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Why do so many people dislike CS degrees?
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File: 1544514060895.jpg (156 KB, 709x595)
156 KB
156 KB JPG

my bp is raising just from reading this stupid pasta
Literally proving my point here >>10317659
See everyone? It's just envy. The only way they can hope to justify their life choices is to make shit up.
show me a CS curriculum that requires abstract algebra, control theory, pde or topology.
god I love this pasta
See >>10317625

File: biodetransratiometer.jpg (104 KB, 2100x1500)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Hi 4chan. I'm here to talk about two circuit component inventions of mine, the Biode and Transratiometer. These inventions are silicon or semiconductor based logical processing elements, which are capable of reducing computer circuit complexity to 1/2 the original number of parts. In addition, computers may become up to 2x as fast and efficient by implementing these technologies. Check out the circuit diagrammes I've rewritten and talked about in my scientific paper.

These devices can be made the same way as diodes and transistors, for the biode and transratiometer respectively, as p/n, n/p/n junctions. Simply put, I promise you they are produced equivalently to diodes and transistors - just with a different number of outputs.

I have produced halfway functional models by modifying transistors and diodes, but I do not have the laboratory to produce real models. I come here today to look for research partners or sponsorship.

Here's the paper:


P.S. A lot of my circuit diagrammes use resistors in the schematics, but as modern computers do not use resistors so often anymore, but rather have diodes doing the work of the resistor, they can be substituted with diodes in my schematics and the reduction of parts and function remains the same.
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a resistor raises the initial voltage needed to obtain the same voltage after...
File: pqafkb6d9ba01.jpg (57 KB, 645x729)
57 KB
>a resistor raises the initial voltage needed to obtain the same voltage after...
is this real life? if you are OP then you already know you need to seek help. if you aren't, then you do as well
>minusing a number raises the amount you need to add to the difference to obtain the number you originally had
>this means that minusing something actually increases a number hurr durr
semantics 100/100
The transratiometer knows its potential at all times. It knows this because it knows where the potential isn't. By subtracting its potential from not its potential, or its non potential from its potential, whichever is greater - it obtains a halving or split. The doping subsystem uses deviations to generate corrective currents to drive the transratiometer from a potential where it is to a potential where it isn't, and arriving at a potential that it wasn't, it now is. Consequently, the position where it is is now the position that it wasn't, and if follows that the position that it was is now the position that it isn't. In the event that the position that it is in is not the position that it wasn't, the system has acquired a voltage. The voltage being the difference between where the potential is and where it wasn't. If voltage is considered to be a significant factor, it too may be corrected by the biode. However, the biode must also know where it was. The transratio transfer characteristics works as follows: Because a voltage has modified some of the information that the transratiometer has obtained, it is not sure just what it is. However, it is sure what it isn't, within reason, and it knows what it was. It now subtracts where the potential should be from where it wasn't, or vice versa. And by differentiating this from the algebraic sum of where it shouldn't be and where it was, it is able to obtain the deviation and its variation, which is called output.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
mfw i realized the biode is really a 10 ton missle defence system from the reagan era

File: 1546136913164.jpg (63 KB, 682x682)
63 KB
Do I have to make pretty pictures for my paper? Can I, like, just use microsoft paint and handwrite all that stuff?

File: 1536559389312.png (9 KB, 293x172)
9 KB
>herd immunity
Moar liek nerd immunity.
More like
>turd community
aka 4chan
>essential oils

File: 1493676114449.png (179 KB, 328x404)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Is there such thing as a quantum information layer in the universe?
File: 1515635894511.jpg (12 KB, 384x384)
12 KB
>he isn't tapped into the quantum akashic records
Google quantum photosynthesis experiments.
Thanks for the Bibble png

The results of his medical examination have shown that Chris Hadfield has the body of a 80 year old man.
Yikes...don’t spent so much time in space next time

File: vsauce.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
Hi! Vsauce, Michael here.
What's the most interesting topic I can somehow make boring as fuck? That's a big question, but to answer it, we'll have to start at the beginning.
Let's take a trip to my sweaty, hairy arsehole...
Top tier comedy anon, I’m bumping this thread so everyone can enjoy this fine humor of yours!

Okay, I need help. Say you have 2 immortal observers. Let’s say, a robot and a zombie. The robot is orbiting a black hole and will orbit the black hole forever. He is watching the zombie falling into the black hole and approach the event horizon. Meanwhile the zombie is recording his descent into the black hole with a video camera.

The zombie gets closer and closer to the event horizon and as he does the zombie is recording. The robot sees the zombie slow down. The zombie sees the robot and the universe speed up until the zombie passes the event horizon.

A septillion years later the black hole evaporates due to Hawking radiation and the zombie and robot compare notes. What the fuck happened? What the fuck do each observe about the experience the other has.

