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Hansel. He's really hot right now. Hansel.
What a genius observation. Academia is pure gold.
>Messages for Faggots
I always kill the messengers
>writing a book tearing down the incompetence of a small child that exists only in a fairytale meant for small children.
such accomplishment.

Couldnt find a questions that dont deserve their own thread post so thought I'd make one and oh boy do I got a dumb one.

These straps around the sheepskin here, I see lots of people have them for their sleeping bags and tents to attach to their bags I always just tied my.stuff around with a shoelace and I'm wondering do you buy these separate or is your bag suppose to come with these straps?
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You won't see a mountain lion in time to shoot it. You'll be bending down to tie your shoe and suddenly you'll feel a gigantic cat on your back as she bites into your throat. Guns aren't worth their weight for backpacking. Bear spray has a much better track record.
i would suggest to continue over-waxing, and once it tries it can double as a camp light
I've owned the Rush 12 for over 5 years and it's been a solid bag.
That's a great Idea Richard Grer
Judging by anyone stationary enough to create midden piles, a bunch is just thrown out. Though, if you’re in one place long enough and have the culture for having a perpetual soup always cooking, most bones actually disintegrate after awhile too.

File: 7l9rZ.jpg (31 KB, 520x170)
31 KB
Is anyone watching this season? At least they are trying something a little different.
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I feel bad for Jordan how do you fuck up, id keep my fucking fat near me at all times, after the first time, also Nathan honestly looks pretty fat and might just win by being a fat boy
I never got why he didn't just suspend it like they say in camping 101.
Fat boys always win the show. Also, I did call this a number of weeks ago here >>1567072
so glad Barry got pulled or we would have had 10 minutes of every episode being him crying I WANT MY BABY TO BE PROUD OF ME ARE YOU PROUD OF ME HONEY I'M YOUR MAN

god damn
That was wierd. Onew second he's crying he misses everyone then when they pullthe plug on him he puts up this "NOOOOOOOOOO!!" I wonder if he realized he was filming himself.

What's the difference between pic related and regular $10 hatchet from local shop?
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Yeah, they are alright. It depends on what you need it for.

I've had a X11, and a pic related (X27) for years. Fiskars really know their stuff.
Whats the best american made equivilent of the gransbruk swedish axes?
Like I'd use the X11 for general camping hatchet things.
I haven't used one but I imagine that with less metal in on the blunt face would reduce weight. That could be a benefit for overall kit weight but would make splitting harder.
There aren't any hand forged axes like the swedes and krauts make but council tool and snow & neally are both good American brands.

File: 1555439041808.jpg (133 KB, 1024x576)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Amateur Radio is a great accessory to the being /out/. Ham radio allows you to:

>Use lightweight handitalkies to communicate with a range of several miles to dozens of miles (dep on terrain)
>Communicate in emergency situations where no cell phone towers are in range
>Use APRS to keep track of the GPS location and keep in contact with your group
>Participate in /out/door ham contests

What can I do with amateur radio in the great outdoors?

>Summits on the Air: take a portable HF/VHF rig to a picturesque mountain summit, throw up a wire antenna, and activate it by making contacts with people all over the world, info: https://sota.org.uk/
>Parks on the Air: take your HF rig to a state or national park, find a nice quiet spot, activate the park, info: https://parksontheair.com/
>Microwave: build microwave antennas and use them to make contacts from one mountain peak to another

Due to the influx of chinese equipment, new ham radio equipment prices are at all time lows. With boomers dying off the same is true of used equipment. You can get started in the hobby for as little as $30.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Skyking... Skyking... Skyking... Standing by.
Are there still weather forecasts transmissions on VHF/UHF in Europe, spefically BeNeLux area, I've read they used to be a thing but I've never heard/received them on the scheduled times...

It seems to me every boomer is on DMR or similar and analog FM is just dead in my area.
Why get into this? It seems neat for emergency communications, but what's fun about it?

If I wanted to talk to people I wouldn't go out to fuckall nowhere
File: Magic.png (8 KB, 512x512)
8 KB
Cool, 10/10 response, way to get someone involved, impressive, wow

File: 920664-bats.jpg (75 KB, 650x366)
75 KB
Found out that it's only a myth that purple Martin colonies will impact mosquito populations, in fact they will eat more dragonflies than mosquitos, and dragonflies actually do eat mosquitos.

So it looks like bat colonies are the best anti-mosquito measure. Hungry little fuckers can eat over a thousand in a day and a big bat box can host a colony of 200 bat-bro's.

Any other good ways to weaponize nature against mosquitos?
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Against the trunk of a tree near a pond, the side of a shed that’s rarely used, and a disused telephone post. I didn’t look inside the boxes until about half a year later. There’s also a rotting shack that is overgrown, but full of bees.
Fuck moths.
Needs to be in the air, in the trees.
I read that it needs to be away from the treeline. Thier predators tend to hand out in trees.

