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File: population stabillity.png (67 KB, 868x1048)
67 KB
>tfw no isolated habitat
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Daily Goyily remainder:
there is only one race, the human race.
If you believe otherwise you are a nazi and an incel.
I know you meant this as a glib joke but this is closer to the truth than anything 'race realists' have come up with.
You are right.
We all bleed red.
>science is only cool when hip liberal women or non white males do it!
At least pretend you're not responding to yourself
It's too fucking blatant

File: 9783540234074.jpg (48 KB, 153x232)
48 KB
Does anyone have coherent breakdown of why topology is important to chemistry and biology? How do you reconcile abstract math with chemical structure? What applications does this have doing forward?
T. Applied math major
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its pseudo science
Based hardy, he truly is /our guy/
there is almost no math in biology, because biology is restricted to 3 dimensions
File: 1545585105825.jpg (81 KB, 627x310)
81 KB

File: 1548182884563.png (7 KB, 256x196)
7 KB
does learning a bunch of diferent hobbies make you smarter?

like drawing, coding, music, 3D, writing, etc.
it makes you a better lateral thinker, but doesn't increase your IQ.
It's fun, and some hobbies do make you smarter. Any good natured hobby will benefit you in some way!
But I'd recommend not making a hobby out of substance abuse!
And do something physical. A martial art preferably.
It does. Also >>10319287
But be aware that you should never pick hobbies expecting to see the intellectual results of them, otherwise you'll be like those guys who quit the gym after 4 months because they aren't seeing much change

File: japanese_mary_jesus.jpg (29 KB, 180x255)
29 KB
Mathematics comes from the Greek word μάθημα meaning knowledge, or that which is learned. This seems arrogant, suggesting that maths is the only subject worth learning. It could also be intimidating because it suggests that math is an all-encompassing subject, so people will think it is hard, or that if they are bad at math then they are not very smart. They might also think that they have to know Ancient Greek to study math.
Renaming math could make the name more accurate or less intimidating, thereby encouraging students to study math. It would also be helpful if the math studied by mathematicians had a different name from computational-style K-12 math so as not to have the negative association.
I suggest one of the following names:
numerical philosophy
a priori philosophy
Some people might be incredulous that changing the name would change people's opinions on math, but renaming recursion theory to computability theory helped recursion theories get more grant money, similarly "machine learning" and "data science" makes more money than "statistics", "(applied) linear algebra", "optimization" etc. and renaming "Christmas trees" to "holiday trees" let Americans attract the best immigrants from non-Christian countries.
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> numberwang
that's Wangernumb
>I want to change all western and many eastern languages because this word hurts my feelings
Math is Wiskunde in Dutch
Indeed, good observation, though its root ("the art of what is known") still would make op angry
Math is universal. I can understand math a lot easier if i can understand why it is applied. A lot of math i find is confusing because it doesn't give you any context.

File: megumin-bread.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Anyone else here legitimately enjoy the consequences of the antivax movements (i.e.: the illnesses and deaths) because it essentially means naturally selection is taking place?
being killed by your parents is natural selection?
isn't it though?
>parents make bad decision
>lose their offspring
>genetic carriers lost unless they make a new child
>repeat until parental behavior changes
Sort of, but the collateral damage (like potential STEM candidates with compromised immune systems) is rather nasty.
Of course, one never hears of anti-vax parents dieing... which is absolutely the preferred outcome, since children can be taught.
>Only the antivaxxer's kid is put at risk.

Sorry, that's not how it works. Some number of people cannot be vaccinated for actual physical reasons, for some who are vaccinated the vaccination does not "take."

But they're OK if enough people get vaccinated that the disease cannot really keep a reservoir of infected in the population -- if the chances of the virus finding a new host before the current host is no longer infectious is kept very low by making such potential hosts rare.

Choosing not to vaccinate for frivolous reasons, based on known bad science, and encouraging more people to do the same, is an evil thing to do, and results in people dying because of your idiocy. You being an idiot causing somebody else who is not an idiot to die is not "natural selection" against idiocy.

File: 791b0f6.png (51 KB, 849x609)
51 KB
What do you guys think about health studies?
That you would have to be a really boring person to want to do it. But if you are a really boring person, that's OK, no judgement, you be you, yay you.

they are meaningless. im a doctor and 99.9% of all studies are completely meaningless.

people do studies because they can't admit they are not capable of proving/showing something scientifically

a study is not a scientific work or achievement
Not science


>the subjective (ie, not publicly accessible) mental phenomena (ie, memories) from which M-BM data are derived cannot be independently observed, quantified, or falsified; as such, these data are pseudoscientific and inadmissible in scientific research
Aren't doctors in practice requires to read only 6 hours of health studies per year? There are books on tape regarding this.
You don't even believe in gigantic, strongly formulated, independent meta analyses?
I could see why health studying hates you.

you gotta read a lot more than 6 hours, but it's mostly a waste of time because in practise almost all studies are what you'd call "spam"
meaningless bullshit, just created for the sake of having been created
everybody knows it, but people in health sciences are huge pussies and will never ever admit it

