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So I covered my dumbass tattoos. Science is my God.
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>tfw reddit atheists appropriate science "culture"
File: 1394473861532.gif (820 KB, 3558x3364)
820 KB
820 KB GIF
I know this is a shitty bait thread, but still
You do realize that modern science was based on Christian philosophical thought and that majority of popular wide known scientist were also devout Christians, right, you moron?
How do I get those arms?! I can't build muscle
why don't you go to reddit and ask there because they seem to have no trouble

File deleted.
hai i have a question
do i have to stand next to my poster during whole poster session? it lasts 2h...
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no, you should look at the other posters too. however usually i’m more interested in talking about my research instead of other people’s so i end up staying at mine, even though it’s “impolite”
okay thank you for reply friend
You are expected to stand next to your poster the entire session if you're at any conference that's worthwhile. If you're at some dinky undergrad conference feel free to not show up at all.
hm i will see if others do like this

File: Rosette.jpg (52 KB, 410x480)
52 KB
I feel like I could understand some maths because I don't think i'm such a brainlet,
but I just don't know what some symbols that I read mean and that annoys me
In fact I just feel illiterate but for math symbols…

If I read the wiki page for logical implication
there are many symbols like :

I know the first one and the last one looks a bit similar but how the fuck am I supposed to guess the meaning of
a ⊃ b if I have never been introduced to that symbol ?
by the way, p implies q is equivalent to not (p and not q) (using whatever retarded symbol you want)
so I don't even have to use arrow symbols

is there any tool that could expand these shitty symbols into expressions using a relatively small ensemble of symbols ?
or a tool that could just translate math to some real non retarded language like english, french, esperanto and not fucking elitist ancient greek bullshit
even just a math symbol to real language dictionary where the real language part does not contain shitty symbols would be great
because when formulas have some symbol I don't understand I'm quite fucked...

and this question probably applies to some words and not just symbols
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>thinks he can understand math
>Can't google
Really gets the noggin joggin
just use a "math diccionary".
book of proof(s) is pretty standard (can't remember if there is an 's' on the end)
oh okay thanks, I thought you were talking about books of proofs in general and not the book "book of proof"

File: 2.jpg (140 KB, 2119x1415)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Math and Stat fags, how can I start learning poker?
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t. sucks at poker
so much so that you need to convince yourself that playing poker is objectively a no-win situation in the long run. pathetic

Playing cash games is absolute madness, if you enjoy getting it in good 10 times in a row for your $500 buy-in and losing every time then go right ahead and play.

Tournaments, on the other hand, are absolutely beatable and lucrative but you have to be good, so play a lot of tournies online/offiline, study study study.
What variety of poker do you want to play? Different versions have different strengths and weaknesses.
Texas Hold'em is probably the most familiar thanks to the WSP but there are so many other kinds of poker. I like Omaha, and grew up playing seven card stud with my cousins.
Holdem NL,
I don't like tournaments, I feel like grinding is more consistent
I would say tg

File: shockedpepe.jpg (19 KB, 332x351)
19 KB
>work on my master thesis for 3 months
>have to plan an acoustic barrier for a village in the upper middle rhine valley (Unesco world cultural heritage)
>after 3 months i find out that there is already a draft for an acoustic barrier in this village and its supposed to be build in a year
>go to the professor, tell him about it
>he is clueless
>the draft was made by a company the professor never talked to
>he seriously didnt do any research before he started this project and advised me to plan the acoustic barrier

fuck my life. the more i think about it i get the impression that NEETs are doing gods work..
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Would be entirely on you if you were a PhD student, but for MSc it's a bit rough.
Maybe you can still salvage it, it's not like the bar for a master's thesis is that high.
c'est la vie, anon
Maybe I am misunderstanding, but he just asked for your plans right? Does an existing acoustic wall mean you can't plan a better one gor those sweet gibs?
How is your master thesis affected by it? You are just doing the planning. If it is going to be executed or not isn't your problem.
that is true in a sense..i could probably still write my thesis..but my bachelor thesis was already "just hypothetical" and i wanted my master thesis to have a real purpose. now its again "just hypothetical".
its all so pointless.
maybe jacques ellul and ted kaczynski were right after all.

