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File: cial.gif (5 KB, 510x398)
5 KB
Any good resources or methods to learn circuit analysis? I want to learn more about electronics, and this is where all the electrival engineering students start. So i figured it would be a decent starting point.
Also try >>>/diy, especially ham and electronics,

File: catan.png (375 KB, 856x663)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Context for those who don't play Catan: You pick up resources from settlements that are placed along a vertex on one of these hexes based on your dice roll (2 six sided dice). So in my picture the blue player would pick up two wood resource cards if they rolled a 5. And one wood resource card if they rolled a 6.

You can block hexes in the game. So if a 5 is rolled but I had it blocked, blue can't pick up those resources. My question is, which is hex is better to block and how do you calculate the comparison?

My intuition says to block the 5, even though it's less likely to show up (4/36 odds) because there are two settlements and would be more valuable. But the 6 has more chance of showing up at 5/36 odds. How about if the hex were a 4 instead?
Does this make sense?

Value of 2 settlements on 5:
(2 * 4) / 36 = 0.222

Value of 1 settlements on 6
(1 * 5) / 36 = 0.139

So with this logic it would also be better to block a hex with two settlements on 4, but not better to block 2 settlements on 3.
I have never played this game so I'm not sure I'm understanding, but I would guess that you want to block the hex with a higher expected value.

EV = probability of successfully rolling * amount of resources gained

So the 5 hex would have an EV of (4/36) * 2 = 0.222... while the 6 hex has (5/36) * 1 = 0.13888...
Thanks, that's what I thought
If you're playing the game and want to figure it out on the fly, just multiply the number of dots on the circle by the number of houses on the tile. Same thing mod a factor of 36
Generally you would want to block the hex with the higher expected value. Things get a little more difficult if you care about the "smoothness" of their wood income.

File: 87609186_XS.jpg (48 KB, 750x428)
48 KB
how evolution do this
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Since down the line everything on Earth is related, couldn't you get the information for a leaf from your dna?
It's easy, think of evolution as random mutations over time, you get an insect that is prey and another that is predator. Focusing on the prey one of them will get a look that will make it harder to spot than the rest of its kind, making it more likely for this to pass it's genes, after a while the predator will catch up and the last genotype won't be as useful as it was the first time, but mutations Don't stop and new changes create in ever new generation groups that are easier to spot and those who aren't, those that are easier get eaten, and those who don't reproduce. Repreat this process for a few millions of years and you slowly get insects that look less and less like their original forms and more and more like a local leaf. All according to god's keikaku
Not if it was a mutation posterior to the separation of your lineage, though you could always change genes until they resemble something similar
Bro that's like saying there's a plan to life and the universe because of causality. No shit, it doesn't mean anything though.
You'd know the answer if you understood evolution correctly. Not trying to be mean but the way you asked that question makes it seem like you are trying to show to others why you think evolution is stupid.

>It's literally impossible that's an organism is-enough aware of his environnement to see a leaf and decide to copy it perfectly.

10/10 I'm mad.

File: 1550562829452.jpg (72 KB, 550x543)
72 KB
>sci said it couldn't be done this decade
>you said it was impossible
>you said we only have the resources on our planet
YOU WERE WRONG DUN DUN DUN http://www.astronomy.com/news/2019/02/japans-hayabusa-2-mission-will-mine-an-asteroid-this-week
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You mine a sample you retard.
A probe with benis is going to dig into assteroid?
This seems to be a very vague use of the word "mine".
No one said that, kid. Also, "will" is a long ways from "successfur mission," kid.
it's an important first step in actually showing that there's something worth going for out there

File: postforrestfire.png (957 KB, 778x585)
957 KB
957 KB PNG
Hey, I'm really dumb.

I'm also a centrist so I'm easy to sway.

Can you red pill me on Climate Change?

I can't find a good source of information.
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"winter is coming" source: game of thrones
The U.S. spends $26 billion annually subsidizing fossil fuels.

