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Any of have succes with using self made mosquito traps?
No, don't say "I heard this works" "my wifes son used that" etc.
Your own experience please.

I h much succes in making bottle traps for flies and wasps, but yest, shugar & juce don't work on mosquitos.

Fuck, maybe I should put human sweat & blood in it.
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So diy bug zapper with a heating element and co2 tank?
Fine, and a mini wacky waving arm inflatable tube man for movement?
How the fuck i catch mated pogo queens. Is test tubes and catching them digging the only way?

Maybe net the ones with wings and throw a drone in there with dim lights and marvin gay on repeat?
Friend said he would give me $1 each for mated queens and i have found 8 nests I'm allowed to visit. They should fly any day now. I got 4 other bros south of me where colonies are prevalent and told them if they will bring me one with wings to look at (to make sure it's pogos) I'll buy them a case of beer if i find someone old enough to buy for them. They are all old enough but im 17 and i thought it would be a nice gesture
That's an awesome idea.

>/out/ must read books
From fiction, to survival stories, to learning skills to plants guide. Post them.
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hows the couple retarded?
do you understand the context of the book and the time when it was written? fucking brainlet
Not him, but that is a pretty fair assessment. The book itself points out several times that neither of them are particularly wise or sharp. The wife can barely speak, the husband only figured out his wife was pregnant after she'd had a fucking kid, and both of them spend the first part of the book thinking each other a thief, but never talk about it because they don't know how to communicate like adults. Don't get me wrong, I like the book, but they're pretty dumb.

A pretty realistic look at living wild.
File: agaguk.jpg (66 KB, 300x466)
66 KB
Was pretty fun to read, I was reading it when there was a snowstorm this winter.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (237 KB, 1280x720)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Crossposting with /ck/ >>>/ck/12411820

Opinions on backpacking cooking and implements? dried freezing your own food? Best options for tasty treats on the trail?
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ayooo Dutchfag
get outta here, there is no /out/ in the Netherlands, only city and water
Er det en fucking mcmuffin?
>Æg, bacon, fladbrod
Are dried dates /out/ approved?
>implying i cant get a real date

The last one was pretty great with anons sharing their experience and the like but there were some good questions I wish were answered.

How do you get/how long does it take to get a permanent position? What are some good jobs or things to do during the off season? How much will a degree (forestry, resource management, rangeland science) help during your career? What are and how to tell between bad crews from good crews?
Are there going to be enough fires this year to keep everyone working?
Seems like the season is getting a late start.

Buds, I want a canoe but I’m broke and have never had one. What’s should I be looking for on Craigslist?

I want to strap it on my suv, fish in lakes, and hold some camping gear.
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An Outback would be perfect for your application. It's not too long for rivers and not too short for the ocean. It can also be launched from the beach as long as the breakers aren't too big.
Rent a caone a few times to see if you really want to own one.

Do you have storage space at home for a canoe?
File: 1557900368993.jpg (158 KB, 478x463)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
One can build a flat pack one from duck cloth. I say this to help others because you obviously can't.
Step one: get a job

File: an.jpg (7 KB, 329x153)
7 KB
what are some things you should never do while camping
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Dont disobey the game wardens, turns out they are real cops, who knew? Am felon now btw.
>felony from a warden
what did u do lad?
Fled, i thought they were like mall cops.
4channelers are felons confirmed
Fall in love with the wildlife

File: flag_vector.png (3 KB, 620x351)
3 KB
Going camping for a week in August /out/, what are some good spots in New England? I was thinking of somewhere up in Maine. Also, New England General.
Why are you planning an /out/ trip in the worst month of the year?
Because work has made it the only option. Atleast I bought a bottle of permithrin so the bugs wont be too bad.
I have a great tent site at seawall coming up soon which I’m pretty excited about. Not dispersed but pretty much on the ocean.

I was really impressed with the disperser sites at greylock in mass and patuckaway even though they were kind of EZ mode. The whites have some dispersed sites but they fill up really quick. Maine is filthy with sites but a lot of them are kind of in the know. The forks Maine has a ton but I don’t know the name of them (or if they even have a name)... forks/jackmen bro do you still post here?

