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ITT-post your waifu when you were 16
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What's your ideal man?
None of you are going to fuck her, stop being cringy and just enjoy the porn.
Stop being an incel
Yeah it's really me acting like an incel here and not the crowd of thirsty random orbiters desperate for individual attention.
You're just salty the femanon didn't notice you.

File: Kaia_turnaround - Copy.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x2131)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Why aren't their more monster girls in /co/ related material?
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Don't even pretend that wouldn't get torn into for weird ass futa potential here
There is a flat-ish divide between them, but the anatomy is generally crap so it's all fucked up. Her breats indicate her torso is leaning down but her shoulders look like her torso is standing straight.
How much monster do you want?
They need to be MONSTER girls, not monster GIRLS.
I would love to have a flashback with past size-shifter queens.
Who I assume is Globgor's mother (left statue) covers my thicc fetish, my love for revealing ethnic clothing and that tongue...

File: image.jpg (116 KB, 401x333)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
So Killer Moth is a popular character on this board and Orca has been getting a lot of attention lately. What other really underrated villains could we turn the spotlight to?
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The problem is that he's a slasher villain for vigilantes. By the nature of comic books he cannot carry out his archetype.
O'Neil's Riddler was from a time when across the board Eddie was written as super neurotic and wimpy due to his mental instability.
Electro appearing in DD despite being dead was actually a dream Matt had while dying in the ER. It was a clue.
>>what if we put her in a book no one is gonna read?
She's barely in it and doesn't do anything. It's not a good book.
t. actually read it
Beggars can't be choosers.

ITT: Character interpretations that fell by the wayside.

Wally was the conservative kid, who grows up to be a manslut and later married a black woman and fathers twins with her.
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>If I repeat it, maybe people will buy it.
Other way around. Wolfman´s strenght and weakness as a writer is that he wants to be contrarian, different from the accepted way things are done. So just he wanted to portray a speedster as something other than the positive, can do character.

The problem is that just doing things for the sake of being different means the story tends to become a mess, but that´s not because he deslikes the character (the other titans had the same problem). He´s basically a good ideas man, but building the story is best left to others.
>No, it’s more Evangelicalism and and cuckservativism. The south is still far more racist because they live with the most blacks.

the midwest isn't just states like kansas. don't forget that the midwest has places like missouri, wisconsin, etc. that have had race riots in the news the last few years.


i think part of it is that wolfman noticed all the young people voting for republicans in the early 80s. so he wanted to be "socially relevant." even if he obviously leans liberal and it came across as kind of awkward and ham-fisted.
I'm really holding out hope that manchild Peter Parker isn't here to stay. How is post-Slott Spidey? I haven't checked in in a while.
In their early days the Fantastic Four weren’t really like they were today
>They often spent half of a chapter arguing among themselves, and not in the banter/tricks that we now know Ben and Johnny play to each other, as in actually considering each other idiots or assholes and saying that they were going to leave the team
>Ben was infatuated with Sue too, to the point that one of the reasons he complained about his appearance is that he didn’t think she could love the Thing
>Sue was ridiculously more clueless than she is now, I’d argue mostly to have her display her useless power in the pre-force field period. Stuff like having to run because she saw the FF signal, so she turned invisible and started shoving people around to get through, or her forgetting she’s invisible while a car is running toward her
>Reed lost all the FF money by making stupid decisions on the stock market
Also, not really characterization related, but I think Namor had different powers back than. I’m not really an expert about him now, but back in the days he had the “powers” of all the sealife, like shooting thunders like an electric heel

File: clean.jpg (930 KB, 1821x2800)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
Most boring avengers run?
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Slott's Mighty Avengers was pretty good. I enjoyed Hank's further descent into madness and the Hercules stuff.
Is there a full list of Avengers books?
Because we have to have gone through at least seven different versions of the book at this point. I know there's vanilla Avengers, New Avengers, All-New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and All-New All-Different Avengers. What else is there?
I feel like it's a joke or an anon trying to bait you.
Aaron only used She-Hulk because Ewing got dibs on Banner and Aaron threw a big sad tantrum.
BrucexThor was going to be a ship.
Red Zone was the last good Avengers story

File: maxresdefault.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
Did even a single living soul liked this thot ?
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Attea > Looma > Julie > Eunice > Ester > Kai
>Julie over anyone
Shit taste
Gender reveresed Ben was best girl all along

Can we all agree that the strongest was water?
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Never compare me to Carmen, transvestites deserve death for being mentally ill.
to be fair most waterbenders didnt seem to really be aware of how much water they could extract from their environment.

