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File: teslabrain.jpg (318 KB, 952x717)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Scientifically speaking, how bad is it for your health to fall for the Nikola Tesla meme?
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if you can't even spell sense maybe don't post on a science board lad you also don't know the difference between at and in
File: pigeons-1.png (548 KB, 600x450)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
>Anon, the very principle of the ‘photon’, same as the ‘electron’ is pure rubbish. The false reification of light as “self-inductive” E and M components cannot exist, and is not the nature of light or electromagnetism in general. The co-axial nature of light at which EM conjugates thru the dielectric carrier is the correct geometry of ‘electromagnetism’. The glow in the darks needed to suppress this knowledge, because Tesla invented a death ray and a device to communicate with the dead, so they covered it up and fabricated the photoelectric effect results so they would give fraud Einstein a (((Nobel Prize))) as a psyop. All we need to do is to perform an experiment where hundreds of people pray to the sun and ask it to make a particular pattern of solar flares we could see as confirmation that it listens to us, but of course the corrupt scientific cabal in (((academia))) won't allow us to perform an experiment like that, because they only support research that costs lots of money, and we'd easily debunk their whole "sun isn't conscious" nonsense much more cheaply than their CGI space probes.

>Obviously you should trust me, I have an associate's in computer science from University of Phoenix, that's why I have 140,000 youtube subscribers, and I don't let the psychologists give me their brainwashing pills.
do I even want to know if naughty-pigeons.com is a real website?
it’s not, i made it up a few months ago when replying to a Nikola Tesla thread with the typical reddit cancer tesla memes.

anyhow i’m gonna make a meme tonight of the Garybrain if nobody beats me to it
Fuck off back to redd*t then.

File: 1533604475211.jpg (99 KB, 862x960)
99 KB
How should I go about teaching myself math, particularly up to the level of basic calculus and physics? I've done almost no math except statistics for a little over half a decade.

I'm currently reviewing the deadest of basics for the general GRE, but I've been thinking of redirecting from grad school to medical school and I will need to take my chemistry, math, and physics prereqs post-baccalaureate and get perfect grades for any chance of admission. I want to learn what I need before even starting the classes so that I have a better chance when I come to them, probably next academic year or at earliest this coming spring semester.

I hear that Khan Academy is trash.
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Why is math so difficult?
We weren’t designed for it
you guys weren't designed for it.
meanwhile I wasn't designed to understand how to be a normal fuckign person and lose my virginity.
fuck you guys. You think you have it hard cause "math iz hard nigga"
what a joke.
she would be a lot more attractive if she worked out and did something with her hair

File: 5812ao9nt6a31 (1).png (588 KB, 525x787)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Scientifically, why is the US life expectancy dropping?
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>oh no! How can suicides and alcoholism go up during a recession, especially a global one that impacts the first world!

>this is entirely unprecedented except for all the other times such a thing has happened forever

You're welcome brainlet.
hasn’t the white mortality rate outpaced birth rates and far outpaced that of other similarly unhealthy demographics for well over a decade now since the recession? I get the skepticism regarding these short lived trends but it sort of looks like they are actually dying without replacement and that the general pattern of depressed iq, premature death and decreasing social participation is holding and even seen among the working class in the uk as well

You probably shouldn't cite an economically bankrupt nation like Venezuela as a retort.
File: awake_.jpg (85 KB, 560x420)
85 KB
File: 1563073143837.png (775 KB, 1080x1240)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
The AMA is rationing healthcare in order to artificially inflate wages in medical fields. Doctors are scumbags who need to get the rope.