By far the best camp spots I’ve ever had tho were some small unnamed islands near mitincus maine. It was fucking amazing.
I really like the Belknaps. You can get some decent easy climbing and traverses in with no crowds and then go swimming in lake winni. If you rent in gilford you can go to the private town beach, and if you want to push yourself you can go around the lake and hit the sandwich range for some 4k footers, or Moultonborough for mt shaw or roberts.
If you're feeling adventurous, check out the new Katahdin Woods & Waters National Park . Baxter State Park will be a lot less rough around the edges because it's been in use longer. If you have a boat, take a trip down one of the rivers and try to see some moose before they get wiped out by ticks.

Archery thread.
Who’s shooting what?

Got a bowtech realm ss
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I like to use the arrow tip method; aim tip a couple inches below bullseye at 20 yards with consistent draw anchor. The competitive barebow guys often use a really high draw such that they're sighting straight down the length of the arrow. That feels weird to me.
well there are some in that category that have their niche as well
recently I bought a low poundage arc rolan bow for the purpose of trying out eastern draw and general barebow plinking and I'm delighted with it
English longbow, 60#

Took me a couple days to quit being a weak bitch, and even with my shooting glove the pointer and ring fingers on my string hand developed calluses, but Its always fun to shoot for an hour or so.
Cool, thanks guys.
>shooting a compound is easier than shooting a traditional bow at the same weight,
If you're slowly shooting in a straight, flat line at a reasonable range, sure. Otherwise trad is just as if not more effective.

File: wedg.png (255 KB, 420x546)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
>go for a hike
>roam the forest near my home
>cover 15 kilometers
>didn't expect it to get dark that soon
>too tired to go home
>it was a summer so i decide to crawl up and sleep
>before i do i notice a hut
>figure i'd rather try my best to sleep through the night indoors
>knock on the door
>no one answers
>open the door reluctantly
>its a single room with a bed
>no ones inside
>decide to stay indoors
>take my shoes off and lie in the bed

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
shouldnt this shit be located in /x/
File: image.jpg (415 KB, 750x1000)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Who were the portrait of?
Shouldn't you fuck off to >>>/lgbt/ then, faggot?

Butthurt poltard detected.

What would be the best vehicle for a nomadic lifestyle?
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>ends up being one of those Catalina (((subs))) that just chug along under the surface
>stupid pussy ultralight fags, they wont be laughing when I unfold my king size spring mattress at camp
this is just called being a bum
This is also the company that built Paul Allen's custom 40ft yellow submarine. Because Paul Allen is one dormant volcano away from being a Bond villain.
m8, m8, m8, don't need to h8, h8, h8

File: Altamaha_watershed.png (110 KB, 300x337)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Hey guys. I'm planning on paddling the Altamaha River with three other guys. We're all very close friends. I am planning on taking 2-4 canoes. We're gonna probably head out some time in October. Anyone have any experience paddling the main rivers in South Georgia or at least big rivers on coastal plains? The Georgia Bight is something to consider too though I don't think we'll have to worry about it until we actually get to the Atlantic.
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Fucking Water Mocassin country
Shit good point; I hadn't even thought of that since I live up in the NE Georgia mountains. I guess they'd probably still be out and about around October too, huh?
You ready to squeal like a pig, boy?
Your friends are gonna get gay in your anus I hope you know
I'm in Johnson county OP.
I'm not from here so can't tell you anything about the river.
But if you're of the /k/ persuasion you can stop by and enjoy the bar b que with a side of Tannerite®.
We also do skeet with White Lightning©

File: IMG_935713.jpg (558 KB, 1268x727)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
NEET gang how do you finance your gear and trips?
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demn nuts
Good for you for being part of that small group of people. As for the rest just because I don't spend $650 on a hardshell doesn't mean I don't have or buy gear at all.

>proper /out/ings
I go hike every week and went hiking abroad every year for the last 3. I have also managed to /trv/ on neet budget so I don't know what you're talking about.
Hopefully you have been enjoying some good /out/ too.

