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File: tarp.jpg (961 KB, 2048x1365)
961 KB
961 KB JPG
It's time I tried tarp, What's a good and cheap one, Thinking about 3x3
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There are some areas that aren't worth trying to save weight in.
This looks sick. I'm assuming it can't take the role of a waterproof rain poncho tho?
It can actually. I've used just the swagman in rain pretty fine. But if you want to walk for days through the rainstorm, just click helikon or any standardized US military poncho to it, it's made to be compatible. There are videos on Youtube about this if you want to see how it works
File: gday.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>g'day, CUNT!

Post your favorite food to eat while /out/ and recipes that you want to share. Doesn't even have to be made on site.
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>flour tortillas
File: ECCmvlPWsAEjkfb.jpg (62 KB, 817x646)
62 KB
i just googled tortilhas and copied the 1st one that showed
i don't think i even have flour tortillas in my shit hole country
What the hell country has corn but not flour tortillas?
Shithole ones apparently
Not salmon/tuna but same basic process. They're already cooked in the cans. Canning raw fish would be pointless.

/Out/ists, how do I make my sleeping bag warmer? I have one that is rated for 2°C, and would like to use it during the winter, when it could possibly be down to -22°C. Of course, I'll be in a tent, and have good insulation from the ground. I'll also be using a sleeping bag liner, but that doesn't help much.
So how can I make my sleeping bag much warmer? I was thinking of sewing another liner made of fleece and put it inside my sleeping bag, Will that be enough? What do you suggest, anons?
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>Bag testing is reliable, it's done in laboratory settings with basically no variables to skew the results.
Right which is why it isn't reliable as a 'real world' rating. What it does is allow you to compare one bag with another, but doesn't give you a realistic understanding of how the bag will function under different conditions. The is especially true with down. There are many critics of the EN rating system and the way loft is measured. It's also well established that Katabatic and Western Moutaineering, who don't use the EN rating system have much more realistic ratings on their bags. These opinons are held by some of the most experienced and well regarded hikers and adventurers. This isn't some crackpot theroy made up by an anon. If Cam Honan and Andrew Skurka make a claim about anything to do with outdoor gear you can bet money that it's pretty spot on.
The EN system isn't _wrong_ it's just not the be-all-end-all of bag rating, and is a long, long way from perfect.
>small brands
Why? The smaller firms have been the ones making the best gear for a long time. Their production standards are higher, their customer care is top notch, and they can easily make custom orders. PHD, Katabatic, WM, just because they are small doesn't mean they are bad. There's just a much smaller market for high end bags. The every joe isn't looking to spunk $400+ on a sleeping bag.
Also while the tips you repsonded to OP with are legit, they will never, ever, push a bag rated for 2C to -22C.
>much more realistic ratings on their bags
Really? I remember seeing the WN ratings on their site and being impressed by the alleged weight:temp ratio. But yes, while small brands like that may have an excellent and well earned reputation, they don't have the transparency of bags that have been tested independently. And there are lots of small brands or generic brands that don't fall into the category of high-end gucci outdoor gear. I'm thinking of the discount stuff you'll find on Amazon.
Look up thermarest blankets. They have some that go over the sleeping bag, but I think they are pricey. Might aswell Just get a warmer sleeping bag at that point.

Or you could put heated rocks into your bag, heard that helps.
Moisture from your body & breath will have the thin bag wet in no time, whatever you add. I've slept comfortably in -35 with a -32 rated cheap-ass Woods thinsulate bag that cost just over $100. A snorkle to breath so I could seal it right up would've been nice :) Spend a little money. Or dont listen to the people you asked for advice & go learn for yourself
The hot rocks help for about an hour

Can anyone recommend a good/decently priced Longboard?

Some fucking junkie stole mine from my Apartment Patio (left it out there having a smoke) and I'm pissed.

