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>90% of all the math you need for the most advanced CS projects is linear algebra
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File: 1546098999758.gif (1.12 MB, 194x284)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
>90% of all the math you need to be employed with a math degree (as a math teacher) is fractions
And that's why physics is for idiots!
>what is cryptography
kys niggerlicious tranny cuck
I know a guy using algebraic topology to compress and interpret data.
Tools from algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory are used in encryption.
>applied science needs only a subset of all maths.

File: Screenshot_96.png (152 KB, 372x485)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Any fellow medfags here? First year of Medicine, whats the best way of studying Anatomy (yea i know its looking, but whats the most efficient way of learning position relations)
First year med school and you dont know how to study? Fake or you sucked lots of dicks to get into there
I got in by luck lololol im from Europe here we have Chemistry and Biology as the entrance exam, i got 16/30 in Chem of which 12 was pure fucking luck. But hey i got a 9/10 in Genetics so far so good
how have you not taken anatomy tho, i feel its like the calculus of medicine, something fundamental
Exams are open from June, until then we have classes and exercises, So far we've done the upper/lower limbs, Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis. After winter break we'll have Neck, Head and CNS. So far ive only studied the extremities and what i could pick up from the latter classes i remember some stuff, but i had to study for genetics.

How feasible is transhumanism and its predictions? What will happen when the (inevitable) AI Singularity plays out?
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based gif optimizer
File: robotic-arm.jpg (106 KB, 1170x660)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Implanted thought controlled prosthesis are already a reality.
[citation needed]
He's obviously Chaotic Neutral.

File: Black-Panther.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
What's the closest real thing to Vibranium?
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It's a magic metal that can do anything.
>Steel is the real life vibranium
This. We're just used to it so it seems boring. Steel is amazing.
Too brittle.
White guilt.
Muh dick

File: DeepImpactPoster1.jpg (23 KB, 486x399)
23 KB
the wave was only 1000 feet high.

literally everyone in this movie could have survived if they just got a pickup truck full of baked beans and drove to colorado.
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It Litterally is 1k feet high in that video, or are you an absolute brainlet who can't see sizes
I did some math on that happening, and it's not pretty.
There are 2 scenarios.
1. The comet hits you on its way in. Then you need a space shuttle engine firing for 5 years to divert it 1 Earth Radius.
Meaning you got to spend most of the fuel going out there.
It would take all of mankind's work to divert it, literally.
Launching multiple rockets a day.
2. It's on the way out of the sun.
Same, but you can use more efficiency at perigee from the sun.

In both case, you need 15-20 year warning, and comets just don't do that.
Why did the Building 7 collapse too? The wave didn't hit it.
Why a comet, of all things?
These guys had WAY worse to work with: massive chunks of rock, undetectable rogue black holes, random jets of radiation... and they choose a fucking ice-cube.
Just... why.
The comet is 11kms in diameter, roughly the same size like the one that whiped out the dinosaurs. Maybe despite the fact that we would probably detect a comet of that size much earlier than in the movie, the science in it is pretty solid.

File: download (4).jpg (15 KB, 259x194)
15 KB
Whenever you want to post something here, you get to complete a google captcha. It's clearly intended to advance progress in machine learning, specifically computer vision. If you don't select all the bridges, you get an error asking you to select all the bridges. How does it know that you haven't selected all the bridges? Because it already has all of them figured out. My theory is that it's looking for bots that are smart enough to repeatedly spam and select the right pictures, which would mean the bot is good, and then they would somehow want to use that bot for their own purposes to improve their own AI. Is that plausible? Thoughts on the subject?
Getting a bit conspiratorial. What these systems have is a validation set alongside an experimental set. The validation set, is images that recaptcha has human validation on. The experimental one is one's that they are classifying via the masses. If you are able to pass their validation set, they assume you are legitimate and then trust your labels for future training. In some way your conspiracy is correct, in that they do have companies that specialise in adversarial attacks on recaptcha, but these adversaries in the process of their attack, help augment recaptcha dataset.

File: 1533072852969.jpg (56 KB, 720x696)
56 KB
>Real analysis exam tomorrow
Real analysis is easy and fun. No problem!
>undergrad problems
Real analysis is graduate material, yes? As in Folland's book.
>real analysis
>isn't real
it is tho, how would anon have an exam otherwise?

File: 4chan[1].jpg (91 KB, 968x681)
91 KB
>/x/ is filled with people with literal Schizophrenia
>/his/ is filled with Young Earth Creationists
>/pol/ couldn't check a source if their life depended on it
Is there was one other board on this site that you would say was remotely scientifically inclined what would you say it would be?
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Yeah that's if the fats you eat are shit like from cheese or bacon. Stick to healthy fats like avocado's autist and don't eat too much red meat.
Give some example.
What, did you think your vacuous assertions deserved something more than that?
>it's rather curious how the people who bleat on the most about "free speech" apparently have nothing better to do with it than to entertain what to do about the Jewish Question.
kek, well said
I thought this thread was a bit over the top, but then we have the thread about the guy who invented a new computer chip and is now just talking to himself...