Firebending wins imo, not because it wins in a 1vs1 context but because its benefits work on an industrializing nation wide scale. As long as there's people, the fire nation can keep it's economy going for longer than the other kingdoms could.
>Also bloodbendi g can only be do e of a full moon.

This was changed in the Legend of Korra. In the first season, there were three waterbenders who were able to bloodbend even in broad daylight. One of them even managed to bloodbend Aang until he went into the Avatar state.
Only Yakone's family can do that

Despite being over 50 years old by the time I was a kid, you still saw the Looney Tunes everywhere. They had their cartoons regularly playing on Nick, CN, WB, and even for a brief time Disney. They had merchandise everywhere including widespread toys and clothes. They had spinoff cartoons and video games.

Today, they are forgotten. My 9 year old nephew doesn't even know who they are.

So what went wrong?
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A series of horribly bad failed attempts at reboots and modernization like pretty much anything else.

The only good thing recently even remotely related to Looney Tunes was Duck Dodgers.
>everyone asks companies to stop rebooting things
>also asks to reboot things that will never be as good as their original iteration
>Looney tunes
I blame the fact that for various reasons CN stopped airing the classic shorts for most of a decade and then stopped airing them again after a couple years of bringing them back

similarly that they stopped showing classic Tom & Jerry a couple years ago, but that franchise at least gets a new movie every year or two to keep it in the public's eye, not to mention a new show every 5 to 10 years(I think we can all agree it's a little weird that Tom & Jerry is constantly getting direct to DVD movies while Looney Tunes has only had like two or three of them)

you can't truly call Looney Tunes a forgotten franchise but it's pop culture presence is definitely at one of the lowest it's ever been(it's absolute lowest would probably be that stretch of years between Duck Dodgers ending and The Looney Tunes premiering, as almost nothing was being done with the franchise except for Loonatics Unleashed, heck that was a large portion of the period where CN mostly stopped airing Looney Tunes on TV(not counting the occasional rerun of Duck Dodgers or them using Baby Looney Tunes as morning filler)

File: batjokes is real.jpg (36 KB, 614x444)
36 KB
So DC finally admitted it.
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>DUDE 52
DC, stop
Partially. They admit the Joker is gay. Which is probably trueish—he definitely ain’t 100% straight. But they also have to admit that Batman is also gay for him. Which is also true.
i'd rather have forty cakes
File: 1510954439967.png (557 KB, 826x1169)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
So Batman and his worst enemy can be gay lovers, but Captain Butch and her best lady friend(s) can't?
What surprises me is that people still think of this as something controversial when it's been alluded to by writers and artists for years.

File: JLAmazons03.jpg (69 KB, 486x473)
69 KB
Wait, so Power Girl likes ass play?!
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She jobs all the time
I thought they were roughly the same as whites, with the exception of Northern Africans that never got enslaved by the US
I take her seriously.
Well, that narrows it down...
File: 1550774484061.gif (62 KB, 400x371)
62 KB

What a fucking travesty.
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Ending after a single run would have only given it more apologists
Maybe. s2 reallt shat the bed hard. If that had never happened it might've just been a disappointment rather than a disaster
File: 1547342110171.png (277 KB, 795x600)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
We were in an awkward age, that we're just now starting to leave, where strong women were apparently synonymous with utterly unlikable cunts
>just now starting to leave
>anon, it's not going away
>1920's New York + Steam Punk is a garbage aesthetic choice
>pro-bending is shit, they keep on ruining the "Previously, on Avatar" segments with this retard doing a pointless voice-over
>awful love triangle/teen romance shit, there are 4 fucking people on Team Avatar and they all fall in love with each other which hurts the already very weak characters
>Amon has to have super special snowflake 24/7 bloodbending that can block chi 'cause reasons
>Amon's plan makes no sense because nonbenders can have bending children, the story treats it as if only bender parents can produce bender children
>Korra defeats Amon because he didn't block airbending even though he was just preparing to block a family of air nomads, also unclear why blocking chi doesn't just block all bending types
>The Equalists give up when they see Amon is a waterbender even though being a bender doesn't actually make his points any less valid
>Korra gets the rest of her bending back in the last two minutes of the season by crying like a little bitch over being just an airbender, this is her "lowest point"

