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File: fractal.png (99 KB, 2256x2192)
99 KB
I fucked around in MS paint and created this, did I create a new fractal or does one like this already exist? If I did create a new fractal, I want it to be called "The Infinite Gloryholes"



File: lamb artificial womb.webm (1.95 MB, 640x360)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
How long do you think it'll be until we can grow humans in test tubes? The 30s? The 40s?
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SCNT took nearly half a decade to work in mammals. It took a long time for it to work with mice and it's only recently been done with some primates.
Yes, it's not a "hard" problem in the same sense of complexity. It's just technologically challenging. We have billions of people we can analyze to discover womb variables. It's mainly an issue of funding.

Also I think the ideal situation would be for the baby to spend the earliest months inside the mother and then be transferred by some mechanism. This reduces the burden on the mother and optimizes out the entire process.
basically right now there are a few bad economic functions from human reproduction.

1. The uterus lining having to be constantly wasted. This is only in humans and is not a great experience. Removing this feature from women would be a good way to progress since birth control and other options can work now.

2. Child birth itself. Would be ideal to take out the baby at the earliest possible point we could move it to a better synthetic environment to reduce child birth damage/trauma and experience.

3. Masculinizing female brains slightly.

These are the three pressing issues to improve female viability in the economy and improve a society's quality of life via altering female functions.
Learn to fucking read. We're talking about artificial wombs, not cloning.
china is already trying to do that so i'd say about 10-15 years

File: bestmathbook.jpg (37 KB, 350x499)
37 KB
>best math book on real analysis and linear algebra
>only in german

Why /sci/?
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File: complain.png (25 KB, 375x494)
25 KB
the point, which i should probably have mentioned, is that i have the pdf of millman if you need it. not gonna post it on piazza cause that gets some profs mad. so far i'm really liking the style, it's very readable.
it looks a bit concrete for my taste, though. things embedded in R^3 and such. i don't know. should still be fun.
kek buying textbooks is a meme but I like a hardcopy of based textbooks like Pugh.

ok so I heard John Strain's 118 is like his 128A (which is already the hardest) except he turbojews you on stereoids. He introduces functional analysis in a class whose description makes it sound like some brainlet tier CS shit. Basically it's probably very worthwhile but no joke at all.
fuck me time for bed I'm gonna hit up 114 tomorrow at 9:30 to see if that prof is a meme
yeah I found it on libgen hehe but thanks
also posting it on piazza is a fucking chad move jesus
File: 4k jej.jpg (688 KB, 3840x2160)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
that's what i've heard of 118 as well, sounds fun. since i'm already in functional analysis i figured why not? harmonic analysis seems fun.
but yeah, it might just be too much this semester. we'll see.
back in 110 someone posted the pdf of the textbook in our unofficial piazza, and a TA told zvezda stankova. bless that woman's heart, i love her, but she flipped the fuck out. it was pretty funny. she found it super disrespectful. oh well.
File: bieberbach.jpg (22 KB, 406x648)
22 KB
> not learning from actual nazi mathematicians

File: 1545969796342.jpg (286 KB, 1242x1238)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Is there any way I can improve my spatial recognition? I literally have no clue on some of those IQ tests with the puzzles. It bothers me that I'm not very good with that skill.
Unironically playing the Portal games.
Any resources for that?
Treat an IQ test the same you'd treat any standardized test, find as many practice examples and go through them. After each test, score it and go back to determine why you got the ones wrong that you did and go spend the time to find an answer or method for the ones you got wrong.
The best way to improve your IQ is to take IQ tests and practice, but that's a misnomer because IQ specifically is not something that is important to optimize. It's merely correlated with intelligence, you will not slowly become better at math and physics just because you're practicing to optimize your score on one kind of test. Taking IQ tests is going to be just as effective as any other cognitive exercise at improving your overall pattern recognition, but without the benefit of any other transferable skill.

Instead, just do stuff. Think critically. Paint, sculpt, do math, read, write. You'll be increasing your IQ without actively optimizing it, so you won't actually see that much of an improvement of the correlatory score. But you'll instead have the benefits that typically come from a higher IQ. The number isn't important.

File: 291748520.jpg (44 KB, 800x450)
44 KB
Is it acceptable to get my B.S in Aero at the age of 24? I had some financial issues, feel really behind :( I am consistently top of my class, if that's important
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27, EE. Unemployed atm, but had a job for almost a year before they didn't have the money to pay salaries. Been unemployed for a year too :(
t. insecure faggot who can't handle banter
If you are unemployed then you should either find some temp job while working on your resume and going to interviews or/and work on self projects just buff up your resume.
Graduated at 22 with a BA in Psychology. Meant to graduate with a BS, but fucked around and failed an upper level bio course required for my degree. Looking for a job now. I wish I went to community college before going to uni. Nothing wrong with graduating at 24, this was the norm at my school.
Lol seeth more thin skinned boomer fag



I don't think of these threads as IQ threads anymore, fun little puzzles to see how we compare against each other. Am I big brain?
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I got 79% but I guessed on a few cause I was kinda confused
was the one with the pairs of parallell lines c or d?
96 op here, let's see if you agree.

1. e
2. c
3. d
4. e
5. b
6. a
7. b
9. a
10. e
11. e
12. b
13. c
14. d
15. b
By the way none seem arbitrary, 8 10 11 have very logical answers.
Damn 82 brainlet, can i make it?

