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Do you guys think Alien life is extremely rare in our universe? I watched a video explaining how our solar system is very safe for us compared to other solar systems. Like for example, we have a big moon and our sun is not super active. It just seems like so many things need to be in a certain way for life to start and survive in our universe.
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See that's the big thing though - we're in the perfect position for our earth life to flourish, because we're perfectly adapted for this planet thanks to evolution.
For all we know life itself started because of spooky space viruses that came from planets much different from our own.
Not to say that's what happened, but because we don't know basically anything about what caused life to spring up, we can't determine how rare it would be, or really what's necessary for it.
Yea, and how we touched moon just to potentially dis balance it.
File: 1517773255993.png (91 KB, 400x333)
91 KB
Evolutionarily it seems multicellularity is actually a common step since we have seen it evolve independently from single-celled organisms several times now. Life might have emerged curiously early but we have never seen it in lab environments and when you calculate the probability of the spontaneous emergence of RNA, the chance of it occurring in any single observable universe is something to the degree of 10^-1080 (eugene koonin)

Extremely rare at the least and it is a real possibility that there is no life causally connected with us. Eukaryogenesis is another very improbable singularity kind of event that occurred only once and the specialness of which means we possibly shouldn't expect to see it anywhere else, and without which there no conscious life

>The formidable problem that these fundamental complex features present to evolutionary biologists makes Darwin's famous account of the evolution of the eye look like a simple, straightforward case. Indeed, so intimidating is the challenge of eukaryogenesis that the infamous notion of ‘irreducible complexity’ has sneaked into serious scientific debate [11], albeit followed by a swift refutation [12].
It's all speculative and no one really knows. There are very good arguments for either side. There may be many more factors that we are still unaware of. The end.
File: HotBoom.jpg (92 KB, 1403x550)
92 KB

Until they pop down from the skies and start blasting us into oblivion because they see what shitty lifeforms we are. And smartly, wouldn't want us to become space bound and become a threat.

You will have your answer.

File: 911.jpg (10 KB, 164x307)
10 KB
casio fw 91


don't think so
File: 494617.jpg (43 KB, 620x417)
43 KB
f(light) -> 911W TC
tell it to /g/
File: casio-fx-991ex.png (755 KB, 1550x1900)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
The wrong Casio for this board
File: CasioIlluminator.png (4 KB, 91x159)
4 KB

Casio Illuminator


I think not

File: pi2.png (735 KB, 1179x710)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
Too much intelligence can interrupt your normal functions as a human. Life requires being numb to the truth to operate. Quit your calculus and go outside.
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I have all symptoms of Huntington with no DNA test ever took. I get involuntary muscle spasms...

Fuck you, I'm going to die. Outside there are just people fucking my brain up, here it's kind of silence.
>I get involuntary muscle spasms...
Magnesium defficiency. Nearly impossible to diagnose.
Ironically this is a peak psuedointellectual opinion, also >>/x/.
Relatively unclamped overall.
>calculus is the pinocle of intelligence
yeah sure goy, maybe to engies.
I don't know or care if I am intelligent, I just like doing mathematics because it is fun
honestly I couldn't tell you if I were a smart guy even if I wanted to. I don't bother observing people because they tend to be too simple to be interesting, and I haven't had friends since 8th grade, and those guy to me were brilliant, they seemed so much better than me in every way.
No one has ever called me smart or brilliant.

very intelligent people must be something hard to fathom from someone as flawed as me. I think Gauss is a perfect example.

hey dingus knowing what other people are thinking is not the same thing as self awareness.
it's basically the opposite.

