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File: 1526854949637.jpg (42 KB, 400x323)
42 KB
What do you beloved lads use to oil your knives?
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Sewing machine oil works awesome for my stuffs
The sweat scraped from a Gladiators back.
is that the blin cat
File: IMG_20190219_145038.jpg (140 KB, 780x1040)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Get yourself a stainless Mora. Never oiled this, it's seen heavy use, batoning, wood carving, food prep. Any damage I've had was fixed with a little emery cloth and a sharpening stone.
1part wax 1 part pig grease melted together and reformed in an old tobacco tin. Good for everything from rust protection to wood/leather conditioning to covering small wounds.

Does anyone on /out/ homestead? I’m 18 and have a dream of owning a small farm to live on in the future. Is there anything anyone can tell me? What would the cost of starting a small farm with a garden and maybe chickens or goats. Is this dumb, what should I have on the farm, and how much should I save up? I hope to start the farm before I’m 40.
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Based. Thanks Hoss
Utterly and undeniably based and certifiably and retroactively and forever redpilled.
I knew a bunch of guys who were in the army and like 5 out of 6 had VA for knee injuries so i assumed it would happen to me. My plan would have worked without it but the free school while still getting 10k in pell grants yearly sure as hell helped.
Pomamo? Pomamo

File: Spooky Spoon.jpg (49 KB, 456x257)
49 KB
I live in London and wanna go to a woods and camp.
Where can I go?
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Fuck off rasheed
Rubber Dinghy Rapids bro.
I'd also like to know this, and somewhere without other people there, no "amenities" or nothing just a forest I can walk into for like half an hour and set up a tent in a small clearing and not have to worry about other faggots coming across us. Might be a bit farfetched in England but I'm hoping some of the larger forests are still deep/thick enough that this is possible.
Forest of Dean would be your best bet, but the uk isn't great for getting out into the woods. Our hills are great for this, and you can camp in privacy no troule. If you want to explore woodland then your best bet might be to fly out to Germany. There's literally a 20 pound return flight from London to Germany with ryanair. Fly out friday night after work, and come back on monday.
Umm, mate, London is in UK.
They cut down all the trees.

File: Tick-blacklegged-web.jpg (54 KB, 1000x500)
54 KB
Tennessee zone 7 here. Just pulled a tick off of myself and it's barely mid february. Is this a sign of the end times?
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Fuck off TIDF
t. Tick
>meme flag
File: 275.jpg (200 KB, 523x1024)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Seriously the most ignored horseman might be the scariest, just beginning to get red pulled on Lyme disease and these ticks are evil

I wouldn't worry about it.

thoughts on permaculture?
my grandparents are too old to cultivate their small plot so they told me I can do whatever I want with it, provided they will get some potatoes and strawberries.
I was thinking of trying permaculture over there. Does it even make sense to start it on such a small plot? Entire land is like 1.7acres but I'd assume maybe only 0.5acre is good for gardening use. Also, how do I get started with permaculture?
Also I wanted to clear the pond, tear down the old dock and build a new one. Any tips on how I should get started? I'm a city dweller and don't have much experience doing these /out/ things
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a friend recommended gaia's garden to me too. can you give me a quick rundown on it?

also there ain't much water in that pond, it's basically a shallow swamp at this point
I can do you one better than that: http://permabox.ressources-permaculture.fr/1-PERMACULTURE/LIVRES/BOOKS_Permaculture-(english)/BOOK_Gaia-s-Garden---A-Guide-to-Home-Scale-Permaculture_by-Toby-Hemenway.pdf
Hugelkultur and building Swales to catch water is in there.

some more resources for free

If you happen to be into French or German I recommend Margrit Rusch "Anders Gärtnern" / "Jardiner autrement" beautiful book with good structure and illustrations for beginners, but yeah, no English.
Start by finding the food producing plants that grow native in your area thay fit the conditions of the site. They will require little input once established. Also look into soil building. Adding compost and "chop and dropping" herbaceous plants will do this over time. Better soil will hold water and nutrients better and allow you to expand what you can easily grow.
this is weird why am i getting a NZ as fuck vibe from these photos?
that is weird bc it loks like north europe

File: Capture.jpg (227 KB, 1406x801)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
I'm planning to move to a new state and live innawoods while building stuff.

I need to get my drivers license.

DMV expects legal residence address. Land I'm living on is owned by me, but no street address.

I will have private mailbox but that doesn't count.

What do I do? I have no friends or family here.
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>you could call it either way depending how poor you are. Not that the law would be hard to get around, you just need to buy 2 parcels in different names and then move from one to the other once a week.

