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>tfw seeing anyone do any of the 1/2/3/4 milestones is an extremely rare occurrence
When did you realise /fit/ was full of /shit/?
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Accesory work targets weaknesses, its not just a drive for progression. Also getting accessory work ingrained is not only smart, but beneficial. He'll progress faster that way, and his form won't suffer. And thats hugely important.
stop cutting?
I'm fat though. Got boobs and a cute belly and thique thighs.
Like it's not even a body dysmorphia thing, I'm genuinely fat, I bulked for half a year straight and went to the gym every day to reach 1/2/3/4, and ended straight up fat in the process.
And I can't even mentally bulk anymore whenever I look at myself in the mirror. I do 3 days of cutting, one day of binging on the shittiest foods you can imagine, 3 days of cutting. Repeat. I'm at the same weight, same strength, I'm not progressing either at losing weight or getting stronger. I'm just fucking around it seems.
Stop binging, stop cutting, be consistent at the gym, make gains, then cut.
What’s your program?

So I’m 6’8(lanklets rise up) and 330lbs, first post on fit, was a btard for most of my life and as so I’m not super fat where’s its hard to move, but I do think it’s hurting me in more ways then one. What would be the best way to cut about 50-60lbs within a reasonable amount of time(say a year or so). And keep my motivation high? I’ve always had a problem with my motivations as I don’t have a complete justification inside my mind to keep going forward.
6'9" here

I went from 315 to 250 in three months hiking the northern half of the Appalachian Trail.

Now I get people can't scrounge $4k dollars and ninety days off work.

But if you want to get to skinny with strong legs (prepped for a lean bulk and upper body routine whenyou return), see some cool stuff and invigorate your spirit, it works.

File: d90.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
just got my test level checked. it's 479. am i a basedboy? i'm 40 btw
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of course it effects your life. if it's too low you can't get natty gains
Have sex unironically
volem detected
If for some reason i had my levels checked and my test was lower than a fucking old lady what do you expect me to do? Act like one? Fuck no. Im still gonna get money, still gonna crush the gym, still gonna throw back some drink and smoke, still gonna fuck my gf, etc. Whats some bullshit chemical reading on a piece of paper matter? Youre only as much of a man as you act
>If [...] my test was lower than a fucking old lady [...] Im still gonna fuck my gf
lmao, that's not how it works buddy

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How to get to 0% body fat:
1- build time machine
2- go back to 1930’s Germany
3- declare yourself Jewish homosexual Communist, ask to be sent to German fat camp (pic related)

All the cardio & strength training you can get, and more! Kind caring staff who’ll make sure you get non-fatty, non-sugar, non-processed Foods, and not enough of it to get fat. You’ll be skinny in no time!
File: tuuhhgf.jpg (223 KB, 1030x769)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
also mirin so hard
Hard work and intense suffering.
taken down

File: 1558284971585.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
>woke up
>hit all around PRs, improving on mostly every exercise and maintaining numbers on ones not improved
>finally get to 10 on bench
>from 7
>after workout, feel a small kink in back
>still feels sore
>also feels worth it

Post your experiences on cuts.
Please tell me youre the same retard who didnt understand why you shouldnt attempt a bench pr 2 days in a row. Pro tip get more than one picture. You were given anonymity for a reason
>get to 10 on bench
10 what you fucking moron?
File: 1555860267515.png (1.15 MB, 1024x656)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
>10 on bench
You're not using a machine, right anon?
Oh shit I’m sorry

File: advice friends.png (241 KB, 420x420)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
currently cutting from skinnyfat 5'10 165lb down to 159lb losing a lb a week while going to gym and am progressing but my body is seeing 0 gainz which feels like hell my shoulders are becomming very narrow and the reason im doing it is because i want to lean bulk from a low bf% base
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You have a decent base of muscle i think. Its up to you:

Want aesthetics? cut
Want strength? bulk
>even if you can get maybe 5 pounds in your first 6 months, spread over your whole body is small and hard to notice.

this is why I neglect legs so all gains go to my upper body.
Based Rocco posting
People concerned about being skinnyfat and cutting are just too skinny period. Workout on a 200 calorie deficit, hit your macros, and wait some months. Just don't think about it.
How is fasting hell? Just go masturbate or some shit while you fast for 2.days

Workout music thread please thanks
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File: 1553456593340.png (494 KB, 1022x1146)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
Apu is so comfy. Feelsgood for the guy
File: 1557701375599.jpg (38 KB, 828x626)
38 KB
>having shitty workout
>feel week as fuck
>last set thinking i'm not gonna make it
>Pt 2 starts playing
>mfw Phil yells at me DO IT DO IT