>tfw finding anstract algebra too hard

is this normal or am i a brainlet
Abstract algebra is as hard as your professor makes it look. For instance, my professor was a cretin whose best explanation was a bunch of theorems and proofs without philosophy

File: ringworld.jpg (53 KB, 505x920)
53 KB
Can a species as advanced as ours evolve without hands/fingers/thumbs? I've heard people say yes, but I can't picture building a rocketship with beaks/mandibles/what-have you.

There are the aliens from the SciFi novel Ring World in the picture with the brain in their chest area, two heads with fingers protruding from their mouth. But like hands, their tools for building are very adjustable. Can't take a selfie though.
Maybe something like the elephants' proboscis would work.
Unfortunately, controlling even a single trunk is pretty hard, so having two for juggling and whatnot would be difficult.
You just need something that allows you to grasp and manipulate objects but it isn't essential that it be fingers and toes, tentacles, dexterous trunks and prehensile appendages could also work.

Do you guys ever attend dissertations and conferences?
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Yeah that's definitely a good thing. When you eventually get one of them as a professor it will make building a relationship with then easier.
Well I am a bit depressed and don't really go out these days, but whenever I see a seminar talk that tickles my fancy and I happen to be in the neighborhood, I try to go.
It is kind of a trap if you are a grad student in an area with one or several big universities because you might be tempted to go to everything and never actually get anything done (while also retaining very little from the actual talks).
Conferences are another business and I make it a point to go if they relate to my area of study. It is very interesting, both scientifically and socially to get to know people in your field.
I avoid them because 99% of the time I just don't understand shit.
Of course if it is something directly related to what I'm doing I'll attend.
I did with my parents when I was a kid
Just out of curiosity, what happened?

Why is Symbolic Logic(The class) a philosophy class rather than a math class?
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Because philosophy isn't scientific
Math is the quantifying of logic, so, because there is no quantity involved it—definitionally—cannot be a maths class.

Math is a subset of logic.
Philosophy is literally the study of how to reason logically. Logic is part of that.
Formal logic belongs in philosophy, anon.
depends on your institution really, most are shitty ones and they dumb the math down a lot

File: R14kkDj.jpg (39 KB, 657x527)
39 KB

Are magnetic fields fucking with our heads?
Not in the sense that the article speaks of, but they can, yes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcranial_magnetic_stimulation
TMS is a huge meme with a low success rate. I wasted so much money on that and got nothing out of it
File: 04226[1].jpg (112 KB, 530x768)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
You have cryptochromes in your eyes which are sensitive to magnetism and can be felt under a strong field. Also magnetite in your brain and under your nose can pick up some "feeling" of magnetism. But to answer your question, yes it is! You too can find out the effects of magnetism in this wonderful book that was once suppressed by the US government. Whatever you do, never hold a strong magnet near your head.

File: sunset5-min.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
42 KB
How exactly do babies get exposed to testosterone in the womb? Do they get it from the mother, or father?
I think you need to get a baseline knowledge in biology.
Women have testosterone naturally just like men have estrogen.
No I mean like. if a person is born with a larger 2d:4d digit ratio who would be to blame for the more testosterone exposure? Would the mother be the cause of the testosterone exposure or would the father be? I mean I would think it be the mother right? Since you are in your mother's womb.
How would you be exposed to testosterone from your father?

Med question.
How to make a toenail fall off?
I don’t want to pull it out in regular way, I tried it few days ago and the pain was too much even tho I was after 1L of vodka.
>just be yourself and go to doctor bro!
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Stop cutting your toenails so short.
Most ingrown toenails are cased by people not knowing the right way to clip their toe nails. They're not your fingers, dont trim them down to the nail bed and cut the nail FLAT across.
>How do you remove the nails on all the toes completely and permently?
You have to remove the membrane that your toenail comes from. My buddy back in middleschool had constant ingrown toe nails so the doctor just removed it entirely and permanently.
A big toe looks weird as fuck without a nail on it... Just a big fleshy dicklooking thing on your foot.
>hospitals are for pussies
>also, halp 4chin, pulling off me townail is 2owie4me (sadface)
Nice! Did I understand you correctly that the doctor could do it and didn't he need surgery? I am hoping it's EZ like that.
File: hape.jpg (93 KB, 394x394)
93 KB
Man up and do it pussy.

