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File: 1537461450308.jpg (76 KB, 600x397)
76 KB
Remember when television was at its lowest point?
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I think that's just showing what was on in general, not trying to say -all- those things are shit.
>it's an "OP shits on Flapjack episode"
You know nothing of CN Real. Fuck off back to >/tv/ OP.
Fuck off Timbox you autistic piece of shit
Flapjack was kino
No, because that was before my time (the era of merchandise-based cartoons and Yo Yogi).

File: 1520610406387.jpg (119 KB, 736x1086)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Thanos. I'm taking your gauntlet.
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He didn't have a problem with Thanos having the gauntlet but took it from Adam Warlock..
I can only wish. But most MCU fans haven't a clue what cosmic entities are.
If Adam had the gauntlet no one in the universe would ever die and the balance would be thrown off.

File: 51PY1Q5WJYL._SY445_.jpg (34 KB, 244x445)
34 KB
>Christmas special
>Takes place in BC time
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The timeline goes:

Days of Future Past
Terminator Future
B.C. comic strip
Disney's Aladdin
They’re celebrating his birth.
Obviously, anon, this further proves that the Flintstones is set in a post-post-apocalyptic future. It explains why they know about Christmas and the dinosaurs aren't real dinosaurs, but instead genetically engineered creatures.
Maybe they just knew about it REALLY ahead of time?
"Some dude will be born in the future and it'll be a big deal. Let's celebrate his eventual coming."

Is /co/ a fan of Thomas the tank engine? Who's your favorite character?
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No, the appeal of the show for me was model trains and holy shit stories about railways.
It's written by a British man who grew up in Edwardian England which was a lot more free than the modern UK. The reason why it's a seemingly ordered society is because it's not a society. It's a railway. And railways are run in specific manners for specific purposes. The idea that it's reflective of some nonsensical 'ordnung' which was largely contary to British values until the mass adoption of continental principles in the 60s ongoing is silly.
That was based on a real life incident that happened on an American railway because they couldn't get the engine out after it derailed and so they dug another tunnel.

You're overthinking this. It's literally railway stories adapted for children. The Rev Awdry was a railway autist.
The Island Song
Why can't there be any humanized Thomas?

File: hindsight is a bitch.jpg (111 KB, 775x586)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
What went wrong?
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This is the kind of thing that Didio thinks is cool.
>they made him suffer :(
Wallyfags are such bitches.
Tom King
>what went wrong?
Fan entitlement.
File: Heroes-in-Crisis-4.jpg (168 KB, 864x1311)
168 KB
168 KB JPG

File: Final space.jpg (97 KB, 1024x576)
97 KB
I went in expecting laughs, left with sadness and feels. What are thoughts /co/?
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Shut Up KVN!
I liked it a lot. Look forward to new season eventually coming out.
>quinn is good, she was just badly written,
Well then she’s not actually good, now is she?
>the thing that they should have written out was the romance between her and gary,
What, you mean literally the only justification she has for her existence and inclusion in the cast? Because her being a stuck.up cunt for far up her ass she can smell last nights dinner is just as annoying, if not more so, than early Gary. Make her not the love interest, would only make her ecistence slightly less grating.
Why does future Quinn exist if present Quinn died?
I went into it with low expectations, thinking it would just be another show in the vein of Rick and Morty.

But man, I was really fucking wrong about it.
I loved it.

Even Gary.
Who once you get past his eccentricities, is a genuinely great guy.

File: 1544399546749.jpg (82 KB, 600x561)
82 KB
What are the ultimate Early Zoomer nostalgia cartoons? (released mostly in the 2007-2009 era)
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Is this ironic? What kind of fucking high school has laptops? I'd have my friend hack the shit outta those things so we could play Halo.
Like, all of them. They also have Destop Computers with Windows 7 on them so that's nice if you get a VPN.
Feel sorry for Zoomers. Cartoons after 2005, in the zoomer era, are often too clean, too sterile, none of the grit or charm of pre 2005.
Would someone born in 1996 really have much in common with someone born jn 1981, though?
The fixed year generation thing has always been a load of shit, especially with the attempt to equate it with the baby boom of post-WW2. If some kid is born near midnight of Dec 31 1980 and his twin brother a few minutes later in 1981 they are technically two different generations, should they be wildly different? No. My siblings and I are only a few years apart and born in the early 80s and generally had similar tastes, and we are considerably different than people born in the mid 90s, yet we all belong to a same generation. If anything, with the rapid changing of technology from the proliferation of the internet/cellphones onward, has made generations smaller and more radically different. The people in the OP are talking about SmartPoint projectors and shit, we barely had a working Compaq PC in my high school home room.

