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I heard somewhere that relatively recently, in terms of that kind of thing, the Sahara desert was significantly wetter and greener than in the present day. What would it take to start making it like that again, and what would be the effects?
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If they have a stake in it they will support it. Solar panels are already commonly used on the continent.
If it's so simple, why haven't you done it before
A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Do you see where you went wrong with your comment?
Like if you turn an entire place into solar panels by taking the land from them and none of the moeny going into the local inhabitants they will be pissed just like anyone else.
The engineering is straight forward and people realised this more than 100 years ago. The problem is that much of Africa is in a state of war and terrorists roam across the rest.

File: multiverse.jpg (68 KB, 816x579)
68 KB
Is it to colonize the multiverse and keep fapping to hentai and fondling VR titties 'till the end of eternity? Like seriously what's the fucking point?
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>I think the idea of god is plausible and if that’s true then there probably is a really good reason for the universe’s existence

How do you reach that conclusion? I hope God is real and there is an afterlife, but God doesn't answer what existence is at all at a deep enough level to be satisfactory. Even God himself would have to have questions about existence and the nature of reality.
File: 1544888941491.jpg (30 KB, 457x446)
30 KB
The whole multiverse conundrum is that those things you seek are necessarily out of your reach.
o i am laffin
Please don't involve the multiverse in your efforts to satisfy that part of your brain that is addicted to making sense.
Even if this place doesn't have its own "point", we have points and ends. The question is, then, what the fuck do we want to get out of existing here? For me the answer is pretty simple. In this world the thread to our existence is constant. What we should all strive to do is to secure our continued existence better. You would say, "but shouldn't there be something more to it than just that." And I would respond, maybe but this task is so huge that we will likely never stop working at it. Like OP suggested, even if we spread not just cross the universe but across the multiverse, the threat to our existence would likely remain. This is a never-ending job, and we will likely never be able to rest on our laurels and just masturbate all day. This is why some people who do this already are so self-deluded. But they will all wake up one day.
This, total enlightenment of humanity should be the goal to reach ASAP. We won’t survive with retards.
You don't know what the multiverse is.

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File: TIMESAND___NationZ.png (627 KB, 808x656)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
>most productive working man on Earth
besides my scientific work, I did this too:
Nothing has come of it yet but it's in the news a lot. When you hear about the "final assault on Idlib" what they are actually talking about is the final "oh shit" moment when the ID library comes back to haunt the criminals.
This was me too:
>Nuclear accident in New Mexico ranks among the costliest in U.S. history

Article says the plutonium leak was caused by kitty litter, but the real story behind the fake story is that I caused this other leak of meme plutonium, and this leak was totally separate from the OPM breach.
He literally does that. Read the proof months ago and had a good laugh, dont recall the exact details but I do remember he defines some variable as an "special infinite" and then bases the proof on the premise that ∞ + a = ∞ and shit, which is fucking laughable.

You're delusional. Even if you're "working" on whatever you deem important, you're still homeless and unproductive, which keeps you from being a fulfilled, functioning member of society.
You're the same as those wow addicted retards that waste their life away playing 17 hours a day, except that you think that what youre doing is right because you waste your time in a respected field instead of a video game.
I was the single most productive man on Earth in at least a few of the last several years.
Bro just define infinity-hat as number for which zeta(infinity-hat) = 0 and Re(infinity-hat) =/= 1/2. Lol that wasn’t hard. Riemann was such a dumbass for not proving this shit immediately lol.

File: 070506022829.jpg (1.25 MB, 3000x2400)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Whether you like math or not, you must concede that the Mandelbrot set is pretty cool. Despite being calculated from a very simple formula, it's literally infinite and endless. Even after countless zooming videos are posted on youtube every day, the total amount of set explored will always be 0%.
The set was never invented, it was discovered. It always existed, but we can only see it now thanks to computers, and despite being known and studied since the 80s, there are still some mysteries surrounding it. For example it is known that the set is connected, and it is conjectured that the set is locally connected, but this has never been proven.
Famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was fascinated by it and even made a documentary about it and fractals in general, going as far as adding a reference to the set in it's novel "The Ghost from the Grand Banks".

Feel free to post images and facts about this wonderful set of complex numbers.
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translation pls
This article pretty much nails it. https://plus.maths.org/content/os/issue53/features/hallucinations/index

>tl;dr: Cowan and Ermentrout's model suggests that geometric hallucinations are a result of an instability in V1: something, for example the presence of a drug, throws the neural network off its equilibrium, kicking into action a snowballing interaction between excitatory and inhibitory neurons, which then stabilises in a stripy or hexagonal pattern of neural activity in V1. In the visual field we then "see" this pattern in the shape of the geometric structures described by Klüver.
Thanks anon
Do you even Plato?

