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File: Pinyon-Pine[1].jpg (955 KB, 2420x1706)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
What's your favorite tree? For me, it's the humble Pinyon Pine, the best North American conifer.
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Bristlecone pines are absolutely based
I'll go with the Canary Island Date Palm.

My girlfriend loves Ginkgos.
To me, Yucca Brevifolia (Joshua Tree) is what is called an arboreal or "trunking" yucca -- hence, a tree. Although many yuccas are trunkless ground huggers.
I believe that tree is misidentified.
The larch.

File: camo.jpg (832 KB, 700x875)
832 KB
832 KB JPG
rate my new cami
>which cami do you use?
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> Air of superiority
German here
Stop being an ass hole. People don't have to be fluent in German the same as we don't have to be great at English
File: iu[1].jpg (99 KB, 667x1000)
99 KB
>which cami do you use?
I just have one of those camo hoods if birdwatching/hunting. My normal clothes are earth tones. I don't think I'd spring for a camo pattern because I like to use the same clothes for as many different uses as possible.
File: STOP.gif (3.7 MB, 480x267)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB GIF
Berezka yellow leaf aka Дyбoк aka Varg suit. I live in eastern europe so it is okay, neon suits are not popular here.
Yeah, right...........

That's why I've stalked deer in my blaze orange camo.

The colors mean less than the breaking up of your form.
tan pants and either first lite cipher or just OD green top

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
I just bought one cause it seemed like the most robust one on the market
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I hate that the pocket clip doesn't work with it well
Have one, love it but the weight is heavy and some of the tools go unused. Always carry one while innawoods or fishing and it never disappoints.
Also great for just around the house.
S Q U I R T P S 4 is the best multitool for my needs. Whenever I had a fullsize one, I never used it.
yeah I really liked the scissors because they seemed more like shears
Been thinking about getting a Leatherman lately but I can't decide which one. I don't really camp so much as hike right now; I want to get more into camping soon, but I don't know what I would need yet. I'd also like to EDC but I work with a lot of electronics or manufacturing equipment at work.

Cool shit you’ve found while /out/?

Found this old car a couple of days ago. Still trying to figure out how it got there cause it’s literally in the middle of a bunch of sand dunes miles from a road
When I see stuff like this I always think about how many people had to interact with it.

>miners who dredged up the materials
>steel mill workers
>auto factory workers
>first buyer
>kid who stole it and took it on a joyride
>guy who found it in the woods 50 years ago and took some potshots

How many people have been exposed to this car?
Exactly how I feel it’s covered in graffiti which is a little strange cause it’s not exactly easy to find (I’ve hikes around the area dozens of times and never found it)

File: 81OBOfUWZ-L._SL1500_.jpg (139 KB, 1500x1500)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I have a small bit of land on my garden where I want to cultivate something to eat or at least something useful. I live in a tropical/temperate zone where the seasons don't hit that hard (more of a rainy/dry thing) at about 1200 meters above sea level. Any beginner advice? I'm thinking of growing something like potatoes, radishes, lettuce. Happy to give more info if needed
File: l_4082_giant.lemon.1.jpg (25 KB, 694x383)
25 KB
start some lemon trees
See: >>1540708
Potatoes don't really do as well in warmer climates, but I'm sure you can find a tropical cultivar. Do ya research on your own time.

File: PicsArt_05-12-06.45.26.png (175 KB, 647x414)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Hello lads, Canuck here. What do y'all think about living on crown land in northern Ontario?
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BCfag here. I've encountered two hermit dwellings in the last 6 months on the coast here. The first still being occupied and having been so for 20 years according to the hermit. This country is massive. If you want, nobody would ever bother you. I found that funny about the "freeman" movement. If they were serious about it they could just melt into the mountains instead they want to fight cops and court over driving without insurance.
>tons of cash
lol, no.

Look I'm sick of (mainlander) chinks too, but they aren't going to be the majority any time soon.

All the "easy to reach" or "best" spots are not that secluded, at least not long enough at a stretch to remain secluded forever. If you want to find a boggy spot only reachable by fly-in, maybe.
I'm talking 50-75+ years from now. I'm not a /pol/tard or anything but 20+ years in Vancouver has shown me the way demographics are going. As for the cash, I'd love to pay no tax on anything because my grandmother was native and that's just the start.
And one more thing about "cash", where do you think this "reconciliation" is going? It's going to lead to money, that's it.
>There is in theory 798,434.6 square kilometers (308,277.3 square miles) or 197,297,511.1 acres of crown land in this province for you to enjoy
gee, i wonder why nobody lives up there

File: dogmen.jpg (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
What do you do to protect yourself against dogmen and other cryptids, /out/?
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I have a shortcut on my phone that leads to the FBI tip page. If one approaches I open it and say "Gonna tell FBI about the pizza stash on your harddrive" normally works against those filthy degenerates.
id say mission accomplished
File: download (2).jpg (34 KB, 700x466)
34 KB

Torch alone works only if there's an uneven, unstable, random output to the plasma since the Nondimensional Intelligence is interfered with (or pretends to) by an intermittent electromagnetic transmission.
a knife like a Khukuri should do the job or even better a spear.
My tattoos consist of symbols from the elder and younger futhark. So I'm safe /out/ in scandinavian countries which is where I live. Also surround my tent in salt against devils. If all else fails my usual camping buddy is a former witch doctor from nigeria

