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File: unnamed.jpg (36 KB, 720x614)
36 KB
Hey /fit/, I need your help

I'm kinda chubby atm ig, with a really big frame. I'm gonna get a lot taller this summer, but I just wanna look good in a tank top before summer (36 days) how do I get rid of man boobs and a large stomach? (male 18)
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What’s your height and weight?

Obvious answer is to eat better and run to lose the weight. If your only goal is to look good in a tank top do tricep and bicep workouts, farmers carries for forearms, pushups + dips for pecs, and some pull ups for lats. Actually you probably want to do something for delts and traps while you’re there.

Basically what I’m saying is workout properly if you want to look good
It could be some one with downs syndrome even. There are a lot of retards in /fit/
Next summer is a more realistic goal. You need big, defined shoulders to really carry off the tank.
All you need for a tank top is the right attitude bro.
Bee urshelf
Keto + bicycle

Keto was made for fatties like you, just don't stick to it forever.

File: 1555838323322.jpg (113 KB, 1200x800)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
If he posted a pic on /fit/ he'd be called fat and DYEL.
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File: fedoremelianenko.jpg (109 KB, 1200x800)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
OK nigger. Russians/Ukrainians/Caucuses have always BTFO'd niggers.
>doesn't know who fedor is
>tries to prove a point posting a pol webm
>would get shot if he had the balls to actually attempt that shit irl
cringe self hating larper

Because /fit/ isn't really fitness. It's /fa/: flesh edition for the most part.
In his case picogram would probably be the first thing mentioned.

File: IFbulk2.jpg (19 KB, 403x299)
19 KB
What's your take on Reverse Pyramid Training, made popular by Mr. Berkhan and Kinofag.

OP has 5yrs+ of powerlifting with poverty bench but pretty decent squat/deadlift. I have tried many programs and can program my own training fairly well, but every time I am experimenting with minimalistic RPT approach (very low frequency, very low volume, high intensitety) I get the best gains.

None of the more sophisticated programs (eg. Sheiko, Smolov, basic programming with volume blocks, strength block and peaking) work as well and aren't nearly as fun as RPT, but RPT calls for less sacrifice and is far more flexible. I have had two different coaches, but still putting more effort has not yielded better results than working out only ~3 times a week, 3-4 exercises and 2-3 sets per exercise.

Why does this work so well, even though it is completely the opposite of what modern strength training science suggests (for example, CWS's or Tuschererererer's training philosophies which are based on science)?
post body

His physique is really good and the guy is 6'8 and above 200 lbs. Compared to some other berserk characters (not counting apostles cause they mog everyone in terms of physique) I think he has a good shot.
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You know she liked it
He can swing a 200kg sword like a butterknife, he should go into strongman competition instead.
Yep she liked it so much she lost her fucking mind.
Good dick could do that
He could probably go into both and place well.

File: 1554192590538.png (24 KB, 485x433)
24 KB
>1,300 calories a day
>Not losing weight

>3,000 calories a day
>Not gaining weight

What the hell is wrong with my body?
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File: 1523557236944.png (6 KB, 211x239)
6 KB
Must not be counting your semen intake a day op. Sounds like you’re just leaving out 2500 cals or so.
>>50504826 If you eat at a deficit your body slows down it's functions and decreases your daily calory need. Also 3000 calories might not be enough to gain weight depending on how hard you are working out and how big you are to begin with
Find me one (1) example of an obese person who starved to death. You can't go into starvation mode over like 15% BF
Bloated starving children are just that, bloated. They have nearly no fat on them. Why the fuck would a starving body store its fat exclusively in a pot belly?

Hello /fit/ friends, I’ve been looking around for ways to lose weight quickly and I’ve found a few things I’m confused about. Sorry if I sound completely new to this, because I am. Alright, so question 1: does carb cycling work at all? It seems like a good idea. Q2: Can I consume fats from good sources like steaks and eggs like normal while also losing weight. And finally, does HIIT work? Thanks in advance, although I’ve been playing rugby for 11 years now I feel like actually focusing on weight loss.
Pic sort of related? Idk what it means but I got it off a site.
Yes, yes and yes. People will always debate on 1st question though.

File: Aid_from_padre_1.jpg (368 KB, 1211x1600)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
> at local gym
>see new guy
>strike up conversation, he wants to try new workouts
>suggest Romanian deadlift
> "ahh cool bra I'll check it out"
>middle age woman "PT" immediately lunges over and says not to do it cause itll hurt your lower back

>Mfw trying to help a fellow /fit/izen in a sea of bullshit
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I went over to the dude afterward and just told him to look up proper form. There's better ways of telling a person to do a workout properly than telling them not to do them.
Reduces liability on her end. Imagine countless imbeciles deadlifting, a few are gonna end up snapping their shit and suing. Most gyms have agreements to sign in the beginning, but even if the case won’t go anywhere, the paperwork involved isn’t worth it so she’s told by management to discourage people from doing “dangerous” exercises.
File: honklhonk.jpg (47 KB, 800x450)
47 KB
> at local gym
>everyone does behind the neck lat pulldowns as per clueless PT's instructions
>do them as well
>mfw learn it's dangerous
>don't tell anyone
>doing kettlebell front and lateral raises because I need stronger shoulders

>dyel old man tells me that I shouldn't do them because he injured himself on them

Just because he won't make it, doesnt mean I shouldn't.
seriously tho how do you stop this epidemic? some of my dyel friends decided to join the gym but they won't take my advice because their PT's just throw their meme exercise sience knowledge like toning and smith machine bs on them, I feel like I'm powerless.

