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File: SeBlackRed.jpg (66 KB, 612x510)
66 KB
What is Lewis structure of SeO3F2?
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You sure you're not thinking of SeO2F2?
Yes. I did check it many times. It is SeO3F2.
SeO2F2 was with SeO3F2 in list of molecules to train with.
The bottom one of your picture looks like the most likely one.
OP, if it's for practice, follow all of the rules your textbook has. Then make sure you respect them all in the end.

You're way overthinking this.
If I follow rules in my textbook I am left with molecules I posted. If I make Se central atom to witch every other atom is bonded to I am left with molecule where one O atom has formal charge of 1 and Se has formal charge of -1. O has larger electronegativity than Se so it cant be correct.

If you have some idea what molecule should look like can you post it?

Hi, I thought about opening this topic on /his/ as well as here because it's kind of weird part. You see there are various facial reconstructions of historical people based on something, there's that famous Julius Caesar(pic) one, recently I've encountered this:
As well.

And I can't fucking stop but wonder about them, because they seem to be absolutely fucking wrong. Let me elaborate in the next few posts(images required to explain it without torturing the keyboard too much).
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File: recon.jpg (80 KB, 677x1024)
80 KB
However, then these people do some reconstruction work and turn out with something that can be hyperbolically depicted as this

So how much of this facial reconstruction is actual science and how much of it is quackery?
There are busts of Caesar. The Roman and Greek artist favoured realism and were really skilled. So you can assume that the bust are accurate. Now you can compare the reconstruction with the bust, it has some resemblance but mostly looks very disproportionate. I would say the reconstruction gives you a general idea at best.
File: reiji-andou-53447.jpg (24 KB, 329x461)
24 KB
how do you go from this...
>So how much of this facial reconstruction is actual science and how much of it is quackery?
The skin on your face isn't that thick and folks tend to have muscle and fat in similar places so you just layer clay on the cast of a skull until you get to something that looks human. Theres some art to it for filling in the blanks but its not entirely pulled from the blue.
At least as far as those forensic recreations go.

File: 1565669721187.jpg (125 KB, 849x899)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Programming or Engineering?

In terms of fun, opportunities, relevancy and social reputation among normies.
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There is no reason to not learn comp sci even if in engineering.
>Programming or Engineering?
Who gives a shit. STEM is an exhausted meme. You can make big bucks turning your country into a panopticon shtihole like JYNNNA or become one of the innumerable slave workers serving some billlionare's improbable pet project he started because he said "why the fuck not?".

it's the same shit especially once you start doing cnc
Dont let these dweebs scare you completely away from computer science. Both are good.
Almost all the value added to the economy since 1980s has been generated by computer science. This is why all wages have stagnated in real terms except for programmers and computer science experts.

It's because the value software generates is disproportionate to the cost of developing software.

Basically software is the first part of a post-scarcity economy but the rest of the economy hasn't adapted yet. You'd be insane from an economical standpoint to go in anything else but Computer Science or other disciplines that concern themselves with software in some way or another.


>Shotwell said SpaceX will need to complete six to eight Starlink launches — including the one that already took place in May — to ensure continuous service in upper and lower latitude bands. “We need 24 launches to get global coverage,” she said. “Every launch after that gives you more capacity.”

File: download (1).jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
physics and chemistry are based on approximations and assumptions
,nothing is exact.....so physics and chemistry do not accurately describe the universe
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reminder that witten was a history/linguistics undergrad and somehow despite that became the top physicist in the world

If you know what 2 is, and you know what 4 is, you should be able to predict with absolute certainty that 2+2=4, implying that you understand what you're working with at a root level.

If I know what atoms and molecules are, but I can't predict from my understanding of both or either why life behaves the way that it does, then it implies that I don't have a root level understanding of the building blocks. If I can't predict the emergent properties of combinations of fundamental building blocks, it means I don't fully understand the building blocks.

Does that matter? No.

We trust mathematical papers more than we do nutritional or sociology papers because anyone with the right knowledge can or should be able reproduce the results of a study or formula. It's not science if you aren't building a model of reality or component of reality that lacks reproducible predictive power. Some science has to work from the top down, chipping down into layers that exist already in reality, and others can start from the bottom up (computer sciences), building new stuff on top of the stable old stuff.
op's vision is fake because it's him approximating and assuming the massive 3d cock he's gonna suck into a 2d image from so called rods and cones


pick one, shill
physics is applied math
chemistry is applied physics
biology is applied chemistry

Assuming that humans manage to make it to the point where we’re colonizing other planets, or simply to point where easy genetic alterations are possible, we are going to be modifying ourselves for both practical purposes and recreational ones. Assuming that such changes could breed true, what are some changes that are likely to be common, and how much alteration could be done before a pair loses the ability to produce fertile children?
Well, humans and Neanderthals could have children together...
yes anon, one of your ancestors was a neanderthal like every non subsagaran

File: 1544450749224.jpg (56 KB, 1264x326)
56 KB
Why are these primitive animals monogamous but superior intelligent humans aren't?

