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File: Moto-vs-trail-1100.jpg (482 KB, 1100x550)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
>hiking through woods
>see this
>wat do?
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im gonna place more of these just for your fellow mototards i hope you know that
You wont do shit nigger, all you fashis are are hot air and no action.
Fucking pathetic
I wish /pol/ would just stay in /pol/
put a steel rod through the spokes
Would 100% beat someone close to death and leave them in the woods with nothing if I saw them do this

So around this time of year, these fruits start appearing.

I live in Houston and I am pretty sure they are not a native species. They seem to be a residential tree that show up in some neighborhoods and by bayous between subdivisions.

They taste kinda like a cross between a peach and a very very mild nectarine. The leaves are dark green, long and feel leathery. Each fruit has rather large smooth round brown seeds. 2-4.

There are freakin delicious and it’s strange because it seems like no one else harvests them. Even birds and parasites seem to ignore them. Squirrels sometimes go after them.
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These things are delicious. I used to have a tree of them in an old house, and they are the tastiest damn thing when fresh.
those are persimmons
absolutely great when ripe and soft
terrible when not ripe enough
persimmons are incredible but these are loquats
In Portugal we call those nêsperas.
One of my favourites, they are super common in late spring and early/mid Summertime

>Tfw there was a huge loquat tree in my Middle school and me and the lads would collect a bunch of 'em and eat them on the way home
>Times will never be that happy and simple again
Those are some soft milky hands anon...

File: Article_lyme+disease.jpg (1.43 MB, 2121x1414)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Is the gov not doing anything to stop the spread of these diseases? Why can't/don't we find a way to kill all ticks or at least stop spread of shit like lyme disease?
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File: lyme treatment - 3.gif (146 KB, 817x1021)
146 KB
146 KB GIF
File: lyme treatment - 4.gif (143 KB, 818x1027)
143 KB
143 KB GIF
Ticks aren’t necessary, it’s not being shitty to exterminate parasites that provide little economic value
The government created Lyme disease...

File: ed-stafford (1).jpg (774 KB, 1600x900)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
>tfw /out/ swears by vid related
What is wrong with his face?
File: lsk.jpg (37 KB, 700x408)
37 KB
Not to mention, getta load of his cheapo faggy looking "signature" knife.
He's British.
Wtf is that monstrosity?

File: opt.jpg (133 KB, 640x640)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Hi anons. I was /out/ today going off the trail and trying to think of good ways for marking a new path when going off the trail so I can get back but I don't want to have to remove it (plastic tape) or harm trees (blazes). Thoughts?
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>Extremely bright orange scraps
>More noticable that literal garbage
>Lol its ok because itll decompose in a year
Do you not give a shit if a trail looks nice or not? It's just retard laziness.
Wtf ? Where do you buy your Oranges at ?
You know that an antiquarian is not a place to buy vegetables anon, right?
Chop into the back part of a tree. Also rocks
Fucking hell. Those assholes have their grimey hands in everything, don't they?

Where can I get oranges that haven't been adulterated by the same assholes that gave us heroine and agent orange?

File: Budget-Bushcraft-Kit.jpg (116 KB, 655x437)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
anyone else as broke as me?

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But warm food is good. At least in winter you gotta warm up with some tea or a soup. But some cold snacks are good for eating on the go. Well, it's not like a canteen and a mess kit costs that much.
Cookery is where I spend the money. Can't skimp on cookery.
>it could use a small camp axe or hatchet and a sawyer water filter
Sawyers are awesome, but depends on how cheap OP wants to get. Bleach is definitely the cheapest way to go.