t. all family members are doctors

is he right? are we stagnated except in software and computing stuff?
>Innovation in science and technology is stagnating, specifically within the world of atoms
>This quote from Eric sums it up nicely – “Go into a room and subtract off all the screens. How do you then know you’re not in 1973?”
>As fields have become more specialized, it’s gotten easier for experts to lie and exaggerate about the progress of their respective industries
>Universities are costing more and more every year, but a good degree is still largely worth it
>Because of slowed progress in the realm of university science & technology research, university presidents are forced to lie about the state of affairs (for a variety of reasons)
>“The bigger the student debt gets, you can sort of think, ‘What does the $1.6 trillion in student debt pay for?’ In a sense, it pays for $1.6 trillion worth of lies about how great the system gets.”
>Peter’s solution to the student debt crisis:
>He’d make college debt dischargeable in bankruptcy (currently it’s nondischargeable) AND if people went bankrupt, part of the debt would have to be paid for by the university
>The automation story has been oversold
>“In the last 40-50 years, things have been slow, but we’ve been told things are about to accelerate like crazy. That may be true and I hope it’s true. But if one was simply extrapolating from the last 40-50 years, perhaps the default is that we should be more worried about the lack of automation than excess automation.”
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And if you hire them, they implement policies that drive off productive workers and replace them with more diversity. Your choice end up being get destroyed from the outside of from within.
If you want an outside perspective from someone who recently travelled to the US for a conference I'd say that most Americans don't seem to care about politics at all. Most are happily enjoying the good economy and not really focusing on things like identity at all. Of course, I met mostly smart/at least middle class people. Stupid people probably care. As an example one of our Uber drives was a Gypsy from New York and he tried to lecture me on my friend about white people needing to stay out of impoverished "dangerous" neighbourhoods or whatever not realising my friend is Turkish and I live in a third world SEA country.

Most Americans don't even vote. Never forget that. Live your life friend.
Is this nigger unironically trying to say people born 100 years ago in europe would be classified near retarded now
it's the inflation effect of the trainable component of IQ tests, the pure tests have shown a marked decline

Why are male and female humans so different from each other, especially considering a lot of other mammals whose males and females are a lot more difficult to distinguish from a casual glance? For that matter, why is it that men are usually (not always, obviously) taller and more muscular than women are, and not the other way around?
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Only out of social pressure. Most people find you disgusting or strongly avoidable, and that's just Westerners, every nonwesterner does practically by definition. Our biology is not tricked by mere words and socially conditioned pieces of cloth, everyone can see clear as day male traits in you, probably stronger than ever due to the contrast.
That's just appearance and social trickery. Weak women can't carry a child to full term and give birth without dying or miscarriaging. Though it is true women are much weaker than men in every sense. You are now aware that everytime a woman appears vulnerable or cries she is naturally and automatically engaging in a primal tactic to control you.
>In general, men have approximately 6.5 times the amount of gray matter related to general intelligence than women, and women have nearly 10 times the amount of white matter related to intelligence than men. Gray matter represents information processing centers in the brain, and white matter represents the networking of – or connections between – these processing centers.
> women have nearly 10 times the amount of white matter related to intelligence than men
Great intellectual honestly guys.

File: phys questions.png (141 KB, 741x703)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
hello anons, i have to repeat a physics module shortly and do not know how to work through these problems.
are there 'topic' names for each of these questions? and if so where are some places i could learn how to work through them?

looking at them currently makes me suicidal and id like to change that
these are both electrostatics that you can do with coulomb's law or gauss' law. you can learn this from griffiths E&M (undergrad level) or probably most high school physics books that cover E&M

Who’s holding science back and how do we stop them?
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File: 1563495103342.jpg (2.01 MB, 3434x2959)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
>you typed this on a machine that was made affordable because of free markets.. how ironic

It isn't. Technology is made expensive by patents early on, which creates the illusion of rapid reductions in costs as they expire.

>how come the only robots the soviet union had looked like TV props when cars were already being manufactured by robots in the west in late 60s?

Stalin literally outlawed it, which caused a significant delay.

If you have savings in investment funds, chances are you also own a little bit of those.
Yes. Nixon wanted to cancel everything that did not bear fruits in his presidency. The success of the Voyager probes were in spite of his decisions by a sleight of hand by the scientists.
academia ironically
Yeah this is true sadly.

t. Academic

I'm a big believer in thorium and Molten Salt Reactors (MSR).
The fact thorium was readily available on the surface of the moon a long time before humans reached it is just another reason to develop the reactor and materials further. The MSR experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the 60's proved its working priniple and the need for energy on space stations must be the final push for making it a reality here on Earth as soon as possible.


