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File: image.jpg (8 KB, 248x203)
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>humans have shown absolutely no ability to live anywhere else other than planet earth
>b-but we can live on m-mars

explain yourselves, sciencecucks.
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>OP has shown absolutely no ability to live anywhere else other than his parents basement
If climate change is real then we can live on mars. Just need really heavy weight clothing like the kind Goku wears.
kek, that will help some with skeletal-muscle atrophy, but wouldn't do anything for gravity issues based on internal liquids
Scientist here.
Anyone hoping humanity can live on Mars to extend our society permanently is fucking dumb as shit.
We have a perfectly good planet and we're just fucking it up. We'll fuck up mars, too.
the more inhospitable, the better, humanity improves through struggle

ice age and northern latitudes gave rise to high intelligene whites and asians

Mars colonists will advance even further

So, i was thinking about the golden ratio spiral the other day. And I thought "instead of fibonacci/lucas numbers, why not something simpler?"

If you look at the spiral in the picture, you'll notice that each curve is a perfect quarter circle, but once it goes past the quarter mark, another perfect quarter circle is draw, only 0.618 times as large.

My idea, was instead of number sequencing, we would look at the entire spiral in quarters and count from there.

The idea is that it starts from above, travel both right and down until it gets to the quarter mark, at which point it continues to travel right but less so, but now it also traveling UP. Because it changed one of it's directions, the next quarter circle is therefore smaller.

So the math goes like this. You start at top going right + down, gain right momentum slowly, and slowly LOSE down momentum.

We can imagine right as "gaining 50% of the directional pull, and down as LOSING 50% of the pull. So you comprise and get 25%. Ah, so 25% is a quarter, and subtract that from 100 and you get 75.

So if this spiral shows a car starting at 100 mph and slows down to 75 mph (completes first quarter circle), we can correlate that to the fact that it's a quarter circle.

Now, because we change direction from right+down to right+up, we cannot keep the same momentum and therefore the 1/4 circle's radius becomes shorter. So if we started dividing with quarters on the first circle, the next circle as it is smaller could be 8ths. So an 8th of 100 is 12.5.

Since we are now in the second circle, we are in the "50 -75" range.
75 - 12.5 = 62.5. That completes the second quarter circle.

62.5... is very close to 61.8. Move decimal 2 spots to left, and you have 0.618.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>new way of doing golden ratio
>And you cannot show me where a perfect golden ratio is on a ruler, as you'd be searching forever and ever.

Don't feel bad, no one else knows what the golden ratio is either.
that spiral has second-order derivative discontinuities
π is 3.2, whole town agrees with me, end of story

So I have about 48hours to study for my physics final. I had spent the last couple of weeks studying for other finals and I got all the A's in the bag. I just have this last test to worry about. Luckily I have 102% in the class in total because I did extra credit but I havent studied at all for this new content. I need to learn amperes law and faraday's law and also magnetic flux. I'm reading through Griffith's and binge watching YouTube tutorials on how to do these problems. Do you guys have any additional tips to help? If I use the right hand rule do I need to have it be the physics one or can I just use my knowledge of cross products to find directions of cross products? A lot of this test is supposed to be direction of some cross product it seems.
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It's a retarded approach but it's pretty clever if you achieve it
and sure it's kinda basic? but still one can infer faraday's law from the simulation, though it's a bit hard
I mean it's a bit complicated to come up with the maths for the electric field of a solenoid that would be essential in discovering the relationship between the magnitude of the magnetic field and the magnitude of the electric field, and of course to realize that one induces the other, and to discover that in order to solve the problem of two charges you must deal not with numbers but with vectors as in the addition of forces (if you don't know the concept) so it's a bit complicated to do all this
does that book use euler-lagrange equation?

Why the fuck would it? It's introductory electrodynamics, not a treatment of mechanics or optics.
>So I have about 48hours to study for my physics final.



File: 1550491927321.png (158 KB, 384x444)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
How do I into cubic and quartic equations?
I just don't get them
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>taking the putnam
Not me m8
File: Quartic_Formula_1000.png (565 KB, 9996x1000)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
>How do I into cubic and quartic equations?

What's not to get?
What I don't get is why this doesn't work for degree 5 or higher polynomials.
Gelfand Algebra

I derived the cubic and quartic equations on /sci/ a few years ago. The LaTeX in the archives is broken but in-principle all the formulas can be plugged in and rendered properly again.

cubic thread:


quartic thread:


I used a "blended" approach which involved wikipedia as it existed at the time, Cardano/Ferrari/del Ferro, and a trick I attribute to John Derbyshire as he uses it in "Unknown Quantity": depress the polynomial (cause its term of second-highest degree to vanish) using a Tschirnhaus transformation.

You can show (elementary) algebraically that with such-and-such a transformation, the second-highest degree term always necessarily vanishes. It can be (more trivially) applied to the linear and quadratic cases (as opposed to completing the square, say), and this is "nice" in the sense that you can in-principle build an algorithm which covers all cases for which (elementary) algebraic solutions exist (+-*/^√), as opposed to the more elaborate stuff (Bring radicals etc, which by-definition do not entail (elementary) "algebraic" solutions: Abel-Ruffini holds."

