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File: MHW_VEST.jpg (73 KB, 1208x684)
73 KB
Where do vests fit in the layering system? What advantages do they provide? Would you buy pic related? it's 50% off and weighs only 7 ounces but I'm not sure exactly what scenario would call for a vest that jacket couldn't fill.
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Because it already happened. We’re about to get Milhoused.
2/10 made me reply
aesthetics cuck
Appreciating the work that went into this post
Indeed, that was impressive, accurate, and worthy of recognition.

Im about to buy a REDWING 30 TACTICAL backpack for 120 USD and was wondering if /out/ could tell me if there is a pack of equal quality at a similar pricepoint. Thanks
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You’ve definitely gotten your money’s worth from that jansport. I haven’t seen a frame pack like that in a long time.
I'm 5'6 and weigh 59kg (132 lbs)
I’m the dude that told you to get an osprey(not that that matters). What’s your load weight? Not asking for ultralight purposes. Are you using larger than a 2 person tent? Tent and/or trekking poles? Roll up or inflatable sleeping pad? Camp pillow? Multiple clothing layers? How many days are you going? What temp ranges do you plan to be out on? These things matter. You being 5’6” will affect that slightly. The regular redwing has an adjustable shoulder strap system will help you with stability on your shoulders and back that the tactical won’t adjust on. I say that from experience because of my brother-in-laws Kelty redwing 50. If you’re not buying the traditional 50l then the 44l in either regular or tactical would probably suit you better. While the thicker material is nice in the tactical, it’s not actually necessary.
Got an Osprey 18 on sale and it's breddy nice so far, I'd imagine the 30 is similar

Think I have a jansport 30 at home that's a lot more robust for wet weather, but the osprey is fine if you're in hot climates
Some LBT-1476A go on sale for 100$
Best backpack I’ve ever owned.

File: barrel.jpg (398 KB, 1000x750)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>considers himself an outdoorsman
>has never been barreled by a wave and made it out

it's literally the most transcendental experience you can have while /out/.
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>everything I don't like is /pol/
Get the fuck out
>leaf has to screenshot his own post
File: cosmicbillyg.jpg (85 KB, 414x472)
85 KB
>he thinks alcohol isn't a mind-altering drug
I got thrown by a wave in the Indian ocean (at a cheap beach hotel in a quieter spot in Goa, no life gaurds because lol India).
>swimming maybe 300-400m from shore, some big swells, but nothing scary.
>Start to swim a little closer to shore, 'cause I'm pale as fuck and it's been at least 30-40 minutes in the sun. I need to get under some shade.
>Notice that some other swimmers off to my side are all at once trying to tear back to shore.
>Look back, FUUUUUUUUU.
>about 600m away, but moving fast, is a large, classically curling wave, I would guess 4-5 metres high
>I can swim, but I'm not gonna win any contests
>realize I'm never gonna out-swim this.
>hear it roaring behind me
>plug my nose, hold my breath
>suddenly tumbling around in blueness, feels like I'm being sandpapered from all sides
>a few seconds go by
>I'm about knee deep in sand surf, spitting seawater out of my mouth
>stagger to my feet, look around, see a dozen other swimmers doing the same.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

On the same trip a few days later, I was swimming closer to shore, about chest-high water, but it was right where the sand underneath slopes down and you can't stand but need to actually swim. A skinny Indian guy who was obviously a total water n00b discovered this, stepped too far and for real panicked. Splashing and sinking and screaming for help. I paddled over and grabbed his armpits to drag him back, but then in his utter panic he started flailing and scrabbling at me, and actually pushed my head under a couple times as he was trying to cling to something. (I thought you mother fucker!) I yelled at him to calm down and just float, but he was in full panic mode. Luckily I could feel sand nearby, so I caught my footing and somehow pulled him back. Then I told him to put his feet down, and I guess after all his kicking he realized he could stand again. He did and relaxed and thanked me. I just about punched him, but of course I realize it's hard to control fight or flight panic.

