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I, an atheist, have decided to walk on foot from Portland Oregon to Louisville Kentucky to visit the creation museum (all while reading and studying the Bible)

I am in bad physical shape (I barely walk a mile a day and have suffered from heart issues in the past as well as current issues with low testosterone as I have a T score of 125)

What should I do to prepare? I know I need new shoes, thermal clothes, and I’ll probably be living off a box of 7 quest bars a day (unless there’s a cheaper alternative)

How do I keep from being bored during the walk? How do I keep warm? What’s a cheap, lightweight caloric alloy dense food to bring?

I want to leave in the next two weeks.
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>Young Earth Creationists are all particularly foolish Calvinist heretics
TIL Augustine was a heretic
>Methodists are a mixed bag, but generally fine.
The one time I went to a Methodist church, a female preacher spent the entire service talking about why we should ordain gay priests.
Unitarians and methodist are ok in general, they do have a lot of fruitcakes though. Old school methodists are funny, I used to work in a museum that was the house of a local old school methodist. Back when they were ardent teetotallers, made all of his money in brewing beer like some Victorian Walter White.
Augustine didn't have the knowledge to know better and wouldn't have advocated for young earth creationism if he was born in the modern era.
It's funny how you say the religious are the ones that don't critically think but the more I really honestly sat down, put aside my personal biases and genuinely thought critically- the more spiritual and eventually full on religious I became

Just got back from Oklahoma this morning. I was hunting in a blind on top of some stilts in the middle of a wheat feild. There was a feeder about 200 yard away near a tree line I was watching. My dad and his friend were breaking down a deer below and making a lot of noise, and when I looked behind me at a line of plum grass, a huge old whitetail had poked his head up above the bushes. I had a clear shot, crosshairs on his shoulder. Then the damn man yells for a knife and the ole boy perked his ears up and ran off. Anyone got another fun "could've been" story? (Pic not him obviously but close)
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>Invite Bro-in-law to go deer hunting
>his douchebag cousin invites himself
>set up on wooded ridge overlooking long sloping meadow
>draw straws for shooting order
>douchbag gets last
>he mad
>goes off on his own
>couple of hours go by spot a choice buck with does moving into the uppper meadow
>350 yd shot
>Douchebag comes out from behind bushes next to the buck screaming his ass off spazzing out
>thought he'd caught a ricochet
>wishful thinking
>he was massively buttrangered that I took *HIS* buck.

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File: Kizuna.AI.full.2225692.jpg (359 KB, 1100x1060)
359 KB
359 KB JPG


fucking kek
File: pink laugh.jpg (22 KB, 280x291)
22 KB
>>chewed through a baling string snare
I'm screaming internally.
That’s bullshit, those guys are faggots. Always ask permission before retrieving downed game on someone else’s property. If they decline, call the sheriff. Thankfully in my state, of the property owner won’t let a hunter retrieve his game, the owner has to tag the animal. If the owner doesn’t have a tag, well that’s felony poaching.
I know it doesn't compare to you're story but the hip firing bb gun reminded me.

>be me
>late 90s
>bro and I are on a huge James Bond kick since Goldeneye 64
>at local white trash flea market one day
>that stall that sells nunchucks n shit, every flea market has one
>PP7 BB replica, Co2 powered
>blasting through tons of ammo and Co2
>gun jams, trying to fix it
>brother thinks he has the issue solved
>pulls trigger while looking down at gun
>common grackle in a tree 50 yards away drops

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Do you guys have FIrst Aid Kit while hiking/trekking/backpacking? What is in there? Do you have separate pouch for serious trauma stuff like IFAK and another one for less dangerous problems? Or you have everything packed together?
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>jew bandage
These are my go to for stopping hemorrhages. I also carry a SAM splint, nasopharyngeal airway, chest seal, decompression needle, a collapsible CPR mask, space blanket, and whistle.
>Emergency medical kit is only as useful as the skills of the person using it.
This so much. I see so many FAKs with a bunch of stuff that the carrier has no idea how to use. It's just dead weight at best, at worst it'll be used incorrectly and cause more harm then good.
My FAK is basically a foot care kit with some painkillers, various plasters, and wound cleaning stuff.
Dropped my med kit several years ago. Never needed it. I only carry a couple of bandaids. Never needed any of those either.
When you are alone and far away from anywhere, don't take any risks.
I have band-aids and bandages and a roll out splint, I don't know first aid past that point so what's the point
Gauze pads
Medical tape
Two rolls of gauze
Butterfly bandages
Triple antibiotic cream
Alcohol prep pads
All in a waterproof plastic container, I really should have some ductape in there but I don't wanna reinforce Wv stereotypes

File: out_the_wender.jpg (3.26 MB, 4032x3024)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
Post whatever is /out/ your window both from home and work. Even cityfags are welcome as outside is outside no matter where it is, and I think it will be interesting to see the variety among us.

