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File: 0_IMG-20191014-WA0002.jpg (53 KB, 780x1040)
53 KB
Biologists please tell me what the fuck is this shit? It grew near a metal bar on my balcony and I have no ideia what is that. I clean the area twice a week.
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haha, CIA cucks thinking they know about the cactus. i bet you believe you're working for the ((((jews)))) who control stuff. fucking brainlets. t. reptilian
Holy shit, OP in suicide watch
Please help one of my cats just fucking died
NSA here, our machine learning algorithm has already alerted the authorities; help is on the way.
How long is going to take? The other one is not feeling well

File: FO76_Power_armor_infobox.png (2.78 MB, 1730x1535)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
Have you ever designed a weapon or an armor?
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How did they even design armor and weapons back in the Middle Ages and before? The way history makes it seem, was that those people were all savages. Did they draw it out? What was the method? How did molds get made? Why weren’t molds just universally given so that the same product would always be made? How did they come upon the building and smithing of metal to the point it seemed quite lucrative? How would something as complex as chain mail be made from such simple minded people? Same with jewelry and all other amazing designs that come from that era like ornaments, logos, etc. How was all of this possible? Were the people of the past actually much smarter than I’m lead to believe? How did they create such fine tuned machinery for example? Then there’s that other era of inventors in which inventing things could actually be an occupation? What occurred to lead up to that and how were these people able to generate such out of the box ideas and not just ideas but physical contraptions? Moving parts like springs and gears? This is like magic to try and build on your own, but these people made it work. Nuts and bolts, steam, different types of metal and materials. All of this seems to be taken for granted but man to start from scratch and get those seem impossible.
The 3D fallout games really shit the bed with the power armor.
I have some ideas that might be worth consideration but I have no way of implementing them. Anything really interesting that I've come up with would only be possible with hypothetical power sources and materials.
>designed a weapon or an armor

Power armor is useless without super batteries to run them.

File: 1529182800474.png (17 KB, 882x758)
17 KB
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yes for SSRI's and norepinephrine RI's
no for amphetamine salts.
The problem with taking them only on days when you work or study is that
stimulants are powerful mood stabilizers
so being without them once acclimated causes wildly uncomfortable mood swings that destroy your quality of life entirely. In some cases it can take years for neurotransmitter levels to return to normal, after discontinuing use of amphetamines, even in lower therapeutic doses as prescribed.
constantly improving your environmental influences for the rest of your life
>How do does one cope with ADHD and Aspergers

Masturbation, 5 or 6 times a day.
becoming a gymcel and lifting the feels

File: 1388459979161.png (443 KB, 933x600)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
Is the Kinsey scale scientifically accurate?
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are you fucking serious?
It’s a descriptive scale so your question doesn’t apply. It’s like asking whether the names we give to colors are “scientifically accurate.”
>can have a million outlandish fetishes and nobody cares
>be attracted to a dick instead of scat, piss or whatever
>everyone is obsessed with trying to categorize it to whatever agendas they're pushing because someone how this is different because the Bible said so
With trying to categorize it for whatever*
Somehow, not someone*

Need sleep
Weird how their depiction of homosexuality is literally a function of nudity.

File: ñuz.png (174 KB, 564x876)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Pretty Please!
x = ?
x = ?
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Well i see what you mean, now. so i am going for that one. Thank you very much.
its 2 and 4

bottom row is addition (left + middle = right)
upper row is left and right addition equates middletile
Thanks for the answer, i will gladly think on it.

Let's just say, hypothetically, that technology was discovered that allowed warp bubbles to be created with relatively small amounts of energy-what would the consequences be? Would you expect that the whole space revolution would accelerate 100 fold and we'd have full blown colonization within a decade at most? I would worry about destabilization-would a warp bubble ship potentially destablize MAD and potentially trigger some ugly international political maneuvering?