I have the sheet I did for the cubic in a drawer.

Hello /sci/.

I tried asking in /biz/ but there's too much buzz around cryptocurrency right now to ask a serious question there, and /sci/ might actually be a better place for this question anyways.

I have a novel idea to create a new industrial chemical product with a wide swath of positive traits for the liquid transport fuels market. The product has a strong positive effect on:
Carbon emissions
localized SOx/NOx, ozone forming compounds, PM (all sizes)
localized economies
waste reduction

my idea is the IP surrounding small scale, decentralized industrial processing to create this product. The baseline input/output balance looks quite lucrative on paper. I've poured over every paper I can get my hands on surrounding the topic, and the science seems sound.

The issue lies here; I quit my [engineering] job last summer to give a go at freelancing. Things are going ok, but I'm struggling as it is to keep enough work volume to support my family. I cannot afford to take after this endeavor entirely alone, especially since this will require a pilot project to prove the tech out and make sure it looks as good in reality as it does on paper.

how in the fuck do I finance this? No way I'll be able to borrow enough capital on my own, especially considering my lackluster personal finance situation. Where do I go? Who do I talk to? Do I just look for angel investors? Do I try to go the formal route and try for federal (U.S.) grants? Do I have to just sell the idea? If so, who the fuck do I talk to about this?

Frankly this is a subject I'm extremely passionate about, and I see serious potential to improve the world and make money doing it - I need to figure out how to make this work.
dunno didn't read
File: here comes the BOOM.jpg (162 KB, 973x599)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

anon I need help
For the record I don't have any clue how to go about that, but if I were in your shoes...

Step 1: Write out the synthesis/production method for this "new industrial chemical product" you believe has value, assuming someone hasn't monopolized it yet.

Step 2: Verify it works BEFORE pumping significant money to it, but don't post it online. Find a chemist with a degree irl, and ask for a moment of his time.

Step 3: If he actually bothers to read over it and sees nothing wrong with it, hire a professional to make a micro quantity of it.Test it for your intended purpose and gather proof.

Step 4: Patent the idea.

Step 5: Two options:
1) Sell the patented idea to a corp by setting up a meeting showcasing your product and how it can make them money/help the environment. (Best bet)
2) Gather the money to start a business, keeping in mind it could fail at any moment. I doubt a fundraiser is going to help with the cost for something like that. Nobody will invest in it. A loan, just make sure you can pay it off as a fail safe.

If you need to call this Esoteric pseudo science mumbo jumbo in order to ignore this actually vital piece of truth then please feel free to do so, however it is a science, whether you recognize it as such or not is YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM NOT MINE, so banning it on a board meant for knowledge in a space made for TROLLS/OUTCASTS is quite literally the very evidence I need to judge you as worthless NPC, regardless of age. That's a tough title to get off the permanent record believe it or not spiritual shit, we've been taught in school to believe more in NASA who has been caught in more lies then a priest with his dick in someone's daughter or son.

First, there was the immeasurably hot, and extremely condensed liquidish type goo soup of contained particles in a state without conflict, there were particles see but no friction.
Well what started the Big Bang (aptly named) would have been the first conflict or collision of particles somehow meaning that all layers of reality must have been present in this soup, one of those layers is for breath aka PULSE, indicating possible conscience, if so maybe sentient.

Dimensions they stack up to form reality. See Width is 1st, height 2nd, depth 3rd, pulse 4th, self-propelled motion such as a spin being 5th. Anyways these things they had to be present because well they still are right? Can't create something from nothing they say? Not from nothing see?

So in this soup something was alive and started moving, only way things start shifting around to start cataclysmic contact leading to a massive cascade of matter aka particulates into a state of conflict until whatever was containing it all got compromised and failed causing all those couped up bits of "star dust" to begin leaking out like the blow up pool in your backyard just popped.

Means for the first billion or so years the universe was a mess, nothing consistent or similar enough to match patterns, form order. Seemingly boundless, limitless energy though... end part 1.
When a thread is prefaced like this you just know it’s going to be good.

>supersymmetry of a super module super sheaf on a super manifold
File: oma2.png (660 KB, 750x766)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
>this summer is going to be...
>*clips of every time someone in the movie says super*

can global warming be realistically solved in our lifetimes by anything other than genocide ?
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> its a simple problem with simple solutions
whatever you say, lil buddy
>Good thing we don't need people to change their lifestyles