Mine is from the room I am presently quartered in while staying with an elderly fellow that is recovering from multiple back fractures. It is pretty far /out/ in the country. Check out that old Oak!

I'm hoping that participating Anons will include both home and work window views, but whatever you are able and willing will be welcome and worthwhile. Not everyone has both, or even either.
File: 20191205_153207.jpg (4.16 MB, 4032x3024)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB JPG
You have been visited by Mr. Dead Alone on the Roadside Skeltal. Post 'em as OP has requested or your mother dies like him tomorrow instead of her sleep tonight. Her corpse will also be raped by whomever you personally hate most. His powers are immune to all immunities!
File: pichere.jpg (71 KB, 900x675)
71 KB
The view out my back home/office window.
Man, looks a lot like my old home for a while in MT. Pretty sweet to have such a view.
I have that same punching bag.

File: voronya.png (376 KB, 640x1441)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
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as near to zero as to not be a concern.
On your way down, leave it in bags where you camp, and as you start to make your way back up, pick up your trash along the way.
Better question, how do you get fresh air a mile plus down?
You know there are hardly any things that will take your used poopbag when you leave. So you just leave it along the route you are going and you will probably go back up the same way you came in. You probably don't wash much. There is also probably lots of logistics help if you are going in a cave for 1 whole month.
You can't leave it in there, you'll fuck up the cave environment. Here's a how-to guide on it:

File: ajewpyyox2.jpg (14 KB, 457x343)
14 KB
>no trail markers
>cotton clothes
>insufficient water and food reserves
>dragging steel weapons and armor
>4 couch potatoes who never left the shire
>mountaineering in knee deep snow and ice with no tools
>spelunking balrog infested kingdom with no light source

Ok for Gandalf, he's literally an archangel, but the mortals? No way they were able to pull this off. No amount of Atlantean surplus found in grave mounds was able to get them through, that trip was suicide. The blisters would've killed them before Sauron.
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>Aragorn was part elf
not really. His great grandmother x 10000 was an elf but one of her sons chose to be a mortal man ...albeit with a longer life span than other men. but that was 10,000yrs ago and Aragorn is very much a mortal man.
Just more viable for me listening to them on my phone at the moment.
thanks I know who the Dunedain are. what is your point?
You didn't hike in those.

File: 20161227_171140.jpg (1005 KB, 2560x1536)
1005 KB
1005 KB JPG
I'd be inclined go carry a .22lr over a .357 Rem Mag. Not because of weight, but because I'm more likely to use a .22LR on cans n' squirrels. A .357 would only be used for self defense and wouldn't get much trigger time. Not as much as a .22LR. Pic related a prelock SW M617, 10 shot. I've got a SW M686 that fits the same holster, so what's best?
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>Hunting is a pleb filter is Europe
If it pleases the crown
Most hunters are working to middle class.
The price on land leases for hunting in Europe is absolutely ridiculous. A working man probably has to put all his spendable money towards it.
No one has a land lease to go hunting, you either go on public land earmarked for it, like in France or you join a syndicate or talk to someone who knows a farmer or other things.
For every occasion i use my Heckler & Koch USP in 9mm. I was looking for a Mark 23 but it's too expensive.

Looking for some advice here,
Tl;dr: Is it possible to reconcile off-grid living with a solid career progression? And if so, does any anon have tips on going rural?

For the longest time I planned on becoming a doctor, and currently have every chance to do so. But I've also decided that I want to lead an off-grid lifestyle, with homegrowing, solar pannels, essentially the full package. The problem is to do that, I will not only have to drive a fuckton every day, but also resign myself to the local hospital, with long shifts, overworking, underpaid, little progression opportunities, et caetera.
If anyone has any alternative scenarios, tips or advice I'd be thankful.
Also pls no bully, am newfag
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Interesting question. Normally, a career is one of the things that people want to go off the grid to escape. Maybe you could become a doctor and have some land in addition to the home you live in most of the time. You could keep the off-grid place and improve it and go there in your spare time or on vacations. Then, once you are ready and have had a fulfilling time as a doctor, you could shift your career a bit. Use your money you saved up to build some kind of passive income, or maybe get some kind of online teaching job for whatever you specialized in, and go live at your off-grid place.
>some kind of online teaching job
>live at your off-grid place.
>reconcile off-grid living with a solid career
Yes. Get a car with very good mileage.