By water, so you get a check in that box

Aaaaaand if you live somewhere cold then south facing.

File: st james cross.png (4 KB, 193x262)
4 KB
Post anything related to the Way of Saint James ('Camino de Santiago' in Spanish).

Anecdotes, wholesome stories, info, random trivia, pics, future plans, prayers... everything related is welcome.
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Starting the Camino soon, if any anon /out/ there sees a guy on the trail with an Hawaiian shirt say hi!
How does one officially start the pilgrimage?
You do you, there's nothing special.
So you just walk one of the paths? Seems easy enough.

Planning on going camping in the next few days somewhere up in the Sierras by motorcycle. Ideally, I was hoping to find somewhere with dispersed camping, where I could be away from people, and near a little lake or any body of water. The dream would be to find a smallish trail that I could get away with using my bike on, then after I'm a decent enough distance innawoods, setting up camp with a view of the waterfront of a hidden lake, and spending the day swimming and hiking the area.
So my questions for you guys are: Do you have any places you would recommend up in the Sierras Nevada area? I'm in the Bay Area and would be coming in from that direction. Also, how reasonable is it to plan on using my motorcycle to do light off-roading if it isn't an adventure bike? It's a touring bike, but in my experience I can get away with using it on narrow trails, and I don't think I would have too many problems if I tried it on this trip, I just imagine there might not be that many good opportunities to put it to use.
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What part of
>as long as I'm not disturbing nature or others
flew past your sperg logic? About half of the access trails to sites are dead dirt roads littered with trash, or artificially created rock dumps devoid of life. If any of these roads are obviously used by a high frequency of people, bicyclists, or as access roads for rangers, then my motorcycle isn't going to make much of a difference. If I'm not going to be making noise pollution to people camping, plus a road and it's surroundings aren't going to be effected, there is no reason I shouldn't. Best part about this is that wether or not you are lying you're still a retarded faggot. You either literally called a ranger because of someones post on the internet to gather "charges" and proceeded to display them proudly like they hold any severity at all, or you're lying and posted in a fit of autistic rage. Then you end your message with
>so get fucked
Past your bedtime faggot, school starts soon.
Premeditated murder and manslaughter because loud zoom zoom bicycle bad
I can already smell the weed
>What part of >as long as I'm not disturbing nature or others flew past your sperg logic?
the part where you keep saying you're going to go up trails on your motorcycle, you fucking moron. and really, i was trying to help you by pointing out that it's not "just a ticket" you'd be facing if you go full retard and follow through with that. but hey, you're obviously much more mature than me, so do whatever you want, and get fucked.

File: Bike.jpg (40 KB, 474x336)
40 KB
Looking for a "mountain bike" or trail bike.
Budget max $1000 USD.

Can anyone suggest any good brands, and also are these things only made in China or do you need to shell out as much as a car for a non Chinese bike.

Thanks /out
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They're common issues with this model. Draw a line on the seatpost and after some riding check if it hasn't sunk into the frame.
there's a bluebook for used bikes and forums like pinkbike
you might need a shop or friend to verify everything checks out so you don't buy some broken junk

I have a barely used 2017 trek fuel 5 I'd take 1k for
interesting. i hadn't found that in any of my research. but if it's dropped at all since i got it in may it's an imperceptible amount. but i'll keep an eye on it. thanks for the heads up.
Bicycle blue book is utter garbage, I’ve never seen more inaccurate ideas of prices on any other website

tell us about your job that involves going /out/, I’m trying to figure out if that life is for me
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I might go to school for this in a few months. Getting an associates degree in two years, then being able to work in the woods and make decent money sounds pretty appealing. What kind of work do you do specifically?
How about being a game warden?

Seems pretty comfy
I just got hired at a cafe in Yosemite. Ill get to live in the valley and hopefully find out about some of the hidden areas of the park.
Thanks anon
I’m in the infantry. We spend about 80% of our lives outdoors, we don’t even use tents or bivvy sacks. Just sleep in the dirt!

It’s pretty fun sometimes but it also blows huge dick mostly. Your mileage may vary.

File: IMG_20190814_121752.jpg (4.42 MB, 4000x3000)
4.42 MB
4.42 MB JPG
Last year I went camping through Norway and Sweden. This year we would like to camp again but are on a short budget. We are located in Belgium and preferably are looking for one of the neighbouring countries or one further, preferably by train.

We are considering Germany, but not sure where. Recommendations? Other countries worth? Did Denmark aswell, would love going again but shit's expensive.


