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File: John_Martin_Resivior.jpg (264 KB, 1280x720)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Who here /colorado/?
Post your favorite state park, talk about the state, etc.
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Boulderfag detected

Greeley is famous for thousands of miles in every direction for its overpowering stench
i’m not even from co and i know about greeley
File: longs.jpg (736 KB, 1200x800)
736 KB
736 KB JPG
anyone in the Boulder area down to hike this summer

The trio was reportedly hit by a huge avalanche
on Mount Andromeda on Wednesday 17 April and hasn't been heard from since. A first helicopter reconnaissance proved unsccessful.

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you forgot Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi earlier this year on Nanga Parbat
and they arrived at the base of Mt. Olympus...
File: 1551509901220.jpg (15 KB, 443x332)
15 KB
Now, they will never grow old and I am very sure they would not change places with any of us (Tom Longstaff)
>>1498122in a sad way that’s true :/

where does /out/ shits?
personally I do it in rivers or stream so I can clean myself with the water
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No matter how far I am in the woods I am always concerned a family and some kids will come and see me with my pants down.

Am are poor Sanjay from India, Bangalore to precise. I love the 4chan for vageen and bobs and /out/ cause everything is so clean to shit in. You are like Indians who live in luxury to poo in woodlands forest for maximum luxury, and rivers that are pristine clean even when turd is dumped in it.
Am so jealous of you being so rich to shit where ever the forest grows.
Not like designated shitting street or dirty garbage rivers.
>rivers or stream
this is the worst, most disrespectful way to do it
people are collecting their drinking water along the river you fuck
tits or gtfo
This and the above was interesting. Thank you anon

Is the Garmin Mini really worth the limited battery life over a standalone PLB like a ResQLink?
I really like the idea of having emergency texts but the monthly payment plan expense and battery life put me off.
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File: DSC01465 2_.jpg (150 KB, 800x533)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Two different devices, some overlapping functionality.

If you don't need/want the additional features of the communicator (text-messaging, OK-messaging, tracking, help-but-not-911), then I'd recommend a PLB.

PLB = EPIRB = ELT. Difference is how they're deployed/activated; they all use the same system when activated.

PLB tx's on an internationally-protected frequency for life safety, at a much higher power than a communicator does.
Communicators share spectrum with satphones, telemetry devices, etc.

On "911" activation of a communicator, the process your provider follows is similar to what AFRCC does. Pulls up your profile/registration, tries calling your numbers to see if it's accidental, tries calling emergency contacts, then deploys local resources with that information.

PLB is a sealed battery, mine's 5-year maintenance. Costs about $100 to have the factory service it.
Communicators run on readily available batteries, and with moderate daily use will go a week or two. (Just doing a few check-ins/OK-messages a day, a set of AAA's will last well over a month.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I don't care much about constant communication but the availability to know I can send out a message to a buddy to pick me up at the end of a trail seems like it would be something I'd love to have.
File: DSC00631_.jpg (65 KB, 800x534)
65 KB
Then a PLB won't meet that need, and that's where the communicators are nice.

Know a lot of guys with wife/kids at home, who ride with a communicator. Peace of mind for those at home. PLB wouldn't do that either.

PLB is more of a professional rescue tool.

I usually carry a radio or three with me, so more often than not if I know i'll be out of phone coverage and i'm meeting someone, we'll coordinate a channel beforehand (or go off the IAP, if it's a planned event/traning/etc).
I'm less concerned about using satellite messaging for comms, since I have other equipment/networks I can use to relay messages if necessary. Forest service likes to see some redundancy with emergency plans for use permits too.

In my PLB's profile, I have a radio channel listed in there for responders to try and reach me on. It's a GMRS channel - since just about everyone has one of those radios, we can use any of them to monitor that freq while I can use my radios to try other systems.

Should get some fresh photos of the PLB on my pack... old pack, and I retired that shovel 4 years ago... way too big for rescue.
The main thing I want is an oh shit button. So I'm unsure if maybe I should try out radios instead of something like an Inreach which would achieve both.
File: IMG_20190419_203842.jpg (109 KB, 800x600)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Radios aren't as simple as press-button-get-help (consumer or even amateur stuff, anyways). Coverage, while usually good (especially public safety radio), isn't 100%. Then there's the licensing thing, and cost of that equipment (along with batteries to maintain, accessories/parts to replace (antennas, RSMs, belt clips, batteries).

Even with a lower-powered, less-antenna'd communicator, all you really need is a clear-ish view of the sky to get GPS lock and pop off a message.