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File: citation-needed.jpg (3 KB, 124x124)
3 KB
>thorium was readily available on the surface of the moon
[citation needed]
That has nothing to do with He3 though
>Even if the production of solar cells was environment friendly VAST areas of land still needs to be covered and the skies cloud free.
>Let's chalk up "If they worked in a nuclear power plant for any significant period of time or were present in the event of a disaster and then developed any kind of cancer at any point in their life" as death as a result of nuclear power.
Isn't this the same logic used against renewables?
It looks like real life Sim City.

Since asking what food should we eat, what is some F O O D that we absolutely should not eat. Is junk food truly that bad, it seems like people like Warren Buffet live fine by it.
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>Mostly sugar

Well I'm not gonna lie it's pretty fucking bad Anon. You might be better off eating KFC even.
That is a scientific reason, brainlet. People have always eaten a lot of grains and they were not obese. In fact eating too much grain only was associated with getting too thin, not the other way round so obviously it must be something else than grains that is making people ill.

Try it. Not possible.
>Nonsense, the primary food have always been grains.
No, that was only after our ancestors invented agriculture. Before that it was hunting and gathering.
>That is a scientific reason,
No it's not.
It's very likely that the gathering part involved grains. In any case we he been eating grains in all known history and never become very obese until last several decades.
Yes it is. Define scientific reason if you disagree.

File: f.webm (1.77 MB, 1100x850)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB WEBM
What exercise(s) do you commit, to keep your brain always functional to its maximum potential?
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also what are your algebraic roots problems? Like finding the minimal polynomial of sqrt(2)+sqrt(3) over Q?
Yeah, I'm thinking you're based.
File: 1 second later...jpg (71 KB, 800x568)
71 KB
>Go to /tv/
>It's literally just about consumption of gay ass media, not any sort of creativity
Why are so many boards just consumerist shitholes? The only counterexamples to that I can think of are /diy/ (for obvious reasons), /sci/, /his/, /k/ (to an extent. They talk about gun brand loyalty a lot but there are often threads on military strategy/history, not to mention gunsmithing threads), the boards explicitly made for shitposting, /out/ and the boards like /diy/ that no one uses (/i/,/po/, etc.). That must be a lame ass hobby if you have to consume it rather than actually do it.
pls expand on your post

File: tri.png (52 KB, 528x494)
52 KB
Would you consider size a spacial dimension? You can move inward and outward, bidirectionally. You can measure how far in and out you can go. Why not consider it a dimension?
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So fucking boring. Who cares what you call it? Debating over definitions isn't interesting
File: 1465461979605.jpg (75 KB, 641x491)
75 KB
It's a gain in chaos. So entropy dissolving is evident.
Or do you legitimately think that name calling is a academic method and citation means absolute?
good picture
schizos detected
abandon thread
File: 1466238930563.jpg (264 KB, 828x1340)
264 KB
264 KB JPG

Its related to a black body radiation problem where I want to get the spectral radiance in a defined spectral region (I simplified the notation but x is the wavelength, N is just a product of constants). You can ignore the integration limits for now. Can you get some reasonable terms through integration by parts?

>t. not a physics nor mathfag and
I do this out of curiosity.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you continue doing this and does not use u=1/x then the exponential integral [math]Ei(x)[/math] shows up. Why? Using u=1/x from the start has a solution expresed only in rational functions and its tormenting my mind.
embarrassing post desu
File: planck_integ.gif (4 KB, 617x149)
4 KB
Here is the original form of the equation. I was trying to figure out how I can get the radiant energy emitted from a black body at temperature T in a given wavelength interval. In practical terms the wavelength interval is determined by the use of a shortpass filter that has a bandwidth of about 50 nm at full width at half-maximum so somehow I'd need to fit in a Gaussian curve over the integrated value so it gets sort of complicated. Still interesting to think about it though.
ever heard of wollfram alpha nigger?
also always LMAOing at all the guys at math.stack who think that just because they find a closed form for an integral means they are doing real maths
>ever heard of wollfram alpha nigger?
I have, here is another one I just found and it seems cool https://www.integral-calculator.com/

File: psued.jpg (67 KB, 1280x720)
67 KB
Books on how time could be or is nonlinear?
Do you want to write some?