... on top of that, the trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of lives lost in Iraq Wars I & II.
File: cc_RSS.png (27 KB, 835x552)
27 KB

Sensitivity of Satellite-Derived Tropospheric Temperature Trends to the Diurnal Cycle Adjustment
Carl A. Mears and Frank J. Wentz
Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa, California
(Manuscript received 23 October 2015, in final form 22 February 2016)
Basically the young are going to have to rise up

And they are, finally. Have no mercy on these boomers

the thread for people who can’t find a job or who have just recently found one and would like to brag
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To be fair, I can practically guarantee that 90 of those candidates are woefully underqualified
File: 1529886056301.jpg (721 KB, 903x960)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
I'm glad someone said it. I fucking hate the current nature of the job market and HR niggers don't help a lick. Isn't the entire point to try and attract people who otherwise wouldn't apply to your company for one reason or another?

The market is so fickle for employment as it is, but i guess these sick fucks just get off on watching prospective grads grovelling
>I'm glad someone said it.
You're welcome. Don't hurt yourself telling HR that.

>The market is so fickle for employment as it is, but i guess these sick fucks just get off on watching prospective grads grovelling.
HR is often a great example of how being "good at talking" isn't the same as having good social skills.

>tfw fell for the mechatronics meme

I just wanted to make robots n shit. I really enjoyed working in construction so I can always fall back on that if it ends up being worthless.
I'm about to graduate with my bachelor degree in CS and I live fairly remote at the moment. There's this job which is governmental and super cool, involves weapon testing pretty much, where I'd be a radar technician (very specialized). The pay would be fine, but the department is fairly small and I'd work mostly independently with developing radar technology for missile tracking, while also using it.

What I fear though is that this sort of job wouldn't teach me the necessary skills I'd need in order to get into a better more high profile job later on, I aim to work at some larger company at some point which is slightly more "cutting edge" since I ultimately want to create my own company and I'd need the structural knowledge. Yes: this job would teach me and make me an expert on very "low level" stuff, I'd be coding in C and Cpp and also doing a lot of physical work with actual electronics, I'd also be driving a lot and having a lot of hands on experience with the devices, but the jobs today ask for scrum and that sort of shit; this does not have any of that.

So my question is this: would it be fine to have this job for a couple of years, and then look for a slightly more "metro" job? Will i ruin any chances now only because i chose a slightly "off" job as a first time employment (within the computer science sphere)? Are the aspects I'd learn even merited in higher profile work, since that would probably be an ordinary "desktop job", whereas this one is very physical and hands on?

Do you ever have doubts? I bet there's a number of people here who were raised in some sort of religion. Now, being /sci/entists and all, in whatever field, do you simply disregard all supernatural stories as merely fiction, or do you ever have any thoughts? About God, Witchcraft, that shit. I don't know, there are times when I'm tempted to research the Occult. Maybe there's hidden knowledge in there, that will fill gaps of our scientific thought.
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>The real magic is how the hell did The Ripley Scroll contain a depiction of sub-atomic base particles for a proton or neutron before even a basic microscope.
Memes right?
Magic in its basic form is meta-technology(nonphysical intangible technology) that rewrites reality to create an effect and thus would be possible with a very advanced civilization millions of years ahead of us.
>The Bird of Hermes

I shall you tell with plaine declaracion,
Where, how, and what is my generacion:
Omogeni is my Father,
And Magnesia is my Mother:
And Azot truly is my Sister:
And Kibrick forsooth is my Brother:
The Serpent of Arabia is my name,
The which is leader of all this game:
That sometyme was both wood and wild,
And now I am both meeke and mild;
The Sun and the Moone with their might,
Have chastised me that was so light:
My Wings that me brought,
Hither and thither where I thought
Now with their might they downe me pull,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1457230096400.png (814 KB, 830x720)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
Magic is just a form of a science, art, craft and technology, not fully understood
So what do guys like you read to understand it? Are those packs on /t/ a good enough start?

I'm an applied math major, I've never taken a physics class though

Yall think I could learn QM on my own?
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>I'm an applied math major
Why would you take the watered down major?
okie niggas be the smartest tho
applied and pure hardly deviate in our math program and I actually want a job
thank you niggas

File: IMG_4756.png (14 KB, 597x513)
14 KB
Is there any chance of there being lightweight mechanical blast proof armour that makes melee combat viable in war again? Or maybe mech suits? Anything to get us out of this three hundred year lull of distant explosions.

