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File: 1572531619803.gif (9 KB, 220x220)
9 KB
Remember that solar may not be the best technology but is the more practical, is becoming the cheapest is improving more than the others combined and is the only one that provides schizo ancap libertarians the freedom to not be chained to the goverment grid.

Nuclear is too unpractical and a meme to be used by poor people outside the first world.
Wind is also too expensive to thirld world people.

Solar is literally improving fast, becoming cheaper and we will soon get some even cheaper new materials that are way way more effective, maybe we would develop glass (already on production) so we can literally have a phone charger in houses tables, also we're making shit like properly designed new materials like roof tiles that look like the older ones, but this they're also solar panels.
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nuclear shouldn't be impractical. left-wing shitheads in the bureaucracy slapped a bunch of regulations on it
>oh noes, reality
existing solar plants are certainly doing better than the joke that is vogtle
Now take away their government subsidies at every level and see if they can ever pay for themselves in economic or energetic terms.
File: Lazard-2019.png (204 KB, 1200x732)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
sure check out this unsubsidized analysis of the levelized cost of energy

File: 614.jpg (83 KB, 600x800)
83 KB
>online article about AI
>LOL robot apocalypse!!!
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>limitless technology improvement is nothing but good thing
File: reddit moment.jpg (57 KB, 639x472)
57 KB
>article about newly discovered australian species
>dude this thing is gonna kill all of us XD
File: Ergo-Proxy-Key-Art.jpg (2.46 MB, 3381x2540)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
>articale about retarded koalas dieing
>nooooo why arent the billionaires doing anything about this?
this is true. more tech is always better, you are capable of more. what you do with that tech is another issue.

File: mathematics.gif (131 KB, 375x215)
131 KB
131 KB GIF
>it is naught but fear of death that compels me to study
>time is nonrefundable
>the reaper sharpens its tool for the harvest, indifferent as the sun which rises and sets each day as if the creatures were but meaningless trivia to its majestic arc
>toil away alone in the dark
>searching for answers to questions nobody asked
>locked away from the world, never to explore the true mysteries of life
>it is naught but fear of death that compels me to sit around in bars
>time is nonrefundable
>the reaper sharpens its tool for the harvest, indifferent as the sun which rises and sets each day as if the creatures were but meaningless trivia to its majestic arc
is it just me or are jewish doctors just so much more competent compared to their goyim counterparts? idk why but in my experience almost every single goyim doctor has been a complete rote-mem brainlet while jewish doctors are at the very least great but more often than not amazing. i'm starting to think jewish is a qualification if you don't have some sort of pseudo-munchausen death wish. are there any stats on this to confirm? i wonder how my anecdote corresponds.

>it is naught but fear of death that compels me to seek treatment from jewish doctors, who just so much more competent compared to their goyim counterparts
>medical bills are nonrefundable
>the rote-mem brainlet goy doctor sharpens its tool for the harvest, indifferent as the sun which rises and sets each day as if the creatures were but meaningless trivia under a pseudo-munchausen death wish
>are there any stats on this to confirm?

File: math.png (87 KB, 500x166)
87 KB
Hey math gurus, solve this. And demonstrate how you solved it - show that your solution is correct!
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3/7 卐 + 6 ࿗
I was thinking of this equation not too long ago. How strange that it would show up now.
Actually, it's not strange at all. OP is perfectly familiar with the "meaningful coincidences" I'm talking about.
The series converges on 1488 absolutely

>maths and physics are the most difficult fields to get a Ph.D. in
>Medical fields are the most overrated in difficulty
It's true though
Meds are retards
OP is spitting facts today instead of swallowing for once.
Stay poor mathneets
I'm a math major and I was good enough to get a PhD and become full professor at my university, but I realised pure math is a waste of time unless you are Euler/Gauss/etc. so I went to med school.
This does not contradict OP.

File: Jürgen_Moser.jpg (15 KB, 274x364)
15 KB
Hamiltonian dynamics edition.
I'll be making these threads every couple of months to test the waters.
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Physics anons - what's the difference between light dose and fluence rate?
It may probably have some influence on how SRE phases are defined on lattice systems, but I doubt it could touch anything in the continuum limit. The reason I say this is because SRE phases are defined (according to Wen) as equivalence classes under local unitary transforms, which can in turn be represented as finite-depth quantum circuits. See https://arxiv.org/abs/1004.3835
anyone else have problems with general notation like z=xy, which may assume that x and y cause z, but in fact it can be rearranged in 3 different ways and suddenly y and z can cause y. Usually it is obvious from the context, but I really struggle with this stuff in the EM equations. Everything there seems cyclic to me, and I can't separate causes and effects.
just read lol.
but yeah, the equal sign isnt the best sometimes
For gradschool level, what Statistical Mechanics book(s) would you use?

