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File: 95348538459.png (277 KB, 1019x539)
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277 KB PNG
at least I hit 2pl8 r right
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Thanks man
thanks for sharing :)
File: kenobi.jpg (73 KB, 800x450)
73 KB
driving at night is /topcomfy/, there's no one on the road so its just you, your thoughts, and the road. being a truck driver might be my dream job.
I can't tell if this is a shitpost or not...

File: 16.jpg (41 KB, 636x352)
41 KB
Chiropractic Treatments, yay or nay?
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>Latin and Mediterranean guys
Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Italians, Greeks, Croatians, Serbs and albozergs are still white, lmao.
then come here and get a real gf
>eating a phone
God bless you anon

File: 1536350963462.jpg (36 KB, 657x527)
36 KB
>lift for girls
>get gf
>lost every interest in lifting and going to the gym

Are girls the ultimate gains goblin?
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She's gonna either leave you for fit dude, or your laziness will rub onto her and you'll both become fat and ugly like those people in walmart
>want food because hungry
>eat food
>lose interest in food because full
did you understand this, at least? you brainlet
File: e0e.png (432 KB, 680x768)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
He made it.

*cracks a can of monster*
I did that when I was 16, got in a relationship, did t end well.

Females are an accessory to your life, ignore this at your own peril.

File: 20190519_002158.jpg (392 KB, 1440x1298)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Do fat burners actually work? I want to loose my love handles and gut, I'm 5,6 and 150 but I have both of those and in conjunction with a good diet (not caloric deficit) and weightlifting and cardio could I see results? I run literally almost every day and that fat is extremely stubborn and I'm not motivated enough to count calories and create a caloric deficit diet plan for myself
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AFAIK they're a less potent EC stack.
fat burners are essentially pills that are packed with stimulants and appetite suppressants. they'll get you wired with energy and stave off hunger, but they don't have any actual "fat burning" properties. they are simply a tool.
Not him but whenever I go too long without food, I get light headed and dizzy. Do fat burners help with that?
Technically yes but
1. You almost definitely need them or won't benefit much at the weight/bodycomp you are at right now
2. The most effective ones aren't over the counter legal
3. Most aren't even effective unless they are also appetite suppressants or you take one with them
Seriously actually think about this, these things aren't like increasing your metabolic intake passively by anything substantial like 500+ cals/day or you would pretty much be overheating to death, it's a very slight increase that means almost nothing.
I mean you could take clenbuterol or GW501516 (Cardarine) but those are a lot harder to come by.
Losing fat purely depends on calories in and calories out

File: JustJeff.png (171 KB, 298x434)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
When did you realize the biggest fitness redpill you can take is by leaving 4chan forever?

>wasting hours shitposting
>develop a twisted sense of humor
>constant negativity
>fostering mental illnesses such as bigorexia

Stop coming here. Focus on lifting and being the best. Leave and don't come back
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>By the way, does anyone know what Moot has been up to?

Drinks coffee in a cubicle all day in exchange for high five figures and HRT. Occasionally he consults with higher-up Jews about how to destroy us and make us politically inert.
File: 1355950842510.gif (2 MB, 319x264)
2 MB
Oh god so much this. This place is slowly turning into /pol9k/.
Quit falling for the memes and learn to love your penis, man.
Hehe, not taking the b8
I love this website, my life is fine, why would I "leave"?

File: 1552124232511.png (520 KB, 888x894)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
>at the gym
>doing my uppercuts
>crack open the crab legs between sets
what do you snack on at the gym anon?
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you know i'm talkin bout deenz
i know you know what i mean
pic related
Good to see ya robert
absolutely based

I personally smuggle melted butter in my bottle from the kinoplex
very nourishing between sets
File: 1524145722871.gif (824 KB, 775x510)
824 KB
824 KB GIF
>get the theater blacksmith to fill the holes in all the plates so they're the correct weight
we're pals

>relapse on masturbation again
>have to force myself to eat an entire onion to give me back my lost testosterone
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Would pickled onions work?
This is truth
I only use nofap when I don't have a gf or when I know I want to fuck my current gf romantically and for a prolonged time. It does work for that, but the biggest part is becoming social and taking risks.
Why is it so important to you that others masturbate? Genuinely curious
Lmao just get a girlfriend and fuck her
why doesnt someone sell onion extract pill or smth?

