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File: 1552463662960.png (613 KB, 855x1017)
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613 KB PNG
How does a 10,000-year-old hag still have eggs to lay?
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Egg is egg, anon.
Not him but I like her simple design compared to the other 2hus, the fact that she is not a sociopath like ninety percent of the cast and the fact that she is chill as fuck, also i want to fertilize her eggs and mate with her for an entire week.
Aya is good
More ayas equals more good
File: taters.jpg (2.08 MB, 1635x2765)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
kuso thread.
File: 1590679247529.png (1.28 MB, 1410x2398)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
I bet you can get her to cosplay her ancient self if you get her drunk enough.

File: 1563724486061.png (214 KB, 671x600)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
If you have a question about a specific product, please link it so people know what you're talking about.

The ona guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a

The doll guide: https://pastebin.com/rrUa6jKF

- - - OtonaJP has gotten worse over the years, from bad customer service, to not fulfilling orders. If you want to temp faith and buy from them (as a last resort or otherwise), go ahead, but don't say we didn't warn you - - -

>Please read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

>Length, girth, budget and geographical location are extremely important in determining your next best course of action!

Previous: >>25175956
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yea the hard one. The other "Hard" series are either too fucking small or doesnt accomodate to girthier dicks. Virgin Loop "Hard" is an example, it would literally push my dick out everytime and give my dick this burning feeling after im finished
Have you tried the Cyclist one from Toys Heart?
It has a pretty low melting temp, so if it is too tight you could probably fill it with moderately hot (not hot enough to burn your skin) water for a while to warm it up, and them fuck it to loosen it up to fit you better.
>missed out on it when amazon had prime delivery on it
yeah ive been meaning to try it but ill order it next time Toy Demon has another sale in winter. Any other recommendations?
There is another one, think Toys Heart makes it also. Has "BIG" on the box but I don't recall the name.
Great way to turn your tight girl into a loose pocket.

File: 1386107838732.jpg (112 KB, 500x500)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
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File: 4134.jpg (32 KB, 256x256)
32 KB
No one else could ever compete
She is smart, kind, funny, and romantic
Nobody compares to my Fran
how? I'm not Koyomi
File: 415015.jpg (24 KB, 225x346)
24 KB
back off, loser. alpha and i are gonna have lots of unprotected direct message transfer and there's nothing you can do about it

File: 1596299332371.jpg (1.2 MB, 1414x2000)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Last thread is about to get archived >>24916748

Useful links:
- https://kigurumimask.web.fc2.com/
- https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1m0KiLcbTwbcg_WyN_eH4aye2fTo

- Images: https://www.pixiv.net/search.php?s_mode=s_tag&word=%E7%9D%80%E3%81%90%E3%82%8B%E3%81%BF
- Videos: https://www.findtubes.com/search/kigurumi
- Stick this in japanese sites: 着ぐるみ
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That would probably work if we knew who you were lol
Cuddles or "cuddles"? Because one is a lot easier to give than the other.
I'm probably nowhere near anyone here so it's not worth mentioning.
Anywhere a poorfag could get a mask and suit?
Check out the links in the OP or just ask data herself.

File: 1596323923060.webm (2.93 MB, 462x820)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Have you taken the Kibopill anon?

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Oh, no so it is a puppet. That's what I was meaning originally, some kind of remote control vs. actual programmed intelligence.
Ive been very interested in creating a robot like this??
Any robo anon would know where would be a good place to start?
If you don't have the wit to just google yourself you'll never make it
Google what?

File: th13.png (110 KB, 263x480)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
This is an ancient Japanese prince
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When did Miko get those ballistics?
File: Miko communication.png (956 KB, 1200x1200)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
Magic and technology
Look at their eyes, It saying they want you to join them.
File: Miko #1234.jpg (63 KB, 680x513)
63 KB
File: Miko #1233.jpg (151 KB, 1260x1026)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

File: ED0riymU4AAjRh1.jpg (281 KB, 2105x1488)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
We love Mayu!
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File: EdVpzLJUYAAQkOC.jpg (309 KB, 1254x1771)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Truly one of those idols with the mysterious case of big tits.
yandere paizuri

File: 1587798837308.jpg (962 KB, 1000x1415)
962 KB
962 KB JPG
This thread is for discussions relating to quality works by Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON

>Type-Moon Visual Novel Collection (in Japanese)

>Kara no Kyoukai the Garden of sinners
Kara no Kyoukai novel (in Japanese)
English translations by cokesakto
Kara no Kyoukai Anime Movies
Kara no Kyoukai Manga

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Which nasuverse story, game or whatever would you guys suggest for someone who is most interested in the wider world of the setting?
How magecraft works, the different organizations, mages, vampires and the church, that type of thing.
Case Files.
Mahoyo for fundamentals, then go for the side novels.


Cheers buds
I have a feeling they're going to time the release with next spring.

1. Have a script extention in your browser: Violetmonkey (recomended), Greasemonkey, Tapermonkey, etc
2. Install script:
using 4chanX is optional but recommended

If you'd rather not install these extensions or dislike the concept, this thread can be ignored.
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File: remu.jpg (238 KB, 924x1344)
238 KB
238 KB JPG

Previous thread:
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The Bakemono
>all these father steals girl from son
Any title where the son is the one stealing?
If you are 30 that means most of your adult life was in the the 2010s
Another oyakodon with Rei, nice

File: EITA_zennshinn.jpg (150 KB, 467x650)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
EITA-hime edition
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any other times of good bands coming together?
whether it be on an album or live
I really like this song, specifically this live version, but most of their other stuff is kinda tame and doesn't scratch the same itch for me.
i feel these two go hard like that one
File: 91s9Buc9UL._SL1500_.jpg (61 KB, 563x563)
61 KB
The first half of this album is seriously some of my favorite music of all time. The atmosphere and instrumentals are insane. Such a shame that they didn't continue down this path and now just put out decent pop music. Wish there was more music like it.

They're gone now. Chiaki is doing solo stuff but most of it is pretty generic pop.
Her pre-kinoko stuff was good though.

File: duolingo sad.jpg (94 KB, 1400x1400)
94 KB
I feel like I am not getting anywhere with that fucking green little shit. Are there any anons that learnt Japanese successfully and if so how?
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I learned Hiragana by... youtube videos.
But I did put a bit a prepping into it, so I didn't go in like nothing.
just watch some variety shows if youre into that. You won't get it at first but you just start to pick up words and phrases you learned before. As soon as RTK even becomes slight work, switch to watching shows, or youtubers and don't go back to rtk until you feel well rested. I quit 8 times before i learned i should be having fun at least 90% of the time
text : MMOs, chatpad
voice : VRchat
Makes sense. I remember starting english classes in middle school and I never really had very good grades until I started reading the SA frontpage and forums a whole lot, back in the early 2000s.
After that, I became so much better than everyone else in class, it wasn't even funny.
how did you go about practicing writing? ive been wanting to get into it more but cant think of a good way to motivate myself to practice

File: 34563476456757.jpg (344 KB, 1920x1695)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Japanese angel eating a peach.
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How a Rainbow taste?
I fucking love Tenshi!
Pouty Tenshi is the best!!
peaches are fucking delicious man
Did Yukari beat the shit out of her when she destroyed the shrine?
She got spanked.

File: mima.png (6 KB, 153x160)
6 KB
Is Mima ever coming back?
Never ever
Hello wizard Yuuka.
I still think that she's the main villain of Cheating Detective Satori.

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Ran grow
File: 83564003_p0.png (2.35 MB, 1191x1684)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
Holy shit, they look bigger than Yukari's!

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