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File: 1484193179373.jpg (259 KB, 1000x1502)
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259 KB JPG
>major in Physics
>morally opposed to the military
>all physics jobs are military jobs
fugg, I think I messed up guys. feel like kms ngl
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save the world from what
the navy was advertising a cool program at my school where you get to work on a nuclear sub as a physicist and they'll pay for your school or something, in exchange for a few years of your life. you should look into stuff like that, you get money and people have to say "thank you for your service" to you for the rest of your life.
File: 20200106_072456.jpg (135 KB, 720x466)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>i'm a muslim i don't want to help bomb my brothers

mashallah, don't sell out bro
fuck u sellout
Who said you have to do physics?
Go apply for a job at a Quant firm or some kind of prop trading desk. Pick up C++, it should be easy for you. Then go make many dollars. Idiot

Triangles. How do they work?
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what's the point of this garbage?
Draw three points that aren't colinear. You can construct a triangle with three lines.
Triangles have many properties relating their side lengths and angles, as well as similarity and congruency.
There exist relationships between circles and inscribed triangles.
This but unironically

File: hTCx04m.png (938 KB, 2880x1170)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
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Stanley Kubrick would be proud
It's function over a circle which is defined by triangle, which is used in 3D perspective calculation.
what do you mean it's used in 3d perspective calculation
It's a 2d shape that your brain is interpreting as 3d
i understand, but why does it make this cool chasm like structure that goes on infinitely?

File: 5gjuabgkzkuy.jpg (43 KB, 850x400)
43 KB
Is there a correlation between avoiding marriage and being successful? I could list many influential thinkers who never got married. How can a man be successful if he has to spend 20+ years of his life wageslaving to provide for his family?
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File: b60__01.png (57 KB, 142x187)
57 KB
>you can perform the study yourself
Oh I see, it went from "science has shown" to "I don't need science just personal experience" in the blink of an eye. All I hear from you is an untested hypothesis anon, until I see some brain scans that prove "there's no difference in the brain", then you can fuck off.
I'm not going to waste time looking up studies because some retard denies the obvious. Should I look for studies that prove the earth is round as well?
>Penis gets hard from looking at porn/pixels
>nOOOOOO there is no proof that the brain can't tell the difference between naked virtual women and real women

OK retard
>the brain has exactly two states: penis hard and penis not hard
>the brain can't feel the difference between embracing a real person and embracing your own right hand
>the brain doesn't know the difference between a stranger on the internet and a real-life partner
>the brain feels the same shame after wanking vs sex
i'm no expert, but this sounds like horseshit
>Porn literally feels the same to men as sex.
It might be that you have had sex and still say this, but your understanding of this is severely corrupted. Not exactly sure how this happened, but I know that it is possible to completely fix this! You are hurting yourself by lying to yourself like this.

File: 1510711530708.jpg (23 KB, 461x317)
23 KB
>Imagine not doing complex numbers , conic sections , modular arithmetic ,intro to differential equations , pure geometry, analytic geometry and intro to linear algebra in high school.
Do Americans really ? We do this shit in Africa.
But for real don't sweat it guys, I barely remember any of this stuff
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Look at all the seething mutts
File: CC math.png (24 KB, 888x583)
24 KB
Being a soiiboi should be a bannable offence
Dissenting opinions should never be banned, even if they're spoken by a pitiful excuse of Darwinian evolution.
I took calc in high school

File: how.jpg (1.74 MB, 2862x1752)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
How is this a star
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File: telescope_diagram.gif (4 KB, 496x174)
4 KB
This. Notice how the other stars share a similar cross effect? That's due to how the secondary mirror of the telescope that took that picture were mounted. Those "spikes" are from the light passing by the thin arms holding the secondary mirror.
Electricity. Birkeland currents!
>Does this look normal?
Looks like a morph ball

File: troll-physics9.jpg (82 KB, 817x570)
82 KB
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Why does it look like a few people are sporting fake Groucho Marx mustaches?
File: smelly niggers.jpg (66 KB, 780x439)
66 KB
probably some kind of gay college theme party
fuck you
why not just butter on both sides? even easier and doesnt require cat food to run

Or does it make no difference?

This fag: https://twitter.com/cryptodemedici swears by it
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>No you complete faggot, it's okay to fuck, as you tend to do that like once a few weeks.

Pussy. You should fuck daily. The only reason to not fuck daily is if you want to maximize the volume of your cumshot for some reason.
>Not him, but it takes your attention away.

