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File: 1336168896246.jpg (220 KB, 940x940)
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Anyone know any good backcountry spots to camp in Ontario, preferably without needing to register with anyone?
are you violence
Did you even try before creating this thread? Ontario is 87% crown land, you probably just need to drive north for like 45 mins


hey guys, for a reason thats not that important im kind of homeless in Denali, in healy actually, how do i survive in alaska in the summer, what foods and shit is edible? i have a stove, tent and other stuff its just hard to find a place with food. Also homeless tips would be appreciated as this is a first time for me.
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oh my fuck what has happened to this thread been awhile since I've been on /out/

how are my fellow degen oogles holding up
where are you/going
got any fun new tale since its summer an all
meet any crustfund kiddies you want to murder
how goes the money hustle
Move to Seattle and get a job.

Actually try to actually escape homelessness.
Fascinating. And upon what do you base this stance?
>thinks actual life is impossible for others because it is for them
I had forgotten, upon replying thusly: >>1541358 of the previous "delusional" exchange. It's really difficult to know what you're actually getting on the Mongolian Turtle Farming boards, whether it be intentional trolling, legitimate autism or full blown retardation, genuine opposing view, or, the sky is essentially the limit.
OK, I think I'm going to add Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece", but I'll mainly be focused on finishing, refining, and recording some originals. Like, I might include my Zappaesque, "Stupid Motherfuckers are Everywhere", and my new one "Old Not Obsolete".
Get a job for the summer, there's a massive hiring shortage up here right now.

Anyone on here have experience working as a ranger, both employed and volunteering? I have a strong desire to become one and want to know how it's like, how much is the average salary, some potential challenges that could be faced, is it really worth it ect
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>you're retarded
>says the guy that doesn't know reality is subjective
tragedy of the commons is a government conspiracy to steal money from good honest folks
My other options are to go into forestry and do conversation work or wildland ff or switch into ecology. Don't mind that last part because it would just mean finding someone in the same field.
Just play Firewatch.
>knowingly breaks the law
Absolute state of rednecks

How do I build up my endurance for hiking? I spent 12 hours outside yesterday and am so fucking exhausted, never felt this tired before. It just feels so weird too, yesterday when I got home I still felt like I had energy but when I woke up today I could barely get out of bed and feel so beat up.
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street stuff
Maybe something with your blood sugar levels. Did you rest every now and then?
What foodies did you eat that day?
Also electrolytes and drinking plenty of water is important!
Just keep hiking and eat plenty of calories. Your body and energy levels will adjust.
File: 28yo_white.jpg (290 KB, 706x688)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
loose fat.

Any games to satisfy my /out/ larping?

The Long Dark is my favorite
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just stopped by to see if anyone responded
I actually commented from page 1 and didn't open the thread :^)
travel light dumb nigger
>not knowing how to get the cure
git gud
You didn't hear about the accident?
Gah that fucking sucks bro. I know you can do it tho.
[spoiler]I lied. I'm fine.[/spoiler]

Looking for old ghost towns, caves, mines and anything else cool to explore in Kentucky
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I don't have any tattoos I just thought it pertained to the question I asked.
That's even more sad
Just never had the time to get one. I work night shift so it's rough to get out and do anything.
I wanted a tattoo when I was a kid. I also wanted to be black so I could have a flat top.
I aspired to be a hobo when I was little for some reason I just thought it was really awesome to get to live in a box

Any cool plants, animals, fungi, etc. that live up here? Anything about this particular time of year? I am prepared for ticks, mosquitos, etc. but otherwise don't know what to expect.

File: 1481491745417.jpg (123 KB, 1000x749)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
do hooks actually hurt the fish? is catch and release a meme
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>i put a hook through it and yeeted it out the water
How evil!
>i put it back instead of having any of itall
Oh so nice
>i harm fish for fun and not food
Evil again.
Would you rather be caught and eaten or caught and released? Exactly. Checkmate faggot.
Do frogs feel pain?
You're retarded, also animals have nothing to do with leftist, untermensch
>cause a small amount of harm
What kind of broken ass black and white perspective do you have.

File: F3.large.jpg (496 KB, 1050x1049)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
>tfw eastcoastlets will never know the experience of seeing a truly dark sky
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Can you see the milky way like how it looks in pictures?
File: IMG_0994-HDR-2.jpg (156 KB, 667x1000)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Yes, it looks exactly like it does in the pictures
>mfw took pic related in fucking new jersey of all places
I mean, with a long exposure shot you can take pics like that one in virtually any place, but sure, it's really nice once you get to see it with your own eyes
In a dark enough sky, yeah you can see the bands and the dark regions. Its quite beautiful. Most images you see will have had their constrast and saturation bumped up, so you wont see so much of the purples and shit, but its still gorgeous
>tfw eastcoastlets will never know the experience of seeing a truly dark sky
East coasters can just go 12 miles offshore any time they want to see a dark sky

File: wabbits.jpg (82 KB, 599x590)
82 KB
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American education everyone
Good way to get trench foot.
Self defense against what? If it's animals your best first line of defense is noise. Bear bangers, boat horn, etc. Add a bright flashlight with a strobe setting for extra spooks in low light. Bear spray too.

All purpose? I'll add another vote for standard 12 gauge. Rifles aren't so good against a charging grizzly unless you have some space to work with. Handguns require a certain level of frostiness to be effective as grizzly isn't going to stop from just one shot unless you hit it right between the eyes.
comfiest video i've sen in a long time
File: 20190525_155412.jpg (4.45 MB, 4032x3024)
4.45 MB
4.45 MB JPG
But I have a glock 23 and I'm already a manlet

what do
also, any experience from someone who lives in northern cali like me? I want to hike down to the american river and gold pan, and I also want to bring glock cause tweaks and squatters tend to hang out at the bottom. I'll end up bringing it anyways, but I want to know what law enforcement would do if I was spotted or reported for having a gun on me. Or other peoples reactions, as I've never walked around innawoods with a gun before.
Thanks for the tips, if you got em.