File: 0_QkjQ-R3jwAdJ3UMK.jpg (220 KB, 1200x668)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
How do you get accepted into these schools? High IQ?
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What did you think of Mudd?
don't tell me you got the job at the consultancy by just applying online with no other experience? Also, why did you leave? Show me some successful people (linkedin or anywhere else) who self-taught themselves.
>Universities won't pay that much attention to your essay if you're not in a make-or-break situation
based high school drop-out
Urim and the Thummim

>be me
>seeing psychiatrist tomorrow
>fuck greentext
What are some ways to distinguish Unipolar Depression and Anxiety from Bipolar Depression
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Get pair of headphones and minimize all ambient noise in your room. Give this a listen. There are other binaural beats that can put your brain into other states. It can help with depression and other issues. Some are like self motivation recordings. The binaural beats work by putting both hemispheres of your brain into a state of interference causing both hemispheres to work together. It's basically cheating to achieve meditative states.

>seeing psychiatrist tomorrow
Look, I don't want to be too much of an asshole, but you really should know that psychiatry is a pseudoscience. Just think about it. How do you measure "depression"? Don't you think it's a little suspicious that this "mental illness" can't be assessed by any empirical means? Don't you find it unnerving that every single patient with "depression" has been diagnosed by means of nothing more than a conversation? Don't you find it odd that, despite 10% of a population currently taking antidepressants, the suicide rate is at a record high? What do you expect this psychiatrist you are seeing to do for you? He clearly has will have no idea what is wrong with your brain. He will perform no tests. Take no measurements. Analyze zero data. And then prescribe you chemicals that narrowly skated through their FDA trials and will likely be banned in 20 years. I

'm not even saying that it's "all in your head". You may very well have a real neurological disorder. But why the hell do you think some pompous med student who has less knowledge of the nervous system than a cursory wikipedia search will be able to help you?
>implying I have faith in the system
I just want people to get off my back about being suicidal and hypomanic so I talk to shut them up

Look anon, you can wax suicidal all you want but it's all about being a comforting thought. Detach yourself from it and see it for what it is. Nature will take care of your expiration date buddy there's no need to speed up an already fast process.

File: starbucks-study.jpg (57 KB, 770x523)
57 KB
How does /sci/ optimize their study spaces?
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File: foto_no_exif (1).jpg (917 KB, 2560x1440)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
sci doesn't need to study
I bring all my shit to the library and use their space. I also use a 25/5 timing strategy.
that sounds a lot like the Pomodoro technique. How does it work for you? Do you get up and walk around during your break?
I like to switch study spaces and orientations often. I'll swap between outside, my couch in my living room, my bed, my desk, my dining table, and pacing about my apartment. Sometimes l'll go on a walk or take a shower to help an idea to click. Studying is a tactile, mobile process for me.
I love using the libraries and finding closed off spots to study too, all over my campus.
Generally, in the private study spaces, I keep things pretty organized. I have things nearby to fiddle with like rubiks cubes and neodymium magnet balls to keep myself from getting restless and getting up after a long time. This helps me to stay focused and in one spot for 6-8 hours with intentional breaks for food and such.
There's a limit though, it has to be something which doesn't misdirect my attention.
One of the most important parts is burying my phone somewhere on the other side of my room / in my bag and turning off internet on my computer after the webpages I need are loaded. Otherwise I'll occasionally slip over to /sci/ or twitter or some other website. Usually that's okay and it's a needed break, but sometimes I lose track of time and spend hours away from studying. So I try to minimize that and only check my phone when I go out to walk.

File: 1533203188755.jpg (58 KB, 660x556)
58 KB
Was it a mistake?
My impression is that it was basically a particularly dangerous payload fairing with only the advantage of being able to recover a satellite from orbit, but I'm prone to enjoying tales of folly and it seems as though it was somewhat more efficient than I first thought. (with the expendable external tank not representing that much of an expense all-considered.)

Would the US have been better sticking with expendable launch systems? Or was it a case that anything but the shuttle would have been politically unviable and an undesirable engineering solution to a political problem kept US manned space activity going at a time when it would otherwise have been cancelled?
78 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>non reusable skyhooks
im sold
>There is no alternative propulsion technology coming anytime soon.
Nuclear thermal rockets would be great
Can't build non-rocket orbital launch mega-structures unless you have cheap enough access to space to afford it, and you can't use you cheap-access non-rocket options because they don't exist, therefore reusable rocket is necessary, in which case non-rocket options utility evaporates
>delta V in fps and mph
>thrust expressed as 4e8N
what the fuck
>50+ tonnes of deadweight
around 75 tonnes actually, not including the OMS propellant or misc supplies

File: Untitled.png (337 KB, 988x1700)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
Talk maths, formerly >>10289246

Mochizuki proceeds to update IUT, re-writing step (xi) in Corollary 3.12 which is a major point of contention for Scholze and Stix
272 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
Should be here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branched_covering
By the way, yes.
It isn't there, I already read that. I need some construction of this double cover, and it's somehow a curve again?
fuck off, no one wants you to come here and change it to what YOU feel it should be
this site has always had low-quality discussion and you're delusional if you think anyone here is an "honest intellectual". As with everywhere online you'll encounter people who are quiet knowledgeable in some area but are also:
a) complete morons in any other area
b) complete assholes
/sci/ is especially guilty of (a) so I don't know what you're expecting to "change". You're probably a retard too, so welcome to the fray.
Based, I literally know nothing about physics but I'm gonna keep calling physishits just that and BTFOing their seething little heads. At least I'm semi-self aware, unlike that guy.
Well, I don't know about self aware. But I'm not schizophrenic.