File: 1557366412632.jpg (187 KB, 1080x1350)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
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finding area of a triangle does not count as math, and reading sophie's world does not count as philosophy
i just want to be loved again..
How do you pity them? It’s difficult to fathom their general paradigm - people this sociopathic and incapable of empathy have such distorted minds you wonder how a person can become so disconnected from reality. Think of the context. A child who probably couldn’t help but care about his friends’ feelings turned into the person you just quoted.
At large you are correct but
>It's so bad that you're quite literally incapable of basing your actions on something higher
There are infrequent yet apparent cases where like you and I a person realizes said things and might behave in pursuit of some other trivial, yet more intelligible passion. Certain monks may an example but I am thinking more of an artist of sorts or scholar.

File: js puzzle.png (119 KB, 982x858)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
I have a high GPA but I'm bad at puzzles. What does that mean?
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>4chan appears to be very intelligent in the crystallized sense but not enough in the fluid sense :P
Just babyfigs. Oldfags were the perfect mix of lateral thinking and bullshit artist, also you just lost the game.
Congrats, you have a decent short term memory. Which would have been useful before Google.
Why the homophobia?
it means you're a jew
I looked up Heidi and she's a data analyst. No way she's that smart right?

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 194x259)
10 KB
- Gravity is a disturbance in the space-time fabric;

- This disturbance is proportional to the particle nature of the materia;

- The limit of the wave nature of materia is given by planck, when h/m.v = 1;

- The limit of the particle nature of materia is given by positive exponent of planck, that is h, but with ^+34;

- A black hole is when some materia assumes the max particle nature possible, that is given when h^+34/m.v = 1;

- A particle that lambda is equals 1 (h/m.v = 1) can ignore the gravity attraction;

- We will never see a blackhole or any other materia that lambda < 1, in h^+34/m.v;
can somebody please explain to a brainlet how time can be a dimension? how tf does that work. If time is like a physical thing that can be bent and control matter around it, why can we not manipulate time yet

And if it is a physical thing why does time appear to go "linearly" forwards and backwards and not just stay static.
Also i want to know if time is physical , what does it smell like and can i eat it?
Thank god, okay, I’ll post this here too. I can’t wait until the mathematics community is ready to accept some other brainlet’s proof and I can die knowing I had shown it years before. Otherwise I’ll post a paper on an ArXiv under a pseudonym in a few years.

To resolve the issue between the time quanta needed for the various models of computation in producing an answer to a given problem, we need to understand how information is encoded in the "universe". By this, I mean the relative information provided by the input and model of computation as it relates to the number of time quanta taken for the translation of information in the input to correspond with the information provided in the problem's definition of accepting and non-accepting strings.

We can describe the capability of a Turing machine and other equivalent models of computation in a single time quanta in terms of providing "edit distance" translations of the original string. Since this is constant, the complexity class is a function of the information encoded by the transition function and the problem definition. In the worst case, there is no information provided in the problem definition, e.g. "I've chosen x random strings, but here is an oracle to tell you whether a given guess is correct or not". And in the best case, it is the solution space, e.g. "accept the set of strings x".

You can show that a) there is a bound separating the amount of information encoded by the problem definitions of the complexity classes P and NP (NP is strictly lower), and b) that if the amount of information provided by a problem is below this bound, then the number of time quanta (under the aforementioned information-theoretic encoding of the transition function as a mapping of edits to the input string given current states) required to disambiguate solution strings grows super-polynomially in the size of the input

Have you ever considered how similar a brain is to a computer?
Fundamentally, humans use simple algorithmic processes all of the time (e.g. to-do lists).
However, popularly, computers seem to be considered to be completely separate from brains.
The analogies are made all of the time that brains:humans::hardware:computers and mind:humans::software:computers, but their not really taken too seriously.
What if we work under the assumption that brains aren't living computers, but that computers are unliving brains?
In other words, if we understood the relationship between the computer and the human mind better, could we more quickly approach everyday computers being an ideal brain?
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But how power-effecient is it compared to a digital neural network?
I think it may be more accurate to say the brain is a network of a great number of many computers that happen to be physically VERY close to each other. This is why when one part of the brain gets damaged the rest operate unhindered. For instance in a stroke victim who's had damage in part of the brain responsible for speech may have trouble speaking, but the rest of the brain is undamaged, so the person can function pretty normally with the exception of speaking properly.

Cause we're selfaware/conscious we tend to think of that our awareness/consciousness as being the central point of the network, but really it's probably a very distributed non-centralized network, and the part of our brain responsible for consciousness/self-awareness is simply a tertiary supervisory role. It's perfectly possible for the brain to function without this supervisory role turned on, as proven with the lobotomy procedure.

I may be just guessing here, but I think the physical cells and neurons may create neural networks, but I think on the whole it functions more as a network of many computers, and within those computers are many individual neural networks comprised of cells and neurons.
Just because neural networks are a single model of learning we have doesn't mean that the brain is physically reducible to that learning model. There exists way more models out there, and if you really want to make this claim, you're gonna have to prove it. The function that a network can solve domain specific problems suggests that there are fundamental barriers to be crossed to even describe human intelligence, much less general intelligence
Explain the algorithm responsible for why some men shit in the urinal because they think it is funny then.
In general, comedy is formed based on feedback about what one finds funny himself and what one says or does that elicits laughter in others. One's idea of humor is formed by years of experience and practical application.
If your m8s think it's funny to shit in the urinal, you're more likely to think it's funny and try it yourself.
In short, peer pressure and related conditioning.

