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/fit/ - Fitness

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File: 1542951617293.jpg (79 KB, 576x467)
79 KB
>No 5'6 role models to get inspired

Being a manlet in the Netherlands fucking sucks, everyone always wants to fight me and won't leave me alone even if I give them a bloody nose, its worse when I do because then his friends jump on me and I have to waste a week in the hospital again.
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Theres no kickboxing gym around here, only Brazilian Judo or something where they use a pajama and choke people.

vanwaar ben je? suriname?
Wolverine is 5'5
What about lil’ Arnold?
File: 9e7.jpg (44 KB, 600x441)
44 KB
but Hugh Jackman is 6'2
cruise is 170cm
pitt is 180cm

File: IMG_20181209.jpg (437 KB, 1616x2804)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Cutting Edition

170cm 63kg
Can I get a bf% estimation?
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File: IMG_20181209_230139.jpg (198 KB, 720x1280)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>This ought to be the official /fit/ CBT montage plus legs.
depends on genetics and diet. minimum three months for some good newbie gainz to kick in if you work hard and eat big/clean
File: whatsthis.jpg (22 KB, 302x174)
22 KB
I do 2 exercices for the biceps and 2 for my triceps:
- Hammcurls
- Concentration curls
- Triceps Cable Pressdown
- And one arms cable pressdown (pic related)

I usually do 4 sets for each and a dropdown set for the last exercise of each muscle.

The trick for me is to really contract your muscles and hold it for 1-2 seconds (bizeps in the top position, triceps in the bottom position). I also switch between doing heavy sets and light sets every 2 weeks (so 12-8 reps vs. 8-5 reps).

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It still amazes me when fatties say they wanna die because they are fat instead of losing weight. They put food over their own life. Such subhumans.
It's not even food. You can eat like they do and just work out and start losing weight.
If this is real you literally just have to lose weight and you will look good
Dear fucking god you're the guy that was spamming threads on /fit/. Just do something man making 20 fucking threads a day won't fix it
You have a good hairline you stupid fag. Grow your hair out a bit and lose weight so you don't look like Gomer Pyle and you'll be fine.
t. baldie who is less self loathing than you

File: 1528400945840.jpg (63 KB, 640x640)
63 KB
>tfw 24 and look 18-19
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>be young and boyish looking
>have the voice of a white Morgan Freeman

the dissonance between my face and voice seems to scare people sometimes
File: 1526389504644.png (3.63 MB, 3892x4368)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB PNG
>tfw about to turn 21 soon
>look like I could walk thru my old high school and I wouldn't look out of place
I guess it's better than aging prematurely.
File: c2f.png (430 KB, 667x670)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
>wavy hair
>full lips
>hunter eyes
>perfect complexion
>strong bone structure

I'm not going to lie, I'm jealous as fuck. No matter his beliefs, actions, personality, etc. he cannot fail with that face. Even in this thread anons are defending him.
you're 20 years old kid you are a kid to most people

Welcum too powaliften genrul.
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Fuck off raffy. Go cut and paste your dick.
I was talking about raffy you nunce.
Good morning /plg/! WAWTT fellas

I've got
Squats 10x2
Spoto press 5's
Belt squats
Comfy retired session.


3x5@65, 75, 85%

Ab rollouts, Back extensions, lunges.
Squats 5x4 @70%
RDLs 4x4 @whatever
Then rows, quads and posterior chain hypertrophy stuff

No meets planned for the near future so I'm trying out Nuckols' Journey template.

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read the new Testament, brother
Jesus loves you and wants to make you happy again.
You dont need to acieve anything. He has done everything for you. Just accept him and follow his lead.
one of her eyes is much higher than the other
noided and gripspilled
Seriously. If I wanted to have all my money drained and then be metoo'd to all my friends and family, there's no better person than her.
Jewish shill

/nofap/ general
News: christianmingle dot com
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>W-whats going on this isn't what I wanted
good your either realising all women are disgusting creatures with mountains of make-up to disguise the fact or your latent homosexuality is beginning to shine through after years of fooling yourself into liking hetero porn as a form of repression.
Day 1 here, hopefully I can last longer than last time
File: 1539887361203.png (194 KB, 439x563)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Day 37 here, same.
Last night I was thinking about getting sucked off while in bed, realised that this was a ruse to make me cum while not dreaming or touching myself I.E hands-free masturbation, realised that thinking of having sex is similair to watching porn as it only fakes an actual fucking session, realising this does make me more motivated to seek a girlfriend though so lesson learned.
Nearly broke my one month+ nofap streak ffs.
Good luck, resist the urges, write down how negatively you feel about yourself when you do watch porn and fap.
Not fap obviously

File: 2O5zS1k.jpg (127 KB, 1080x1350)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Do you have some lower back pain?
Could be kidneystones from protein overconsumption.
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File: scoobys_logo_med.jpg (25 KB, 252x268)
25 KB
>I used scoobies calculator
I bet you did, you fat fuck.
Too early to tell, but they didn't indicate anything like that
File: FB_IMG_1529913915338.jpg (20 KB, 480x480)
20 KB
Took me a good 10 seconds before I realized what the fuck I was looking at, this shit is horrifying.
Anyone care to explain to me how to avoid pic-related? Is it just caused from drinking soda?

