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Edison >> Tesla

Cumberbatch looks retarded in that poster
He is.

File: download (2).jpg (6 KB, 274x184)
6 KB
Which form of transportation has the lowest exposure to air pollution?
Wear a gasmask...
Electric trains/busses i guess???
Too long, it's space travel.
Car with HEPA filter.

File: 879.jpg (92 KB, 820x720)
92 KB
How to terraform Moon with existed technologies with potential colonization asap?
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The moon has way to small of a gravitational pull to hold a proper atmosphere, and should be used as a vacuum environment. Terraforming mars is better idea.
It can dis balance fragile life system on earth.

We must go from the ground, maybe staying there, but without different resonant gravity around earth, I would not try to affect it...

It's like... One nuclear war and moon can be away.
Get energy production up and running, glass making robots building a gas tight dome to maintain life sustaining gases and uv/radiation protection. Water? Get life-forms evolving for the conditions!
we will eventually build domes
or, now that I think of it, more like balloons
Relative to the moon? Perhaps. Still a stupid idea. Venus is the only candidate with teraforming potential and it would take centuries to cool it minimum.

File: Multiverse.jpg (398 KB, 2000x1000)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
How could we theoretically travel through the multiverse into another universe?
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By dying.
Those trips don't make quantum immortality true. Multiverses are a retarded theory but that one is the stupidest.
By bringing at least one sexual friend and/or partner along with you!
File: Funny Valentine.png (682 KB, 728x941)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
Atrocious Acts Allotted Affordably
File: yog-sothoth.jpg (34 KB, 524x524)
34 KB

Do you think AI will turn against us?
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It Already has
AI in media is always protait in some master-slave analogy - sometimes with or without biblical subtext.
god i hope so.
No, it won't "turn" against us.

It'll be made to be against us. Same conclusion but different cause.
It probably won't be a single dominant actor (which would almost definitely discard humanity at some point), but a myriad of AIs working in different ways that inadvertantly and organically marginalize and discard the human element.

File: file.png (18 KB, 400x254)
18 KB
How come places like the northeast US are getting heat emergency alerts when they're capping out in the mid 90s F/ 35 C, while you have places like Arizona regularly reaching 110 F+ without these alerts?

Is it just humidity that's affecting the former states more or are people just used to that kind of heat in AZ?
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>Born and raised Arizona

Everyone here already expects the heat. I've also been to places like North Dakota in the summer where it was 102F and incredibly humid. It was difficult to breath.

Whereas in AZ, you just feel like you're in an oven. We all stay indoors for 6-7 months of the year anyway.
same reason houston shuts down entirely if anyone sees a single snnowflake
The air is bad here (maryland). When the temperature gets into the 90s the air just feels even worse.
People living in places that are Phoenix-tier year round are "used to it", but this is likely more in an engineering sense, rather than a biological, psychological, etc adaptation sense. For example every building being designed with air conditioned, water availability, etc in mind makes things much more bearable than if the same conditions were to magically manifest in somewhere where the built environment is not designed with it in mind.
>Compensating for something
>Muh psychoanalysis
Do arachnophobes secretly want to fuck spiders too?

File: D_JZjsiWsAEaZDw.jpg_large.jpg (204 KB, 2048x1152)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
It's ogre.
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Thanks anon, I stand corrected.

I wonder if neuralink then is the only ethically acceptable future to ensure the continuing survival of humanity (if the alternative is eugenics).
I have an IQ of 130, good looks and a natural talent at sports.
I ended up spending my highschool years as a lonely shut-in while girls were actively showing signs of interest and now I'm socially maladjusted and can barely keep a facade of being a functional human being.