1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
pic related is all the proof i need

FUCK YOURS SISTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
high iq thread
Redneck incest propaganda was created to deflect from the fact that non-whites and especially Muslims are more inbred than whites will ever be
File: 4769768096_6030b77bb2_b.jpg (608 KB, 768x1024)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
your sister is probably just ugly


File: string thoery.jpg (469 KB, 2560x1440)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Is their a way for me to learn physics on my own? I want to understand quantum physics, I want to write big equations and solve them. I want to learn all of it just for fun. I heard this board can help.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

Yes, but you'll have to start at the beginning. Try:

Physics - Serway (Standard introductory text for pre-college students)
Modern Engineering Mathematics - Glyn James
Electromagnetism - Grant, James
Special Relativity - A.P. French
WORK through the above books, don't just read them! Make sure you do the problems sets!
Also look online for college problem sets and solutions (some colleges freely post them on their department websites) and do as many as you can. Once you get comfortable move onto:

Mathematical methods in the physical sciences - M Boas
Introduction to Quantum mechanics - Phillips
Vector Calculus - Matthews
Introduction to Linear Algebra - Strang
Quantum Mechanics - Cohen-Tannoudji
Solid State Physics - Kittel
Solid State Physics - Hook, Hall
Nuclear & Particle Physics - Martin
Nuclear Physics - Krone

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Complete courses with test hw and some solutions from MIT. for practice get some problem solvers books or phd qualification exam study guides.
If you put effort into it, read the right books, do exercises, and have someone to study with and/or someone to consult then you should be fine. What I'm proposing is Basically doing the uni course but without attending classes,which is hard, but you won't have exams to worry about, so..
ITT advertising posters

>khan academy
tell me more about the optics, I never heard about it being suggested for physics. How much should we know?

File: robot vs human war.jpg (640 KB, 1200x841)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
Why do people spend decades studying something they don't even enjoy when robots are just around the corner to automate everything?
Robots don't have to memorize. They just save and apply.

Hard mode: Name a game robots can't beat humans at.
You can't
66 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
It will.. AI is a fucking powerful military technology. Way before AGI.
>Skynet is going to blow up the fucking world in 25 years?
Yea it will.
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB

Imagine dropping a drone swarm, that didn't explode. Instead covering the area, burrowing into the ground, sitting in little nooks, waiting for a nearby human to be detected.
>climate denier detected
Humans have free will and can evolve thus making them more valuable in the long term.

Robots BTFO

File: stalinweed.jpg (54 KB, 440x440)
54 KB
Imagine going to school for a math degree because someone on /sci/ told you math majors make 300k starting.
Then after graduating you find out there's no jobs around and no one wants to hire you. As it turns out companies don't prefer math majors over CS majors and your studies have given you no employable skills. No matter how much you brag about your knowledge in topology CS majors keeps taking all the jobs.
Before you know it you're forced to apply at McDonald's or Starbucks while you get ready to apply for your teaching license.
At this point you're filled with nothing but envy and hate. "How can this be? Why did the CS guy take the job? He doesn't even know topology or fractal geometry or any other meme math field that I do!?" Driven insane with a huge inferiority complex the math major then has to make stuff up to give himself a false sense of security.
In a fit of rage he will make up lies claiming CS is trivial compared to math and will then make up meme degree course plans in a poor attempt to make the major look bad. Nevermind the fact he has never studied CS and has no way to gauge the difficulty. The only thing that matters is that he lie to himself. When asked to give proof that CS majors don't learn data structures or calculus or etc. he will double down in a poor attempt to save face.

It's at this point that it becomes impossible to reason with the math fag. No CS major ever attacked him nor is it the fields fault for his unemployment. This is all irrelevant to the math fag because the only thing he cares about is to look for a scapegoat for his terrible life choices.
File: 1548179643950.png (297 KB, 836x1136)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Pretty sure math majors already knew they're useless. It's drilled in from year one.
I don't have a problem with CS majors being the flavor of the year. I have a problem with universities prioritizing profit as a trade school over being an institution for higher learning.

I never bitched about my classes but I got tired of engineers barely passing intro to proofs complaining how hard their controls classes were or physics complaining about using guass law or greens theorem.

I'd love to do a masters or phd in math. Don't know if it's in the cards though.

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