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File: 20190611_213611.jpg (3.61 MB, 4032x3024)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
I've never seen these grubs before but I found them in the rotted pulp in the middle of a stump in my yard. Are they June bugs maybe? And do they taste good?
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Which is why I won’t eat shellfish. Lobster/crab/crayfish/shrimp are all exoskeleton critters related to roaches.
that's rich, nice gaslighting. anyone who likes eating bugs surely likes the taste of their own gender's asshole and is gay. leave this board you bug shill nigger
fuck off worm eating subhuman
Double checked keks
I'd try it. The fags trying to make it out like it's not masculine to eat some weird adventurous foods are just defensive autists who probably eat nothing but tendies.

The only reason I don't eat bugs regularly is that they're usually expensive niche products

Rain forecast for the next fucking week. Temperatures never going into the 20s. How are you other /out/ Brits coping with the fact that each weekend so far has pretty much been a washout?
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/brit/ forester reporting. There's barely been any rain and there's been plenty of warm sun, I'd say summer is well under way. Some of our trees are already struggling this year, especially after the fucking farce of a summer last year. The last few days have been a help but there's still not been enough.

How do you even survive outside?
This. We've still got cracks in the ground round here from last summer. The rain we've just had has helped a little but it's still very dry.
north coast of Ohio reporting in

this is going to be one of THOSE summers, where it never kicks off and rains for entire blocks of 72 - 96 hours at a time until about October 12th, when it dips below 40 fahrenheit for the first time and all the fall foliage just fucking disappears over one 12 hour period.

just like 2015, and before that 2002? 2003? or was it 2004 where it rained across the whole of the north east for an entire week and never really got over 75f?
Don't be silly bong.
UK is not allowed a summer.

>just salt my ship up senpai
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If you go hard enough your body will demand it
>lay off the carbs
I'm more /fit/ than /out/. I'm bulking, niggah.
>massive portion
Have you ever read the back of one of the pouches? Serving size is 2/3 cooked cup of a serving of 2 portions. If that is some how a massive portion to you, you probably have some eating disorder. I go camping on my private land, have my own cabin there. My day is spent chopping wood, building new shit to add onto it (building a smoke house soon) clearing the land ( I own almost 400 acres now) so after a days work the calories, carbs, sodium, etc, doesnt mean shit. Plus my doctor and nutritionist think every thing I am doing is more than fine.
>no knorr stockpot
What are you thinking op?
>sodium bad
Bluepilled as fuck.

File: tent.jpg (127 KB, 1500x1500)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm looking for an inexpensive tent for use a couple times this summer and fall, to start. I saw the one in the image, and it's literally a pop-out tent you can throw to set up.

It'll be for use in state parks and such, for fishing trips across my home state.

Is this reasonable enough for some car camping, or does /out/ have better suggestions?

I'm inexperienced.
This will be car camping, at least primarily. There may be some boat-based camping at some point.
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Alrighty. I may have a look at some big box stores in my area, then. I've got time to make a decision.

I haven't had a tent in a very long time, and my last one was one of those little pup tents, with the pole at each end. I may look into some inexpensive dome tents, though setting up my parents' tent was a pain in the arse as well.
those pop up tents are great for your need.

I wouldn't say the one I have is fragile, but I would recommend you spend a little bit of time in your yard or a park figuring out how to fold it up with a gentle touch.
not op but what are some GOOD quality tents? ive been looking and reading reviews but i havent found anything solid enough to tip me to one option
OP here. While I can't offer advice, what's your budget? What size tent, and what application? Are you backpacking? Car camping?
Are you beginner or do you already have a tent?

If you already have a tent you should know what you are looking for that your current one lacks
>set up
and address from there

If you're a beginner don't drop all your money on a $400 ultralight tent in case it turns out you don't like it. Get something in the $100-150 range to try out you're going for backpacking; you don't want absolute garbage

File: 182.jpg (231 KB, 512x512)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Old thread: >>1533259

=Search terms=

Agrarian - Agriculture - Agrology - Agronomy - Anthroponics - Aquaculture - Aquaponics - Berkeley Method Hot Composting - Cold Frames - Companion Planting - Composting - Container Gardening - Co-operative Farming - Core Gardening Method - Cultivation - Deep Water Culture (DWC) - Dry Farming - Espalier - Farmer's Market - Forest Gardening - Forestry - Fungiculture - Geoponics - Greenhouses - Homesteading - Horticulture - Hot Boxes - Hugelkultur - Humanure - Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System - Hydroponics - Keyhole Garden - Korean Natural Farming - Kratky Method - Landscaping - Lasagna Gardening - Ley Farming - Market Garden - Mittlieder Method - Mulching - No-till Method - Ollas Irrigation - Orchard - Permaculture - Plasticulture - Polyculture - Polytunnels - Propagation - Rain Gutter Garden - Raised Beds - Ranch - Rooftop Gardening - Ruth Stout No-work Garden - Sharecropping - Shifting Cultivation - Soil-bag Gardening - Square Foot Gardening - Straw Bale Gardening - Subsistence Agriculture - Sugar Bush - Truck Farming - Vermiculture - Vertical Gardening - Window Frame Garden - Windrow Composting

