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File: DzJIsB7UUAAlT85.jpg (65 KB, 850x400)
65 KB
What have u bros been reading?
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Re reading this
This book is horrible

His logic is so flawed, after the 4th or so illogical leap I couldnt take it anymore

I mean the whole "lunatic, liar, or god" argument is just laughable
File: p_100403439_1.jpg (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
The incredible bread machine, meditations of marcus arelius, 5 books of vegetius and I'm looking for plato
Lol did you even read it mate?
File: 81cOrVseOYL.jpg (483 KB, 1770x2560)
483 KB
483 KB JPG

What is your current 6 month goal, and what is your specific plan to reach it?

Reminder: 6 months is all it takes to completely turn your life around.

File: pec_workout_guy.gif (2.62 MB, 268x350)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB GIF
My chest is huge but it has more volume on the bottom? How do I get more volume on the top? Or is it just fat? I am FtM
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it clearly isn't is it you fucking idiot why did you even come here for fucking advice on something that isn't working and then tell us that it should be working when we tell you different? it can't be that you just wanted some attention about the fact you are a tranny because attention is the reason you did it in the first place and then you quickly realised you had to shove it down everyone's throat and post it on the internet to continue getting the attention that you need, can it? go mutilate yourself and then sudoku
File: 1537728154482.png (31 KB, 128x125)
31 KB
>incline bench is a meme
Also dips


guys said normal bench is enough, incline bench isnt neccessary in most cases


Normal bench is frequently attacked by coaches and BBers as not a great chest mass builder. This is especially true if you do it powerlifter style, arching, driving feet in, and trying to lift as much as possible using momentum.

DBs get more chest activation, cable flies get more time under tension, dips let you hit them with the most weight.

I benched for years and finally got a good chest doing weighted dips, incline neutral grip DB press, and then cable flies or pull over for pump.

File: chad_protein.png (347 KB, 1366x681)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
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xtraze whey is the best, chocolate tastes fucking amazing, literally like ice coffee. Not sure if you can get it outside of Germany and it's a bit expensive, though.
Americans hate regulation but don't realize some of it is necessary to protect them as consumers
File: future_whey.jpg (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
>Not just eating 3 lbs of chicken daily
unironically, should I buy ON whey ? WHat do you guys think about Foodspring whey ?
Amazon has a nice deal in my country for both and i'm running low

The last thing you ate is the only thing you can eat for the next 2x weeks.

How fucked are you /fit/?
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Toasted seaweed. Fuck I'm gonna starve
Lekker biertje
lmao this is what i have every day. try cooking your rice in vegetable stock (quarter or half a cube). makes it nice and salty and flavoured. I alternate chicken and turkey to try to keep it interesting, and cook it with garlic, seasoned with black pepper and portuguese piri piri sauce (a kind of tabasco). the spiciness speeds up your metabolism and can help in a workout.
>Two pork steaks, coleslaw and a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.

Ayyyy! Easy 2 weeks.

turkey breast "hawaii" with cherry sauce
potato croquettes

File: 1552839467228.png (700 KB, 1200x1000)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
/fast/ discord
What is /fast/?
>Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

What’s the difference between intermittent fasting, water fasting, dry fasting, etc.?
>Intermittent fasting: Fasting for a certain amount of time with a short eating window. 16:8 (16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window) is the bare minimum.
>Water fasting: Fasting with only water.
>Dry fasting: Fasting with no water. Dangerous, use with caution.

Why should I fast?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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About 16 hours instead of 10.
File: 1480346224564.png (583 KB, 536x598)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
How the hell do I get to sleep on fasting nights?

I did a weeklong fast years ago and I'm wondering how the hell I did it, I go to bed on the 2nd night and I'm going apeshit with hunger.
I have to agree with this dude, 3 pounds a week sounds pretty slow with OMEOD. I dropped a pound a day with lots of exercise and 1200kcal ketoish OMAD.
If you can't commit to exercise there's no reason not to actually fast. Yours is a weird middle ground.
I wouldn't recommend black tea on a fast. >Caffeine can increase cortisol levels and you don't want any catabolic hormones on a fast.
>Black tea is acidic and can upset your empty tummy.
To a lesser extent, both of these points apply to green and white tea as well, the former a bit more prominently than the latter.
As for herbal teas, go for it, mane.

Amazing for fasting. Has a slightly basic pH, so good for the tummy, and boosts the liver's ability to process fats, which is your primary concern right now. Also, has a very satisfying, almost sweet flavor that can really sate your craving for food.
Also basic, very aromatic but don't overdo it, as it may impact your testosterone production in high doses. Spearmint has an even higher (purported) effect on testosterone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
L O N D O N?
>tfw you cook your favorite meals for your family while continuously doing your dry fast
It's like a test whatever to be able to resist or to succumb

File: 1519766520413.jpg (722 KB, 2560x1600)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
How can I get good at a low-bar squat? High-bar kills me and I haven't been able to progress for months.
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Gains. Fats are good for hormones and joints and shit but the majority of your eneegy should cone from carbs. I suggest 20 min of cardio eod with carbs that high tho
I'm sorry, I know that question gets asked a million times each day, but should I do SL while on a cut? I currently do OMAD with a pretty big deficit and I doubt I'll be able to progress for long on SL, but I want to lose at least another 10 kilos before switching to the usual eating schedule. Should I do something else in the gym for the time being?
I can't bulk without feeling incredibly tired all the time.

Why is that? I'm eating clean and not more than 500cal over my tdee but I feel super tired.

