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witten thread.

ITT discuss witten’s monumental contributions to string theory, string cosmology, topological field theory, supergravity, dynamical supersymmetry breaking, holography and the AdS/CFT correspondence, kaluza-klein theories in 11D, the weinberg-witten theorem in QFT, the Weds-Zumino-Witten model, horava-witten domain walls, getting admitted to a Princeton physics PhD program with only a history major from brandeis, winning a Fields medal, being a really humble and friendly guy, playing tennis, preferring to figure out entire papers in your head without writing down any equations, his “alto” voice, and enviable forehead
how do I achieve this phentotype?

File: A1qVOTUAn4L.jpg (1.27 MB, 1604x2452)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Say you had 100 dollars american to gamble away quickly in vegas.
You have 10 minutes to do it once you get inside.
You have no interest in low to medium reward.
You want to walk out broke or a millionaire in 10 minutes.
What are your best odds.
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File: 1486354178485.jpg (104 KB, 900x1600)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
you can't turn 100 into a million in 10 minutes with any kind of math betting system. there are mathematical systems that give you an edge, but they dont apply to any casino games.

You can gain an edge using math by playing blackjack or poker. You can also use math to profit from sports betting.

t. sports bettor
File: allin1.jpg (853 KB, 1600x1200)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
if you mean 10 minutes of actual play time, not counting the time to turn your money into chips and to walk between tables:
i'd say put it on 1 number on roulette, if you win you'll have 3,600.
then find the high limit area and put that on 1 number, if it hits you'll have 129,600.
now find even higher limit tables (e.g. caesar's spreads roulette that you can bet up to 50k on) and you have some options. one is to split your roll into 4 parts of 32,400 each, put them on 4 numbers. if any of them hit you'll have 1,166,400.
overall odds roughly 0.025*0.025*0.1 = 0.00006, which is 0.006% (it would take you an average of ~16,667 tries to win once)

if you mean 10 minutes from walking into the door (like a mob thug is on your ass and you need to come up with a million before he blows your kneecaps out), you really have no options. run to the jackpot slots and pray to hit a quick million. odds are like 1 in 10-50 million depending on the casino
actually i noticed my calculator truncated the result. it should be 0.00625%, or 1 in 16000.
but the 2.5% and 10% odds i used were estimations anyway, so whatever.
Single deck blackjack is your best odds, but 10 minutes functionally is not enough time. The absolute softest game in Blackjack has a -0.18289% house edge (so with perfect strategy you will beat that game over time), but I doubt any casino would offer that format especially at high stakes. Adding 1 (most cases more) deck, changing split rules, etc. all results in the house having an edge. IF the game is the softest possible, if they allow you to change table max every hand, the odds of you getting blackjack 14 times in a row are 0.00000294799.
Anyone talking about the house edge missed the point of the thread.

File: 1553246536192.png (216 KB, 615x503)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
could someone explain to me how 3D printers work?
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Designer here who dabbled in 3D printing. To really understand 3D printing you need to complete a specialized 4-year curriculum in 3D printing (or at best 2-year if all you want to do is tinker at home). Otherwise in the simplest possible terms, 3D printing is just layering of material to produce a 3D form. That's it.
File: Layer height.jpg (167 KB, 960x895)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>why doesn't it look sloppy
It depends on the layer height.
>you need to complete a specialized 4-year curriculum
fuck off faggot, this guy just basically explained it in a crude picture! >>10499781
File: LQBait.png (103 KB, 420x420)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
make plastic hot
push it through a small nozzle
move the nozzle so it draws whatever form you want

File: wxlb1y8348o21.png (61 KB, 786x863)
61 KB
> applied mathematician
> Doesn't know difference between group and set

When did you realize that applied math is the Codemonkey studies of math
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What group operations? Addition mod 4? Multiplication mod 5?
File: 11616-004-BF68D244.jpg (37 KB, 330x450)
37 KB
So much this. "Group" has always meant a set with a binary operation since at least 1830. The denialists are either too stupid, or too dishonest, to engage with the facts on this topic. Either way, they are on the wrong side of history.
The absolute state of pure math fags
>even when being intentionally autistic, you're wrong
The operation can be checking answer, for instance.

File: Race Horse.jpg (82 KB, 1114x742)
82 KB
Would it be possible to breed/genetically engineer a horse fast enough to compete in NASCAR?
Prolly not, unless you could l33t hax0r a gene for carbon fibre bones, or something.

In short: No.