File: 20200124_013352.jpg (358 KB, 1212x808)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
What does this notation mean?
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no. suppose you have f(x,y,z) but z=z(y). then df/dy is ambigious
how, if only x is changing?

df = f_x dx + f_y dy + f_z dz

df/dy = f_x dx/dy + f_y + f_z dz/dy

Total derivative, not ambiguous at all.
Okay, I'm just spitballing here, but are we only in one dimension, with variable x and constant y?
Because then it would mean dr/dx evaluated at the point y.
Yeah, OP, can we get more context? What's the problem statement?

File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
What is the most disgusting experiment done in human history?
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The more I learn about the Japanese the more I am convinced that they are animals. No wonder my Chinese gf hates them
Glad you're selecting yourself out of the gene pool
john [[money]] transgender castration experimetn
>nazi human experimentation
>Unit 731
>Harry Harlow's monkey experiments
>Standford Prison experiment
>Tuskeegee syphylis study
Monkey head transplant.



File: images.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB

let's play faggots, bump this thread
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File: bump-chan.png (162 KB, 908x680)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
The image dimensions of 300x168 is the real bannable offense here.
you have commit an offence against /sci and her people
what will u say in your defense?
Peanus Weanus of course.

File: images (10).jpg (26 KB, 554x554)
26 KB
If someone unironically finds the cure for cancer alone but wants to make the most profit out of it, what would be the best strategy?
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Yep. Rife and many others have fucked up in many areas simply due to trying to market. Which is understandable, but naive and unrealistic.
Give the cure away for free. Because the greatest reward is helping others.
of all people Palestinians know most of how parasitic jews are
no just look up nick bougas. he was born jewish but renounced it in favor of his 90’s satanist manson-worship club headed by Schreck an that was the platform on which he cooked up his merchant meme image

i don’t want to argue facts here because these things are all easily verifiable facts if you use google

File: 157932918215.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
/sci/ need your help, do you really think knowing probability and statistic will improve your betting in sport gambling?

I usually bets in esport but until now all my bets was using my guts only.
Just knowing math in itself can't give you an edge. It's more important to intimately understand the sport you're betting on to help you make useful predictions. Probability can give you a way of quantifying your confidence and seeing if you have an advantage over the market odds.
thank to a lot of videos, instead being a stupid gambler betting at everything. i will focus all my bettings in dota2 (still ultra popular in my country, beside there is a national dota team that is doing great in international event, i believe it will become a tier 1 team in future) and csgo because i played both and know them quite well.

File: 1579289561479.jpg (25 KB, 500x365)
25 KB
Reality has no ubiquitous reason to make sense. If it does at any point, we can as well ask why it appears to make sense in that moment. My personal hypothesis is that we are what makes sense of the world and physics as we observe it is our collective psychic intent trying to force nature into a perpetual state of self-consistency. Since we make it happen, or else give it the structure that makes it happen with increasing consistency, we have creative control over what types of weapons will become possible with future "discoveries" in physics. The only rules are the ones we impose, so the only real hard constraint we have here is self-consistency. What do you expect to become possible at some future state of technological scientific discovery?
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yes, and it’s all complete bullshit. thanks for the spam
Those are other posters. Only three posts aside from my own have entertained the actual premise. The rest has been confused opposition unrelated to any actual assertion I made.
and your assertion is complete woo with no testable predictions and not even a single equation. it is stoner shit at best until you tell us how we could test it
See >>11315541 and consider that silence would have been preferable to the current response. If /sci/ has no ideas then there is no further discussion to be had at this time. If someone idly sees some science fiction premise and has a sudden rush of creativity that makes things click in their mind, then I'll welcome that new input. It may be a very long time before people can wrap their head around this concept and I've only seen fit to expect purely speculative feedback until then.
>there's always more surface area in the abstract
This should not be construed as a statement of unstructured creativity; formalizing concepts for testing and analysis is the point.

File: file.png (271 KB, 600x600)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
I have bad congestion issues. I think I've tried everything (saline nasal irrigation, pseudoephedrine, flixonase, beconase, nasal dilators). Xylometazoline spray is the only thing that gives any relief, but even that is limited. I've sent a referral out to two doctors but it's going to be months before I get seen. I'm not getting good sleep and I am drifting off most of the day.