Have you ever caught a guy checking you out? Did it make you uncomfortable?
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kind of qt
yeah you faggot its called miring
>tfw fucking love twink / sissy porn but not gay in the slightest
Most of them are BLACKED and uglies, anyway.
What do?
idk why but
>uh no it's happening again
got me lmao

File: 1518508106637.png (25 KB, 669x514)
25 KB
>that smell after you scratch your sweaty smelly balls after a workout and stick that finger near your nose for a big sniff
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File: 1543282807505.jpg (55 KB, 600x445)
55 KB
File: cheeks.png (6 KB, 210x229)
6 KB
>that constant smell when your hemorrhoid goo leaks in your underpants
I liek the smell so much.. I don't want to shower and get rid of it lol haha i keep sniffing my self
Like if you just whiffed :)
It smells good to indicate you have healthy genitals. If it starts to smell bad go to the doctor

File: 1425718654485.jpg (952 KB, 1763x2034)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
Recently I really opened myself up to this line: "Defeat yourself everyday"

Basically what that means is that if you are lazy and just lay around eating shit food, watching series or playing games all day everyday and are in no way productive and just waste your days away, you have been defeated by yourself.

I am pretty much a victim of this. But last month I started jogging so I can get fit, but my self discipline is lacking. I also occasionally watch porn like some degenerate. eat processed unhealthy food and waste my weekends away at home instead of doing activities to meet decent people and a decent girlfriend.

I think being organised and having a daily plan and routine is the best thing you can do, so lets help each other out!

Let's create a list of productive activities and make an effort to really plan our days out, to really become fit, healthy and stable.

If you have achieved this, please share your wisdom.

Here is my list of things to plan out:
- Eat healthy (have a weekly meal plan)
- Meditate for 5 - 10 mins a day

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>that 18 year old hitlerposter
I was never in this situation but my Engineering/Design teacher is that same type of drill sergeant bs.
College Info Geek for anything besides fitness is a good starting point for most things
This isn't the sig i once knew
It's so dead today

File: 1542922194172.png (507 KB, 610x634)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
What app would /fit/ invent to make lifting and making it better?
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Her face is absolutely fucking perfect
An easy 10 in my book
File: 1516767607301.png (42 KB, 399x322)
42 KB
samefag is samefagging
>knees pointing inwards
>knees not pointing inwards

File: Capture.png (37 KB, 603x555)
37 KB
It's another anon breaks his fast with McDonalds binge eating episode
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
bet that shit was good tho, mirin OP's tastebuds right now.
Tenders AND McNuggets?
yes i have. fruit is the proper way to break a longer fast, because of the essential digestive enzymes that you produce when you eat fruit.

If you eat meat or junkfood after a longer fast the shit can actually get stuck in your guts, rot there and give you huge problems and constipation.
i eat beans, liver and homemade fermented foods plus 2kg of veggies after most fasts
Sounds like you're a weak willed faggot constantly making excuses for himself

What are best low carb high fat/prot things for fast breakfast. Something that would not take me more than 15 min to make before i have to go to univestry.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thin cut pork chop and whatever vegetable you want
Bacon and eggs. Inb4 takes too long.
Turn on stove med-low and put bacon slices on. You have about 3-4 minutes to go put pants on. Come back and flip bacon. You have about 2 minutes to put on a shirt and socks.
Take bacon off, drain grease into a beer can, put eggs in pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes, flip, cook for another 30-60 seconds. Eat
If this is too hard just wake up 5 minutes earlier.
Get some plain Greek yogurt. Put coconut oil in it. Eat that shit up
File: FB_IMG_1542277093271.jpg (39 KB, 435x551)
39 KB
Thx frens
Trying to cut on carbo jew
This + nofap and i hope i will get my testosterone up
File: 20181210_152831.jpg (2.62 MB, 4128x2322)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
Btw what about this?
Pork sasuage made from home grown pig. I have about 10kg of this

File: 1375733566667.png (253 KB, 1167x879)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
> It's your first time
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you came close before how do you try again without insane running thoughts
File: 1533453438719.jpg (58 KB, 482x427)
58 KB
Came close to it again this weekend but bailed.

fuck off with your autism, /r9k/ isn't /fit/ you fucking liability

if you can't stay in the moment you need to fix that. I, when I was much younger and much less experience, pretty much had perennial ED because I'd be too wrapped up in my head.

I would wank without porn, focusing on sensation to make me hard rather than what I saw, and I also started trying to be more mindful. Sex should be fun for both parties - don't focus on her pleasure, focus on what feels good, and what's arousing. You're not cleaning a car, you're rutting.
Thank you

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