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File: 1517790772466.png (189 KB, 434x245)
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File: 1554059165381.jpg (172 KB, 1000x668)
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>one direction is trivial
>Proof: Think.
>Without loss of generality
File: 1474853582307.png (46 KB, 300x250)
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>refers to "the literature" for interesting theorem's proof
>proves the obvious lemmas in excruciating unnecessary detail
File: fewr232q.jpg (118 KB, 775x960)
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118 KB JPG
The universe is both curved AND flat.
pic related. kys.

>Also called vaginal candidiasis, vaginal yeast infection affects up to 3 out of 4 women at some point in their lifetimes.
Remind me again why so many people like biology enough to even study it
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I got a yeast infection on my dickhead once due to phimosis
How did you cure it, asking for a friend.
Curing the infection? I just wiped away the foul-smelling "corn flakes" that formed as they push their way from the sheltered periphery of the dickhead towards the peehole. Infection cleared up after a week.

Curing the phimosis? I incorporated stretching into my thrice-daily teenage beatoff schedule.
I often have fungal infection on my balls. Mycoster can cure it in 3 weeks but it comes back.
Not OP but I have a recurring problem on my perineum where the skin becomes soft, red and itchy, and sloughs off if you scratch. Worse in the winter and dry weather, any advice?

File: 1546854242594.jpg (367 KB, 1600x1492)
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367 KB JPG
Why are there no massless but charged particles?
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>e for neg and p for pos
What did he mean by this?
>They're massless to 30 decimal places.
Not in units of elementary charge...
trans particles < ?
Rad video, thanks for posting it.
>trannies are just macroscopic quarks
Explains a lot actually

File: 1558211901860.jpg (709 KB, 1078x1438)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
I began an investigation a while ago into discovering electromagnetism. I discovered how to find the voltage of an electric field, the magnitude and direction of the field lines using phet's charge and fields simulation. I made a program that I later reduced to: u/|u|*(9(coulombs of the charge)/|u|^2) where u is the vector that goes from one charge to some point in the field and for many charges you add them together (apparently they are waves).

Meanwhile, I also spent some time playing around with phet's faraday simulation, and I discovered that at a distance from the magnet, the equation for the electric field resembles the magnetic field though with different constants.

After playing with falstad magnetostatic field's simulation, I realized that the magnetostatic field was perpendicular to the electrostatic field, and returning back to the faraday's lab I figured that the magnetic field induces an electric field, and vice versa. Then at some point at this website I came across with a mention of green's theorem in relation to the area of a curve. At the same time, I remembered when I was investigating buoyancy I had connected it with the equation I discovered for pressure in static fields, and it was obvious in one dimension but for more dimensions one could have complex surfaces. Then while trying to come up with an equation for the electric field induced by a wire, I realized I just had to integrate, but in the case of a loop wire, I'd have to integrate around a curve, and thus it sounds like it could be related to green's theorem. But of course I don't know how to do these sort of integrations, so my idea is to think of a curve as some function that takes as parameter, a point along a path (as if radians) and that returns a vector. And then find an equation for the solenoid's electric field so that I can make predictions about the induced magnetic field's magnitude, is this a good approach?
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Shut down you retarded c***
You'll absolutely definitely never be anything Op
I'm surprised Opie the neanderthal was able to even type this out you should open up an electrical socket and suck on the wires
Just a summerfag being edgy
jannies delete wholesome post and leave summerfag shit. Fucking hell this board is such garbage now.
It's you who should off themself.

File: 972131853923381248.gif (1.65 MB, 800x550)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
Time is an illusion.

The Past does not exist except in evidence and memory.

The Future can be effected; it exists.

You can actually time travel to the Future.

Therefore, Humanity looks at time backwards.

People assume that the past exists and that the future does not exist yet…

The Truth is that there is only the present and the future.

The past vanishes as the present becomes the future.

You're views on time and the timeline are totally backwards.
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There's only the movement of particles. You wouldn't say throwing a rock means the rock changed time, it changed space. But the rest of physics operates the same. What we call particles at somewhere "Then" vs particles at somewhere we call "Now". What else is new?
File: irreparably dull.png (30 KB, 671x1080)
30 KB
>im smart im just dyslexic
File: ejuTHOn.png (17 KB, 500x301)
17 KB
You obviously missed the point.