File: 1532050320251.jpg (132 KB, 498x544)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
What are the most underrated branches of physics?
I'm tired of hearing about string theory.
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If string theory is currently the cutting edge of theoretical particle physics, what are the respective cutting edge subjects for other branches of physics?
industry generally needs materials engineers who know proper math and science
Do the good industry jobs require a PhD or can I get away with an MSc?
are you saying MatSci PhDs don't know math and science?

File: 1500131211201.jpg (24 KB, 400x394)
24 KB
I'm a first year university student and university is nothing like how I expected it to be. I was shooting for ivy-esque schools during high school but shit happened and I'm at a quite meh state school, ranked like 200-something internationally. Maybe that's why I'm underwhelmed but knowing better how university is, I imagine other schools aren't too different.

I want somewhere with the lectures dive deep into the nuances of science and mathematics but our lectures high school-tier. I want to be intertwined in a 'year' with people who I'll grow with but my uni turns commuter-tier after first years move out. I'm strangled by the anxiety that I lost my chance at a proper university experience.
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they aren't stopping you from reading the textbook
talk to your professors about taking graduate courses.
Check out these, books, I recommend the ones by Cal Newport as well as the thinking student's guide to college.
Remember that learning and work does not stop at school, employers want to see personal projects and graduate schools want to see that you are motivated in your field. These things have a surprising amount of overlap, but by definition neither can be covered by mandatory classes.
File: 1548104498738.png (81 KB, 624x628)
81 KB
this is some pretty good bait OP I approve
Fpbp. Couldn't have said it better.
How is op baiting?

Anyone here start studying STEM at university/college when they were 25 years old or over? How did you fare?
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Did a year at 18 and ran out of money. I'm back in 4th year at 27 and shit is easy. You don't realize how different you've become until you're next to a spitting image of your retarded 18 year old self.
Congrats dude, that's some work. In Cal Newport's book Deep Work he mentions that most all of the academic outliers he's met don't fret how long their degree takes. They very rationally only sign up for courses they know they can crush, even if that means only a minimal full-time course load. It's easy to get caught up in race situations with other humans, but those who can put aside their ego and make their own choices are better off I think.
Is there really a surplus of people with a bachelors in mech engineering and not enough jobs to go around? I keep hearing shit about it on and off here. If so, do one of the other types of engi hold more promise than mech engi?
yeah that was about the age I started


maybe. but it seems most fields will tell you there is a surplus and not to get into them
Graduated with a lib arts degree, worked for a year, went back and did a physics undergrad. Currently working on dissertation.

File: 1522031014327.jpg (257 KB, 716x620)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Is water wet?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what part of it makes it wet?
Like i said, wetness is a sensation caused by the properties of certain liquids. So asking what part makes water molecules wet is stupid, because the water collectively has properties that give it the ability to cause the sensation of wetness.

What makes something rough, like sandpaper? It's the way the molecules are arranged, the type of molecules and so on. So it is with water too.
they still are covered by water from most directions, so they're still wet
If you were to have a rectangular sheet of water would the atoms in the corners be wet?

Does anyone have a PDF upload of this book?
10th edition here


File: 1528781148649.jpg (17 KB, 500x508)
17 KB
What do you use to aid your efficiency while studying?
Stims, drugs, music, no music, 50hz transformer noise or just plain solitary... name it!
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I used to listen to music because I thought it helped but it actually distracted me. Best way to study IMO

>No music
>Drink of choice
>Get up and stretch or walk around every 30 minutes to an hour
>Actually force yourself to start, if you feel braindead just open up your study material and stare at it for a bit, before you know it you'll be working
This works for me and I'm ADD unmedicated
Sit close to other people in university library
I will want to impress people and it would also be shameful to play on my phone
I was wondering why there were so many nootropic threads all of a sudden, then I remembered that exams are coming up.
Try to make your study location specific to studying, and do nothing but studying (shut off your phone) while there. get some good noise cancelling earmuffs (look at NRR)
I used to study with the online version of the textbook, which was a bad idea. It was easier for me to get distracted on the Internet. I now use the physical version of the textbook
Ferocious, oiled buttsex with my zherfriend before studying for 2 hours straight.
I'm a physics undergraduate btw.

F = Dkl [ q(d ; L) II p(d I y) ] - H(y I m)
= Dkl [ q(d I m) II p(d) ] - <lnP(y(a) I d,m)>p

>pickled herring
>red herring
>ignore the text
>real issue: jews did 9/11
Looks fucking delicious, can't wait to the summer

File: beammethods.jpg (29 KB, 333x499)
29 KB
Anyone specialized in wireless power transfer and/or microwave/radio frequency EE/physics have any suggestions for a linear progression of textbooks/literature?

yes I know about http://4chan-science.wikia.com/wiki//sci/_Wiki

File: damnit.png (56 KB, 931x471)
56 KB
I have tried every method that the course has given to us so for, My-Nx/N / Nx-My/M integrating factors, trying in tons of different ways to express the solution, doing it as a separable equation

I've even used every online differential equation solver and entered their solutions but none of them are proving right

Please someone take the 2 minutes to help me out here
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Try [math]\frac{3}{2}\log(x^2-1)-2y^2[/math]
Thanks. Have tried all sign variations like that and tons of other variations of expression, switching things to sqrt putting coefficients as powers of the log argument etc

So whats right?
File: attempt73.png (8 KB, 278x89)
8 KB
you'd think since I copy pasted answers from professional differential equation solving software that at least they'd have the answer but no

starting to think it may truly by the grace of the universe actually be webwork's fault
Brainfulls please offer your contributions my lieges!!

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