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File: Xxxtentacion.jpg (80 KB, 800x1000)
80 KB
I am an amateur boxer and have my first ever fight coming up after 7 months of training.. the only problem is last night i went to the bar and somehow ended up smoking around 5 or 6 cigarettes.
My fight is on Tuesday, what are some good methods to heal the lungs from all this tar and smoke shit that ive put in them? I just want to try and heal them so my cardio isnt shit?
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If you inhale small doses of helium throughout the day it will clear out your lungs. Helium is lighter than air so it will take the ash/tar/etc particles with it when it leaves your lungs. Just dont take to much or you might faint.
your lungs clean themselves. they're excellent at it

5-6 ciigarettes one time won't have a lasting impact, but at the same time you can't do much to speed up the process of making the short-term damage go away

it's like once alcohol has gone from your stomach to your liver, little can be done to stop it from affecting your body. the liver (and the kidneys) is excellent at cleaning toxins for your body and, again, little can be done to really help it
amateur boxer my olive mulatto ass
how the fuck do you go to a bar knowing you have a fight upcoming, are you fucking stupid? instead of going for a run to improve your shitty cardio you go to a fuckung bar to drink and smoke and now you want my advice? you should've asked for advice before you went to the fucking bar
knowing you have an upcoming fight you should run 3 times a day hiit, practice drills, SPAR AND FUCKING WEIGHT TRAIN but that is not something you need to find out some fucken days before the fight on a fucken mongolian thread forum, go to your coach and ask for advice
tell him you ll fuck his dead mother if you lose your next fight so he'll train you well
phuc zoom
Source of that?

File: 1549553989237s.jpg (12 KB, 250x250)
12 KB
I wish there was a gym that banned qt boys. It's so intimidating trying to work out when one of them is nearby. There should be fat-only gyms.
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File: wzdjmmo.jpg (24 KB, 207x264)
24 KB
I feel you fellow femanon, I'm not exactly a planet but I'm defo chubby enough and don't wear makeup/tight gym clothing which makes me feel like an absolute thumb in the gym. I don't want attention either way, but it makes me feel like shit constantly comparing myself to every other girl there, as well as always paranoid about what people are thinking of me. Pretty exhausting famalam
File: yJxh8px.jpg (76 KB, 960x700)
76 KB
Friend. I sometimes get intimidated by the staceys at my gym because I am a skelly. But then I realize that they are only people and I am a person. And that we all have our journeys, and I am fortunate that mine has led to the gym and the opportunity to improve myself. Remember that you are at the gym for you. To improve yourself. And nothing can take that from you.
It doesn't literally mean less is more you stupid nigger. It means less is better.
File: 1523264382661.jpg (417 KB, 1690x1523)
417 KB
417 KB JPG

most of the people do not judge you he has some who dont care and other even admires you because he sees you tried to lose fat it

but if makes you intimidating, trie to find a park not far from your home
or even practice at home for begnning

File: 3-01.jpg (39 KB, 460x345)
39 KB
So pretty basic stuff
I'm training for boxing and decided to incorporate some weightlifting in my training.
I came up with this:
Day A: Front Squats, Romanian Deadlift, Lunges, Calf Raises
Day B: Chest Press, Lateral Raises+ DB OHP superset, Rows, Hammer Curls+Skull Crushers superset, Farmer Walks
Day C: Squats, Pullovers, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Bridges Curls
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But it doesn't

Just look at Mike Tyson
I'm sick of pampering you fucking babies over and over again. Google tyson and lifting. Post results
Looking good

Google The Golden One and lifting and post results

The dude powerlifters, does strongman, olympic lifting, and MMA and does just fine. You can lift weights and do fighting. Almost every good fighter fucking does it. Demetrius Johnson squats 3 plate.
Thank you guys for your time, I appreciate it

File: f90.jpg (60 KB, 640x640)
60 KB
Jesus fucking christ why do I find it so hard to get 2500/day in?
Everytime I start eating, no matter how much or what, after 5 minutes it becomes a struggle.
Tried all sorts of ways to get in extra calories by shakes, adding coconut oil, etc.
Did you come across this issue on the way?
Any tips to help a brother out?
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>6'4" tall 211 pounds
2500kcal is a little light actually if you're trying to *gain* weight.

>only 200 minutes of gym training per week
That's not really very much, you know. No bully.
>1 day a week of endurance training, in a pool
Also not very much. No bully.

>bananas oats chia seeds kidney beans chickpeas lentils broccoli asparagus 'steamed veggies'
TONS OF FIBER. That's your problem! You're eating TOO MUCH FIBER for the calories.
You need to eat NUTRIENT/CALORIE DENSE FOODS and limit the fiber content to a manageable level.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Not trying to gain weight, I'm trying to (inb4 bullying) do that body recomposition shit.
had a bike accident that fucked up my leg big time so i just started lifting like 4 months ago and in the time off I gained some body fat and lost some mucle but my weight stayed about the same.

Now because I have a desk job, this also changes my lifestyle a bit since i'm sitting close to 10h/ day.

I thank you for taking the time to respond. You may be right, I could betaking in to much fiber.
I'll make the change and see where this leads me.
>a remarkably civilized response for 4chan/fit/ !
Your maturity is showing, OP; it's good to see here.

I've been at this myself a long time now so I'm confident in the advice given. At worst it won't do you any harm. Best of luck to you.
BTW I'm also a cyclist and I got in an accident back in July and hurt my arm and shoulder, so I get it.
File: 1539792145154.jpg (116 KB, 901x717)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
unironically GOMAD

If you're only trying to get 2500 calories a day, you'd probably only have to drink half a gallon a day (very manageable, even if you're a small stomached skellly) in order to take care of around half of your daily calorie goal.

