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File: 1558752244876.jpg (74 KB, 720x686)
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File: dat_heresy.jpg (95 KB, 540x540)
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I crave that brown alien booty
I'll take 2d raven and 3d starfire pls
I have checked the black chicks Instagram
she has a comically flat ass

File: bb.jpg (155 KB, 1024x1045)
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155 KB JPG
How come Beast Boy never turns himself into a virus to instant kill enemies?
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he got cucked by the entire student body desu
Anon, you're retarded
Who's beastboy?

Well, with animals, multiplying himself would literally entail impregnating another member of that species and allowing nature to run its course. A virus doesn't need to mate in order to reproduce, though: It just needs to hijack the internal structure of a living, receptive cell. This said, I'd argue that the viruses which were thus-spawned wouldn't be under his control, nor would they have his mind, his memories or anything: They'd just be viruses created in the image of the virus whose form he had taken on.

File: my-image.png (789 KB, 1216x650)
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789 KB PNG
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File: my-image(1).png (1.07 MB, 1216x650)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
I miss Kitty.
Yeah, I think people - including myself - mostly ignore those seasons and just focus on the first 3 to 4 season of the show, who were Rocko-tier gold, that's for sure.

I agree, Spongebob - and FOP also in that matter - should've been split in two versions
>Spongebob S1-3 and Spongebob S4-current
>FOP S1-5 and FOP S6-10
File: download.png (920 KB, 1216x744)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
SpongeBob and FOP are ranked based on their peak, if I took the whole run into account SpongeBob would be B and FOP would be D.

Chill anon, I’m >>108366246
I agree that you on Rocko because it’s my absolute favorite nicktoon, and peak spongebob is fucking fantastic
>>108366690 got it right

File: dexter_old_vs_new_2.png (39 KB, 350x161)
39 KB
soul and soulless
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Savino pls.
>nerfing the thicc
Every then child would agree with me.
File: 1561521806424.png (2.28 MB, 2950x506)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Savino should be ashamed.
Then child here. Get fucked.

File: ch14_65[1].jpg (275 KB, 600x900)
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275 KB JPG
Duane's entire existence is suffering.
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It's a retcon only if it is stated in the story, until this chapter Jon nor the Plats were never mentioned in the story. Only outside of it. I think we're taking Cope's answers here and on tumblr too much to heart, as they are only tidbits of what will be coming, and are still open to change until they have been released as a page
Such concepts are extremely common in spiritual thought worldwide, and you'd certainly come across them if you do any degree of research for worldbuilding
TL;DR: normies are lesser people
Not even that. Creation is WORK still. People just assume it flows naturally from creatives as a good piss, and that's not true. There are people who are as inclined to create as they are to piss (Stephen King, for example, was famous even as a college kid for basically being at his typewriter nonstop, it was a compulsion for him and obviously still is), but that doesn't mean they don't need to put effort in.
They had some pretty advanced (for Unsounded universe) tech before they were genocided and enslaved.

NO /tv/, /v/, or /a/ SHITS ALLOWED
>favorite Spider-Man story
>favorite Spider-Man run
>favorite Spider-Man artist
>favorite Spider-Man costume (pic related haha)
>favorite Spider-Man side character
NO MILES, SPIDER-GWEN, OR ANY OTHER DERIVITIVE SPIDER-SHIT (Miggy, Ham, Mayday and Benjy, and Annie are okay)
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How old should Peter be? I would argue he should be like 33 years-old but that's just my personal opinion.
File: s-l1000.jpg (234 KB, 681x1000)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Not this particular issue, but this run of stories, about the ancient tablet with the secret of eternal youth etched upon its surface in hieroglyphics.

The Kingpin stole the tablet from the University, Spider-Man steals it back, then loses it...any number of supervillains temporarily win and then lose the macguffin before finally Silvermane is able to decipher the text and have the immortality formula synthesized. But it kills him because after he takes it he doesn't stop deaging and presumably winds up as a pile of protomatter staining the rug.

This story was the first complete Marvel saga I read via hunting down whatever reprint mag I saw it in, and though it's probably not anybody else's favorite story, this shit right here is why I ended up reading comics all my life.
Yeah similar thing with JMS' Spider-Man, the first Spider-Man comics I read were from this big collection of his ASM, the Best of Spider-Man vol. 3. I saw all of the cartoons and the Raimi movie out at the time, but that run really shaped my view on the character. It also ran circles on Slott's run writing wise, even in it's most meh arcs it was still better than putrid shit like Spider-Verse or Dead No More
That Juggernaut story was aces. Good pick.
It’s a fun story.

They deleted it on travel even though I'm always told to post there.

Universal opened their new Hagrid Motorbike ride and it looks amazing.

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monsters inc door coaster sounds like the best bet
I'd like to think of a Kingdom Hearts ride in Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, where you enter through Castle Oblivion (where completely white and all) and ride on a Gummi Ship through the Worlds of Disney that were in Kingdom Hearts, it can be like a mix of the Forbidden Journey and the Spiderman ride just with a Kingdom Hearts theme and maybe having each ride have different locations each time you ride it

I also had an idea for a Disney World Hotel, that's based off Twilight Town from "Kingdom Hearts 2", where it even has a town center market for shopping & dining, I even send a letter to Disney World about it before they stop taking suggestions for stuff when I was young, it was the first time I sent one of my ideas to a company, I had the response letter hanged up on my wall in my room
Time for the major update to disney: Parking
nah, square is trying to distance itself from disney. That's why 3 didn't have any ff characters.
Tokyo Disneyland has KH-themed hotel rooms, right?

