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File: 1549968965212.jpg (65 KB, 947x647)
65 KB
Shazam >> captain fungus
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Farthest thing from white.
Why did DCucks abandon their Aquaman shitposting so quickly? Did they finally acknowledge the deductions to its box office? Did they finally eat the disc like they promised? Will they EVER learn?
Asian, anime ?
Ladderbro eat THE blu Ray

Itt: Comics/cartoons with plot threads you got excited for but never went anywhere.
You got excited to see two guys fucking? Are you a girl or a fag
File: 1459262247882-1.png (62 KB, 587x147)
62 KB
>>expecting anything on DOA to go anywhere
File: 1549533208183.gif (1.9 MB, 500x278)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
>Excited for this ugly garbage
You are genetic trash
Okie doke weeb.
what anime is that gif from

File: Max-And-Ruby-parents.jpg (120 KB, 1200x628)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>It's a Ruby does something nobody gives a fuck about while acting like a dumb bitch and Max shows his genius by doing quantum physics level maneuvers with toys and fixes everything episode
Is it true the voice actor for Ruby really hated her character
why do they live alone
>voiced by
>Samantha Morton in Seasons 1–2
>Rebecca Peters in Seasons 3–5
>Lana Carillo in Season 6-present
Which one? Cause I don't think anyone can actually like Ruby in this tv series. If we're talking about books she's more level headed and isn't a complete ditz, while Max is more selfish but retains his free spirit

Is Marco a closeted homosexual?
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It's gonna be Jackie for sure. They're gonna play the "She's cured of her heterosexuality!!" angle with her and Marco like they did with Korra and Mako.
bisexuals exist
i wish we got more of her
I'd much rather they expand on her than all the time they spent on marcos forgettable friends.
>Alphonse and Ferguson

They were literally executive add-ins. Any inclusion in the final season would be fanservice to chubby chasers.


Probably the more likely returner. I don't know how they'd use her, but maybe for some witch stuff?


Unlikely, but then again, they're hinting at more lgbt rep in the show, so you may see her in the arms of a lady character (possibly Janna?)

>Other Echo Creek randoms

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File: Dr._Flug_5.png (1.65 MB, 1600x900)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
What's under the bag /co/?
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double D's hat
He's actually open to showing his face in the Q&A video
What a slut.
That would be comedy gold
I read that the creator of the show once had art of Flug without his bag on his DevianArt account, But he deleted it.

File: 1550840747528.jpg (89 KB, 637x742)
89 KB
Ready to watch bigotards get pwned?
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oh god, I should have the whole comment where it mentioned it was talking about the Billy Batson character, just execute me now
>russia is behind negative sentiment against captain marvel
These people are legitimately crazy, right? I'm not the only one who sees this?
plenty of people see it, but few want to deal with the hordes of crazy that will be directed at you if you point the craziness out publicly. you should see "anti-ComicsGate" twitter, they swat people are neutral (Alterna Comics), they get celebrities ostracised and fired (Vic Mignogna)
Because it made the company look like they were more concerned with someone saying 'Wow that cosplay sucks' then doing their legal duty and keeping convicted sex offenders away from young children.
In what way? It's ironic to have principles?

File: East of West 041-000.jpg (586 KB, 1987x3056)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
East of West has five issues left after this one. Anyone been reading it since the beginning?

I'll admit it's been a hell of a slow burn but the way the story has been coming together has been paying off really well.
Didn't keep up. Still interested, though. Can you share a MEGA, or something, for those who want to catch up?

time for some EDGE!
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Really like the bold lines and colors here.

File: 59m7kj3oksq11.jpg (38 KB, 639x475)
38 KB
ITT: Defining moments in animation history
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kill yourself
I miss drawn together.
I wish. Dave The Barbarian was kino
I remember a bunch of weird rumors that John Cena was replacing the original actor for Dave and was going to play him in a live action movie. There were probably weird issues behind the scenes that caused it to end
File: angry.jpg (29 KB, 386x422)
29 KB

File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
Best runs/issues?
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I have optically perceived your doings.
That time Maggie got Stretch Dude's elasticity and Clobber Girl's invulnerability to become Bouncing Battle Baby
File: stretch sneed.png (150 KB, 480x360)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>implying Bartman and Stretch Dude are the same person
That's not even Earth-1 Bartman.
Was the issue in which it was implied that they are in an incestual relationship necesary?

File: Jan.jpg (201 KB, 520x800)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Who's the sluttiest character in Marvel? in DC? in animated series? just post them!
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>She-Hulk is the slut
I heard she fucked the Juggernaut...
Jan hides her deep emotional issues behind a facade of sex appeal. Truth is, she is still hung up on her past relationship with Hank and got mad at hoe fast he got over the divorce despite being the "abuser".
Based Tony.
>Jan is flirty, not slutty.

Flirts are just sluts that lack conviction.

If I asked Mogo to be my boyfriend, would he accept or reject my offer?
He would kindly reject your offer because of how difficult a human/sentient planet relationship would be.
but he would want to say yes on the inside

File: ms marvel tpb 1.jpg (15 KB, 182x277)
15 KB
I picked up two big TPBs of this from the library today. What am I in for? All I knew the character for previously is being that lady Rogue stole powers from.
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File: MMFE42~1.jpg (691 KB, 1280x1983)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
File: MM06A8~1.jpg (700 KB, 1280x1993)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
File: MM40D7~1.jpg (733 KB, 1280x2012)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
Reed tried so hard to build Carol a rogues gallery of her own, only for everyone to completely ignore everything he did.

dont forget giving KSD all the credit

Not as great as the first arc but still more than enjoyable. Hope everyone enjoys!
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And that is going to be it for me. I'm gonna finish JLA tomorrow and then probably take a break for a bit. Stay golden people!!!
Barracuda does as he pleases!

I want a new Barracuda series. And Michael Clark Duncan would have killed it in the roll. He is equal parts genuinely terrifying and gut bustingly hilarious. HIs comedic timing was on point. (watch Tallegada Nights and not laugh your ass off with his character).

File: JD2.jpg (17 KB, 181x278)
17 KB
Local comic shop did another dump of back issues into the books into the dollar bin. This included a bunch of Judge Dredd books from Eagle/Fleetway. Are these worth buying? Or should I stick to the official HC/TPB route with the case files and TPBs?
If you have never read Dredd, the Eagle reprints are a good starting place. Between the core series (#1-35) and the side books (Early Cases, Case Files, 2000AD Monthly, and Judge Child Quest), you pretty much have all of the best Dredd stories from the first 300 issues of 2000AD, taking you from Robot Wars to Destiny's Angels.

The Eagle books have really good covers, especially the Bolland covers.

Fleetway (who got the rights from Eagle in 1987), reissued the first 33 issues of the Eagle run in B&W as "The Law of Dredd" but it has super shitty new covers.

Also, if your store has it, you might want to pick up the 15 issues of Psi Judge Anderson, or at least the last four issue of Anderson's book, as Fleetway reprinted City of the Dead in her title rather than the relaunched Dredd series.
Was Oz or Necropolis ever reprinted in the US?
Both were published as mini-series books IIRC in the US in the early 90s.

IIRC Necropolis was only the main story; none of the lead-up got published. Also Tales of the Deadman was only available in the US as an oversized graphic novel; never published as a regular comic.

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