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File: beammethods.jpg (29 KB, 333x499)
29 KB
Anyone specialized in wireless power transfer and/or microwave/radio frequency EE/physics have any suggestions for a linear progression of textbooks/literature?

yes I know about http://4chan-science.wikia.com/wiki//sci/_Wiki

File: damnit.png (56 KB, 931x471)
56 KB
I have tried every method that the course has given to us so for, My-Nx/N / Nx-My/M integrating factors, trying in tons of different ways to express the solution, doing it as a separable equation

I've even used every online differential equation solver and entered their solutions but none of them are proving right

Please someone take the 2 minutes to help me out here
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Try [math]\frac{3}{2}\log(x^2-1)-2y^2[/math]
Thanks. Have tried all sign variations like that and tons of other variations of expression, switching things to sqrt putting coefficients as powers of the log argument etc

So whats right?
File: attempt73.png (8 KB, 278x89)
8 KB
you'd think since I copy pasted answers from professional differential equation solving software that at least they'd have the answer but no

starting to think it may truly by the grace of the universe actually be webwork's fault
Brainfulls please offer your contributions my lieges!!

File: 34685432.png (4 KB, 205x246)
4 KB
Is this the key to IQ gains? How does one get these "smart drugs"
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>smart drugs
LSD, psilocybin, DMT, mescaline. Smartest drugs out there.
Piracetam is probably my favourite, and is a pretty solid starting point, but you need 2.5 to 5 grammes of the stuff for an effective dose. It's also incredibly bitter; it makes Campari taste like fruit juice.
Do you think DNA methylation and epigenetics are connected to neuroplasticity?
I stg, all the extra steps these kids do just to pussyfoot around taking actual drugs.

Just tell your GP you have ADHD and get a scrip for Adderall. You probably won't even be lying to him.
Yeah it’s connected. There’s sufficient evidence. mothers that are pregnant that go through traumatic experiences can affect the development of their baby.

File: watermelonium.jpg (27 KB, 480x363)
27 KB
How can I determine the molecular density of a solid? My goal is to ensure that two particles of different substances are a similar weight and size.
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you don't need an electron microscope to compound some fucking powders, jesus christ
Maybe a pleb like you doesn't.
it's a common pharmaceutical preparation
your post isn't funny
Hey, if you can only afford to use x-ray diffraction on your preparations I get you, we've all been there. Well, I haven't, but I'm sure one day if you keep trying you'll be EMing it with the big boys and girls.
bit funnier this time thanks lad

File: 1530552645314s.jpg (6 KB, 250x229)
6 KB
which is more powerful?
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math on its own is for nerds
this post was made by physics gang
>(1) methods to describe relationships between defined entities
>(2) methods to study relationships between found entities using i.a. (1)

(2) is more powerful since it includes (1), while also capable of using other methods.

>inb4 mathfags claim all logic and reasoning
That’s not how it works. The sciences don’t contain nor own mathematics; there are plenty of fields that aren’t motivated by scientific endeavor. So while (2) uses (1), it doesn’t contain any power that (1) didn’t have by itself. The ability to use math to solve a problem that may pertain to a field isn’t automatically science. You can study some phenomena using mathematics and still have it be applied mathematics, but once you start building ontologies and theories with the mathemetics as formalization, a scientific theory/description arises. Basically what >>10317546 said
the virgin math
>completely abstract
>dead end career path
>all useful insights have been known for decades
>uninteresting to laypeople

The Chad Science
-Used to understand reality as accurately as possible
-Enormous and constantly expanding job pools in both public and private sectors
-The fundamental basis of modern safety and comfort
-No end of useful discoveries in sight
-Beloved and romanticised by laypeople, inspires the most popular works of fiction

File: 1546119022712.gif (2.8 MB, 600x338)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB GIF
Had anyone here ever attended one of thier summer camps, are they a meme?

File: Secondary Structure.png (300 KB, 1023x921)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
This is a bit outdated, but a neat layout.
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File: 3.png (35 KB, 916x758)
35 KB
File: 4.png (33 KB, 909x758)
33 KB
File: 5.png (32 KB, 897x758)
32 KB
File: 6.png (22 KB, 886x527)
22 KB
File: FASTA.png (15 KB, 287x848)
15 KB
The /sci/ color scheme gives it better contrast.

So I shed hair pretty badly, it’s also bulbed at the root. All over my body. My hair has thinned significantly. I was on prednisone for 5 days for laryngitis and during that time I noticed that I shed significantly less hair. Now bloodwork, Ana etc, was negative but if prednisone helped with this type of hair loss doesn’t that mean I have some sort of autoimmune condition?
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My hairs have a bulb at the end.
Is it possible that IBS can trigger hairloss?
How can IBS trigger hairloss. Never heard of that before.

File: pi.png (249 KB, 959x654)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Does π have a pattern?
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pasta time

>Pi, the ubiquitous number whose first few digits are 3.14159, is irrational, which means that its digits run on forever (by now they have been calculated to billions of places) and never repeat in a cyclical fashion. Numbers like pi are also thought to be "normal," which means that their digits are random in a certain statistical sense.

