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A dedicated coffee maker for hiking/camping (or everyday use) that makes good coffee, weighs nothing, won't break or fail. It's just for coffee, so you don't need to clean out soup or whatever before use. Can put it on the gas or alcohol burner no sweat.

I've been using a regular hiking pot for coffee, like a god damn savage for years.
I recently got one of these (pic related).
The Snow Peak Titanium french press.
Brews about half liter of coffee. I fucking love it. It's a whole new level of comfort.
Is there really any better option?
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Not arguing it isn't a worthwhile investment if you use it - that logic can be applied to literally anything. You're missing the point entirely, which is there are better alternatives out there at a fraction of the price.

Good to know? Whatever works for you man.
got some nice asmr tingles off that video.
>You're a moron

You're also missing the entire point of going /out/. It's about enjoying the time you have while /out/ and the simple experience of spending time in nature. If someone takes enjoyment out of making a good cup of java and they want to bring a coffee pot and mug just to get away and do that, then power to them. You can go /out/ however you want to go /out/ and for whatever reason you want to go /out/ - the point is that your /out/ and enjoying it, dumbass.
cheap pourover tastes like shit

>cheap coffee tastes like shit.

Fixed it for you.

A pour-over is a pour-over, the only difference between "high-end" and "low-end" is that often times, low end are made of cheaper materials and usually require you to buy paper filters (which also filter out some of the natural oils.)

I can guarantee you that it won't make or break whether you enjoy a cup of coffee or not, however. Unless you are that guy who also doesn't drink whisky unless it's of the Irish variety and has to be aged at least 12 years.

File: P_20170701_200028.jpg (1.52 MB, 2304x4096)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
What phone does /out/ use?
I'm looking for something tough and small enough to bring anywhere
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apart from always-on smartphones that last 2 days at best
File: 20-08-alcatel1.jpg (89 KB, 1000x1500)
89 KB
cost me $10 and have been going strong for tree years now. tough, reliable, not delicate, no frills, and it's small
What's it called?
You sound just like the penis that was gatekeeping the coffee thread yesterday who absolutely lost his shit when i said i like cowboy coffee.

File: Gransfors Bruks.jpg (74 KB, 1500x1068)
74 KB
Ive been Eyeballing pic related. The Gransfors Bruks small forrest handmade axe. 19 inch.
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I have a $30 Fiskars hatchet that has beat to hell and back (from normal brushwork, camp chores, and pounding the back with a branch to split firewood)

try doing that with your safe queen display piece.

who gives a fuck what fancy steel it's made of. for like 3000 years humans have been using steel just fine for axes without worrying what steel it was made of.
What type of wood is in your area? What region of the world do you live in? What do you use it for?
File: axe head shapes.jpg (66 KB, 381x613)
66 KB
What do you intend to use it for? If you own a lot land and actually will be using shit a lot then yeah go for it. If you live in the suburbs and need shit for camping and yard work get a folding saw, hatchet, or more inexpensive axe.
People who shit on gransfors and such are wrong as they are good tools. The problem is they have meme status and most european axe brands are way over priced in North America. For 95% of people council tool or a similar brand based in the US is way better value. Yeah they aren't hand made but they offer very equivalent value and use.
You've been spoiled with a Fiskars. If you had an actual shit axe you'd long for those asspensive artesanal axes.
the ironic part is that pretty much every major axe company uses the same 1055 steel, of course heat treatment varies but lol

if you’ve never camped before should you accept a job doing trail work 8 days on 6 days off? 1 hour left to respond
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Wait what?
File: moedabsin2d.jpg (82 KB, 769x767)
82 KB
nothing you have to worry about anon, go back to sleep
I can't find that this changed. In 2017 federal age of consent was the 12-16 rule (eg if one participant is u Der 26 years old the other participants can't be more than 4 years older) and I don't see any articles about how this changing.
16 year olds are legal in like 19 states, but naked pictures of 16 year olds are not legal in any state.
>16 year olds are legal in like 19 states
Not if you are 35 you dumb boomer so hands off

