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Anyone know of a book or book series that has info on local plants and their uses (food, poison, dye, medicine, etc.)? I have an Audubon id book already. Live up and down the US west coast, but curious about this genre in general
Pic is the dogwood. I’ve heard the bark of this tree can be used to make blue dye

File: mus musculus.jpg (13 KB, 260x194)
13 KB
Alright so I was going to ask this on /an/ but I figure you guys are probably more qualified. We have a mouse infestation and the mice won't let themselves be caught by nonlethal traps, we caught two young ones by hand but the adult ones are too fast and too stealthy so we're using lethal traps. Provided I find them within half a day (I check the traps 3 times a day), would I be able to use them as stock for soup? I'm planning on skinning one anyway to do something with the skin. I'm only worried about possible disease. How bad is this idea?
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Just wait until you get one with a botfly maggot, then you can eat bugs and mice unironically at the same time.
>What do I do with all the "gifts" my housecat give me
The post
Setup a bucket with a plank in a corner

You don't need that much spices, with no additives at all they smell just like hotdogs when they're cooked over an open flame.

Hantavirus is more of a problem in the 4 corners region, elsewhere it's less common, but even there, it's rare. It's a respiratory disease, smelling their piss is what does you in.
>not eating bugs for the protein boost
I do admire your dedication to battling the globohomo at least.
how hard is it to pack in some food?
you know the gas station even sells pizza and roller dogs

Are these safe to eat?

I’m on the Mississippi gulf coast, these are growing in the sunlight about 200 feet from the river.
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How long do you boil them per boil? Also do you put them in cool or ice water after boiling? Another thing, after you eat them do you grow twice your size and stomp on turtles and little brown walking things?
A. muscaria are edible with proper preparation, and can be recreational/medicinal with certain steps as well.

The general rule of thumb is parboiling 3 times (although I hear success with 2x). That means bring to boil in plenty of water for a couple minutes, drain, and refill and boil for a total of 3 times.

The chemical that causes the stomach upset is ibotenic acid. It has to go through decarboxylation to form muscimol, a GABAergenic compound. It is well studied, has known benefits and is considered a deliriant I believe. Decarboxylation can be done in an oven at 170-190F until cracker dry. Best to keep oven cracked open with a fan running for some ventilation. After that, people make teas, tinctures, or even smoke it without ill effects. Still wise to do your own research/tread carefully in the beginning~

Also good to note since it's a common misconception, a. muscaria is 100% legal in US. There's no psilocybin and is not considered hallucinogenic.

Don't let the mycophobia get to you... just stay informed if it interests you

Not all varieties of amanita muscaria are bright red, and they can have some variation. A. muscaria var formosa is bright red/"typical" fly agaric. Where I live (colder climate) only var guessowii grow and they are bright yellow/orange tinged
totally safe, bottom's up, anon!
7-10 minutes each time. No ice or anything, just drain and then sautee or whatever prep you would use with a normal mushroom for your recipe.
There's no psychoactive effects at all after this process, as long as you use enough water.

File: OHIOGOZAIMASU.png (258 KB, 600x608)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
What states would provide the best /out/ experience to live in? pic unrelated, it's where I live
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Any /out/ experiences in Ohio?
Hocking Hills and Wayne National Forest. If you want to get shot to to East Fork State Park during Turkey season.
I'm moving to Maine next year. What's "the" county?
i want to fuck ohio

File: Anger.png (36 KB, 321x302)
36 KB
Angry stove
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Wholesome thread
Is there a small wood burning tent stove, that's light, relatively cheap, has some sort of cooking surface, and can be bought within europe for relatively cheap?
File: Trangia-27-5-UL-GB.png (73 KB, 600x600)
73 KB
>works every time
>can do gas or liquid
>loves you
File: IMG_20190930_085031.jpg (2.31 MB, 3264x2448)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
: | stove

File: download.jpg (74 KB, 650x469)
74 KB
The cave which Kenny Veach vanished in has been located. Someone has covered it with large rocks and some kind of mortar to seal the rocks together. Any of you guys from Nevada got some explosives? Feel like going out there and blasting this thing open?