I prefer dipped/lower Longboards that don't require much effort to push, and roll for long periods. Just casual City-use. Any good brands?
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>carrying useless shit through the woods to take pictures of
Shoe bobs
If you want to buy a complete and you mostly cruise get an ldp board from pantheon, they sponsor the best marathoners (ldp) and are really well set up out of the box

Otherwise anything works, maybe talk to a skateshop about bushings
Build yourself your own deck.
>do a kickflip
I am incapable of seeing someone on a longboard and not shouting that phrase
Just get a 8.75 normal skateboard with some 90a wheels or something, at least you can still Ollie then and not look like a kook

File: mora.jpg (5 KB, 196x196)
5 KB
Thinking of getting into batoning wood this fall and I'm wondering if a Mora knife can do the job.
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File: baton.webm (2.56 MB, 480x360)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB WEBM
This is the true way to knife baton. Everyone else has been doing it backwards
Mora is like Dollar store kitchen knife level though. ie terrible and cheap as fuck
How the fuck do there exist so many fucked up batton vids?
He's making music in that scene.

>t. man who doesn't own a Mora but spent $500 on a shiny toy

File: camelbak.jpg (28 KB, 900x900)
28 KB
What's the word on water bottles? Camelpaks seem to be popular, but are metal ones safer because less ingested plastic?
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>Microplastics are anti-vaxx tier

Like fuck they are, avoid that shit like the plague. A lot of camelbaks I see nowadays are silicone which I believe has none of the microplastics issues.
Yeah, I bought plastic bottles every few years plus I don't have the plastic taste anymore, so the Nalgene will pay for itself overtime. Just saying considering it's just some stainless pressed into bottle form I would bet they production price isn't even half what you pay. Same goes for the trademarked metal cups, I bought the chinese (Lixada) copy for not even half of what GSI or other companies ask for.
I use a ~17oz Swell stainless steel bottle and a 32oz BlenderBottle Radian, which is plastic. I was going to get a Nalgene bottle but then I got the above two as gifts, and that particular Blender bottle is built like a tank already so it's a good substitute.
Lemme pull out my hiking thermometer

Ah, the long-standing tradition of the piss bottle:


Anyone know any good spots I can set up a tent near a stream for some trout fishing and camping in NY? Coming from NYC so nothing crazy far maybe 2-3 hours away. Thanks.
>wants to be spoonfed trout spots
go back 2 tenkara fishing in central park, you'll meet more "likeminded people" there anyways

>b-but wow why is /out/ so rude
If you're still looking for places to shit up go to the catskills, you'll fit in with all the rest of the jew york city scum there
OP here, KYS. I've never fished Central Park. I was thinking Catskills. Adirondacks are nice but rather go with someone and not alone.
Die in a fire Jew York scum. Go "camp" at that old airport in Queens with all the rest.
Cohocton River, Oatka Creek. Tell no one.

Any advice for solo camping?
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its an ad for the game STALKER
>Oh so that there are some measures in place that prevent children from entering this site?
don't smoke any pot...you'll freak
>you'll freak
you will hear voices in the creek water...
Maybe if you're a faggot you'll freak.

File: White-tailed_deer.jpg (1.43 MB, 2700x2051)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
You been sighting in your weapon, right?

Anyone doing primitive arms hunting coming up next month?

You got your stand and plot setup, right?

Been out scouting and anything on your trail cams?

Let's talk about deer hunting since the season is right around the corner.
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I agree I have snuck up to deer within under 20 yards when the wind is in my favor. I don't do shit for scent control other than hanging my clothes outside for a week before hunting season. After a few hunts I'm sure it reeks of human anyways. Im a pot hunter tho so I don't have to really worry about going up against the old Buck thats survived seven seasons and is cunning as fuck.
Unless everyone is out there smelling like gain thus acclimatizing the deer to the gain smell.
.308 and .45 for muzzleloader.
a bit. The county I hunt in had its first CWD deer list year, like 3 counties away from the quarantine zone. Now they want us to bring the deer in to checking stations...
7mm magnum

File: thunfail.jpg (200 KB, 456x516)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Will the thunberg-boat sink?
What are the chances of her making it alive?

