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Guys what the fuck is wrong with my body, am I an orangutan?
>below average DL
No, you are definitely not an orangutan.

Old one is autosaging so here’s another, please don’t respond to “that” poster
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File: they see me rollin.jpg (20 KB, 400x309)
20 KB
What routine do I need for those feet gains?
File: gaben.jpg (33 KB, 642x413)
33 KB
It’s ok anon, maybe next time
File: 1561829933408.jpg (93 KB, 460x693)
93 KB
Getting away with it at every size

File: 8:11:19.jpg (105 KB, 750x1334)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Nothing Found
CBT thread
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You’re right that I don’t have proper core conditioning. Unfortunately I’ve bulked up 100 pounds and never started working abs until last month. Someone told me that squats and deadlifts work your abs enough and that that they’re made in the kitchen, unfortunately I believed it.

It’s better late than never. If I’m unable to use the ab wheel, I’ll be able to use it sometime soon in the future. Abdominal muscles seem to progress fast though.

I’ll work leg raises in with the pull-up bar at the gym during my ab workouts.
lookin good
very nice wide shoulders
lookin shredded bro
fukken shredded man
everything’s there, just try to fill out the arms
dont bulk dude. lose the fucking fat and replace it with something that isn’t dough
huge cock brother. thats good progress keep going

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OP here can confirm I've never even seen a /fit/ insta page
File: IMG_2019.jpg (1.65 MB, 1758x3333)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
literally 2 month hitting the gym

File: Goal.png (440 KB, 590x787)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Anytime I point out that looking something like this is my goal on here, I'm told that it's pretty easy.

But what does that mean? Is there some sort of guide on getting this kind of look? What sort of timeframe is a skeleton looking at to get it?
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Lucky! If you haven't started even lifting yet then you have incredible potential!
Just eat big and lift big, you'll be there in 3 or 4 months bucko. Thing is do you have what it takes to keep picking shit up for 3 or 4 months consistently.
>Having any muscle whatsoever AND a six pack at the same time as a natty
I think people are pulling your leg, dude. Or they're on juice and they assume you are as well because only an idiot would have aesthetic goals as a natty.
you just need to kill it in the gym consistently. you are pure dyel right now but don't underestimate consistency
great frame, mirin
your 5/29 pic looks best to me

What do you do when you get to a 2 minute dead-hang?
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pull ups. when you can easily bust out 15 plus move onto weighted pull ups

I can usually do 5, six if I'm lucky. How do I improve those?
I've now gotten up to 1x85 pushups, aiming for 100. Will that help?
not really, they target different groups. if you can do a set of 5 pull ups, see how many sets of 5 you can do in a day. the whole day. my record is 34 sets of 8 pull ups. repeat once or twice a week.
Stronger grip
Decompresses your spine

I do dead hangs after every workout because of this saves you a lot of pain in 20 years
Over or under?

File: 1566303240826.webm (2.63 MB, 640x900)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB WEBM
How do you keep yourself occupied between sets?
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File: 1560740628647.jpg (20 KB, 423x617)
20 KB
Sauce is one of Brooklyn and Bailey, their twins from youtube. To answer your question OP, I walk to the water fountain get a drink and then think about how to min/max my DnD character for Sundays session.
File: 1565914722241.png (1.07 MB, 715x706)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
This is four chan buddy. I don't gotta do shit
File: 1565209506661.jpg (84 KB, 1024x1024)
84 KB
spelled and grammarpilled
I liked her when I saw her webms.
I’m infatuated with her after learning she is saving herself for marriage.

File: 20190821_013252.jpg (198 KB, 742x430)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Redpill me on horse meat. Does it really raise your testosterone levels?
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the original steroids were animal extracts
so it's not that crazy. but really it's the opposite, we give steroids to horses.
no but you might get some delightful prions
based korean hype man
Best way to lose at life before even being born.
>Pro mma fighter
>Accused of roids
>Blame it on horse meat and strongman training

Since /fit/ is completely flooded with off topic threads, let's have a /fit/ related thread.

