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Global warming is not rea-

>Danish climatologist Steffen M. Olsen captured the image above on June 13 on a routine mission through the Inglefield Gulf in northwest Greenland.

>Olsen had the difficult task of retrieving measuring devices that had been planted on the ice for the Blue Action mission. But when he set out with his dog sled, he found that the ice sheet was hidden beneath a shallow lake of water.

>Figures from the National Snow & Ice Data Center show that approximately 712,000 km2 of Greenland’s surface has melted on June 12th, more than 470,000 km2 more than the same date in 2018. This was also more than 600,000km2 more than the median average from 1981 to 2010. Over 40% of Greenland experienced melting on that one day alone, with total ice loss estimated to be more than 2 gigatons (equal to 2 billion tons).

>In 2012, Greenland experienced the most melting on record, when, for a few days, 97% of the entire ice sheet indicated surface melting. Those monitoring the ice sheet say 2019 could rival this figure.
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it's ice water
>oh the ice is covered with 0C water
>the dogs legs wont by insulated once their fur is wet
>fuck it lets just have them pull us anyway
are Danes fucking cunts?
It looks like a good place to live. wtf i love climate change now

I don't get reactive power.

Let's say we have an R L circuit where 99% of the impedance comes from L and the remaining 1% comes from R. We apply Ohm's law and with let's say 10 V we get, for example, I = 4 A.

So then we have 39.6 VAr and 0.4 W and if I have understood this shit correctly there are 4 amps circulating at 10 V but the resistor is just dissipating 0.4 W?? Why? Do electrons not hit the conductor's ions now or what? Where is the Joule effect?
Magnetic fields and shit, ask Tesla.
you got it wrong. if it’s a DC circuit, which your example implies, then L can be replaced with a straight wire and you get 40W. AC circuits are more sophisticated and you need to have time-varying currents, and the resistor and inductor share who is radiating away the power
File: 1560177446835.jpg (27 KB, 554x554)
27 KB
Wrong inductors only become "shorts" when time goes to infinity. Besides when the system is turned on you get exponential characteristics for current through the inductor

In fantasy art we tend to see a lot of warriors and/or monster girls/demihumans, like Minotaur girls, with large breasts, sometimes inhumanly so (not even counting the examples like giants, or even who are significantly larger than humans yet have a similar, albeit scaled up, physiology). I recently started thinking about how such biology would work. Given that larger breasts would have more mass, and thus more weight, what adaptations would be needed for these individuals to avoid the lower back pain, sagging, and other issues that this could cause?
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Anyone know?
Hey Metro Man!
Is that an actual person and not an edit?
File: 241185_p0.jpg (52 KB, 384x480)
52 KB
The breasts drawn by crabman are usually within mostergirls. SAID monstergirls are ONLY monstergirls since THE TITS are UNAFFECTED by GRAVITY! You science niggers are dumb.

What programs are best at simulating planets, especially taking into account things like plate tectonics and/or weather patterns?
a giant array in a python program
A what program?
I guess you want a global circulation model, but those usually don't have plate tectonics. Check out SimEarth.

File: bacteriophage.png (635 KB, 686x960)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
Please explain to me how the fuck bacteriophages came to be.
Every fucking other microscopic lifeform is blob like or irregular in some way and then you fucking get this geometrical construction of some fucking dodecahedron standing on arthropod looking legs with fucking spikes and an injection system for DNA.

How in the FUCK did this thing come to be. If it was evolution, how the fuck does that work for something that can't even reproduce on its own? How does natural selection happen for viruses?

There is nothing as eerie and alien looking as these things.
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On the internet, no one knows your a trilobite
Counterargument: That kidney continues to metabolize (and in fact would die if left without access to metabolic substrates) even after being removed. If I pull one of the many viruses from that kidney donor and put it on the bench or in any acellular media, it will just sit there, doing nothing, until the end of time (or realistically until its capsid is deactivated). Since it performs zero (0) metabolic functions, it isn't any more alive than a piece of DNA left in a test tube, even if changes.
Read some Pythagoras my guy
Or make a jiggling 4d etch-a-sketch inside a 4d jiggling etch-a-sketch..

How is exposure to radiation treated? How does the body react to amounts beyond what is normally safe, and what is that limit?
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The aesthetic and culture was better back then.
File: demon core .jpg (21 KB, 400x225)
21 KB
Demon core?
Núcleo del demonio!

I heard somewhere that while obviously rare, it IS possible for a woman to become pregnant and then get pregnant AGAIN sometime later while still pregnant with the first embryo, is that correct? If yes, why does it happen? If not, what prevents it from happening?
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What causes that to happen?
Biology isn't perfect and things go wrong.
Any specific causes?
What health risks does that cause?

