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I want to look like Aya
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File: 4f5f.jpg (747 KB, 1450x4700)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
Odd couple
Yuuka has lost her edge.
What happened to the Youkai force to be reckoned with.
File: 24ee4b.jpg (176 KB, 850x1200)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Love has made her soft
File: Ei43MqLUcAImVTe.jpg (538 KB, 868x990)
538 KB
538 KB JPG

File: 10th.png (1.62 MB, 1100x900)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Today is the 10th anniversary of the slightly wild and maybe also horned hermit!
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Cosplaying as your adopted daughter is hentai
Yeah, and she has been my wife for 1000 years
File: Oni Girls.jpg (3.16 MB, 1980x2220)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
I want to see how their relationships was before they break up
File: caefb.jpg (87 KB, 550x517)
87 KB

Anyone have omamori? Or made one?
I'm thinking of making one myself, after I survived the corona virus, and my hair got longer, I'm thinking of putting it inside it.
>Anyone have omamori? Or made one?
No. How.

>I'm thinking of making one myself, after I survived the corona virus, and my hair got longer, I'm thinking of putting it inside it.
If you're alive, you already survived.
>If you're alive, you already survived.
For good luck charm, I manged to survive it, so it doesn't mean I won't get it again or something bad would happen.
I have an omamori that was sent to me by a japanese friend some years ago but I don't know what I was supposed to do with it. I wonder what's inside it, now that I think about it again. Google says it's supposed to run out of luck after a year and I don't believe in it anyway, so maybe I'll see if I think I can close it back up afterwards.
Don't open it.
If they sent you luck, it's probably best that you cherish it. That is, of course, how anyone serious about it would think of it.

File: 1582011078749.jpg (279 KB, 1200x795)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Changing leaves edition

BJD thread, primarily for vinyl dolls with an anime aesthetic.
Previous Thread: >>25398436
Resin Dolls Thread: dead
Fashion/Other Dolls Thread: >>>/toy/8431904

FAQs and Links
pastebin.com/raw/1gc4UnU9 (embed)

If your doll is for fucking, go to /ona/
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I'm glad they let me order two... I can't resist twins
What are your plans for them, anon?
I just ordered a set of eyes for my dd, what does everyone use to hold their eyes in place? This may not be the last time I swap her eyes so I'm not looking for permanent.
Blu-tac or white-tac for me personally. I got a secondhand doll once that used a single strip of tape and I'm kind of mad how well it worked.
I use those silicone earplugs they sell at the drugstore

Post 'em
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It's a lot, dude. Like at least 2000 yen.
I think paizuri is 6000 yen.
File: many_smugs.jpg (277 KB, 1000x1000)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
What if you don't inhale?
guess I'll save up my instant ramen money for a week or two for the special occasion.

I don't get the appeal of this clown, can you please tell me more about her?
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File: 83955089_p3.png (2.72 MB, 1358x1881)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
Every day I dream of licking fairy cunny.
its just gonna sound like a slide whistle anon
a worthy sacrifice and honorable way to go out.
The clown have plenty of rape/reverse rape doujinshi.
The Clown is not meant for consensual sex.
It's natural for her to either rape or be raped.

What do you feel are the most fundamental values and tenets of otaku culture?

For a long while, I've thought what was important was the pursuit of cuteness, however I've become disillusioned as of late.
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it's her gimmick probably
Do I have to actually watch anime to be an "otaku"? I've seen over 150 but I don't really care about any show made after 2012. I don't even want to watch anything anymore. I don't think having "otaku cred" isn't worth it. Touhou still comforts me but most of the time I just want to close my eyes and listen to vtubers ( I know ) screech in a language I gave up understanding.
In general on the English only internet but mostly still there in japan where the obsessed loser stereotype is still alive and un-ironically earnest.
A train otaku, for instance, does not necessarily just consume media related to trains, they also do something like ride trains and obsess over schedules.
It is in the nature of the otaku to be obsessive but not necessarily to just consume media.
No but vtubers don't make you otaku either.

File: 83449006_p12.jpg (132 KB, 800x1015)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
No beasts allowed!
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File: 1589219362767.jpg (460 KB, 1334x750)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
twitter and dinohu general
File: EcdDpnRU0AARC-c (1).jpg (1.33 MB, 1508x1080)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
>dinohu general
Where? I don't see them here. I'm building a collection of dinohu's myself
Thank you. Still hate the tiny ass thumbnails.

File: Sakuya!.jpg (659 KB, 900x1250)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
Hey /jp/? I'm not even close to 30 and this still makes me cry.
Other than that, you know the drill /jp/. Sakuya goes in ALL fields!
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Sakuya meeting some religious outsider and being taught the word of god sounds really funny to me
The mansion is western so it wouldn't be too weird.
Remilia would probably go "oh, it's one of those guys again."
But how would she react if Sakuya "I'm an athiest" Izayoi was convinced?
Just pure surprise. An afterlife in Gensokyo exists after all. Convincing someone of it wouldn't be too big of a stretch. If anything, it would be easier for something like Christianity to pass through as more people attempt to discard it. The same can be said for any other religion. Just look at the the Buddhists and Taoists factions already present there. Not necessarily forgotten, but not many people follow it worldwide.
It may be convincing to some people, but Sakuya of all people? The guy must have been real convincing

File: Marisa 1.jpg (601 KB, 1000x823)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
"I wanna be more than just a friend..."