File: We-Ride-For-Free.jpg (235 KB, 620x620)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
I'm in Northern NJ and I need to freight hop out to Cincinnati. What's the best way to do this?
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Just hitchhike, it will probably get you there faster and you're not in risk of losing limbs because you slipped.
gg anon
Don't listen to this retard

Listen to this guy
*30 day walk minimum
We don't live in India you fricking hippy

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 294x172)
6 KB
Hello /out/

I´m interested in trying out bikepacking, and camping in the wild, but how does a camper cope with the fact that he, while sleeping in nature, is completely vulnerable to any malevolent being?

No matter how strong you are, any maniac who encounters you laying unconscious in the woods can kill you without any effort.

What´s your take on this?
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Guard doggo

>Buy a 4 pack of 22 trip wire alarms (Google it) Rig them up with 40lb braided fishing line around where you sleep
>Bring a firearm sword flamethrower battle ax or whatever makes you feel like you got a chance.
>Convince some friends to camp with you
>Do a multi night trip. You'll be ready to sleep by night 2
>Establish good sleeping habits ahead of time
>Start small with what ya got. It's supposed to be fun

Over time you'll desensitize and it'll be no big deal. You'll get tired of opossum setting off the trip cords, tired of carrying
Unnecessary weaponry, tired of dumb buddies that just want a change of scenery while they drink.
Is your dog fucking Boomer from FC5?
I believe in God so I don't really fear death, at least in theory

In practice I still have other fears but yeah
redditors will deny this

File: camp-site.jpg (48 KB, 550x309)
48 KB
Any Canadian anons here have recommendations for a good backpacking route in southern Ontario? I know Algonquin prov. park is the obvious choice but what else is good in the region?
I haven't been there yet, but planned trips to QEIIW and Kawartha Highlands for May-June. Trip reports are nice fir both.
Kawartha highlands is only 45 minutes from my cottage, i'll look into it
Forgot to mention, that most KH backcountry sites are accessible by canoe only.
Seems like we don't really have any good backpacking routes.
You could do the Bruce Trail but there aren't really campsites on a lot of the sections (so you'd end up having to use motels/B&B) and a lot of it isn't through real wilderness.

Another option is to just cross the border south and do some of the backpacking trails down there, or to go out east

This is the reason I pretty much only ever do canoe trips.
I also do canoe trips because of this and also because of the hordes of retards from Toronto that overwhelm the Grey/Bruce/Simcoe areas in the summer.

Hey /out/! Do you wear a paracord bracelet? Lets see your bracelet and what tools inside of it or discuss what should a bracelet include. I am planning to buy pic related
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Fuck anon, your post made me legitimately sad for you. Is it chronic or will you eventually get better?
Thanks man. It is a chronic condition that may get better one day, though the passage of time and medical intervention seem about as likely to help at this point. If I do recover one day, I pretty much plan on buying a tent, walking out of my house and disappearing for a month or so.
Hopefully you will bro, new medical advancements are made every day so don't give up the good fight. In the meantime you can always share some laughs and shitposting with /out/ists. All the best, fren.
Crohn's anon here, sorry about your guts. They can really make things difficult.
I have one of these, don’t wear it on my wrist but I clip it on my bag, has a mag strip for fire starting, pretty cool

File: IMG-20190225-WA0025.jpg (33 KB, 453x378)
33 KB
>walking innawoods
>someone with a dog (off leash) starts walking toward you
>dog starts running directly at you
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I try to enforce the rule with every dog I see for a few reasons, first and foremost is to stay consistent...people are a lot easier to talk to and correct if they know its the same for everyone. Second and most important is even the most well behaved and tiny off leash dog can run up to a dog on leash who is not very good with other dogs, you just never know and ive seen some blood bathes from people who never in a million years thought it could go down like this.

Just trying to keep everyone safe out there.
Please don't associate scum with the Mensur, if you'd mind. Though i'm not sure what the hell you mean by "looking like a Waffen SS officer"
>absolute cunt

Quelle fucking surprise


You idiot. How many dogs did you meet this week?
38 first round snek shot

File: 1554856789477.png (474 KB, 469x433)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Im gonna have to skip town soon, thinking of faking my death so nobody calls the cops on me. Im gonna try walling from virginia to california in no set amount of time. In the time I have to prepare, what should I get, what should I research. (I dont plan on being in the woods 24/7 but it might be a good idea to know how to sleep there) My main problem I see is rain, how do I deal with that.
Thanks in advance
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File: 1276992491152.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
so this IS another generic runaway man-child thread.
you aren't going to do any of that shit, just makeup with mommy and daddy.
How old are you? My parents were overprotective as fuck to the point I was homeschooled till college and even I wasn’t as big of a sperg as you.
The absolute state of /out/ .

