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All powerful space aliens will capture you and sent you back in time 20000 years to star in a version of the TV show ALONE for their entertainment. You will be dropped at a safe place as close as possible to your current location. You can bring 10 items to help you survive. If you can survive for 365 days, you will be brough back and will recieve 5m US$ in price money. Gaming the system is impossible, leaving traces of yourself is impossible as they will be cleared. You can bring 10 items, if you do not currently own them they will be provided for you. A gun counts as one item and comes with 1+3 magazines (if applicable). 100rds of any ammunition also count as one item. You can wear all the clothes you want, clothes on your body do not count towards your item count. All you are bringing has to be man portable, meaning if you can't carry it all out of your home it's illegal. So no armored vehicles or any such funny business.

What do you bring? Where are you? What will you do?
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to be fair, dire wolves were basically identical to modern grey wolves
this is like that argument "they didn't have vaccines in the 1600s"
yeah, and they died by the thousands
this entire thread is fantasy you mong

An elephant gun isn't going to help you much.

You'd only have to shoot one mammoth to last a year, the question is how are you going to preserve store the meat (tip: you can't/won't). You'd have 98% of the mammoth left by the time you'd eaten all your belly could possibly fit AND sawn off a huge steak your own weight and covered yourself in sweet delicious smelling blood. A mammoth carcass will also attract predators and other humans. Blasting away with your meme rifle = you lose pretty quick. Fishing and small mammals and deer is more effective.

Colder than now, but OK.

I'm sure these aliens will set you down at the glacial edge, at least. Also, not all Canada was ice.
Fishing rod
30-30 lever action
100 rounds of 30-30
Cast iron pot
Insect Repellent
Water filter

I would easily survive in South FL

File: slingshot-hunter-20.jpg (182 KB, 1100x1422)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
what does /out/ think about slingshots?
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They're fun. As I kid I had one of the newer fancy ones with a wrist brace, and I could plink cans at 50ft all day. I took off the junk bands and replaced them with the heavy weight exercise bands cut to size, I think the brand was theraband. I'd use .63(?) and .45 ball bearings and lead shot. The heavy round balls would hit with some authority and were easily lethal
One of the few weapons you can legally own without a loicense in Britain and thus worthy of some note.
Making the sling out of rubber is modern, but it's basically the same idea as a bullet crossbow, and those have been around for thousands of years.
File: 1537317400070.gif (1.04 MB, 755x708)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
>implying that we're not a singular hivemind entity

I am you. You are me.
It isn't the same at all. The power comes from a band, not a leaf spring. If you are going to go that far then you may as well say that we've had >>1496195 since the first creature threw a rock or stick. Since both use projectiles after all.

*wastes millions of acres of land and destroys their ecosystem for a shit-tier power source*
nothin personal, kid. heh, remember, your helping the enviroment.
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File: fucc.gif (578 KB, 480x592)
578 KB
578 KB GIF

You still need one of these for NPP.
this whole thread is a bit tl;dr. but it made me realize theres a lot of interest on thsi board for nuclear power.

i've worked in the nuclear industry for 5 years. my involvement with the dry cask storage, design process, and FLEX (industry response to Fukushima accident) has given me some insights i may be able to share if anyone has any particular questions.

cant promise how often i'll check/respond. spring is outage season.
File: Pol Pot.jpg (6 KB, 182x243)
6 KB
Childhood is idolizing the Unabomber. Adulthood is idolizing /Pol/ Pot. What the Unabomber did was send out a few bombs. He was a gnat trying to kill an elephant. What /Pol/ Pot did was empty out the (((cities))), force a return to a pre-industrial agricultural society and kill off the oversocialized intellectuals. He did everything the Unabomber wanted to do in an entire country.
>Tfw no pol pot to kill me
>Tfw have to do it myself
I have a degree and glasses and everything.