File: 81465666118816.jpg (497 KB, 1224x1632)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
This is a long shot but fuck it, is any of you looking for a buddy to travel and /out/ for a month or two around Europe next summer? Eastbound ideally.
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Not me but i already contacted him.
Give tagmap username then.
Ugy kinye egy gyunuru meleg fiupunci
Akkor inkább hagyjuk.
That guy again....tagmap: Flovver
Ok this is a bit strange, but maybe you could answer some questions:

1) How old are you?

2) Why can't you do this with people you know (e.g.: friends)
2b) Why are you reaching out to internet people?

3) Why can't you do this on your own?

4) Have you done something similar?

It’s about that time of year again, boys.
Hopefully everyone has saved a bit to spread some outdoors cheer to anons across the globe. i remember guys from the US, UK, CA, MX, and DE getting gifts.

if you don’t know how it’s done:
1: make an Amazon wish list
2: add /out/ related items
3: click “manage list” and update your /out/ list’s shipping address. simply updating your shipping address will not suffice. many anons had problems with missed shipments over the years.
4: copy and paste your list in your post
5: keep the gift giving going and tell the anon you bought for him so others can get a chance
6: remember you are on 4chan and may not get lucky.

i hope everyone gets a gift this year and you use your new equipment in the field.

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/out/ is the most wholesome board by far
Merry christmas :^)
id just like to thank you all for improving my time innawoods and unnaground. Merry Christmas and God bless you all.
This anon posting

Wasn't able to take a pic of it in use (its been snowing and raining to fuck where i am), but thank you for the firebox!
Hells Angels radio

File: fag_poles.jpg (150 KB, 1000x904)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I'm going to have to break down and acquire some and thinking the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork to be the best fit for my needs and budget.

It seems that aluminum will be the best choice under the wide array of circumstances that go along with long term outdoor living. Are the smaller bits of hardware on the ones I mentioned reasonably robust?

I was originally planning to go with some REI ones but read reviews indicative of locks that tend to flake on folks.

These are $85 at Amazon, but I'm willing to bump that up a little if it's significantly worth it. Are there any cheaper ones that are legit just as good or better?

I may not have the ability to replace them immediately if I run into failures so I'd be very interested in any experienced opinions.
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I'm not a retard, I'm just looking out for my fellow sc/out/s, bro. Why so harsh, dude?
>Cartilage doesn't grow back.
Oof. I honestly didn't know about that. Thank you for your warning anon! I'll rethink getting some. I'm hesitant about getting even more weight (I already carry around 15kg in winter), but they do seem like a good idea and could be used as a stabilization for my camera.

> knee braces
After a quick internet search it looks like they don't help that much with preventing new injuries.
>won't use fagpoles because photography
Is that Jordan, one or two days walk north of Wadi Rum?
File: IMG_20190212_060031_9.jpg (147 KB, 1229x911)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Yeah, just passed New Humeima on the Jordan Trail. I think I took it just passed the Arch that's semi famous there. I slept in Wadi Rum that night, pic related.

File: boot-types.jpg (92 KB, 1024x1024)
92 KB
these 3 boot types, do they have different uses, what are they best suited for.
what about waterproofness
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File: training.jpg (96 KB, 805x527)
96 KB
the norwegian m77 will keep you company for life if you treat them well. lightweight and mad durable.
they require a lot of maintenance while out and will dry out over time if you dont polish or wear them regularly. if properly cared for they will take you though swamps, forest, highlands and peaks
if wet, they dry up overnight

i used mine during my army years, and still use them for work. i would recomend getting them directly from alfa, the original producer of m77 https://alfa.no/m-77-perform

also used by oper8s from UNs swat team
Do trail runner or even lighter shoes. Boots aren’t in any way necessary. Fuck even for the PCT trail runners are more than sufficient. Trails aren’t wilderness. Especially not in fucking Florida lmao. I’d even do flip flops there just go barefoot for water and mud.
File: 9885.jpg (33 KB, 640x603)
33 KB
>my fucking face when i picture annon dressed up in $5000 worth of hiking gear including 4-season high-tech special-forces grade space fiber boots struggling to keep up the pace with some random Florida boomer couple in hawaii shirts and flip flops
>t. Mexican construction worker

