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File: 5472.jpg (223 KB, 1200x630)
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Why is porn so addictive? How does one beat porn addiction?
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because it acts at the same spot in the brain as drugs, alcohol, fetish, and this kind of stuff...if you feel a intense good feeling with it, no matter what, your mind is in risk to become addicted to it, so watch your ass
File: 1b77pc4c2cl21.jpg (61 KB, 812x1024)
61 KB

"durrr I drink alcohol sometimes and I'm fine! I don't even like it dat much durrrr, therefore Alcohol Addiction isn't real durrrr"
Rediscover beauty and the beauty of love that is not erotic but loving.
don't worry anon, as you age your sex drive goes down. It's actually quite depressing.

File: 5902.png (11 KB, 619x83)
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Which kinematic equation would solve this?
a=dv/dt and v=dx/dt

File: full_of_happyness.jpg (788 KB, 1200x900)
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788 KB JPG
I've been in a continuous shitstorm for 7 yrs non-stop now.
I'm running out of options and i'm tired.
Considering a final solution, but it has to be quick and easy to get.
I was thinking HCN-Cyanide.
Are there easy ways to obtain that or i have to try deep web?
Induce coma and wake up when everything become better. Or run away from your shithole.

Any IQ test that u recommend? A serious one
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72 with 102% certainty and a 2% margin of error
Do you have a wife, if no then your IQ is above or below average.
What did he mean by this?
Anon I am stills 18 (I am also a girl)
It's easier to get a wife as a normie (90-110) than as a retard or an autist

Thread for both /eng/ students and professionals. Post questions you have, interesting topics, or anything else related to /eng/.
Previously >>10765043

As per request edition.
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File: 1555216265380.jpg (2.11 MB, 4140x5520)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
Reminder that engineers are the biggest cucks out there and they're too narcissistic to admit their career prospects have gone to shit.
Dear me, your professors couldnt even write their signatures properly, were they even white?
One sec, I thought studying engineering was a wise choice. Lol, wdym?
File: 1564193827256.jpg (26 KB, 400x533)
26 KB
This is the absolute state of engineering students, and further proves my point. Engineering is the new meme degree for retards who don't know what to study, and now it's filled with dumbasses who don't even know what licensure is.
Yikes, that's not a diploma, anon...

File: 0_iB412pVlqfBViDgv.jpg (44 KB, 1040x510)
44 KB
Can someone explain to me how the sexual marketplace works using economics and math? I'm really curious about the science behind it.
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Survival during starvation. The first to die in concentration camps were the very weak but also the very fit. The survivors were more ordinary guys.
Females inflate the market with fake photos, and deflate the market with friendzoning, this way they can control the sexual market through sexual usury and taxes called alimony.


The British royal family look like the inbred troglodytes they are.
Since when is /sci/ incel posting?

File: IMG_1432.jpg (1.76 MB, 3264x2448)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG

chords represent complex waveforms that don't normally happen in nature without coincident non-harmonic combination of frequencies. in other words, chords are a very human creation. their fourier transforms break down as a sum of nearby fundamentals and overtone frequencies that most natural processes do not exhibit

ITT /sci/bros post their preferred muzaks
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no, fuck you
>all this granpa rock and classical music
get with the times
File: am i retarded.jpg (242 KB, 2329x2005)
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242 KB JPG
File: 367.jpg (66 KB, 832x1000)
66 KB
>Yeah, I listen to Castlevania and fighting game music for homework. Is it really that obvious?

File: emp-blast-640x353 (1).jpg (45 KB, 640x353)
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How can you shield/harden your electronics against an EMP?
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What would work if you need it to be more compact? What works best as a kind of insulation?
Better yet, wrap head in tinfoil. That solves all problems.
>How can you shield/harden your electronics against an EMP?

that's a very good question, with a very interesting answer....

120,000 credits, please.
Practically speaking, a faraday cage is all you need, unless you're dealing with magnetic fields powerful enough to deform fucking metal.

File: climate change impacts.jpg (153 KB, 800x450)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Climate change is going to start destroying the world already in a decade or less. By 2030 everyone can see that there's a 5% drop in life quality in general everywhere and that is gonna snowball. I can't bring my children into the world at this rate.
Who would want their children to live in a world where their childhood is literally plagued by the apocalypse? When they ask you exactly when the world will collapse every day at the breakfast table
>daddy how many years do we have till the world is destroyed? Where will we go?
>don't worry, maybe Russia, I'll buy some land there I guess
>daddy will I be able to become a data scientist before the world is destroyed? Can you be a data scientist in Russia?
>I don't know buddy I hope you can

Yeah I don't think it's ethical to bring kids into THIS WORLD.
Do you?
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>I polish every night
you invade it every night
White sticky invasions ewwww
It is perfectly ethical to bring kids into the world in Europe, East Asia and the US, because those countries are reproducing at sustainable levels. I don't see why we have to suffer because of the retards in India and Africa? They are the ones that should be walled off and suffer the consequences of their stupidity, not us.
i don’t care about your world war 3 fantasies. Tell me if it’s ethical to put a child in a destroyed world.

