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File: 1540431263143.jpg (1.46 MB, 2400x1800)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Is the technological singularity still a possibility or is it considered a myth now?
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We don't know the limits of our current AI technology and if such a thing as true artificial intelligence is possible. It's not a myth as it is more of a prediction/prophesy.
Basically we know it's impossible with our current approach to AI (neural-nets) and with our current approach to computing (silicon based transistors and gates).

The hardware problem of reaching the limit of silicon can easily be overcome if we either find out a room-temperature superconductor. Or if we find a way to produce high quality graphene wafers to make chips out of.

The AI problem is not as easy to solve. We will most likely have to do more research into how the human brain works to make better algorithms. Neural-nets are based upon brain research from the 1950s and we haven't really made a lot of new breakthroughs (that can be translated to usable algorithms) since.

Will the singularity happen in our lifetime? The only way I can see that happen is if there is a miracle breakthrough on superconductivity, brain research AND algorithms for AI happening all before we die.

Just incrementally bettering our current technology (Silicon computing + neural net AI) WON'T result in a singularity. We are already close to the physical limit of what these can do.

We are at 7nm transistors now. The physics limit is at 1.2nm but we have an engineering limit at 3nm.

Meaning we can have ~10 years of progress left with silicon 7nm->5nm->3nm and if we somehow fix the engineering limit then 3nm->2nm->1.6nm->1.2nm

So we only have 2 "guaranteed" improvement steps and 4 potential improvement steps. We switch from production size every 2 years. So by 2024 we will be at 3nm. And if somehow outmanouver our current engineering problem we'll have progress until 2032. But then we hit the hard physics limit of silicon technology.

So basically we need to get high quality mass production graphene wafers or room temperature superconductivity by 2024 or we'll massively stagnate with 0 improvement happening in the computer space on the hardware front.

That is not a situation conductive to a singularity and therefor is impossible with current approach to tech.
see www.ethicbot.com about ethical dilemmas in A.I.

Optimist here. Human brain is not "algorithmic" in the traditional computer sense of linear code.

Its automata. The brain is parallel and simultanious. We are going to have to understand this if we want to achieve the objective of Optimism, to materially live forever in happiness and health with our loved ones any anyone else who wants to join the party.

Optimist here. My perspective is that the entire approach to microprocessing is wrong.

The human brain is not a linear algorithm. It is automaton. It is MASSIVELY parallel. Simply running a few processors in parallel is not enough. We need trillions of parallel logic gates. This all needs to be happening simultaneously. Furthermore, the brain's version of the logic gate (synapse) does not have 2 branches, many more than that, which results in massively exponential complexity.

We need to rethink our entire approach to computation.

As for what conscuousness is. Thats not so difficult. It is what it is: sensing, classifying, imagination, planning and action. It appears to accomplish this through a GAN like system, adverserial intelligence. Essentially it pits simulated versions of itself against eachother.

For about six months I heavily abused Benadryl to get high. I was staying in this shitty mental health facility where we were forced to socialize (despite my anxiety), and to cope I would just get wasted on benadryl. Stupid idea. I would take anywhere from 16-32 pills at a time. Insane behavior, I know. I regret it more than anything I've ever done. Now I feel retarded. Like my IQ has decreased. Less creative. Like I've been lobotomized or something. I know it disrupts acetycholine and fucks with your memory, but what else are the consequences of this? Will my brain ever go back to normal? Will ECT help?
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You'll be fine eventually, supplementing choline should help
i used to abuse a lot of this stuff back in high school
regrew my brain in 3 years max from abstaining (cholinergic interaction isn't addictive so)
you could try piracetam or the other racetams as they affect acetylcholine systems too as well as taking choline