File: frog.jpg (40 KB, 458x458)
40 KB
Where are you Schwuchteln going this year?
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Planning to do a trip to visit the Zugspitze Thierry spring.
warum brauchen deutsche immer ihren eigenen thread und fangen sofort and deutsch mit dir zu reden wenn sie merken dass man deutsch ist?
>und fangen sofort and deutsch mit dir zu reden wenn sie merken dass man deutsch ist?
Kinda ironic, no?
nicht wirklich
Aber du tust genau das.

Und ich verweile dabei, back to KC you neubiene.

File: NegevNightSky1.jpg (95 KB, 805x405)
95 KB
does anyone live near a desert or has been in a desert at night? I am really romanticizing just aimlessly wandering in one. what is it like?
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Hello fren. I just want you to know that you don’t have to double tap enter to start a new line here on four chins.
Just remember that the whole World Wide Web does not work like red it
It’s amazing. Second only to being out at sea on a calm night

I've never camped in a high desert without being woken up at 3am by coyote yips and howls. The night winds are the best though, incredibly comfy.
Yes Fellow Human, as a Human, I Too, Enjoy Long Walks in the Desert Alone, preferably unarmed, and often enjoying a popular Human inebriant like alcohol and/or marijuana, I also make sure to tell the Fellow Humans I regularly communicate with, because I am a Human, that I will be way for an indeterminate length of time and be vague about where, to preserve privacy of course!
>I wouldn’t worry about it
t. a skinwalker

File: deer.png (524 KB, 640x582)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
Anybody have experience with the ycc? I'm applying to them for a summer job. They pay shit but being outside in nature everday and getting paid seems pretty sweet.
knew someone who was in it. sounded fine. hope you have fun.


File: 11-wingman.png (545 KB, 1200x1200)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
What does /out/ think of multitools?
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I hear more people call them Gerber's than multi tools in the military

Swiss army EDC (tourist, for the corkscrew and can open, can open easily any food container with it, have opened hundreds of bottles of wine over the years) in the pocket like always, and a Leatherman supertool in the bag.
This guy gets it
I've got a small, older Leatherman that my friend found laying on the ground at his college campus. Needle nose pliers, a blade, file, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, and a can opener is about all it has but it has come in handy countless times. I carry it with me while camping otherwise it resides in the glove compartment of my truck or in the tank bag on my motorcycle.
I like my SOG.

Old surplus wool clothing is it it worth getting a few sets?

Pic unrelated
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related to pic...
how fucking based are bison anyways?
Bison thread when?
Yes, if the price is right. Some of the older surplus stuff sells for more than comparable new clothes.
File: 51B6uSg-eUL.jpg (50 KB, 275x500)
50 KB
I mean it's more /an/ than /out/ but I do love those beasts
If you buy it in winter its about 20% cheaper because fewer people want it.

File: bagpack frame.jpg (57 KB, 482x879)
57 KB
Do bagpack frames do anything? Its just more weight to your bagpack. I find that once I connect the arm straps together at the chest and hip most of the tension becomes dispersed. But maybe theres more to it.
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I havent used a frame but i do hook a chair to my rucksack when i go fishing. Ive found when carrying big weights it makes it way more comfortable.
I think that post may just be common sense anon.
Out here in the PNC and western states we have mountains that we hike through while hunting and when you get a harvest, you lash the meat to the load lifter between the frame and bag.

You can haul plenty of stuff, and internal frame packs can let you haul large capacities with ease. External frame packs are the best for hunting.
what are the cons? the weight? i'm gonna buy a new BP soon.
File: IMG_20190407_124246988.jpg (1.17 MB, 1836x3264)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
They hold a lot of shit. This one is new to me but I can fit a heavy loadout quite a bit better than the internal frame pack I have. I've always hated internal frame packs.

I plan on living off the land.
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No, it isn't, that would be even more unsafe than working in heat. They typically wear cooling vests and just practice good heat etiquette, hydrate, shade, etc.
tfw wake up in a sweat because I got dehydrated while asleep
the desert is a fucky place
No it isn't, not in central Arizona at least. Theres is no humidity whatsoever unless it rains in the middle of the day
File: A1-Ballsauce.jpg (112 KB, 980x551)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
It just feels dry sitting inside in the A/C, we get it. Outside sucks then.
They do work at night though. Try driving down the 10 past midnight this summer and you'll see.