I actually thought about something similar getting around Britistani planning-permission laws. Essentially you can't "live" on your patch of woods, but you could quite legally build a little shed for shelter and rest while you conduct "forestry/agricultural activities". Naturally these facilities could contain cooking, toilet, shower facilities etc etc just no sleeping facilities.

>arrive at land at 7am
>do what you wanna do all day, have kitchen/shitter/washroom to use
>drive a few miles down the road and sleep in your van
>wake up 8 hours later and go make breakfast back on your land

I think it would be hard to take you to court for "living" on a premises that you do not sleep at overnight. As a large part of the 'living' definition must surely be based on sleeping and having it as a "home"
One or two bad apples didn't ruin it for you. Stop perpetuating that BS. People gave up the freedom. Period.
>Jimmy camped all year and burned down the woods.
Sounds like Jimmy is fucked then doesn't it?
>you can no longer camp all year long because Jimmy is retarded.
Um, go fuck yourself freedom.
Or, ok guess we can't do that now.
Freedom is like a cock. Stroke it and it gets hard. Ignore it and it shrivels up.
Yeah, you're right. People do that in the US as well. It's pretty cheap to build a shed that you can't live in but do whatever else in.

In the case of my county you can live on your land 6 days in a row but then you have to leave for the 7th, so you wouldn't even need to take off every night.
it's not one or two bad apples, you guys are ALL bad apples.

right? We already fine people more money than they'll make in their lives and then toss them in prison for a few years as well for carelessly starting fires.

that doesn't fix the problem though. So we outlawed the entire class of living. You can't do it here. Hell, you can't legally have a fire anywhere here for 6 months out of the year, we have no problem getting rid of people that light fires on their own property which then spread to ours. What part of "we don't want you here" are you not understanding?
Plot twist: Faggots like you set the fires, and blame it on the other poor bastards.
I'd guess they'd notice someone building a 10 foot bonfire next to their RV in broad daylight

I've never hunted before and I dont have any hunting friends to teach me. I feel like hunting is a kind of sport where your daddy has to teach you how to get into it but I never had that.
I'd like to hunt deer and maybe waterfowl and other shit in the future. I was thinking about picking up a Remington 870 and just going at it on public lands next deer season. I dont really want to splerg a bunch of money on equipment like stands and that right yet. Just me, a pack, a gun, and a good knife, I think I can just spend more later when I get into it.
Is there anything wrong with just winging it by yourself? Do you think I should start with something other than deer? Any tips?
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File: 1546881241636.png (284 KB, 650x581)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>Literally who eats squirrel?
>he doesn't eat squirrels
It would violate the NAP. I only eat flora that does not cast a shadow.
But what if your fox wife asked you to slay squirrels or bust bunnies with her?
You can get 30 to 70 per pelt. Might be enough to fund the ammo and maybe buy lunch. Nothing to try and make a living off of but the cash beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
Thanks for all that, man

File: IMG_20181021_140629.jpg (3.83 MB, 3120x4160)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
What is the shittiest/worst trip you had while camping? Ill start
>be me a high school pleb
> me and my group of friends love learning about things like navigation geology biology chemistry etc.
>have some other kids in school ask us to take them camping with us (i was against because rich kids are spoiled kids)
>plan the route and location we all know well so nobody gets lost
>learn the normies about the outside and make shelter
>have classic high school things happening while on the trip
>part 2 below
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"anon what are you doing? You can't start a fire here"
"How are we supposed to cook and warm ourselves?"
"We will have dinner at the refuge"
>The refuge is fucking full because of some guys who reserved everything for a marriage ceremony of one of them
>No dinner
>No fire to warm ourselves up
>No heavy clothing
It fucking freezed that night

>Day after
>We pack our things and go back
>No one is talking

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>No one is talking

I know that feel.
>going car camping in my truck with gf of one month
>she lied to me about some really stupid shit the day before and I don’t know how to respond but everything was great up till then
>drive 6 hours out and setup camp
>in bed and she says ‘can we just be friends’
>she’s a complete judgmental bitch to me the next two days and I end the trip early and drive our asses back, drop her off and never see her again
My first ‘real’ girl friend and she shit all over me (figuratively). Fucked like jack rabbits right up until then though.
>Be me, 15
>Live with adult sister and her husband, because mom, and dad can't into parenting
>Look forward to long weekend camping trip
>Get ready to leave
>"Anon, did you pack your math book?"
>Your math book. You're not going to just goof off all weekend."
Long story, short. I spent 3 days in a tent, sunup to sundown, doing math quizzes that psycho bitch thought up.
>be me
>drink uh
>uh coca cola
>diet Pepsi
>dr pepper
>and I poop my pants
>one time