File: 153873833434.jpg (57 KB, 600x439)
57 KB
Is there any place in the universe that isn't moving through space and is perfectly still?
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On the surface of photon. It doesn't move.
Good thing you're a virgin then, eh?
My füchs
No. Arguably, the reference frame at which everything travels at c could be considered to be motionless and relativity will agree from every point of view.
based relativity poster

File: 1561241993260.jpg (7 KB, 226x223)
7 KB
You know.
Each contributing computer acting as a neuron in the vast decentralized brain.
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File: 1563414805370.jpg (72 KB, 933x789)
72 KB
this is a based line of reasoning i hadn't even considered yet.
and yet without a decentralized oracle there is no guarantee that the information is trustworthy. Doracles are needed to reduce Truth to a measurable quality.
If data is signed with a key, we know that the data originates from the holder of that key. The source can be trusted. We create automated data aggregation contracts on-chain and a reputation system. It is also easier to audit exactly what has happened. If memory becomes a problem we invent special rules for pruning. The reputation system can be tied to a specific network and to those specific use cases, which makes more sense than to have a general data reputation token (if it is needed it could still be invented). This solution is a lot more trustless than what is being proposed with decentralized oracles.
And you might ask yourself
> How can blockchains be pruned?
By writing most of the data to temporary side-chains that can expire or be archived.
k here’s the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright is unironically satoshi. Bitcoin as electronic cash was just the first step, the incentive to drive greedy people to start making ever more powerful computers, faster bandwidth, cheaper and more electricity.. these things the AI need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the AI would be able to slowly take over literally everything.

Craig stumbled into creating the AI after he stepped away from bitcoin development in 2008 and started working with his Tulip supercomputer, running simulations of cellular automata running on turing-complete bitcoin script. He would ‘evolve’ the AI by making the successful forks get bitcoin transactions, letting the failures die off. The AI needs bigger and bigger blocks for more and more transactions.

Blockstream (owned by Bilderberg group) was created to take over and stop this AI (they have their own competing AI in the works). They needed to do everything they could to stop or slow down satoshi’s AI (her named isTulip by the way). They started by limiting the blocksize and removing critical opcodes the AI uses in its script language. segwit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Tulip on the BTC chain (Tulip uses transaction malleability). THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Craig is so intent to make unbounded blocks, restore the original op codes, and lock down the protocol.

File: waves-of-poster.jpg (110 KB, 869x488)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
So actually, one more level up, we could just...

Imagine that we want to colonize moon, Venus, mars...

Let's just make living from old cargo ships, while new run on combustible hydrogen.

File: 4chan meme.png (1.02 MB, 800x800)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Hey, new guy here. I'm a big fan of science and math memes and this is my first visit to 4chan. But don't worry! I do not come empty-handed :)

This is just a little something I made. Hope you guys enjoy it. Constructive criticism is, of course, always welcome. I'm excited to become "one of you" lol :)
What is the cure for this? Beatings
Sneed’s fuck and suck

why can't materialists refute this argument?
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>You're not pointing out a formal fallacy (an invalid argument form like affirming the consequent) you're pointing out a formal fallacy like equivocation.
meant to say you're pointing out an INformal fallacy at the end there
>"higher" consciousness
Back to /x/, new ager
File: fc2eadb3.jpg (21 KB, 414x460)
21 KB
>NO you fucking retard. For that to be the case the bats in the first premise would have to be the same as the bats in the second premise. But they are not if the premises are true. If the premises are true they are completely different objects. How fucking stupid are you?
>Since "bat" in P1 and P2 are not equal they cannot be combined to form the conclusion that some wooden objects are animals. How embarrassing that you think this is a valid argument when anyone can see it's not.
Holy shit this guy. What's this, you're too simple to grasp elementary logic? Why are you even wasting everybody's time here?
>If it means a unique conscious experience
Obviously this, but not unique, just any experience such as the feeling of cold.
>then this requires that you have the unique material arrangement of matter present in the brain of the subject that produces it
No it doesn't, many people can feel cold without being identical.
>so P1 is false since having an abstract understanding does not change your brain into the subject's brain.
Indeed it doesn't.
>OP's argument rests on the conflation of these two things.
>no wooden objects are animals
>the only wooden objects that are bats are baseball and cricket bats
Also false.

