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File: einstein-on-newton.jpg (66 KB, 641x472)
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>fell for industry meme
>care only money in bank account
>not teaching job in academia like Einstein, Newton, Aristotle

why even live?

File: automationcomp.jpg (268 KB, 2000x733)
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268 KB JPG
When are we going to see the first permanently unemployed due to automation?
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If someone can run a billion copies of a human brain on a server farm, what exactly can you do that they can't?
Whats the point of robots making our food, tech, clothes, furniture etc building houses, roads etc. If no one can buy these products because they dont have jobs? Im not worried in the slightest about future unemployment
>When are we going to see the first permanently unemployed due to automation?
Never, there are always too many jobs, hence the need for mass migration and infinite growth.

Explain my conclusions to an executive and to the people who work for me on what to do next and how.
Best case scenario is a post-scarcity future envisaged by Marx - no one will need to work because our economy is so productive at making material goods. Almost every single industry will be nationalised and the products will be distributed to whoever wants them. In a sense, automation will liberate us from having to work.

Worst case (and much more likely) is a dystopian capitalist hellscale ala Elysium.

File: d.jpg (70 KB, 430x430)
70 KB
are electrons particles or not? How do electrons move through a wire from a battery and power a light bulb if they exist as probability distributions around atoms?
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here are wiki links for both models respectively
I'm starting to lean to /perpetual/ imbalance of dipoles allowing for differential states to exist.
We're probably looking at different /field/ arrangements giving interlace property's but not with using new building blocks.

>How do electrons move through a wire from a battery and power a light bulb
I'll start with normal generation using copper and magnets.
Basically run magnets across copper. This just milks the copper for free electrons.
As for battery, it's atomic. Yes atomic energy. But in the from of a chemical reaction :(
It's typically two different metals and some sort of acidic cation medium. (shits got ions yo!)
Those react causing an knock on till it just domino the circuit.

And huhh. I have no idea why free electron model has lasted this long.
It should be a orbital jump giving sub energy run on? No..

You better have a lead on this OP.
They “move” like this.
File: mgNTM.png (24 KB, 456x350)
24 KB
A voltage source has 2 poles. Positive pole, negative pole.
At the positive pole there are atoms with lack of electrons.
At the negative pole there are atoms with excess electrons.
When we connect the two poles with copper wire (copper atoms), then
at the positive pole electrons from the copper atoms will move to the atoms toward the positive pole.
When an electron moves from one atom to an other atom,
then there will be lack of electrons in that atom where it was moved from.
There will be a hole in that atom.
Now an other electron can come fill that hole from a surrounding atom.

When we want to know the exact location of an electron at the moment (which is impossible) then we use the probability distributions.
Yes. An elementary particle.

They don't exist as probability distributions if the wave function collapses and they act as particles. Refer to this post >>10826804

All these answers. Are fools acting wise.

File: IMG_2398.jpg (84 KB, 1011x377)
84 KB
Has science actually proven the existence of a gender spectrum or is it just gender studies nonsense that sjws spout to make themselves look intelligent?
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where's the evidence for not free will? checkmate atheist
>Who's stopping me from doing what I want? Who's stopping me from wanting what I want?

“"A man can do as he wills, but not will as he wills."
Those are examples of will. Can you prove it is free?
lol i thought for a moment you think that we have free will but you're just trolling
The fact that you want that paticular thing and not anything else is stopping you. And even if you changed opinions as many times as you want it would still be the consequence of particles interaction according to the laws of nature (physics). You have zero control of how particles (you, your brain, body and everything around you) are going to interact therefore have no free will. Your thoughts are 'predetermined' moments before you do them. If we had insight into all the variables involved in the process we could predict our next moves.

File: stats.jpg (30 KB, 474x714)
30 KB
Thread for anyone currently working in the Data Meme business.

Is pic related any good? I'm currently employed as a Data Scientist, but my main contribution to the team is that I write better Python/SQL/Q than the rest of them, it's fine but I want to go beyond that and get more stats/ML knowledge.

Also fuck R, take the Juliapill.
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File: 714827381.jpg (56 KB, 768x960)
56 KB
>start reading
>babby language
>check website
>department of biological sciences
Stop using meme languages
Start using good languages.
yes that’s right >>10827154
You are on step one.

About a hundred more to go from there. Good luck !

Hi /sci, I have a serious question and could use some help.

So a friend and myself started a company where we were making deep-sea robots, but we lost funding and the company looks like it's going to go under.

Knowing this possibility, I applied to a grad program from my alma mater but it wasn't really a great program or one I'm particularly interested in doing. I'm applying to jobs now, but I really want to keep working on sea robotics.

I found a different lab at another university which really interests me, and I want to go to it, but I didn't apply to the school. Can I just email people in the lab and try to get a job? Can they help me get late admission into the school? What are my options if I wanted to pursue this?

Thanks /sci

> I should also note I went to a top public school and graduated with two degrees, one in CS and EE, which I did in 3.5 years, though my gpa is terrible (2.94), mostly because I always took a full course load and the hardest classes I could (I liked the stress). So I'm an interesting student but not necessarily a top student.

