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File: ECcNbxWXkAk4Wcl.jpg (85 KB, 1024x434)
85 KB
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Based and torchpilled
someone could help lift up dc while still being independent
I'm happy no more Iron-Kid for me.

For the record, I don't even want Disney to own everything. I just hate Sony Pictures and Tom Rothman. I could care less about the mouse.

File: van dyne.jpg (262 KB, 700x942)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
why do people never mention how wasp took advantage of hank`s mental illness to trick him into marrying her?

File: ZomboDroid 21082019095729.jpg (860 KB, 1429x2944)
860 KB
860 KB JPG
>Urban 4th graders
>Suburban 4th graders
>Country-ass 5th graders
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No clue how Portland and Seattle fits into that

Don't know those cities too well. It's just that he grew up in Seattle, and went to art school in Portland.
What part of AZ was Clarence supposed to be set in?
It vaguely resembles those cities from when he was a kid in the 60s, but it's mostly New York based. Imagine if New York existed on the West Coast.
White flight, have to drive everywhere, strip malls, soccer moms, good schools, cookie cutter middle class life, traditionally. Now, drugs also.

Recess isn't really set in a suburb, though, it's set in a small town, which is different but sometimes overlapping.

File: Jimmy Olsen 002-000.jpg (1.16 MB, 1988x3056)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
A Olsen Family Reunion!
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It's always nice having Lieber on a book.
Krypton had centaurs?
Effectionate and/or gay personality change.
And cause Jimmy thinks it's just a regular bar of soap.
I like that warpress Jimmy. That's a heartful touch.

File: danai.jpg (31 KB, 340x408)
31 KB
So how come a supehuman like Rogers and an infiniy stone like vision sturggle against Corvus Glaive but Okoye can one shot Glaive and lift him high up in the air and slam him on the ground, killing him?
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Rhodey should have deployed his parachute.
Stark should have given an upgrade with one.
He can change his density, a part is which allows him to become strong.
He can also shot laser beams from his forehead
Enjoy being a leech

And mass murderer. Don't forget that.

File: 00002190.jpg (224 KB, 600x849)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>That seemed to do something.
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hey, someone threw a rock at a bitch
That's right!
Parley's the court's bitch.
A dog of the military.
Any news on idle's Annie pics?
everytime someone says this, the page is always literally something happening, as in some boring action page

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Fucking cult shit.
Disneyfags are a new religion unto itself. We must purge this planet.
Good luck

They outnumber you dipshits 1000 to 1
Stan Lee is fucking dead. This is just disgraceful.
Nobody cares about what the shittiest avenger has to say
Maybe if an actual celebrity says something it might matter

File: 1566012697161.jpg (25 KB, 750x312)
25 KB
>Be Tom Holland
>Get cast as spiderman and start making millions
>Loved by everybody
>Start dating Zendaya
>It cant get any better than this

>Log on twitter
>See the news the Marvel is about to drop me
>Agent calls me in tears on the verge of mania
>Zendaya leaves me a voice message that our relationship has been too bumpy lately and she thinks we should see other people
>Russo brothers tell me to stay home and not to come to set for Cherry today or the next couple of weeks
>Agent calls me again screeching into the phone that everything is falling apart and that gods reckoning is finally upon us and then I hear a gunshot and then proceed to hang up the phone
>Receive 40 emails from the IRS about my 3 houses and 16 cars
>Get a group a chat invite from Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire inviting me to Leo's Orgy party on the weekend
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Based Tom

Jake is a piece of shit who should kill himself.

This isn't relevant to the thread it's just a random objective fact inserted into it.
>Jake is a piece of shit who should kill himself.
Wow, what did he do to you?
Tom are you gonna be ok buddy
You think vapid whores are the pickiest motherfuckers on the planet? Clearly you have not met a gay guy.

Are you guys unironically happy to see him go or are you just being your "ha ha I’m so edgy and unique” selfs?
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I want him to stay. I like Holland as Spider-Man and I think he has a good place in the universe.
>don’t like mj
>oh god you’re not alt right are you
>don’t like iron man taking uncle Bens place
>it’s just a movie
Seriously these things happen in this thread
What was wrong with dunst? Vapid wanna be actress. Seems perfect.