Is there anything I can do in the mean time? I don't think I have sleep apnea, but would a CPAP machine help with this issue? I am finding it increasingly difficult to function and I just want the issue resolved quick. I'm fine with surgery or whatever when these doctors see me but I need to be able to breathe now.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I already do this half the time, but does breathing through your nose while congested not result in your blood oxygen content being very low? In hospital they took a reading and my blood oxygen wasn't normal until I breathed through my mouth.
They didn't mention this being an issue, but I've been assuming it's probably not healthy when I try breathe through my nose.
see a doctor, i had the same issue
your nose probably has quite a few obsctructions and the soft tissue in the back of your nose is most likely inflammed/enlarged
> Xylometazoline
I'd say you stay away from this, because it builds up tolerance and might damage your nose long term.

I used to have chronic nose congestion when I was a kid and it became less often occurring in my teenage years, and is quite rare nowadays, but I don't get stressed out when it does happen. I'm breathing through both my nostrils now, but beware that it is perfectly normal to have one nostril a bit more clogged than the other at any given time.

My diet is much better as an adult: I don't eat high insulin carbs, I don't crave sugar, I eat basically rice, sweet potato, meat, chicken, onions, olives, cashews on a daily basis. I haven't had any problem with cheese, in fact I believe cheese is great for my health, but I'm avoiding for the time being as an experiment concerning something else.

I have anxiety so I don't drink coffee, but coffee should make you breathe better, give it a shot. Hydration helps reduce clogging over all. Exercise everyday with moderation, check if you have other symptoms. X-ray your face and take a look at the nose structure. Bit by bit you come closer to the solution. Just like you, I don't mind a surgery as long as the problem gets solved. The solution is what matters.
File: sao2.png (26 KB, 408x144)
26 KB
>I already do this half the time
>does breathing through your nose while congested not result in your blood oxygen content being very low? In hospital they took a reading and my blood oxygen wasn't normal until I breathed through my mouth. They didn't mention this being an issue, but I've been assuming it's probably not healthy when I try breathe through my nose.
Don't know, probably depends on how low your levels were. I am no expert on this stuff, but blood oxygen levels below 90% is considered hypoxia of some sort. You can get a cheap oximeter and keep track of your levels.
>Healthy individuals at sea level usually exhibit oxygen saturation values between 96% and 99%, and should be above 94%. At 1,600 meters' altitude (about one mile high) oxygen saturation should be above 92%.[10]
>An SaO2 (arterial oxygen saturation) value below 90% causes hypoxia (which can also be caused by anemia). Hypoxia due to low SaO2 is indicated by cyanosis, but oxygen saturation does not directly reflect tissue oxygenation.
Note the last part
>oxygen saturation does not directly reflect tissue oxygenation.
Still, as the picture (from the same wikipedia page) shows it is not before 75% and below that consciousness is lost. Looking more into this it seems that there is a distinction between acute and chronic hypoxia
which seems to be associated with certain biochemical changes. Furthermore, a recent Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to research on how tissue react to different oxygen levels
>The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza in recognition of their discovery of cellular mechanisms to sense and adapt to different oxygen concentrations, establishing a basis for how oxygen levels affect physiological function.
If it weren't clear, I am not any kind of doctor, I don't really know anything about this subject and you shouldn't take anything I write as sound medical advice.

File: volcano.jpg (207 KB, 2048x820)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Why do liberals claim carbon from volcanos is good for the environment and plants but carbon from humans is bad?
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>>11325083 (OP)
Why do right wing lunatics literally froth at the mouth when they talk about clear cutting forests, strip mining, or "managing" wildlife?
one is pretty insignificant the other isn't
File: cc_denialfunding.jpg (78 KB, 1000x812)
78 KB
Why do right wing "skeptics" tend to blindly trust and regurgitate talking points thought up by petroleum-funded think tanks?
How can your average joe get a piece of this?

File: 6nl5oavyyaa41.jpg (122 KB, 750x565)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Explain to me the evolutionary psychology and chemical processes taking place during a physical alteraction. Have any anons been in a fight? Can I really call myself a man without ever throwing a barefisted punch to somebody's face or stomach? What kind of man never gets into a fight? This is science related because humans are animals, and this is biology.
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Nah brahh, your nurture does not override your nature
So you're saying I am supposed to be like this? What part of the brain determines sexuality then? Cause I still wanna fuck women, but I wouldn't mind fucking a femboy/trap/hot crossdresser either.
hes not even that big. its the tats that make him look bigger
It's called being bisexual brahh
>no homo tho

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