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>a white man use his abilities to make blackface and yellowface

Holy shit! How did Marvel get away with this?
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Jews are the only true white race.
Based and blackpilled
I guess
File: Octopus_face.jpg (27 KB, 163x285)
27 KB
Same way Konami did, I guess.
Is there anything Kojima did not steal?

File: crhea190626.gif (88 KB, 450x531)
88 KB
Heathcliff is shot out of a cannon.
I don’t understand the mental processes that were put into the creation of this. It’s like making a comic via random sentence generators.

File: v1.jpg (21 KB, 206x305)
21 KB

File: magneto-phoenix.jpg (266 KB, 1002x1110)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
How fucked are the X-Men against Magneto with the Phoniex Force?
not very, he's not very good at using it
Magneto isnt even fucking Omega level, he is strictly small time now

File: 1512586104095.jpg (227 KB, 1440x1080)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Mary sue self insert
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File: words.jpg (77 KB, 736x507)
77 KB
Honestly best girl
if anyone is a mary sue is azula
>Is somehow a master water bender after a few months despite never having a trainer
>Btfo's Zuko, a bender not only older than her but 1000% more experienced and trained
>Btfo's Azula, Like Zuko's situation except 1000% worse
File: IMG_7997wj.jpg (67 KB, 434x717)
67 KB
Does she count?

File: Hall_of_Doom.jpg (39 KB, 640x464)
39 KB
Meanwhile, at the hall of doom
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File: v8sp5.jpg (75 KB, 1920x1080)
75 KB
Thanks, hydra thingy
Que bola acere
Sorry bane we reinforce a strict no spic rule here.
File: Batman_Vol_3_18_Textless.jpg (683 KB, 1280x1966)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
If you want me gone, you can try mamaguebo.
Is bumping a thread evil since it continues the life of a thread destined to die already?

File: 20190626_000445-1.jpg (1.72 MB, 2115x1217)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse is now on Netflix and it's in 4K!
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Netflix U.S only
I think a few regions got it. I know Japan did cause my cunthole friend over there is watching it right now.
Ausfag here; JB and Amazon AU have both sold the UHD blu-ray for $15 before.
It's great. Overrated? Absolutely. But still great, and the circlejerking absolutely doesn't detract from the film's own greatness.
Ree niggers muh sjw muh only well received cuz diversity ree muh contrarianism

Fuck off

File: proteus.jpg (88 KB, 800x600)
88 KB
Who's the ultimate /co/ Beta?
File: download.png (8 KB, 280x180)
8 KB

File: GL.png (683 KB, 1198x716)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
Why is the top row of characters are fine with people but George Liquor makes people scream about John K's daddy issues and how nobody wants to watch a character like this?
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As far as WWII era dads/grandfathers go George Liquor has no redeeming qualities and is not designed to have any redeeming qualities.

I suppose Cotton is also difficult to view in any positive life, though the fact he died angry because he mentally could not process the idea that his son loved him is funny anyway.
Katie Rice is 37. She has known John K. for 24 years.
It would be if John DIDN'T FORCE HIM.
george liquor is a far more unpleasant and unfunny character than any of the other 3. Cotton hill may arguably be the worst parent out of all of them but there's still a comedic element to his assholishness
Because all the others are parodies with the humor coming from how out of touch and dysfunctional they are, John K unironically sees George Liquor as a great all American hero who is what men should be, with his comedic elements only coming from slapstick and how loud and angry he is.

File: It (2017).png (101 KB, 325x244)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Is there something, ANYTHING you faggots actually like or are excited for? At this rate the only way any of you babies will be pleased is if all forms of media stopped being made considering all you do is whine about everything and do nothing to help these mediums you claim to respect.
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File: 1540573242817.jpg (340 KB, 800x807)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
>Billy was never good
FTFY. Billy was a disgusting spazz that was used for cheap grossout humor and his existence singlehandedly brought the show down.
Sounds good I'm in
File: image.jpg (487 KB, 945x1418)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
I like first season of this show.
I would love for all forms of /co/ media to cease for a decade or two personally.
My hopes for any media for the rest of my life has been destroyed by OPM season 2 of all things.

File: hydra.png (102 KB, 1920x1200)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>What is this thread?
Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we gather here and post links to the latest scans and rips of comic books.
Most links we uploaded ourselves, others we are sharing from elsewhere.
Some comics we've even purchased ourselves (but most we didn't).
If you'd like to help out, just ask and we would be delighted to tell you how.
Otherwise, be patient, be polite, and understand the simple concept behind these words: Not posted means not available yet.

>Where can I find old Win-O'-Threads?
(Note: This finds the OP for old threads. If you want to search for comics in the archive, clear the subject field!)

>Where can I find downloads for other comics?
Warez forums/blogs, DDL-indexing search engines (like FilesLoop), torrent trackers (like WorldWide Torrents) and other P2P networks (like DC++).
If a link has been posted on 4chan, you can search for it in the Desu archive (add "http*" to searches to return only posts with links).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: DC Zero.png (11 KB, 284x307)
11 KB
>If they can manage to stay on this course and not fuck it all up they'll catch up in a century or three
"Hold my beer, " Dan Didio, probably.
>it's only worth reading
>if no one reads it
>I mean: unless it's one of those months like the start of Nu52 or Rebirth where DC, ever so briefly, pulls ahead. That's different.
The song remains the same.
No, there's literally a misnumbered page.

Actually, all the pages are misnumbered after that.

File: 00.jpg (545 KB, 1193x1834)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
How do you feel about the comics of Jonathan Hickman?
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No, Hickman can actually write.
Guys, where do i start with Hickman? I am a noob when it comes to Marvel but Hickman's cosmic shit sounds intriguing.
Fantastic Four
Some good, some not so good, some great, some awful.

Feel like there is a sweet spot of neither too much nor too little editorial oversight.
And not the kind of oversight where they tell him what to write. Comics are totally fucked up because of that practice.
i ilike him

File: 1540372977831.jpg (40 KB, 1024x1024)
40 KB
XJ-J, implants on your chest will serve you no purpose and only be a detriment to you in combat. Now stop showing me that ridiculous chart.
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Remember Soundquake?! He has like, chest missiles!
It's an older tradition than one may think.
File: Hot Fusion.png (341 KB, 640x480)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
I'd be lying if I said her younger self was nothing to write home about
File: 36950833_big_p2.jpg (365 KB, 690x1107)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
There is a direct correlation between tit size and battle prowess.
Yeah but her current self is also pretty hot too

Holy shit. This show has no right being as good as it is.
I mean slapstick isn't really as good as in old looney tunes and some jokes are overdone, as they are meant for children. But besides that this is fucking gold, with more mature humor, extremely likable characters (except porky who is autistic neckbeard)...
40 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
They’re practically an old married couple in TLTS so it makes sense, I just had no idea there was a ship name and fanart and all of that.
my sister ships it so yes
File: 1103344994556.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
I only watched it a few weeks ago for the first time and it is genuinely hysterical. Lola in particular absolutely cracks me up. She needs to be part of the 'canon' with that personality.
Based and Baffypilled
File: 1524457732508.jpg (113 KB, 400x400)
113 KB
113 KB JPG

File: Dib's Momma.png (207 KB, 500x727)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
Do you think Tallest Miyuki will ever show up in the comics or the movie?
Irkens don't have genitals.
I hope. I would be neato.
1- Who?
2- When the fuck is the movie???
No, she's irrelevant and her only purpose was to be killed off and then never mentioned again.

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