File: HDPE Nalgene.jpg (10 KB, 425x425)
10 KB
>Wide mouth doesn't freeze
>Can pour boiling water directly in
>Flexible so you can squeeze it to crush any ice that forms inside
>Weighs less than clear nalgenes

>b-but it's not clear I can't see how much water is left
well you REIfags always cover your clear nalgenes with stickers, not like you can see what's inside anyways
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Thanks anons I copped two of those nalgenes and two sleeves. Excited for my first winter endeavor.
Based anti-plastic take
Based. This is the kind of shit I come to /out/ for. Tell me more, won't stainless steel eventually corrode as well? Also steel is a heavy metal isn't it?
it's important that it is food grade stainless steel.
Treat it right, and it will treat you right.

food grade steel won't corrode.

just trying to die of old age here.
Let's not be part of the cancer generation.

Going ultralight or ultralight adjacent on clothes, sleep system, cookware etc. has allowed me to carry more comfort items on longer hikes.
I have been looking at chairs for ages and just ordered pic related "Thermarest UNO".
Living in wet and cold Scandinavia, a dry seat with back support will be fucking great!

- What are some good comfy items you bring hiking?

- what comfy items would you bring if only they were light enough?

- what comfy items did you stop bringing, and why?

Also comfy general!
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Doesn't sound like problem.
Gopniks are just too poor to afford chairs
File: dj98cdgqwb121.jpg (100 KB, 1366x768)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Satan, the OP is probably too fat for squatting and too fat for using the chair he posted.
File: IMG_20191207_104529.jpg (78 KB, 454x403)
78 KB
45x45 cm pillow I personally filled with shredded foam to a point of sufficient support. Size was scientifically selected to be the smallest where my head wouldn't roll off of it. Weighs 250 grams and packs to a ~1L bag, probably more than some people's whole sleeping systems, but whatever.
Fuck crinkly rustling inflatable shit and fuck Thermarest's sacks of loose foam discards that offer no support.

File: smokey1.jpg (34 KB, 688x564)
34 KB
Anybody here work for the NPS or DOI?
I want to be a park ranger so fucking bad. I know its mostly seasonal. I know the pay can be shit. But, damnit, I wanna be one of those weirdos driving a white truck and wearing a funny hat telling people not to feed the muscrats.

Does anyone work for these agencies? Any tips for getting my foot in the door? I know about USAjobs, and I'm getting my degree in forestry management. But if anyone here has truly "been there done that", I wanna hear about it.
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(Op here) The degree that I'm going for mentions that internships are actually incorporated into the curriculum. Not sure what DEC is (on mobile, but I'll look it up when I'm not) so idk of that applies to my degree/internship.

One side note, maybe someone here can pipe in: the school I want to go to is not SAF-Certified. Do you think that matters too much? If you don't know what that means, don't worry. But if someone here DOES know, I'm kind of conflicted.

Also overall thanks for the information, guys. This stuff is invaluable for me.
DEC is the department of environmental conservation here in NY

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad that your school isn’t SAF certified. They probably have a program or a forestry club that is. I think it’s mainly the degree that matters
Does being in the military affect your chances of being picked to be a park ranger?
i identify hard with that image
if youre going into the law enforcement side then yes. less so with the rest unless you had that job in the military (eg outdoor maintenance). but government hiring generally favors prior military experience, and depending on the org can be an auto plus to your app

File: P_20170701_200028.jpg (1.52 MB, 2304x4096)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
What phone does /out/ use?
I'm looking for something tough and small enough to bring anywhere
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I been using a galaxy s8 active for the past year and dont plan on getting another phone until it brakes
No, he means the fucking actives
Came to this thread just to warn everyone about Samsung Acvtive models. Absolute garbage. I've owned the S5 Active (screen broke from dropping it) and currently have an S7 Active. I've had to replace the S7 twice (while under warranty). 1st time was because the charging port got splashed with water, so the phone refused to charge because it detected moisture presence. Did everything to correct the issue, no luck. Second time, the pink verical line issue popped up on my screen (use a search engine if you aren't sure what I'm referring to, as it's an ongoing problem that Samsung refuses to address). I'm currently on my 3rd one of these garbage phones with a solid pink line, once again, vertically running the length of my screen. Samsung makes shit products.
File: IMG_20191207_181455.png (273 KB, 720x731)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Caterpillar phone(Caterpillar phone):"Caterpillar phone"
I use the cat s41 one of the bigger batteries you can get. I use the cheap ass screen protector and a cheap case and my shots indestructible

