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File: 255px-Uranus2.jpg (6 KB, 255x255)
6 KB
Isn't it about time we give this foul smelling planet a much needed emena?
Gross, imagine how filthy it'll be inside!
Fuck Uranus, and fuck gas giants
Too beautiful to be true

File: cuu.png (7 KB, 541x77)
7 KB
In the second phrase of the note, why not a>=0 instead of a>0? -0 is a thing.
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negative numbers are expressions of the form 0 - x when x>=0
it's apostol.
no, where x > 0
0 is less than 0 you dingus

File: basic-abacus-500x500.jpg (36 KB, 500x500)
36 KB
how to work out percentages on an abacus ?

something i need to learn for mental maths type of shit
Multiply by 100?

File: Saitama's_physique.jpg (141 KB, 485x655)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
With the way the human body is, what would be the absolute limit for all categories or human fitness?
E.g how fast could a human possibly run?
Maximum weight lifted?
How much time could someone spend doing rigorous exercise?
human biology has no limit, the only thing we have currently is expiry time but that too is being pushed slowly
At least 27mph, 1 ton, and 48hrs iirc.
I figure both lifting strength and top speed are hard limited by the weakest part of the body that is involved in.
So whatever the yield strength of a human ligament is, probably.
nice try brainlet.
while the force a muscle can exert is proportional to it's cross-section surface, its weight grows faster.

File: 1551019627668.png (421 KB, 1278x1181)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
I've been told that it was a jack of all trades and employers would rather higher compsci or engineers or finance. Also, that postgrad is harder and more competitive for less benefits than other STEM majors, but physics was what I had in plan and I'm about to register to those courses. Is it really a meme major? Should I choose something else or dual major, or is physics fine?
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File: 1557796309425.jpg (103 KB, 693x800)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
memes aside, major in physics, minor in CS
add chem
If you like physics, do physics. You might have to move to an up and coming city like Austin or Minneapolis, but there are plenty of jobs. Samsung and Applied Materials are in Austin. Both are hiring like mad.
People who think there isnt an absolute crazy thirst for experienced grad students in physics are the ones who are either still in undergrad and didnt meet any of the people in these companies or studied theoretical astrophysics or HEP and didnt collaborate heavily on experiments. Its simply wrong in the Europe, dont know about US, also

Im not sure you should even expect to be ever good at physics desu
I have a friend that does a phd in math now. He said all his friends that stopped after master had no problem finding good jobs.

Shouldnt be too different with physics I presume

t. Germany

what is gravity actually?

why does just being a mass cause other things to be attracted. inb4 le "time is a dimension meme"

>wearing pants
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Gravity waves propagate at the speed of light and are generated the motion of bodies of mass. So they are just waves in whatever undetected medium allows for light to travel in a "vacuum" desu. The speed of light is not infinite because this medium has some amount of mass and density. The sea of virtual particles suggested to solve the mystery of the composition of this medium is paradoxically the aether that is ruled out in general relativity. This medium permeates all matter because it is so fine, thus creating the illusion that space has physical properties.
t. schizo
>time is a dimension meme
Lrn2meme fgt pls
When you suck all the energy out of empty space and condense it into matter, the space where the energy used to be is now stretched into a gravity well. I don't know if that's correct but that's how I visualize it
I always thought of gravity as form of negative energy created by a reaction to large quantities of dense positive energy. 2 sides of the same coin.
why are the other objects falling?

File: 2176.png (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
if i enter a black hole will my awareness be concentrated on the idea of infinitely increasing g force and temperature to infinity for eternity? how to avoid?
Pls take your meds schizo
If there was a way to be stuck somewhere for eternity, you'd already be in it at probability = 1

File: 1519240162166.jpg (74 KB, 674x674)
74 KB
>open paper.pdf
>indian coauthor
>close paper.pdf
Is this an american thing where you laugh so hard something flies out of your mouth?
Did this too many times. Anything written by brown people has no value.
Good for undergrad sourcing, you can pepper your papers with a page full of references and can keep to your chosen 2-3 proper sources to have a good paper.
>open paper
>"the t-test shows significance..."
>close paper

File: 8590025.jpg (22 KB, 678x452)
22 KB
What was the cause of Japan brain drain effect? All their researches are leaving for the rest of Asia, Europe and the USA.
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There is an anti-Japanese sentiment brewing in China. Any young Japanese going to China would have returned by now.
Pretty sure the Chinks haven't been to hot on the nips since the whole rape of nanjing kerfuffle.
Browns only do crime wherever they are tho
The degree of public resentment in China depends entirely on what the Chinese government permits/orders. and that public part has increased lately.