Even with actual tangible privilege your life can be completely fucked over. In fact, intelligence and school mesh badly, as school's pacing will cause intelligent people to become complacent and go somewhat insane.
I spent the last few years of highschool disbelieving reality and thinking everyone around me was just pretending to be scared of easy as fuck tests. Them being actors was the only thing that made sense to me.
Being dumb is an advantage in that scenario. At least you can honestly believe that these people are struggling and empathize with them.
Being dumb and rich is the best lot in life.
Hate literally isn't real.
IQ is a meme

I have a PhD in chemistry and can't find a job. Top 25 institution and good postdoc. 15 papers, 300 citations. Can't get an interview with any of the big drug companies. A few people I know are in the same boat (postdoc, can't find a real jerb). I fear for the future. It used to stroke my ego knowing how "smart" I am and that I could be such a valuable asset to humanity. But I'm riding against a cliff and am about to lose my mind.
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FML, I am 3yrs in with 3 papers and little citations. I'm fucked too aren't I? Top 25 uni as well.
a memorization-based field for brainlets who can't do real science. Serves you well OP
Clumsy lablet detected
based schizo poster
Go to biotech? Plenty of companies out there. A guy from Canada convicted of rape got a job in biotech at a california based company so it shouldn't be too hard for you.

File: sqrt3.png (39 KB, 1920x1080)
39 KB
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File: 3.png (10 KB, 1000x241)
10 KB
[math]\pi = e = 3 = \sqrt{10}[/math]
>t. engineer
>why do you keep making these threads
Because /sci/ retards will take any bait out there.
[eqn] \abs{\sqrt{3}} = 1.73 [/eqn]
3 217 280 351 430 517 612 715 769 ...

continue sequence

Ants/bees/multicellular cells are the best example of a working communist society, since they have dominated the entire world and have done so for over 100 million years. Ant society, although superficially monarchist, is actually communist. The queen is not a ruler, and rather is a worker for the greater good, producing babies. This is the sole reason why ants protect the queen. Not because of any hierarchy, but because the queen helps the workers, so they help her back. Ants have free education, free shelter, and free healthcare. Ants distribute all food to those who need it (for free), have co-operative broodcare, communicate the positions of food to other ants and are extremely altruistic. Not only this, but they are extremely intelligent for their size, being as intelligent as some primates. Ants can build cities, navigate in ways that humans cannot, use the sun as a compass, organize social events, distribute sap that is used as medicine, use larvae as tools, domesticate other animals and farm crops. It is arguable that ants could even be the true dominant civilization on this planet, as they have been around for far longer than humans, are on every continent apart from Antarctica, and they have survived every extinction event for the past 100 million years and came back stronger.
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File: smug_emiya.png (255 KB, 637x624)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
>The greater good
Are ants working for a greater good that includes other species? If no, then how is this any different from a nation state working for the benefit of it's people, or a corporation working for the benefit of its members, but disregarding outsiders? (which communists seem to oppose).
Restricting "the greater good" to just ants seems no different in principle to restricting "the greater good" to just Germans, or to just the members of a corporation.
But where are the gulags?
File: humants.jpg (120 KB, 500x597)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Human society is the best example of a communist society, as they have dominated the entire world and have done so for over 100 years. Human society, although superficially capitalist, is actually communist. The bosses are not rulers, and rather, are workers for the greater good, producing jobs. This is the sole reason why humans work for the boss. Not because of any hierarchy, but because the boss gives the workers money, so the workers give the boss work.

File: IMG_2401.gif (1.61 MB, 540x304)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Are any of you Persuing graduate degrees because you were failures in high school? You were unremarkable and no one ever took you seriously while all you're friends got better grades than you, and were in higher level math classes. You're trying to get a PhD in some STEM field so you can feel like you're better than those annoying gifted kids. I can't help but feel like this is a major motivation for me wanting a graduate degree. It sounds petty I know, but I'm sure some of you understand what I'm talking about.
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>to save my career.
Get better anon...
>everyone in my class who was gifted
Jesus did you attend Mensa College? You do understand how rare gifted people are right? I think it's like 1 in 10000 or something close to this. I think what you meant is academically talented xD
I relate to the last bit on a cosmic level friend. Couldn't agree more.

I meant in research, I'll be find I can go into software dev as a fallback.
>I think it's like 1 in 10000 or something close to this
This is roughly how many people study pure math. Based of graduation statistics from Scientific American.