File: 1536517457062.jpg (887 KB, 1536x2049)
887 KB
887 KB JPG
Do you have a relaxation routine? All this board talk about is the lift but none about the recovery, physical or mental.
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You sound like a massive faggot. Zero friends checking in

Make some friends dude come on, stop with the external hate it won't take you anywhere.
What is with nu males espousing the need for male bonding, gurus, masculinity talk, rituals etc CONSTANTLY these days? you weaklings are giving me second hand embarrassment
>JUST make some friends
you don't belong here, please leave

I didn't mean it in the rigorous sense, there are plenty more steps to undertake. There are so many sources out there which could help you on your path to growth, starting with stopping all that external and internal hate. What are you going to do, wait for things to change? Wait for the world to change? You got to take action.

>that guy who lugs his gym bag with him wherever he goes in the gym
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If you have straps this is mostly an excuse to get the gym messy

You forgot your stepladder, manlet
Nancy Van Vessom was a classmate of mine.
My girlfriend's padlock failed me once and locked me out of my locker. Went to my car and got freezer spray and a hammer. Walked straight into the locker room and bashed the shit out of my lock til it broke. Not one fucking guy batted an eye and I'm not even big.
I have in my gym bag
>wrist wraps
>thumb tape
>water bottle
>mid-workout snacks
>lift log
>few resistance bands
>knee sleeves
>small first aid kit
>"crossfit shoes"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: index.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
What's your worst fear /fit/? What are the consequences if you don't make it? We all have our positive motivations but what's your negative?
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Also dying without anyone knowing or caring.
Getting lynched by the mob.
Up 30% does not mean 30% overall you fucking retard
This hits close to home.
I have no biggie fear anon i keep a gun in the cabinet just in case i want to commit suicide.

File: 1492894028555.jpg (86 KB, 645x767)
86 KB
am i fucking retarded???? how come i can't do reverse hypers, my stomach or my balls get crushed and its so uncomfortable dammit
How fat are you?

File: 1548640069215.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
OK guys lets be clear

how strong is the BLOATLORD compared to the strongest guys

Larry, thor, eddie hall, etc ?

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post body butthurt twink
Damn you're dumb
Wtf you on about autist

File: 20190515_072931.jpg (3.74 MB, 2660x2257)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB JPG
fucking manlets
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw a lanklet is using the squat rack as a handle for cable rows again
I see what you tried to do I just feel like more effort could have gone into this, like surely there’s another item you could have used with more of a likeness to a mini rack. It feels like you put negative amounts of effort into it somehow. Could this be an elaborate bait??
it would be much more cringy and prone to being copied on social media if he used a curl rack for example
it's more subtle and artistic
try to appreciate it m8
I think part of the problem lies in the inherently unrealistic premise. After all, what gym labels their equipment, least of all with a note on the floor? Unless of course this is a gym for foreign exchange students learning the language but then that should be made clear.

It's not worth the effort for either of us, it's just not a very funny joke. Better spend your time on some other jokes anon.
I don’t think subtle and artistic was the intent though, I think that’s more of your own interpretation. This is trying to be one the same level as Manlet Curling Dumbbell “manlets stealing all the dumbbells” picture. I could appreciate it if it had something that looked more like a rack, but I could also appreciate it if that was indeed the original intent.
Lmao I’m bringing a label maker to the gym with me to do this now. Everyweek I’ll label everything

Post your veins fags

And any tips on how to become more vascular?
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File: 1552876767500m.jpg (162 KB, 819x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Mirin that cep vascularity
Mirin, you do lots of cardio or something?
I don't do cardio at all
File: 1542573640086.png (481 KB, 415x604)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
>any tips on how to become more vascular?
Un-grow your pussy for starters
Jerk off a lot

File: ondra232.jpg (824 KB, 1143x1415)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
Why aren't you climbing, anon?
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my psychiarist told me once that spergs like to climb over things, rocks, hills, etc.
this desu
I've only been to a couple but they're full of yuppie/nu-left types
They're the most trendy thing going
pain in the ass
seems dangerous & strange

would rather lift alone in bunker

I guess trail jogging on nature paths would be cool
No place to climb where I live

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