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File: 450_1000.jpg (31 KB, 450x253)
31 KB
why is it wrong to be self-taught?
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You need to be a gigolo.
Because you don't support the capitalism pyramid scheme when you do that.
Formerly educated
The only downside is it makes it much harder to teach.
All he came up with was some sort of sphere that didn't even exist lol. What a loser

File: minds-eye900x686.jpg (164 KB, 900x686)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Is panpsychism a viable theory?
Or is consciousness (subjective experience) an illusion?
Or is everything an illusion besides subjective experience?

>inb4 /x/
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not body, mind*
So the mind is an OS?
In the same manner, the GUI is an illusion
Anyone else feel like we're living in a dream world?

Something extraordinary could happen and I wouldn't even be surprised anymore.
That's actually a rather elegant way to describe it; the resulting magnetic field strength being analogous to the predictive capability of the output layer.
>How can a steam exist without physical properties?
>How can music exist without physical properties?
>How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
>How can posts be posted if they don't bump the thread?

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
How would we colonize Venus? Would it be easier than colonizing Mars?
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Take Oneil Cylinder and put it in orbit around Venus. There, colonized.
>Take Oneil Cylinder and put it in orbit around Venus.
if we have the cylinders then whats the purporse of colonizing the solar system?
we can't really interact on those worlds for long enough and its way better to live in the cylinders than outside, we will have only pretty views only.
Venusifying Earth seems more plausible right now.

File: 13801113.jpg (57 KB, 1420x946)
57 KB
How do negative integers even exist?
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File: 1568213735532.jpg (128 KB, 1242x1216)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
you can't have negative money.
you can't have negative net worth.
you can have no money.
If you owe someone money then fuck them for being so retarded to lend it.
u can have a net loss, or negative profit. how else to express that?
how do natural nubmers even exst
I have i dollars in my bank account, explain.
the exist in the platonic realm

File: n_sphere.png (804 KB, 1200x1200)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
>Suppose there is a three-dimensional sphere with 4 random points on the surface area. If these 4 points were to be connected to make a tetrahedron as its vertices, what is the probability that the center of the sphere would be encapsulated by the tetrahedron?

How does one solve this?
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literally just linear algebra and vector analysis, brainlet
Oh fuck. Was too tired.
Grant is a blessing. It’s frankly amazing a math video has 5 million views.
its not hard to understand, i.e, be led through, but to come up with it all on your own is what is hard. I believe though that you will benefit from seeing ways past problems have been solved; strengthens your intuition and problem solving skills
>I roll a dice.
>Get 2.
>There was a 50% chance of this because it either happened or it didn’t.
Fucking hell anon.

File: frens.gif (816 KB, 528x555)
816 KB
816 KB GIF
I bitched about long review times in a thread here a couple of days ago. Finally my revision was accepted, /sci/. My first journal publication!
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Thanks. Computer Science.
>My first journal publication!
What'd you write about?
Computational Analysis Methods of Aboriginal Gender Topology
Hopefully it gets me a Nobel laureate!
We have previously made a mechanism for decoupling PCIe devices from the hosts they reside in, allowing them to be temporarily reassigned to other hosts in a PCIe cluster. This paper was about how we have extended this functionality to virtual machines, allowing remote PCIe devices (such as GPUs) to be passed through to a local VM, and also enabled PCIe peer-to-peer between such passed through devices, even if they physically reside in different hosts. We've also done a bunch of performance evaluations, showing that there is minimal overhead using our approach.
Congrats OP.

File: 1568171440339.jpg (41 KB, 374x374)
41 KB
Is it really even possible to count up to zero?
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no. All wrong
Prove it, platonist.
found the finitist
Says who?

File: Best Planet.jpg (3.95 MB, 7000x3500)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
Give me one good reason why we shouldn't go back to this.
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The vast steppe was cool as fuck.
I wish they showed Iceland on that, I'm curious.
File: darian gaps closed2.jpg (144 KB, 744x597)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
But was the Darien Gap still closed?
Lowered sea levels due to high amounts of ice
Ice age Sahara should be green.

