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internal combustion engines and real cars are infinitely more interesting than electric battery engine and "cars" from an engineering point of view.

prove me wrong
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Also being able to go interstate without charging for 4+ hours every 200 mi is nice.
Formula E is less impressive and dramatic sounding but damn is it some good racing
>no transmission needed
>far, far simpler construction
>less maintenance required
These are all arguments in favour of OP's position.
Steam locomotives are impressive the way dinosaurs or retarded Pleistocene mammals are. Large and powerful but not very complicated and not much going on under the hood.
I believe you meant to say "0 units Kelvin"

File: help.jpg (475 KB, 885x705)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
In what is copper aspirinate soluble?

I'll tell you guys when I run out of Grillet screenshots edition
Talk maths
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I wanna learn math, where do I start? I'm an absolute pleb.
Either Calculus or Linear Algebra.
>hhahahhah look at me misunderstand on purpose hillarious isn't it my fellow redditors?
How does this look? https://github.com/rossant/awesome-math
Just download the book on libgen with the highest number of editions.

File: 678543467687.png (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
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File: brainlet.png (56 KB, 621x702)
56 KB
>quantum consciousness
Wrong. What we know is that the universe SEEMS TO BE non-deterministic (to a certain degree; a particle cannot move as far as it wants from a certain point; hence the stochastic, probabilistic nature of the location of matter at the sub-atomic level). From the perspective of an omnipotent creature, the momentum and speed of a particle may very well be exactly defined at all times.
Will the world fall into a century long depression if it were revealed that even quantum mechanics are deterministic and a concept like free will cannot exist?
quantum mechanics are deterministic and free will can’t exist, even if they weren’t it would never imply free will existed (they aren’t).
Daily reminder that probability functions in qm are the same as fields in classical physics and neither physically exist.

File: 1537855660507.png (133 KB, 300x577)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>100% of people who breathe oxygen die
Ummm... why aren't we researching a cure for oxygen?
Its called perfluorocarbon.
File: 1542553451833.jpg (29 KB, 245x249)
29 KB
1. We can't go faster than the speed of light.
2. However, I can conceive of someone going faster than the speed of light.
3. Because I'm part of this world, if I'm capable of thinking something, it must be possible in this world

hmm... science BTFO ;)
>he doesn't breathe carbon monoxide to achieve immortality
bluepilled af anon..

File: Untitled (1).png (631 KB, 870x416)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
what are the long term implications of micro plastics for life on earth? will life incorporate micro plastic into its systems, or evolve better ways of getting it out of its system?

fish with bones fused with plastic would be pretty cool. what are some interesting ways organisms could incorporate plastic into their bodies?
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Yeah, nature will - eventually - be able to digest plastics. Unless we end up killing off all life on the planet before it gets to that point.
>nature always overcomes...
>...if given millions of years to do so
which would require >>10222175 not happening, which is exceedingly unlikely. Also seems like microorganisms would be the only one’s to adapt to it very quickly.
Microorganisms are the only ones that matter for what we're talking about. Most digestion works by exploiting bacteria.
Hopefully not. Termites are already a pain to deal with, I can't imagine the headaches if there was some kind of plastic-eating termite.
Christ that is one depressing picture

File: wojak.jpg (53 KB, 1600x900)
53 KB
how do i stop feeling like a brainlet for liking chemistry
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>pure math
>no spatial reasoning
gr8 b8, brainlet
>women in math
spatial reason is the distinction between physics and math
Gibbs eq >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kelvin eq
Do antidepressives so you dont feel
Or let people bully you until you stop caring
Stay off this board and git gud at chemistry. Try to add extra math subjects if you can, so as to better interface with physicist collegues. You don't need to know what they know, but speaking the language better than most chemists will help.

Even the legitimate 5 sigma brains here are twisted with venom and spite. If you let them get to you it'll just bring your own performance down.

>solar roads
are people actually fucking retarded?
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why do they fucking need to be anywhere near a road? does this not occur to you?

always creep me out
it's the classic boomer brain "invention" though pattern "why not save money/whatever by using x to do y"? like homer simpson would come up with. Of course, there's no actual benefit over having dedicated things for x and y.
Are yous telling me fuckin elon musk tweeted about this or something, or is the thread just remember solar freaking roadways (who are still plugging at it i think)
I'm pretty sure this guy popularized it.

Obviously but its not about them being near the road, its about how you go about convincing people.
The central premise is terrible, but if you say "just put them in a field somewhere, thats better" they'll say "but what about advantages of solar roadways - using all the land the government already owns and keeping snow off the road" or whatever BS.
This way you can point out that the idea is so dumb that even just putting the panels a few meters into the air makes the plan infinitely more feasible, way more efficient and retains all the benefits that they claim would apply to solar roads (without having to go through and debunk their relevance individually). Once they accept that, its easier to progress to the rest. And if they don't progress past that initial realization, at least a solar roof on the roads is less of a waste of money than solar roads.