That was scarier honestly, because his death grip on my arms and him panicking, he really could have drowned me or us both.

I live right next to a fishing spot, and I just realized my dumb ass could be getting a fresh, healthy source of protein for free. Is there any risk with eating fish daily or near daily? Is it just tuna you aren't supposed to eat daily? Game wardens and rangers need not reply, imma do what I want. Also give me some fishing tips, haven't done it since I was a kid.
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Yes. Super bad. Not only with mercury, but also with domoic acid or whatever the fuck it's called, that causes weird nervous system symptoms like amnesia.
Source of info?
On the meateater podcast they were talking about this. One of them said something along the lines of "Should I catch and eat enough fish that contaminates become an issue I would consider myself a lucky man"
Obviously you should read any warnings your local DNR puts out but really the odds are that you're not a skilled enough fisherman to really worry about it.

>float tube and flippers

Welp. Enjoy drowning. Or you could just get a second hand Ocean Kayak Trident for the same money, and you know, not die.

>do not eat bass

What rampant faggotry is this?

I grew up in very rural Pennsylvania. I turn 30 this month, and ended up becoming a very accomplished hunter -- hunting all around the country, getting all sorts of wild game on public land. But to this day, I've never shot a deer.

After going on a hunt with my girlfriend's family who "have been hunting for years." It became really obvious to me that my lack of luck wasn't because I doing anything wrong, but the game commission just does things really weird in this state. This year:

> You have to shoot a deer that is "3 up," meaning it has at least 3 horns on an antler
>..but that's only if you're in one of the 5 or 6 WMUs that have that law. Otherwise it's "2 up" on one antler.
>....but that's only if they have at least one horn on the brine, which is different from the rest of the horns.
>......but that's only if that horn on the brine is at least an inch.
>...but only if it's NOT a Sunday, because you can't hunt deer on Sundays.
>....which we're changing, but only on one Sunday per this coming deer season, which is to be announced next year.

By the way, those WMUs change constantly and the boundaries aren't clearly marked. I did some digging and according to the game commission's numbers, in 2017 (which was one of the most deer harvested in 10 years), 23 of every 100 hunter got a deer. That includes junior hunters who have less restrictions and disabled hunters that can shoot from vehicles. Moreover, 2/3rds of all hunting occurs on private land.

We have less hunters than ever before in our state, so last year the game commission combated this by raising the price of the license and not printing the rule book. We now also have a gross overpopulation of deer and major incidents Chronic Wasting Disease (mad cow disease for deer).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No woods-pig, stay away; we're stacked deep in there, lotta cousins with scary black rifles
Webcam hunts exist.
Is what my work? I've never posted/uploaded the info anywhere; it's just personal use information for when I get into hunting. While the text descriptions work and the pictures of the maps are nice, I don't know the WMUs well enough to trust myself going off that and winging it, so I give myself a nice visual reference using a program I use often when I need to remember where something is. It also helps me know when and where I can walk without pissing off hunters as I walk the railroad tracks.
>but you'd also be walking downrange of a fucking rifle range
Have you seen the rifle range? It has a pretty high hill as a backstop, I think you'll be fine.
Non burger here

What happens if you ignore the rules and just shoot a deer?

Who's gonna find out if you're in the middle of nowhere?

File: 71n9WeluawL._SY355_.jpg (18 KB, 355x355)
18 KB
I feel like I could run towards the rocky mountains in BC, or go to Vancouver island, or go along the coast
I don't know how I would survive outside the urban area though, I only have 2000 bucks.
How would I search for rural towns?
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>running away from home
don't, get a job and move out
File: skid-row.jpg (312 KB, 1200x800)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
I hear you even have your own AT.
Uh... most of the army guys I know are black or Hispanic. Try again.
Buy kneepads

Why do you want to run away?

File: 1516697099947.jpg (299 KB, 1500x960)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
as a married man with a steady career, how does one take the time to thru hike?
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And when their men abandon them for months at a time it strains their piety.
Thru hiking is bullshit. Hiking is fucking miserable after day 15. It's literally the reason we live in fixed structures, have machines, and live in low-lying areas near water sources.

