is a pr song
Thanks bro
jojo music
No worries, if you don't know Eden Synthetic Corps, definitely check them out. Glad to find someone else who appreciates industrial/aggrotech
File: 1549252702267.jpg (102 KB, 845x960)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I've been listening to these lately

File: 1566366645385.jpg (76 KB, 1080x1350)
76 KB
How do you stay motivated to go to the gym on hard days? Going to the gym on a normal or good day is easy. What do you do on bad days? Ie your gf broke up with you, lost your job, someone died. Do you just skip the gym or do you do a specific lift that you like?

> be me
> thought I made it
> had gorgeous gf that cosplays and would wear sexy outfits for me
> broke up enough me today

I'm thinking chest today but I just did that Monday. Maybe back and biceps?
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hungarian women are made to be cocksluts for european men
File: 1566356273295.png (762 KB, 1369x1414)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
>had gorgeous gf that cosplays and would wear sexy outfits for me
fuggg...that's some once in a lifetime shit nigga
I know. But in the end it wasn't meant to be. She always looked best in photos with the lighting, glamour angles, and makeup. That's not what she looked like in real life. That's not what she looked like when I fucked her. She was a 10/10 in makeup and cosplay outfit, a 5 or 6/10 without. Remember this the next time you see a thot in a costume and want to pledge your love to her.

If anything, it was just fun being around her and watching her get all excited about nerd shit like the newest season of Young Justice.
File: Steppenwolf.jpg (47 KB, 850x400)
47 KB
>How do you stay motivated to go to the gym on hard days?
Motivation in a bland urge to do things is nothing but nuts, what you need is both passion and discipline. One is the flame that is used to forge iron and by iron we're forged, the other will be the roots that will hold you strong as the storms tries to bring you down but they canot to last forever and now your leaves will be blessed by the head of the loving sun staring and 'mirin what great oak have you become

File: FB_IMG_1565810228204.jpg (27 KB, 533x400)
27 KB
I need your help /fit/

How do I start? I'm overweight and have very little muscle, too ashamed of my body to go to the gym, what can I do at home to lose weight and gain strength? Please kings I'm begging for your help
File: 1494969990004.jpg (491 KB, 1126x1001)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
1. read the sticky
2. you don't need to exercise to lose weight. if you just eat less you'll lose weight.
first, get rid of the soda and junk food, obviously. get more vegetables, fats and meat. these foods will keep you full. i don't do keto, but you can and definitely cut how much carbs you're eating.
you shouldn't have snacks or any foods you can make quickly like like a peanut butter sandwich. if you want to snack on something, you chew on celery, carrots, broccoli and drink water.
seriously just fucking go. do some research ahead of time to learn proper form and stick to a not pants on head retarded routine. you'll be fine just go.
if you're THAT much of a bitch then go for long, brisk walks.
Read the fucking sticky. Christ if you can't even click and read, you'll never get fit.

File: EABwDLDXUAA43jc.jpg (103 KB, 702x671)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I have not slept in 40 hours and I have work in 6 hours what's the best way to deal with anxiety induced insomnia?
File: 1559431985061.jpg (182 KB, 1094x1069)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Call in sick and get some sleep.
You're no good to your boss, whatever profession you're in, in this current state. Sure calling in sick makes you look like shit but it's better than putting this much stress on yourself.

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