File: iBvmAxk_d.jpg (38 KB, 640x292)
38 KB
Will we become a Solarpunk utopia or a Cyberpunk dystopia?
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>solarpunk is a thing

that people even want to do solarpunk is an admission that society can't even do nuclear power and achieve a late 70s level of prosperity
File: 1460662435429.jpg (317 KB, 1128x1504)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
we will go solar if we got a future
File: fallout3.jpg (188 KB, 1280x720)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
File: drawn-wallpaper-japan-5.jpg (571 KB, 1680x1050)
571 KB
571 KB JPG

In 2017, I proved that the Riemann zeta function does have zeros off the critical line. These zeros were all the critical strip; I have proven that the RZF does have non-trivial zeros off the critical line yet inside the critical strip.
>On The Riemann Zeta Function

Although in 2017, I was only able to prove the existence of the zeros without actually showing what they were, in 2018 I found the exact numerical form of an infinite number of zeros of the RZF. I found these zeros using a totally different argument than I used in 2017, and these zeros are off the critical line AND outside the critical strip.
>Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity
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I have no ill will towards you, but I make it clear that I am here for Tooker and Tooker only. Tooker is the main character of the real world, after all. However, if a passerby finds wisdom in my words, that's good overall.
Find wisdom in these words: if your posts irk me then I will hunt you and torture you before I kill you, and if you are a bot then I will do the same for the IT guys that make you work, and all of your families. I will totally take away from everything from you, and I will not have any mercy on you when I use example for what it means when the say, "Fear of Lord is the beginning of knowledge." If you were afraid, you wouldn't comment at all for fear that I might not like what you wrote, and that your family might suffer before they die because of it.
Too looong and boooring, Tookie ... You should totally make infinity hat hat though.
I've never been drunk. I've never went to a party. I am the Autism.
I've been drunk, to parties, and was force-diagnosed with autism to satisfy my parents requirements for, "We're not adult enough to handle describing or defining our child! Please help us, other adults who conspire to usurp the younger and the ignorant!"

File: 5.jpg (39 KB, 791x1024)
39 KB
What's your favorite integer?
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Also like 4
Get on my level.
Rolling again
6 is pleasant as the first squarefree semiprime

File: 1376728452522.gif (1.22 MB, 477x252)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
Are we going to lose the moon one day?
Nah bro the moon is actually Jesus watching over us amen
It is not possible. The Moon exists as a symmetric, equal opposite to the Sun. Where the Sun is hot, the Moon is cold. Where the Sun is fiery, warlike and masculine, the moon is feminine and thoughtful, cunning and wise. The Sun cannot exist without the Moon, any more than the Body could exist without the Soul.
The moon is going to lose us one day.
Yes, the moons orbit receeds by about 2cm a year, so eventually we'll lose it.


>nuclear is shit, inefficient and getting phased out rapidly
>coal is shit and actively destroying us
>natgas is only slightly better, but is exactly the same in every other way
>renewables now cause climate change as well, except you can't just plant trees and fix the problem

Are we fucked? We have literally no answer at this point. I might as well move to Russia and pray to god I live past 2030.
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France is the model and if they actually do phase out nuclear for Russian oil it'll send a clear message to the whole world that clean energy is never worth it. The world will continue sliding this way until an energy crisis - such as one spawned by a saudi civil war - forces FF reduction.
nuclear is actually pretty good, but it only works if you completely socialize the grid. Though the amount of time it takes to go from the planning phase to actually producing power really sucks.
>cover the sahara with mirror method solar panels
>power an entire civilization forever
Wow that was easy.
Like most western nations France is phasing out fossil and atomic power and replacing with wind and solar. There is a simple economic reason. it's cheaper.
>>nuclear is shit, inefficient and getting phased out rapidly
Wrong. Otherwise correct.

File: 1565992586203.jpg (16 KB, 233x225)
16 KB
>NOOO generic engineering is bad!!! You can't just play god!!!
64 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
We should found a new nation on a floating sea platform, lads. It would be like the Rapture where morality can’t limit the advancement of science. We can fund all research you want by selling designer babies to rich Chinese parents
specific engineering is much better
>for the first time is superior to all others in a way that can be tested and proven

What is generic engineering? lol. Anyways, genetic engineering (or synthetic biology), among cybernetics and other technologies is quite unavoidable as long as there is a civilization. I guess the 'play god' argument is just a virtue signalling phrase for the ignorant to use.
Or with a disease that is ruining their life that one nucleotide changed by CRISPR would have allowed them to live a normal life.

File: 1512348772648.jpg (24 KB, 600x647)
24 KB
How many IQ points did you lose /sci/. Considering I'm >130 now I reckon I would have been some savant nigger if I wasn't completely jewed out of my intelligence.
10 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why the racism?
They clamp
They circumcize
They fluoridate
>the most intelligent people from the working class are high IQ retards that never brushed their teeth as kids
shut up you white chimpanzee. it's our word and we can say it all we want. you jealous you can't say a word you pussy.
I think i just lost at least a googolplex from this >>10973084

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