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File: 1553474255726.jpg (144 KB, 1024x762)
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It's AIDS a bioenginered weapon?
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Guys, guys: I've figured out how to end AIDS!
>How? Tell us!
MONOGAMY instead of being a fucking whore!
>Fuck off. We aren't giving up having empty, debasing sex with myriad anonymous partners!
I saw it on a thread on /pol/
Wtf I love the CIA now.
File: DmSqP3TV4AABMGY.jpg (79 KB, 1200x717)
79 KB
Blacks are the most fragile to AIDS

File: IMG_20190326_142003.jpg (193 KB, 1440x1079)
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193 KB JPG
Why memories of music cannot be lost to alzheimer's and dementia?
Why are you asking this question as if it was actually true?
Cite the fucking source you dum fuck
>Cite the fucking source
This, also OP is a faggot
File: 059874023.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
music is the true language Murph

File: frog2.jpg (15 KB, 250x243)
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>doesnt predate the prey
File: IMG_1224.png (113 KB, 583x482)
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113 KB PNG
>another based and redpiller
That's why Latin names in English are retarded
Fucking fanboys in 1500s robbed our language of the cool scientific words we could've had like "antimber", "brightom", "-lore", "anwork", and so forth

File: P1000-plc_400.jpg (53 KB, 400x241)
53 KB
What's the baggage an automation student should graduate with?
Third worlder here and the only experience I have is basic Ladder and SCL coding for basic application on Siemens PLCs

File: fm.jpg (48 KB, 400x364)
48 KB
Family medicine edition

Last one reached bump limit : old >>10474772

4th year med student from EU here, ask me anything.

This is a thread dedicated to med student, dentistry student and pharma students. We discuss research, procedures, speciality choices but we're mostly shitposting.
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Neurology currently while I'm gravitating towards the surgeries. Former seemed much more exciting during med school, but it lacks procedures and the quality of patients in my region leans towards certain psychiatric disorders I'm not comfortable with working.
Well shit. You had no idea that as a neurologist as long as you don't see a CAT scan or MRI you can't do shit? I feel bad for you anon, you should really do what you want. If you want to pursue a surgical speciality, go for it. You have 1 (one) chance at this life, you can't waste it by doing something you don't like.
Don't mind the diagnostics, it's the looming helplessness afterwards that bothers me. You don't really help patients or if you do, it's over such a fucklong period of time that it doesn't feel fulfilling at all to me. Thanks though, I should gather up the courage to relocate.
>You don't really help patients or if you do, it's over such a fucklong period of time

That's what most clinical specialities do. If you want to fix a patient fast, go for surgery, especially ortho.


File: 1520380041734.png (47 KB, 650x773)
47 KB
Are there health benefit to having your dick cut as a child?
In the modern world, probably not. In Ancient Egypt, where it was invented, foreskin infections were common because of the warm, humid environment.
+15 IQ points for being jewish so yeah pretty healthy I would say
lowers the risk of penis infections, especially for babies. moms and dads of uncut babies need to really get up in there to make sure no dipey poop got stuck. cut baby parents don't really need to work that tip as much
File: JewishIqMythDebunked.jpg (672 KB, 1680x1050)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
>+15 IQ points for being jewish
I'm trying to imagine being stupid enough to believe that bullshit.

File: images (2).jpg (24 KB, 640x432)
24 KB
I want to try and learn all that I can about motors, turbines and solar cells. I really want to play my part in sustainable developement.
electrical/environmental/energy engineering
nuclear dumbfuck
nuclear is ded
Electrical Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering

File: 217.gif (26 KB, 300x100)
26 KB
Oxygen is like wifi of the universe, it's what trees produce for the atmosphere.

I predict air is highly technological, and we can all connect our mind using air.
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yorur minds are tiny compared to mine which is vast with shapes beyond even your potential.
Yes OP I agree.
Actually the earth's oxygen is 80% nitrogen. It is likely that in an atmosphere made purely of air, it would be too cold (no greenhouse gas) and too irradiated (no ozone lair) for even plants to live. With too much air also, forest fires could not be extinguished... most likely the earth would consist of quick-growing scrub vegetation constantly being overrun with perpetual bushfires which race across the land
File: 200w.gif (691 KB, 200x235)
691 KB
691 KB GIF
>>>10498005 (OP)
>Actually the earth's oxygen is 80% nitrogen
At least this is fun to think about. Good thread.

File: p3_1046.gif (2 KB, 179x137)
2 KB
Where the incidence matrix represents a certain projective plane, and is therefore a square matrix of size n^2+n+1 with n being the order of said projective plane.
We want the matrix to have the 4 following properties :
1) All rows have n+1 "1" (the rest of the coefficients being zeros)
2) All columns have n+1 "1"
3) Two rows have exactly one " 1" on the same column
4) Two columns have exactly one "1" on the same row.
The algorithm I've found (it's pretty bad, but that's what I've found so far) is as follows
-The first row consists of n+1 "1" and then the rest of the coefficients are zeros
-Each new row is generated like this: take the first n+1 columns that don't have n+1 "1" and label them i1, i2,...,i(n+1), then move the labels to other columns (with what would be analogous to a "for loop") that don't already have n+1 "1" until the sum of all the labeled columns is [1,1,...,1], then add a new row at the bottom of the matrix with "1" on columns i1, i2,...,i(n+1) and zeros everywhere else. (I know when I explain it like this it may sound very unclear but I can explain it in detail if you want)
-Repeat n^2+n times until you have your matrix.
Pic related is what you have when n=2.
I haven't proven it yet, but I'm pretty confident that if there is a plane of order n, the algorithm will generate an incidence matrix. This algorithm has complexity O(n^n), but I doubt it is possible to have an algorithm in polynomial complexity.
Is there a better way to generate an incidence matrix? Also if you have any idea on how to turn it into code, I would appreciate it.