Climbing General #4

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Useful Info:

when in doubt, RUN IT OUT

>>boards.4channel.org/out/thread/1486808 old thread
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I would love to go for 1-2 weeks if you cant find anyone local to go with on the weekends. I only have a couple cams/nuts but I have a decent amount of sport stuff to contribute, and it sounds like we are about the same grade. But you probably have way more outdoors experience than me.
Heck yeah man. We can talk about it. Got email, discord, irc?
Discord: UltraMagic#2545
A 10 year old just climbed el cap
what's your excuse
My dad wasn't a climber

File: 71FnSRE5L7L._SX425_.jpg (24 KB, 425x425)
24 KB
whats urs when ur /out/
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File: 16226300_1.jpg (294 KB, 725x1200)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
File: confused Pepe.jpg (131 KB, 1533x961)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
In case you spot a darkie while camping?
I work in a gold mine, I can't ID rocks for shit tho
Iphone for ig pictures :)
and snapchat too ofc


>dried mango for me
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enjoy the trash retard
File: 1560891891594.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Excellent choice.
They're pretty good for /out/ breakfasts and I would have them more often but at $4 a pop they're get pricey fast
File: 1557766959419.jpg (2 KB, 107x125)
2 KB
honestly they aren't horrible, much better than the scho-ka-kola sustenance wise. If anyone else has any recommendations of similar survival/energy snacks I'm willing to try them.
Try the cheese version of caloriemates, they taste like shortbread.

File: comfy.jpg (236 KB, 1266x665)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>tfw this will never be you because you live inner-city and never get to go to the comfy countryside
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you do realize that the rain will pour in if you build it like that?

low energy bait, do better next time.
File: IMG_20190607_223835.jpg (2.85 MB, 3456x4608)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
This was neat
>He went to sleep with the fire still burning
is the dog missing and eye or is the photo taken at a funny angle

File: Haunted-Trail-Hikes.jpg (258 KB, 640x426)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
What's the scariest thing that's happened to you innawoods?

Summer of 2015 I had a guy follow me and my friends while backpacking through the Sawtooth Mountains in northern Minnesota.
It was raining for about three or four days straight and my friends were getting really pissy about the weather but really pushed ourselves through the terrain once we noticed that sometimes on the trails we kept seeing the same guy behind us, but he would never pass us or make a camp in the same campsite. It must've been five days of seeing the guy about 100 yards behind us without him passing, and then he stopped appearing after a group of a dozen or so college girls passed us in the other direction. It was kinda weird. The youngest of our group kept saying somebody was in our campsite in the middle of the night but nobody wanted to go see.
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Fucking boars man. I live in Florida and recently went hammock camping. It was so hot though that even the boars weren't out. You could tell they had been in the area previously though. All the ground was all torn up etc.
File: barsdoggie.png (970 KB, 627x642)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
Okay still don't have an explanation for this one.

>day hiking with friend in New England
>we lived in the suburbs, but it was situated right on the line where things got rural
>about a mile off a country road there was an abandoned bird sanctuary
>had heard about it for years from my dad and when i was much younger a bunch of my cousins and i went out there to check it out
>honestly looked like the raptor cage from jurassic park. A little spooky to look at, at first but it made sense considering what it was used for, just odd seeing it all overgrown
>you could tell there were a few man made ponds that had dried up as there were some flimsy metal bridges spanning these craters in the ground
>very spooky vibe to the place, we decided to book it out of there when we saw what looked like a pack of wild dogs running along the limits of a collapsing wire fence. It was odd seeing these dogs, coyotes weren't uncommon but they looked too big idk
>years go by, go off to college, come back my freshman year for the summer for work, reminisce about the old bird sanctuary with my dad. He tells me that the guy who originally built it killed himself in it after his wife died and he was diagnosed with cancer. We didn't get past the sanctuary/massive bird cage but apparently behind that complex there was a massive house that also sat abandoned where the guy apparently killed himself
>zoom back to beginning of story, am off of this country road near the sanctuary and decide to go check it out again.
>difficult time trying to find the trail, everything overgrown with briars, finally start to see old wire mesh fence that has fallen over
>go around it and begin to see the building that made up the bird cage
>now covered in sheet metal to keep people out
>about to put my hand on the sheet metal to steady myself when all of a sudden the sheet metal starts to slam like someone behind it was punching it as hard as they could

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
this is old pasta, dummies
I'd be interested in people's opinions too, I haven't done any /out/ stuff yet cuz I haven't had the chance but his books and shit are terrifying if even half is true.
I've seen loads of weird shit, but no skinwalkies
>Camping on Lake Harris up near newcomb NY
>hear there's a fire tower near Goodnow MTN
>GF and I decide to go on a night hike up to it
>along the way there are numerous abandoned and rundown buildings
>nothing spoopy happens
>get to firewatch tower
>rickety as shit, pretty heavy wind
>climb up and look around for a while
>all of a sudden, wind stops dead, and there's a sort of low "wub-wub-wub" sound
>suddenly MASSIVE gust of wind, windows shaking in firewatch tower, get hit with the worst tinnitus I've ever felt, splitting headache, and completely vertigo-ed to shit
>GF and I are stumbling around the firewatch tower trying not to fall into the stair hole
>scramble down, get to solid ground and puke, GF's eyes are completely bloodshot
>get back to camp, spew watery diarrhea

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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