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File: 1570951439365.webm (2.55 MB, 480x480)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB WEBM
Is it Chad to do your cardio in public?
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clean up my shit janny :)
But who is it pranking? Hardly anyone even noticed

I don't know, but why else would he be filming?
You mean like running or cycling? I don't understand this b8
Damn, this dude calf mogs me something ridiculous. Should have been a fat fuck earlier in life

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File: thinking whore.jpg (109 KB, 2048x1024)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
A stress free life I guess? I dont understand why he looks so good as a vegan and yet most vegans look like emaciated skeletons.
Cope more manlet
looks good in both pics, idk why so many chicks bother with plastic surgery. if its for wrinkles and shit then yeah go for it but plastic surgery in your 20s or early 30s is nearly always a mistake.
He looks ftm
He's ruining not an adult, but a child that could have had a nice family.

Nothing wrong with marrying a 16 years old, but you need to have your throat slit if you sexually take advantage of a virgin minor.

Turns out baby food is loaded with heavy metals, preservatives, and all that nasty shit that can do everything from deform, to stunt, to damaging the growth of an infant and child well into adulthood.

If you were fed baby formula/food when you were young, your at a significant fitness disadvantage and science backs it up.
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File: Immortan Joe.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
Force your wife to breastfeed your kids, MAJOR fuck up in picking one if she doesn't. If necessary, or you have an erection, then you may pin her down and suck it out of her with your man-lungs, and regurgitate it for your kid. If your wife is simply not producing (in which case make her pregnant again) then you may ambush other mothers, and steal their milk that your kid may grow and theirs stay as milklets. That breast milk is your property, obtain it by any means necessary.

All food containing plant matter is contaminated with insane amounts of pesticides and herbicides.
>processed food is bad

Wow who would’ve thought.
If your parents have you baby food they’re literally the lowest common denominator of garbage. It takes less than a minute to blend a fresh meal for your kid
>the state of burgerland
Fuck this explains a lot

Do you need leg work other than squat/deadlift/calf-raises?

>calf raises
>not running or jumping rope

File: 1554811360216.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1600)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>he hasn't taken the raw meat pill yet
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Good job. I started with raw eggs too. Try raw beef next.
I don't eat when I go out or I get my eat cooked as little as possible (blue rare steak etc.)
Vegans live longer and are more healthy. That's the true red pill. Go vegan or get lost.
That's not true at all. Everyone knows that.
>The only reason for cooking meat it to make the possibility of contracting an infection
also wrong
cooked meat takes less energy to digest than raw meat. the reason our brains exploded in power is because we could use less energy on digestion and more on brain power. rawfags are literally devolving themselves.

File: 1551958609493.gif (1.86 MB, 228x170)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
>glute doms
>gotta take a shit
>pelvic floor doms
>can’t keep poop in

Trying to create a thread (perhaps a general even) for discussion of drugs taken for other reasons than physical performance enhancment whilst being physically active.

Post your drugs and how they effect your gym-life and fitness.

>Abilify, 5 mg
>feel slower
>brainfog cleared
>didn't do shit for anxiety
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nah bro, i won't kill myself, i'm not weak like y'all junkies
>muh chemical imbalances
everyone gets sad, everyone has anxiety, how do you think i felt when my mama died when i was 17?
what y'all need is to get out of the comfort zone and do something useful
PD:22 y/o, not a boomer, haven't made that many muscle gains, but now that i work whenever i fucking want im 1000% im going to make it
>everyone gets sad...
I don't know if your iq is abyssimaly low or you just haven't had the opportunity to learn about these things because of the education system in your country. But being sad and having depression are not nearly the same things (though ofcourse there is overlap, they are in no way synoymous). Being anxious and having anxiety are also not the same things. Having your feefees hurt cause mommy croaked is not the same thing as your head telling you to shove a knife in your throat on a constant loop for most of your waking hours. I suggest you do a little reading before you embarass yourself like this again.
Otherwise, and again, consider suicide.
go back to reditt, they love to victimize themselves over dumb shit like that
>Otherwise, and again, consider suicide.
grow up kiddo
>"Its impossible to man up, boomer! The Jew doctors said so!"
post body faggot
Embarrassing samefag also not an argument.

