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File: flag-800.png (1 KB, 800x533)
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>be known as a faggy liberal arts country
>all the Brain Chads (even today) major in stuff like math at the best schools

How did this happen?
I'm sure /pol/ will answer your question
Different system of education
also "critical spirit" and stuff

File: 1530821770902.png (207 KB, 442x458)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
100 hours in a day
100 minutes in an hour
100 seconds in a minute
then if you set the speed of light to 10,000,000 meters to those new seconds you get:
1new meter/new hour=0.9995517717Miles/old hour
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60 minutes per an hour * 24 hours per a day = 1,440 minutes per a day
1,440 has 36 divisors, the highly composite number 1,260 also has 36 divisors and is smaller than 1,440 meaning 1,440 is not highly composite number
1,260 = 35*36 so if we had 35 hours in a day and 36 minutes in an hour we would have a highly composite number of minutes in a day, and if we had 36 seconds in a minute we would have 35*36*36 = 45,360 seconds in a day, which is also highly composite with 100 divisors while 24*60*60 = 86,400 only has 96 divisors despite being almost twice as large

Would you believe 'because Napoleon'?
This, 10 is shit for fractions, 12 and 60 are vastly superior.
Same reason we use the qwerty keyboard. It used to make total sense. And even when it stopped being necessary it was kept the way it was because people were used to it and it worked just fine
autism is truly astounding. When is the last time you ever divided 86400 or 45360?

File: chemistry.jpg (59 KB, 700x484)
59 KB
What are good resources on learning chemistry for a beginner?

I'm an IT graduate but I don't think any of that knowledge translates well to fields like chemistry or biology.
>I'm an IT graduate
>What are good resources on learning chemistry for a beginner?
Start with an elementary algebra book, then precalculus. Come back in 3-4 years if you manage to do it by then.

What treatment is available for depression resistant to medication? Is there any hope for curing it, or at least reducing its intensity?
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I'm a yurp also. I could kill myself swiftly and reliably if I still wanted to - I know, I well remember my old plans and research. If you genuinely can't reach a similar conclusion by yourself (and I don't think you are genuine) then you're clearly too mad and scatterbrained to be trusted with the decision anyway.

Anyone properly rational can easily lie their way out of a psych ward with patience. Just don't let on you want to kill yourself. If you're incapable of acting normal, then once again you're non compos mentis and it's a good thing you're in there, you're not fit to make the decision for yourself.

Most people who attempt suicide are impulsive, hesitant, and crazy. It's impossible to stop someone who's both very decided on it and at least mostly sane from killing themselves. It's trivial. The asshole I replied to just wants an excuse to be angry at others while also conveniently not getting the job done.
>Anyone properly rational can easily lie their way out of a psych ward with patience.
I am a sperg and I am extremely bad at lying.
>Most people who attempt suicide are impulsive, hesitant, and crazy. It's impossible to stop someone who's both very decided on it and at least mostly sane from killing themselves.
It's a good point, but this also means that they are probably suffering immensely. You argue that when they are in this state
>your're not fit to make the decision for yourself.
thus robbing them of the opportunity to make this suffering stop. There are certain mental illnesses which never resolve no matter how much treatment. To keep these patients in an environment where suicide is harder is not a trivial matter. At best it can save a person that will recover. At worst it can sustain a whole life of pure suffering.
It's unfortunate that a tiny minority of incurable suicides are kept alive indefinitely against their will. I think the Dutch allow euthanasia for such cases. The decision still obviously absolutely cannot be placed in the hands of a person suffering serious irrationality - that would lead to many, many unnecessary deaths just to spare a tiny few.
lol holy fuck i wish you got moar attention for this post anon hell ya
>We live in a very unnatural and twisted mouse wheel.
Marx was right

How do people cope (cringe, seethe, larp etc) with the amount of rain in the purple areas? What causes it?
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>How do people cope (cringe, seethe, larp etc) with the amount of rain in the purple areas?

Go inside.
they don't
i would move to the orange area in the middle, its all sand and hardpan, nothing to burn, and live in one of those underground opal mines
You could just live in any part of a city that doesn’t directly face bushland...
I’m like 100km from fire, but far enough into a city that it’s no threat
>living in the city
>being 39% more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia
>being twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression
>being 80% of the murders in this country
>being flooded by global warming (if it ever happens)
>being cannibalised when the grid finally goes down
You should be concerned with hardcore city libs going berserk.

File: 1579069044570.png (294 KB, 500x426)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
This picture makes me doubt that dinosaurs really looked as we imagine them now
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How do birds what, mate
Would humanity value sex as much as we do in our current society if we were just rubbing cloacae together?
Ok boomer
if theres a brand for dragon dildos why isnt there plus 1 for tyrannosaurus dildos
I'm a gigantic faggot

File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
>launch space engine
>set speed to 1c
>start flying around
Holy shit, this crap is painfully slow.
There truly is no hope for human space travel if this is the absolute maximum speed at which anything can move in the universe, and it makes me very sad.
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File: succ.jpg (265 KB, 1434x1076)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>set drive to 1c
>hit fleck of dust the size of a pebble
By the time we get to space travel, almost 80% of modern physics will be discarded as outdated horseshit so who knows, maybe it's not all doom and gloom.
>shields up!
To get away from the unwashed masses in this galaxy.