File: 20190919_083044.jpg (1.91 MB, 3264x2448)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread, because there wasn't one edition
"Packable" puffy jacket, or a thick one for general layering and warmth while /out?
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>if you don't give me what i want you're gatekeeping
no, you're just a lazy brat. this whole board is just gear and activity threads. use them and lurk moar, faggot.
>how to turn away anyone because you're an insecure snob
You were a complete noob too at some point and then someone was an asshole to you so you continue the cycle like a dumbass.
Today we break the cycle of bullshit and made that graph - together.
not a goddamn chance. but meet me in a real thread with a real question and i'll give you a helpful, informed answer.
File: you.jpg (33 KB, 532x665)
33 KB
All of us here somehow managed just fine without pastes. If you have a specific question or array of them start a thread stating that you're new to the subject and need to learn x. This is, of course, after using the catalog to search for existing threads and read/participating in any that cover them.
>orientation in wilderness
Do you mean navigation? Or are you actually orienteering?

File: sneed.jpg (375 KB, 800x480)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
I would post this on /g/ but retards took over. How close are we to reliable off the grid power? Someone slap me with some realism. Do you measure your appliances in watts relative to the panel? How do you measure a 24/7 intake when you cant predict exact weather and clouds? I know all it takes is adding more panels to your consumption but why not hear it, has anyone here have experience with it? If i buy a 100w panel what can it power 24/7 assuming a hot summer day.
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>A woods board will give me a more realistic account than hobbyists who dont hate tech.
Good thinking. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
Lol you will most likely die in the slightest hint of a collapse
conservatives and kowtowing to corporate pressure, name a more iconic duo
Lol I was just baiting. But i was wrong. I dont frequent both boards but /diy/ are on steroids and you guys are a bunch of hippie youtube coomers. Oh no hahahha. Nah i bet some of the posters there are crossposters
>Ausfag here.been running my entire house off of 2 panels for like 7 or 8 years now.
Im jelly. There couldnt be better place for it.
>Liberal govt has made solar users pay a $2/day connection fee because power companies complained that their coal powerplants weren't making as much profit
Holy shit theyre just going to raise that incrementally. its as if literally looking into the future. We cant have nice things.
You want realism?
Step 1: If you are less than 2000 ft from an existing electrical utility service it's not economically feasible. Farther than that and its questionable. I'm at 3000ft and a couple of other factors involved.
Step 2: Get a propane, natural gas, or diesel generator big enough to run whatever house/shed you want.
Step 3: Get a bulk order of solar panels to save on shipping. Like 9-27 x 250 watt standard sized panels.
Step 4: wire that shit to some expensive ass inverters and battery chargers with generator support functionality
Step 5: look at battery prices, then back at fuel prices, then battery prices again and laugh/cry/rage the more batteries you buy the less fuel you burn at night. You'll probably end up with a bare minimum battery bank and just keep buying fuel. That's what I'm doing now but I'm not living out there full time yet.

File: 20191123_115856.jpg (3.39 MB, 3264x2448)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
Any jungle /out/
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Jungles and swamps scare me.
it always bums me out that nobody ever posts the edit where the skeleton is nervously hiding in the cave hoping the sign scares you off
the jungle sucks balls

t. malay
Yeah, I've heard of one called Sanctum
Fuck off ESL third worlder nobody cares about your middle schooler discourse

>Thinking about start smoking pipe in my hikes around the countryside
>Only smoked once in my life a cigarette and I liked it
>which pipe model does /out/ recomend?oriental? Westerner? Longer pipe? Short pipe?
>remember I’ll be hiking and/or outside my gym after workout(I’m a /fit/fag too)
>what pipe herb is the best to smoke?tobaco or something else?
>not smoking merjuana tho don’t like the smell and never was into drugs other then tobacco or drinks
Thanks mate!

File: fullsizeoutput_808b.jpg (115 KB, 1000x1000)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
/k/ paste bin:

For patches and outdoor packs
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File: jackie.jpg (207 KB, 1200x1600)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Hello boys! This has been on the back burner for some time while I was dealing with some bigger projects, but it's finally here. It'll go up on the site in a week or so, just in time for Cryptsmas

Thanks to that one anon that pitched this idea
Fricken nice
Thanks homie!
I'm so happy to see my patch idea come to life! I was the dude who originally requested this back in the summer.

you did a great job beshtiya! Perfect!
shoot me an email I'll send you a couple

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