File: 171.jpg (283 KB, 512x512)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Old thread: >>1490256

=Search terms=

Agrarian - Agriculture - Agrology - Agronomy - Aquaculture - Aquaponics - Berkeley Method Hot Composting - Cold Frames - Companion Planting - Composting - Container Gardening - Co-operative Farming - Core Gardening Method - Cultivation - Deep Water Culture (DWC) - Dry Farming - Espalier - Farmer's Market - Forest Gardening - Forestry - Fungiculture - Geoponics - Greenhouses - Homesteading - Horticulture - Hot Boxes - Hugelkultur - Humanure - Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System - Keyhole Garden - Korean Natural Farming - Kratky Method - Landscaping - Lasagna Gardening - Ley Farming - Market Garden - Mittlieder Method - Mulching - No-till Method - Ollas Irrigation - Orchard - Permaculture - Plasticulture - Polyculture - Polytunnels - Propagation - Rain Gutter Garden - Raised Beds - Ranch - Rooftop Gardening - Ruth Stout No-work Garden - Sharecropping - Shifting Cultivation - Soil-bag Gardening - Square Foot Gardening - Straw Bale Gardening - Subsistence Agriculture - Sugar Bush - Truck Farming - Vermiculture - Vertical Gardening - Window Frame Garden - Windrow Composting

Agouti - Alpaca - Animal Husbandry - Antelope - Beefalo - Black Soldier Fly (BSF) - Brushturkey - Capybara - Cattle - Cavy - Chickens - Coypu - Crayfish - Curassow - Dairy - Deer - Donkey - Dove - Ducks - Fish - Game Birds - Geese - Giant Guinea Pigs (Cuy) - Goats - Grouse - Guan - Guineafowl - Hedgehog - Heliciculture - Honey Bees - Iguanas - Llama - Ostrich - Partridges - Pheasant - Pigeon - Pigs - Poultry - Quail/Bobwhite - Rabbits - Rats (Cricetomy/Thryonomy) - Sheep - Snails - Tegu - Toads - Trumpeter - Turkey - Worms


General Info & Anon-created Guides: https://pastebin.com/rwdxk3k3
Check >>>/an/plant for the non-food sister thread.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thus far, the only thing I sell for cash are eggs. This will be the first year I'll try selling some starts; mostly pepper and tomato plants. I do a great deal of trading for services and other goods. Leafy greens go over really well with the local vegetarians and some stop by to do some work in the garden or they hook me up with supplies of compost, manure, and the like. Others I will food crops for food crops or seeds/cuttings. I also pay some other people in food stuffs to do farm hand type work or even to get a tractor to come by and till up a patch of ground.
File: New Thread.jpg (65 KB, 526x350)
65 KB
NEW THREAD: >>1496297
NEW THREAD: >>1496297
NEW THREAD: >>1496297

Nope. They have fans though so those hum.
how does he get out without breaking all the eggs?
too much nutrients?
too much water?
why is it so hard just to do one gosh darn kratky jar

File: solarcharger_.jpg (104 KB, 1000x1000)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I just want to be able to charge my phone in the bush. There are a million of them out there. Any recommended?
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
use gloves, i think this 12 volt battery gave me temporary arthritis, hurts a little.
File: 61-SJGHntbL._SL1170_.jpg (118 KB, 1170x850)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Ok, now that the solar panel I have ordered works, and works easily with a current of 1.5 amps in not the brightest of sun and behind a window in the morning, I need a power bank.

I am thinking of just "building" one myself as suggested, but I am not gonna weld anything.

Any suggestions for a good box with inbuilt electronics to house at least 4 x 18650s?
Or is the electronics even necessary when you buy those really expensive quality 18650s with
protection circuits and whatnot inbuilt?
How is the voltage converted from 3.7 in/out to 5V standard for usb cables?