A somewhat masculine woman who finally confesses her love with teary eyes, after having been troubled for so long about wanting to be more than a friend, is really quite adorable.
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She doesn't smoke her drugs...
What would you do with your Marisa?
Hug her, squeeze her, pet her, kiss her, bathe her, feed her eggs.
File: marisa in abyss.jpg (1.26 MB, 4032x3024)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Cave Marisa.
Make her a child and hand her over to Alice in exchange for money. Lots of money.

File: index.png (4 KB, 187x186)
4 KB
Can we have a thread about the history of Nicodouga? What's your favorite memes from the past? What have they currently been up to? What does the future hold in store for the site?
Is this otaku culture?
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Speaking of celebrities, you also had to factor in that these were also common attraction in NND until they jumped ship to Showroom.
I miss old anime. I am also sad this video seems to have been made around 2002~3 and so Nanoha isn't in it.
Inmu is the only thing alive in this site
INMU (which has been less popular overall since like 2017-2018) isn't really the biggest thing on the site at all. For video uploads, it is mostly more general otaku media, with some trending fads:
Though I would agree that INMU is pretty much tied to Niconico for the most part, even if makers and others reupload to other sites.

Also, the anime and various media streams still pull several thousands and occasionally tens of thousands of viewers simultaneously.

File: file.png (36 KB, 1347x706)
36 KB
Why do they do this? It is not fair. Wayback doesn't even archive Pixiv pages.

Really hurts to know that there are dozens of illustrations of your favorite character that you will never be able to appreciate.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That really sucks. Some of the stuff made it to the *boorus and they are really decent.
I guess people are supposed to archive and mirror everything of interest while they still can. Oftentimes you forget how ephemeral things on the internet are and that's just terrifying.
No artists are, rebranding happens a lot when you're obsessed with what people think of.your art.

With love,
-an autistic d/ic/k
pyw so I can snibbity snab
then you realize how ephemeral your physical drives also are, now thats a new level of terrifying
i wish i have more money to afford more redundancies
File: Rerouted_through_Omsk.jpg (109 KB, 600x600)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Depending on your finances, some options may be viable.

If and when you upgrade your PC tower, your old tower will probably have enough physical SATA (or other) slots to make a NAS feasible. There are several choices for NAS-dedicated OSes, but FreeNAS is pretty straightforward for setting up ZFS software RAID across several disks with redundancies. So if 1-3 HDDs fail (depending on your setup), you can just have a spare(s) ready to swap out the failed disk(s). You're just paying for the HDDs, SATA cables, and the power to run it at that rate, which should be less than $500 for the first purchase for 20+ terabytes of redundant storage, and then just buying backup disks for replacement every few years on average.

Much less technically involved on your end and with much less initial cost, but comes with the caveats of online backup (not having enough local storage for backup, uploading legally ambiguous stuff that might be checked in the future, encryption being broken, etc.).
There are several almost-unlimited backup services that will run you under $10/month with relatively few gotchas, and you should be able to migrate stuff over to another service if there service gets more BS over time.

File: EgbuSWJVoAEtEf9.png (27 KB, 363x132)
27 KB
Somebody left him in the dryer...
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. . .... ..: : :: :: ::: :::::: :::::::::::: : ::::::::::::::::::::::
        Λ_Λ . . . .: : : :::::: :: ::::::
       /:彡ミ゛ヽ;)ー、 . . .:::: ::::::::
      / :::/:: ヽ、ヽ、 ::i . .:: :.:::::::.:::::::
      / :::/;;:   ヽ ヽ ::l . :. :. .:::::::: :
 ̄ ̄ ̄(_,ノ  ̄ ̄ ̄ヽ、_ノ ̄
I know, I want to end it all too.
who left him in there though

The /jp/ GTA server will be up tomorrow, Saturday, at around 7 or 8 PM EST. Come play with us as your favorite girl!
43 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: challenger.png (977 KB, 2048x2048)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
If you would like to try your hand at it anon then here is a good one.
Some cars have difficult UV maps to skin, but this one should be easy. Left some notes and images about the car without actually being ingame to see it here: https://mega.nz/file/a5EDHYCb#scJPdDG8M_RnMRwucoOfp-Ns2zGpyXVOAzp2CXCR2OM
Wait this is a Charger, not Challenger. Close enough.
I noticed just now that this is a very cute Sanae.
I see.
In order to do so, you need access to the files itself and a way to modify them?
It's harder to do with some games that don't allow you to do that, but thanks for telling me this.
I checked to be sure, but I confused it with the Challenger. They look similar- the 1970 model.
2 days...

File: ECJOaFgVAAAYQWm.jpg (41 KB, 624x1021)
41 KB
187 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: king me.png (291 KB, 573x407)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
I want to king the kong with my dick
The producer always keeps a stock of his frozen cream at the ready, just in case.
File: 64024753_p0.jpg (2.87 MB, 1058x5030)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
>the kong opens her spacious fridge and grabs a snack
File: 79683885_p0.png (327 KB, 600x788)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
>Come now, Sachiko. Your turn is next.
kick her in the pussy!

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