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File: 54454556454646.png (137 KB, 479x517)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
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This literally works by drilling a hole directly through the brain matter into the corpus callosum. Then the device hooks directly into your corpus callosum so that it can directly control your motor functions.
>t.zero grasp of the english language
only cucks dont get hole brains. Nowadays every guy with a girl has a holed brain. Hahaa we immigrants all got sick ass Nike 2034 HoleBrain adapters and yall white ass mutha fuckas aint got shit!!
depends who is deciding what is something to hide and something to fear, retarded low IQ and low potential weak idiot
>single mothers installing brain reading chip into their sons heads
oh boy, what a brave new world we will soon have

File: d1.png (162 KB, 450x418)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>that guy who reads ahead in the textbook so he can have all the answers
fucking nerd
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deck for each chapter, decks inside main deck, main deck inside separate profile for that book
I wonder if Pepe is going to have this same stupid look on his face when I make him watch his children's executions.
>he doesn't read ahead
>he only reads the prescribed text
not gonna make it
>tfw can't even see homework that's dude more than a few days ahead
I can see all homework for the semester. It's kinda nice since the prof's syllabus was fucked up initially

File: 9fb.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
>Your IQ lies outside the area that the test is able to measure
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Actually no. You either pick a grey ball or you don't, anything else is literally impossible.
Theres 2 ways to draw a gold ball from the first box. TWO WAYS!
You are ignoring the initial conditions as a result of the first pass being gold every time. There are 2 ways to end up in the gold box initially but only one way to end up in the gold/gray box.

2/3 of the time you will have landed in the gold box forcing the 2nd grab to be gold. Only 1/3 of the time will you have landed in the gold/gray box initially which makes the 2nd grab gray.
The first ball is guaranteed to be gold, so your second ball is going to be gold or silver.
That's the only "chance" that's presented.

File: earth.jpg (42 KB, 768x432)
42 KB
If humans ever create interstellar capable vehicles that can travel at >0.6c would the weapon of choice for planetary attacks be accelerated mass impacts? If you could accelerate a huge asteroid to 0.9c and get it into a perfect trajectory to impact the Earth it could feasibly destroy the planet according to standard relativity. Would this be the most efficient way to destroy a planet, scientifically speaking?
Read this and delete your shitty thread.

Kek, the answer to relativistic weapons is in the next section right after that—cryptophysics. If we line the solar system with nanites that can light-signal (or interlaced shadow signalling) gravity manipulation devices then we can divert the incoming projectiles back into the sun's orbit. Then they basically belong to us and we can shift them straight back where they came from with an added relativistic boost. (Or cache them outside the solar system if we had to fling them against the galactic flow.)

It turns out my solution is documented a little further down:

No matter what type of control system you use, it will always, always be vulnerable to some hack. Centralizing military resources is literally suicidal.
What absolutely terrible waste of three repeating digits.

File: file.png (41 KB, 1200x900)
41 KB
Why are blue and red universally considered as the complete opposite of the other?
Is there any science reason other than the meme "blue cold red hot" answer?
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File: Bicycle.jpg (234 KB, 1080x1080)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>Why are blue and red universally considered as the complete opposite of the other?
They're not. Red's opposite is green.
You can't even have reddish-green or greenish-red as real colors because the way you see colors is through oppositions in responsiveness of photoreceptor cells in the eyes to red vs. green and blue vs. yellow.
Are you retarded? Yellow is the opposite of blue.
> He doesn't know about pokemon red and green
you don't know it started red and blue apparently
Because blue is the highest frequency of visible light, red is the lowest frequency of visible light.

File: index.jpg (15 KB, 364x138)
15 KB
Is it possible to create a molecule that is very stable and non-reactive, except it reacts with a SINGLE VERY SPECIFIC other molecule that is also otherwise very stable and non-reactive?
A sort of microscopic lock and key, if you will.
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not exactly. chemical bonds are easily produced especially with some elements like oxygen. so you immediately have to shoot for something thats non reactive with oxygen. which limits your options. so the elements that want to react with oxygen have to be locked up with bonds to shit that doesnt want to

the worst part is that with somethings like oxygen again temperature is mostly a short term factor and over time it will try to bond with damn near anything pretty much regardless of temperature

and then you have special circumstances like ph and electrical exposure. at the end of the day its not worth it most of the time to even think about a 1 way interaction and just look at what you wanted to do to begin with probably. so your question is n/a and what ever you wanted to use it for is more important
>There are infinitely many integers, but none of them are pi
integers are a social construct
Just make a polar molecule with Au at one end, problems weren't.
File: 1566177989723.jpg (54 KB, 656x666)
54 KB
argon only reacts with other argon
kys argon shill

>An American football player fixed his brain damage.

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>a Chad who plays with a ball like a child for a living gets his brain damage repaired before someone who could actually contribute something worthwhile

Sports were a mistake
Nope. Shake it harder if you can.
> heavy bag might cause CTE
Any research or article on that?
t. kills himself in 10 years from cte
"Football" is full of eurotrash and "hispanic" indians, hard to get faggier than that in general. Also look at someone like beckham or rolando, it's not even ambiguous.