I have got 50$ After monthly expenses, what do I get that is /out/ related
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based and /out/pilled
It’s been a rough month, I usually have more leftover to mess around with but lately I’ve had to deal with unexpected circumstances that have left me with not pocketloads of cash
Takes up too much space and is just a obstruction
Zippos suck they leak and let fuel evaporate. Milsurp stuff is heavy low quality and most things are uncomfortable.
Save up for a good tent


anyone know what the current conditions at the catskills are? (microspikes, snowshoes, or crampons & ice axe?)
I'm thinking of doing an overnight this weekend. Also, in the winter time, are you allowed to summit camp on slide or hunter mountain (>3500 ft)?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you want to come with let me know by 10pm tonight
How crowded does it get in the fall? I don't mind seeing folks on the trail now and again but camping with other groups nearby kind of ruins the experience for me.
File: rei millenials.jpg (600 KB, 1600x1066)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
>closest mountain park to NYC
>how crowded does it get
Anon, ask yourself, why is it the catskills require a bear canister but other forests in states in neighboring PA and VT do not
The Catskills don’t require a bear canister (unless that’s a new regulation there). AFAIK only the high peaks wilderness area in the Adirondacks requires one from spring-fall. But yes, the reason for the canister is because downstaters come up and feed the fucking bears, either purposely or inadvertently

File: thick wool socks.png (149 KB, 726x649)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
What are you wearing?

I'm wearing these. Don't be fooled that isn't rated to -50 degrees. That's, "50 Below ®," which is a registered USPTO business phrase and is of course fucking meaningless. However, they are really thick and comfy as as anything I've worn yet.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Darn tough has God tier customer service
Can someone recommend a men’s headband that won’t make me look like a middle aged thot, preferably in merino wool. I sweat even when it’s -20 out, so I take the hat off and hike for a bit more and sweat more, take a break, and then I get icicles on my head/hair and then my ears get cold. I’m thinking a headband might solve my issues.
So if some of you autists can scour the internet for all headbands, compare all the reviews, and report back with the best option, thanks in advance.
>that won’t make me look like a middle aged thot
This depends on the thickness of the band and your hair style. Honestly, a thick beanie that has been cut and hemmed will work quite well.
Old carhartt socks were 87% wool, and soft was fuck. Excellent boot socks. Last I checked wool content is down around 60% though, and they fall apart fast now. Anyone got an alternative recommendation for a thick wooly boot sock? I have tried smartwool and I don't like them as much as the ones with the thick knit feel.

These are the ones I used to love when they were higher wool content and better quality. Ideally I'm trying to find something similar, but once again, higher wool content.


File: 20190202_213312.jpg (2.27 MB, 4032x2268)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
Urbex thread

This is from tonight, way in without breaking anything. There was also a ladder for roof access but it had been cut about 9ft up making it inaccesable which was disappointing
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Old mill
File: IMG_20190218_112743_753.jpg (126 KB, 1080x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I uploaded a new video. This is the last chapter of this seminar facility. Please watch. Also the video of the new place will continue. Please subscribe to the channel if you like.
In the YouTube please search with "maniacreport". You can surely enjoy the ruins of Japan.

File: 1516394958181.jpg (104 KB, 572x621)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
12 chicken eggs sell for $2.
1 turkey egg sells for $2.

Can someone run the numbers and prove why selling turkey eggs isn't profitable?
There’s no market for turkey eggs?
Economy of scale
Also just because something is more expensive doesn't mean it's automatically more profitable. It's about the margin.
There is quite the market. What we must do is convince consumers that turkey eggs carry significantly more health benefits and are friendlier to the environment than chicken eggs are.

Thinking about pic related for Florida
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well this is a pleasant fiction
Needs floats for the stream.
I shit you not, I have that same camelback.
I don't like the way it wraps around you head cutting off vision to anything but right above you.

I'm gonna play around with a spreader bar of sorts on non-spreader hammock.

Could use trekking poles but that would only have two points of contact.

Might try notching about 1" OD schedule 200 PVC.

I've found a hammock with built in bug screen will hold a quilt nice and snug but not compressed if flipped over. That works out because by the time you need a quilt its too cold for bugs.
It's absolutely awesome, but know that mosquitoes will bite your ass right through the hammock fabric. Plan accordingly, as that part is miserable.
Nope, but I have something better you can sleep in...
[spoiler]My foreskin[/spoiler]

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