How come they fell for the monogamy meme but humans are weening off it?

File: 1571022297627.jpg (25 KB, 253x387)
25 KB
I'm never fucking smoking weed again, first time felt good, subsequent times more and more psychotic, ended up sleep walking naked and almost walked out into the streets had my mother not stopped me. I think the reason people drink or do drugs is because of the latent anxiety experienced with having a higher iq and that shit lowers your IQ and your brains more familiar with functioning with a diminished pre frontal cortex evolutionarily which produces that relaxed and natural feeling.

Last but not least I'd like to say a big fuck you to the west for becoming so degenerate and all the retards throughout the years who told me dude weed lmao finally making me cave in and try it.
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>Shoots himself on the foot
>Fuck you degenerate liberalism
Don't worry. You have the freedom of being dumb in this society.

stopped reading there

>OP is a retard that feeds off of only somewhat accurate information

>OP is a male bi-cuck
>dude weed lmao
Welcome to the club anon,now lets destroy the west.

Can someone explain to me how my physics teacher did this? Switching t^2 with h, because time is the unknown variable, but why flip the equation? Why isn't it -t^2 now on the left? Helpppppp this is my first physics class
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Invent all the narrative you need. You're still shitposting off topic garbage.
File: leafychuckle.jpg (3 KB, 125x116)
3 KB
>thread still up
Thanks for the broken sides, didn't expect this good shit out of /sci/
>>same bunch of people who can't even accurately explain how a wing works
Because it is actually a very complex thing, unlike basic algebra which every non retarded person over the age of 12 understands.
are you retarded?
multiple both sides by 2 and divide both sides by g
you probably don't belong in physics if you can't primary school algebra
This has got to be bait.

Hey, I link to think of fantasy races like elves, dwarves, goblins, etc, as closely related species/subspecies of humanity, like modern humans and Neanderthals. But what kind of evolutionary pressures could result in these populations. isolated from the rest of mankind, to develop the iconic physical features and traits that we associate with them, like females as strong or stronger than the males, smaller size, increased fertility, unusual skin/hair colors, significantly longer or shorter natural lifespans, etc? What advantages would they bring? Does anyone have any ideas for my little thought experiment?

I am a writer/ world builder, you see, and this stuff is fun to think about.

Previous Thread

I really need to remember to check my threads before bed.
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What races are likely to have diverged earliest, and w
>and w
Not science
Thought experiment.

File: 1532898751196.jpg (128 KB, 423x705)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Is there a way I can force myself to go gay? I find females to be just the worst.

All my gay friends with boyfriends seem super happy.
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>Is there a way I can force myself to go gay? I find females to be just the worst.
>All my gay friends with boyfriends seem super happy.
The absolute state of this board...
Start with traps and gradually increase gay until gay.
women have a wide range of personalities just as men do, you won't be any happier if gay and likely much less happy since you aren't gay.
halp.. how make someone love me
>femme twink

that's even worse than a cis female

Detox is the best concept. Products that claim to have detoxing properties instantly out themselves as snake oil.

File: 1571817883090.jpg (82 KB, 1024x800)
82 KB
why does a system become unstable when e^T*pole > 1?
i.e. why can T alone be changed and the system will be made unstable?

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amwf porn star
Sounds like one of those impossible goals where the problem is really just understanding the question better or isnt achievable through symbolic representation
never gonna make it
File: 1464575726877.jpg (39 KB, 620x349)
39 KB
hes married with 2 children, i'm pretty sure he's already at his endgame

File: NhvcEp9_d.jpg (30 KB, 389x324)
30 KB
I found a link to an image on imgur (pic related) on the door of one of the bathroom in my campus. The QRCode is a text message that is the base64 encoding of a link to a telegram channel. For some reason I cannot enter because it says it doesn't exist aanymore what should I do ?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
numbers are in octal format or
0 - 255 char format.
to hex...
56 58 51 64 4C 34 6E ....
to string...
VXQdL4n ....
56 58 51 64 4C 34 6E 69 4E 56 73 59 30 32 46 7A 45 30 32 5A 64 55 4A 44 71 41 35 74 47 58 43 68 70 43 68 70 43 58 39 48 74 64 73 6C 59
so yeah looks base64; not clear if needing to go downwards or rotate through. some variations on how the hex is structured should resolve that. I'm too lazy and dont wanna waste my night doing some bs join our club shit.

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