I feel like this is a real life Outside Context Problem-it would hit our societies like a brick. All the systems we have now for space are totally incapable of dealing with the pioneer rush that would explode outward.
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>Just surf spacetime, bro.
28H7dehg7746 kiss my ass
Diagram an FTL journey from the perspective of an earth bound observer and someone on your FTL rocket.
By going out, pulling a U-ey around a star, and heading back you could arrive home before you left.
Why would you assume I have a patent number you fucking retard?

File: eit_20100614_0119_304.jpg (1.44 MB, 1024x1024)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
How hot is the sun at night?
At night it’s 0 degrees. As in zero amount of hotness.
Please be specific, it depends if it's night on Earth or night on the sun

Is this blue and black? Is it white and gold? Are people who report different experiences simply lying to feel superior? What's the scientific explanation behind this?
I only see black and blue but I want to see white and gold. How can I?
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So you're saying that if I was more educated in 'context' then my visual perception of that image would change?
It's extremely clear that it's overexposed; the background light is completely blown out. Looks like they took this in a darker place facing an area of the room that has a lot of sunlight shining in it.

Basically, yes. See above. But this is an assumption on my part, I have no evidence other than anecdotal. Well.. Again, and the fact that it was later proven to be a blue and black dress. Hindsight is convinient for proving points.
Uhhhh I pretty sure when that happens the it is still called blue

I see white and gold. Are you color blind?
The dress is black and blue and people who see white and gold just have low IQ :/

File: monk.jpg (20 KB, 600x338)
20 KB
Why do CS jobs pay so much more than regular engineering jobs?

6 figures + 10-30k signing bonus seems excessive for a NodeJS monkey

They need big $ to keep their hipster neighborhoods separate from brown and black people
Webserver or mobile apps can gets a lot money in few time,few regulations,few start up inversion and world wide customers , vs complex engineer product design

WTF do people mean when they say Bach (or another musician) is "mathematical" or the "mathematician's favorite musician"?
I think the music=math thing is overhyped as fuck,

but to contribute to the topic, I really like
(Schuberts work with self-reflective music structures)

Bach just systematically tried everything out that makes sense and wrote textbooks about it, in effect - you can see that as mathematical if you like
retards posing as intellectuals
They used music theory to compose instead of just playing random notes until it sounded good or googling basic chord progressions

File: 4chan.png (20 KB, 592x408)
20 KB
Literally what is wrong with me. 12 months ago I started a program to grow more intellectualy. I started playing chess regularly, read dozens more research papers, started showing interest in smart topics like mathemathics and geared my entertainment input towards that on youtube. I kept meticulous notebooks detailing my day, started drinking coffee, I cut sugar and also became more spirtual/social/genuine. What was it all for? nothing! I just realized I can't even solve a simple problem which I flunked last year- and I'm the same person who studies calculus intensively during the summer while my pals where cruising in the pacific. Got any insight, my brain is fried and I feel like giving up - seriously. I can write a more coherent story, but I just chose the quick and dirty path - please see past that.
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>chess is not inherently intellectual
explain? not arguing, just wanted to know what people think. one can argue that you can just move pieces and play at a 1000 level and never grow and still think of yourself as a "chess player".
Are you self taught? This should be high school stuff and it follows a basic methodology. Analyze the forces in the y and x directions and then just apply Newtons formula on those directions. You can’t be studying hard if you don’t know this
ngl this sounds like a 14yo kid trying hard to flex their way into MIT

Realistic advice: Get the fundamentals right before you start trying to go above and beyond.

Why watch 3B1B videos on Fourier transforms when you can't even apply trigonometry properly?

Why read published research papers when you can't even balance static loads?

Know the first principles before you go out doing whatever it is you really want to do.
it sounds like you were clamped, vaccinated, and circumcised. thats the all-american tradition imposed by the elites to make sure the populace is too dumb to start a revolutoin
>meticulous notebooks
>read dozens more research papers

You're not studying at all, you're trying to learn by osmosis like a brainlet pajeet. Drop all these "smart person behaviors" and start actually solving problems.

