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Do you guys gather local flora? I'm looking into it right now. Kinda want stuff I can dry and hoard like for spices or tea. Any recommendations what to look out for? Any stories?
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I keep meaning to finally try some boletes but they all look so disgusting and spongy (and I'm a mushroom hobbyist). I absolutely love parasol mushrooms and truffles, and think chantrelles and lobsters are overrated. Chicken of the woods is definitely interesting, I'd eat it all the time if I was vegan/vegetarian.

Last summer I harvested blackberries for a wine that's currently in the works (and taste great!). I'm excited for this summer to really step the foraging up.
Apparently the banks of the Ohio river are thick with them in the spring. I've never been so that's the best I've got.
thanks fellas
well psilocybe cubensis does not require to dig cow shit. just to be close to cow shit.
Ovoidocystidia is the one you're looking for I believe. Make sure it stains blue because deadly gallerina looks very similar.

Can we have a ski/board thread here? Wrestling autists have completely run everybody else off of /asp/ and /out/ feels pretty appropriate anyway.
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I went to Jackson Hole, skied Sunday to Friday. On Sunday me and my buddy got in the Tram line at 7:30 hoping to get first tram. There were skis, a bag and gloves sitting on the ground in front of the guy (Ian) who was in front of us. Ian, who was also a visitor, had been there before so he was giving us some info and offered to ski with us that day. We had been chatting and the line moved about 10 feet. Ian moves past the skis that were there and then they were between my friend and him. About 20 minutes after that some local who was all jacked up came hoping over the railings screaming at Ian. It all happened so fast that I can’t remember how his rant started. I thought he was being hyperbolic in his anger but then I saw his hands shaking severely while holding the coffee that took him at least a half hour to get. He went on about “NEVER CROSS THE SKIS... YOU’RE PROBABLY TOURISTS...FUCKING GAPERS... Yada yada yada. I concede, we were tourists and I didn’t know “never cross the skis” was a thing. But all the fucking asshole had to do was say, “hey man, my skis were holding my place so I’m going to get in front of you” and it would have been resolved. Or, ya know, get your coffee before you get in line.

That pretentious douche stood there sipping on his coffee alone for another hour while we waited in line. Left a bad taste in my mouth for the locals, but I’m guessing he either has no friends because of his attitude or was having a bad day. Thankfully, the skiing that week was phenomenal and I don’t like to paint with a broad brush so I’m not going to let that guy speak for all the locals.
Fuck Jackson's Hole, go to Grand Targhee next time
Fuck off we're full
Fuckin J-holes man, most elitist group of trust funders ever.
>lived right by Catamount and Butternut, with Otis Ridge and Bousquet ~30 minutes away
>buddy lived right down the road from Mohawk
They may not be impressive but tiny little tri-state area hills are so damn comfy

File: 1549663406351.jpg (121 KB, 680x1020)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Be me 22
>Have only 1 friend also 22
>tell him im going on a 6-7 hour hike
>wants to come
>takes 0 (ZERO) gear with him
>just his clothes phone and cigarettes with him
>bitch about water
>give him
>chimney smoking
>throws cigarette buds around the place
>no more than 30 mins in the woods
>bitching about wanting to go home
>get pissed off at him and start heading back
>get to a place with phone signal

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>moral people can't be nuanced
'K bro
>nuance= being a dick just for the sake of being a dick
i think you should google that word
And I think you need to re-attend high school. Your reading comprehension isn't great.
>be me
>lots of "friends"
>no actual friends
>always go /out/ alone cause "friends" don't want to go outside

I keep telling myself it will be better when spring comes but it never is.

What’s in your bug out bag?
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I've had this argument with someone before. They said it was too soft, I said was traditionally used for bullets an he said gold was softer and would foul the barrel. Or said foul the barrel in some way someone that's never held a gun would say. Why do people assume bullets have to be made from tungsten?
I don’t keep a bag packed per say.
I’ve got my kelty that has all my backpacking stuff in it.
No clothes just the little stuff I keep in the pockets.
Whisperlite stove,Lighters, Tinder, Compass,Water bag & canteen, knife, emergency blanket, tarp, rope, hammock, Etc
I’d need to grab clothes, my sleeping bag and tent. And whatever food id want.

OP hang yourself.
the cure for aids muhhhhahhahahahahhha no one will ever shove their hand in a bag full of bugs to get it or get close enough to dump it

Been a while since we had one.
Is anyone out on the road in an extended trip?
Any plans for spring?
Dream rig?
I myself prefer small rigs that can get way off grid
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Front of that vehicle, reminds me of a bats face.
cannot be unseen
File: 20180905_023942.jpg (2.93 MB, 2165x1623)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG
tfw 32s
i dont see it
File: MTVR.jpg (209 KB, 1024x768)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
That truck likely weighs 32,000 lbs fully loaded for a trip. Tandem axles can support more weight, allow for a better driving vehicle and are much stronger than a single axle. Those factors are important when said vehicle is suppose to be off road capable and intended for very remote travel. Military trucks are often 6x6 and are about as purely functional as you can get. It isn't for looks.

