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File: 5634654.webm (2.92 MB, 720x1280)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
I don't understand something, if the human eye can't see past x amount of frames per second, thus anything faster creates the "soap opera effect" and looks weird.....then how is it possible that we can even see the soap opera effect? Or, how come my hand looks blurry if I wave it real fast in front of me but if I'm watching something high quality on a screen there is no blur? For example pic related.

Thanks in advance.
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Very nice post. This also the reason why going past 60 frames can feel like an improvement in games rather than more unnatural, as they manually put in the blur.
File: hyperspace_badjump.gif (17 KB, 533x400)
17 KB
basically its a resolution problem.

the idea is that the bell curve creates a win state stable middle ground, and surpassing it or preceeding it is detrimental.

if the computer is rending at a slower speed than the eye/brain biological computer, then the effect is noticable as stutter(lag) as not moving at a normal speed. resolution is low because less than optimal data is being fed into your senses.

then if it is going too fast, you actually face the same low res problem because of data dumping. your brain cant track all the action, so it determines itself to narrow its focus to allow less data in and lower the overwhelm state. this is why sudden rusjes of light naturally cause the eyes to close or narrow. its your body physically closing the aperture of incomming data to reduce workload.

unfortunately with the second, the body isnt good at regulating itself to properly accept the new sensory data, so it either underdumps the data (and is overwhelmed) or overdumps the data (leading to an ironic low input scenario) both of which cause under analysis of the sensory data: resulting in low resolution.
imagine getting this angry over nothing ROFL
consider reddit buddy
>The reason a shit tv will show a movie with soap opera effect is because of the extra frame insertion used by lcds and I think oleds to make up for the shite motion.
im following what you are saying but can you rephrase this so I can try to get a better idea of what you mean? If motion looks bad on a certain TV, why would adding frames in make it better? Wouldnt it just be the same shit with more frames?
Very interesting post thanks anon

File: pocket rocket.webm (3.18 MB, 1280x720)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB WEBM
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Stop putting faggy music over war webms.
Really? That moron and his little speech get spammed here all the time.
no, it's old
gay cringe
>isis flag in the top right
>is this armenia?
Kill yourself

File: Phone Call.webm (3.11 MB, 1104x832)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB WEBM
This board's been dead lately
Revive it with actually funny webms please
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>shimmying his way off a cliff
Why bother?
File: Harambe.webm (1.88 MB, 480x360)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB WEBM
File: funkytown niggers.webm (3.59 MB, 640x360)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB WEBM
nigger spotted
commencing cleansing

File: 1599252700238.webm (6 MB, 854x480)
6 MB
itt post your favorite webms
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I see someone failed world history. Not surprising.
Don't use their websites if you don't like them

also, why doesn't he just aim for the floor and just let it all out?
File: 1593237509200.webm (2.97 MB, 512x288)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
Late 90s early 2000s animation was the peak

File: 1959a.webm (1.79 MB, 800x452)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
>October 2nd
>No spooky/horror/creepy thread

Let's fix this folks.
>ITT: It's all the same shit!

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fuck you, I came here to be creeped out not scared shitless
Clark - Ted
What's going on here? I can't listen, my little cousins are sleeping next to me. I don't want them to wake up all scared.
The title is the clue.
Pay attention to her legs.

File: 1602511421500.webm (2.18 MB, 1600x500)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB WEBM
just technology related videos
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That's a very homely girl.
Kokoro connect
File: robospider_army.webm (1.91 MB, 640x360)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB WEBM
File: china_big_brother.webm (2.2 MB, 720x1278)
2.2 MB
They don't inject an entire genome, just comparatively small strands

File: 2020-10-05 20-13-44.webm (2.75 MB, 1282x796)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB WEBM
Other thread is full, so here is another.
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because Sony wasn't there to pressure them for an early release anymore. they just went and started working on the game again even after the mountain of bad rep the shitty launch got them.
File: 1592429114945.webm (2.79 MB, 1280x720)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
what game is that?
Sony? Sony had nothing to do with it, they didn't even publish the game. Hello Games made and published the game by themselves, and made the decisions to lie about the features it would have and launch the game years before it was ready
>Murray stated that although Sony offered to provide financial support, he and Hello Games only wanted Sony's commitment to help market the game
you need to watch internet historians video

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1st Gen was in top form for this ep

Prog thread
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I promise, this is the last reupload.
I never could get into GG after the first couple albums. I still hear the virtuosity, but I miss Visconti too much.