This is 4chan... and you're probably some loser who has never made any real accomplishments.
You think like an Indian.
Wrong. All “moments” of time are equally real.

t. physicist

How do we improve the American Education system, /sci/? While their Tertiary education remains top-tier throughout the world, their Primary and Secondary Educations is lackluster. How do we fix it? What are our options?
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This is the purest autism on /sci/ right now.
Kek, brainlets commiting suicide en masse.
>Allowing systems to collapse is a purely rational action.
Think of the consequences.
Are a lot of your decisions based on fear of change and the unknown?
Tell me, after the system collapses then what?
Chaos is a ladder, anon.

If this isn’t a simulation, what is it then? What other alternative hypotheses are there to simulation theory?
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File: download.jpg (8 KB, 195x259)
8 KB
An ECHS brain is a quartic quantum qubit, so takes up a lot less spawn time than a boltzmann brain with linear experience aggregation. Welcome brother!
It's turtles all the way down. Even god himself knows that.
Final bump
Hmm interesting argument

File: frame_00133.png (6 KB, 616x616)
6 KB
Born from the ashes of Optimum Theory, /cag/ is finally here. This thread is for everything related to cellular automata including rulesets, media, and general discussion.

Quasi-continuation of >>10637523.
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This is why there's a large range I explore for the divisor
File: lifeinlife.webm (1.46 MB, 854x480)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB WEBM
you have a lot to learn boys
This is great!
Physics simulations can be done with automata
prob did a sparse representation; which you should always do with a large space

File: rusty fleshlight.jpg (28 KB, 644x361)
28 KB
I asked this first at /g/ >>>/g/71046288
but that was probably bad place for it. I'll ask here again, if mods don't mind:

High radiation fucks with electronics, unless they're shielded with Faraday cage. Right.
But those ware not electronics, but crude, electric flashlights with led batteries, I've seen fair share of those in my youth.
They shouldn't have died, unless they got flooded with water that caused them to short-circut.

I know it's only a TV show, but so far it was pretty accurate tech & history wise, I'd ignore it otherwise.

mods - no bully pls.
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>Beginning with the three engineers down below Chernobyl, viewers see them use dynamo torches to light their way to the valves, but in reality, it's believed that the engineers simply held onto the nearby pipes to guide them to their destination. After all, they knew the directions certain pipes would lead them in. But that doesn't work for television, so changes were made in order to allow audiences to see what was happening.



soviet russia can't afford flashlights for hazmat crews, because that concept didn't exist in russia (remember that this is the same country that dumped 3x the amount of radiation into a pristine lake as part of their atomic bomb project)
god damn it, i should hire my ass out to these dumb fucks as a consultant before they run with the shit they come up with
As someone born in commie state, nothing would surprise me, even sending people blind to save the world from giant explosion. The most retarded system man ever created.

They never learned anything. On 5th of May there was a plane crash in Moscow.
One Polish pilot twatted:
>Where was the Russian ARFF? When an emergency landing is about to take place, firefighters are already waiting along the runway and have 90 seconds to reach the plane and deliver 50% of extinguishing agent. It usually took my people 78 seconds. It took Russians 18 minutes.


File: AHHHHHHHHH.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Oh fuck I just cut my ballsack with a bar of soap, fucking sharp piece of shit. Can any doctors here please fucking help me it hurts so much I feel like my balls are being scratched constantly, I can't even fucking touch them.
>Owning soap that sharp
Pics or it didn't happen
God, why am I laughing so hard.
send pics
ballsack or GTFO
Why does every dipshit on 4chan think /sci/ is webmd or some shit? Dude nobody here is gonna diagnose you.

