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File: glockb.jpg (855 KB, 1500x1500)
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855 KB JPG
The time has come to kill my first wild animal and I'm going to do it with this knife. Thoughts?
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or he might have succeeded and his primal bloodlust became just lust and the game warden caught him
>Florida man killed while attempting to rape deer at knifepoint
mkay are you a freaking apache
Killed a kangaroo with one of those knives.

After hitting it with the car'
>The time has come to kill my first wild animal and I'm going to do it with this knife. Thoughts?

I sure hope that "wild animal" is located in the mirror...

File: download (1).jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
12 KB
An unfortunate and friendly reminder that Sir David Attenborough is 92 years old and will likely not be with us much longer.
Currently watching the life of birds. What's your favorite Attenborough documentary?
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File: download (1).jpg (230 KB, 1024x773)
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230 KB JPG
White people are the only group that care about animals or the environment. Have you seen how they treat animals in Africa, Asia and south America?
File: badass.png (503 KB, 680x526)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
Feel free to move to a non-white country among your own kind
Truly the whitest (best) people on this beautiful Earth. Shame for the continuous pussifying of their people, but I guess it's as the saying goes, good times create weak people.

/pol/ shit aside, some months ago I was watching him talking about Galapagos, and his reverence to the natural world was indeed remarkable.
whos gonna do all the nature docs when he dies? ive tried to watch some other nature docs without him but the narrators all suck by comparison
It would be even more painful if he were to live to see all the habitats he visited die. He's already pretty upset about the Great Barrier Reef getting bleached and the rare tidal islands disappearing.

What are some philosophical truths about the outdoors?
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I'd dedicate my life to space terrorism if this happened.
Large forest clearings when lit only by a crescent moon
Are perhaps some of the most peaceful areas ever afforded by Nature
>The only zen you find at the tops of mountains is the zen you bring there.
Based anon

File: solvent.jpg (756 KB, 1500x1500)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
Soap and water can go a long way, but when it comes to pine sap or campfire tar, they're totally useless.
Is there anything /out/ uses besides acetone to get the gunk off?
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Olive oil.
Pine sol or rubbing alcohol

Alcohol for my alcohol stove.

Lava soap comes to mind--I prefer the bar over the liquid soap. There's pumice right in the soap--helps clean off the gunk really well.

Another alternative would be Boraxo. It's basically powdered soap with ground down borax. Works really well against dirt and grease, and the borax also acts like a deodorizer, so your hands won't carry the scent of whatever you were handling.

File: 1_vNJhU75zq3DZe3TqU90qhQ.jpg (538 KB, 1600x1600)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Why spend thousands of dollars on shitty fragile ultralight gear when regular gear is cheaper, more comfortable. and gets you to the same place? Can't help but think those people like gearqueering and feeling rich more than the experience.
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File: IMG_20190212_060031_9.jpg (147 KB, 1229x911)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I use one pole for my tarp, and like to have it in hand when hiking for the odd bit of stability from time to time. Also on that specific trip there were a lot of shepherd dogs that needed to be kept back. I don't really use the pole for hiking enough to warrant both sticks.
MLD burn
>That doesnt disprove that there are people who thruhike with ultralight gear
No, but you could have picked some more acomplished, less faggy people to do so.
All brown people look like this
Thanks boss

File: Lake island.jpg (906 KB, 2280x1520)
906 KB
906 KB JPG
First post on /out/...
I have this dream every couple of nights about kayaking on a lake. Its not like the same thing happens every time, but I'm always in a kayak in the same lake. It's about 4000 acres big, and has a much of small islands dotting around it, and I'll land there and look around at these pine trees and generally stomp through the tiny woods for a bit.
Does anyone know where a lake like this exists in real life, preferably America? It's just make me want to go kayaking, maybe for like my birthday.
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Closest I ever came to homicide was having some boomer pulling a water skier around my kayak in circles all day.
I can see the balding slightly overweight guy now, monster drink in hand, bud light in a cooze on the dash
>keuka lake
OK. I painted with excessively broad strokes there as far as the Finger Lakes go. I was thinking more of Seneca and Cayuga (and Oneida, if you count it).
No worries. Maybe op could go to hemlock lake or conesus

File: bouldering (1).jpg (308 KB, 1500x1000)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
When did climbing become a sport for gays?
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Why's that?
Dude climbing has been big in europe for half a century. Literally every single European is homosexual.
>that girl's build
File: thomas.jpg (5 KB, 212x191)
5 KB
File: ironed yeast.jpg (251 KB, 402x500)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

Post comfy larp gear
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File: a.jpg (1.04 MB, 1000x750)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
here's the original
File: b.jpg (368 KB, 1000x750)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
sorry here's the original original
File: Lone Loden Traveler.jpg (189 KB, 390x574)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
These things are comfy and have a nice aesthetic, but I'd probably be all paranoid making sure it's perfectly level.