File: 1417604027226.png (460 KB, 800x534)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
How do you prevent hair loss? Thinking about doing a cycle, but cant loose my hair. Thought about finasteride, but is DHT important for muscle growth?
Also, can't finasteride shrink your dick?
move aside, memes coming through
Thank You!
You'll thank me if it even works
Also check out lymphatic drainage, I think It made my face leaner and on some forums people connect it with helping hair loss, there are videos on youtube, don't forget about the nodes on your neck

Can I use a treadmill barefoot?

I bought a treadmill. I don't like shoes. Can I use the treadmill barefoot, or will that fuck up my feet/shins/knees?
If you aren't used to barefoot running it can hurt the bones in your feet over time. There used to be a thing on Vibram's site about how to transition to barefoot running. Also be careful of the friction between your foot skin and the rubber of the treadmill.

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Evile are pretty up there in my opinion.
t. huge Metallica fan

ex-military. metal on all levels is boomer tier
good album, not for lilfting tho
i actually missplaced it. It was supposed to be good tier.
i literally was gonna skip then i put on ex mil and started lifting

So I just did a bulk for almost 4months, I got a lot of body fat , now im cutting and Im seeing some body fat dissapearing which gives me motivation but look at my face, it still looks bit chubby? Is this the end of me?
Literally no reason to ever bulk as a hobbyist, nice job retard
>Cutting after 4 months of bulking
Never gonna make it
starving yourself will eventually get rid of the face fat

File: 1436426354795.jpg (108 KB, 600x800)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Is Planet Fitness the best gym there is?

>All the equipment you ever need
>Almost no wait ever
>Friendly staff
>Lots of facilities (usually clean)
>Only 10 bucks a month or 199 for 18 months

literally can't beat it
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>Americans spend rather more so they feel like they spend less

this thread gets dumber with every post
PF doesn't have such a fee.
Like most gyms they make the majority of their money by customers that sign up but rarely visit the gym.
Unlike most gyms PF goes full hog on this tactic by doing their best to keep /fit people out (lunk alarm/marketing that makes fun of /fit people /weights that will be to light after a year of serious well planned training)and keeping the fees really low so people won't bother canceling their membership just because never use it.
They also take care to give you the impression you are receiving good value for your money (pizza/bagel events amenities)

If you need a place to do cardio (I love moving my sprints indoors for winter) Or you are a broke/frugal beginner or maybe someone that just wants to do some light to stay healthy PF probably is a great place.

On a side note I am blocked from commenting on their YouTube vids.
PF is the cheapest gym in town that is open 24/7, and even though I'm maxing out most of the machines, it is only supposed to last a few months at most for me, so I'll take watching dumbasses sitting on the machines for 10 minutes and the shitty locker rooms for the no commitment.
They do, it’s like $35. I know because I go there

File: 1502661101220.jpg (18 KB, 600x238)
18 KB
hello anons, I'm new to fit and working out, not new to 4chan but that's beside the point. I've tried to work out in the past, but I have eye problems so when my blood pressure goes up from exertion it's risky for my vision, which has made me reluctant to work out in the past, and makes me panic when it happens. However, I've recently come to the realization that unless I at least work out a bit I will never get a gf. currently I'm 5'11 and about 135 lbs. so things are pretty dire since my face is already not the best.

anyways, what are some good, light exercises I could do that won't strain my eyes too much while also fixing my skelly physique. not looking for anything crazy, just enough so that I can get a chance with girls. ty anons.
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Gomad wont help, you're chubby anyway.
But change up your diet
I hope this isn't one of those threads where OP counters every suggestion with some faggy excuse.
Just don't get in people's way, put away your weights and no one cares
if it's that bad dude do a lot of body-weight shit and consider going to a 24/7 gym when nobody's around. But in reality, hardly anyone gives enough fucks to belittle you. The people that do wouldn't ever tell you anyway because they're weak pussies trying to get stronger just like yourself
>but I feel like I'll look like a pussy if I go to the gym and can only safely bench like 50 pounds due to my eye
Find a big commercial gym full of DYELs and cardio bunnies and your light weights will blend into the crowd.

File: IMG_20190420_155415.jpg (362 KB, 1080x1580)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Post the bodypart youre most proud of bois
>inb4 no traps
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File: yare yare daze xd.jpg (361 KB, 1280x960)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
shirt has latin letters, it just says "Training for Ragnarök"
Letters on my arm are (nordic, yes) runes. I tried finding a closeup image I took right after the tattooing was done, where it was very visible, but couldn't find it for some reason.
thanks btw
File: 1553638661906.gif (3.04 MB, 432x610)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB GIF
I have nothing to be proud of
Nice Vees my Neeg
File: bum.png (277 KB, 410x604)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Where do you live?

File: 1.png (418 KB, 439x448)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
When Piana was alive /fit/ was good.
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File: 1553534671706.gif (944 KB, 275x428)
944 KB
944 KB GIF
I listen to Enough is enough every day during my workouts. It's an insane test boost. Mix it with some preworkout and you'll ascend to mount Olympus
fucking idiot
File: 1555808411902.jpg (47 KB, 720x447)
47 KB
it can still be good sometimes
File: 0014033166_10.jpg (232 KB, 1200x1200)
232 KB
232 KB JPG

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