>5000 in 10000 never attend university (lower in most countries)
>3000 in 5000 of those attending tertiary education do a business degree
>Of the 2000 remaining only 500 do STEM
>400 in 500 of those do biology, psychology etc
>50 of the remaining 100 do computer science
>30 in 50 of those do chemistry, materials science etc.
>15 in 20 do some kind of engineering
>3 in the last 5 do physics
>1 in 2 of the remaining does applied math

Gifted means nothing. Everyone in a good STEM programme is gifted

What can a physicist do for work if he wants to avoid the shithole that is Academia?
Am I fucked? Pic unrelated because I don’t have many pics on my phone
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>it's radically different for physics PhDs (a lot better) in the job market, versus masters or noob undergrad degree holders
Could someone post that kid that killed himself after only getting a call centre job with his "radically different job market opening Physics PhD"?
>I personally speak Japanese and I've worked and lived in Japan as well teaching rich kids

Honestly, maybe if you spent more time writing papers instead of taking holidays to Japan you could've at least gotten a national lab position.

>This means only 0.0000001% will be successful in academia.
The real statistics is closer to 5%.
File: DynkmbsVsAAiqLL.jpg (91 KB, 1200x673)
91 KB
The Physics and Math majors who work as coders are just sad. What was even the point of taking on the hardest shit just to end up doing coding, and probably not very proficient at that?

You can call CS a meme but Math and Physics graduates who ended up as code monkeys the ones who got massively meme'd on.
there's like >>>/o/ >>>/n/ and >>>/k/
those telomeres be waning

File: stalinondm.png (118 KB, 1779x904)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Is Dialectical Materialism (formerly Historical Materialism) a science? Marxists claim it is because it is a materialist view instead of a subjectivist one. DiaMat posits three laws which matter abides by:

1) The law of the unity and conflict of opposites.

2) The law of the passage of quantitative
changes into qualitative changes.

3) The law of the negation of the negation.

Granted these are Engles laws, which were expanded on by Lenin and Mao. DiaMat to this day hasn't been successfully refuted by scientists, its mostly just ignored. Jay Gould did use DiaMat however in his theory of punctuated equilibrium. A summery of the materialist outlook of DM can be found in the image, written by Stalin, who considered himself a social scientist.
124 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is an example of a bot trying to sew discord.
Quiet, bot.
>which Chomsky ruined with anti-Marxism
Was actually interested but you completely lost me here. What's your argument other than "it's anti-marxist"? Because that just sounds lile dogmatic adherence to a philosophical outlook and Chomsky abaolutely revolutionized linguistics from the pathetic, stagnant state it was in before him
Chomsky thinks that language was literally just a random mutation from a cosmic beam. And that social organization among apes had nothing to do with it. Also thinks that every single possible word somehow exists in everyone's brains and is pre-defined.
>Has it ever been refuted?
Has it ever been validated?
I could make a compute shit out trillions of random conjectures, and unless they are validated to some extent, there is no reason anyone should waste their time refuting them, and attempting to convince them that they should (outside of providing some validation) would amount to nothing more than a stalling strategy.
>Muh parties
Did you know that the democratic party in the united states was responsible for the institution of slavery and the KKK was it's paramilitary arm?

File: 332.png (37 KB, 396x400)
37 KB
Why can't people just leave things alone and let things sort itself out?

>According to a study published in the science journal Nature Communications, land-based vegetation has boosted its carbon dioxide absorption by 17 percent compared to 30 years ago. Even more astonishing, the study notes, these land plants are using less water to do so.

>In other words, as the planet's CO2 levels rise, plants are soaking up more of it — and doing it significantly more efficiently.

Just think of all the man hours wasted and economic damage trying to fix a problem (climate change) that would eventually fix itself.

Another example is the hysteria with Tasmanian Devils with transmissible cancer, all the man hours wasted on trying to prevent them going extinct and in the end some of them developed an immunity to the disease.
Link to paper? Would love to send this to some fucks.

>ust think of all the man hours wasted and economic damage trying to fix a problem (climate change) that would eventually fix itself.
Damage that fucked up not only economies, but ecologies, especially in South America where the rising battery industry has destroyed life in entire climates.

File: yahoo.png (63 KB, 789x824)
63 KB
Well /sci/ do you have an explanation?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
We know that magnetic filed can accelerate particles. So, there's can be some (really not much) radiation if you cook without a door. And food itself of course is not radioactive, unless oven issue gamma-radiation
no, magnetic fields do no work (i.e. can’t add energy to anything). learn physics before shitposting
>What is up with the internet? What makes it so popular for dicking around? It's so odd.
And that force is perpendicular to the path of the particle, always. The B field DOES NO WORK.

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