How was your workout today?
Did you hit any new PR's?
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The roll of shame is less shameful than being stuck under a bar for a minute
Did a dumbbell and resistance band workout at home today because it was over 100 degrees outside and I couldn't be fucked to go outside to get to the gym.

Got a really nice pump. I might do this more often.
File: not mad.jpg (106 KB, 640x718)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Thanks for asking, neighbor.
Today I wasn't feeling to well, so I waited until 8pm (sundown) to go for a run. I've been trying to improve cardio lately. But I set a new PR! 6.28 miles (most ever run in one session) in 1:08! I was really happy with that.

How was your workout today?
Probably due to your bench form. Odds are you should be gripping wider. Try moving your grip farther out by a finger so that you can hit yours pecs better
Put up 4 reps of 80 pound dumbbells each for overhead presses. The hardest part is getting the weight into position when doing a seated overhead press.

File: 1565290867495s.jpg (8 KB, 200x250)
8 KB
How do I clean smegma? I have so much fucking smegma
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This desu
i cant pull my foreskin all the way back

am i too far gone?
Just stretch every day dude
Jesus fucking Christ that’s disgusting

File: 1513886007966.png (191 KB, 365x250)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
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Testosterone is naturally produced in the body; is taking extra still natty?
File: images (3).jpg (17 KB, 296x170)
17 KB
Wait test isn't natty?
File: 9.png (52 KB, 512x512)
52 KB

what about taking extra test?
>could feasibly double or triple my creatine intake with disgusting blended meat shakes
>no way to do the same with test or tren without a chem kit and a chinaman
I know I'm replying to one of you frog folder faggots but figured I'd try anyway
>holding several hundreds of pounds in one hand
bloatmaxxing truly is the secret to unlocking the biggest gains

File: Oh the ironing.jpg (37 KB, 324x472)
37 KB
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread thread
last one is gone

how fucking wide ma i supposed to bench? I bench at thumb's length away from the smooth part of the bar [I do bulldog grip so it extends out slightly more than this]
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Tricep dips give me chest pain, as do deadlifts. How over is it, lads?
i understand training to failure for biceps, but i would recommend doing it with higher reps for volume instead of intensity. assistance work, especially an isolation like the bicep curl, really isn't the place to drive intensity in general. in my experience, stressing about the weight im curling only hurt my bicep growth because i'm not really doing the volume i need and/or start cheating the weight. I was once 120lbs at 5'9", so I know the feeling of starting off below par. i'd be beet red curling 30lbs barbell for 5. I'm now 160lbs at 5'9". the weight of the curls will come along. just keep progressing on the main lifts and lower the weight for your curls just slightly.
What's something I can do for a warm-up without much use of my legs?
I have been doing jumping jacks or jumping rope but I want to rest my ankle today.
This nakes sense. Ill just lower the weight. But how long can i stay on this weight? And how much curl variation do i need? Right now i do 2 types of curls. Hammer and preacher machine but idk if its hurting me that i do 2 types?

File: JPEG_20190702_103226.jpg (541 KB, 2560x1920)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
I'd been doing my 120 squats every day for 3 weeks except this past week, I'm worried I've thrown any progress I made (I didnt see jack). I do school 7am-2pm and work 3pm-11pm, I can't go to the gym everyday but I really want to slim down and tone up. Even if I don't get toned I want to stop being fat. My sister eats one vegan meal a day and exercises as much as she can and lost around 70lbs in a year. I don't think I have that kind of self control or time. Would it help me to find a "fit buddy" I can text when I want to eat who prevents me from stuffing my face? Asks if I worked out that day?
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Based and listenpilled
You look good but if you want to be thinner eat less you retard
Based knight of repeating integers.
Is it Actually?

File: Jared-Leto-jacked[1].jpg (52 KB, 618x412)
52 KB
I don't care about getting big, I just want to be fit, healthy and a small bodyfat%.
Is it true going veggie is healthier than eating meat all day every day and it reduces aging or just another meme promoted by ((them))?
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>217 total for 12 max
>But can rep 307 for 4


At least make your shit make sense. In any even, what was the point of this? You're telling this boomer who also has stats so ridiculous he is probably lying too that he needs to eat more meat like you... except he is stronger than you on every lift, so why would he listen to you?
I've been vegetarian for about four years. I often feel rather weak. I enjoy running, but don't improve.