File: 1570229235057.jpg (277 KB, 324x632)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Hey /fit/ what's the most effective martial arts?
What's the least effective one?
And why is op always a faggot?
Most effective: Sambo
Least effective: Karate

Do I have gyno
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Ayy lmao
doesn't look fatty.

When you touch it while flexing does it feel soft?
Have you considered lifting weights?

File: ghr.jpg (9 KB, 283x178)
9 KB
how do i build up to GHRs? i get on the machine and feel like either my hamstrings are going to rip and/or i'm going to fall on my face.

i rep 405 on the deadlift and have been training 9 months.

File: 1569982695432.png (664 KB, 952x1329)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
>ohp: 135x7
>incline: 135x9
>flat: 135x10

bros what the FUCK is wrong with my ratios and weak bench and how do I fix them? My pecs are pretty small for my delts/tris. I do push/pull and do a ton of volume on bench and incline but it still isn't coming along.

File: syriav2.jpg (93 KB, 968x681)
93 KB
When people say your first half decent numbers are 1/2/3/4 do they mean 1rm or 5*5?

I'm assuming it's 5*5 because 1rm of 1/2/3/4 isn't respectable in the least
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I’ll explain it because it’s a simple concept and I’m bored, but learn to read in the future.
>OHP 1 plate/135lbs/60kilo
>bench 2pl8/225lbs/100kilo
>squat 3pl8/315lbs/140kilo
>deadlift 4pl8/405lbs/180kilo
A pl8 is a standard Olympic 45lb/20kilo weight plate, counted as one plate on each side of the 45lb/20kilo bar.
Really? I feel like any grown man can do 1/2 and hiking around w/75lb rucksack should get you 3/4
Manlets trying to disregard higher inherent strength of big/tall guys, or at least make excuses for not being as strong. Manlet feats of strength are impressive: parkour, gymnastics, motocross, etc, but the bodyweight cope for lower absolute strength is kinda annoying. Different classes and natural abilities. At least you got bench press.
Literally anything. It’s like level 1...you can beat it with even the most terrible programming.
Silly zoomer humor. Always trying to be ironic , exclusive and cliquey. It’s been +45 since I was a child in the 90s.


Do mixed oats work for weight gain ?
I hate oats, but boy are they packed with good nutrients and calorie dense.
Basically when I get up in the morning, I’ll blend the oats into a fine powder and put 50g in a shaker and add water, before shaking and drinking. I do that twice every morning, so 100g oats.
Now, do you think this is a good idea ? Will the oats be digested ? I sometimes find oats in my poop is why I’m asking.
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Oats are a meme
Grain is probably the worst thing to put in your body. Opt for stuff like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams
want to gain weight? just eat simple carbs. chocolate shit. the sweets aisle. raid it. eat it. it's the quickest way to gain weight.
sorry ur pic looks like someone about to rape me.
anyways oats are great, for me i add like 60g of them to yoghurt and olive oil in the morning.
pretty yummy
want to be *fat fuck?
here i corrected it for you

File: ChrisCoburn-Profile.jpg (111 KB, 1235x1235)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I know you guys do other things besides browse 4channel, and go to the gym.

>What's your job

>What was/is/willBe your university major?

>How old are you?

If you have no major, or job, and only gym, you are based.
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What were your businesses?
cofounder and commercial director of a dairy company

currently studying physics as well

my heart goes out to you. i have been a software dev and i have never been so painfully bored and unfulfilled in my entire life. if you're not passionate about computers don't do it because your soul will be the price for it
I agree. Graduated and got a great job at a big company. Have only been here for 3 months and my god is it boring. The money is all that keeps me going but I can not imagine doing this for the next 40 years.
I don't mind it, as an intern I'm doing a lot of support dev/updates and I enjoy solving problems. Not a fan of all the meetings, documentation, and other formalities though.

I work for a small company so there's still a chance I could hate this when I go to work for a big company.

File: SS.png (140 KB, 1764x432)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Is this true?
File: PavL_ARH_400x400.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB

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