File: Kepler_and_Brahe.jpg (46 KB, 585x427)
46 KB
Name a more iconic duo in the history of science

>poor, devout teacher, obsessed with theology and geometry. Had a strong desire to read the mind of God and viewed geometry as a form of "God Himself". Even developed a model of planetary motion based on sacred geometry.

arrogant, extravagant aristocrat who possessed the best astronomical observations of the time
The thing is that the two did not get along very well: Kepler only came up with his laws of planetary motion after Brahe gave him some Mars data and told him to fuck off.

File: crabs?.png (498 KB, 640x480)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
wtf is happening here?
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Hmmm who has more food... America or Venezuela?

inb4 not real communism
Hahaha, made me lol.
Nothing is scarier than a deluded religious fanatic.
Indeed, also fuck you faggot

File: 6656u7453.jpg (275 KB, 1024x675)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Are anatomically modern humans animals? Is there any scientific reasoning behind this?

Basically: is it rational to say that "being human" won't make our species any special, and we are just smart animals?
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>we are just smart animals

Why wouldn't we be? Even if you have some religious or philosophical view of humanity, we can presumably be both an "animal" and a "spiritual being", or whatever.

>Is there any scientific reasoning behind this?
I mean, we're a biological organism, from the Kingdom Anamalia. We're obviously not Plantae or Fungi.

> is it rational to say that "being human" won't make our species any special, and we are just smart animals?
"Just smart animals"?

We're certainly smart animals. The possibility of being "smart" is incredibly important in a thousand different ways.. So I'm not sure it deserves a "just".

Also, if you're looking for the meaning of life, or similar stuff, try philosophy or religion. Science can't answer all the questions, you know.
Because he doesn't give a flying fuck what you think.

André Tchaikowsky left his body to medical research, and donated his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company, asking that it be used as a prop on stage. Through his will, mind you.

File: theoriginalstyler.jpg (26 KB, 250x500)
26 KB
We are missing a computer scientist, who do you recon I contact?
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Well what am I reading here.
File: images(36).jpg (53 KB, 466x658)
53 KB

Full of poo compscis.
File: 1558126261497.png (1.18 MB, 1660x1323)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Are you a poo comspci ?

File: orion_esm.jpg (291 KB, 1200x900)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
Orion edition

aka "all the comments will be awful because the thread image is an SLS component" edition

Previous thread:
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It's a joke because every single major issue on a spacex launch was during the launch of a new booster
Used boosters don't break
>and we have 0 evidence that SpaceX actually saves money by reusing F9

we have their own statements, and not just from Musk, that it does save money, and we have them continue to fly most of their payloads on reused boosters, not sure what more would you expect at this stage


*flight-proven* boosters are more reliable, which is why nobody flies passengers on first flight of a new aeroplane
New thread:
we don't know if they even make money with their F9 launches
>not sure what more would you expect at this stage
Evidence, Musk and his companies are well known for lying and overpromising 24/7 Musk and almost all of his companies have 0 trust by banks, experts and serious investors.

Why is it that this past winter I was hypersensitive to caffeine? I drank half a cup of strong Starbucks coffee and it sent me into a panic attack. Now it’s May and sunny outside and I drank 3 mugs of strong coffee and I wasn’t that affected by it.

I take medication for “bipolar disorder” and was on a baby dose but these panic attacks forced me to increase my medication by a lot.

What should I make of all of this?
Happens to me sometimes and my best guess is that it a very mild form of drug induced psychosis. The reason I believe this is that I once got hypomanic from antidepressants, and following this I had a several months long period of heightened sensitivity to caffeine.
Caffeine is processed by the liver so it is kind of like alcohol If you drink too much the night before you will be more sensitive to caffeine the next day. And if you drink coffee on an empty stomach it will absorb much more quickly than you might expect.
Basically tl;dr, coffee makes you manic and you have been in what I personally call a "grand manic episode" where you're not exactly in a mania but are very predisposed to it, which in turn causes micro manias every other day such as those you experienced

>t. fellow bipolar who was getting constant panic attacks for literally nothing by drinking 4 cups of coffee a day

File: 1552439659941.png (176 KB, 333x500)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
How do you interact with normies fellow INTPs? I can't take their bullshit anymore.
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That's a stupid comparison.
I'm not going to because you're right. The types are de facto horoscopes---just general enough to make people think, "wow! that's LITERALLY me!".
but psychologists (pseudoscientists) reject MBTI, so therefore it is legitimate
checkmate atheists
This. I'm an INTP who learned how to mostly function in society, and I look down on those who use it as an excuse to be antisocial autists.

As for learning how to interact with people, I analyze everybody I meet. They think I'm interested in them as a person, I get to treat them like a case study in my mind. Everybody is happy.
Self diagnosed INTP with professional diagnosed anxiety + self diagnosed schizoid + self diagnosed avoidant personality disorder + self diagnosed autism here.

I don't interact with people. I don't think about people and I can't think about people.

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