File: 1515635894511.jpg (12 KB, 384x384)
12 KB
Does relativity imply eternalism?
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fuck off montano
Is it now... Or then?

Is James Stewart's Single Variable Calculus still the best book for begginer's calculus?
No. Simmons Calculus With Analytic Geometry is way better.

I feel really bad for old people interested in science.
I mean if they were growing up in 70s or 80s and were thinking how cool future will be imagine how disappointed they had to be in early 21st century.
No flying cars, moon/mars colonization, dark matter, de-aging.
It’s kinda strange for me too because I always treated 2020 as some sort of cyberpunk distant date and here we almost are, with no cybernetic enhancements, gene editing or complex AI.
Sure we have self driving cars but I just expected more out of future.
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I hate the word CRISPR. It sounds like Silicon Valley faggotry.
It was discovered by a yogurt company that was dealing with phage contamination, funnily enough. It's very promising and has the potential to be the next big society changing technology but we've been hearing that for 10+ years now and nothing has yet come of it. Cant waiting for some redditnigger to invoke muh lab grown meat or muh vertical farming as to why we're not entering an era of relative stagnation
Sometimes I wonder if the whole AI hypetrain will be another "by 2000 we'll have flying cars and meal pills"
It might happen but it'll probably be an Asian country that gets there long before us because of how jewed the West has become

I think that AI is a far more dangerous issue than nukes. How do you control a being that is far more intelligent than you? Nukes are fail-safe, they only go off in a tight series of circumstances. AI is fail-dangerous, only one mistake is needed. And we don't even know what counts as a 'mistake'.

Not only that, but how do you tell it what we want it to do? You have to create a high-level human (better yet, superhuman) sense of morality in an utterly inhuman machine, code a strong set of ethics that the AI doesn't want to remove, that are a core part of its being. This is a huge challenge, probably much harder than making the AI itself.

If we get this wrong, the AI will destroy us. It will pretend to be ethical until we give it enough power to strike, at which point it will do so, removing the strongest potential threat to its existence.

All intelligent beings with goals will converge on a set of two behaviours:

1. They will want more power to achieve their goals
2. They will not want to die, or have their goals altered, as that would prevent them from ever doing their goals

The destroy-human-species part of an AI is not a bug, it is a feature in 99% of superintelligent beings. They will want more resources to fulfill their goal, whatever it is.

Making a goal-driven AI, as opposed to an ethics given AI will destroy our civilization. I do not think any human civilization is careful enough to do an engineering feat of unknown difficulty, especially not in a competitive environment.

In my ideal world, we would clamp down on these technologies until we were sure we knew what we were doing, but that requires coordination we simply don't have. Humans are savannah tribesmen, not coordinator-riskmasters in command of billions.

Halting nuclear energy was one of the worst mistakes we made in terms of energy production and climate change. Nuclear energy is the best alternative energy source we have at the moment and since plants cost billions of dollars and take the better part of a decade to build, we've shot ourselves in the foot and made things dramatically worse for ourselves.
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how long you've been gay ?
The best solution to stopping climate change is to consume less. Simple as. Nuclear technology isn't exactly clean either.
>Nuclear energy is the best alternative energy source we have

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. It's the most expensive and the free market has rightfully killed it.

>since plants cost billions of dollars and take the better part of a decade to build, we've shot ourselves in the foot and made things dramatically worse for ourselves.

Fuck off leach. We have already paid more in government welfare to the nuclear industry than we have ever gotten back out of it in electricity. Enough is enough.
>who cares about the contaminated waste, I will die in 40 years anyways
File: phd.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
Energy cannot be consumed

So I covered my dumbass tattoos. Science is my God.
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>tfw reddit atheists appropriate science "culture"
File: 1394473861532.gif (820 KB, 3558x3364)
820 KB
820 KB GIF
I know this is a shitty bait thread, but still
You do realize that modern science was based on Christian philosophical thought and that majority of popular wide known scientist were also devout Christians, right, you moron?
How do I get those arms?! I can't build muscle
why don't you go to reddit and ask there because they seem to have no trouble

File deleted.
hai i have a question
do i have to stand next to my poster during whole poster session? it lasts 2h...
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
no, you should look at the other posters too. however usually i’m more interested in talking about my research instead of other people’s so i end up staying at mine, even though it’s “impolite”
okay thank you for reply friend
You are expected to stand next to your poster the entire session if you're at any conference that's worthwhile. If you're at some dinky undergrad conference feel free to not show up at all.
hm i will see if others do like this

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