Camp axe? Unless you're actually felling, cutting and splitting for next season, there's no reason to carry firewood-processing tools; just grab deadfall and break it up by hand.
>External frame jansport
based and redpilled
Sc/out/ model, nonetheless

File: goldpart1.jpg (129 KB, 1024x768)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Any Anons here goldpan? I'm looking to start this spring.
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usually the bigger the gravel is, so is the gold.
yes, look for where the larger stones and boulders have accumulated, as well as where they meet bedrock.
But do I dig in from of or behind the large boulder?
He’ll be finding panfuls m8
(not him but)
dig behind it. The boulder would slow down the flow of water, causing heavies to fall right behind (or even around) it

File: SAK_1_3613__S1.jpg (31 KB, 640x560)
31 KB
Are Swiss Army knives as good as they are hyped up to be? Which version does /out/ recommend?
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File: SAK_0_8513__S1.jpg (29 KB, 640x560)
29 KB
I have both Leatherman (charge) and several small victorinox.
Ad a tool the leatherman is great, bu Imo the victorinox steel is better for outside activities, it holds pretty well and is really stainless.
I guess the choice depends of you need the pliers or not, they are heavy but quite useful sometimes.
He other big difference is the scissors, which I end using quite a lot, the victorinox ones are GREAT.

If you're interested in the victorinox look for the outrider (pic related) is a little bigger than their faggy swiss army one, has a good lock and scissors
useless serrations on main knife and super cucked non stabby non point. GAAAAAY.

Sometimes, you just need to stab a bitch.
Huntsman anon, it's literally my favorite utility knife.
This. It's my EDC

For me, it's the BioLite StickSnapper™
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>dumb snaplets

Fucking cope harder, idiots. Boots are not made for snapping sticks
Yeah ok, go ahead and make that for less than $10 materials+labor.
Whats the point?
>needs to use feet for sticks so small they can only fit into the stick snapper

Just use your hands.
Wtf is happening here? Is the photo imposed??

File: Overview.jpg (991 KB, 2715x1280)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
MYOG - make your own gear thread
modified gear welcome too.

So what have you build/planed?
Im not near any of my gear right now but I’ll come back tonight and post pictures of my tent and of my sleeping bag . DIY gear is the best
File: pics with arrows.jpg (843 KB, 813x1180)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
pics related my 20mm evazote foam pad for hammock and ground dwelling in my hammock/biwi

r- value should be between 3 and 5 so suited for -5 to -20 weather. this is around 10% worse then a Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite SOL if I just go by the technical stats. but so far i was never out that cold temperatures only down to -12°C or so.

i use it with a chink down quilt which is really nice, very wind prove. but not very breathable in warm conditions.

and yes its comically huge
File: simon peg.png (981 KB, 990x550)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
I made some aluminium tent pegs but if I look at them sideways they bend, is there any way to harden this shit?
Use wood

As a child, I always wanted to go backpacking/fishing/hunting. Unfortunately that was never something my parents did so I never got to experience it. Eventually that yearning went away.

I'm an adult now, and over the past couple of years I've been getting the feeling of wanting to really get into the outdoors. Ever since I started having this feeling again, been camping, kayaking and snorkeling now. All things I wanted to do when I was young, and things I ended up really enjoying.

I want to get into fishing as well now, but I don't really know where to start. I know I'll need a license. I'm sure it will go away in time, and it will have to, especially if I plan on learning how to hunt eventually, but I have an aversion to seeing things being hurt. Putting live bait onto hooks, killing and cleaning the fish, these are things I know I will have to do. How can I get over this aversion as quickly as possible?

Thanks for the input!
Perhaps you could watch videos tutorial videos to avoid your initial squeamishness? Also, it might be good to keep in mind that all meat products you eat resulted from the death of an animal, and that you doing your hunting are likely giving that animal a quicker and less painful death than it probably would have experienced naturally.
basically like >>1497862 said, if you're doing this for food, and not merely for sport, you should have no problem at all.
also, if you're truly hungry out there, you'll start to want to kill things regardless of your morals :)
plus few people really go /out/ so you can always find nice spots in whichever waterways you like
Thanks guys! No way to get past it besides exposing myself to it.
Killing is weird at first. Best to just get to work and not dwell on it.
Where are you from? I know in Texas if you are fishing within a state park, you do not need a license. Also check to see if your state has a free fishing day.

As for the killing, the other anons pretty much nailed it.