>Best camping country reachable by train from Belgium where we can be jews
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File: 20190504_193639.jpg (3.44 MB, 4128x3096)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
If you go to the Rhön, look out that you don't camp in nature reserves. Otherwise have fun! The locals are very chill and nature is beautiful.
Peabrained rartart confirmed.
Also Belgian here. Went to Slovenia once on summer camp, was beautiful.

If I'd go camping/hiking there, where would be a good place to start?
This. Also, add Poland, Czechia and Slovakia to the list for great out places (Tatra).
Also: Greece is ridicolously cheap, is safe, has great landscapes and when you leave Athens there is barely anybody.

Germany is terribly dense. Only bigger nice /out/ places I know are Harz, Sächsische Schweiz and Schwarzwald.

When you are ok with hiking a lot, go to the alps. You will find water in the wild and nobody will bother when you camp wild.
Germany has some really nice spots, even close to major cities (i live in Berlin) but no matter how far away you move away from a city there will ALWAYS be some small settlement/village nearby. Also lots of Autobahnen and friggin Wind turbines that produce nothing but noise. Fuck wind turbines.

File: 383747552_1280x720.jpg (582 KB, 1272x1586)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
Why haven't you reclaimed your manliness yet, /out/?
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apparently these faggots have made off quite well, they've gone all the way to their #74 trip already

I guess giving yuppie technies in silicon valley the opportunity to larp as masculine is not an unprofitable business idea
The alarm for waking de people up always make me kek.
This guys would be so lost without a cellphone, they cant even wake up someone without it.
>82 hours to get from sequoia to yosemite
>on motorcycles
lol, wut. people have done it on foot in less time than that:
anything involving a group with matching jackets, t-shirts, hats, etc is absolute gay and normie
>Actually going /out/ more than /out/

File: 1498564882917.png (806 KB, 1001x823)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
God it's just so beautiful outdoors, life is wonderful /out/friends
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>says the 400lb basement dwelling NEET who’s never been in the mountains
File: 20190811_093913_HDR_2.jpg (2.74 MB, 2080x4160)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
went on a really nice backpacking trip last week up to a lake in montana. really beautiful area.

that's not a tripfag, just sageing.
File: IMG_9121.jpg (3.64 MB, 4032x3024)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG
It certainly is, fren.
Why so angry?
God doesnt exist
>Feel amazing and at home on the trail
>Reach town
>Autism kicks in
>Can't socialize and keep to myself for the most part even when surrounded by others

File: bluetick-coonhoundjpg.jpg (31 KB, 355x278)
31 KB
My vote is for the Coonhound. Good sniffer, endurance to run through the woods, and very loyal.
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Posting in here because it seems relevant.

How bad is this blue green algae problem? Local ponds are testing positive for the stuff but I'm reading that moving water and deeper water are less of an issue. Am i still good to take my dog out paddle boarding with me if it's on a lake that has a moving current? Sucks cause he's my parents dog and he's really enjoyed these little adventures with me because all he ever does is pay around their house. So if i cant take him to the lake anymore it's gonna suck.
The only choice.
Depends on the breeder, the most common issue I see with labs is obesity, they were bred to withstand the harsh weather of Labrador so they have a proclivity to put on body fat more so than many breeds. Labs get obese because most owners overfeed them and under exercise them. You need to manage their diets carefully and make sure they get enough exercise daily, they shouldn't need too much.

They'll always howl and be pretty noisy so they're not great if you live in an apartment or don't want a loud dog. They're also scent hounds so they will play deaf with you when you're out trying to call them back because once they get an interesting scent, that's their priority so make sure you master call backs with them before you take them off leash anywhere.

Setters are based, my family has two red setters, they're the perfect dog for hiking imo because they can basically run for hours and will almost certainly never tire if you're on a long distance hike.
>they were bred to withstand the harsh weather of Labrador so they have a proclivity to put on body fat more so than many breeds.
Labs get fat because they're incapable of putting down the fork; they'll eat themselves sick, sleep it off and then do it again six hours later ad infinitum if you let them.
Based droopy boys are great companions outdoors. That scent hound nature means they may not be the swiftest of the mark but by God do they have unparalleled stamina once their nose gets wind of something interesting.

Just got to make sure you have them on a leash or say goodbye to that pupper!

File: DSCF3225.jpg (3.83 MB, 4608x3456)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
What city should I move to that has cheap rent and in a place where I can easily explore the outdoors or go /innawoods/
I want to become a hermit and do some self studying
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Or he could get a bicycle or a chad horse.
Concord, NH
1. Wichita, Kan.

Wichita, located along the Arkansas River, edges out Tucson by just a few bucks. The median rent price in Wichita is only $623 per month. Even two-bedroom apartments are inexpensive, with a median price of only $650. More than 50 aviation businesses operate in the Wichita area, where thousands of airplane parts are manufactured each year.
>Wichita, Kan
The city is bad but the out is good

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