>Greta Thunberg and her services fleet sets sail for America today.

>Greta Thunberg: Super Yacht has to change course shortly after start - reason is unclear
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What exactly is preventing us from this:
>get small boat
>cross the mediterraninan sea
>shoot rapefugee boat with pellet rifles before they leave the coast
>What exactly is preventing us from this:
>shoot rapefugee boat with pellet rifles before they leave the coast

Low ambition. They should be obliterated with air burst rounds

Such weapons systems are expensive.
Meanwhile I'm pretty sure someone here owns a boat and someone ows an airgun.
I've got the airgun if someone's got the boat
I think he needs a Breitbart link.
Thanks for that link anon

File: martinscabin.jpg (191 KB, 1324x680)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Post hidden YouTube gems ITT.

Pic related.
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File: 1395791207788.jpg (62 KB, 405x720)
62 KB
>Donald duck has a stroke
I like food.
I like gadgets.
>splits thin logs with a hatchet
>uses knife to baton through a larger piece

I've heard from multiple sites that mulberry sap and it's unripe fruit can be hallucinogenic. I've also heard it contains a laxative and other nutritious things but I can never get a site telling me what the chemical is just that it causes hallucinations. Any ideas?

15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Bump for interest
Its just easier to buy a box of laxitives if youre that bound up anon. Besides this late in the season theyre all ripe if there are any left at all.
Couple months ago I ate a bunch of mulberries, somewhere between five and ten pounds, many only partially ripe, and suffered no hallucinogenic effects. Gave me severe cramps and the shits for several days afterward though.
Mushroom id books describe hallucinogenic shrooms as poisonous too. Who knows

File: IMG_20190820_201855.jpg (1.06 MB, 1740x2240)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
>Little maple trees dying. What do?
There are a few other plants in the same pott as the three maple saplings. These have aphids on them. However, they stay away from the maples. I've never seen one on them. The ants however love the aphids.
>Are the plants killing the maple saplings?
>Are the ants killing the maple saplings?
File: IMG_20190820_202002.jpg (397 KB, 1475x1739)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Also this tiny red spider was on the aphid plant. I poked the aphids with a small stock and they just poop off and fall down. I don't see any movement anymore so I think maybe they died. Didn't see the ants there for a while either.
Wild guess ... verticillium wilt.
That one is surprisingly large but what I've learned from my parents is that those little red spiders are super destructive and you should always smash em
Thats a tick, you probably have lyme desease.
Grow in pots small enough for the trees to suck them dry. Always wet soil in big pots is no good

What do you anons use for food storage in bear country? Thinking of opsak for backpacking.
Also anyone doing patches still?
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I brought an opsak on the AT and the closure failed like a week in
>Clear violation of image board culture.
>violation of....culture
>image board culture
please unironically get the fuck off this website
>no respect for culture
please unironically go camping in the chicago ghetto
Small inflatable boat. Anchor it offshore.
I'm always canoe camping, works great. If a bear's going to swim to your boat, he would've caused trouble with your food scented bear signal you hung up a tree too

File: 7ihs7h3nh8x21.jpg (108 KB, 1253x1280)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>Just want to solo camp with my dog

>All land near me is either private property, a car-camping shitfest, or protected no-dog zone

10 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Nah my dog would love it. Especially if there's a lake I can throw fetchables in.

Shit, I should just move to new hampshire or something
>All land near me is private property.

This. I live in massive spans of rolling hills of conifer and oak woodland not far from the coast...but you better believe every inch of it is someones big backyard. Ive had two friends citizen arrest (held at gunpoint until the sheriff arrived) doing guerilla camping miles from the nearest road or house. If you arent in and out by 48 hours while completely avoiding fire your ass is getting caught
Get a canoe & learn to use it. Dogs love them & you can get to places nobody else goes to, even if they own it.
Also, you can camp anywhere. I've pitched a tent on South Beach in Miami; just had to pack up at sunrise
Have your own experiences. Trespassing gets you a fine. Big deal

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