>t. I've done it
That's a pretty good suggestion, thx anon

Depends the kind of lifestyle you want, you could always work as a doctor in some safe but poor 3rd world country.
You basically make your own schedule at that point, but working for an NGO you're never gonna be rich.
You might even adopt a village and start making municipal improvements, basically become the a pillar of the community, that's what most doctors did.

File: 20190923_072332.jpg (2.21 MB, 1545x3990)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Besides weight, what could be a disadvantage? Iron sights are fine. It's been said the .30-06 cartridge was developed as an anti-cavalry round for horses. Is that true?

This should be elk competent.
What military rifle for hunting?

Pic related M1 Garand, M1917 both in .30-06.
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I want to go rabbit hunting with a tank.
You can buy adjustable gas ports and you can get m2 ball ammo
It will work just fine. It may be sub optimal, but it'll get the job done.
>Also I don't think .303...is very ethical for moose, or even large elk.
do you know how many elephants, cape buffalo, and lions the King's Own Cartridge has taken in the last 100 years?
If you want minced meat , yes

I have an off road capable SUV that I want to use to take /out/ but want to discuss and decide what kind of sleeping accommodation I should invest in.

I want to be able to use this vehicle to go out onto and off of trails to do some backwoods camping and what not. I want to be able to be able to drive through the trails that take me right up to the picturesque mountain and lake/river backdrop. I'd also like to get into some other kinds of offroading as well, potentially things like rock crawling and mudding.

I'm having trouble what method I want to invest in, as most have their own pros and cons, and certain things have to be considered, like wanting to have room for at least a dog and at least one, if not two more people. If I missed anything please feel free to input.

For in car sleeping, there are many different ways you can go about it I've seen. You can remove all seats besides the driver, or make a communal seating arrangement that can easily be converted to sleeping quarters, you can have the seating and sleeping set up be one and the same, etc. I've seen simple inflatable beds made specifically for the back row of a car. For most methods available, it can be assumed you will be giving up immense amounts of space. Depending on how you do it, you could potentially be reducing the amount of passengers you can carry as well. You shouldn't have any negative impact on your off roading capabilities however, you should be able to traverse anywhere your vehicle is capable of.

10 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want a roof top popup tent that also allows access through a sunroof into the vehicle below. That way when skinwalkers or faggots try to rape my ass in the parking lot I can zoom off and get away. Back in the day, the family had an F-100 truck that has a sliding back glass you could open. It also had a topper on it with a sliding glass that met up with the cab. So, we could go truck camping and still have access from cab to topper without getting out and exposing ourselves to faggots or skinwalkers. The nice thing about that is we could still use the truck as a truck and haul loads with it without the topper while on the farm.

Otherwise, I'd recommend getting a van. Most are basically just a truck and you can get lift kits and muddin' tires for them if needed. There are even ones that have pop-up tops...
They'll just want to rape your ass even more if you drive that homo sex party looking van.
You need to burn your car to find true peace.
File: 1551950092778.jpg (144 KB, 486x267)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
I want to try an rear tent that you can connect to your car's rear. My SUV has a sideway swing out door which would work great.

File: vegtation_map_US.jpg (426 KB, 1340x1002)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Tell me one good reason why you don't sleep in a hammock if you go /out/ anywhere in the forested green areas in this map?

>inb4 it's too cold
It's called an underquilt
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File: 1570154372779.jpg (64 KB, 480x600)
64 KB
File: 1575424727572.png (36 KB, 250x234)
36 KB
That is a sad tiddy
I sleep on my stomach lol

File: 615_DSC_0517_III.jpg (54 KB, 615x412)
54 KB
Where can I find forests like pic related in ID/WY/UT area? I know ID/WY border near island park has one. Are there any others?
Looking for winter /out/ places that arn't steep mountains.
10 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
At Moss Creek near the south rim, it was like 6 mile hike. Also fire ban was cringe.
File: DSCN0129.jpg (3.05 MB, 3200x1800)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG
That's the reason I'm asking, I loved the forests near Island park and would like to find one closer.
Trying to get offtrail in northern UT is annoying because of the steepness.
Pic is one of my favorite summer spots, but I can't get there now without a 20 miles snowmobile ride.
The northern Uintas are a little more gentle sloping than the southern side. All I can think of is areas around southern Uinta co WY like Meeks Cabin Dam, but it's still hard to get to and snowed in. There are probably closer areas that I don't know of though, they'll probably be smaller forested valleys in the Wasatch and Uintas. Utah doesn't really have any other large forested plateaus other than the Wasatch plateau, to my knowledge.
North slop is where I have been looking aswell, it's 101 miles to Bear river lodge. I'm afraid of getting out there and not being able to navigate dirt roads. I have to atleast drive a little on dirt to get into the NF proper.
ah the good ole rim