I would even suggest watching videos on other people hunting and fishing and seeing what they do.

Focus on killing them as quickly as possible to keep them from suffering.

On the off chance you don’t kill them in the first blow don’t panic or feel bad and just focus on ending them.

File: Weekend hang.jpg (171 KB, 960x960)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Dunno if this will gain much traction, or if there enough of you on here to get its own thread. But heres hoping.

Hammock general. Where did you hang this weekend, whats your setup. General hammock discussion.

I met with a group of hammock enthusiasts out hansons point in red river gorge. About 50 people showed up over the period of four days. Was an absolutely great time.

Ive got the hennessy safari deluxe with just a wool blanket and the MSS 0 degree bag. Working on the underquilt and topquilt but Im a poorfag and theyre expensive.
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i couldn't disagree less with this anon. i reckon DD has been smashing it for at least the last 8 years and I'd be surprised to hear otherwise. their customer service is top notch as well. any problems and they'll fix it for you overnight.
Seems to be too short if you want to lie diagonally in it.

Looks nice but
>bug net not included
Yeah man the integrated systems cost a lot. My safari deluxe system is like 250$.
Is that structural ridgeline worth the extra money?
Seems like it makes a lot of sense.
I mean, my lay in mine is straight flat, plus you can hang shit from the ridge line. In mine they even provided a big ass pocket and clips for you to hang from it. Its really really nice. With the ridgeline and the side shock cord pullouts I get just an epic amount of space to work with.

File: Wolpertinger.jpg (529 KB, 700x790)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
What are local myths that are unique to your region. No boring shit that is everywhere like 'yeti' or 'bigfoot' and things like this. Actually interesting stuff that most will her for the first time.

This thing is a woiperdinger. It's a lower-bavarian mythical creature and a mix of quite a lot of real ones, mostly a rabbit. There is not much myth around it, other than them being mainly in the 'Bayrischer Wald' (Bavarian Forest) but also all around Bavaria. They are omnivores and hunt in flight.
73 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why potatoes ? The wiki doesn't mention that.
File: wcpo_frogman_close.jpg (54 KB, 640x480)
54 KB
There are a lot of cryptids associated with the ohio river. The Loveland Frogmen are reported to inhabit the Little Miami River, a tributary of the Ohio River, and have been seen a few times on roads next to it, holding wands that shoot sparks. There was a sighting recently by someone playing pokemon go, pic related.
Hold up senpai, what helmets?
I'm Silesia there's a myth of the "Rübezahl", the mountain spirit of the "Riesengebirge". He's depicted as old, bearded man and on older sources sometimes in a kind of demon shape. He appears when people get lost in the mountain and helps the good ones while he punishes the bad people as far as I know. He's also part of an old Silesian song" Riesengebirge" or "Meine Heimat Riesengebirge" where they sing that he and his gnomes or dwarves still make myths and stories to this day. I can only tell you about the German sources since my polish isn't that good desu. Who knows what the Polish and Czech know about him. Mabe I'll meet him when I'm in the mountains for a week now.
I haven't actually thought about searching it on Wikipedia. There's a lot more information there than I can provide.

File: 0316191520a.jpg (2.64 MB, 3264x1836)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
Me and this watch have been everywhere
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>Its supposed to be able to survive EMP
i mean it's mechanical
there's nothing to fry
I guess maybe it doesn't get magnetized as easy?

vostok's cool, though
Well boys, what's the analog watch equivalent of the F91?
Casio MDV106 is a solid watch, both /fa/ and /out/ viable for <$50
Definitely thinking about a Timex Expedition Field for my second analog watch. Hopefully it won’t be as fucking loud as the Weekender.
File: imgrc0077267924.jpg (88 KB, 800x800)
88 KB
the "pope watch"

post em woodsmen
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Fuck I want an estwing hatchet now
Go to Lowe’s and buy one already
where's your gun
File: Untitled.png (229 KB, 1920x1080)
229 KB
229 KB PNG

huh. that's funny. why don't you post yours, you piece of shit?

It's a BB gun anon.

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