I tried the AT in Georgia during a break from my PhD. I got crippling tendonitis in my ankles in North Carolina. I've also done the New York and New Jersey sections (MA + CT are next). I wish I got to Virginia on that first attempt but I would have certainly stopped in West Virginia.

Not all parts of trails are nice/scenic/fun/safe. Pennsylvania is supposed to suck ass. Its 250 miles and no one has ever told me anything good about it. If you look at topographic maps of New Hampshire, it's a fucking G-R-I-N-D even though the Presidential Range is beautiful. My cousin died from exposure in the Adirondack Mountains of New York less than 3 miles from his car. Nature is nice but sweating like a pig, shitting in a hole, and eating peanut butter for months on end won't free you. It doesn't take much more than a 30 foot tumble and a 3-4 days without water to end you.
How do you die of exposure in the ADKs?
Prots aren't Christian.
Because in any condition people thinking sleeping on the ground when it’s hot without an insulating layer is a good idea. It is not. The ground will absolutely suck the heat out of anything. Heat is electricity, electricity always want to go to ground, if you lay on the dirt long enough it will put you at risk for exposure. That’s why shelters and sleep systems are so important.

Mors Kochanski died today Dec 5th age 79. F
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that would be incredibly based
All lawyers get the rope.
He was an inspiration. Hopefully I can live more of my life like him.
lol whata fag

So anons have you already made your sacrifices to Hircine daedric prince of the hunt?
>benefits include
>better hunts
>more tasty gome
>more pray
>if you day you’ll go to the hunting grounds hunt for eternity
Why aren’t you worshipping Hircine yet?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: batsy.gif (3.7 MB, 680x383)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB GIF
>if you day
Bitch please.
File: latest-1.jpg (129 KB, 817x1200)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

>Why aren’t you worshipping Hircine yet?

bcuz there can be only
Because Azura is my waifu and Hircine is gay furry faggot

File: 20191110_170440.jpg (4.18 MB, 4032x3024)
4.18 MB
4.18 MB JPG
Van thread. Lets see what you got boys. I know there is another vanman here. Car camping, motorcycle camping, RVs, all are welcome. Share your rig, tell your stories, give your advice.
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Is this bait? Florida is unironically the most shit tier state for living in a van.
>Scorching summer heat and humidity 9 months out of the year
Pick one
He lives by the water so he can just open his door for ventilation. Also if you've been living in Florida your entire life like me you become more used to the heat, I feel more comfortable in 90 degree weather than 50 degree weather
I'm visiting. I picked December to explore here because the weather isn't that bad. Fishing is on point here. Tbh I am sketched about being in the state, but whatever. I'm from Maine, so I've never NOT experienced a winter, so I'm enjoying it.
File: 20191207_110136.jpg (4.31 MB, 4032x3024)
4.31 MB
4.31 MB JPG
Living the dream, boys
File: latest.jpg (91 KB, 299x550)
91 KB

based ausfag

What's better for winter camping, a hammock or a tent?
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File: TheStove.png (140 KB, 248x265)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Not if you're a horse
That looks comfy AF desu
>The groundhuggers wouldn't even be able to set up their tents there because there is very little level ground and there are roots and rocks everywhere.
File: f7ff0f4.jpg (1.3 MB, 3024x4032)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
>implying hammocking isn't 10x better
Imagine having to get on all four and having to crawl inside and out of a tent like some kind of animal, especially in the winter.
File: ec9615b.jpg (181 KB, 1500x1124)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
>He thinks you set up the fire that close to the hammock
>What is adequate clearance for literally any fire
Pls explain

Hey /out/
I live out in the woods and have a lot of nice land to walk but I'm way overweight and working on getting fit.
I have been wearing just standard loafers when walking but want something more suited to long walks on various ground types.

I want sandals because I like to just throw my shoes on, grab my staff, and take off into the woods when the need strikes me, I find I am less likely to come up with a reason not to get outside if I do it quickly.