phewwww. I guess we got this then. NO WORRIES
There is nothing simple about this issue and imo we are incapable of changing the world's habits for the better. We need energy and need to feed like the parasites we all are. A global govt is a pipe dream. Were all doomed to die one way or another anyways (old age, our star dieing, meteor,ect, ect) so get over it. For you star trek nerds, there are many other infested planets like this, but humans will not every get the chance to step foot on one so abandon that thought. If you can't, imagine clouds of rocks flying as fast as bullets coming towards your "ship", while your slowing dieng of cancer from solar radiation, and muscle atrophy. You'll experience that for the rest of your short life while you head to the nearest star...
We should instead invest resources into making cat people because fuck it
There is nothing simple about this issue and imo we are incapable of changing the world's habits for the better. We need energy and need to feed like the parasites we all are. A global govt is a pipe dream. Were all doomed to die one way or another anyways (old age, our star dieing, meteor,ect, ect) so get over it. For you star trek nerds, there are many other infested planets like this, but humans will not every get the chance to step foot on one so abandon that thought. If you can't, imagine clouds of rocks flying as fast as bullets coming towards your "ship", while your slowing dieng of cancer from solar radiation, and muscle atrophy. You'll experience that for the rest of your short life while you head to the nearest star...
We should instead invest resources into making cat people because fuck it. Better building a bunch of filters or whatever the fuck and then realizing you've ended up making matters worse and the floods heat snow blah blah gets worse and now your hiding in a Climate Change Shelter 3000 © for fear of the unknown.
>We should instead invest resources into making cat people because fuck it
Sounds good to me. Lets make them half our size so their carbon footprint is reduced when they replace us.

Why did they remove it from the list of mental disalibties?
Is there any other reason than social justice and political correctness?
52 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
These death rates exist because the disease isn't diagnosed early, you rarely see ftm killing themself, and because crossdressers are considered transgender for some reason.
People commit suicide because their mental image doesn't match their physical bodies and society punishes them just for acknowledging it.

Imagine all the personal pain and suffering a balding man can endure. Now imagine instead of just a hair problem, it's their entire physical body that's not matching up with their personal mental image, and that society looks down on them, hates the, and tries to punish them if they attempt to fix this problem. Trannies must endure pressures both from within and from society itself and have little to no support from anywhere.

As for why it's no longer a disease. Well the balding analogy is still a good example. A person may develop a psychological complex from loosing their hair, but being bald itself isn't necessarily a psychological disease.
I'm not saying they should be ignored or denied their humanity or that we shouldn't accept them. I'm saying we should do more to develop psychiatric treatments for gender dysphoria rather than lie and tell them how beautiful they are. The current solution seems to be encouragement, hormones and horrific surgery. The underlying mental condition remains.
Imagine if you started losing your dick and grew boobs, the obvious cure would be stop the hormone causing that, the problem is that the disease is lumped alongside fetishist and crossdressers, and by some years in puberty the subject has irreversibly changed, I only support them because I have a big fear towards body horrour.
Trannys don't start losing their dicks and growing boobs without injecting female hormones for the rest of their lives.
Gender dysphoria is a mental condition the same as the mental condition that causes some people to amputate perfectly good limbs.
So if I started feeling like I was really a woman I'd probably experiment my sexuality to make sure I wasn't just gay, then I'd seek psychiatric help. If the doctor told me to chop my dick off I'd find a sane doctor.


what is the scientific consensus on this shit?
photoshooped or is this dude just like the edward witten at subtly pulling cards out of his vest?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it's sleight in this case
>scientific consensus on this shit

you do realize that magic does not exist, right?
Close magic like this usually relies very heavily on misdirection.

jesus christ

Is 3.6 Roentgen/hr a significantly dangerous amount of radiation?
Use Google, you /tv/ shit poster.
Chern is a pretty /sci/ show so far, comrade faggot.
Depends how long you're exposed for. It's about enough to give you acute radiation poisoning after 24 hours.

File: sadfrog confused.png (98 KB, 612x491)
98 KB
How does a RBMK nuclear reactor core explode?
RBMK cores can explode in a multitude of ways, but let's examine the Chernobyl case as it is famous. In this instance, a routine testing of temperature tolerance went wrong when scientists decided to remove the graphite cores of the reactor to speed up the reaction (as the graphite absorbs the mass energy ordinarily). As a result, the overreaction of the nuclear cores causes such high and unsustainable temperatures that the cores start to meltdown, and the reaction of the meltdown elements leads to a chemical explosion.

Witch version of the Python is better? Working on 3.7.3 and its feeling fine. Never tried another versions. Should I?
Pic random
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back to >>>/biz/, sellout
Just use the latest supported version, don't be the faggot who refuse to use anything but 2.7 because it came preinstalled on his macbook air
why would i go to /biz/? i'm a biologist
Sage is still on 2.7 unfortunately.
just wrapping it in list() is less characters idiot

File: 1557803714641.jpg (46 KB, 750x680)
46 KB
Is 5G really dangerous?
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That's 200W it hits 460F in like a minute multiply that by 5
File: 1558391558404-b.jpg (26 KB, 474x571)
26 KB
You are all brainlets
t. provides no argument and is wrong to boot
zoom out and see a giant antenna on the roof of some church
they would have just not done a very good job of overlaying the footage from the special camera onto the actual footage. its probably not CGI. sound effects were retarded and ruined it tho.

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