I don't know if it was a mistake to cut meat out of my diet. It might have been. I think it might have been smarter for me to just eat fish every few weeks or so. It might have been. I feel like it's too late now to change anything about it, so whatever.

What I can tell you is this: vegetarianism is not really going to change your nutrition for the better if your nutrition is already in check. If you're someone who eats meat everyday, or almost everyday, it might be worth considering to eat meat only once a week, or once every few weeks, but I have not data to back that up.

I'm not vegetarian for health reasons, though. If I could hunt my own food, I totally would, but we're too many people to make that a sustainable option. I don't want to eat factory farmed meat because I love freedom and hate factories which literally cut life into small pieces fit for consumption, or grind life into edible goo.

Apart from all those pseudo moralistic faggot reasons, I think eating less meat can also be seen a question of utility. All those cattle factories are fucking up the nature in which I live. I'm conservative in that regards, which means, without even thinking about all this moral faggotry, I just don't see why everyone should eat meat just because it tastes good, especially since most people eat low quality meat anyway and skip the good parts.

Summary: If you want to stop eating meat for personal reasons or out of ethical concerns, do. If you like to make a statement against destruction of our biotopes, consider eating less meat. If you want to stop eating meat for health reasons, it probably won't help you all that much. To get a lower bodyfat %, you'd probably have to cut out calorie dense dairy as well. I've been living without dairy for a while and got incredibly lean. Not in a sustainable manner, though. It literally made me weak.
File: 1561883274014.png (75 KB, 600x516)
75 KB
So long as you make your macros/micros it doesn't matter where you get it from.

Protein in different forms may require different times to digest, but it doesn't really matter, though long term lack of B12 protein can cause degradation of the brain you can get that from plant sources if you want. Cutting back on red meat is always good, most Western diets include too much meat as it is.

Hating on vegetarians and vegans isn't really about the diet so much as the people who are insufferable who follow the diet.
yeah no, fuck you
fake and gay

File: 1563926551169.png (417 KB, 473x458)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Tfw walked around City I went to college in and got a lot of thoughts and memories of my ex of 3yrs. Sent her a long msg on FB and now I kinda hope she doesn't respond. How do you deal with this weird emptiness you feel in a situation like this? I've been with seversl girls since (this was almost 2yrs ago) and I always seem to wish that they were more like my ex and drop them.
Feels real fucking lonely since all my friends moved away from the city I'm in too. What do you anons do with feels like this?
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File: 1556630667205.jpg (48 KB, 600x431)
48 KB
Lifting only puts the loneliness at Bay for so long, often times after lifting I feel like a piece of shit anyway.
I did something similar anon, the sad truth is they likely moved on a long time ago and don't give a shit anymore. That is the nature of a woman. It is only men that have the capacity to reminisce on old loves
This is so something someone who started lifting last week would say.

I don't think it was a mistake to send the message OP, at least you weren't drunk when you did it. I don't have the answer, but I know your feel very well.
Yeah I'd like my ex from 8 years ago too but it's not gonna happen so I just fuck random thots and leave them cuz they're not as hot as she was lmao. I'm not mad or have any feels tho, just busting nuts and not giving a fuck. The right one will come around someday, just don't hold hands with girls who ur not interested in or else they get ideas and u cant get rid of em
File: 1512853893146.jpg (442 KB, 1200x1875)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Run for as long as i can, through the night, crying and blasting sad love songs, until i run out of breath. The last time i did something like 23km (might try training for a marathon fuelled by sorrow)

File: Nietzsche187a.jpg (1.21 MB, 1464x1986)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
On what philosophy do you live your life /fit/ and how does it affect the way you train?
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These newfags are everywhere.
Where are my stoic absurdist brothren?
this is shit was written by some jew after hitler was long dead you retard
>that's a good boy keep up the good work.
>one day you will be the big boss just like me.
lmao do they give you a lobotomy when you join the military.
why are you all so retarded
stoicism and absurdism are incompatible lmao
This. I dont get why they are even here

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