Shouldn't I have more energy while bulking?
You can keep doing SL just make sure you get enough protein.
Bulk until you don't like the number. Cut until you see abs.
I keep getting knee pain when standing up for a prolonged time. I'm not overweight btw I'm actually trying to gain weight.

Seems like I'm using my knee too much to bear my weight.

Anyone had a similar problem my posture is not that bad. I don't know if it's pelvic or ankle related.

Any help/hints would be appreciated.

File: Prison.jpg?1405117595.jpg (124 KB, 738x415)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Hey y'all, tomorrow I start my 4 year prison sentence (fucking bullshit) and I plan on staying in good shape.
What are some exercises and routing I can do given the limited space and time? and what will my diet look like? thanks
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Bent over rows xdddddd
File: in231312dex.jpg (12 KB, 179x281)
12 KB
so listen to this guy he's based >>50072869
and you can check pic related for more info. he also has a book on prison etiquette which is worth giving a look
>4 year prison sentence
Sentences are measured in words not in years Anon.
said bruce jenner wasn't that brave
>not knowing that good squat from protects your pucci in the showers

File: new leggings who dis.jpg (471 KB, 1024x1820)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
what kind of exercises do you guys think would help my physique?! :)

PS what would you boys do if you saw me at the gym? :P
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>please dont be racist...
gtfo tumblr twat
File: bo.webm (1.43 MB, 640x1138)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB WEBM
please leave your terrible thoughts at home
File: 1552898087866.jpg (181 KB, 640x640)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Jesus Christ are you for real OP?
Why the fuck are you posting on here, we have entire threads based on hating thots like you.
Get the fuck off my board, I'm sure you'll receive lots of praise on Reddit.
ummm, how you say? Lurk mor, newfag.

File: 02.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
I've noticed they've always had masculine jaws.

Meanwhile a lot of anglo saxons ive come across are potato faced and need beards to add structure to their face.
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File: fa.sc.jpg (2.84 MB, 2000x2670)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
Even German women have huge jaws, Gemrans cultivated it throughout millennia

Gemran men are wussies today though, not what they used to be
>No, it's not a germanic thing at all
Retards kek

lmao why does everyone in that pic remind me of a florida frat bro
and i thought i was black
>Anglo Saxon
>not Germanic or Nordic

Welp. Off yourself.

File: 1551666333551.jpg (107 KB, 564x927)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>"bro, 1/2/3/4 is really strong!"
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you dont count the bar you idiot
>Knowing that each number corresponds to a different loft

Yeah, I hate it when I lose track of my lofts - had to write them all down like this a while ago.

You insulate 25mm bro?
Nah, son - always been a spray guy myself. It's cheaper, warmer, and gives me an excuse to be in any one of my 19 lofts for extended periods of time "topping up the insulation".
Post your lifting experience. Anyone who thinks lmao2plate is an impressive bench is a newb. I hit 2plate in a year starting at 65lbs and I was cutting and doing a brosplit.

File: Barbell_Hip_Thrusts.png (49 KB, 540x360)
49 KB
>do hip thrusts
>Get looks from everyone passing by

Why doesnt anyone do these? Do people like having inferior glutes? Is a good ass only for thots and fags?
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This exercise fucks me in the best way possible in my glutes and hams. No idea why you would never add this to your routine
And what would you do for isolation on the glutes? I mean, you must know which one is the best for glute activation.
Nothing works medial glutes like hip thrusts. Do them and they'll do wonders for your squat and health.
Also, if you don't have glutes of steel some faggot can rape you, you want to protect your anus anon, don't you?
The Rock does them all the time
Nigga if this shit fucks up my sperm I'm staying the fuck away

File: 1553057393591.jpg (205 KB, 949x1171)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
What does /fit/ think of tattoos?
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It is a fucking nazi tattoo, retard.
I bet you think the OK hand gesture is nazi too
They were already kind of dumb, but with every skinnyfat hipster getting them, they aren't as cool as before.

/fit/ thinks stoic men with statuesque physiques and no scars marks or art on their skin is what women are attracted to but they are dead wrong. Women like volatile unpredictable men who make dangerous decisions. Being a mild faggot never got anyone anywhere.
Pretty much this.

What happens if i do SS without drinking milk and just eat like a normal bulk?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What happens if i do SS without drinking milk and just eat like a normal bulk?
you'll make good progress before plateauing. you'll put on less mass and plateau earlier than someone who drank the milk, but otherwise the process is exactly the same.
Thats what i kind of guessed.
SS looks like a solid starter program, its just the GOMAD part that gives people bitchtits and guts
GOMAD doesn't give you bitchtits, that's a hormonal problem. it doesn't give you a big gut either unless you do it wrong. the proper way to do GOMAD is to start as an underweight guy in his teens/early 20s, drink a lot of milk in the beginning when your potential for growth is the biggest and then slowly taper down the milk as you reach a normal weight until you reach a normal surplus. if you got a big gut you did it wrong. if you got fat you did it wrong.
to add to that, if you're not underweight when you start then you're not supposed to do GOMAD.
Do you suffer from mental deficiency?

File: odd_form.gif (2.19 MB, 500x280)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF
Push up thread! Roll to find out what the /fit/ Gods demand!
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>Actially doing the workout.
File: 0102 - X0hvVVp.jpg (68 KB, 636x781)
68 KB
here we go
Rolling for push ups
They give me a way better arm, chest and core workout than regular pushups do. Honestly havent done standard pushups since i discovered these, and they are alot more fun too.

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