You can do it, mr skellington
this. these threads are so fucking tiresome.

peanut butter, milk, coconut oil, etc

File: 1549240341508.jpg (255 KB, 500x750)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Don't forget to drink plenty of water!
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This where is buddeh poster
Based Nishinoya poster,the only member of the team i truly respect

/fit/ approved music.
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File: 1547456140593.jpg (45 KB, 608x402)
45 KB

Inside the gym I like eminem, motivational videos, and kasabian. Things like that.

Outside the gym I really dig jam bands. Papadosio, Lotus, Dead and Co.

File: aaaaa.gif (3.32 MB, 300x258)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB GIF
>tricep tendonitis

File: 1537577278817.jpg (130 KB, 1005x685)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I'm struggling to squat or deadlift lots of weight because my core can't handle the load. What kind of assistance exercise will make my core stronger for these lifts. I want exercises for strenght, not some routine to make the abs pop.
Ab wheel, planks, l-sits, pallof press.
Add side planks, deadbugs and bird dogs

File: thDUUR562A.jpg (8 KB, 285x182)
8 KB
>be me 22 5'11
>live life in the army
>lift after work late as fuck
>sometimes cook for myself if dfac isn't open
>life sucks in the barracks cause single and to shy and autistic to travel
>bros ask me how my wife is thinking that I'm married(have to hold in feels cause eternally single)
>"haha no I'm single as the day I was born".(internal cringe breaks shredding wall of dignity and pride I have remaining.)
>bros try and cheer me up saying that im not a bad looking guy and now that you have glasses that adds extra (kinda gay but ok)
>you should go and explore, maybe you might find your lifting queen somewhere (actual line used on me)
>I cant talk to women for shit anyways
>even if I do my autism wall keeps them from talking to me anyways
am I fixable /fit/
pic related
Be me, 23 and 55 kg spending time on this board mirin other peoples bodies.
I feel like an alien watchin humans from my invisible ship watching them to somehow become one.
Let me ask you a question, do you buy stuff from the army store? Like food, clothing, etc or is that all taken care of?

Like, is it possible to enlist and save your entire salary each year?
I get an extra bit of pay once a year to buy uniform and other uniform stuff. Other than that everything else is out of pocket

File: vsco5abd1f1f1dfc1.jpg (773 KB, 1536x2048)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
How do I take the best shirtless pic?

I'm on KETO and I'm shredding fat fast. I'll have a sixpack really soon, and I want the perfect shirtless pics. Probably I'll have someone else take them, so they're not selfies, but how do I make sure I look as good as possible in the pictures? What are the secrets?
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On a cloudy day take a picture with a window by your side. If you're outside do it at sunset/sunrise. Orientate yourself so that your abs get nice shadows that make them pop. At noon you can take a picture right after a bath in a pool/the sea to get a nice effect as well
Well the secret is to take a pic, or like suggested a bunch...just for the confidence, and no other reason. Lighting doesn't matter as much bc if you look good, then nothing will really change that.
lighting matters in photos, not as much in real life
Model level yes, I'm sure you know what looks good, and I only say that bc like even if no one likes the pic as long as you know it's beautiful then don't let others lack of opinions get to you.



File: _20190216_160551.jpg (79 KB, 720x1005)
79 KB
Is this too little for shoulders? http://scoobysworkshop.com/advanced-gym-workout/

File: IMG_3572.jpg (107 KB, 1184x789)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>hate every second of lifting
>all I think about is going to the gym to lift

why does this happen
that's me when overtraining

File: injection.jpg (11 KB, 474x415)
11 KB
So, wanna start roids or TRT, what do you guys reccomend? Any experience? Living in Norway, have no clue on how to get my hands on neither
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Dansker her.
Gætter på at det er ligeså let som her, så bare snak med de store drenge i centeret, de skal nok hjælpe.
File: sadg2666.png (43 KB, 128x206)
43 KB
this brand seems like it'd work well for you
Koster mye billigere på nett i Norge enn lokalt, folk kjoper på nettet og selger lokalt for stor markup.
Om du IKKE leser wikien på r/steroids på pleddit for du begynner kommer du til å fucke opp kroppen mer enn du aner, dette er MINSTEKRAVET! Gå å les hele dritten, så går du på hushbård og kjoper av atlethuset, koster 550kroner for en tonne med testosteron, trenger 2 tonner for en cycle.
Nesten alle i det norske miljoet anbefaler 250mg/test i uka for en nybegynner. Dette er helt idiotisk siden det er på ovregrensa til naturlig produksjon, kjor på med det resten av verden anbefaler: 500mg test/uka.
Finnes et norskt bård for steroider også - "roidbårds" men det er et kartell med ekstrem overprising, koster 200-300-400% mer der. Atlethuset selger akkurat samme merket bare billigere. Pass deg for monsterlabs på hushbård, han selger matolje.

Total loss of gym motivation

>I strained something in my glute and the pain won’t go away so I can’t squat or deadlift
>eating motivation is at zero, I’m not getting anywhere near the amount of meals I need in
>not performing as well as I have been
>went from going to the gym 5-6 times a week to 3-4 times (mainly due to more intense routines but its just hard to get there now
>losing strength/physique

I want to get back but I dont know how to push myself here
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quit being a bitch and just do it faggot
Do you want to stay a fat sack of shit for the rest of your life?
I fucked my low back a couple months ago and as it's healing I've been focusing on my bench. Sure the frequency of working has gone down but I'm still hitting prs. Focus on what you can lift, and treat stretching/active recovery as your workout. Injury is bound to happen, it is easy to let it get to you mentally, just don't be a bitch about and work around it.
Should I be leaving the pain alone or trying to stretch I feel like stretching would worsen it
No idea, I'm not you. Do some research, or better yet see a physical therapist

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