HA! watch out!
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I see more boomer memes and humor on /out/ and /o/ more than any other place on 4chan. I’m not sure if it’s sincere or not. I don’t know whether to get angry at it or just give in.
Sincere in what way? I doubt there are more then a couple boomers that ever visit this board.
sorry, american education

I'd bet against any younger generation showing sincere reverence towards an older generation
I chuckled

Hopefully gonna get in the navy soon, going for a rate that puts me on a ship. What’s ocean travel like? Anything I should look out for or would make me a better sailor?
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Why join the navy? Join the merchant marine.
>Why join the navy?
Yes, you can sail the seven seas
Yes, you can put your mind at ease
Come on people, fall an' make a stand
Can't you see we need a hand
Come on, protect the motherland
Come on and join your fellow man
Come on people and make a stand
>It's not even funny to joke around about sodomy
Did someone fuck you in the ass?
They're such completely different worlds.
He can do both and be fine. Good to see this from different perspectives
That's the best part of navy bootcamp
Good to see things *

Anybody here live in a tent unironically? Consider going full MASH and doing it myself.
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Buorre beaivvi, fren! If you would like to avoid freezing to death when the winter comes and you are exposed to all elements, I suggest you construct yourself a traditional sami goathi. A construction honed by tundra dwelling reindeer herders over the centuries.
Well howdy, Sami friend.
When did you fuckers stop being Lapps and why btw?
>When did you fuckers stop being Lapps and why btw?
What do you mean? Lapp is just an older scandinavian term and means the same thing, it's just not used that much anymore because many with sami ancestry (chiefly women) are autistic SJWs and think its racist now.
>because many with sami ancestry (chiefly women) are autistic SJWs and think its racist now
Oh ok
Is German deragotive for Deutsch too now? What the lel
File: chorles.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
I'd rather have one of those tiny home sheds, especially the tall ones that have room for a bed on top

>be me
>want to escape the modern world amd degeneracy and look at nature
>want to see other people who go out and appreciate nature
>walking down a trail
>hear pubescent teens snickering
>walk past them and they stare at me
>they’re smoking weed
My day was ruined.
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I was smoking inawoods and some oldfag yelled you smell like a skunk
I said what did you say
and he said you smell like a skunk
and I said you talking shit bro
and he backed down like the oldfag he is and walked the other direction

we're outside and if you have a problem with a passing smell of herb you're a bitch and I will attack you outside cell service so no jackboots can come and protect your bitchass
>reefer madness
If you don't blaze it all day you aren't living life

I'm out in the woods to loose weight while enjoying myself. It's always a pleasure watching faggot retards like you twist in on themselves with undue rage despite being too passive and effeminate to say anything. Guess what retard? Your concept of nature as an entity is warped to fit your social outlook which is itself an affront to nature so why don't you go feed yourself to a bear to atone to "the great and powerful nature". You faggots that have come to this board to emulate cartoon girls are so much fun to reply to that it almost makes up for your constant retardation.
Put the fork down

I found pic related in a thrift store recently for 4 bucks. It's some kind of Trangia knockoff called Winterial. No burner came with it but replacement Trangia alcohol burners can be found for 10 bucks or so.

I'm going to Alaska in August and will be doing a combination of car camping and backpacking. Will this stove be good enough for both? I also have a Whisperlite international which I was originally thinking of using because it can run on unleaded gasoline but I hate the fact that it is either off or vaporizing your food. At least with an alcohol stove the heat is easy to titrate. Also, backpacking/camping stove general, post about yours.
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well, that explains it
What's the great thing about this types of stove setup?
What does /out/ think about Evernew?
runs on alchol so pretty cheap to run and easy to find fuel. also, fairly compact and lightweight.

I just use a tin can and a metho burner, literally cost me $5 and does just as well as any other stove.
The platform and windshield provides very good stability and improves the alcohol stove's (crappy) heat output.