Agouti - Alpaca - Animal Husbandry - Antelope - Beefalo - Black Soldier Fly (BSF) - Brushturkey - Capybara - Cattle - Cavy - Chickens - Coypu - Crayfish - Curassow - Dairy - Deer - Donkey - Dove - Ducks - Fish - Game Birds - Geese - Giant Guinea Pigs (Cuy) - Goats - Grouse - Guan - Guineafowl - Hedgehog - Heliciculture - Honey Bees - Iguanas - Llama - Ostrich - Partridges - Pheasant - Pigeon - Pigs - Poultry - Quail/Bobwhite - Rabbits - Rats (Cricetomy/Thryonomy) - Sheep - Snails - Tegu - Toads - Trumpeter - Turkey - Worms


General Info & Anon-created Guides: https://pastebin.com/ciYHgHg4
Check >>>/an/plant for the non-food sister thread.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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FUCK AROUND! I was dumbfounded and then saw the rabbit watching his buddy get murdered. The little bastard took down a jackrabbit!

I swear to fuck I'll have a sod lawn and fruit orchard bunkerwith 0 harmful bugs before i die.
Fucks sake the tomatoes are on fire. I had to wrap a quarter mile of stringline arounf them last night to keep them from falling over through the hog panels.

Shit is awesome man
Looking good, Homegrowmen, however,

REMINDER: >>1540708
REMINDER: >>1540708
REMINDER: >>1540708

New thread is up, with over 100 posts already, fyi.

File: Stategamearea.jpg (18 KB, 320x178)
18 KB
Has anyone here ever camped in a state game area? You're not supposed to where I live, but whenever I go hiking in the state game areas I see fire rings so I guess other people have done it.
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You're probably right. What about a small camp stove or an MRE?
>not making a Dakota fire hole
What a bunch of fags
Just make sure it's not hunting season
If you're on private land break all the rules you want but on public land dont be a nigger and follow the rules.
>muh own judgment
Yea because the rest of us want retards like you stomping around breaking rules you judge to be stupid.
I was planning on camping in an out of the way area. My thinking is if no one notices me while I'm there and no one can tell I was there when I leave then I should be fine.

File: fsLCBx.jpg (141 KB, 1200x630)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Hey /out/ is it morally wrong to climb mont blanc given the state of it thanks to normies and tourists? Are there any other mountains that are good to get some alpine experience.
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Any book recommendations for me? Want to learn to mountaineer
West switzerland has many good mountains and austria is the cheaper variant, unless you are a poorfag, they really jew'd you out with mountaineer.
>morally wrong
Define this.
You cant just read a book, get out and take a class and hike some smaller mountains. Know your ice axe and crampons well before you do anything big. Remember, if its dangerous in summer itll be doubly so in winter.

You dont just climb fucking mont blanc with no prior experience. I encourage you to try though. Make sure to live stream your death to us.

I sometimes wanna carry a machete or axe on my belt on a hike, or a cordless nut-driver in holster at work, or even a pistol (I do some guard work), and the holsters and sheaths are OK, cheap and handy, but they all require undoing my belt, which don't seem like a big deal except I also like 2.25" belts with plastic kwik connectors that are pain to fed through the connectors.https://www.ebay.com/itm/NcStar-Tactical-Belt-Rig-w-QD-2-Pistol-Mag-Pouch-Battle-Combat-Police-SWAT/201645629444?epid=1380841651&hash=item2ef3042004:m:mFq9rPqHL0MkFaX5J6qkGEg (great belts IMO at cheap price, I just leave them in the pants to wash).
I don't wanna be swagging into supermarket or bank with big knife or axe on my belt, and its hard to sit in car. Also don't want to be always acting like I'm pulling my pants down in semi-public, never know when some person is gonna get wrong impression and call cops, etc.
What I want is some tough plastic (or metal, I guess) that would function similar to paddle holster and would attach itself to a stardard sheath/holster belt loop, but allow for quick and easy on-off of 1-2.25" belt without messing with the belt. Probably not some much "paddle", just something that hangs on the belt, maybe with clip that keeps it on unless intentionally removed, but just a pure gravity device would be OK 99% of time, and simpler.
I've tried using a couple 6" molle straps criss-crossed, but seems awkward and less than ideal, and hard to reach around and do the straps (maybe I need to do more stretching).
I guess a flattened "S" hook could work, if a cut was made on the inside of the holster's loop to accept the upward pointing part of the "S" hook, but it would be nice to be able to use without butchering up stuff.
Any such handy little thingy exist and I just don't know WTF its called?
Any design ideas?
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Buy a better belt.


