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I’m heading up to Jasper and Banff for 10ish days and plan to take my kayak with me. Are there good places to disperse camp outside of the pay campsites? What should I definitely see/do? What would be a good one to two night backpack? What lakes should I hit?
Also, I hear the provincial parks are pretty sweet around there, so any suggestions there would be welcome as well.
Where is this? Heaven?
Spirit island jasper
>don't worry anon if you don't have a boat, they offer group tours starting at $80/ticket!
I actually got a permit for Maligne Lake, I’m fucking stoked.

"Hi I'm Zap and this is Scooter! What's your trail name Anon?"
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Literally Satan
Kigger Niller. Pleased to meet yuh.
File: 374.png (271 KB, 432x541)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
My actual fucking name.
Nice to meet you Kigger, I'm Mike Chunt
Do americans really do that?

File: 1.jpg (190 KB, 1296x644)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
What the most epic thing you've done while camping out?
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You sound like a man I would smoke a j with any day of the week.
File: 20190615_072319.jpg (165 KB, 600x597)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Who could be behind this post?
Tha k u anon ;)
I had my first and probably only threesome in a local state park. We met because the girls had trouble getting their canoe out of the water so I helped them. We hit it off and hung out for a few hours before dark. We got drunk and toasted around the fire and I was being suave as a mofo. Marley came across my bow and an axe and asked how well I could use them. I told her I could throw the axe into a tree about 10 yards away and hit the blue painted like it was marked with. She bet me that if I could do it she would sleep in my tent. I added some flare and flipped it before tossing and nailing the line. I figured I'd get close but honestly didnt think I would hit it. Morgan then asked well what about the bow and if I could hit the line again from the other side of the fire. I said I could from behind her hammock, but that if I did she had to sleep in my tent too. Only an extra 5 feet but it sounded cool. I nailed just above the axe head. Both shots were better than I expected. 20 minutes later we were inside going at it.
It blew my mind and still does.
It also sucks in a way because I'm 25 and I know I will never ever have an experience like that again.

where is a good spot to rough camp where I can camp and shoot where nobody will find me?
literally any of the non-designated wilderness parts of the national forests. pick a forest road and follow it.

>Releases a weeb ad encouraging going outdoors

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Fucking Commiefornia Cope
Not original poster, but your response was cringe. Go back to Twitter with that garbage
No problem pls stay in california
I don’t live in California I live in Delaware
yikes even worse

Pretty soon I will be staying in Gettysburg, PA for a few days. Are there any good trails or easily accessible nature areas worth spending time at?
File: cwdr.jpg (62 KB, 780x540)
62 KB
Delaware Water Gap, probably. I would just do the battlefield though, there is plenty there to keep you occupied if you even have a passing interest in Civil War history.
Michaux state forest is right next to gettysburg. The AT passes over part of it.
Get the map here: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateForests/FindAForest/Michaux/Pages/Maps.aspx

or pick any trail that looks nice on Alltrails

that's like a 3 hour drive from gettysburg, and if you're going to drive 3 hours you might as well see pine creek gorge instead
Caledonia State Park is worth checking out for a day trip. Plenty of decent trails for short hikes, and there's some longer ones too. Old branch of the AT starting at the Totem Pole Playhouse is about ten miles round-trip.
I live nearby in Chambersburg. AT in the area is good. Check out Chimney Rocks and the nearby fire tower in particularor something just minutes away. Could really go anywhere on it for a good time though.
Tuscarora trail in Fulton county has some great views but probably would be an hours trip for you. Same with the hard to reach waterfalls by Meadow Grounds lake.
Catoctin mountain park and Cunningham falls in nearby MD make for a good day.
That's what immediately comes to mind nearby. A lot in the area in general though. Good /out/ area, especially going a bit west of Gettysburg

Is it legal to get a tag from a trapper and hunt gators out of season as nuisance trappers? as well as trapping and beating them on the head? And hunting female doe? This is something someone I know is doing
Varies state to state.
In florida I mean sorry
>Louisiana law's gonna get chu Amos

i don’t understand what you guys are talking about in here but i would just like to sit in a pretty field with flowers and maybe pet a bunny
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Lol. That sounds nice

Please no.

So fucking bad right now that im considering getting guineas until i can't tolerate theyre bullshit and shoot them.

File: me_woods.jpg (1.9 MB, 1200x1600)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
>i've arrived in the woods.
what am I supposed to do now
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what the fuck is this
/out/ Masterpiece Theatre
This thread doesnt have enough replies
Just look behind you next time maybe cyroken tervios klermaervernne play the whole game hole no thanks.
What doing now /bushrobot/?

