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File: sky.jpg (106 KB, 1680x860)
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In other planets with an atmosphere, wouldn't the sky be just as blue as ours? Because of the way light is diffracted and how the color spectrum works. So actually, what would it take to have those alien looking skies like in scifi drawings? Green/Red skies, etc
The methane atmosphere of Titan is a yellow haze, so changing atmospheric composition is the way to go.
No, our atmosphere is blue because 3/4 of it is Nitrogen

I don’t know why the fuck I’m asking this here but whatever. I’m hopeless. I have this issue with my right ear that no doctor can diagnose and find the cause.
Whenever I cough and sneeze, or crouch and stand up fast, I hear this weird air, pressure or vibrating noise in my right ear. Sounds like there’s something inside that’s rubbing against something.
I had many tests done for this, as well as that tube the doctor shoves in your nose, and everything seems to be working fine. The tests are clean. Doctors say there’s nothing wrong. But I know something is off.
I’m usually really good at looking up and googling symptoms to diagnose myself but I can’t find anything for this. I feel like I have a rare dysfunction that nobody knows anything about. Please help.
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>Meniere’s Disease
This too sounds plausible, has a lot of overlapping symptoms with ETD. Perhaps go to another ENT and get a second opinion. I personally am not gonna give up, I will keep seeking assessment until I get a diagnosis.
It’s not Meniere’s. The dizziness is different. Meniere’s is like you get sudden episodes of hearing loss, loud tinnitus and vertigo that lasts long. My symptoms are not episodic and quite different than that. What about you? What kind of symptoms do you have?
I listed most of my symptoms in my first post. I can flex some kind of muscle near the back of my jaw and make a grinding/popping ocourr in my ears, feels like going up and down in elevation. Pressure then no pressure, over and over. Along with tinnitus, loud popping followed by temporary deafness leading into tinnitus and my hearing coming back. The popping happens on it's own though too. Drives me nuts when I am trying to fall asleep. I also notice extreme sensitivity when cleaning my ears with q-tip, towards the back of my ear canal against the drum is extremely tender and often painful. All this started last August and the symptoms have persisted.
Hope you figure that one out. Cause I have my symptoms for a decade and haven't got a clue about anything yet.
God damn thats terrible. As I said before dont give up in your quest. I suggest finding a forum that specializes in ear medicine. Seek answers and again, seek second opinions. I myself have run into doctors and medical professionals that had no clue about something bothering me, talk to someone else and they immediately know what it is. No doctor knows everything.

File: me.jpg (13 KB, 400x399)
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>applied mathematicians
>african americans

File: island.jpg (382 KB, 1400x934)
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382 KB JPG
You are the dictator of a small island nation. Your island is rich in natural resources, and the inhabitants can wake up, pick food from the trees, and sun themselves (or surf) for the rest of the day without worry. You, however, want to create an industrialized economy, modern technology, and in all other respects build a "civilized" state. What sorts of laws or institutions would you create to make your happy (but lazy) people productive, innovative, and (by the lights of civilization) prosperous?

i.e. How would you coax work out of a population that has already met it's individual goals of food, shelter, and safety?

Think behavioral economics.
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Now that I think about it, pretty sure I had an AP Gov’t assignment very very similar to this back in fucking high school.
>You, however, want to create an industrialized economy, modern technology, and in all other respects build a "civilized" state.
You have to have a reason and also communicate this to the people. For instance if industrialisation provided healthcare that meant people could enjoy a long life rather than a short and happy one, you might get people on board.
I'm 100% serious. I believe that Jews invented western civilization and not only that but it was jews at Intel that invented the technology that today allows me to say this to you, and for you to receive it.
Fuck off. Not doing your homework.
File: 1529159836202.jpg (18 KB, 460x282)
18 KB
repent sinners!!