File: jinx.jpg (71 KB, 738x738)
71 KB
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Racewashing literally doesn't matter if the ethnicity isn't crucial/doesn't matter in context to the character or if the character is not really bound to a specific cult classic look
Jinx has neither a rational reason to be a specific color nor does she have a really necessary default look.
But in the end fans decide, really

did she use grey makeup and dye her hair pink to hide her indian heritage?
That doesn't mean he is pro-segregation.
Christ, where do you "Cap SHOULD be a white nationalist" folks come from? That is not his character.
Okay but more importantly I want Jinx to be barefoot
Looks like she could be South Asian or North African.

File: imgpsh_fullsize_anim.jpg (481 KB, 1786x1362)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
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Not in New York, Baby!!
This is an imaginary sequence
are you fucking blind? they're wearing headsets.
File: h1imcmk7unxz.png (126 KB, 620x393)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
17 is legal in all of Europe and most of the USA.

File: 1528298988678.png (277 KB, 469x452)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>Fire manipulation
>Can freeze objects by taking the heat out of them
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Not sure how that falls under telekinesis.
The Psychics in ONEs works occasionally do fight properly but only ever against people too strong to even be affected.
>Throw into space tech
>Enemy can't be thrown because they are able to way infinity
>Go for organs
>Just as indestructible as the skin
>Direct psychics brain assault
>He can defend subconsciously
>Suddenly gains mass out of thin fucking air instead of shifting it
telekinesis is the ability to generate kinetic force without touching something.
if you put that all around your body, you have a force field
if you put that on your fists, then you're adding the kinetic force of your telekinesis to the kinetic force of your punch.
not sure what anon means by reinforcing your mind though unless he just means having an invisible helmet on at all times
only semi-related but I wish more writers appreciated how much mass "thin fucking air" actually has when it comes to using it as a raw resource. like if you have a character who can convert molecules into other kinds of molecules then you can turn a tonne of atmosphere into a tonne of bricks, broadly speaking.

Would a Harry Potter adaptation be better if it was animated?
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I love how the character manages to trigger both tumblrinas ("He's not a hero, just a selfish asshole") and incels
Possibly. It would probably encourage more creative magic fights, which are (mostly) pretty bland in the films.
You also wouldn't have to worry about the child actors growing into something unsuitable (although the Harry Potter adaptations mostly got lucky there).
On the other hand I can't really picture it as a 3d animation, and that's the only kind of animation big studios make these days.
Wouldn't fix the terrible writing.

Or the fact wizarding society is utterly fucked up.
File: HP01.jpg (328 KB, 600x764)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I still mourn the failed Nintendo pitch.
And the attached Smash slot.

File: D9a7dAuUcAAu9zy~01.jpg (40 KB, 354x353)
40 KB
>Directed by an ambitious kino Disney OG Boomer
>QT characters and great romance
>breathtakingly detailed animation
>Interesting stories and complex emotions / consequences

I love this show
178 replies and 86 images omitted. Click here to view.
Snake is always categorized as irredeemable evil in disney standard. It's not a thing.

Which episode is that capture from? I don't remember this scene exist.
File: 20e30f6.png (241 KB, 439x625)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Night bite short

It's on youtube


I fotgot just how creepy Friedborg was
Terry is punzpilled

File: aisa7ry63ys11.jpg (637 KB, 1988x3056)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
Hey /co/ give me your alternate universe take on Spider-man's backstory, bonus points for altered villains/events, just no Spider-sona shit.
Alternate Spider-Man was never bought by D*sney and so never became bland mass market approved focus tested garbage. I know, too good to be plausible, but it's nice to imagine.
>oink oink i'm so mad marvel is more successful than DC oink oink

Every fucking time.
Spider-Incel from the Earth-3 Marvel threads where he shoots up Midtown and goes on an autistic rampage across New York every night while Venom is a chad in his presence and Carnage is a 90's anti-drug mascot who tells kids that violence isn't cool while never killing anyone.

File: 1396166963946.jpg (177 KB, 787x736)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
What is her current project(s)? I heard she is working on the Animaniacs revival.
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Women should be in the kitchen or tending to the children. That's all they Biologically do. Prove me wrong. Spoiler you can't.
How's your new intern, John?
Is she a dead fish in the sack?
Honestly, how does it feel to be such a libtard cuck NPC?
Bad, huh?
What a shame.
Stop taking such lazy bait you fucking nerds

File: 02.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
Gordon: All of the criminals and the whole crime underworld is making a move. Batman has disappeared, the robins and batgirls nowhere to be found. All of them...gone. Look anons, I know I am asking for a lot here, but if Batman trust you, then me and Gotham PD are willing to trust you too. Please help us save the city.

Roll three times
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Air Generation.
Unity Manipulation.
Mass Manipulation.

Jesus, I hit the jackpot here, air manipulation and mass manipulation. I can fly using the wind Avatar style and immobolize people into my Unity Manipulation field. I'm literally just Law with the ability to fly.
>Nurture Manipulation
>Enchanced Musicianship
>Perception Manipulation

What am I?
A super powered music teacher with the ability to affect with peoples perception.

This would be perfect for raising the musical talent of anyone who could afford your expensive lessons. You could get a job at any musical college you wanted. Or just prank people with high level sonic illusions.

Alternatively you could be more daring and given force musical therapy to reform criminals, but that raises many ethical issues and I don't think they would be too cooperative at the start. But you would do well as a correction therapist at Arkham Asylum and rehabilitate some of the villains. But I would really avoid the Joker if I were you.
Vigorous Activity
Sexuality Embodiment
Ghost Mode

I can sneak up behind someone and give them basically orgasmic explosion
It's not so much ingrained, more unfunny people keep spamming it whenever Batman, Gordon, or the Joker are posted.

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