Crushed it that day, great album for workouts.
File: 1533231308033.jpg (87 KB, 749x1001)
87 KB
Keep up the good work frens
I can't, share best ballads
>not listening to danzig
LMAOing at your life, fags

File: 1561165026515.jpg (71 KB, 640x663)
71 KB
>get up and start squats in home gym
>cant finish sets
>lower the weight and still cant finish sets
>go for a drive and see ex-gf jogging
>drive past but decide to turn back to try and tell her to get in the car
>when I drive back she is nowhere to be seen
>assume she knew i would drive back and hid somewhere
>drive straight to pizza hut

How do i forget about the pain of having no friends and never being able to have her again
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The thing that works for me the best is channeling rage into gains.
>have a fight with a friend
>get hit with a depression so hard that I can't get up for a whole day
>she brings home a dude 7 years younger than her and bangs him in the next room
>immediately get up, run around town the whole night
>hit newest 1RPM on deadlift the next day
mate you just need to stop taking shit so personally. friends are for relating and sharing common experiences with, they're not responsible for your happiness anymore than they are for their own. you gotta start looking at it from that perspective and apply some of it to yourself. there's no reason your ex-gf would hide like that unless if you really did fuck things up
I’m laughing really hard imagining this
I envy u. OP is a real faggot.

>You're at the gym
>The gym war siren starts going off
>Gym first Sargent comes out screeming that our gym is being invaded by an army of manlets and lankets
>Directs everybody to arm themselves and be ready for battle

And this is it, you're allowed 100lbs of gym equipment to arm yourself.

WTF do you faggits take to battle?
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2x 45pl8 wich i tie together with a resistance band.
Start spinning like olympic sledgethrower but instead of throwing i just hold on as long as i can
1pl8 in each hand and Imma just start spinning. The momentum should be enough to keep my spinning at top speed forever. Beyblading niggers to death
Thanks for sacrificing yourself for the team I guess.
File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
Thank God I brought my gym squire today
Recon division here: take all the 1.25kg micro plates and a bag of chalk. Use the plates like miniature plates as a opener from an ambush position behind the desk and then use the chalk as a cloud to cover my escape or throw in the faces of any attackers that get too close

File: frog stand.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
Can /fit/ do a frog stand? For how long?
I can do for 20 seconds
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Yes it's pretty easy (first progression of hand balancing). Can /fit/ L-sit?
Ahh 20 seconds just enough time for me to get into position
just did 21 seconds
i can do it permanently

File: TSLT901318A.jpg (18 KB, 328x328)
18 KB
>he hasn't taken the horsepill

It's like you WANT to be a twink. Seriously, horses are the most powerful, athletic creatures. They are pure muscle. There's a reason why it's called HORSEPOWER


Crude Protein (min.): 10.0% / 10.0%
Lysine: 0.50% / 0.50%
Methionine 0.20% / 0.20%
Crude Fat (min.): 8.00% / 8.00%
Crude Fiber (max.): 12.00% 12.00%
Calcium (min.): 638mg / 2.25%
Calcium (max.): 780mg / 2.75%
Phosphorous (min.): 425mg / 1.50%
Salt (min.): 567mg / 2.00%

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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u just mix a little in

Horsepower is a meme. Not based on horses at all. Humans have like 3 horsepower.

>ponyboy COPE
Post body

Post body fagit

Is this mode achievable naturally?
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He looks like he’s here for the S E X
He’s pinchin a FAT dip rn
lmao i worked out with this guy.
His name is steve kris

What muscles are used when fishing?
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Not op but thanks, any exercises for forearms and the whole arm in general?
Farmer's Carry for forearms and bisceps
Hammies if you're catching something big enough to fight
Biceps/forearms for reeling in fish,
Triceps and shoulders for whipping your nigger slave to row faster/pick up anchor

File: IMG_20190501_125559.jpg (218 KB, 1520x2011)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Does masturbation hinder gains?
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File: 1551102375636.jpg (53 KB, 580x870)
53 KB
No. Jews murk tf outta filthy subhuman Muslims. Lol implying this pic was meant to be a redpill on why kikes were bad. Nope, i hope every muslim country gets bombed into glass
Here you go
File: 1562823165800.jpg (109 KB, 362x447)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Thank you!
Some of those things teaches you discipline, which can help you become more confident
No, but it does point to you having low self control/discipline either of which will hinder your gains.
thermonuclear pill

File: 1563152382261.jpg (46 KB, 422x353)
46 KB
>warm up with bar
>count it as a set
does anyone actually bother logging warm up sets?
I count it as a set, but i do one extra set
nah. you have your warmup set. then the real set.

Usually 6 reps or something.
Better be fifty or more reps to count as a set.

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