File: sincostab.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
please, share your favorite math mnemonics
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But why? 2,718281828 rolls off the tongue. Takes 2 minutes to memorize.
>SOH CAH TOA is the classic
The mnemonic I learned for that was:
Some Old Hags Can't Always Hide Their Old Age.
I like: Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owner Approaching
the co in cosine goes with the adjacent being first

File: download (1).jpg (6 KB, 180x173)
6 KB
Imagine taking normie courses and thinking your A means anything more than not being retarded
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Imagine posting shitty anime reaction pics on vietnamese napalm discussion forum in an effort to troll someone
Good thing I live in a country where your courses are taken into account by most good employers.
notice how he doesn't name the country
Why yes i got my "not retarded" on papper, how about you OP?
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 250x192)
10 KB
imagine forcing me to expend empathy on this stupid fucking thread TOO LATE FUCK YOU OP

File: KsBd6.gif (31 KB, 698x466)
31 KB
I know this is old hat but I really still do not get the "observer" aspect of the double slit experiment
The act of "observing", it is always said, collapses the wave function. The implications of this can be pretty extreme. I prefer that there's a more boring explanation.
So I have some dumb questions
1. What is defined as an "observer"?
2. What happens if detectors are used but the results are discarded or never revealed to an "observer"?
3.. Basically my question is is it REALLY the act of "observing" that is causing this collapse, which seems metaphysical, or is it something much more mundane like the interaction between a detector and the particle causes the collapse, not because it's been observed, simply because of the interaction/detection/collision/whatever

Basically I'm pretty confident the universe doesn't give a crap about "observers" and there's a much more boring explanation, but smarter people than me have struggled to prove this apparently. Or I just don't know.

The evidence against me is the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser. I've been reading about it, and what I keep reading is things like results changing depending on when an "observer" has "information" presented to them. The implication is the actual act of a human learning or viewing the information is what causes the change, and I hate this, it's clearly wrong. Yet the studies I see never clarify the actual physical acts behind what an observation is, what information is, how it works. Like if a computer records the information, but deletes the data, is that a different result than if it saves the data and shows a human?
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Yeah yee ol' what if beyond our space something said the difference was noaawwwwwwt LAAACEEEEE LIKE LOOK EVEN LIGHT CAN RECOGNIZE A FACEEEE

(Let's call it intuition... or gravity)
WHY WHY WHY are people so fucking stupid about this experiment?!!!

You can not "observe" are particle with out disturbing it.

READ this well:
Disturbing a particle leads to a different result than not disturbing it.

Replace the unbelievably stupid term they chose for this disturbance called "observation" and the experiment is completely understandable.
OK, how does a photon "disturb" the detector as it passes by?
The "wave function" is an abstraction of a pilot wave.
A particle has definite position and momentum.
The trajectory gets altered by electromagnetic fields and gravitational waves.
We can't yet account for the fields and waves, or even measure both position and velocity, so we only have probabilistic models.
Prove me wrong

File: frog10.jpg (58 KB, 719x655)
58 KB
if you change the spin of an entanglement particle without observing it why doesn't it break the entanglement?

this is too spooky...

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
Is this "footage" of the landing on Titan just a single image morphed to appear moving? https://youtu.be/msiLWxDayuA
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: copypaste3.jpg (326 KB, 1151x2048)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
yes. everything regarding NASA is fake as shit. for example moon mirrors: >>11308131
File: esacgi.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
here's "real" nasa footage where they accidentally put their cgi star layer over the earth instead of behind it! oops!
>Is this "footage" of the landing on Titan just a single image morphed to appear moving?

No one claims it’s “footage”. It’s a CGI rendition created using images of the surface. You’re actively lying. Why?
This was presented to the public as "real". They're lying to everyone. The image itself is not even a PHOTOGRAPH but a CGI recreation of the surface using heightmap data the probe supposedly collected.

File: 1496724249256.png (21 KB, 500x658)
21 KB
During my engineering days, I used to believe that everyone could do it, and it was just a matter of practice. But the more I delve into analysis and proofs the more I realise that there's a limit practice can get you.
136 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nope. You are shit at math because you have shit teachers that didn't teach you how to multiply and do fractions properly, which in return made you terrible in higher concepts like Algebra and Calculus, not because of some genetic determinism. You just want excuses.
We've told you basdof, go into something else.
advanced human civilization is only possible with withwhite caucasians and/or northeast asians.

genetics determines IQ. IQ determines civilizability
>>in 4th grade I managed to make a lightbulb with a working circuit as a science project

I did this and I work in retail.
t. retard that doesn't know about health

File: sciencebro.jpg (226 KB, 2078x864)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Can we please have a serious discussions about the feasibility that we're all living INSIDE the Earth?!
First the schizo global warming/jew foreskin thread, then the schizo moonlanding thread and now this.
2020 is of to a great start
Typical, dismissing it just because it doesn't fit your world view. You didn't even look at the evidence.

File: decotora10.jpg (104 KB, 593x600)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
So the actually intelligent people are deterred from asking ackward questions about the Western Economic System and immigration

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