File: nkreeks.jpg (217 KB, 900x675)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Are you a Platonist or an Aristotelian? Why is the other guy wrong?
177 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: hitler_2443631b.jpg (67 KB, 620x387)
67 KB
Not being a Diogenist
>I like how you claimed you can define existence,
I like how I never said anything remotely close to that...just like a Platonist would.

>yet don't take the time to define it
>defining what is not concrete

It's the same as reifying a shadow. So what the fuck do you want me to say? About the only thing I can say that is remotely correct is "it is incommensurable", but math and science weenies don't like to hear that. I could go on and on about how the universe is a holographic paradigm, but I pretty much covered that in the lower portion of my post (which you admitted to skipping over). Don't ask questions without the will to seek answers. Read "Timaeus", "Parmenides", and "the republic" and you'll have your summary of Platonism and what the thought of existence.

>And by like I mean smug dismissive smirk irl as I stopped reading right there.

Well maybe you should take the time to actually read before inserting your own words in someones mouth.
Imagine depending on 2000 year old greek trite to explain the universe when GR and QM are well developed fields. Imagine not even knowing basic physics.
see >>10494689
>Imagine depending on 2000 year old greek trite

You say that as if it has any meaning. Last time I checked the holographic principle that the Pythagorean's/Platonists discovered, and even the Eqyptians before them STILL hasn't been proven wrong. You know why? Because morons today still can't answer two simple questions about reality and existence.

>From what?
>Explain how?

Nope. Can't fucking do it. Everything has to be random fucking particles with no explanation. Hey lets just throw in some "virtual" particles in there too, no one will know the difference right? As long as we keep counting things we'll...never find the order to any of it.

>to explain the universe when GR and QM are well developed fields.

>when the foundations of your field depend on an understanding of light is and no one knows what fucking light is
Good job moron, keep believing in your magical fairy-tale particles. Some of you retards actually believe in has a "speed" which is hilarious since it's an induced electrical effect.

>when you spend 2500 years dicking around to rediscover what a bunch of toga wearing deep thinkers already discovered.
Keep chasing shadows, mental pedestrian. I'd rather read "trite" then pure quackery. Now if you'll excuse me, all the "photon particles" have clogged my monitor up. Gotta go shake them out.

File: stem.jpg (380 KB, 1077x1439)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
will women can handle being the scientist and engineers of future generations?
101 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.

Or are you angry that they are taking your place in the application hierarchy? Too bad Mr. Innovator.

Probably the most accurate posts in this thread (apart from my own posts).

Oh yeah, and this >>10495762 too of course.
I could swear I had posted here before but I can't find my post so I'll say it again: Women can suck dicks and spread her legs for better grades.

Any guy in science that are bitter towards women and their "advantages" are so because they are seeing them as actual competitors. In your mind, this should be a very embarrasing realization. The real chads in science are happy for all sorts of things women bring to the table, including that.

File: 61a.jpg (22 KB, 700x438)
22 KB
to nearly the Earths orbit near its death? How is that possible?

How is it suddenly generating so much more energy to overcome gravitational pressure so much?

How the fuck would the Sun increase its radius nearly 200 fold??

Explain yourselves, physicians.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nope. Sun’s future lifespan exceeds one billion.

>Believing this trash\
I-i was secretly hoping for sooner action, like next year.
This clown earth has to die.
I still don't have a concrete answer.
File: 1544337608045.jpg (216 KB, 1062x821)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>not realizing the power god has

I wish you all the best throughout the journey of your life
You are a very positive anon. But he also made the physical one, we just don’t quite understand it. We don’t understand a lot, especially about him. The only things we truly know are what he explicitly states

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