File: 0tsydt6jq8u21.png (404 KB, 1000x808)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
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Invented. Math itself isn't actually real. It is a very poor representation of the real world and most of the time isn't even a representation of the real world since most things in math can't exist in the real world in the first place. Axioms are akin to religious dogma.
>>Logical consequences of an axiom are just the expanded version of your set of axioms.
>Absolutely false.
prove it
the bottom in the picture is wrong. should be -1/12
We discover how to invent math, and invent how to discover it.

nope, fpwp

I stopped studying the sciences apart from maths after GCSE and now want to learn more about physics, any recs for how to go about it?

File: fucking_brainlet.png (137 KB, 560x632)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
I really really really hate dumb people. Seriously, they drive me up the fucking wall. I know we like to shit on each other here at /sci/, but honestly if you're browsing this board you aren't who I'm talking about

Fucking hicks and subhumans are going to be the end of our species. There's just no natural selection anymore, the smart people have developed the cures for everything. And what do they get for it? The walmart stocker chainsmoking cigarettes on their 9th kid while drooling and preaching about "muh obama" who does not give a single FUCK about bettering themselves or society will benefit.

There should seriously be an IQ limit for reproducing, I'm not fucking kidding, or somebody needs to devise a way to trick low IQ people into sterilizing themselves, perhaps in return for quick monetary gain or something. Sadly this will rope in the high IQ poorfags, but I'm starting to think overall it might be worth it. I literally fear for the future of our race where troglodytes overthrow the government and put themselves in power. It's already happening, we do not have the smartest people in our government.

What is there to do, /sci/?

>inb4 kys op huehuehuehue
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I can't wait for the DoTD (Day of the Drone) when the upper half of the IQ curve will finally rid itself of the people who aren't even capable of babysitting themselves properly.
Noted! Thanks or telling me. I am ESL eurofag, and it makes sense in my native language.
File: Crying-Frog-Meme-06.jpg (215 KB, 937x528)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
As a brainlet, this cuts deep OP.
Who will be the workforce to support the "upper IQs"???
File: jc.jpg (43 KB, 640x425)
43 KB
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

File: 1445797392013.jpg (85 KB, 804x802)
85 KB
If i had a congenital disorder that caused opioid system dysregulation. How would i be able to tell? Would i be able to get it treated?

How would i even get diagnosed?
You would get analyzed by a psychiatrist.

For your own part though, do you do drugs and/ or drink regularly? Stop, if so.

You can of course get treated. You might consider going on an SSRI or an SNRI. I was on a bunch Duloxetine (Cymbalta) for a while after developing depression from an injury. It worked well at the time (I'm off everything now).

At the risk of almost certainly sounding gay. Read some Buddhist philosophy/ poetry. Perhaps The Way of the Boddhisatva, or some of the Sutras. You don't need to "become" Buddhist, just think about the stuff. It might help you feel better.

Make an appointment with your doctor.
For once I agree with a plebbitor. You need to avoid drug and alcohol use, get clean. See your doctor, ask for a referral to a psychiatrist and if needed find yourself a substance abuse counselor.

File: 1298737740791.jpg (9 KB, 322x321)
9 KB
>animals developed poison, fangs and claws to fight back their enemies thanks to evolution
>we have killed billions of chickens during thousands of years and they have not evolved to fight us back
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Chickens are already quite fit for their environment. Humans ensure they are taken care of and breed. Their positive trait is that they are tasty to humans, therefore humans farm them.
that's what you think. In reality, the most successful chickens have escaped their captors and ran off into the wild. Even as we speak the chickens are plotting their revenge, woe to those who love KFC. Woe to those who tongue-tickle the breasts of their long lost brothers and sisters.

Watch your back kiddo

So why haven't chickens evolved to taste like shit?
If the chickens started to taste like shit we would just kill the shit ones and breed better tasting ones
Because when you taste them they are already dead.

What traits in humans are inherited exclusively from one's mother or one's father? Is there anything more to that then the traits being on the X or Y chromosome?
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Big dick comes from mother
Isnt baldness a result of too much testosterone?