File: e_5.jpg (18 KB, 466x349)
18 KB
I just watched this, I reckon it must be some pretty advanced science so I'm posting it in /sci/
>that pic
God I feel old.
As for the link, if you want to delve into it, read some fourier analysis, mathematical physics, and partial differential equations.
And don't forget about the special functions (like Bessel functions for drum oscillations), those are non-trivial generalizations of the simpler one-dimensional case.
If you are into quantum mechanics, you could get by with not knowing about harmonic oscillations, although it is a standard part of the course. However, intuitive understanding of the classic HO is crucial for quantum field theory, if you plan to go there.
Fuck, I really am old now..

File: imagesB2B03EZ9.jpg (121 KB, 710x1080)
121 KB
121 KB JPG

Pinker is an alt right fascist troll and even the most cursory examination of critical race theoretic literature destroys him.
There's no science in it. Just charts and calling out piece of shit hipsters who larp as Russian peasants.
>the enlightenment
>a good

As retarded as the "communism has never been tried"
You caught me, detective.

File: Capture454.png (798 KB, 585x583)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
What's the solution to the obesity epidemic?
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You don't even seem to understand why people abuse food. Read the shit i typed before >>10220497

It's not an issue of "teh mainstream media" and "femenazis" perpetuating unhealthy ideals that causes
everyone to eat like fucking hippos
Not if they get socialized healthcare.
File: 1544315803548.png (83 KB, 645x614)
83 KB
fat retarded redditor spotted.
pic related (you)
>I eat at a caloric deficit
>and haven't lost any weight at all
This literally violates the laws of physics, anon. Stop lying to yourself.
Japan has some of the highest rate of suicides and their citizens are very thin
>It will fix it self some day when a big natural disaster or something happen
This sentence alone proves you have no idea what you are talking about. The obesity rate is highest among the poorest, and has been this way for a couple of centuries. Read some Gary Taubes, you'll learn a thing or two.

In my hands i have the proof that proves the Riemann hypothesis. Dubs gets proof
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Tooker had a word for you lad
yea if you believe in real numbers in the neighborhood of infinity
The funny thing is that you think that everyone here can't wait to see your proof, when in reality, because there are already so many "proofs", it should be you begging people who are actually qualified to read your proof and give feedback.
I could write the proof here but the space is too limited.

File: Verner Von Braun.jpg (29 KB, 644x370)
29 KB
>tfw too intelligent to be judged for war crimes
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using slave labor to build rockets. Labor so ridicoulously hard, many people have died.
A letter he sent to a Jewish mathematics professor he was boycotting lol
>I am not concerned with making difficulties for you as a Jew, but only with protecting – above all – German students of the second semester from being taught differential and integral calculus by a teacher of a race quite foreign to them. I, like everyone else, do not doubt your ability to instruct suitable students of whatever origin in the purely abstract aspects of mathematics. But I know that many academic courses, especially the differential and integral calculus, have at the same time educative value, inducting the pupil not only to a conceptual world but also to a different frame of mind. But since the latter depends very substantially on the racial composition of the individual, it follows that a German student should not be allowed to be trained by a Jewish teacher.
Pretty obvious he just wanted Jews out of his country and was trying to find a reason to expel the professor from his university. Reminds me of this German /int/ poster that said he would vouch for Marxism if an actual German wrote it, not Karl Marx.
Pretty idiotic imho
But what about the lethal masterbation machines and the top secret atomic weapon that vaporized 30,000 Jews in an instant?
It was a Nuremberg testimony so you know it's true
File: faith vs fact.jpg (44 KB, 480x724)
44 KB
Sorry but this is the science board, not the superstitious nonsense board. You must be looking for >>>/x/
50$ says you're not even a science major

File: stheory.jpg (23 KB, 474x316)
23 KB
>fails to produce predictions
>10^500 string "universes"
>"upgrades" particles to 1 dimensional "strings"
>working on it since the 70's, still no useful results
>but it's totally going to replace quantum mechanics and GR guys!!!
When are these losers going to abandon masturbating to their cult of stringy worship?
72 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
1. point - unable to make predicitions
2. same point
3, cheap trick, as always they have to redefine everything, and simply using a line instead of a point isn't going to solve everything (I know the technical advantages), but they act like this is such a revelation, no fuck off
4. no, results are not the same as predictions, and ST has not had any kind of practical results (a result could be that ST helps to rule out a mode of thinking)
5. irrelevant - beauty does not = anything in hard science, and I'd argue to GR is more beautiful than anything in ST.
also, don't forget that so many ST graduates claimed the LHC was going to validate their shitty theory even though this was ridiculous and never going to happen, they really are dumb
> When are these losers going to abandon masturbating to their cult of stringy worship?

usually it's after you nut.
/sci/ is a shared sub-board of /pol/ and /x/. they believe in juice over there.
It's just a sexy scam used to lure talented students and scientists away from thinking up other approaches to combine QM and GR. It's nothing more than a time waster. The only counterargument they have is "you just too dumb to see the emperor's clothes".

File: downloadfile-1.jpg (48 KB, 800x800)
48 KB
I have a question regarding this show (pic related) in which saitama gets kicked up to the moon. My question is regarding air resistance and about how much deceleration we would be looking at if you where to get an instant acceleration almost at light speed 90 degrees upwards.
you need to be a bit more specific anon "almost light speed" isn't very precise
I mean like 80% too be honest it really doesn't matter. It's just for a general direction.
Bad boom boom danger is bigly. Advise against.

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