> pic related
If i were you i would Talk to the dean, some time ago a group of americans came here and won a contest, It was a lame project about transmitting live info from a satellite to fishermen, ships and stations, they keep developing lame projects with a fren of mine.
What if you use that sub to collect trash in shallow waters?
Aah I also met a polish mech engineer who wanted to work with submarine radars in order to locate fish banks , his name is Bernard, he had/has a blog and he traveled to Peru
Biologist could be interesed in It, also where can i find engineering papers?
Sorry for the disorder i havent sleep in 30 h, i hope you find him
You attempted to make a deep sea robotics manufacturer company.. Without any qualifications?
There's ambition but that was doomed to fail. If you've got gear left over, I suggest greasing the better schools admission board with scrap electronics.

File: high cray.png (936 KB, 736x490)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
Is the neural system of a crustacean/invertebrate capable of getting high off amphetamines? Would it give it an evolutionary advantage? What about other drugs

>tld I want to get my lobster high
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Can't tell. I missed the whole moulding because I was sleeping.
Put me in the screen cap
Did you at least watch him after the mething
get two tanks, dissolve speed in one tank, you can put him in the speed tank to dose then remove him
This OP, we need controls.

File: bobby-fischer.jpg (290 KB, 1280x800)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
I don't believe in psychology
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File: IMG_2781.jpg (338 KB, 1000x1500)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
And why do you say behavior analysis is garbage?
You don't need to believe, you need to know.
>Some spoiled upper middle class suburban kid started college on his parents money and now thinks he's "Depressed" and has "social anxiety"
>anecdotal claims devalue a whole scientific field

You know, I also do not believe in chemistry anymore. This one time I was following the instructions for prepping a substance and it didn't yield the expected molecule. Surely this isn't because I made a mistake (like your top tier psychs), or because one of the educts gone bad (like your 5 guys faking it). Must be the whole fucking chemistry just not working the way it should. That's it.

Psychfag here, psych research is a massive meme

File: Indian_flag.jpg (4 KB, 300x199)
4 KB

Vimanas are REAL
fuck off, poo

invest this money in creating toilets and better lives for your 2 billion shitters

File: 1512354574218.png (396 KB, 591x864)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Physics majors be like "I know way more than all of you brainlets"
Physics majors be like "ALL sciences are just derivatives from Physics"
Physics majors be like "I ackshually know why we do these things unlike you engineer oompa loompas"

Physics is the Philosophy of STEM: Unemployable in all aspects except academia but massively self-aggrandizing.
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Have umbilical cord clamped early as a newborn.

The unified equation is not a set of equations. It is one equation. Energy / space = The Universe

I dont think you get this. It has already been simulated and proven. Happened around 6 months ago. You could 1 to 1 reproduce all reality using the equation. You can fucking see it happen on computer monitor. The particles bubbling up, creating fields etc...
I like you Anon, you are like owning our own little virtual Zoo monkey.
>>physicists have been working on a "theory of everything" for the past 100 or so years

It's called Avdaita Vedanta, and it is thousands of years old.
This ought to rustle some jimmies lol.

File: thread.jpg (406 KB, 800x800)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
A fractal, by definition, has a zero emergence score because its self-similarity prevents alterations to its composition.

Is this a useful definition? Note that if you claim that it is not, you have a view of utility that must be unpacked for others to agree with your notions of usefulness.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What if it is a fractal of a self contained universe?
Why do you guys always obsess over these stupid fucking fractals?
If you're talking about the "black holes are their own universes" model then even then there is no emergence, no. Physics is only slightly altered on each successive layer of black hole (AFAIK) and does not meaningfully change its basic composition. So still zero emergence score.
Fractals fall under the "math" part of "Science & Math." Though, they're increasingly falling under the science part as well. In any case, when a mathematician talks about fractals they're not just speaking about things as trivial as the Sierpinski triangle. There is a world of mathematics behind it and a lot to study.

Point of the OP definition is to exclude fractals from the discussion of emergence though.
There is a better way to ride recursive function then what most people imagine as fractal.
I don't see any issue. It's essentially no difference therefore no place.
If you've see my ramblings it's fitting.
>have a view of utility that must be unpacked for others to agree with your notions of usefulness.
Yeah, good luck.

>The CHAD first author Elon musk
>The virgin everyone else

Did daddy musk wrote the whole paper or what?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>he signed everyone's paychecks
...with our tax dollars, yes.
Wouldn't it be more appropriate if he were the last author then? A la the supervision professor on a paper
Interesting that it doesn’t mention writing, just reading. But they discussed read-write capabilities in the presentation

Edison >> Tesla

Cumberbatch looks retarded in that poster
He is.

File: download (2).jpg (6 KB, 274x184)
6 KB
Which form of transportation has the lowest exposure to air pollution?
Wear a gasmask...
Electric trains/busses i guess???
Too long, it's space travel.
Car with HEPA filter.

File: 879.jpg (92 KB, 820x720)
92 KB
How to terraform Moon with existed technologies with potential colonization asap?
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The moon has way to small of a gravitational pull to hold a proper atmosphere, and should be used as a vacuum environment. Terraforming mars is better idea.
It can dis balance fragile life system on earth.

We must go from the ground, maybe staying there, but without different resonant gravity around earth, I would not try to affect it...

It's like... One nuclear war and moon can be away.
Get energy production up and running, glass making robots building a gas tight dome to maintain life sustaining gases and uv/radiation protection. Water? Get life-forms evolving for the conditions!
we will eventually build domes
or, now that I think of it, more like balloons
Relative to the moon? Perhaps. Still a stupid idea. Venus is the only candidate with teraforming potential and it would take centuries to cool it minimum.

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