File: 20190617_141921.jpg (3.06 MB, 4032x2268)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
Why has the inability to rotate a picture become a fucking trend? Are you fuckers that fucking stupid?
he's just australian
I LUH these fungis man. Nothing like munching on some random fungi in the woods

Good morning.
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A buddy of mine (carpenter by trade) actually collects and restores unique, antique, old tools and his ig was full of pics like this. It was pretty comfy and he knew his shit, I have to hope that at least some of these are people like that. Although the OP pic is dumb, what the Fuck do you need a hachet for if you're just drinkin', smokin' and reading.
File: downloadfile-136.jpg (22 KB, 474x316)
22 KB
Yeah, see, if it's genuine (personally restored or actually gets used) then I have no problem with it.

There is a store in my city that sells lumberjack-sexual type stuff, male grooming products, axes, cigar shit, etc. Once me and my brother went in to give it a look. One of the staff, a twiggy guy with a big beard and a flannel shirt, bid us to hold an axe upon entering. Like, "welcome, here's your axe, welcome to the manliness shop". We declined, saying "no thank you, we've held an axe before" (no tone of smugness, we just didn't see the need) . He looked genuinely sad we declined. I imagine he lives in studio apartment with a fine $300 originally crafted axe sitting in the corner as decoration, never been used. When his friends come over they probably get goosed up on micro-brews and pass the axe around, reveling in the illusion of masculinity they get by proximity to "manly" commercial goods.

Kind of a long story but every time I see this aesthetic I think of that guy fondling an axe in his studio apartment, trying to buy his way to a masculine, outdoors, or self-sufficient self image. teetering on an identity crisis. It bums me out.
Your axe looks dull and rusty as fuck.
There's a store like that in Calgary called Kent by Inglewood or something. I went in there once. Some chick tried to sell me an opinel #8 for like $30 and I was handed a sample of mustache wax. The whole place felt like a joke.

Also when it comes to the guy you're describing you have to think that he's probably only ever worked in retail. No ones paid him to use that tool, he's probably never gone /out/ and really needed it either. It really is a bummer
Holy shit. That's the place. But the Edmonton location.

Post /out/ fuckups
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Fuck anon, get well soon.
it's looking pretty damn good son, you'll pull through.

I wanna bite it like the cork of a wine bottle
this my thumb twitch
thanks, 10 days till im supposed to start the pct. going to see how hard it is to pitch my tarp in a weeks time then make a call.
Meh,vyou'll be fine, mate. It looked worse :)

File: wind-waker-great-wave.png (4.41 MB, 1600x1103)
4.41 MB
4.41 MB PNG
caughht first good fish for eating yesterday, it was outside for about 5-6 hours then was put in the fridge overnight. is it safe to eat today?
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anyone have any infographics on how to properly keep a fish?
Dad always told me to clean a fish before their gills turn white
Yes, that is fine. It would only be a problem if you gutted it with your knife then filleted it with the same knife without washing the knife first.
Somewhat related to OP's question: Is it better to gut a fish and freeze it or just keep the fish in one piece and then freeze it?
Your dad was right.
Even better is you bleed it as well

Always gut and bleed first if possible

File: laughing-pepes.png (694 KB, 798x770)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
>nearly a year ago
>toilet was on the fritz
>septic tank no longer worked, so repairmen suggested rerouting the pipes to the sewer
>this meant (at the time) bathroom was unavailable for a couple days
>they suggested taking a piss in my backyard in the meantime
>fuck that, I thought
>quickly relented, and waited until dusk to wee-wee
>was weirdly kind of nice
>the night sky, cool breeze, and the sound of the rustling trees made pee-peeing all the more relaxing
>toilet was finally fixed, and didn't think I would ever pee outside again
>keyphrase: didn't think
>slowly, since then, start pissing outside backyard door after dark
>usually out of laziness (I keep Purell in my room)
>but sometimes to enjoy things like the cool breeze

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's going in my cringe compilation
Killed the shrub outside my ex-g'f's window by pissing on it all the time. Her dad was confused.
Jesus how old are you? You sound like you've been in a fallout shelter your whole life.
I remember reading this in Calvin and Hobbes.
I usually piss outside too. It's super relaxing and satisfying actually.

File: Laugavegur.jpg (91 KB, 750x420)
91 KB
I'm planning a trip out to Iceland later this summer to link the Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails, and then to Kerlingarfjoll to hike the Ring Route.

Because some of the days are pretty short, I wanted to get some opinions about whether to link the sections, or to stay at each hut and do day hikes from the campsites (Especially on the Laugavegur, since some of the huts are only 12 km apart on flat ground). Has anyone hiked these trails?
File: IMG_20190616_074513.jpg (1.75 MB, 4608x3456)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Funny story: I was there yesterday, but for work desu.
Pic related
I'm assuming you don't mean daylight hours are short because it's only three horse of night right now.
Nah distance-wise; I'm trying to maximize the amount of countryside i can see

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