Unusual hair colors in people and fur colors in animals, blue, green, pink, blood-red, etc, are fairly common in fiction, particularly fantasy. But why don’t we see people with naturally green, or blue, or pink, silver, etc, hair in reality? What would be needed for such colors to exist? How could they evolve or be created by genetic engineering? What terminology would they use? What about people with blue, red, or green skin?
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There are more complex genetic factors at work as well. For example, if two asian people had a child, and somehow that fetus had the genes to produce blonde hair, that fetus would die long before it could be born. There are also genes that link hair or fur coloration with temperament, see domestication experiments.
Bright colors are most likely just not compatible with our genome, and result in fatal errors in conception.

As for why events lead to this situation: everything is a result of everything that came before it, building and building upon itself over and over again. Eventually you reach terminal points on this journey that cut off alternate pathways and lock you on a certain trajectory. Our ancestors and ancestor-species mating behavior going back millions of years is the answer.
Who is that?
Bumping into a hairdresser.
I'm sorry?

How many gas giant planets could fit in the habitable zone of a sun-like Star without disrupting each other’s orbits, or the orbits of their moons?
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How spectacular?
Could Jupiter have become a star?
>deep enough to set off a fusion explosion

There's already a fusion explosion going on my guy
Do you mean the sun itself?

File: 1557023340789.jpg (1009 KB, 1076x720)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
>go to book store
>looking for books on number theory
>guy asks about physics book
>ask what I'm studying
>p-pure math
>"oh, too bad it's useless anon, haha"


I don’t even think it’s calc 2. In the engineering version they put in hydrostatic force, volume of a tank, and work which gets some people confused but the rest is easy sailing.

I think it was electricity and magnetism where I saw people drop like flies into CS from EE and CEG
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Intro to proofs/logic and sets for math majors
solid state physics
I work in theoretical physics, but there’s a lot of interesting work to be done in the intersection of CS theory and physics theory. That is, computation as a natural thing and not just “run simulation on big computer.” It’s one of my professional interests in research. Keep in mind I focused on CS theory, which was very close to pure math albeit with a more narrow focus. That being said, it got me into algebraic geometry and the rest is history after analysis.
You do a double major because it’s interesting and complements your interests. There’s little reason to get a physics degree if you don’t like physics. The CS is there on my degree because I like solving hard problems. Doing the exercises from analytic combinatorics makes me hard.
Computational physics is more about throwing models and numerics at physics. Computable analysis is closer to understanding how a physical system works in the context of computation.
I just f****** hate math classes you don't have any labs and they're not interesting at all this just some f****** moron next to you chewing on a pencil all day
File: 71cf1b2.jpg (61 KB, 960x540)
61 KB
at my uni (top 10 engineering) the biggest weedout for EE is resistive circuit analysis. most people probably think "wow resistive circuits, how hard can they get?" but many of the problems end up being cancerous analysis on rats nest circuits or infinitely repeating circuits (these problems require you to derive your own formulas about the convergence of the infinite circuit). The calculus and the derivations were fun but symbolically solving for some circuit elements literally took 10+ pages of straight algebra with no shortcuts. Needless to say, every circuits class I took after that was a complete fucking joke.

File: giphy.gif (1.7 MB, 262x172)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
Can we have a mindblow thread? For ex. quantum entanglement, double slit experiment, etc
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They are half the fun of /sci/
The photon is the fundamental particle which carries information on the electromagnetic field, which means atoms and by extension are very our entire existence is literally bound together by light.
When a wave undergoes total internal reflection and strikes at the critical angle, the wave actually slightly exits the material before bending back inwards and continuing along the expected path. Because of the wave particle duality of matter this means particles also have the capability of doing this giving rise to the phenomenon of quantum tunneling.
Holy predication then?
You can store fresh food for years and years by moving it around at near the speed of light.

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