File: tmp649968475237777408.jpg (237 KB, 1035x680)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
I live in one of the most industrialized areas of Europe. The terrain is also flat meaning total absence of hills or forests for tens of km around the city. All the terrain is used for agriculture/industry/infrastructure/houses.

I'm fucking tired of this place. I've always wanted to get deeper into /out/ kind of stuff but everytime i try to organize even something small like a day hike it feels like it's impossible (i don't have a car and the areas reachable by train are urbanized)
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I absolutely can. I can automatically change my driver's licence for a Norwegian one too.
I don't hate you Europeans, but I do feel bad. I live in Indiana, arguably one of the worst out states, and all I have to do is drive 30 minutes south and I'm in Hoosier National Forest. I'd gay marry one of you to come live here if you were cool and not actually gay. But you'd have to promise to be my friend and not take advantage of me like that guy Elaine was dating in that one episode where all Europeans turned out to be bigger douches than even the most douche upper east sider.
Pity the Anglo most of all
>no good mountains
>no wild forests
>just quaint countryside
>can't travel around mainland europe easily
>no remote national parks, all swarming with urbanites
>probably not possible to be more than a mile away from another person anywhere
>scotland looks smugly down on us with their remote sprawling highlands and archipelagos

I might have to move to snowdonia seriously
you sound kind, anon, such shame you aren't a biological woman.
I guess if you're a good looking euro anon visiting the US you would have no problem meeting american women willing to do that or some similar type of arrangement.
Singapore, Hong Kong, Vatican City, plenty of terrible little city states are worse

File: MAC11_BIRDING01[1].jpg (231 KB, 660x277)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Is birdwatching the lamest outdoors hobby? Just a bunch of cringey old white people.
64 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Basketball/ape hoop
The petting zoo is not the wild.
>Robbing people
>Not a pastime
Sheckelhoardin' jew moneygrubbers would say differently.
But 4wheeling is fun in and of itself! So really, you spend thousands of dollars on 4wheeling.
no, I have a different truck for 4wheeling. When I go out detecting the drive doesn't thrill me.

File: 20161203_110941.jpg (1.51 MB, 1309x1648)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Best /out/ hobbies next to hiking and backpacking!
90 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Please spray line your bed, anon
File: L81_A2_Cadet_Target_Rifle.jpg (861 KB, 1920x1440)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
I miss target shooting so much.
I was on my school shooting team. We shot .22s all year round in our 25yrd indoor range, twice a week. There was a big interschool speed shooting competition, 10 shots in 60 seconds, five targets. We also shot this weird competition called the Country Life. They'd put up a large landscape painting at the end of the range and you would have a spotter who would describe an area of the painting you had to fire at. While it wasn't in the rules of the competition you and the spotter would normally have a subtle little code to communicate whether you needed to adjust for your next shot as they weren't really supposed to do anything other than describe the target. But this was an sort of unspoken but accepted part of it all.
We would then train, maybe once a month but more in the summer months, firing 7.62s at 300/500/600 yrds, all with open sites. Then in the summer there would be a big interschool competition called the Ashburton, where 100 odd schools would get together and compete. We'd usually go down to the ranges at Bisley and camp out for the week before to get into the swing of things and compete at the end of the week. After the Ashburton there is a large international competition called the Imperial, if you were a good shot and up for it you could stay on and camp out for another week to compete, but you had to pay your own entrance fees etc. It was always a mad two weeks with a lot of underage drinking, causing innocent sorts of trouble, and shooting. Pic is the full bore rifle we fired for the interschool competition. I forget what the rifle I shot for the Imperial was, but I was lucky enough that my school had a well stocked armoury and some nice gear.
File: 4.jpg (111 KB, 1024x659)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
These are the .22s we'd shoot. Number 8s.
Man remembering all this has almost bought a tear to my eye.
School was pretty intense and strict so once I finished and moved away from home for University I went a little wild, since getting back on track I havn't had the time to get back into it all, but this might give me the kick I need to get in touch with the local club.
You guys are such faggots

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