File: 1502821057610402545.jpg (44 KB, 600x900)
44 KB
what does influence percentage of men who have offspring? more monogamy= higher percentage of men who have offspring? picrel semirelated
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there is no space for individualism there so nerds stop being nerds because they are bullied for being nerds more than white nerds are bullied by whities
Or maybe because Africa is full of dum dum like you
not an argument
t. dum dum
See >>10318113

File: download.png (18 KB, 225x225)
18 KB
>That subject you've always wanted to learn but never had the time and/or the capabilities

What's her name, /sci/?
Topology. Pretty interesting but I’m a long way to get there. I work in consulting and take about 2/3 classes of mathematics a year, so I’ll be 30 by the time I actually take introduction to topology.

File: Oumuamua.jpg (142 KB, 940x627)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Oumuamua was a warning shot.

discuss, prove me wrong, etc...
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What makes you think we didn't Anon?
Why do you think it missed?
It's scared of robots you say?
However, astronomers argued that even in that case outgassing sufficient to cause the speed change should be visible due to the loss of mass, change in rotation, or possible breakup of the body, none of which were seen.
It's an automated flyby probe that just scans the system it passes through for mapping new civilizations.

FTL probably isn't possible so an advanced race would have millions of those spread through the entire galaxy for a long-term project.
Could explain why it's locally static.

File: 7365746472442.png (1.52 MB, 1276x1461)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
And why is NASA not doing anything about it?
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I already calculated it myself. The rate in Russia is higher by 2+x in my instances, but not so high as that (anti-Ruski) image intends to portray.

Still, I don't see the relevance. You don't seem to understand how complex, large scale societies function. Particularly some aspects of Russian history. The US has pretty much the same structure.
Indeed, we didn't invent the rocket either. It must have been the British
File: 1540234464712.png (68 KB, 853x855)
68 KB
>It'll be pitted against Russia (technologically superior)

Does the Chinese space program use the same moon rockets that the USSR used in this video :


Or did they build something new?
Seeing the video it was basically Intel vs AMD with cores.

Jokes aside, if that theory about the 5th launch was true we could have had a very different world today.

File: electron.jpg (9 KB, 350x234)
9 KB
Unironically what is spin?
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According to machs principle, no
>given a Lagrangian and the field transformations that leave the action unchanged, Noether's theorem gives you an equation
The legrangian is the ONLY thing you need in order to obtain the motion equations. Noether's theorem is just another consequence of the principle of least action.
>Do you want me to post a picture from one?
Please do. Even though I know you're just going to post fucking euler-legrange.

>You insisted the operator I referred you to in Peskin, which came from Noether's theorem, had nothing to do with angular momentum.
And it doesn't. I was obviously referring to the matrix representation of the operator. The angular momentum it represents isn't mathematically intrinsic in any sense of the word.
File: noether.png (15 KB, 1134x117)
15 KB
Peskin and Schroeder, giving an equation for the conserved current corresponding to a symmetry.
one smart person in this thread
It's literally and physically which direction the particle is spiraling through space as an unbound function. In a bound state it's the same thing but there's different consequences.

Yes, it is.
I‘m the 19yo MechAnon btw
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Hi Mechanon, if I want to be an architect or a painter when I grow up, is the German-Austrian school mentioned in this book the best place for me to go :


all german unis are good, FHs are not
there are no FHs, only THs and they are basically like rwTH, which makes them elite
this, TUM it is

File: afasfda.png (1.03 MB, 960x640)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
so i live in a sharehouse and cant buy a water osmosis filter or even know so ill get straight into it i have 3 questions
1. would a water osmosis filter remove fluoride from tap water? (my city is dystopic and fluorides its citizens)
2. is bpa in plastic bottled water worse for me in terms of xeno estrogens then the fluoride?
3. is fluoride from the water without an osmosis filter (if that even effects it see q1) worse for me then the fluoride in terms of testosterone production?

like i need water, if i just drink bottled juice (only affordable glassware near me), my sugar levels will be FUCKED let alone my teeth and my hydration and wallet.

notes: i probably have a table spoon or so of apple cider vinegar (organic with mother) per day, am 140kgs and 6'8 and lifted for a decade but trying to raise testosterone levels because of other factors like over emf exposure im getting shitty injuries i shouldnt be with my life and diet and activities at 30 years old.

anyone got insight on this?

god i hate this shit, born innocent and i cant even drink the fucking water
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
this is false pal>>10318784
u wot m8
>implying bottled water doesn't also have flouride
Newsflash kid, most bottled water is bottled locally using tap water. What, you'd think they're gonna eat massive cost purifying the water for you? Spring water is probably the only exception, other than distilling for pure water. But distilled water is also super bad. You're fucked, kid.
You can buy water bottles that are BPA free.
Essentia is one that I like, but it is a bit more expensive. There are cheaper ones you can buy in bulk.

Also, essentia says BPA, fluoride, and chlorine free.

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