File: IMG_0890.jpg (635 KB, 1920x2560)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
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>Copper's face when he looks up an Enus
This scene got some kinda amusing reactions from some reviewers.
>w-why are they shaking their butts?
It's just a common cartoon joke, no big deal.
But, really, why are they shaking their butts?
Wouldn't it be funny if they shaked their round butts to the camera?

As a joke, of course. Ha ha. Just for laughs.

has anybody watched this modern classic
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Well, sure. I love stop motion animation from Laika. Some movies from WB Animation, like Iron Giant, Space Jam. Anastasia from 20thC Fox Animation. 9 from Focus.
I'm not counting some because they are anime.

Mentioned those cuz they we're the favorites off the top of my head.
How could I forget the Wakfu and Dofus movies?\
I feel ashamed.
File: MTFK room1.webm (2.56 MB, 1280x512)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB WEBM
did you see ankama's new film mutafakaz?
a lot of people didnt seem to like it but i really enjoyed it
I wonder why.
They also speak English.

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How powerful is Samus compared to the rest of the Marvel universe? Is she like an Iron Man crossed with Cap Murica super strength?
That seems accurate.
First thing I thought of when looking at that.
File: 1541868160416.png (1.06 MB, 1600x634)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
You can probably say a lot a out Ubisoft but IMO Assassin's Crees Odyssey is goddamn gorgeous. I love how colorful it is and it has a great sense of scale and shit.

>that episode where Bobby gets statutory raped

File: s.jpg (119 KB, 1729x1892)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
ITT: Obscure /co/ childhood crushes
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File: 1486282237022.png (168 KB, 982x1416)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
>"dr victoria light"
>"roll x"

This isn't helping.
>I thought it was a cool video at the time.

Yeah well I thin you're a retard now. We all did dumb shit as a kid sure, but I don't know why you'd confess to it and not expect to be called an idiot.
What did you like when you were a kid?
It was cool, though.

File: 1542000191122.jpg (74 KB, 850x477)
74 KB
I don't know if there's any hope for any current western comics and cartoons. In today's climate, it seems you're only allowed to write "Black and white" fiction in your work. If you even DARE add any shades of gray, you're considered "problematic" or "A Nazi". Ironically, it's from the "all art are politics" line of bullshit which in practice means that everything has to be written like current Sinfest.

Am I being too pessimistic and there's still hope or should I just go elsewhere?

Pic unrelated. (But I'd rather have it)
Look on the bright side. At least this isn't the Young Adult Novel community.
I blame modern American influence
I wonder, if this is a phase, how long would it last?
Yes, you're being too pessimistic. You're looking at chasing relevance and trying to put out things they think people want and seeing a direct conspiracy.

"Black and white" and "shades of gray" are incredibly vague concepts and I dunno what you want out of that. Supervillains still get forgiven their crimes for showing the slightest bit of remorse all the time, usually ending up headlining a suicide squad book for their trouble

Comics are a short, punchy experience, so depth of character is usually done between the panels or over a long period of serialization. Nobody can get a really meaty run unless you're a huge superstar these days, so good luck there..

If you want tits, everyone's taking a break from that for a while as the aftermath of Weinstein's fall and certain new laws has everyone scrambling to put their clothes back on. It never lasts, people like to fuck, but it'll take a while in comics because comics are always like two or three years behind the times when it comes to acceptable shit in media.

Not everything is written like current Sinfest, what we have in funnybooks is the same cynical trend chasing we always have. You need to be sincerely fucked in the head to go as hard as Tats went. All trends change.

As mentioned here >>104621731, the Young Adult Novel community isn't exactly helping me with trying to be optimistic.


File: krtek_wave.jpg (20 KB, 236x315)
20 KB
I'll have you know that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being
I decided to let is remain a part of my past.
File: mole.jpg (63 KB, 424x560)
63 KB
This kills the Český.
Holy shit I remember how the sea diver used to scare the shit out of me
But I am a terrible human being, though that's despite me loving this cartoon.
I have so many questions.

File: SDCC13JGQuintel.jpg (205 KB, 600x800)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
I wish JG Quintel was my best friend he seems like a really cool dude I'd love to hang out with him..
I wish JG Quintel was my Girl Friend , she seems like a really cool girl and I'd love to make out with her

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