Adequate sleep is a cornerstone of good mental functioning and ability to reason and analyse.

What is YOUR sleep stack for optimum nightly brain gains?

>Nigella sativa
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I have some herbs that make me very sleepy, but I don't think they have measurable affect such as things like magnesium. They just make me sleepy.
CBD, Melatonin, CDP Choline
It gets me to sleep, but its guaranteed I will be the grouchiest crankiest faggot in the universe the next morning.
You would hate Zopiclon
Before bed? Holy fuck I take CDP Choline as a stimulant

What would happen if the material making the various objects orbiting our sun was all reshuffled? In this new arrangement, Earth would be more-or-less unchanged, but it would now be a moon of a gas giant. In addition, all the other planets and moons (along with the asteroids and comets) would now be making up a Earth-like moons as well. How many gas giants could fit into the Goldilocks Zone, and how many moons would there be?
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What about Windows 8?
Depends on how close it is to their star.
Aren't some so close that they're basically tidally locked?
A hot Jupiter is basically a failed binary star system, which are pretty common

/sci/ I’lve lurked here for awhile and have cone to appreciate the intelligence of some of you anons.

If you were scheduled to take the LSAT, how would you study for it, heuristically speaking?
not science or math
Heuristics count
Master algebra and logic

Collect useful resources

Practice consistently

File: sky.jpg (106 KB, 1680x860)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
In other planets with an atmosphere, wouldn't the sky be just as blue as ours? Because of the way light is diffracted and how the color spectrum works. So actually, what would it take to have those alien looking skies like in scifi drawings? Green/Red skies, etc
The methane atmosphere of Titan is a yellow haze, so changing atmospheric composition is the way to go.
No, our atmosphere is blue because 3/4 of it is Nitrogen

I don’t know why the fuck I’m asking this here but whatever. I’m hopeless. I have this issue with my right ear that no doctor can diagnose and find the cause.
Whenever I cough and sneeze, or crouch and stand up fast, I hear this weird air, pressure or vibrating noise in my right ear. Sounds like there’s something inside that’s rubbing against something.
I had many tests done for this, as well as that tube the doctor shoves in your nose, and everything seems to be working fine. The tests are clean. Doctors say there’s nothing wrong. But I know something is off.
I’m usually really good at looking up and googling symptoms to diagnose myself but I can’t find anything for this. I feel like I have a rare dysfunction that nobody knows anything about. Please help.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Meniere’s Disease
This too sounds plausible, has a lot of overlapping symptoms with ETD. Perhaps go to another ENT and get a second opinion. I personally am not gonna give up, I will keep seeking assessment until I get a diagnosis.
It’s not Meniere’s. The dizziness is different. Meniere’s is like you get sudden episodes of hearing loss, loud tinnitus and vertigo that lasts long. My symptoms are not episodic and quite different than that. What about you? What kind of symptoms do you have?
I listed most of my symptoms in my first post. I can flex some kind of muscle near the back of my jaw and make a grinding/popping ocourr in my ears, feels like going up and down in elevation. Pressure then no pressure, over and over. Along with tinnitus, loud popping followed by temporary deafness leading into tinnitus and my hearing coming back. The popping happens on it's own though too. Drives me nuts when I am trying to fall asleep. I also notice extreme sensitivity when cleaning my ears with q-tip, towards the back of my ear canal against the drum is extremely tender and often painful. All this started last August and the symptoms have persisted.
Hope you figure that one out. Cause I have my symptoms for a decade and haven't got a clue about anything yet.
God damn thats terrible. As I said before dont give up in your quest. I suggest finding a forum that specializes in ear medicine. Seek answers and again, seek second opinions. I myself have run into doctors and medical professionals that had no clue about something bothering me, talk to someone else and they immediately know what it is. No doctor knows everything.

File: me.jpg (13 KB, 400x399)
13 KB
>applied mathematicians
>african americans

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