Thread about how the set of real numbers is
R = (-inf,inf)

and the real number field is some other thing which is vastly more complicated than the set of all real numbers R.
i cant read it theres a bunny in the way
File: TIMESAND___QDRH.jpg (1.17 MB, 2816x2624)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG

File: images (12).jpg (20 KB, 298x169)
20 KB
In the distant future, if we ever manage to start terraforming planets into environments better suited to us, what are some tricks that could be used to maximize the amount of space that humans could use to live, grow crops, etc, assuming that the inhabitants are limited to 21st-century technology, or stuff that we know for sure is possible but can't build yet, maybe due to it being a sort of space penal colony or something?
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Just splice ant genes into human dna and we'll be crawling over each other in tunnels and shit working mindlessly for muh queen
Not helpful.

File: lm-landing-gear.jpg (491 KB, 1857x2286)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
LM Landing Gear edition.

Apollo 11 landing gear extended at 098:15, reported back minutes later:
Apollo 12 landing gear extended at 104:48.
Apollo 14 landing gear extended at ???
Apollo 15 landing gear extended on or about 098, verified shortly afterward during separation:
Apollo 16 landing gear extended at 93:59:
Apollo 17 landing gear extended at ???
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File: longlongman.png (305 KB, 500x599)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
suppose we had a lunar rotovator to help mined rare metal payloads to escape the moon and inject to earth

What would we use for the first stage of the flight to the bottom of the rotovator?
a big hook

Where in the Apollo 17 website can I find confirmation of LM landing gear extension/deployment? (I'll have to answer my own question again but still).

Are those sphericals on the joints?

How close are we to creating habitable arcologies? What would we need to make them? What features will most arcologies probably share?
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less dense population per area is also better for defense.
Yes, please. I want my iCology
Please, elaborate on that. Sources?
Cool picture.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
What is your favorite planet in the solar system?
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>Earth obviously, everywhere else is shittier
Earth has biological life forms (literally shit)

Jupiter obviously. You do realize how vital Jupiter is in terms of the formation of the solar system, right?
I think I will go with Neptune.
Agreed anon, saturn is the prettiest boi
For me, it's Europa

File: evolution-1011341.jpg (36 KB, 590x350)
36 KB
how do you see human evolution progressing?

File: shitty-diagra.png (8 KB, 640x640)
8 KB
If I spin a plasma of ionized gas around in a circle
Wouldn't it create a magnetic field like a solenoid?
How big would the B field be in terms of angular velocity?

I feel like the result would be the something like the product of charge density and angular velocity but am not good at vector calculus.
probably. Doing this with plasma is hard. Why don't you use sodium potassium alloy instead? It should work just as well. Make sure to use a bunch.
File: doxy.png (175 KB, 305x271)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Okay, so we got a mass [math]m[/math] of gas spinning round in a circle with radius [math]R[/math]. Gas has charge [math]Q=\rho m[/math] where [math]\rho[/math] is charge density and angular velocity [math]\omega[/math].

A current found wherever there is moving charge so [math]i=\frac{dQ}{dt}=\frac{\rho m\omega}{2\pi}[/math]

Biot-Savart Law says [eqn]\mathbf{B}=-\frac{\mu_0}{4\pi}\int_C\frac{\mathbf{r}\times i\ d\mathbf{l}}{|\mathbf{r}|^3}[/eqn]

We have the two vectors in the cross product be perpendicular over the whole path [math]C[/math], and we can simply determine the direction of B from the right hand rule.
So in terms of magnitude [eqn]B=\frac{\mu_0}{4\pi}\cdot\frac{\rho m\omega R^2}{R^3}=\frac{\mu_0\rho m\omega}{4\pi R}[/eqn] .

So yeah, you were exactly right. The magnetic field is exactly proportional to the product of charge density, mass and angular velocity; and is inversely proportional to the radius of the circle.

File: pepehead.jpg (104 KB, 1700x1133)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
How do I stop being such a math brainlet? I'm gonna take Linear Algebra, Calc 2 and Discrete Math this fall. While I wouldn't say I'm aiming for an A I definitely want to do well in all of them, especially Calc 2 since I struggled the first time. Any advice?
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That's pretty much the plan. I'm working on my calc 2 textbook from limits onword. My goal is to spend 2 hours daily and do as many problems as possible. That way I figure even if I can't do all the chapters I'll have a solid foundation going into the class.
thats the right attitude

kill yourself
actually based and truthpilled
Is your reading comprehension really this shit? He said you should gtfo if you're challenged by ENTRY LEVEL material. Studying cohomology is gonna be hard for most people, even people who are decent at math, because its highly abstract, so these are courses you'll probably need to put work into. Calc 2 is covered in high school where I live, and people who want to be musicians, plumbers or chefs do ok.
wow its like we arent talking about graduate level topics here. also, lot of schools dont offer calc 2 in hs. calc can be hard if you get a shit prof

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