I am ashamed of how many man children there are out here.
>Im looking more to hobo/beg than minecraft mode

>wants to beg
>going to California
Just kill yourself

File: fall-016-300x225.jpg (32 KB, 300x225)
32 KB
Not any of that prepackaged crap. Stuff you prepare ahead of time or on site and cook right on the fire
144 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
Packed in a steak from a mom and pop butcher shop and had a fresh caught brown trout with wild garlic over t coals
>everyone is bringing one ingredient
Yeah I guess it is. It's really dense, soaks up fat really well, and goes well with just about any breakfast food
Needs Celery you pleb.
File: 1541352797626.jpg (57 KB, 480x608)
57 KB
>is on 4chan
>can't even LARP
>should kill himself

I have a pretty remote trek coming up where I'll have to filter 100% of my drinking water. Normally I'd just use a Sawyer filter inline with my water bladder, but this time around I'd really like to try a nutritional drink mix. If I mix the drink powder into my water source, then drink it straight through a filter, I'm concerned that it will either damage the filter, or the nutritional content of the drink mix.

I'd like to find a way to quickly filter a large amount of water into my bladder, that way I don't have to worry about drinking the beverage through a filter. Quick and easy is the name of the game, the drink mix replaces most meals, so I have to use it basically every time I drink water, that means filtering water every single time I fill up my bladder.

Any ideas /out/?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How long do those gravity filters take? You could just bring a smart water bottle, fill with dirty, then squeeze through your Sawyer into your water bladder.
The gravity filters take quite a while, but a squeeze filter isn't a bad idea, I'll look into that.

Duly noted on the water bladder. I'll make sure to take a bottle instead this time around.
I use a sawyer too, and a smart water bottle. fill up smart water bottle, squeeze into more permanent bottle like a nalgene. manageable on the go as well.
When you say nutritional drink mix that replaces a meal, im thinking you mean some sort of protein powder mix.

It won’t work. Simply put. It doesn’t mater wether it’s a plant passed protein or a whey powder but if the drink mix has any sort of protein/carb/fat content it will fuck up the filter and leech into your hydration bladder and begin to culture mold.
How good are those sawyer squeezes? On my first and only backpacking trip i boiled water and it sucks. How often does the sawyer get clogged? Thats my only issue with it really.

File: compleats.jpg (200 KB, 1440x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
are these NEETfoods worth taking backpacking?
historically I've brought fresh veggies, frozen meat for the first night and canned meat/pouched fish for subsequent meals
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Minute rice, small can of chicken, spices, and a bouillon cube makes for a good camp meal. I'll add a can of rotel tomatoes if I'm motorcycle camping and can spare the space.
Also for breakfast a carton of dried hash browns is excellent and doesn't weigh much.
Exactly, there's no limit to the possibilities of meals that are cheap, dry, and light. No real reason for the stuff in OP, that's for people who don't know how to be poor.
File: _20190419_163103.jpg (208 KB, 562x999)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
This shit, just heat some water up and pour it into the carton, let it sit for a few minutes then dump it into a pan or skillet with a little bit of oil and fry it up. Add salt and pepper and you're good to go. There's actually enough in there for two breakfasts so I usually try to split it up.
File: ok.jpg (25 KB, 300x215)
25 KB
most the cheap banquet stuff is ok. never tried those.

File: baton3.jpg (11 KB, 277x182)
11 KB
Haven't seen one in while, so I guess it's time again for a good old fashioned batoning thread.

Post all your tips here.
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Where do they find these people?

On /out/.
Are we watching the same video? No she didn’t
Oh lawd
What I simply don’t understand is that she has an awesome fire already going, and honestly the wood is already split into small enough pieces
Of you have a dog, you should be more careful of bears and cougars, I work in a large national park and I can’t tell you how many times two hippies where camping on a trail and Fido disappeared and they never found him. This also goes for smaller dogs and eagles, I found the rotten remains of a small unidentifiable dog once and my best guess is that a eagle pick the little shit up and dropped it from 500m but didn’t manage to find it to reap the rewards of its labour.

File: A1kIlz58AaL._SL1500_.jpg (423 KB, 1500x912)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
I'm going to be homeless soon. I need a very good tent, one that can withstand heavy rain and wind. Bonus points for low visibility. Can you recommend one?
99 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why don't you just make up with your family and be a little less useless so they don't give you the boot. Maybe try looking for a job or go back to school.
vango banshee 200 (i think thats what ist called). Great tent. only slightly different to pic related tent.
Gotta control them birch trees. Spread wildfire two quickly
I have a family so I have to figure something out

Wish I could just drift cause I hate clown world

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