>Describing the normality property, Bailey explains that "in the familiar base 10 decimal number system, any single digit of a normal number occurs one tenth of the time, any two-digit combination occurs one one-hundredth of the time, and so on. It's like throwing a fair, ten-sided die forever and counting how often each side or combination of sides appears."

>Pi certainly seems to behave this way. In the first six billion decimal places of pi, each of the digits from 0 through 9 shows up about six hundred million times. Yet such results, conceivably accidental, do not prove normality even in base 10, much less normality in other number bases.

>In fact, not a single naturally occurring math constant has been proved normal in even one number base, to the chagrin of mathematicians. While many constants are believed to be normal -- including pi, the square root of 2, and the natural logarithm of 2, often written "log(2)" -- there are no proofs.

buono appetito

thats just pi in base 2
it doesnt have a pattern either

File: Libya.png (2.16 MB, 1427x748)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
In order to reduce rising oceans, why not flood part of Libya, creating a salt water sea that can be used to make fresh water and energy?

It would make Libya much more valuable real estate, too.
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Previous tries at this have been less than ideal.
The salton sea was literally an accident though.
If you did it on purpose I imagine you could mitigate some of the problems.
>be shitskin
>invent a rock
>get mad on white devils electro box

I don't want to lubricate the Great African Rift Valley, but if we could be more or less sure that it wouldn't accelerate continental drift via earthquakes, I'm down.
File: 1544517709720.jpg (67 KB, 625x468)
67 KB

Well, I'm an Amerilard so I care a lot more about not losing Florida, the great Texas coastal plain, New Orleans, and so on. Wouldn't want to lose the Maldives and Western Pacific islands, either.

Flooding part of Australia works for me, too.

File: ST40-upgrade.jpg (131 KB, 1024x512)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

Going from 15 million K to 100 million K

Fossil fuel, uranium, solar, and wind industries on suicide watch.
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>3 tesla
>not using ybco
They already experimented with YBCO and their final designs will use YBCO. They just want to get some experience with their spherical tokamak design first.
Until someone gets positive Q in a way themat can hook up to the grid on a reactor design that doesn't have to be dismantled every few years I don't give a fuck. So far SPARC is the only one that shows potential to meet the basic requirements and it is a long way off yet.
There is a persistent rumor that LockMart has actually solved the fusion problem. Probably even operating in something in like an Ohio class boat or maybe one of the DDX destroyer demonstrator hulls. No one wonders how the DDX generates 75 megawatts of power?

Chris Hadfield admits NASA isn’t working on warp speed because it’s physically impossible. We’ll never leave earth bros....
48 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I think you already know the answer to that.
Stl is objectively best future and can be achieved with current technology (fission and VASIMIR) if we could figure out the whole stasis/cryo thing, fuck your centrally controlled empire bullshit.
The empire is a side issue, the whole point of having exoplanets is being able to zip around from one to another on grand adventures, discovering mysterious enigmatic ruins and alien beasts, and being able to get lost in the vastness of the galaxy at a moment's notice. Having to pick a solar system to go to by slowship, and then be stuck there, is very limiting. Each star system will become a centrally controlled empire of planets and stations and each system lord will be able to track you down relatively easily.
FTL travel doesn’t work with our current models because we only partially understand 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time. If indeed there are other dimensions present (as many theories suggest) then our current theories and laws will not be sufficient to cover how the universe really operates.
University of Washington seems to think that rapidly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates produce evoked negative energy states. Some even say that the Black Triangle aircraft use this method for propulsion. Not so much "anti-gravity" as directional anti-inertia.

File: LLL2Pt0.jpg (44 KB, 904x834)
44 KB
Also other white collar jobs like actuaries
It sick it piss
We'll all be replaced by machines aside from a few genetically engineered people kept around as sex slaves or whatever.
nah accountants spend a minority of their time doing things which we think of when we think "accounting". Actuaries are smart, they'll probably learn AI before being made redundant.
Remember, the last job to be automated will be creating AI software, since if it is we'll have reached the singularity and all bets are off.
>actuaries are smart
Stopped reading there

File: gang_w33d.png (1.75 MB, 1966x1284)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Dumbfuck here: does Riemann's Zetafunction converge against a general real number or does ot diverge?
File: 1351551057802.jpg (205 KB, 673x604)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Fuck off normienigger
it converges absolutely for all complex numbers with real part greater than 1

>t. wikipedia

Why the racism?
It's literally a shitpost image

File: 1534901436950.png (217 KB, 374x374)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
What the hell is the name of that genetic marker that basically says "Organ goes here?"
I know they used it to fuck around with the placement of eyes on flies and other very rude things
I believe your thinking of hox genes which are involved in body patterning
Yes! Thank you. I had codon in my head but I knew that wasn't it
>I had codon in my head but I knew that wasn't it
>weebshit is dumb
every time

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