Literally you can just teleport 60 times per second and be still all the other time.

No book.
Still Alice was popular once
Do you want science fiction or write a book?
File: 1561295086796.jpg (591 KB, 2048x1365)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
List of experimental evidence:

Aether doesn't exist.
Speed of light is constant.
Time dilatation in more independent observers.
Light has duality.

Please, because you sound like you're just kidding or you really think that there is a horse somewhere hidden in the train,

I think you just don't accept that ...

Where can I get diploma from physics where I can get hands on really rare material?
It was more of a demand than list...

But if you post them here, I can elaborate.

File: Binary Sunset.jpg (67 KB, 1024x605)
67 KB
Physics PhD student here, I was wondering if anyone here has felt unhappy with their grad school experience?

I initially pursued this degree out of a simple love of physics and some general idealistic sense of helping humanity. However, as time went by, these feelings faded, worn away by an ever growing list of things that bothered me:

>Environment is hostile/cuthroat
There isn't just rivalries between different groups at varying universities, which is its own disappoint, but people in different subfields in our own university treat each other like shit. I've seen AMO profs argue against CM labs getting more funding, for no defined reason.

>Work overtakes life
I know people who work 12 hours a day minimum, and come in on Saturday. Its not even a matter of profs imposing it on their students, it's so ingrained in the culture that if you don't work like this then others will assume you're lazy and mock you.

>No/few relationships to make
People don't even want to talk to you unless you can help advance their career or help them in making a paper. That's not even to mention how it's deeply implied that you shouldn't try to get married or start a family (as it'd be a "waste of time")

>No love of research
This one hurts me the most. People don't seem to give a shit about the physics or anything besides getting published. It all seems like a career game.
301 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most people have 2 or more fields Anon...
There are no jobs for Chemical Engineers and no sign that this will improve within the next 10 years.

If I could have any degree instead of a ChemE PhD it would be a computer science masters in data science/ML.
I stayed at my inbred home town university so that I could be with my girlfriend while she finished her degree.

Do you have advice for me? I'm about to finish my PhD at the same university I did my Masters and Bachelors, but I really, really want to start a new one at a better university, or just any university in another country. I'm 26 so I'm getting a bit too old, but I'm hoping that some PIs are still willing to take me based on my publication record.
>There are no jobs for Chemical Engineers and no sign that this will improve within the next 10 years.
There is always a need for well qualified patent attorneys and patent Examiners.
This is nonsense. My friend finished a law degree while working for a petroleum company and he still hasn't found work at a patent firm.

Chemical engineering got oversaturated and it's not going to recover because people are still under the false impression that it has a healthy job market.

File: 87786452087.jpg (94 KB, 700x450)
94 KB
Is eugenics viable? Could you use selective breeding processes to raise populations intelligence?
109 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Is eugenics viable?
A better question would be
>Does it stop being eugenics if we don't know what we're doing?
It's always eugenics all the time. There is always an environment and it is always selecting for something, even if we don't care to find out what it is. Any social environment we maintain is selecting for something, and if we enforce that social environment with the intent of selecting for that something, it would be "eugenics", but if we enforce that social environment for other reasons, and simply chose to remain ignorant about what it selects for, it would suddenly no longer be "eugenics", despite being objectively identical.
Not if you continue to clamp and vaccinate.
frequently not "powerfully"
They're basically the ultimate social parasites
what's interesting is that their cognitive abilities are somewhat localised their visual spatial abilities are actually below average for europeans which means they're under represented in art or design, their linguistic and reasoning abilities are where they excel hence their prominent presence in finance, law and physics/maths.
>look up the khazarian mafia or the Kosher Nostra
How does this relate to the discussion here?

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