Once saw someone say KEEN was a good brand, then the next person say they were awful, so not sure where to start. I wear about a 12 or 13 if that helps.
All you can do is buy a pair and try them. If you match the sandal to the sort of foot wear you normally wear then you might have more success.
I hike in bedrocks a fair bit, they have a pretty minimal sole and are zero drop, but that suits me as the matches the shoes I wear normally.
I love them but they are limited and not suitable to some situations.
Who makes those fingered socks? They look comfy.
injinjii or something along those lines. They are good, I bought them to try out as a lot of people rave about them. They work nicely with the sandals as they offer some extra protection and warmth, but in normal shoes I don't really notice any advantage for me. I know a lot of people are drawn to them in an attempt to prevent toe blisters, so if that's something you suffer from then maybe check them out.
Otherwise I found the extra effort needed to take them off and put them on was too much. Especially when they get wet.
File: IMG_20180715_085728874.jpg (158 KB, 849x637)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
bonus pic

Anybody else out there looking for these glorious chipped rocks?
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The tubes are 100% clay pipe stem (English archaeologist here). They would have been made in the UK and shipped to the New World. They are early - probably 17th Century or early 18th - as they are thick and flattened (later pipe stems show better technique).
You have a nice early site nearby, although possibly not on your land, as they seem to have been rolled by the river. Still, worth having a look around - any pottery or stone walls will give you a clue.
Bumping, ‘cos I love shit like this!
The tube thingies look more like they might have been part of a bead necklace or other jewelry.
File: necklace.jpg (52 KB, 570x639)
52 KB
something like this
They’re 100% clay pipe stems. 17/28th century, to be precise.
You could turn ‘em into a necklace, though, if you wanted to keep them.

File: Sony-DSC-Rx100.jpg (45 KB, 660x440)
45 KB
/out/cameras. What camera do you use when out?
100 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: DSC00944_2048.jpg (480 KB, 2048x1365)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
its really hard to justify the weight of a camera in comparison to my phone. only worth it for short normie hikes
Don't be a gearfag, the camera doesn't make the photographer
It is true that the battery life is not very good, 300 - 500 photos per battery. But for me, the small size is very important so i'm ok with it.
File: 1341408980866176.png (63 KB, 214x614)
63 KB
>dslr weighs 8oz more
Wow, look I can carry up to 6 spare batteries with all this weight I saved and have even more shots than your dslr, or just carry 1 or 2 for shorter trips.
Wtf I hate having the freedom to decide whether I want a lighter setup or greater battery capacity for my trips
File: Game Cart.png (215 KB, 588x614)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
I take 700lbs of batteries with me where ever I go.

File: 1231276-952_F.jpg (55 KB, 612x650)
55 KB
What bag do you take hunting with you, /out/?What do you keep in it?
Massive fanny pack and hunting vest.
All my muzzleloader shit like caps, powder, bullet. Rope to pull deer out. Scent wafers and deer urine. Doe bleet. Beef jerky and sunflower seeds. Water. Hand warmers. Several knives. Small firstaid kit and firestarting kit in case shtf.
This is the pack I carry into a tree stand. Ive tied my quiver to the front cause I don’t shoot my bow with it on. It’s small so it’s easier to pull up into the tree with my bow. Inside is a rope with two carabiners on each end to hoist it up like I said, deer tags, two knives, a headlamp, screw in hangers to hang the pack and bow up in the tree, a buck grunt call, hand warmers, an archery wrench, and hot doe piss.
Depends on the hunting, sometimes I'll use a blaze orange smaller cabella pack with just some basic stuff, for big game where I may be out awhile I take my eberlestock dragonfly.

I take matches, tp in a plastic bag, compass, radio, water, headlamp, some snacks, knife, extra ammo, bags for meat. Sometimes I'll take a surgical gown to clean the animal (it helps a lot). The large pack has plenty of room if your doing overnight stuff, and a built in gun bag which is more comfortable than keeping your gun on a sling, and better over real rough terrain.

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