File: 1550278754205m.jpg (26 KB, 1024x576)
26 KB
I'm trying to find a quality stainless steel water bottle for /out/ings. I use to have a Klean Canteen 64oz bottle but lost it when traveling a few weeks ago. I loved that one, but it leaked every now and then from the top. Must be able to take a beating and a boil. Looking at the Pathfinder school 64oz bottle. Do you guys have any recommendations for this? Thanks.
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Has anyone tried boiling wool to stay warm?
Boiling water? Or boiling the material wool?
Bump original question.
based decathlon poster

File: images(41).jpg (53 KB, 554x554)
53 KB
mushroom growers, i need your help
>be me
>living in the shithole called south africa
>living in a shitty 2 bedroom apartment
>room mate is moving out
>can't afford to stay on my own in this apartment
>idea, grow mushrooms in roommates room to help with rent
>room is 2x1.5m. really tiny. barely fits a bed
>go on 4chan(nel), remembering something about an epic thread that teaches everything
>find homegrownmen thread
>read up on growing mushrooms
>still have questions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>came to post this
>it is already posted

what's the most low tech you can go? any specific guides?
Again, what do you consider to be low tech? A big plastic box, a pressure cooker, some jars and some auxiliaries like ethanol and agar are all you need.
The only way to go even lower tech would be to make a spore slurry, spread it in a suitable place outside and hope for the best

Check out shroomery.org

I'll start
>be family friend
>60 yr old farmer
>pretty wealthy
>always goes on Colorado hunting trip with friends every year
>loving wife packs clothes for him
>comes home from trip
>wife asks how everything went
>"Well, we didn't see anything but that's alright. My only other complaint is that you didn't pack me any underwear."
>"what do you mean I didn't pack any underwear?"
>"There wasn't any underwear packed with my stuff."

Turns out his wife ran out of room and had to pack his underwear in his rifle case.
so who was he fucking in colorado?
The real question is whether he was the engine or the caboose among his friends.
Don't lie, you just got this straight out of the newspaper jokes, didn't you?

File: 1549469576266m.jpg (32 KB, 1024x576)
32 KB
Ei /out/, landlet here.
I'm trying to get a grip on all the necessary informations to buy land without getting scammed and I thought that maybe anons who own land could help me and people like me who would like to buy land.
I'm particularly interested in buy land in Europe (I'm italian) but feel free to use this thread to discuss about other parts of the world too.
To start the thread, what should I get the idrt tested for, before buying?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Hey op, fellow Italianon here, I can give you some tips on what to buy as I work as a geometra
Any tip is welcomed, thanks pastabro!
Would it be better to look at north or south? I'd prefer to stay north, where I actually live but i'm open to the possibility of the terronia way of life ahah.
Un sogno sarebbe la campagna fiorentina
Isn’t land in Eastern Europe cheap?
>necessary informations to buy land without getting scammed
Depends on the type of land and your country. You should always make sure that the guy selling the land actually owns it (most european countries have a central register, which you can either access yourself or through the attorney witnessing the contract). In some countries, land can also be marked as "currently in negotiation" or similiar in that register so the owner can't sell to multiple people at the same time.
Also, obviously have the contract done in writing in front of a witness and make sure you have proof of payment - either through your bank or through the sellers signature if you're paying cash.
If the country has different categories of land (for example nature preserve, field, pasture, forest, industrial building, mixed building, residential building in germany), make sure that the land actually has the category the seller claims it has, as the category decides wat you can legally do there and how much tax you have to pay.
In some countries, the state will also offer maps where you can see what category a plot is and what that category in that area is worth on average.
If you're interested in restricted plantations, check whether the planting right is included in the price. Yes, some countries actually force you to buy a license for plants - for example, france and italy pressured germany through the EU to restrict wine plantations to limit the german wine production and allow the meds to still sell their inferior grapepiss on the european market, making the prices for vineyards here triple and making planting new ones virtually illegal.
Basically this inoltre puoi controllare, anche da te, che sul terreno in vendita non ci siano vincoli di alcun tipo (es. Paesaggistico, di fosso, idrogeologico etc.) Di solito terreni vincolati si vendono a meno perché il vincolo limita la tua libertà su quello che puoi fare soprattutto riguardo costruzioni. Ovviamente fai controllare al notaio o tecnico che segue la vendita che non ci siano servitù o in generale diritti a terzi. Comunque sia tieni a mente che ultimamente i prezzi degli immobili di sono abbassati e ci sono incentivi e bandi per ammortizzare il costo

File: 19512.jpg (14 KB, 331x500)
14 KB
Recommend me a good cold weather cap with a brim
45 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>and I live in the Mediterranean

Ah, well it's okay for you wogs maybe but down here walking around on a 38 degree day with no ozone layer and Celtic secret ginger genes? The sun beats you down. Way better with a hat.
File: volk.jpg (2.02 MB, 3696x2645)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Respect to your grandfathers
Definitely a good look
File: cool.png (77 KB, 691x519)
77 KB
Windom sounds like some sort of sex fetish

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