New here I’m gonna be going camping this summer and will be /out/ for 5 days how can I bathe myself? There will be a beach/water acces available.
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Why are you bathing yourself. Just take a dip in the water if you’re feeling gross.
Please don’t bring a bar of soap and lather up. That’s disgusting
godamn /out/ needs a sticky or something like /fit/ to deal with NYR types for summer.
I bought a collapsible wash basin to help with hygene. It folds into a little stuff sack around the size of a tennis ball. You can get packs of microfiber washcloths from the dollar store. Try and use a soap that biodegrades
we try to scare them off with the tick threads but apparently thats not enough
When I'm /out/ and about, if I decide to bathe myself (I expect to be in civilized company soon, wanna doink the cute trail girl, whatever), I'd often just submerge myself in a large body of water and use it as an excuse to do some swimming. If you're really funky,bring a bar or a little container of soap (Dr. Bronner's is fucking great) and wash yourself like normal. If you're really, REALLY paranoid, bring a wash cloth too for some scrubbing, but unless you're rolling in tree sap there shouldn't be anything stuck to you that some vigorous rubbing can't fix.

All that really changes as far as bathing when you're out is frequency.

File: happy.png (439 KB, 750x500)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Hey all,

I got a Desert Sonoran Toad, and want to get high out in the desert. Anyone know of any places in Southern California that would be good for a vision quest
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nigga joshua tree
The “vision quest” you see portrayed in teligision does not exist. You will not be physically walking around feeling buzzed and having visual hallucinations. What will happen is exactly what anon said. You will be lost in your own headspace. Think of it as a very intense daydream until you snap out of it then realize you haven’t physically moved from your spot.
Yeah isn't Joshua tree like, THE place to go on a vision quest?

At least that's what entourage told me
>Security clearance
>Some guy that licks frogs to get high

I didn't have much faith in the state to begin with but that killed whatever was left.

does anybody magnet fish? i just bought a magnet and some rope and it's coming in the mail soon
anybody have any tips for magnet fishing?
>rate my edc

South side Chicago drainage grates if you're looking to arm up on the cheap cheap, prepare yourself for some deep cleaning though.

Anyone ever been to any mines? If so share some photos! Here’s the wing mine in Lake Havasu Arizona
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File: 506408349562822.jpg (39 KB, 528x960)
39 KB
File: 152178192841.jpg (132 KB, 576x708)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Here's a map illustrating just how many abandoned mines there are in this state. The crazy thing is most of them don't have names and aren't even on this map.
i went to the m shaped cave
isnt that where they moved london bridge for some reason?
Lake Havasu city is where they relocated the 1831 London Bridge after a wealthy private party purchased it and paid for the relocation. It now crosses a part of the Colorado river.

What do you guys use to get to sites? Live in Murica so public transport only in cities. I personally use a sport bike or moped depending on the distance. Suzuki GSX250R for anywhere far and a old Vespa S150 for somewhere near.
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Get a shittier car
File: 1507413559708.jpg (39 KB, 333x477)
39 KB
I get the bus from my city then get the bus back or hitchhike to somewhere with a bus or all the way if I can
I'll probably never learn to drive
My daily commute bicycle mostly does the trick when i'm camping alone, although I still plan to do some comfy boomer glamping with my buddies if I can borrow my grandparents Volvo XC70
Can anyone recommend me a good bike rack for my cars trunk? I got a new 2019 honda civic and I don't want to fuck up my trunk by getting it all greasy and dirty and shit.

File: KMT_Feature_08_l.jpg (138 KB, 700x700)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
What do you put on your keychains for going /out/, or even just as EDC?
Right now, all that I have is a small carabiner and a NiteIze DoohicKey, but I want to add on a thing or two to it to make it a little more useful (and slightly hefty—I only really have two or so keys that I carry around at this time so it's pretty light in the pocket.)
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I think you made that article yourself.

Because you don’t have one yet and if you see it maybe you will pay attention to him and ask what it is.
Fuck man, even Snap On doesn’t charge $300 for a small pry bar.
Just get a keychain flashlight or a bill container thing.
>blurring your keyes out
You have
to go

I have $160,000 USD to spend on land and a house to homestead. Where and why?
Hard mode: no western nations
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File: TSF-Map-Kamchatka-1.jpg (101 KB, 874x1060)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: img.jpg (252 KB, 900x584)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
>Precolonial Ethiopia
Allow me to interject for a moment: what you refer to Precolonial Ethiopia was, in fact, an absolute shithole.
I have read multiple journals of both colonists and soldiers alike, and all agreed to one thing: Ethiopia had one asphalt road, it was today's main avenue, which passes by the former Imperial villa. The Negus himself, a man said to have "two metres long legs" (it means someone that walks around fast, and for a long time) moved around the city by foot: during the muddy season there was no other way to move.
Also, beside the palace there were no real concrete structures: it was Tucul (the indigenous home, made of wood and cloth) all over the place.
Addis Abeba did not have any sewage system either, tho it had a nice railway, courtesy of the french that built it all the way from Djibouti: tho it wasn't free, they received the rights to excavate Dancalia, a phosporous-rich region.
Also, slavery. In the 30s.

Yeah not exactly a nice place to be.
Anywhere in southern Siberia/Far East Russia, the further north yo go the harder life becomes and the more you have to rely on nature (the river you build on) for survival (fish, and usually crap fish like burbot and pike) because the soil is shit and the growing season is short. I hope you enjoy back breaking labor, something as simple as putting up har is tremendously more difficult with no modern machinery.
Sounds nice until Putin annexes your shit

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