effects haven't been proven to do anything but if you're concerned it's worth a shot
thank you so much, this shit really gets to me.
File: 1562970896761.png (119 KB, 583x482)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>another druggie thread
Though your concerns are valid (that really was a pretty insane amount), your symptoms are more likely due to the fact that your mental illness(es?) never got effectively treated. You essentially spent six months disconnected and high instead of actually engaging with reality and thus didn't reap any (lasting) benefit from therapy.
At any rate, your brain can and will heal. Remember that people have survived massive brain bleeds, encephalitis, meningitis, losing half their brain altogether, being on actual hard drugs that ride them raw for YEARS even decades, and can still recover. Ultimately, you're far, far more physically and mentally resilient than you feel.
Since you learned your lesson, my advice is to forgive yourself. Start with the lowest available dose of citicholine every morning, get a full 8+ hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep every single night (REM sleep in particular is critical for mental health), try eating little to no sugar, more fat and protein, and drinking plenty of water. Remain in therapy. Fight the desire to isolate yourself from others. Gradually the fog will recede, your focus will sharpen, and you'll regain the sense of capability you thought you lost.
You're worth the effort, Anon.

>pic related–it's future you

Retarded post-infinite-ironic meme here

While you can’t solve for a variable, still seems like you could at least solve for a letter number Wi-Fi string here
But I’m awful because I quit May at grade 11

Is this solvable or no?
Wifi causes brain damage and sterilizes you.

This board is absolute shit.
Looks like normalized kurtosis but I'm too lazy to compute

File: cess.png (191 KB, 1374x758)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
This video, by accident, helps establish that massive objects are held in place by inertia (ie aether / resistance in free space). All three object in third video want to stay in same spot. Upon release the car and water are pulled toward center of elastic. The car, water container, and earth each have atoms that are minusculey expanding outward from their centers. Possibly do to immeasurable nuclear decay (it's that weak / slow a decay). Where are the actual experiments, in free space, showing that same size spheres of lead vs spheres of cotton candy have more force/pull ? You can't see the expansion because your rulers are also expanding. Makes more sense than warped space (space is the absence of anything.. it can't be warped).


13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
And this has something to do with how gravity pulls it why? It negates gravity simply by it's own compressions/rarefactions?
spranglish -

approach things through a non-educated person's perceptions. otherwise you will only fight against what you know to be the 'truth'

newagers and teslabrains need to go back to >>>/x/
Welcome back to the Nineteenth Century, rinnx.

Had perfect GPA in highschool up until sophomore year- I wanted to take AP classes, but the school requirements said you can only take them senior year. I realized I'd never compete against Ivy kids without AP classes, and fell depressed. Grades plummeted junior year after mum got diagnosed with cancer. Dropped out before senior year started, then got my diploma 2018. I decided to apply for colleges in May of this year, and only got accepted at one: University of San Francisco.

According to my SAT scores alone, I'm better than 99% of the students who attend this libtard summer camp. If I do well, maintain a 4.0, and have a shit ton of extracurriculars, can I transfer into Ivy?

I'm gonna be surrounded by drooling cucks all year... Highschool was never challenging, AP classes were never hard, I self study analysis, and I'm being paired up with autistic kids. I refuse to go to college if I can't transfer into a top uni.
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This thread is garbage and double space posting should be bannable.

This translates to
REEEEEEE I couldn't get into a top school, REEEEEE
Ivy school is mostly about your rich parents buying your spot through adcom or being non-white.

Grades don't matter at all.

Come to Caltech OP.
Holy fucking shit, this thread is even worse than the IQ ones, it's hilarious. This underage nigger is STILL assblasted with his Ivy League autismo
>shits on unis other than ivy leagues
>couldn't get into an ivy league

File: 1508440452042.png (334 KB, 640x613)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Why is linear algebra always taught as a mess of contextless formulas and jargon?

I don't care what an eigenvalue is, because I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it.
But I do find it practical information that there's rules like representing n spatial dimensions with an (n+1) square matrix to enable spatial transformations via certain multiplications. That's one of the few bits of linear algebra that sticks for me, because I actually know something I can do with that information.
Is there anything I can read to learn practical linear algebra? Pure math is completely pointless and tends to lead to jargon being explained only with more jargon.
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If you haven't noticed when letters could dissapear, you have no chance now, you need to be pushed information.

I feel sorry.
Clearly op is just ignorant. Wouldn't call him a retard fot that.
>I don't care ... because I don't know
...said every retard ever.
op is a retard for watching anime as an adult
Nah it's just Touhou so he'll be fine, but since he clearly just used the image as a thread starter he's hopeless.