Any scuba divers out there?
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Elon posts here
Dock/bridge repair, boat recovery. If you go independent the insurance can be pricey but that also a barrier to entry for competition.
That is actually what disturbs me about the region the most. You see all these white guys everywhere claiming to live some tropical expat low cost of living life but everyone knows the real reason they are there. Everyone.
File: 1555353695774.jpg (171 KB, 1080x1349)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Last dives
>dive with a buddy that hasn't dived in 2 years
>quarry dive, nice temp (17°C)
>shallow dive (20m max)
>buddy begins to ascent and can't stay down
>grab buddy, empty my bcd and lungs
>still ascending
>empty buddy's bcd, three times, always more air
>stabilize at 6 meters, finally
>finish dive
>"I don't understand, I kept pushing the button and I was still ascending!"
>buddy forgot more air meant more flottability.
>thought adding air was adding weight.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: umelfarud.jpg (102 KB, 1234x691)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Haven't been able to go diving in a bit over a year due to school, sadly. Plan on getting a drysuit and doing some diving in the Puget Sound area soon I hope.
Pic is me and instructor during my deep dive specialty in Malta

File: received_420033501883267.jpg (370 KB, 2704x3612)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Is this shit a weed?
Found it growing below my rose plant.
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Pretty sure that's rosemary
Well smell it, does it smell like rosemary?
Don't think it's rosemary lad, the leafs grow way too perpendicular to the stem
it's portulaca.

it's not roesmary. rosemary has woody stems. it's Portulaca grandiflora.


File: YK7kbqRTKr-10.png (41 KB, 300x250)
41 KB
what are some good places around mt pilchuck that isnt a fucking carlot full of elders and boomers i remember years ago it was not like this at my nearest trails. Used to only see like 2 ppl on hikes now its infested with jannies and boomers from seattle. i do enjoy going to those ice caves to see the fucking idiots walk in the caves. been thinking of doing vesper peak it looks pretty cray
Start earlier or do more obscure difficult trails. If Vesper is too hard for you, I don’t really know I can suggest anything else. Maybe Forgotten?
Actually, you could just go to the meadows on Forgotten. Gothic Basin and/or Monte Cristo, up to Glacier Basin or Poodle Dog Pass. But alot of these (including Vesper) are pretty normie. Forgotten is still your best bet
thank you. ive heard of a few of these and done monte cristo before.

Does /out/ bike barefoot? Would you recommend it?
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We'd have less back issues for one. Shoe industry would have less power. It'd be better.
Nobody will fight you anon.
Meanwhile modern people destroy their feet in the asphalt jungle anyhow, so suddenly there is some retarded need for padding.
This is a fact, no one will fight you
Hell no. My feet are a genetic mess that only for shoes or expensive surgery will remedy.
Unless you're some kind of soft dag, you will eventually develop calluses which makes it easier.

File: backpacking.png (50 KB, 658x529)
50 KB
How much do you need to go backpacking for a semester?
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Or you could just take the trip and enjoy a comfy vacation with a bunch of horny college girls.
so in your world a year is 135 days?
Horny college girls? I wouldn't risk it, I rather camp with a daki.
>Implying those retarded ass credits are gonna transfer anywhere
gl with that degree dipshit
>Going into debt to go backpacking
Absolute retard status
I'd rather go to work and get a shitload of money and real experience instead of wasting my time playing "let's go camping" with a bunch of tree hugging faggots.

How important is 4 wheel drive to an adventure van?
I cant find one thats not wau overpriced and beat to shit.
Two wheel drive vans are everywhere for cheap.
How much am i giving up if i cheap out?
I like to camp on BLM land as far away from people as i can get.
85 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Vans have a long body to get stuck on any small mounds on the ground you'll gain a lot by lifting it
But dont you ever camp on 4x4 trails?
I like to camp in places where no one has made a fire ring ever
I agree this guy is a MORON
instead of a 4x4 I know how to drive
if I do have a problem I

have a winch
a winch also helps just sayn

File: Merced River 7 months.jpg (2.34 MB, 3264x3648)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
Looks like the old threads are gone, time to make a new one. I live near the Merced River near Yosemite and this area here is a public recreational area where panning for gold is legal. I started panning here last November not realizing that I was actually standing in the middle of the river, 7 months later and now it's completely flooded. Is there a chance this river will get as low as it did back in November again, or with all the rain and snow recently it won't get this low again for several years? And where do you think the gold would've concentrated the most in this area?
23 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Its like a gaint shitty slew...
You can actually find gold in culverts too, depends on the area though.

Might be haunted though.

Shh. No one say anything.
File: mined-cube-pyramid.jpg (194 KB, 1024x717)
194 KB
194 KB JPG

File: Primitive_tools.jpg (116 KB, 800x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Remember no gear. Post things you've made with natural materials or guides to making things.
142 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_2050.jpg (3.09 MB, 3264x2448)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
More grass rop
File: 20190616_214416.jpg (3.84 MB, 4032x2268)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG
You bet I did, took all the cord home. Used the real shitty string for pea trellis and even today I carry some of it on my keys every day

On another slightly unrelated point, some of the paracird was kinda stiff, but I often keep a small hank I'm my pocket just to play around with knots when I'm bored, any way, recently washed a pair of pants with a hank of it still in pocket, and th3 cord came out supple and workable

Not sure what that means or the heat of the wash has impacted the strength of the cord, I would assume so
Primitive "tech" is a meme
>.t 64th poster ITT
Everything is a meme by definition

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