And that doesn't change the fact that zendaya is the worst MJ ever.
I am. I would like to see Spider Man untethered from the MCU and with him out, the MCU is back to needing some fresh young face so the odds of my boy Nova coming in are increased!
File: pze9t9ip2hx21.jpg (93 KB, 640x574)
93 KB
Legit unironically happy.
No more Iron-Kid. Come back to the real character.
Thanks based Sony!

File: 7231fd.jpg (36 KB, 396x395)
36 KB
You think I'm joking when I say I'll run for president? I just need to slap the Disney logo on my campaign to get millions of votes. Have Spider-man appear at my rallies and get enough to win the election without putting out anything else. I know how corporate obsessed you are and how to manipulate you into thinking what I want you to.
Comics and Cartoons
>/int/ - the post

Is this Norman Osborne?
File: giphy (24).gif (1.25 MB, 460x313)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
>Have Spider-man appear at my rallies
Americans will not elect a Jew to the office of President in our lifetime.

File: 1566288671170.png (830 KB, 1014x570)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Remember, you guys are the REAL heroes.

File: Animus_after_death.jpg (22 KB, 620x496)
22 KB
I'm trying to remember a comic that I saw a few months back and I'm drawing a blank. It took place in the future in the real world and a fantasy world that was a simulation, only someone from the simulation gained sentience. Any ideas?

File: christian rick.png (257 KB, 894x894)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Post which character development would you like to see happening.
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I don't see how Christian persecution in one country by Muslims makes Muslim persecution in this country by Christians ok. Like what just cause a dude in Africa beating the fuck out of some white guy makes it ok for a white guy to punch a black guy here?
You forgot Cuba and maybe China
Russia has worse living conditions than China.
I don't get how their misguided yet legitimate concern about your spiritual welfare irks you so much. It's not like they're saying burn down the mosque or behead all Moslems, just that your faith is heretical. They'd probably say the same thing about Christian snake handlers and Mormons.
Those people legitimately see Muslim as a race and not a religion

Sony made the right call.

Adjusted for inflation, and not a SINGLE MCU movie has made as much as there Spider-Man trilogy, AND Disney wants more money?

Fuck em’

Every Spider-Man movie they made made more than MCUman.

Plus, they own all the material they’d need for there own movie universe. The MCU/Mouse is just a burden with no benefits.
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So does this mean we're getting yet another Spiderman reboot by Sony? Or that we're getting Amazing Spiderman 3?
shit taste
>it looks like he's covered in steel wire
Like every Spiderman?
>just the lack of expression will always be a thing for me.
So you dislike Raimi Spiderman because the mask doesn't move like it's a cartoon. You're literally on the "I Like Shiny Things" level of retarded.
Iron Man is dead, Hulk has one arm, Widow is dead, Cap is old and Thor is fat. They have no flag ship characters anymore. Spider-Man was their go to
There's absolutely nothing they could do with Black Cat and Silver Sable that would warrant a solo movie for each (or both, even), and on top of that make it interesting. Nothing.

File: Yarob 16.webm (366 KB, 1536x936)
366 KB
Latest episode got subbed yesterday
My little Asrar can't be this cute

>What is this?
Saudi Arabian web cartoon. It's pretty good. People keep saying it's Gravity Falls-esque which is probably the closest analogue people on /co/ will understand.
You can start watching from the first episode here
Yes the first episode is at the end of the playlist and you work your way to the top of the list because these backwards reading dune coons can't into playlists or something
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you'd think /co/ would be hailing this series for having a dude effortlessly take down a seemingly invincible confederation of matriarchies with zero effort.
I'd be hailing it for the hot MC instead.
File: 4Ysc3YY.jpg (233 KB, 1920x1080)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Is there some kinda plot summary anywhere
MC screws up and makes things worse for everyone.
that's almost the plot for every episode.

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