Let's take a break
>/sci/ humour thread
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The key to understanding a communist society is that the monetary reward is not the key driving factor in one's life. It is hard to comprehend, especially for the Americans generations being taught wrong values, but there is indeed more to life than constant pursuit for profit and prosperity. One can be satisfied in life an get appreciation by creating things and contributing to the society, especially when it comes to science. It eventually does not play an essential role if, say, a janitor is paid approx. the same as a teacher. Tbh academicians, and scientists in general, were among the highest paid jobs in the USSR.
Nowadays, it's insta whores and gangsta rappers.
Remember when i said earlier when i ask people how the value of labour is calculated they just go in circles? That’s literally this post. Just say you don’t know if you don’t.
I don't get what you want. What is the value of labor, I asked? You then switched to the wages. I told you about the wages.
How to calculate the input required from each industry is a different, well-established topic.
>political failures
We're leaving the EU, he's a political success
Brexit is dum tho.

Can lonelyness make you mentally ill? Lately I'm feeling like my mind is degenerating. I work alone, I live alone and I don't talk to anyone, I run at 5 am to exercise and so. I'm starting to hear weird things , like voices or hits, I'm starting to have weird thoughts and my perception is becoming foggy, like if anything wasn't completely real.I'm still happy and somewhat sane but I don't want this to become a threat to myself. Shall I go to visit a psychiatrist?
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what of those ancient hermits who lived on the mountains? were they insane?
the sooner you realize it the sooner you can move forward
I did today, good luck
>I did today, good luck

What happened?
human contact i guess, frustration,a lot of different emotions rushing through my brain.
I'd guess the key is being honest with yourself and learning to love yourself.
Yesterday i realized i was "suffering" from something for almost a decade i was calling bullshit on whenever i was hearing the word: anxiety. (Yes it sounds cringe). I searched a stupid video about anxiety symptoms and compared them to my usual self and my behavior.

tips:human contact(not necessary but helps sometimes), less coffee (I'd say coffee makes you very anxious if you drink a lot and don't put the coffeine to use :physical or mental.) exercises, sleep, water, etc.

Reflect upon yourself and figure what's stopping you from acting like yourself. Take these steps honestly and you'll put your mind at ease.
When you wake up pretend your life is a game and you want to grind towards your goal. Might sound cheesy but if you ever hit rock bottom it will help.
You can call psychiatry a legitimate discipline just as soon as they can conquer the very difficult task of being able to use their own clickbait article brain scan "evidence" to actually tell apart and diagnose their own artificially contrived disorders.
>inb4 brain scans would be too expensive to use for diagnosis
You can't even successfully perform the diagnosis task as a proof of concept. Seriously not asking for a lot here.

File: Venus-real_color.jpg (15 KB, 480x480)
15 KB
Get Fucked: The Planet
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>implying it wouldn't be designed like the hindenburg mixed with submarines concepts so that a leak in remains in one room.
thats exactly what the peltier probe was supposed to do.
but it seems it violates thermodynamics.
Financial interests favor expensive cutting edge projects and scientific interests favor expensive cutting edge projects.
even the onion can't compete with this
that picture's fake.
>>Why not just drop a nuclear powered actively cooled probe
NASA's running low on plutonium. You need a stirling engine to generate enough power for cooling, but NASA cancelled development of that. Because of all the moving parts you have, you generate noise which will interfere with your seismometry.
And even then you can't keep the whole probe cool, but that's fine because the only problem is electronics so only those need to be kept cool. Except now we almost have silicon carbide electronics that can withstand the temperatures. Potentially even within a year or two. Developing said electronics probably as much or less than obtaining the plutonium.

File: 1544337608045.jpg (216 KB, 1062x821)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
The emergence of a new behavior inside a complex structure is a quantum mechanical phenomenon.

it is the spontaneous coherent entanglement of quantum states which causes all the invidivual wave functions to collapse into a new wave which completly describes the new system and is independent of its constituent elements.

The group becomes the whole.

File: 917g4h6Oc6L[1].jpg (805 KB, 2114x2560)
805 KB
805 KB JPG
Where are the biochem jobs!???!

Not bioinformatics i'm struggling guys what sectors aren't saturated with a Masters Degree in general biochem?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So, no one has managed to find a job without a PhD?
No, because by the time you have a PhD you are too expensive. 90% of the jobs in chem I see are the lowest possible level, at minimum wage.

Either you go for an AA or bachelors only or you're unemployed.
>Where are the biochem jobs!???!
Jobs are in chemical biology nowadays. Long story short, biotech shops and pharma (at least when they do their own R&D) don't like to disclose their targets, and would rather "disclose" (read: outsource to India and China) chemical synthesis. Chemical biology comes up in target validation, screening, hit validation/development, assay development, etc. List goes on. This is anecdotal, take it with a grain of salt, but every old-school synthetic medicinal chemistry I've spoken with (PhDs in organic synthesis) have said that if they were going into biotech/pharma now then they'd specialize in chemical biology.
not gonna make it sadly, desu
I don't know so many biochem people that stayed with just biochem jobs, but I met some recently that are moving to Poland. Apparently there's a gap there in some clinical studies places because not so many chemists are well educated on the bio side. I wouldn't go to Poland though, it's genuine shit there.

File: IMG-20190820-WA0004.jpg (48 KB, 522x604)
48 KB
Can someone evaluate it seriously
me on the left

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