File: 1549858645467.gif (105 KB, 511x512)
105 KB
105 KB GIF
How big would a rocket's nozzle have to be in order to convert all of the available enthalpy in the exhaust to kinetic energy?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also yes, you need an infinite bell to get 0 PSI.
Then why is the exhaust temp still so high? Isn't there still a lot of enthalpy left over owing to how hot the gases are? The gas should cool as it expands, correct?
I've worked on a project that designed a space optimized solid rocket motor. The max expansion ratio we've calculated was 56. Now for a liquid propellant rocket engine this max ratio is higher because the exhaust is lighter and doesnt stick as easily to the nozzle walls than solid motor exhaust.
What sort of exhaust temps did you have at those high expansion ratios?
temperature is just velocity and the gas needs to be going fast
the more coherent the particles are in the exhaust the more useful work you've extracted from them

File: 1509375983006.png (6 KB, 211x239)
6 KB
why is kinetic energy (m*v^2)/2 instead of m*position
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why is this even a question? this board sucks dick
it's called the system of OP's mom's vagina and my dick
A system where the square of velocity is proportional to position.
File: DownSyndrome.jpg (28 KB, 230x230)
28 KB
When there's a constant acceleration (such as when the acceleration equals g), then the distance, in a more general sense, can be calculated as: s = (a*t^2)/2 (assuming s, v = 0 at t = 0)

Do you see the similarity?

In mechanics, energy is work, and work is a force applied over a distance, in a more general sense. Kinetic energy is one part of that energy (remember the fundamental principle of energy conservation within mechanics). Assuming the mass remains constant, the work can be expressed as:

W = (m*v^2)/2

God tier textbooks.
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John I found a nigger
File: .jpg (38 KB, 342x412)
38 KB
>Fluid Mechanics - Frank M. White
The very first thing you learn is topology. >>>/g/o back to your containment board.
Math cucks are jell
Fuck this book for learning. It makes a fantastic reference though

File: maxresdefault.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB
Are near death experience accounts real? How could so many people have similar accounts without ever meeting and lie to the extent of detail they share? Sometimes revealing information they shouldn't know.
94 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.

A good book review of The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences, that is informative in and of itself.
Is there an accepted religious explanation for why near-death experiences happen? At least in the standard Judeo-Christian conception of religion, it makes no goddamn sense. God must know you're not actually going to die. It's not like you're pulling a fast one on him. Why is he showing you heaven?
Doesn't mean that they aren't just weird dreams
>millions of cases on youtube
this bullshit belongs in /x/, faggot

File: IMG_20190218_122657.jpg (100 KB, 558x519)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What happened to that anon who was gonna cure his blindness ?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
How did he post if he was blind?
He went deaf.
He had some genetic disease that was gonna make him blind
I am aware "imavirgin" is your passwords. Lets get directly to point. No one has compensated me to investigate you. You do not know me and you are probably wondering why you are getting this e-mail?
actually, i installed a software on the adult videos (porn) website and guess what, you visited this site to have fun (you know what i mean). When you were watching videos, your browser started out operating as a Remote control Desktop that has a key logger which gave me accessibility to your display and web cam. Right after that, my software program collected your entire contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, and email . Next i created a double-screen video. First part displays the video you were watching (you have a fine taste hahah), and second part shows the view of your web cam, & its u.
You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you don't know this, search 'how to buy bitcoin' in Google).

File: 1508053668196.png (38 KB, 211x227)
38 KB
Thread for dumb questions that do not warrant their own thread.
113 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pls respond >>10400046
If it's not medical grade it's not sterile.
are ethics holding back the study of psychology from discovering truly valuable info on how the human brain works?
Yes but not absolutely.
If we cant study human behaivior in an absolute vacuum, arent we limiting our own ability learn how the mind truly works? Unless we study a human from birth to death in a totally controlled enviorment, We will never be able to answer questions like nurture versus nature. Psych studies always end in a 'maybe' because we know theres always external forces at play that subjects will never admit to

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