File: 5yrs.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x1165)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Five years of webcomics edition!

Alt Q: Check second post

*Please add your comic name/link to your first image post

>/hyw/ CONTACT SHEET - add your webcomic site, contact information, etc


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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As an animator, is it more important to learn how to shade and do color? I've mostly been trying to improve line work and general draftsmanship.
File: bunny uncropped.jpg (1.35 MB, 1366x1973)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
I've been doing studies and painting doodles like pic related to try and get myself back in the groove of it. Gonna try doing a larger piece soon, once I get comic work and other responsibilities out of the way.
Man, getting fanart is one of my biggest motivations for making a comic. Congrats.
Only if you go the full 9 yards and give him a dicky and buck teeth.
File: heretic.png (89 KB, 1169x957)
89 KB

>What was the first webcomic that introduced you to the world of webcomics?
i dont remember
>How did those earlier works inspire you?
not sure
>If you could give one piece of advice based on what you learned, what would that be?
dont have a draft form like pic related
>What's something you wish you were told before you started?
dont bother attempting to learn to color, just focus purely on drawing
also learn to use paintbbs
>What were the worst ideas you had? Best?
worst idea: thinking i could sustain a daily page output
best idea: moving to 1 pixel pencil
>How long is your comic planned to be?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Animation in the 1950's is a million times better than today

What went wrong?
187 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
limited animation combined with good art is fine for telling a story. 'good' animation is not just painstaking, EXPENSIVE work, but it also requires the brain of someone who is both artistic AND logical.

the sort of gold standard film animation people in these threads praise - this stuff was made by experts at the end of their careers, on the Disney payroll.

for a TV show, why WOULD you put so much effort into animation quality? it's about the story that unfolds over 20 minutes. good animation for the sake of good animation is nothing. does a show like bojack horseman even need better animation than what it has? would that even service it?

When people post how the simpsons devolved in visuals over time, they are not really pointing out the animation and movement, they're pointing out the drawings and poses. that one marge clip is an exception, and it's from the intro.
Nice, you showed the exception, not the rule that should have been used since 2005.
>>for a TV show, why WOULD you put so much effort into animation quality? it's about the story that unfolds over 20 minutes. good animation for the sake of good animation is nothing. does a show like bojack horseman even need better animation than what it has? would that even service it?
Disney did this for a little while from the mid 80s to mid 90s. Their afternoon block was very well done considering it was made for TV.

sure - but the animation in those shows (outside of intro sequences) never stood up to the cinematic works. there are a lot of posts here comparing TV shows to films, it's insane.
Calarts invasion was a mistake

34 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
I need a link then because I sure didn't see it
File: 1550185569306.jpg (210 KB, 1051x933)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
So next season they both get ACME suits?
did not see it on the neet search. anywaay, thank you.

I really like this show, though, especially how there are basically three factions and the protagonists aren't 100% good. More shows should do that

Why didn't see you my movie, /co/? I thought you loved Legos.
498 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
She wasn't in the trailers, and nobody has seen the movie yet.
Maybe if they'd done a Peni Parker, that would have cause a spike in the movie sales
Maybe until TS4. But TS4 is still not released so it's difficult to judge.
I worked on the movie, she was sweet mayhem the entire time through production, the only thing that got renamed was her ship but I don't think they ever stated it's name in the movie.
>Someone who worked on the movie shows up
>When thread is autosaging

Nonetheless. Thank you. It's a good movie regardless of box office, we wish more fun* projects like these.

*Assuming you had fun working on it.

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