How do I master logic
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George polya was Hungarian, but his "How to solve it" is very good.
Listen to Jordan Peterson
File: f93.png (279 KB, 898x790)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Unironically this. Btw have you read his new book "Make your bed and wash your penis"? I usually don't like to read books but it was a real eye opener for me. I bought it 9 times already just to give him the support he deserves.
"Mathematisches Problemlösen und Beweisen" von Daniel Grieser
Danke Bruder 22:22 Uhr ich denke an dich

File: self replicating robot.gif (151 KB, 640x435)
151 KB
151 KB GIF
What if we made a robot that can move and sustain and clean itself by burning biological matter and absorbing sunlight for power, and melting metals for parts and then can find another robot which it can team up with to build more robots? If we made it human sized what would happen?

Would it be alive? What if we coded an improvement algorithm to stimulate mutations?
you're basically asking "what if tunnel boring machines could also be concrete factories", in which case they can be if the TBM is attached to a conveyor belt or pneumatic pipeline where the concrete can be collected for later use.

In which case, it's still just a TBM even if it can self-replicate and produce product. It's just a machine, it's not alive and doesn't even require particularly sophisticated electronics (just a cutting head, a vacuum tube, and hydraulic rams to push into the rock).
you're basically taking OPs point and writing a wall of text about it, but you misplace the wall.

The only wall we need is one between mexico and america. what if the concrete factorie robot would build that wall. that would be great.
using sunlight is a much better way to go than using biological matter. It has been shown that there is enough sunlight available to make solar cells from sand in a desert to make more solar cells. And the process used is rather brute force, better processes may be possible:
Kinematic Self Replicating Machines is a pretty good read in this area. So is NASA's Advanced Automation for Space Missions
More recently there's MIT's work on lego like blocks that are versatile enough to make almost anything and probably even a machine capable of assembling them.
They still need to demonstrate one though
>>human sized
self replicating machines will likely be fairly large
arguably yes, but who cares as long as we can make it do something useful
are likely to be bad. Von Neumann's self replicating cellular automata tends not to function when mutations are introduced. There is a pretty big difference between macroscale assembly and what happens at the subcellular level. If you shake around a box of airplane parts you're unlikely to get a plane, if you don't shake biological systems hard enough, they don't function. We can try to emulate biological self assembly at the macroscale, but it's unlikely to be practical. It takes a lot of energy to shake stuff around, and we need larger timescales so that parts can explore the whole space. It is very difficult to self assemble pegs in holes at the macroscale. Misalignment of the peg can lead to irreversible wedging.

File: 220px-John_Milnor.jpg (16 KB, 220x297)
16 KB
you wouldn't be posting here would you.
If I didn't post here I still wouldn't achieve anything in the sciences.
Very wrong. You seem to be infamiliar with the power of 4chan, faggot
Why the homophobia?
this, tone down the homophobia you ugly nigger

99.9% of universes are random chaos. How did we get the good one? It must be incomprehensible odds.
If the universe is infinite, either in size or in time or both, the probability of any possible outcome is 1. Without a universe that supports life there would be nobody making this thread.
Justify to me your choice of probability space

File: pepe.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
Can u self teach a CS degree with Coursera?

File: 1521061121744.jpg (62 KB, 640x483)
62 KB
I want to teach myself physics and math is this possible if you' don't have an above average IQ? Where do I start?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
the point was for optimality retard, why bother thinking extraneously and researching pointlessly when you can simple post "hey how I be smart guy?" and some anon without an ego the size of manhattan to compensate his dick size will give them the answer in a short time. try doing that self thinking, oh but are you too elite to do retrospective ?
>t. reddit moron
>I want to teach myself physics and math is this possible
No. Literally nobody has ever done it.
Everyone says they are going to do just that but they are all ignorant of what it takes.
Nobody has enough self-motivation to sit through 8000 hours (not a hyperbole) of self-study.
Besides, it's not THAT fun. It's a job. It's a lot of work with some reward but the reward is sparse.
Especially at an undergraduate level you are learning forever and never actually applying your knowledge.
So in conclusion.
Why shouldn't it be possible to attain at least a reasonable subset of a proper education in math and physics? OP didn't exactly narrow down the scope of their desired proficiency, but the idea that "literally nobody has ever done it" — whatever "it" is exactly — is completely vacuous.

that is a long fucking detour to arrive at url: https://physics.stackexchange.com
and you can read what it actually says on the cover?

File: Gagarin and Korolyov.jpg (159 KB, 900x594)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Would the soviets have been able to get the N1-L3 working if Korolyov didn't die as soon as he did?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Everyone in this thread needs to watch this video that explains the USSR space program:

Of course. But as with the US it was just propaganda and the value of finally getting to the Moon after the americans gave up and scrapped their rockets is a bit embarrassing. 2-3 more tries and it would have worked. Now, the dramas that could have unfolded after that might have made apollo 13 look silly.
>would have lost the space race
except they won it

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