File: sirio-estrella.jpg (20 KB, 600x372)
20 KB
Hello, English is not my mother tongue. I currently live in South America, and I am studying constellations, planets and everything related to astronomy. Any recommendation or help that you want to give me?
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File: cassini.jpg (190 KB, 1920x1080)
190 KB
190 KB JPG

Very realistic and accurate space simulator that lets you learn about space by traveling through it as if it were a strange video game. It's fun to just explore places and learn about them.
Fuck off back to /pol/
Stay in /pol/
File: The Stars.jpg (28 KB, 379x499)
28 KB
The best starter book I know is H.A. Rey's "The Stars: A New Way to See Them." Look on EBay - they're about $4 in the US. I don't know if you get that price in SA. It's a great way to learn constellations.
Equipment: get binoculars. They don't have to be big and expensive. My first set were opera glasses, and were good enough to find dimmer stars in my suburban skies.
People like you should look out for the constellation called ICE.

What are the working conditions and/or salaries of geologists? I am considering breaking into the field, literally and figuratively. I understand that geology has a slightly lower salary than other scientific fields, but the outdoor nature of the work more than makes it up for me. Also, in terms of work, is the PhD/research path or the general geological fields (oil, etc.) better? I want to be outside for the majority of my career, and I feel like phds might have more office time than general geologists.

chew on this
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File: 1553040295538.jpg (99 KB, 399x382)
99 KB
For fucks' sake
It proves common core is correct
this is based and funny. but there is truth in how insecure you have to be to prove your more intelligent than the people of twitter (which frankly is hardly a challenge)
you learn factorials in high school and OoOs in grade school. the only impressive part is how many people didn't get it on a "math and science board"

do code monkeys really?

File: Avatar.jpg (394 KB, 1000x1500)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
This is the most realistic depiction of the future in pop culture history. We will invent more and more, but not get the wisdom. Makes me question my involvement in STEM.
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Avengers just passed it as the highest grossing movie of all time (unadjusted).

Endgame still eclipsed it in the same one-and-only metric that it held, and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about that. Eat shit.
Unobtanium = my approval of this film

>Quant hyper shitting FINISH!
>your favourite part isnt when he bangs a hot alien bitch
Are you gay?
File: 1468035307324.jpg (3.45 MB, 3142x2162)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
>Are you gay?
Why the homophobia?

File: 1372655881704.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1200)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
Alright let's say it actually becomes possible to upload your brain to the cloud and just live on the internet in virtual reality doing whatever you want forever.
How far away would you guess we are from that point, and would you do it? Would it really even be "you", or just a copy of you? What would you spend the rest of "your" life doing?
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not really. We are conditioned from birth to be controlled by sex appeal. This is used all the time. Same with romance but the target of that is generally young girls. Merely conforming to our environment is not good for us no matter how natural and unimpeded it is. The only place where it is perhaps unnecessary is in what we were evolved for, huntergatherer societies. They best avoid maladaptation without repression.
I think that is precisely what he meant with "cum brain retard".
Lol no you couldn't, stop kidding yourself and contribute instead of jerking off.
>How far away would you guess we are from that point
Very far. We need an AI smart enough to make that happen first. Relying on current human capacities, it would probably take another century or more to solve even the most basic shit of interfacing with the cloud, let alone completely uploading to it.
>Would it really even be "you", or just a copy of you?
That posits that there's a "me" right now which is more than just the sum of its parts. If "I" still experience myself in the cloud, then that's all that matters. If it's a copy, then the old me is dead so it won't care, and the new me will have the same fundamental experience of self if the technology works.
>What would you spend the rest of "your" life doing?
I'd start off living in paradise, having some adventures, experiencing my wildest dreams and so on. Eventually I'd get bored, so that's where the interesting part comes in. What will we do when we've experienced the best of the best? Would we turn up the difficulty? What if I chose to jump into another dream and forget completely about this one? Then I find myself as a human in 2019 typing shit on 4chan having forgotten that I was actually in a simulation. Where does it end? What would existence mean at that point? What does existence mean to begin with?

Ive said that I would spent around a billion years in simulated vacation, around 1 year base time. But the thing is, Optimization never ceases. Darwin never sleeps. Eventually we would be in real competition again, and that is where things get reeeeally fucky, and maybe even terrifying.