File: wsg_bump_1.webm (5.08 MB, 1920x1080)
5.08 MB
5.08 MB WEBM
Come share an [experience] with us.

>What is [wsg]?
[wsg] is anything you want it to be. Music, Video, Animation, Culture, Anything goes.
All styles are welcome.

>Video Editing Programs

HitFilm - iMovie - Windows Movie Maker - Shotcut - Resolve - Da Vinci - Videopad

Sony Vegas - Premiere - Final Cut

Visual Effects

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What the fuck I opened this at 01:52 am
File: serra.webm (426 KB, 1920x1120)
426 KB
Loop this for the comfy
File: don't wimp.webm (1.53 MB, 1280x720)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB WEBM

heavens gate
File: but never.webm (5.69 MB, 998x560)
5.69 MB
5.69 MB WEBM

File: Fracking Joe.webm (2.59 MB, 640x360)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
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That's a very articulate way to put it, anon. Good response.
>black man is a product of environment (ie community, ie collective)
>the collective is not held to task
>white man is autonomous (ie seperate from environment, ie not representative of the collective)
>we must collectively atone
File: rudolf hess.webm (2.79 MB, 640x360)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
Yeah that's the contradiction I'm pointing out. Not sure if you disagree or not from this response. Another example would be how quick the media was to excuse Muslim terrorism and then flip their view when it came to white terrorism. My point is that if you have this deterministic worldview where everyone's actions are merely of a result of their environment then it should be applied evenly and not just to your pet minorities.
The betting odds are still in Bidens favor despite all this material circulating that is literally campaign ending. It just hasn't reached the mainstream yet because the media has a blackout on it.

Take advantage of the betting odds and put some money on Trump, it's literally free money right now.
bloody hell

Live stats: [YouTube] [LIVE] Coronavirus Pandemic: Real Time Counter, World Map, News (embed)

Quarantined Thread
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why is she wearing such massive shoulderpads? It seems almost intentional to oversize them
so mainstream media is the good guy? I mean, as much as I understood, the WHO wanted this to kill more people is the conspiracy right?

File: 1594168613937.webm (3.93 MB, 853x480)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB WEBM
one day.
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File: 1592975599029.webm (767 KB, 640x480)
767 KB
File: 1575395630065.webm (573 KB, 640x480)
573 KB
File: 1587586976311.webm (436 KB, 322x566)
436 KB
File: 1557497957709.gif (237 KB, 1025x684)
237 KB
237 KB GIF
We all agree
We all think this
He speaks for us all

Lots of subject-related happening this year, it seems to me. Post your best webms.
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Fuck man.

That's pretty heavy.
Haven't a lot of China's dragon veins been popping?

File: nighttime apartments.webm (3.91 MB, 600x336)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB WEBM
Post your WebMs that give you that feeling like no other. WebMs that have some meaning to you
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File: Vesna Rožič.webm (3.46 MB, 480x360)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB WEBM
fucking hell I can't even imagine
My take on the Japanese having lived there working for some years is this; Japanese are so ethnically homogenous and unified they can look at other cultures/religions in a very objective way and analyze the merits of what each culture has to offer and then appreciate it and adopt it without worrying about it threatening their own culture.

For instance, Japanese could appreciate a jewish tradition but then firmly still say the jews are nuts for cutting off the tips of baby dicks.

Here in america were expected to just accept whatever bullshit comes along with a foreign culture.
and i know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic. This is the first song for your mix tape and it's short just like your temper.
It was actually OC, there isn't more.

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