File: barrel.jpg (398 KB, 1000x750)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>considers himself an outdoorsman
>has never been barreled by a wave and made it out

it's literally the most transcendental experience you can have while /out/.
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I'm never going back in the ocean. Not after what I seen
File: 1561805608165.jpg (142 KB, 700x700)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>makes surfboards
>goes beach camping
am I /out/ or just a bum?
File: brocc'n'coke.png (295 KB, 320x352)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
>it's literally the most transcendental experience you can have while /out/.
Once saw an interview with a fisherman who had watched the cork from his line bob on the water while the sinking sun reflected from the water for hours. He, completely unintentionally, went into a meditative trance and through that had some mindbreaking spiritual "one-ness" revelation that according to him changed him completely. So I don't think what you're saying is true.
Yeah mate

File: boyscout.png (570 KB, 514x686)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
Now that the dust has settled, this still is good book for outies.
TIL where that Oingo Boingo album cover came from.
I love going /out/ it makes me feel so good
I love going /out/ it makes me feel so bad
Oooh. I member dates meme.
Of the three Boyscout books I own it is my favorite. The older generation of scouts also like that one or its immediate predecessor (If memory serves me well) from what I gather. So yes it’s pretty comfy
Great starter book for kids.

Post them everyday trail cruisers
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File: i-B2dhggM-L.jpg (123 KB, 800x600)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
no training wheels here
Op again nice bikes nothing better than trail bike I’ll take pics post mine tomarrow got too drunk tonight to get to it
KYS noise polluter
Y for making a original idea of a thread appear for first time in forever

Does anything simliar to a Stainless Steel Nalgene exist but with threads on the outside instead of inside?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Actually a direct hit you bitch ass
I use the 40oz version of pic related. It was pretty cheap and so far I don't have any issues with it.
File: IMG_20191213_080211.jpg (555 KB, 1848x2438)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
Yeti makes a 40oz double layered stainless steel canteen. Not lightweight tho.
>mah yeti canteen
>double layered
>Muh watta has to be cold ow I can dwink it.

File: get that up ya.jpg (94 KB, 750x750)
94 KB
Any hunters here?? Trying to get my pig dog to hold, they not quite getting it, any pointer appreciated
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File: 1574027306984.jpg (78 KB, 494x820)
78 KB
You should be ashamed for liking it at all.
You suck and your memes bounce off my tunic.
File: tenor.gif (328 KB, 220x165)
328 KB
328 KB GIF
File: 1572219561562.gif (144 KB, 500x384)
144 KB
144 KB GIF
File: tenor (1).gif (111 KB, 220x123)
111 KB
111 KB GIF

what would you do, /out/?

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They eat my mom's chickens so I shoot them. They're great for learning to tan hide.
>they also carry a disease that will kill your horses and cattle

>possums carry a disease that literally kills off non-native introduced species
Absolutely based and ethnonationalistpilled
>eats ticks
>breeding ground for ticks
you do your best pepe le pew impression of course
>feeds on parasites that grow on themselves
>infinite food and energy
wtf i didn't know possums could violate the laws of thermodynamics

File: aus.jpg (164 KB, 960x727)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Why is it so hard to do anything /out/ in Australia? I can't go camping anywhere besides shitty designated camping spots.
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Also, aren't snakes more aggressive in breeding season (which afaik is February and March)?
Not true (except for dingoes eating babies.)
just destroy the fucking eucalyptus trees already.
comfy :)
>L Disappointment

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