>read through a textbook chapter
>take /very/ minimal notes - some equations or comments only
>solve as many end-chapter problems as you can with whatever time you have
>feel free to skip some early questions to focus on the more difficult ones
>attempt every question marked as "challenge" or similar
>add anything you want to remember to your notes and keep it minimal

File: 20-neuroscienti.jpg (19 KB, 563x397)
19 KB
is consciousness an illusion created by the brain? do "we" actually exist?
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it's more like an interface to supersede raw data from the chaotic and complex reality we are at mercy to
holy fucking based
>define "consciousness"
I was surprised that this wasnt a /sci/ team member in the babby cup qualifiers
If an illusion becomes so strong that it is indistinguishable from reality, at what point is it not merely an illusion, but a matter of reality?

File: synthetic_meat.jpg (16 KB, 496x331)
16 KB
Would you?
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It was the removal of the nervous system really that was the tricky bit. Muscle cells are surprisingly robust and less prone to mitosis, especially when exerting tension against themselves, they naturally create resistance that is neigh on impenetrable to all but the most specialized of bacteria.

>Did they manage to isolate DNA and use the genes to create cells that’s only purpose is to seem like they’ll be muscles but are actually just to be eaten?
Ding ding ding ding.
Winner Winner, "fake" chicken dinner.

>How is this done in any large quantity?
Meat racking. A concept thrown around the /scifi/ crowd, now one step closer to reality. By seeding sectors of a raw slab of antibacterial steel we can just create rows upon rows of beef, chicken, fish etc etc etc in one long line, hooked to artificial feeding tubes and electrical "veins".

The cells don't feel pain since they are only muscle. No sentience is hurt, except perhaps the publics fragile sensibilities.

Try exponential.

>Are they constantly creating new cells to use so DNA doesn’t break down?
They have the same limits as most cells with telomerese, but with muscle it will slow down cell division the more lactic acid builds/stays in a "block".

>How can these cells be electrified without a nervous system?
Contrary to common belief, the nervous system keeps the electrical beat (frequency), without it, most cells make their own.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 242x208)
9 KB
W-Will anon finally be able to build muscle now?
As this stuff becomes more viable and ranchers/meatpacking companies start feeling threatened, expect to see a repeat of the GMO hysteria but with lab-grown meat. "All Natural, Farm Raised, non-Synthetic" labels will start appearing on every slab of traditional meat in grocery stores.
Why so mad? Too much processed meat messed with your digestion?

Also, my meme diet is just backed by science. Keep eating paleo or something like that and make the world a better place.
there’s no way it’s really that cheap

File: bell curve.jpg (87 KB, 782x454)
87 KB
Is IQ racist?
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Purely economic factors.
How to keep a beat doesn't cover it. Everyone is roughly equal at keeping beats.

Now moving and wiggling your body to a beat is different. And wiggling your body to a beat ritualistically is a very social activity which basketball-americans excel at. They also excel at peacocking and generally doing dope ass shit to get attention from social groups. They pick up on non-verbal cues more readily than other races.

I postulate that the basketball-American has been gifted by nature with more social wiring, neurologically speaking. And of course the extra social cognition comes at a price.... And so math and sciences and agriculture suffer on the basketball continent.

Of course there are anomalies in every group. And I for one judge individuals individually.
Either well thought out troll post or most stupid shit I've read this month.
Black people suck at culturally sensible IQ tasks. They suck even more at tasks that are not culturally sensible.
rednecks, rednecks again, poles? what does poland have to do with your xenophobic southern whites trashing bullshit?
Right now the greatest living drummers are a fairly even mixture of all the races:

Thomas Lang
Neil Peart

Thomas Pridgen
Tony Royster, Jr.

Juan 'Carlito' Mendoza
Marc Pacpaco

Nur Amira Syahira
Akira Jimbo
File: 1548672444364.png (119 KB, 583x482)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>another IQ thread

>not discovering your mathematical identity
The only one you can reasonably take issue with is the second one. I don't know a context for western maths being the only legitimate one apart from some historical white euro on white euro philosophical beef that wouldn't make any sense to touch in k-12 anyway.
This actually exists?
how do you eat corn?

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