File: 1557840561165.png (224 KB, 1382x850)
224 KB
224 KB PNG

Come on boys. Lets get to 70%.
Low IQ people shouldn't vote.
Restrict suffrage to math and phys fags only.
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>low IQ
pick two
Why are you white knighting on 4chan of all places?
File: 1557458637932.jpg (83 KB, 605x658)
83 KB
>Please rig my twitter poll for me

What is believed to be the cause of fetishes? I mean, some, like an attraction to pregnant women, seem to fit in fairly well to the biological drive to reproduce. But what about fetishes like bondage, which doesn’t fit in with that, and some seem completely opposed, like an attraction to robot girls. How does it even work? What causes fetishes to develop?
170 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
More cute fat girls for me I suppose.
To each his own.
How would that turn someone into a latex fetishist? Exposure to a rubber band??
Plastic toy wrapping
Inflatable swimming wheels
Bubble foil
A lot of children are routinely exposed to all three things, and more. So there is more needed to turn someone into a fetishist.

I heard somewhere that relatively recently, in terms of that kind of thing, the Sahara desert was significantly wetter and greener than in the present day. What would it take to start making it like that again, and what would be the effects?
162 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
If they have a stake in it they will support it. Solar panels are already commonly used on the continent.
If it's so simple, why haven't you done it before
A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Do you see where you went wrong with your comment?
Like if you turn an entire place into solar panels by taking the land from them and none of the moeny going into the local inhabitants they will be pissed just like anyone else.
The engineering is straight forward and people realised this more than 100 years ago. The problem is that much of Africa is in a state of war and terrorists roam across the rest.

File: multiverse.jpg (68 KB, 816x579)
68 KB
Is it to colonize the multiverse and keep fapping to hentai and fondling VR titties 'till the end of eternity? Like seriously what's the fucking point?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I think the idea of god is plausible and if that’s true then there probably is a really good reason for the universe’s existence

How do you reach that conclusion? I hope God is real and there is an afterlife, but God doesn't answer what existence is at all at a deep enough level to be satisfactory. Even God himself would have to have questions about existence and the nature of reality.
File: 1544888941491.jpg (30 KB, 457x446)
30 KB
The whole multiverse conundrum is that those things you seek are necessarily out of your reach.
o i am laffin
Please don't involve the multiverse in your efforts to satisfy that part of your brain that is addicted to making sense.
Even if this place doesn't have its own "point", we have points and ends. The question is, then, what the fuck do we want to get out of existing here? For me the answer is pretty simple. In this world the thread to our existence is constant. What we should all strive to do is to secure our continued existence better. You would say, "but shouldn't there be something more to it than just that." And I would respond, maybe but this task is so huge that we will likely never stop working at it. Like OP suggested, even if we spread not just cross the universe but across the multiverse, the threat to our existence would likely remain. This is a never-ending job, and we will likely never be able to rest on our laurels and just masturbate all day. This is why some people who do this already are so self-deluded. But they will all wake up one day.
This, total enlightenment of humanity should be the goal to reach ASAP. We won’t survive with retards.
You don't know what the multiverse is.

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File: TIMESAND___NationZ.png (627 KB, 808x656)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
>most productive working man on Earth
besides my scientific work, I did this too:
Nothing has come of it yet but it's in the news a lot. When you hear about the "final assault on Idlib" what they are actually talking about is the final "oh shit" moment when the ID library comes back to haunt the criminals.
This was me too:
>Nuclear accident in New Mexico ranks among the costliest in U.S. history

Article says the plutonium leak was caused by kitty litter, but the real story behind the fake story is that I caused this other leak of meme plutonium, and this leak was totally separate from the OPM breach.
He literally does that. Read the proof months ago and had a good laugh, dont recall the exact details but I do remember he defines some variable as an "special infinite" and then bases the proof on the premise that ∞ + a = ∞ and shit, which is fucking laughable.

You're delusional. Even if you're "working" on whatever you deem important, you're still homeless and unproductive, which keeps you from being a fulfilled, functioning member of society.
You're the same as those wow addicted retards that waste their life away playing 17 hours a day, except that you think that what youre doing is right because you waste your time in a respected field instead of a video game.
I was the single most productive man on Earth in at least a few of the last several years.
Bro just define infinity-hat as number for which zeta(infinity-hat) = 0 and Re(infinity-hat) =/= 1/2. Lol that wasn’t hard. Riemann was such a dumbass for not proving this shit immediately lol.

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