I don't mind if in the end this DIY battery pack is more expensive if
a) it works stable and delivers the power
b) it is at least as safe as the usual power banks you find on amazon

I might go the ultra minimalist route as well, in which there is already an usb connector built into the 18650 battery.
If this somehow works with recharging it up through the solar panel, and charging up a smartphone and maybe other devices, then it would be the most lightweight solution, but super expensive.
>merely pretending
I am planning to buy picture related in like June for hurricane season
Unless you hike in the desert, solar panels suck. The sun has to be out, you can’t be in the woods, and you have to somehow aim the solar panel (while hiking mind you) at the sun or it won’t even charge. You’re better off using that weight on a 26,400mah battery or two, which will charge your phone ten times

File: 61uy0x+zl+L._SL1000_.jpg (97 KB, 1000x1000)
97 KB
>hotter girls at the cafe/laundromat than in my apartment, so i want to do laundry there
>probably doing 60L of laundry at a time
>carrying for about 2 blocks
pic related is under $40. cheaper than the "duffel/backpack combos" that i see. can i do better?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
never had one, but they seem popular and well regarded. what u using it for
Where I live they all of the young women who aren't shooting up heroin between cycles carry all of their laundry in their backpacking internal frames.
lmao maybe.
File: cyka.jpg (25 KB, 348x376)
25 KB
>Be me
>Roll up to the Laundromat on my moped
>Hop off with my stuffed 60L coyote brown ruck pack
>Strut inside like i'm about to go on a 20 mile jog
>Hastily jog up to machine, jog in place for a number of minutes afterwards
>Begin detaching 60L pack
>It hits the floor at the same time as about 10 different pairs of panties

just weekend hiking or camping or carrying my gear to a climb

Best EDC backpack?
Box lunch at the Y
Vertx EDC Commuter bag.

>Outside looks like regular backpack
>Environmentally resistant Cordura 1000D material
>Every slot has a shit load of velcro for quick attach pouchs/kits
>One slot is basically a dedicated Molle netting
>Tablet slot
>11.5x14" plate slot

Shit has got me through countless plane and train rides.
I am very happy with this pack. I bought it last year for day /out/ings with a kid, and it instantly became my EDC. It compresses pretty much flat when empty, still is capable for a change of clothes (I cycle to work 30k one-way, so shower and change is a must for me), shoes, my piece-of-shit lenovo dinosaur laptop, charger, mouse, cables, bike tools, rain jacket, lunch, beer, some groceries, and I use compression straps to fasten my bike lock onto it.
Not sure why i am not allowed to post images, but pack was MEC trail 30.

Finally have a decent /out/ story to share. Here we go:
>be me, Boy Scoot about a year ago
>Innawoods at summer camp in northern michigan
>doing basic scout shit, merit badges and blowing boxes of .22 on the range
>decide to go to this "star party" event put on by the astronomy fags to fuck around and eat licorice
>with 2 other scouts - we'll call them P and O
>head to the thing, it's about 10 in the PM
>camp is decently north enough to have no light pollution
>nighttime is basically pitch black, can see hella stars
>arrive, astronomy fags screwing with cheap telescopes to get them to work
>joking around with P and O, not much happening

Around this time things started to get interesting
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah I'd probably add the "Scoutmasters spent 20+ years in the military," my troop was from a relatively poor rural area but we still had Philmont/Sea Base trips every few years because they were dedicated
Sounds like a shitty troop and the scoutmaster oughta be ashamed. I've had a lot of fun backpacking trips, hikes, camping trips, etc. Good times.
Damn I wish I could join the scouts.
Is it too late to do so at 30?
Nigger h8er sound like a smart kid to me.
Never relax
File: 1551064005082.jpg (187 KB, 655x702)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>not hanging your free willy outside the tent like a boss

Eh, everyone has to start somewhere.

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