Fair enough but honestly I couldn't care less for the current system, I'm an individual and my neet money is from savings, I don't get autism bucks from the state.

>spending shekels on things that are free
Kys retard
NEETs can’t even wipe their own ass, how they getting gear and trips? What trips? Tripping and falling down the stairs? Tripping over their own feet?

Gear?they got fanny packs and drool, they don’t need no stinking gear.
By planning
Trips are cheap with a busses and some walk, gear and food too if you are not larpping autist or simply a idiot. Dryening meat and veggies literally costs none.
About the Gear, iv always used used military equiment and a old backpack. doesnt cost much either.

Who the fuck told me I should buy this shit? It's incredibly uncomfortable at any pressure level!
What should I get instead?
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I nearly bought one like that without the pillow. I want to chink out wherever I can but as a side sleeper I think I'd just be wasting my money on thin pads.
I can tell you from experience that you absolutely will be. I'm actually a front sleeper when I'm in my own bed, but since I can't stretch out on a sleeping pad, I make do with side sleeping.

I'm 6 feet tall and 185 pounds, and basically anything other than a high quality air mattress or self-inflating pad will wreak hell on my hips and shoulders.

If there's one piece of gear you probably shouldn't cheap out on, particularly if you're my size or larger, it's your sleeping pad.
I'm currently looking at a sleeping pad from JR Gear. I'm not familiar with the brand.
Has /out/ any experience with JR Gear?
Egg crate, faggot. Non-eagle I see.
I'm almost exactly that.

File: 20190608_155744.jpg (1.45 MB, 2576x1932)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Pictures of stuff I find hiking.
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Actually, archaeologists care, as long as it has context. Is it just trash sitting out there in the woods? Then pick it up. But does that trash have context or story behind it, such as multiple things in one area? If so, leave it. Someone may stumble upon it in the future, and get a glimpse into our time. A time when random trash in the woods was sadly a common occurance.

t. archaeology undergrad.
>Leave trash in the woods so that people in the future can know that there was trash in the woods
I kind of get what you're saying about leaving the stories for the future, but still, I am confused.
i remember that, too. here's a mention of it: https://archive.nyafuu.org/out/thread/1051273/#q1052437
I live in this area and am also interested. Maybe some serial killers still lurk here?
At least he had the common decency to cap them.

File: 1559414868630m.jpg (104 KB, 713x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
What's the worst accident you've had at camp?
255 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
there's some corruption goin on tho. there's an anti-nausea med mainly for chemo that i have.. it's over 40 bucks a pill in US. almost 90K per year. there is no goddam way the canadian gov is spending that. i'm gonna probably chuck 40K worth of that stuff in the trash eventually where there are people suffering a few hours south who can't afford it. something is wrong there
I accidentally stabbed myself with my knife in the foot once.
My brother got hit in the cheek with a flaming marshmallow. The sound was the funniest thing I've ever heard.
The US's tax-funded healthcare costs go to supplement other nations' healthcare, for such things as price fixing on exported medication and equipment, research and development done here but taken for granted elsewhere.

>muh freedom
Here's the thing on that: Taxation is theft. While the above is true, none of it should be associated with taking people's money to fund it by force. If an American company develops some drug, and they charge what it takes to recoup costs of development, that's fine by me. If Bongistan government wants to purchase that drug to distribute it to Bongistonians, then Bongistan should be expected to pay the asking price, or find a more cost-effective alternative.

Also, bragging about the UK having the best healthcare is bullshit, when it's demonstrable that they'd prefer to let children die because their care is expensive, rather than let their parents take the kid to another country and pay for it out of pocket. In a more market-based medical system, the parents can do whatever the fuck they want to do, to save their child's life. Your government thinks it owns you, and when your cost to benefit ratio is off, it will let you die. So you get to live smugly in your little shithole as a government slave. I get free speech (as long as it has remaining here, considering the attitudes of our current and previous three Presidents), and I get to keep and bear arms as a standing threat against tyranny.
>someone typed this out

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