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File: 2019-02-23-well.png (296 KB, 1000x333)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
>no comments today because for a very long while every single day there’s a goddamn pissy-baby fight and i think everyone needs to take a goddamn break
>see you tomorrow, maybe

File: 31-minutos--1110x580.jpg (90 KB, 1110x580)
90 KB
The Muppets wishes to be half as good as this show.
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So the last season is bad? Is it all good up until then? I watch episode 1 and now I genuinely wanna watch the show.
I thought it was pretty funny but to each their own I guess
File: IMG_9101.-b.jpg (239 KB, 630x472)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Season 1 and 2.
Season 3 and movie.
>Mostly shit.
Season 4.
I'll give it a try once I get to it, but otherwise I'll just drop it.

File: MARVTU2019002-covcol.jpg (112 KB, 675x1034)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
If Marvel had a bodyswap event

In honor of the new Marvel Team-Up arc, we're talking about what the most interesting swap would be. Maybe Punisher and Viv?

File: 1448097037109.jpg (30 KB, 640x368)
30 KB
/co/ will you PLEASE put your pants back on and help me over here!
loved to watch this show way back when.
She was my first ever waifu, and I'm pretty sure she gave me a thing for girls called Cassie

File: Mr. Spacely.jpg (28 KB, 684x463)
28 KB
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Anon, the 3rd Reich's been dead for years.
File: 1478543136741.png (505 KB, 346x592)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Man, that comic was awful.
File: Sally Spaceout.png (100 KB, 312x278)
100 KB
100 KB PNG

File: tiinaksuj7i21.png (716 KB, 720x872)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
Why are Superfags so handsome, fit and good-natured?
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yes, photoshop
>Is a Mexican
>Handsome, fit and good-natured
/co/mblr needs to leave
If that’s the case then: OP! Learn some fucking body proportions. Half the time your shit looks like a smear cell.
Jealous Pajeet.

File: 1546663450592.jpg (39 KB, 375x375)
39 KB
>show split between normal world and some magical world/other dimension/whatever
>characters call their world "the real world", despite the other world being just as real as their own

Why is this so common
Because the fantasy world is actually a dream the main character is having in a death coma

File: 1335229717882.jpg (175 KB, 625x565)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Azula from Avatar can produce blue fire. And we all know that blue fire burns hotter than red fire. How does it feel knowing that Azula's blue fire is hotter than Human Torch's fire and Superman's heat vision?
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Yawn, let me know when she can produce white fire.
Long story short, yes and no. No, hard stop for Human Torch. Short range yes, long range no for Supes. Apples and oranges, really.
this would have been cool as fuck if Ozai did it in his fight with Aang.
It's just a style choice so her fights with Zuko look cooler, her fire isn't any stronger than regular fire
File: 1518398462845.jpg (169 KB, 579x810)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Blue fire is hotter than white fire

ITT: More Zoomposting
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Anyone remember how the Professor Zoom of Earth-32 was combined with Black Manta?
>Zolomon now loves Thawne the way he used to love Wally and his new goal is to do what Thawne couldn't -- be The Flash and beat Barry Allen, who he holds responsible for killing his totally not gay life partner.
I mean I'm happy that Zolomon and Thawne are getting along but Zolomon not being Wally's nemesis is pretty cheap.
The moment he'd see a Marvel speedster he'd try to at least get some of that though.
Holy shit that's a scary combination, you have Eobard's pettiness and dickness plus Manta's rage and autism.

Is there any /co/ demon that could stop him?
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Chaos Gods maybe? If they count as /co/
Punched Superman into orbit IIRC
Spawn is the 2nd most powerful fictional character in history after Herbie Popnecker. He would CLOWN Doomguy.
Ghost Rider isn't even close.

File: they're just like them.jpg (321 KB, 1650x747)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
When both Captain Marvels are casted just right
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Both of them are more powerful than 99.99% of white men in this world
I want to have sex with both of them. I'm not even gay
>Supergirl is an illegal alien

5 falsest words ever
it'll only escalate as white countries become less white. This is a natural result of forcing different demographics to inhabit the same space. It's always worked like that, even among different enough ethnicities or tribes of the same race.
File: Spoiler Image (247 KB, 738x960)
247 KB
247 KB GIF
>tessa is fine looking,
Ugly face and no tiddies, we've seen her naked in Westworld ....

This entire issue was gold, Jerry, GOLD! Hell it even had the best Justice League structure, the kind you saw in JLU where everybody was on the team/organized. I'm hoping to see guys like Apache Chief show up too. Also they're seriously not implying what I think with "Thunder Lust", are they?
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File: Kryptonite.jpg (263 KB, 1110x474)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
I imagine it would turn out like pic related with people trying to make them fight crime in the weather to have sex with them.

arent the Wonder Twins going to show up in Young Justice Season 3?
>Russell should write more capeshit. This was great. They should out him on a De-Johnsed Blue/Gold or JLI.

yeah this was such a breath of fresh air. the only dc book i'm buying right now
Good thing they are not over at Marvel with Storm to contend with
Livewire is still a thing, she can probably figure out how to rile them up.

File: 1550506026027.gif (1.76 MB, 500x500)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
Where is the motherfucking Aaravos worshi- err Dragon Prince discussion thread?
Aaravos is beautiful and perfect and I look forward to him ruining everyone's shit.

How many of you have started questioning their sexuality after hearing Aaravos talk?

File: Busiek project.png (75 KB, 787x496)
75 KB
Could Busiek save Marvel again? what character/team needs his quality and experience?
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I asked Benjamin Dewey about Autumnlands last year and he basically said he's stuck waiting for Busiek to write more scripts.

So glad Busiek found the time to do more work-for-hire shit in the interim. Really shows his commitment to the book.

He never "saved Marvel" in the first place, you literal faggot.
That's probably because with Image, you don't get paid on your creator-owned book until the book is published.
Should be the X men, It is what Disney need now
>wanting Busiek, a man who despises all non-silver age X-men, to write the X-men
We only just got rid of the O5, anon.

Episode 2 drops today fellas.
Are we ready for more Doom Patrol kino?
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Alot actually either did liked it or once again complain about muh cartoon. Dont know what the guck Zack Synder has to do with anything unless its a grimark joke.

While Titans fekt faithful they was still that visibility holding them back. Its a problem Superman and Batman adaptations have. Everyone want Donner Superman and pepole flip flop about Batman
Vic breaking into the mansion was funny.
>He runs into Jane
>She turns into Flaming Katy and tries to incinerate him.
>He was a normal cockroach until someone in an electric wheelchair ran over his parents and spilled nuclear waste on him.
Damn you Niles!
>It's 2019 and the world is ready for disembodied brain/ape love.
A rarer sentence, I never did see.
>I see this word all the time in these sort of threads. What does it mean?
his life and career went to shit after riding high with the movies The Mummy

now hes back

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