File: newly digitized.jpg (56 KB, 600x400)
56 KB
Veterans Affairs Administration Edition

Old thread hit bump limit.

We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.

>What's the best spec for research?
Path, onc, anesthesia, etc.
>Best spec lifestyle wise?
Psych, optho, derm, rads
310 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
you’re constantly starving and will suck the higher-ups’ dick for a meal?
imo unless you gotten accolades within your hobby don’t put it down
go into hard STEM like pure math engineering, get good grades 3.6+GPA, then do prerequisites. this way even if you don’t get in you’re not completely useless and will still be able to get a job.

Not true MSF exists
New thread.

Do you guys think Alien life is extremely rare in our universe? I watched a video explaining how our solar system is very safe for us compared to other solar systems. Like for example, we have a big moon and our sun is not super active. It just seems like so many things need to be in a certain way for life to start and survive in our universe.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
See that's the big thing though - we're in the perfect position for our earth life to flourish, because we're perfectly adapted for this planet thanks to evolution.
For all we know life itself started because of spooky space viruses that came from planets much different from our own.
Not to say that's what happened, but because we don't know basically anything about what caused life to spring up, we can't determine how rare it would be, or really what's necessary for it.
Yea, and how we touched moon just to potentially dis balance it.
File: 1517773255993.png (91 KB, 400x333)
91 KB
Evolutionarily it seems multicellularity is actually a common step since we have seen it evolve independently from single-celled organisms several times now. Life might have emerged curiously early but we have never seen it in lab environments and when you calculate the probability of the spontaneous emergence of RNA, the chance of it occurring in any single observable universe is something to the degree of 10^-1080 (eugene koonin)

Extremely rare at the least and it is a real possibility that there is no life causally connected with us. Eukaryogenesis is another very improbable singularity kind of event that occurred only once and the specialness of which means we possibly shouldn't expect to see it anywhere else, and without which there no conscious life

>The formidable problem that these fundamental complex features present to evolutionary biologists makes Darwin's famous account of the evolution of the eye look like a simple, straightforward case. Indeed, so intimidating is the challenge of eukaryogenesis that the infamous notion of ‘irreducible complexity’ has sneaked into serious scientific debate [11], albeit followed by a swift refutation [12].
It's all speculative and no one really knows. There are very good arguments for either side. There may be many more factors that we are still unaware of. The end.
File: HotBoom.jpg (92 KB, 1403x550)
92 KB

Until they pop down from the skies and start blasting us into oblivion because they see what shitty lifeforms we are. And smartly, wouldn't want us to become space bound and become a threat.

You will have your answer.

File: 911.jpg (10 KB, 164x307)
10 KB
casio fw 91


don't think so
File: 494617.jpg (43 KB, 620x417)
43 KB
f(light) -> 911W TC
tell it to /g/
File: casio-fx-991ex.png (755 KB, 1550x1900)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
The wrong Casio for this board
File: CasioIlluminator.png (4 KB, 91x159)
4 KB

Casio Illuminator


I think not

File: pi2.png (735 KB, 1179x710)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
Too much intelligence can interrupt your normal functions as a human. Life requires being numb to the truth to operate. Quit your calculus and go outside.
44 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have all symptoms of Huntington with no DNA test ever took. I get involuntary muscle spasms...

Fuck you, I'm going to die. Outside there are just people fucking my brain up, here it's kind of silence.
>I get involuntary muscle spasms...
Magnesium defficiency. Nearly impossible to diagnose.
Ironically this is a peak psuedointellectual opinion, also >>/x/.
Relatively unclamped overall.
>calculus is the pinocle of intelligence
yeah sure goy, maybe to engies.
I don't know or care if I am intelligent, I just like doing mathematics because it is fun
honestly I couldn't tell you if I were a smart guy even if I wanted to. I don't bother observing people because they tend to be too simple to be interesting, and I haven't had friends since 8th grade, and those guy to me were brilliant, they seemed so much better than me in every way.
No one has ever called me smart or brilliant.

very intelligent people must be something hard to fathom from someone as flawed as me. I think Gauss is a perfect example.

hey dingus knowing what other people are thinking is not the same thing as self awareness.
it's basically the opposite.

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