Oh no my attention!!!!11111

Pay attention to fucking pussy.
File: Img-1576461203664.jpg (360 KB, 1440x780)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Hey look, a simp. Even actual Chads have other hobbies besides sex
Yeah, you can't even respond to the topic. I never said I would actively refuse or avoid sex. Jerking off is not sex, you stupid little coomer brainlet.
there's nothing wrong with masturbating to your own imagination... just stop watching porn, porn is what's bad for you. Visual crack cocaine

Are all matrices 3x3 with 3 different eigenvalue diagonalisable?
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the matrix
[math] begin{pmatrix} 0 & 1 & 0 \\
0 & 0 & 0 \\
0 & 0 & 1 \end{pmatrix} [/math]
has distinct eigenvalues of 0 and 1, and is not diagonalizable. it just doesn't have 3 of them.
Find a formula for fibonacci numbers
if A=(0 1
1 1 )
F_n+1)= (F_n+1
Finding the eigenvalues of A will give you the general formula for F_n with the golden ratio
[math] \begin{pmatrix} 0 & 1 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 1 \end{pmatrix} [/math]
sigh, fucking backslash
That's because the eigenvalues are not distinct. It's completely irrelevant if one of them is zero or not.
Waiting for your insight

File: flnij7cmv6q31 (1).png (272 KB, 680x566)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Why does not we get tired and bored of coooming? Even the tastiest food loses its charm due to law of diminishing returns.
I have been cooming for 2020-2004 = 16 years now everyday on average twice and still can't get bored. Does everyone feel the same or I am an outlier?
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>Just think about few things u gave up

Yeah I’m hitting a blank here. If I get bored of something, I just do something else for a while and eventually cycle back to the thing I had originally gotten bored of and enjoy it again.
we do. Reach a limit-experience.
>Not true, and there is no law of diminishing returns in existence.
dumb newfag underage retard plebbitor faggot
No u.

Oh no, we got too cocky, bros.
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Legalize all drugs. War on drugs is just a giant scam.
people who seriously support the drug prohibition in its current form must be crazy.
the whole concept of the government telling its citizens what they may or may not consume is retarded. if I want to poison myself that is my own business.
Absolutely. The US gov should let their citizens do what they want, as long as no harm befalls whether financial, physical or emotional on others.

A good way to do drug prohibition is to go after dealers/financial services. If you're selling drugs, you should be killed immediately on the spot execution style. If you're doing drugs, the police shouldn't do anything. Target the provider and not the victim.
drugs should be legally distributed by chemists and their production and purity tested by the goverment. all sales should be legal.

File: future.png (95 KB, 732x673)
95 KB
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You example of 30% is making the huge assumption that the people holistically picked out by universities for race, regional, economic, social reasons are bad students.
Why does the right constantly have to shove in their political standpoint and hatred for lefties all the time and instead realize that politics is cancer and fucking stupid.
Dunbar high school the poster child for a food segregated high school was only good solely because it’s was in Washington DC and the unique status of DC protecting black teachers and students from the shit black schools elsewhere faced. If it was anywhere else it would have failed.
File: 1495300326799.png (128 KB, 1324x978)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Correct? Yes
Contributed? No
File: 1495300382573.png (203 KB, 1960x1190)
203 KB
203 KB PNG

File: 1578968414510.png (107 KB, 400x394)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>4th year in my bachelor's of mathematics at the best college in my state
>the first assignment of every class with an online component is STILL "write an introduction of yourself and respond to two others' :)"
When the FUCK does this end?
lel thats the best part of the class, you can write meme answers
when you get a job
after the initial hiring procedure nobody will give a shit about you
Just the way I like it. Leave me alone and let me work.

File: go.jpg (599 KB, 1137x1101)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
What games does /sci/ play?

I'm trying to find a game worth mastering. One that will not die off in a few years (board game, video games, w/e).
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Because it's
>Catan is easily the best board game

Shut up Glib
Because you don't have to be the best in it? I get plenty of enjoyment from a well played game, winning or losing doesn't even matter to me.
Also, learning is fun for its own sake.
yeah this. honestly i never win board games. i do my best but im not really fighting for it. just playing is fun enough

File: 7146a1d2.jpg (76 KB, 539x640)
76 KB
im starting med school this year and i still dont know how to take notes.

i have a desktop at home for gaming, and ive gotten by just recording lectures and making anki notes out of them.

i want to be more productive in lecture tho. so i was wondering if i should get a tablet? thinking of getting the surface go so i can draw stuff and still have a full windows PC. or should i just stick with good old pencil and paper?

P.S: all my textbooks are PDFs too so its hard to read them on my phone if i stay at school
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's like, you gotta process it in real time and write a summary. you don't write down everything
I read whats on the slide and then write it down whilst listening to the lecturer.
>i still dont know how to take notes.
Hell you don't even know basic middle school level English. Double spacing in languages based on latin characters was phased out in the early 1950s. You turn in a paper to a prof like you just wrote here and you'll be a dropout before no time.
Ignore this NEET retard,
>im starting med school


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