R U joking?
My main issue is I want to add or subtrack holster/sheath borne items WITHOUT lots of belt fumbling, on a casual basis, perhaps handing units out to anyone wearing pants with a belt, or even to anyone wearing non-belted anything that has a good belt-line to carry a unit.

Big Dollar goofy two-part, two belt "solutions" is going in the opposite direction.
File: 661NP_angle_amazon.jpg (30 KB, 1000x654)
30 KB
...at least you want to leave your cave.
Welcome to the outside world.

File: forecast.png (79 KB, 1083x307)
79 KB
Was planning on doing an 3 day 30mile loop from Saturday to Monday this weekend, but the forecast isn't so optimistic.
>should I go or pussy out
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I don't like doing steep bare granite faces in the rain, especially since I'm always solo
If I have my large poncho and my hiking boots, I'll go even in heavy rain. Most things are waterproof to a point as well these days.

Plus when backpacking you waterproof each item regardless.
same, and i may also cancel if i'm canoeing and there's call for thunderstorms (plural)
>Plus when backpacking you waterproof each item regardless.
lol. not a fucking chance. travel smart, not afraid.
Yeah, lightning is the only thing that can really cancel my plans in this area.

File: 571f134274fce_363880n.jpg (46 KB, 355x355)
46 KB
First off, why yall hold out on me. Pick related. Thornless blackberries. OP sitting here with a razorblade and cactus fingers. Oh well i guess. The missus wants blackberry lemonade and the hard part is done so whatever.

I dont have a ton of room but i have 6 decent sized south facing windows. I live in zone 7b and mostly want some vine type plants that i can trellis around things and make the most out of the sun that i do have. Just wondering if anyone has had luck.

I'm starting some bonsai fruit trees and pepper plants for the hell of it.

Would building a box lined with foil help get more sun or would they be fine with what little winter sun is there?

I'd also like opinions on some led grow lamps. I'm not after anything super fancy. But i dont want my house to burn because of cheap lighting either.

3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mulberry.png (361 KB, 597x498)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>Thornless blackberries.
>A large part of this thread was just to see if anyone can confirm or if it's photoshopped bullshit
that's cause you're growing the wrong species
Bruh. I got 3 mulberry trees. They most certainly are not bigger than a nickle and the trees are 20 feet tall
But i believe you. Not sure wtf type i need for 6 billion pounds a year yeild. Or as close as i can get
"Mulberry" is a group of plants.
Some are trees, some are shrubs.
File: 1529366776366.jpg (359 KB, 720x405)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
see: >>1537868

I'm not sure where to post this, but I think you guys have quite some knowledge.
A friend of mine is very /out/, and on a recent trip came across pic related, but she has no idea what it was used for, and it intrigues me.
Any ideas?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
double wide bobsled
>>>/diy/ has threads like these all the time.
those are bucket line scoops from a mining dredge or another large digger
the rest seems to be the remains of some type of trailer that was used to move them
probably moving spare parts to the dig site to replace a failed piece
That seems to be it, thanks!

File: physical-us-map.png (644 KB, 988x623)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
Montana, Wyoming and Idaho or the Ozarks?
For when we have a dystonian society or commonly referred to as when SHTF
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
honestly they're all great

Washington would be best. Mildest climate, probably warmer than the ozarks.
I've looked into this a lot on my own and decided that Montana or South Dakota would be ideal (even though SD isn't on your list.) Wyoming and Idaho both are losing rainfall due to climate change IIRC. This wouldn't matter much for temporary survival but if you plan on staying there it's something to consider.

>warmer than the ozarks
it gets near the hundreds where I used to live (the ozarks) and while it does get cold it rarely snows at all, maybe 3 days of snow every couple of years. different in different elevations of course.
stay out, we are full are you aren't welcome
>within walking distance of the most dangerous city in the US

File: IMG_5869.jpg (1.96 MB, 1936x2592)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
rate my okra plant
See: >>1537868

File: 7stepsfeaturedimage.jpg (77 KB, 600x315)
77 KB
I want to start a homestead.. Cows, pigs, geese, orchard, bees, vineyard etc

hate hot humid summers but don't want 6 months of snow either.

about $200k to start.

where should i be looking?
Sounds like California to me.
wouldn't that mean i end up dying in a fire?
Probably. I guess there's always the northern part of the west coast as well.

File: 1560534253696s.jpg (5 KB, 250x208)
5 KB
Best /out/ Discord group?
File: 112154355_6bd9cdab8c.jpg (129 KB, 500x337)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
File: lXOcVBi.jpg (29 KB, 460x288)
29 KB
back to >>>/biz/ with you

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