File: 5b96330142878.jpg (66 KB, 442x541)
66 KB
Does anyone here have experience with LSD microdosing? Does it worth it?
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it's really bad for you, all the hype is just druggies pretending it is something it isn't
Yes it works, as does shrooms. The short version is it acts on seretonin receptors in a similar way that an SSRI would but instead of negative side effects, has further benefits such as extreme mental clarity. Despite not being my field I've done an asston of research on pharmacology with recreational drugs, especially microdosing and it honestly disgusts me this shit is schedule 1 when it's more effective and less harmful than prescription meds for reasons that aren't just "nature good pills bad"
>I don't understand this topic I clearly have no knowledge of but here's my input which I just stitched together from shitposts I half read
File: 1568513233569.jpg (1.96 MB, 2560x1440)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Also have a pic of my current my batch (I have two additional jars that still need to colonize a bit further)

File: apu worried.jpg (35 KB, 527x527)
35 KB
what's the scientific method to acquire a girlfriend?
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Well, I'm really sorry for you, but if you don't eat better and decide to do shit for muscle then you are the fucking faggot that doesn't want to get a gf.
This is nice political hig-washing on incels, even if it's absolute b.s.
>3. Build muscle
Fuck off already. It's been proven 25% of men can't do this and you just want to make our shitty lives even worse. It's truly suffering.
1. Ok
2. Wtf ?
3. It's important for who ? Most guys look like woodcutter have muscle and looks complete gay.
4.Gib some ? You can't every woman is different but if comes to gold diggers they don't care about talking.

5.At least some of them.

6.Ok this is important.

7.Not true this is actual bullshit.


9.Yeah if you goes like this you will never have one maybe for money.
By not being a creep

File: degrees.jpg (42 KB, 500x522)
42 KB
What happens if you get TWO bachelor's degrees?
Like one in biochemistry and one in biotechnology?
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Going thru all the extra time/effort for that 2nd degree was really just a waste of time. He should have spent that time/effort on internships, research, starting grad school or career earlier, or just enjoying his youth
5 years is not that bad. Some people take longer to complete even one degree.
for what purpose?
Normalniggers might be impressed, but I've worked in academia long enough to look at this and think you're an idiot. Even most people might think it's a giant waste of time. In today's world, having a degree in biology doesn't mean you have to work in biological labs. There are tons of guys with physics degrees working on cancer using computational models.

Honestly, keep moving forward. Having 2 bachelor or 2 master degrees is really not worth it unless you happened to earn it along the way. This can happen if you're doing a MSc in biotech for example and need 1 or 2 extra classes to get a MSc in biology or whatever. But do not waste your life getting degrees. The entire point is to learn a skillset to become a researcher or get a job, so why not do exactly that?
mainly because i regret doing CIS and I wish I did something with more programming classes. My current programming skills are garbage

File: 1375809533728.jpg (92 KB, 640x476)
92 KB
What's the scientific consensus on ball lightning? It exists but it also doesn't exist?

File: tfz.gif (4 KB, 360x360)
4 KB
What quirk of psychology drives people to violate taboos so often? We see so many stories about deviant acts, affairs, etc, but why are these events as common as they are?
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If it's not science then what else is it?
Oh, it's not psychological at all. Look up morphic fields. Guilt is a huge psionic force, and we only make it worse as a society. Overcoming fear is also a meme, but not as strong, to the psychic index is lesser.
Faggots are simply evil. They want to defile all that is good and pure, purely out of spite and envy. Their hearts are blackened, their souls tarnished, often far beyond the point of possible redemption.
Are you mistaking /sci/ with the comment section of a pseudo-scientific article in a womans magazine?

File: Foryou.jpg (26 KB, 294x301)
26 KB
If fish breathe the oxygen in water shouldn't they be continually creating hydrogen?
IIRC, the hydrogen comes from the food they eat.
fish breathe the oxygen GAS trapped inside water
what about electric eels
they should be able to hydrolysize the water

Studying the nature of UAP's is a valid scientific pursuit.
Why do you deny this fact?
179 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>we both know that you will deny all evidence to the contrary of your beliefs. You are religious, you are not an open minded scientist.
>says the guy who refuses to read an article debunking his source and a video debunking his fake experts
This level of projection indicates a mental illness.
>>It's burned
>How do you know?
Experience. I have enough embodied experience in butchering animals, working leather and using digital tools to know what I'm looking at. That skin was not chewed on by a carrion eater, it was cut and seared at the same time.
>baaawwwwing hard
I love this board because you autistic undergrads are even easier to troll than /k/. Open your eyes. This is denial for denial's sake.
You're an ideological denier. No matter the evidence, no matter the source, no matter what happens you will choose to deny, because of some psychological complex that you have.
Can we identify some frequencies these phenomena have been detected at?
>visible light
Check but it seems unreliable.
3-12 µm deep infrared, more reliable, see Puerto Rico and Chilean FLIR videos
>naval AESA radar
2-4 GHz, can't find much detail due to classification.
Any other frequencies worth examining? X-rays?
The only one running away from the evidence is you. Every post in which you attempt to avoid the argument just further cements your irrelevancy.

File: 1.jpg (18 KB, 350x320)
18 KB
I purposely spread false and misleading information to undermine the idea of human caused climate change.

I have no reason for doing this other than undirected malice.
32 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 001.jpg (51 KB, 600x467)
51 KB
>the paper in Nature
File: nicetry.png (396 KB, 2889x2209)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
i'm still waiting for someone to explain how the sun is transferring heat into the troposphere by a means other than radiation
nice try jew but this isnt /x/ and thus your machinations fall to ruin . what now faggy man will you go back to tumblr and lament having spent time on a chinese cartoon image board with nothing to show for your time? or will you simply down your sorrows in dr.who giffs forgetting this whole affair ?
Dullard. Solar history has been nailed down for hundreds of thousands of years. Why the fuck would I rely on measurements from instruments that have changed over decades in locations that changed on a whim.
Build a greenhouse faggot.

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