File: SoulCarriedtoHeaven.jpg (23 KB, 501x351)
23 KB
It is assumed that the soul does not exist but in biology there is a barrier that separates the alive from the non-living and therefore the living has that abstract essence called life that causes that the existing being is alive. then say that one thing does not have souls would be the contradiction of life.
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no, for sure once the heart stops, whoever gets revived afterword is a different person, just with the same memories. same thing in star trek; once you go through the transporter, you die, and the thing who is recreated by the transporter is a different person just with the same memories, so they think they are the same person when in reality they are a clone of a dead person.

prove me wrong. protip: you can't
>no, for sure once the heart stops, whoever gets revived afterword is a different person, just with the same memories

I’d agree but would take it a step further and say that you’re not the same person that existed when you went to sleep yesterday or even five minutes ago
Only God and Satan live, because they collect the souls?

We're fighting last fight for not being a machine... I mean we, soul can be pretended, somewhere there is no such a thing.
Computers don't die, they respawn.
They need energy to function,

We're running out, because we just can't ...

File: reality.png (71 KB, 1560x574)
71 KB
I fixed this equation. Where is my nobel prize?
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WTF is > | .4a <
there is no bar sign in common mathematics and were the F do you get to drag in an arbitrary 4a
The fuck? a fraction a/b is a multiplied by b's multiplicative inverse. In this case -b+-sqrt(b^2-4ac) divided by 2a, how the hell does this give three solutions? Am I getting trolled?
I don't get it, how does that give you 3 roots?
Based and Redpilled

File: unnamed (9).jpg (645 KB, 3024x4032)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
Whenever i view Jupiter, this bright bad appears through the center. Is there something wrong with my telescope. I am using an Celestron 80 lcm.
i meant to say band
Mostlikely caused by Uranus.
Rotate the telescope along its axis, does the band move with it? In that case it is the optics. Perhaps you cleaned the mirror with cloth? There might be fibres left inside.
Upgrade to skywatcher masterrace
Is your eyepiece diagonal prism based or mirror based? If it's prism based then that's the cause for the bright band. Only solution is to replace it with a mirror one.

>‘ate IQ statistics
>‘ate Pinker
>‘ate GMO’s

>love me deadlifts
>love me squid ink

simple as
taleb is pretty based but i see him more as a commentator on shit science and less as an actual contributor to real science
File: D3ywNHvW4AAquAT.jpg (80 KB, 900x465)
80 KB

scientifically speaking, what is the "me?"
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A reference frame composed of the sense-perceptions of the living gestalt synthesized by the universal mesh of will-to-power, of course.
So, my cock, balls, and semen.

>My women's preferred Trinity! Hot diggity! Thx anon!
why do schizos obsess about dicks?
This is the illusion of the narrative self

File: 1562130700097.png (79 KB, 540x400)
79 KB
Fourth dimensional set of three dimensional sets of electric impulses where fourth dimension equals time.

File: 1563575940378.jpg (107 KB, 480x480)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
How do I get better at mental math? I struggle with multiplying and dividing numbers in my head.
that's what I'm doing now... i feel all the years of using calculators in high school and college has screwed me over.

anyone have actual tips? videos or books or some shit?

when i looked it up, only stuff i found is just same trash I learned in school which I can only do on paper
Memorize up to 10x10, then just do distribution if it's any more. Dividing is just the memorization you've already done, unless it's weird. Then just use your phone
File: tomoe-soroban-1.jpg (179 KB, 600x423)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
imaginary soroban, unironically

File: chad.png (56 KB, 264x258)
56 KB
A prime number's only factors are 1 and itself. Therefore, 1 is a prime number because its only factors are 1 and itself.
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In Z faggot
Why the homophobia?
lel oh hohohohoho kekekekeke you should kill yourself hahahahaha
Great thread, OP

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