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File: 103921-full.png (18 KB, 739x568)
18 KB
What is your response to all the people that say University/College is a scam? That they don't teach you anything useful, it's a waste of money, etc?
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If someone tells themselves this then they likely won't get anything out of college.
>QA engineer
You inspect the dildos at the dildo factory don't you
>more the "waste of time" kind of thing because it's not unusual to see students 25+ who failed constantly in college and either drop out finally at around 30
That's me
>have a very bad bachelor degree
I am getting a law degree though
>don't get hired anywhere
O-oh no...
They are right, here in France at least, it's only good for becoming a good goy wageslave
>Living in a nation where this is legal

File: drool 2.png (29 KB, 655x530)
29 KB
in brainlet terms if possible.
a fully complete logical system creates paradoxes, otherwise its not complete
It's not a theorem that could be explained in brainlet terms. Google it and read up on it yourself, we're not here to spoonfeed you. Come here when you have something specific you don't understand about it.

File: serveimage (5).jpg (397 KB, 1700x500)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Is spatiotemporal continuity of a physical system a necessary condition for consciousness?
In other words, does teleportation lead to death?
How is discussing neuroscience or the hard problem of consciousness /x/? Getting triggered mistakenly is a sign of a feeble mind.

File: 220px-Hopfield-net.png (18 KB, 220x229)
18 KB
What is a Hopfield Network? What does it do and how? In simple language please.
By the looks of it, its a neural network design which guarantees convergence. This is an issue though, since it cannot guarantee that it's the global minimum it converges to, only a local one.

In simpler language: it's a neural net which tries to work always, but only works sometimes because of this. No problem is really solved using this design, but more computations are required.
Erm I tried this thats why I came here to have a conversation. I want to know why its considered an associative memory thingy but a boltzman machine isnt even thougg they are very similar.
It models associative memory.

What is the math I need to learn for coding?
and What people call it?
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just learn how to code OP, once you know how for loops work (how to recur through a list/string) and the basics, the rest is just combinations of what you already know
File: prep.png (243 KB, 636x499)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
This. Read books in pic related and you will be good to go, OP!
File: machine learning math.png (127 KB, 800x611)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Pic related

File: olddude.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
Do you think it's a good idea to go back to school at the age of 30 ?

My shitty job sucks (and my life by extension)
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Don't fall for this turbo-wage-slave shitpost. Changing careers happens all the time and people usually do better as a result. One because you are motivated and devoted and two because you will actually feel better and mire grateful to be where you are. The only flipside is that you will be a junior along the rest of fresh grads, but you already knew that was part of the process in becoming a new person.

Good luck.
>Do you think it's a good idea to go back to school at the age of 30 ?
Depends on your circumstances.
Regardless, there's no age ceiling for admission into university, so that's the best answer you'll get, faggot.
We have 2 kind of highschools in my country . One is the typical highschool which lasts 3 years and allows you to enter a lot of universities if you're a good student. The other is technical highschool which lasts 3 years also but it's for students who just want to learn a basic job like electrician or plumber etc. My dad attends a technical highschool. I should have specified that
Oh, okay. Well it's never too late to learn. I haven't been to school in nearly 15 years so a lot of it was forgotten, but with a lot of patience and hard work it's been coming back to me.

You should be proud of him for working hard.
This. Working till you drop dead while living longer and longer (unless you die of work)? The average person betting on working in the same career path for 45 years is gonna get so disappointed at some point.

The most important thing is to acquire, retain and expand very strong fundamental skills while focussing on applications that bring in money.

File: Marsh.jpg (41 KB, 1200x600)
41 KB
You've perhaps heard of the marshmallow test. You place a child in a room and give them two options: They either get one marshmallow NOW or they wait 10 minutes and receive two marshmallows.
Now the long-term studies have been interesting: The children who were willing to wait in order to get more marshmallows had better academic careers, lower drug use (as well as other positive developements) than the children who chose to get one marshmallow immediately. This concept is called delayed gratification. This trait, as you might guess, crucial in achieving almost any goal (regarding fitness, school, business, finance etc.)

My question is: Has anyone read something about how to improve your ability to delay gratification? Any proper psychological studies?
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As a musician i can say that learning an instrument is a very effective way of getting that delayed gratification
did an aging political cartoonist pen this post
>Considering that they were children, and that the kids who already had low delayed gratification didn't imrpove. there's either two possiblities:
>1. "Delayed gratification" is genetic.
>2. It can only be improved during developmental years.
that's an absolutely retarded conclusion. children who become obese during their development years tend to stay obese, that doesn't mean obesity is genetic or can not be re-mediated in adult life. it only means it takes targeted effort, which doesn't occur naturally.