In long: A horse like all animals, have biological limits of what its shape can do. The fastest land animal can do ~120 kilometers per hour in a sprint and i doubt you can go faster then 150 kilometers per hour with an animal and sustain that speed for very long. You'd have more luck with birds than with land based animals.
Wheels in general are vastly more efficient than any sort of walking, so even if you had some super horse that could reach NASCAR speeds there is no way it would be to have enough energy reserves to maintain that speed.
I'm pretty sure it would be possible to teach a horse to drive.
The real problem is: how would they steer the wheel?
you're not being creative enough. The real method would be breeding horses so their "thrusters" are backwards and exert force

How to cope with the stark shocking reality of brainlet co-workers?
kill them
If you can't easily manipulate them into doing what you want, then youre not smarter than them, youre just a loser who needs to feel superior to others to cope
By realizing they are kind of cute.
File: IQ.png (177 KB, 1845x427)
177 KB
177 KB PNG

File: Murica.jpg (24 KB, 400x304)
24 KB
What is a good way to serve the US Military for someone studying math/computer science?
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Become an officer after college. The Air Force is really looking for people to do math/cs stuff, and if you can pull your own weight, they'll basically let you pick whatever assignment you want.
Imagine devoting your entire life to help oil and weapons corporation CEOs make more money. Imagine helping to contribute to random illiterate farmers being tortured and murdered for Israel and corporate profits.

Unironically (literally) KYS
File: mqq0iu9z15021.jpg (72 KB, 857x570)
72 KB
dude, like, corporations, man
I would certainly have to use my imagination since that is not even remotely close to what a CS person working for the defense sector would be doing you ignorant retard.
navy nuclear

How can we see brown color if there's no brown light?
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Because it's a phenomenon mediated by your own consciousness.
Brown and orange are the same hue. What differentiates them is the surround, if it's brighter than the surround then it's orange, if it's brighter it will appear brown.

There was a paper in 2014 that demonstrated brown and orange colors stimulate the same cells in the V4 area of the brain, suggesting those might be the cells responsible for detecting hue.
>if it's brighter it will appear brown.
ff it's darker*
File: 1553fa.jpg (251 KB, 1280x1280)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Light doesn't have any colors, it has frequencies. Colors are symbols representing certain ranges and combinations of these frequencies, they don't exist externally.
That's a philosophical statement and has nothing to do with science.

Searle claims that red light can be called red specifically because it causes a "red" perception in your brain.

Is the American university system destined to collapse? Tuitions are constantly rising faster and faster each year while the value of a degree in the job market is declining. These days most degrees are trash and you have to get a good degree from a good school with a good GPA and good internships. There is no intrinsic value to a bachelor's degree!

Meanwhile the internet has revolutionized our access to information. You can get online and look up just about anything with the cost of a connection. Most students are receiving most of their education via online resources rather than their shitty lectures or textbooks. Resources like Khan Academy, Pathoma, etc. are emerging that provide all of the information for under $100 dollars.

Then when people graduate they have to take standardized exams to get to the next step. The degree didn't mean anything. We have the GRE, MCAT, comp sci exams, etc.

The university system is a shitty overpriced middleman and it will collapse in the next 20 years. They will be replaced by certification exams. For example, the LSAT is basically an IQ test, the MCAT is basically a biochemistry test, etc. We will have certification exams that replace finance degrees, accounting, physics, and all the rest. People will get their education from a myriad of online sources in a hypercompetitive marketplace with astronomically low prices compared to a 40k-200k college degree. The internet will kill the universities. Geezers talking about free college either lack foresight or are in the pocket of universities, who know the inevitable and are trying to prevent it by grabbing handouts.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Colleges are not job training.
You can hum and haw about "the intangibles" all you want but you are dead wrong. People go to college to get a good career. End of story. It doesn't matter what the literature professor thinks. It doesn't matter what the university wants. Nobody takes out a loan to be assigned a 10 page essay on The Hound of the Baskervilles. People go to college for better job opportunities.
The purpose of a the education system is to filter out the undesirables from servitude.
The poor, average and original people are undesirable for corporations and governments that desire to maintain the status quo.

Not looking good.
lmao just dont pay it back. as long as you arent deluding yourself into thinking you are gonna be a homeowner it really doesnt matter
doomers get out

File: download (1).jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
how do you send multiple satellites in a single rocket into different(different inclinations) orbits?had this doubt for so long time. any documents or videos would help alot. thanks
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks man. I was googling for " deploying multiple satellites at an inclination" lol. Thanks anons.
You are welcome dude.
You mount the satellites on an upper stage like Fregat that can be restarted multiple times to inject them into different orbits. Satellites can also have onboard propulsion to change their orbits. Ion propulsion is very popular these days due to the high specific impulse it delivers.
not op, but how do they adjust the orbit? any video? i mean multiple satellites adjusting into orbits . they sent 104 satellites.. would be interesting to see how they all end up in their orbits
Not even joking play kerbals for few hours

I really wanna learn maths and physics. I'm studying engineering at a school that doesn't really require me to learn a lot. I feel I won't know a lot of what my peers at the better schools will if I don't work for it myself. But when I learn I must understand what I'm studying. I refuse to simply just memorize equations, I want to know where they came from. Youtube does a pretty great job covering certain chapters, but usually there's never a full course of everything by the same person. They do a great job in one area, and just stop making vids or whatever.