Which country has the best engineers ? which has the worst ?
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Germany, India
that amounts to asking which country has the most shit on the streets; being first on the list is not necessarily a good thing
Unironically German.
True, even people getting a DUT or BTS diploma (2 years study after the baccalauréat) would often outperform any elitist from an école d'ingénieur
Education here is shameful
France is shameful in fact
> t.failed concours commun and isn't talented enough for gobelins
It's okay anon you don't have to project so hard

File: skink.jpg (56 KB, 640x960)
56 KB
>doing phd in china
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you are so bitter because you werent accepted to a phd programme
which field?
are you an osti?
im not a burger
>not choosing Taiwan

File: iqpepe.png (119 KB, 583x482)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Why is practice not considered valid for IQ Tests?
Isn't much of intelligence practiced in the first place?
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File: 571.png (81 KB, 658x901)
81 KB
>tfw know too much about the standard IQ test gimmicks from this board and now I can never get my IQ accurately evaluated.
File: brainfreeze.gif (2 MB, 360x307)
2 MB
>Isn't much of intelligence practiced in the first place?
Consider the concept of a ceiling on ability to comprehend abstract concepts. The height of this hypothetical ceiling is based on your brain's organization at a given point in time.

>Why is practice not considered valid for IQ Tests?
Actually, practice is exactly what IQ tests measure.

They were originally designed to identify developmentally stunted individuals. That's it. The idea is that if, by a certain time, you've failed to recognize something that's obvious to others, we may infer that you are simply unable to realize it. For example, if you haven't figured out by age 10 that the square peg doesn't go in the round hole, you're probably retarded.

This thinking has limitations. If you have never practiced the thinking being tested, the test can't accurately evaluate your intelligence. Trying to draw inferences from the results of anything but the most basic tests is where the pseudoscience begins.

Without developmental time, achievement tests are meaningless. If you want to measure innate physical height, you first have to give them a chance to grow up. If you want to measure who's the fastest, you have to let them all train their speed first, or you're not even trying to measure the ceiling. But then once you involve training, you introduce a slew of confounding variables, and it's unclear which ones you should control for.
>Isn't much of intelligence practiced in the first place?
how is pattern recognition abstract?
File: 430.jpg (34 KB, 699x485)
34 KB

It's Apu fucker

File: 1567884332627.jpg (51 KB, 567x754)
51 KB
A decade of browsing 4chan has fried my dopmaine receptors. What's the best way to fix this?
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hale cheeto hitler spicy meme war nao
File: 1539505523983.png (422 KB, 1332x1949)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
the more extreme method
Damn I wonder where you come from
The only more or less adequate reifag I've seen for now.
Not sure if it's the *best* way but here are things that helped me a bit that also aren't particularly difficult.
Keep in mind I am a shut-in neet at the moment these things don't help with anxiety but have helped with putting hours into hobbies that aren't immediately gratifying.
>Morning walks
Gives me a sense of momentum, some energy and time to think about what you want to do.
Being vitamin deficient can make you feel like shit.
Also look into nac if you feel like it, it can help with impulsive behavior. Dosing 3x a day and I find it much easier to stop refreshing websites like 4chan that are bad for me and focus on what I want to do.
>Nicotine gum
If I don't feel like doing something it can change my mind, just don't abuse it.
Also Adderall or some other stimulant would probably work.
Don't set vague goals or no goals, if you want to learn knitting set something as a goal of what you want to make and convince yourself you truly do and how cool it will be. Then watch the basics and work your way there, you have to be your own hypeman for you aspirations.

File: seed.jpg (54 KB, 505x511)
54 KB
ITT we invent a new field of science.
130 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
No results on Google. Looks good.
none of those fields explain or try to the heartbreak a man feels when woman cheated
Applied Meta-Biologician
File: age of consent.png (622 KB, 1268x1645)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
Looking at psychological conditions such as GOTIS and TITS

File: fug.png (95 KB, 879x752)
95 KB
ITT anons post graphs from desmos and others guess what function they graphed
I'll start
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck, you are right. So it's
[math]\rho = a\cdot\theta\cdot\sin{b\theta} [/math]
Abel-Ruffini Theorem.
File: anon guess.png (182 KB, 1598x949)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
It's just adang ol spaghetti scribbles
Not really, but good try.

Actually, hint: it goes through the origin 10 times between 0<t<50, and will do this infinitely many times more.

What are the best YouTube (and other) channels for neurology and psychology, particularly neuropsychology, social psychology and psychohistory? Also differences in psychology across groups of people with different backgrounds (anthropological psychology?).
Also texts are fine too.
>go to library
>look for books
robert sapolsky, jerzy vetulani, włodzisław duch

File: a09[1].png (387 KB, 680x708)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>homework has three coordinates: x, y, and z
>asks for the coordinates of x and y
>says I'm incorrect unless I do y and z
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