Where would you recommend me to study physics from scratch, and calculus from scratch? I've seen MIT lectures, but even the introduction ones already go hard with the calculus. They're too advanced for me. I feel like I'd need to do a full course on algebra physics, and on calculus.

Would you recommend khan academy, the AP physics playlist, and his calculus course? Would that fully prepare me for calculus based physics on MIT for example? Thanks
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1390525738981.jpg (76 KB, 750x600)
76 KB
Software """Engineers""" think they're STEM.
>But when I learn I must understand what I'm studying. I refuse to simply just memorize equations
This is normally how it works.
>I feel like I'd need to do a full course on algebra physics
Absolutely not. Calculus based Physics assumes nothing and starts at the beginning.
>They're too advanced for me
No, just learn calculus first.

Lang's Basic Mathematics
Lang's A First Course in Calculus
Halliday, Resnick, and Krane's Physics Volume 1
Lang's Calculus of Several Variables
Halliday, Resnick, and Krane's Physics Volume 2
Appreciate my man. Thank you
If you can solve equations, differentiate and integrate then you are pretty much good to go for first semester physics.
At least here in Germany they start at "1+1" in the first lecture. It's too fast to learn it all for the first time but if you can do those things already then it's fine. And don't be overwhelmed. Everyone stumbles on every step.

Despite of what half the people on this board think you don't need to be super intelligent to learn physics. That's entirely bullshit. What you need is persistence and thick skin. Physics feels like a punch in the gut every day, especially in the beginning. That's normal, you just have to keep going.

Are chemist the most /schizo/ out of all the math & science majors? Or is it mathematicians? physicists?astronomers?

File: IMG_1204.jpg (14 KB, 323x351)
14 KB
Brainlet here.

I'm going to take a pre-calculus course next year. I've heard it's difficult with a lot of work, though that's just what I've heard from others.

Can /sci/ recommend me any books or reading material to look at ahead of time?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Because your weak areas are not going to go away if you do not fix them. If you plan to get into calc you will get kicked in the nuts for having weak algebra.
GOAT advice
fuck off
Most colleges give incoming students placement exams over the summer to see whether they will do Calculus 1, Precalculus, or "College Algebra".
I think Gelfand has one. His books are keepers
this is pretty mean desu senpai
Not him but I literally do smell my own farts and inhale them deeply every time I rip a nice one. I REALLY love the deep hot ones the most

Ive failed freshman physics three times, not because its hard, but because its so fuggin boring that I completely forget about it in favor of my other classes.
>phoneposters making tard excuses
>probably in the middle of class
It fits.
Idiot, you're retarded. That's what normies tell themselves when they're dumb "hurr I only failed cos it's boring/I'm lazy, not because I'm retarded"
Maybe that excuse would work in a subject that involves a lot of varied information, but it’s physics. It’s intuitive. You’re just retarded.

File: 1553462822776.jpg (345 KB, 675x885)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Is title better than traditional college curriculum?
Would it make time management easier for smarts-but-lazies lacking discipline because it has less freedom and enthropy in choosing what to study at a free time? Why do most colleges teach you plethora of subjects simultaneously, effectively dispersing your attention?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You'll just waste all that time watching anime titties.

Do as many courses as you can and get a credit overload.
you don't get it. instead of spending 8 hours on 4 subjects, you could use that time to study one subject 8 hours for a week without other distractions. this way you'll finish one subject in less time, more efficiently and with lEsS sTrEsS and then move on to another subject
>you could use that time to study one subject 8 hours for a week without other distractions
You don't need 8 hours
The course isn't gonna go faster for you
The course load is designed to instill discipline, time management and choices when under stress. These are all desirable in the workplace.

If you want to spend 16 years getting a bachelor's be my guest.
1. It wont go faster because your ability to learn material is throttled every day, so spending more time in one day won’t make you learn more
2. 1-2 classes you take every semester are going to be blowoff geneds that you don’t need to pay attention to anyway

-Bio (inb4 brainlet) senior with 3.97 gpa

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